Races: Human


umans come in a wide range of appearances, and are Regarding Appearance, You Have... (Roll d20) versatile and ambitious beings. This very versatility grants them the ability to choose any class, with no level 1 A lazy eye 11 A gold tooth restrictions. 2 Pockmarks 12 Copious freckles Humans are by far the most common race, their kingdoms and territories dominating Europe, and they serve as 3 Scars 13 Piercing eyes the baseline from which all of the non-human races are 4 A broken nose 14 An upper class bearing compared. 5 Bad teeth 15 A suspicious birthmark As a Human... (Roll twice) 6 A missing finger 16 Plenty of body hair 01-04 You are casually cruel, listening only to your desires. 05-08 You crave power over others. 09-12 You are unstoppably drawn to danger. 13-16 You worship the Great Old Ones. 17-20 You pursue secrets best left in darkness. 21-24 You view Haflins as amusing younger siblings. 25-28 You find Dwergi to be arrogant, but respect their craft. 29-32 You are infatuated with or hostile to Huldefolk, but are rarely neutral. 33-36 You place great faith in your lineage. 37-40 You thrive anywhere and remain strong and positive. 41-44 You loathe the city. 45-48 You are resilient, recovering quickly from disaster. 49-52 You love song, dance, and conviviality. 53-56 You continually search for ways to cheat death. 57-60 You are easily insulted and difficult to mollify. 61-64 You have a sword enemy. 65-68 You are moved by emotions you do not understand. 69-72 You tend to act before you think or ask. 73-76 You are at least mildly xenophobic. 77-80 You are led by your desires. 81-84 You are an excellent musician. 85-88 You have a noteworthy mentor or patron. 89-92 You cannot bear to lie. 93-96 You find solace in battle. 97-00 You have faith in the words of a god or other leader. 7 A curious smell 8 A large mole 9 A speech impediment 10 A lower class bearing 17 Broad shoulders 18 No hair 19 A limp 20 A wooden leg

What's in the Human's Pocketses? (Roll d20) 1 A well-woven cloak, warm and waterproof. 2 A Lute 3 15gp of hidden money, sewn into belt or boot. 4 A hidden dagger, ready for use. 5 A silver holy symbol 6 A pouch of trophies (ears, teeth, fingers, etc) 7 Tin of moustache wax 8 A three-inch glass lens 9 A 500' ball of string 10 Twelve small red ritual candles 11 Letters of introduction from a person of import. 12 Dice or cards with which to game. 13 A small pet — a squirrel or rat, or perhaps a bird. 14 An old compass 15 Practical tools for general repairs. 16 A cook pot and bag of dried herbs. 17 A star-map on fine vellum. 18 A much-fondled luck charm. 19 Flint, steel, and a lodestone. 20 A long-stemmed pipe and a pouch of pipeweed

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