Sad beautiful story

On the dusty road that came out of the Legendary forest a linear mass of people was walking slowly as returning from a funeral…in fact they kinda did just that because they had just had a fight with the barbarians…and now the barbarians are all dead… these people here were so tired that they barely crawling…most of them were wounded and their piercing cries were heard from miles away. In front of this army of poor souls on a beautiful black horse was a big knight in a black armour. He and his horse were black entirely, so you could swear they are best friends with the night. The greatness of this knight was obvious not only because the other people were looking up toward him but mostly because he was the only one in the army who was standing erect. And that was not because he wasn’t tired, but he wanted to give an example to this army : that nothing could bend a true knight. And he wanted to be a true leader, not an ordinary man…and he sure was a leader to this army…an army that wasn’t even his, yet. He was indeed the favorite knight to the king of this realm, but now the king was dead…he had fallen in this battle…and the black knight made part of the king’s personal staff which was made of the very best knights from the court. And the black knight was the finest…he had won all the arena competitions that were held in the last three years… that means he was the best knight even since he

was 22 years old…The only thing the people didn’t understand, was that the knight has had always the helmet on his head along with the armour…so nobody have ever seen his face…there were rumors that he has an ugly face with cuts from the many battles he made part of…he’d appeared the first time on the wedding of King Alexandru and his beautiful bride Queen Katherine…nobody could tell where did he come from…rumors were also that he was another pretender of the beautiful Katherine’s hand and because he didn’t have a chance against the king he chose to close his heart forever. Now, returning victorious from this battle only one thought was in his mind… how was he suppose to tell the queen that the king is dead ?…he vowed that he’s gonna protect the king’s life with his own life…and now he was alive and the king was not. Entering the gates of the castle he gave the horse to his servant and head to the queen chambers…”she probably heard the

happyness in the palace and now she’s happy too…that will make it worst for me…” Walking slowly because of the heavy armour and specially because of the tough thoughts, he finally reached to the queen’s door…he knocked on the door and wait. The queen who was a magnifecent woman opened the door and wanted to throw herself in the hands of the man before her…but in stead of flesh she touched metal…she moved back frightened and looked

paralyzed…when she saw the black knight she realized that something bad happened… – Is he dead ?…asked the queen with a trembling voice. Amazed by the beautiful face of the princess he looked paralyzed as well…he actually didn’t now what to say and even if he did he couldn’t. He stayed stunned in her face and kept on looking at her…he had never seen this creature so close before…he thought that the king must have been very lucky to have her beside him… Because of his silence the queen burst into tears anticipating the knight’s answer. For the first time since the queen’s wedding he felt like needing to take off his helmet…and he did… The queen was still crying and she didn’t noticed what the knight was doing…but after a while she raised her face from the ground and with a despiteful look wanted to break the knight into pieces… but when he met the knight features she looked astonished for the second time in that short while since the knight knocked on her door. She looked surprized because he didn’t expect the black knight to do this, also because the man before her was very handsome and because she saw that face before… – Yes…he’s dead, said the knight with a firm voice… – You are… you were the king’s counselor before our wedding… why did you run away ? the king had allways regreted not having your wisdom next to him…said the queen with the voice more soften then previosly… – I didn’t run away…I just couldn’t bear seeing you…

– What ? What do you mean ? – I couldn’t bear seeing you with another man. I fell inlove with you since the first time I saw you, but I couldn’t tell you that because the king had fallen for you too…and he had an important battle to fight, the one against the evil necromancers If you hadn’t accepted his love we all would have been dead by now…he was the only one at that time who could raise an army against the evilness and I decided not to interfere with the interests of the kingdom…I decided to let go of my soul and give a chance to the people of this royal domain… – Stop !…please say nothing more…and close the door on your way out said the queen crying loudly… The knight turned around and got out not saying a word…if he had tried to say something he would have shown weakness by his trembling voice…he didn’t want that…after all he was a man…and real men don’t cry…said the knight for himself with eyes full of tears. He put the helmet on so none could see his face…He rashed to his chambers with his mind ill…”why did she throw me out of the room ?”…he kept on asking that… Once he got in his chamber he released himself from the black armour…a strong body with nice features have been revealed. He shook the bell and a young servant entered cautiously as if the big strong knight was someone to be scared of…it surely was in hand to hand combat but now the knight said gently :

– Make the fire and boil some water…I need to take a bath…the battle got me all sweaty. And make it as quick as possible. – Yes master, said the confused servant…”he usually speaks loud, why is he so soften up now ?” he thought. The knight laid on the bed and let his thoughts fly through his head. He was kinda relieved that he finally confessed his love but in the same time he was extremely sad that the queen didn’t share his feelings…it had been three years of sorrow and it appears this fucking grief is gonna press upon his soul for all his life…he’s gonna wear that black armour for eternity…he will never love another woman because Queen Katherine will be allways in his mind and soul…it had been in his mind in every second since he saw her for the first time…and because she was not part of his life he suffered for all those seconds. Another thought came in his mind…."What's gonna happen with the kingdom ?”…because the fallen king had no child, the one who was in title to rule this dominion from now on was the best knight from the castle…and the best knight was…a cold shiver wandered his body…he realized he’s the king. The servant finished the job and the knight entered into the warm water pleased that he’s finally relaxing his muscles after a long day of fighting…He was feeling much better now, and as a future king he thought it’s best to act as one…and he’s not going to bend before a woman…easy to say, so hard to be done.

– God…said the black knight, Katherine is the flower that will bring the spring into my heart…I need her to complete me, so if you want, please let me have her as my wife…I crave for her… but of course let it be your wish and not mine… As he was thinking, the door cracked easily…but the one behind it didn’t get to step in because the knight got there in a flash and grabed that person as a feather and put it down firmly…for a moment the two of them stood shocked looking one at another… The one who entered without knocking was the queen…He sure didn’t expect her to come in his chamber and she never thought that a knight would treat a woman like that… – Forgive me Your Highness…I thought it was an assassin…and then he shouted to his servant. In one second he entered and looked shocked at his turn when he saw the scene before his eyes. Stop looking like a fool and bring me a towel…don’t you see I’m naked in front of the queen ?…as he was saying that he kept on holding the queen down so she won’t see him in his splendor … The servant quickly grabed a towel and put it around his master. The knight finally covered…at least his median part of the body… got up in his feet and helped the queen to get up also…When the queen finally stood up she got the impression that she’s still down because her forehead barely reached the knight’s chest…the strong beautiful chest built in so many battles and trainings…

Intimidated by the presence

of the naked knight she started

shivering…she managed to overcome her timidity and said : – I came here to tell you that I married the king three years ago because the kingdom needed me…I didn’t do it for me or for the king…as for my feelings for you, I liked you since the first time I saw you but you disappeared and I thought you’d been killed or you’d fled from the court…you just vanished…what was I suppose to do ? – You did the right thing my queen…said the knight changing his voice in a tender beautiful one…I had to get away from the throne room where you and the king were together…I had to go somewhere I could protect you and yet not see you…I couldn’t have endured to see you in another man’s arms…I love you my queen… please be mine for this life eternity… The queen put her forefinger on the knight lips and told him to shut up…They stayed looking at eachother for a minute or so… anyway it seemed an eternity for the two of them…the knight lowered his head and kissed her with passion…from now on you can picture what happened… I do heroic novels, not erotic ones… anyway they lived happily as a king and a queen…if you don’t like it, than allow me to say that you’re a fool… and I will be yours for

Florin Dumitru 2001-2005

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