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THE INTRODUCTION TO THE DIVINE ENGLISH ALPHABET The rate of vibration creates sound, and sound is the form

of vibration. so the vibration is the inaminmate void and sound is Aaaa,Beee,Cee,Dee,Ee e,eFF,Gee,ecHH,I,Jaa ,Kaa,eLL,Mmm,Nnn,O,P ee,Quu, Rrr,eSS,Tee,Uoo,Vee, W,eXX,Yii,Zee and the form is its shapes that are designated to call them into mind,

The palindrome numbered place in the Alphabet is their actual rate of vibration when thought or spoken. This all gives a scientific cohesiveness to the science of the Alphabet and its connection to numbers.

The palindrome numbered place in the Alphabet is their actual rate of vibration when thought or spoken. There is a study, concentration and sounding out of the Alphabet that will unveil it's hidden meaning and principals. The Alphabet is meditation of symbols revealing symbolic principles of the book of life. Each letter is connected to a numerical rate 1=A, 26=Z. The Alphabet connected to numbers reveal the structure and function within principles such as: the eyes are used for sight, the ears are used for hearing, legs are used for movement, teeth are used for chewing etc. Words are mathematics and words with the same mathematical value have distinct meaning to one another.Letters/Sounds/Numbers are interchangeable. An example of this are these words that equal the total number of 30, added down to the base number of 3. Keep in mind that the total number of these words are 30: Friends Gentleness

Humanity Refine Romantic Wedding Writer Malicious Critical Corrupt Slaughter Foolish When you look at a word you are gazing into a symbol

All numbers and symbols are archetypes of divine principles. All destinations are reached through the use of numbers and symbols. When I read the bible for example and see the repetition of certain numbers, the personalities are void and the repetition of the symbols emerge from the page revealing hidden truths.

This part of this post is from my blog: CELEBRITY OCCULT CODES AND CONSTRUCTS: Introduction to CelebrityOccultCodes Intro to the G code The G Code is simple English Gemetria in the ordinal order of A=1, Z=26. Why do I call it the G code? In understanding the science of the alphabet the vowels are sacred, and these sacred pure vowels are A, E, I, O, U and they are also interchangeable. The vowels hold the universe together because you cannot say a word without a vowel. And the vowels are also what are used to trick the masses, and my best example would be the movie titles. A movie title as an example is Love Jones when the Love and Jones are the same words, and they equal the same mathematically. Keep note words that have the same mathematical value have significant esoteric meaning to one another. The words Love and Jones both equal 18 (1+8=9), showing that love are the jones, and jones is love. Love is 12+15+22+5=54 (5+4=9) or down to its base number 3+6+4+5=18 (1+8=9) Jones is 10 +15+14+5+19= 63 (6+3=9) or down to its base number 1+6+5+5+1=18 (1+8=9) The base number means to take the compound number added down to its root, and from the example above number 14s root number is 5, and 15s root number is 6 etc. So what does keeping up with the Jones mean?

Now this is just the simple beginners way of understanding and calculating simple English Gemetria connected to mathematics. Vibration, Form, and Sound are three important words in bringing this to a scientific cohesiveness. The universal law is that everything vibrates even the things that sit still to our eyes

have a vibration. Take your hand as an example, and wave it in the air, do you hear a sound? Well if you say no, the answer is that there is a sound; you are just not on that vibration to hear it. Sound is the form of vibration as in the alphabets form A, B, C, D, E, F, G etc. the alphabet are words within themselves Be, See, Tea, You etc. Letter, Sounds, and numbers are all interchangeable. When we speak we speak mathematically, and modern day text messages shows this. 4get it, I 8 it, all my H8ters, also notice the missing of the vowels in the text messaging language. In advanced esoteric Alphabetic mathematical decryptions the words are symbols. In lessons in the Hebrew language, the teacher often states that in other languages accept English; the language is written in a way to explain a symbol of the word expression. So in China if the word is home a box, and triangle shaped image would be drawn to write the word home, and in Hebrew if a woman or feminine energy would be explained then the image of the ox head A would be drawn to write out that word. This goes back to everything being in a circle, and understanding the principal of Pi, and its connection to the English Alphabet. How so? Pi is 3.1415926. into infinity,

and the English Alphabet is split by 13 and 13, and letter M and N sit directly in the middle, and when you gaze the alphabet forward and backwards with Z=1, and A=26 3.1415 will still sit in the middle of the Alphabet. There is a saying that, Life is LeMoNs, and those LeMoNs are in the Alphabet at LMNo. Gazing into the Alphabet when you go pass LMNOP- you will see that life if Lemon Pi or KLMNoP- Key lime Pi. In any event Pi is a circle, and there is nothing separate from the whole. That shows that the English language is symbols, and with language comes dialect, and with these different dialects adds creativity and color to the language. In Spanish the simple words we know are, Hola, Como Estes, and Si and my Kemet (Egypt) brothers and sisters words are Hotep, Tawuhaat, and Tua and no matter how these words are said in other languages I see the English letters. Dennis Fetcho explained in the an advanced esoteric understanding of the

English language. The words Tub and Butt are the same when Tub is reversed showing Butt, yet when one observes deeper the butt has to be submerged in the waters in a tub - The Isisian Codes on Temple Radio show is above Those that study Kabala mysticism write from the right to the left because God made us of his reflection. Well this same concept can be applied in the English alphabet, and it is the patterns that will reveal themselves. Z=1, and Zayin is the tongue and the tongue is the sword. In the beginning (meaning 1) was the word. So there for Z does =1. Z=8, and Pi 3.14. = 8. Since words are mathematics the word is a number and that number is Pi.

Why The G Code instead of Gemetria? The G code is Gemetria, and Gemetria is Pi there is no separation, and I say that its all Pi. When digging into the word Gemetria taking out the vowels the letters are then GMTR, showing GM Gemini, and TR Tree. This Gemini Tree is the Kaballa, and why do I say that? Because Gemini is the symbol of Pi, and TR is

the Tree or Three. There is a joke about Carribeans that goes Tree plus Tree equal 6, and the truth lays in the occult codes that Tree (20+18+5+5= 48/12/3) plus Tree (3) does equal 6. So we gather from Gemetria The Kaballa Tree of life, and add the T+R=29/11 - -- The symbol of the pillars. Since It is seen that Gemetria first symbol is Pi, and its first Gem to us is GEM (7+5+13=25/7) or GEM (7+5+4=16/7), and P is the 16th letter of the Alphabet, and the letter for P(i). This universe is septanary: 7 days of the week, 7 chakra wheels, 7 rings around Saturn, 52 (5+2=7) weeks in a year, and many celebrities have died on the 25th of the month, and our pivotal life cycles around ages of 7, 14, 21, 28, etc. We are all Gs. Copywritten by~ Amenti The Writer