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ANTI GRAVITY CRAFT TECHNOLOGIES As updated by Loris Erik Kent Hemlof 2012 March 7th.

United States Air Force anti-gravity craft. Seen Over New Mexico on Feb 2012, with USAF insignia.

USAF 2012

Area 51 UFO

B-2 Stealth Bomber. Northrop-Grumman. Un-observable, strategic, long-range heavy bomber capable of penetrating sophisticated and dense air-defense shields. With Biefeld-Brown effect electro-gravitic propulsion electrostatic gravity field propulsion anti-gravity. When a capacitor is charged at 50 to 300 kilovolt it tends to move in the direction of its positive pole. A very efficient propulsion system compared to the amount of energy it takes to initialize and maintain the effect. Leading edge charged to a positive high voltage and its exhaust charged to a negative high voltage.

Aurora spaceplane. Lockheed-Martin. A mid-sized spacefaring vehicle propelled by both a SCRAMjet on conventional fuel and/or electrogravitics antigravity field propulsion. Able to travel to the Moon.

X-22A DarkStar two-man antigravity disc fighter. Lockheed-Martin. With particle beam weapon.

TR3-B Astra large triangular nuclear-powered anti-gravity aircraft. As manufactured by a joint consortium of Lockheed-Martin and Boeing. With electromagnetic-pulse laser cannons. Able to sit mid-air and fire long, medium, and short-range laser to take out transmitters, radar, communications, and air traffic control towers. A ring of mercury based plasma pressurized to 250,000 atmospheres at a temperature of 150 degrees kelvin and rotated at 50,000 rpm to create a super-conductive plasma which neutralizes gravity in proximity.

Mehran T. Keshe of the Keshe Foundation GRAVITATIONAL TECHNOLOGY The technology behind the development of this reactor goes back to basic understanding of the laws of physics. The concept of creation of energy for this reactor is on the basis of the understanding of the cooperation, interaction and application of the atomic structure of the gases and matters up on each other. The principal of the behavior of gases and liquids in the environment has been studied and catalogued in detail over the past decades. This is an important factor in development of any energy system, which has to be portable and light, but at the same time flexible, energetic and functional for it to be used for its merit in any system. This being used for power production, gravity or anti-gravity, shielding and medical use and so forth. For this system to be able to take advantage of above criteria it is important to use Hydrogen as the primary catalyst. Through the development of simple reactors, gravitational forces can be generated, maintained, controlled and its powers harvested in ways that have never been possible as of up to now. This will allow us to realize following dreams: The creation of energy in a fusion reactor condition, Clean energy systems without waste or exhaust emissions, Being able to use hydrogen as a fuel and being able to drive without having any wheels, using the antigravity system of the reactor, Being able to overcome gravitational forces of earth or any other planet without use of a rocket engine for flight system, The realization of speeds of travel in atmospheric conditions several times

faster than the speed of sound. (Paris to New York in less then half an hour), Having friction-free atmospheric travel, Space travel in possession of an internal gravitational system which overcomes space weightlessness, Long duration space travel without the need for refueling (This being for fuel or for oxygen), Crafts that can reach the moon in a few hours rather than days, reaching the outer solar systems in days rather then years, The realization of being able to understand and replicate the technology of crafts that can colonize other planets, where they can create their own atmosphere and gravity through their on board reactor, The realization of eradication of cancer through non-intrusive treatment without any radiation or medication, by just resetting the energy levels of the defected cells, The realization of ability to manage to create fusion for production of new elements in a simple and practical way, The realization of being able to travel into the deepest part of any ocean on earth or any liquid planet, without concern for the pressure of liquid or their corrosiveness.

James F King Jr. MAGNETOHYDRODYNAMIC PROPULSION APPARATUS. From U.S.A patent 3,322,374 1964; The present invention relates in general to craft propelled by magnetohydrodynamic effects and methods of propulsion and control thereof, and more particularly to heavier-than-air craft which are propelled by interaction of magnetic fields upon electrically conductive fluids such as plasma, surrounding the craft. The technological field of magnetohydrodynamics, frequently referred to as MHD, is concerned with the study of dynamic effects of magnetic fields upon electrically conducting fluids, a prime example of which is plasma. The term "plasma," has been variously defined as a space charge neutralized ion cloud containing substantially equal numbers of positive ions and negative electrons, or any mixture of particles, some of which are charged, whose spatial dimension exceeds the Debye length and where the percentage of the mixture that is ionized contains an approximately equal number of positive and negative particles so that the overall aggregate is electrically neutral. As used in the present discussion, the term "plasma" is intended to described a gas or electrolyte which in addition to meeting the criteria just given is in such a state of ionization that it becomes conductive enough, to be affected by magnetic fields. That is to say, such an electrically conductive fluid medium containing charged particles is sufficiently conductive so that electric currents in the nature of eddy currents may be induced in the fluid medium by magnetic fields by the phenomena known as "mutual induction." An object of the present invention is the provision of a novel method and apparatus for propulsion of craft which relies upon interaction of magnetic fields produced by electrical currents in conductors on the craft with a surrounding electrically conductive environment or medium to produce reaction thrust. Another object of the present invention is the provision of a novel propulsion method and apparatus for heavier-than-air craft surrounded by a plasma or ionized field produced by the craft. Another object of the present invention is the provision of a heavier-than-air craft having self-contained means for generating an ionized or plasma field in air surrounding the craft and means for generating a polyphase excited moving magnetic field of such character that currents are induced in the surrounding ionized or plasma field which constitutes a mobile fluid conductor and the conductor medium is propelled by the moving magnetic fields to produce reactive thrust for propelling the craft. Yet another object of the present invention is the provision of propulsion apparatus for a craft of the character described in the preceding paragraph arranged in such a way as to permit direction control and impart inherent stability to the craft similar to that attained with dihedral wing arrangements. Other objects, advantages and capabilities of the invention will become apparent from the ensuing detailed description and accompanying drawings. Heretofore, arrangements have been disclosed for propulsion of craft by establishing high electrical D.C. potentials between spaced conductors or electrodes and thereby generating ions or charged particles which are electrically attracted in a selected direction and through collision with air molecules create a propulsive force.

DIPOLAR FORCE FIELD PROPULSION SYSTEM. From U.S.A. patent 4,663,932; A dipolar force field propulsion system having a alternating electric field source for producing electromotive lines of force which extend in a first direction and which vary at a selected frequency and having an electric field strength of a predetermined magnitude, a source of an alternating magnetic field having magnetic lines of force which extend in a second direction which is at a predetermined angle to the first direction of the electromotive lines of force and which cross and intercept the electromotive line of force at a predetermined location defining a force field region and wherein the frequency of the alternating magnetic field substantially equal to the frequency of the alternating electric field and at a selected in phase angle therewith and wherein the magnetic field has a flux density which when multiplied times the selected frequency is less than a known characteristic field ionization potential limit; a source of neutral particles of matter having a selected dipole characteristic and having a known characteristic field ionization potential limit which is greater than the magnitude of the electric field and wherein the dipoles of the particles of matter are capable of being driven into cyclic rotation at the selected frequency by the electric field to produce a reactive thrust, a vaporizing stage which vaporizes said particles of matter into a gaseous state at a selected temperature, and a transporting system for transporting the vaporized particles of matter into the force field defined by the crossing electromotive lines of force and the magnetic lines of force. Inventor: Cox; James E. (Los Angeles, CA) 1982.

METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR GENERATING A SECONDARY GRAVITATIONAL FORCE FIELD; Henry William Wallace 1971. From U.S.A. patent 3,626,605; Apparatus and method for generating a time variant nonelectromagnetic force field due to the dynamic interaction of relatively moving bodies and for transforming such force fields into energy for doing useful work. The method of generating such time variant force fields including the steps of juxtaposing in field series relationship a stationary member of spin nuclei material, and a member capable of assuming relative motion with respect to said stationary member also characterized by spin nuclei material; initiating relative motion by rotation of said one member with respect to the other, which rotational motion may occur both about an axis within the plane of the said other member and about an axis perpendicular thereto; whereby the rotational motion of said one member about the axis perpendicular to the plane of said other member results in the dual interaction of the angular momentum property of said one member with inertial space and also with respect to the angular momentum property of said other member thereby resulting in a dynamic interaction field arising through gravitational coupling which dynamic interaction field is further characterized by its non-electromagnetic nature and its mass-proximity and relative motion dependency; the rotation of said one member about the axis within the plane of said other member further resulting in an undulation of the dynamic interaction field within said other member which in turn gives rise to a secondary time-variant gravitational field in the surrounding space. The present invention relates to an apparatus and method for generating a time-variant force field due to the relative motion of moving bodies; which force field exhibits itself in the form of an induced secondary gravitational force. In the practice of the present invention it has been found that, when bodies composed of certain material are placed in relative motion with respect to one another, there is generated an energy field therein not heretofore observed. This field is not electromagnetic in nature; being by theoretical prediction related to the gravitational coupling of relatively moving bodies.The initial evidence indicates that this non-electromagnetic field is generated as a result of the relative motion of bodies constituted of elements whose nuclei are characterized by half-integral spin values, the spin of the nuclei being associated with the net angular momentum of the nucleons thereof. The nucleons, in turn, comprise the elemental particles of the nucleus; i.e., the neutrons and protons. For purposes of the present invention the field, generated by the relative motion of materials characterized by a half-integral spin value, is referred to as a kinemassic force field. It will be appreciated that relative motion occurs on various levels, i.e., there may be relative motion of discrete bodies as well as of the constituents thereof, including, on a subatomic level, the nucleons of the nucleus. The kinemassic force field under consideration is a result of such relative motion, being a function of the dynamic interaction of two relatively moving bodies including the elemental particles thereof. The value of the kinemassic force field created, by reason of the dynamic interaction of the bodies experiencing relative motion, is the algebraic sum of the fields created by reason of the dynamic interaction of both elementary particles and of the discrete bodies. For a closed system comprising only a stationary body, the kinemassic force, due to the dynamic interaction of the subatomic particles, therein, is zero because of the random distributions of spin orientations of the respective particles. Polarization of the spin components so as to align a majority thereof in a preferred direction establishes a flux field aligned with the spin axes of the elementary particles. The present invention is in part comprised of an apparatus for polarizing its spin nuclei material, while additional means are provided to induce an alternating or undulating effect in the kinemassic field so generated. Accordingly, a primary object of the present invention concerns the provision of means for generating a time-variant kinemassic field within a permeable field body due to the dynamic interaction of relatively moving bodies and the relative motion of said generating means with respect to the permeable field body. The kinemassic force field finds theoretical support in the laws of physics, being substantiated by the Generalized Theory of Relativity. According to the General Theory of Relativity there exists not only a static gravitational field but also a dynamic component, thereof, due to the gravitational coupling of relatively moving bodies. This theory proposes that two spinning bodies will exert force on each other. Heretofore, the theoretical predictions have never been experimentally substantiated; however, as early as 1896, experiments were conducted in an effort to detect predicted centrifugal forces on stationary bodies placed near large, rapidly rotating masses. The results of these early experiments were inconclusive, and little else in the nature of this type of work is known to have been

conducted. It is, therefore, another object of the present invention to set forth an operative technique for generating a measurable time-variant force field due to the gravitational coupling of relatively moving bodies. In carrying out the present invention, means are provided to enable the relative close proximity thereto; the construction of one embodiment of the first member being such as to enable portions thereof to assume rotational motion about an axis perpendicular to the plane of said stationary member. The effect of the rotation of said member about the axis perpendicular to the plane of the stationary member is to establish a kinemassic force field in the nature of that referred to in the aforementioned co-pending application of the same inventor. The rotation of said member about the axis lying within the plane of said stationary member results in an undulation of the dynamic interaction field within said field members which, in turn, induces a secondary timevariant gravitational field in the surrounding space. Accordingly, another, more specific object of the present invention concerns a method of generating a non-electromagnetic force field due to the dynamic interaction of relatively moving bodies and for utilizing such force field to further generate a secondary gravitational field. US_Patent_3626605_HWWallace

Searl Effect Generator and Levity Disc. Converts all energy forms including magnetism and gravity into electricity and as a by-product produces strong anti-gravity effect. Generators may range in size from 15kw, to 100kw to power cars, up to power stations rated producing hundreds of Megawatts. All materials, all proportions and all sizes of all components of a Searl Effect Generator (SEG) are governed by a precise law of squares. The SEG consists of three concentric rings each made of four different materials concentrically attached to each other. The three rings are fixed to a base. Surrounding each of the rings, and free to rotate around them, are rollers - typically 10 on the first ring, 25 on the next and 35 on the outer ring. Surrounding the rollers on the outer ring are coils which are connected in various configurations to supply either AC or DC current at a variety of voltages. Multiple magnetic poles are imprinted on the rings and rollers to form frictionless magnetic bearings. These also arrange the static charge into opposing charge clusters which cause the rollers to rotate around the circumference of the ring. When the SEG rollers are brought into close proximity to the SEG Ring, the magnetic field causes negative ions and electrons to be drawn into and accelerated through the machine. This process is assisted by the highly electron-attracting rare earth metal neodymium. A SEG is 3 stage step up rotary transformer, increasing final output to a very high voltage. The output windings must step down this output to 240 volts at 15KW. Provides mechanical power output, in which case the vehicle transmission can be driven directly. Produces an antigravity effect strong enough to launch satellite and other cargo. Alternatively artificial gravity such as in space. Because a SEG is self-contained, it may be used in remote locations. Companies formed to administer the implementation of the Searl Effect Technology ; DISC Direct International Science Consortium inc in association with John Searl and Searl Magnetics in the USA. In the early 1950s as a young apprentice in England John Searl built his first experimental free energy generator which unexpectedly produced anti-gravity effect, broke free, broke through the roof, flew off into space and was lost. John Searl found a way of controlling the anti-gravity effect and made a second remote controlled device which was sent to an United States Air Force Base For evaluation, the device flew but was deemed useless to the Air force military personnel and purchasers in its then raw configuration. John Searl received several million dollar science foundation, government and private donations and built several Levity Discs and global guidance network in the 1960s and his unmanned anti-gravity craft made 200 orbits of the earth at low altitude and high speed. John Searl produced another small device in New Zealand, and began work on a larger vehicle able to carry a passenger. The small machine was used as a household and workshop power source. John Searl then persistently refused to pay for the connection of electricity to his property, which at that time was illegal in NZ, and was subsequently sent to prison. During this period in prison someone set fire to his workshop, the fire destroyed the large anti gravity vehicle, and all of his notes. It is not known what became of the small generator but it was also lost or destroyed. From then up until now John Searl has been reconstructing the required plans and measurements, experimenting with modern materials, trial making some components, publishing and

selling technical books and the Searl effect web page on the device, and trying to raise enough money to develop, build, and manufacture more devices. I suggested to John Searl that he should make his technology more available for success one way or another. John Searl now wants to abandon any attempt to gain a patent and void any attempt by others to steal and control rights to his technology by open sourcing all of his Searl Effect Generator Inverse Gravity Vehicle technology. He is now about 80 years of age, and coming to the conclusion his only remaining opportunity for manufacture of his invention and personal success is if he helps any other maker with deeper pockets construct his invention. He should and would still like to be paid a prize and royalties and gain credit for his work so far leading to the construction of copies of his invention. Insufficient funds prevent the existence of any currant demonstration device. $5,000,000 should be sufficient to equip a workshop to construct one by J R R Searl and associates, From then on each device would cost $5,000 to $10,000 to construct. A Russian team have a part duplication single stage device [ instead of the three stage Searl device ] and reproduce a small 35% reduction in weight and free electricity. The first Searl Effect products are envisioned to be 1-A compact 15 kW generator unit, measuring approximately 46 x 61 x 12 cm, to provide DC or AC single or three phase electricity at a variety of voltages, typically 12 to 240 V Each unit would deliver 60,000 KW hours before requiring remagnetization on an exchange unit basis,. and 2-A flying craft called an Inverse-G-Vehicle or (IGV). The Searl effect is verified by partial duplication in Russia by Roschin and Godin. Institute for High Temperatures, Russian Academy of Science ; "A 1 meter diameter disc at 600 rpm obtains a 35% reduction in weight while generating 7 KW of excess electric power." "There has been a great interest in examining non linear effects in the system of rotating magnetic fields. Such effects have been observed in the device called Searl's generator or SEG (SEG, Searl Effect Generator) A SEG consists of a series of three rings and rollers that go around those rings. All parts of SEG are based on the Law of squares. The rollers revolve around the plates that form the rings, but they do not touch them," "All the results we obtained are extremely unusual and require some theoretical explanation. Unfortunately the interpretation of results within the framework of the conventional physical theory cannot explain all the observed phenomena and first of all the change of weight. The change of weight is possible to interpret as a local change of gravity force or as an occurrence of propulsion force by repelling from its own field" Once having the equipment the manufacturing cost of each precision Searl Effect device is minimal above the cost of materials. Winner of the 2006 Loris Hemlof prize of 300 pounds for free energy and anti gravity technologies. Considered superior to extra-terrestrial and Biefeld Brown technologies because of ease of replication, safety of materials, precise design, high power, lack of need of external nuclear power source and so infinite range as would be needed by humans to travel to and return from Mars in under 1 year. I am also an enthusiastic subscriber to SEARL MAGNETICS making an automatic $50 PayPal donation every two weeks. To make a one off donation or to make a regular donation as a subscriber go to and click on the Searl Magnetics PayPal donation or subscription link. Your contribution will be greatly worth while.

Patent. In 2005 to Boris Volfson of Huntington, Ind., for a space vehicle propelled by a superconducting shield that alters the curvature of space-time outside the craft in a way that counteracts gravity. A space vehicle propelled by the pressure of inflationary vacuum state is provided comprising a hollow superconductive shield, an inner shield, a power source, a support structure, upper and lower means for generating an electromagnetic field, and a flux modulation controller. A cooled hollow superconductive shield is energized by an electromagnetic field resulting in the quantized vortices of lattice ions projecting a gravitomagnetic field that forms a spacetime curvature anomaly outside the space vehicle. The spacetime curvature imbalance, the spacetime curvature being the same as gravity, provides for the space vehicle's propulsion. The space vehicle, surrounded by the spacetime anomaly, may move at a speed approaching the light-speed characteristic for the modified locale.

Laserway x51 Biefeld brown effect helicopter reported to make short anti-gravity hops. Rotating neodynium magnets, depleted uranium, and petroleum material dielectrics which creates an anti-gravity vortex. [ A dielectric is an insulator that stores electricity and has a magnetic field as in a capacitor ]. Inventor Paolo Mazzilli & X51 Team.

Bismuth, When a strong positive electrostatic charge is applied to it, loses weight, down to zero. GRAVITY CONTROL TECHNOLOGIES; Anti-gravity produced by rotating super conductors.

Kineto-baric Field Propulsion. Discovery by Rudolph Zinsser that sawtooth electromagnetic waves can push distant objects. Produced by a radio tube circuit that transmits 45 megahertz radio waves having a sharp rise and gradual fall. Projections imply a thrust of 1350 pounds force per kilowatt, Surpassing conventional propulsion energy efficiency by several powers of ten. Marcus Hollingshead Device. Antigravity device based on an interaction of rotating magnetic fields. A 160Kg vehicle can lift 5200Kg with a power requirement of 6.75KW.[2003] Each of 6 steel rings is a core of coils of two wires wound together and joined at one end to cancell out the A magnetic field while the B field persists. In the middle is an iron ball. The coils around the six rings and the iron ball are charged. A motor turns the six rings and coils.

Lifter. Charged vertical fins to lift 3 lb/HP (compared to 4.5 lb/HP of helicopter). Jeff Cook Effect: A solid state device has special windings to produce rotating magnetic fields which produces a gravity beam. Dr Evgeny Podkletnov: Spinning cool super conductor creates a beam of anti-gravity above it. Interest by NASA and Boeing. High Frequency Gravity Wave Gravity Beam Technology: Produces a beam with 11 kilowatts of force using spinning super conductors and arc. Prof. Fran De Aquino System H gravity shielding. Provides 100kg lift using 1 milliwatt. Changing a 60kg iron sphere to 40kg. SWAS theoretical and small antigravity effects from spinning sphere within a sphere. Gravwave High frequency gravity wave experiments by Robert Baker. German anti-gravity 1941 to 1945, Fought in ww2 against allies. Allied pilots called them Foo Fighters. The RFZ, the HAUNEBU, and the VRIL, in August of 1939 the RFZ 5 in its first flight to Antarctica reached 4,500 Km/h at sea level and 15,000 Km/h at 24,000 meters altitude. Was equipped particle beam weapon capable of puncturing steel 6 cm thick; The HAUNEBU II of 26 meters diameter, and among 9 meters high had a maximum speed at sea level of 6,000 Km/h, could stay aloft for 55 hours and carry 20 people; The HAUNEBU III was 70 meters in diameter meters, flew to 7,000 Km/h at sea level and could reach 40,000 Km/h at 24,000 meters altitude, could stay aloft for 8 weeks and transport 32 people; The VRIL-7, made its first flight on the Baltic sea in the Winter of 1944, Was 120 meters in diameter. the Vril 1 Jger (Hunter) was constructed in 1941 and first flew in 1942. It was 11.5 meters in diameter, had a single pilot, and could achieve 2,900 km/h - 12,000 km/h! It flew with a metal dome at first but subsequent test versions had a heavily reinforced glass dome and could seat two crew. Flight endurance was 5.5 hrs. It was planned to arm this craft with two MK-108 cannon plus 2 MG-17 machineguns. Seventeen of these craft were constructed and tested between 1942-44 with 84 test flight.The Vril 2 Zerstrer (Destroyer) was a highly advanced oval shaped disc that was much too complex for the time period; thus it was projected for 1945/46, so no construction was started. The Vril 3 and 4 have been photographed but no surviving information is found on them. Vrils 5 and 6 likewise do not show up and may have only been projects. The Vril 7 and 8, however, were constructed. The Vril 7 Geist (Ghost) was 45 meters in diameter and crewed by fourteen men. It was built in 1944 and tested at Arado-Brandenburg using Vrils own Triebwerk. Like the Vril 1 the Vril 7 Geist was designed for channeled flight. One machine was sent through from Arado but returned seriously damaged beyond repair. It is not know if the craft was manned or not but the Victalen hull was severely warped and the drive disabled. Vrils medium Sigrun made frequent trips to the facility to oversee construction and testing. In 1944, Arado engineers approached her with a request. They wanted to know if the Vril Triebwerk could be adapted to one of their projects - the Arado E.555 strategic bomber. They were abruptly told, No and returned to their designs which resulted in eleven different versions of the bomber. Sigrun was actually insulted because the entire purpose of the Vril discs was aimed at space flight. With the SS supervising all aspects of the disc programs every model had to have at least theoretical provision for armament. In the Vril 7 Geist it would have been four MK-108 cannon.The Vril 8 Odin was the last official Vril disc that was flight tested in the spring of 1945 during the collapse. This disc had an automatic Oberon upward-firing gun installation on top of the control center. Although the Vril 9 Abjger (Universal Hunter) was shown only as a design on paper, a craft identical to it was photographed postwar, and there are claims of a spacecraft Vril 10. Much documentation and original design work performed by Vril was deliberately destroyed. Both a Vril 10 Fledermaus

(Bat) design and a planned Vril 11 were among the incomplete material recovered by the Allies in 1945 (much of it rescued from flames). Although almost no material remains on the Vril 11, the Vril 10 can be described as follows: a large disc, approximately 60 meters in diameter of heavy Victalen construction. The Bat name was given due to oddshaped tower structure up top with long curved outward sides and curved downward disc tips below the central body. Reinforced glass view ports are located in main disc tower. This disc was designed to carry /transport either some exotic orb weaponry or cylindrical passenger pods - hard to tell from fragmentary sketches and brief descriptions. Since the other Vril discs lacked any load-carrying ability it appears that the Vril 10 was intended as a supply transport. The larger Vril 11 was only known as the Teufel (Devil). Fragmentary information speaks of a Devils Gate associated with this disc and depicts other un-named horned craft with bulbous units at the rear along side it. What these are remain unknown and the purpose of the Vril 11 is unclear. 20 disks were transported to the USA at the end of WW2.

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