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LIVE – For Blessings, Push Pause
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Video Journal
Where are you? Or where is your focus right now? Are you really here and present right now? Most of us aren't, but don't let that stop you, for all of us can. Like other important things, all it takes is making a choice. Yet how many of us live like that – sufficiently present to consciously be making such a choice? So push pause with me, now. Enter Heart. For a moment, let's be still – still & more fully present than we were the moment before. In the midst of our stillness abides our own native self – the one that's divine. It's already here, always and already present – turns out it was us that was out to lunch. Thus, the great blessing that's available at the push of the pause button of life. In that pause we recollect Self – we become present to That, and it flows right on in. This is that perfection that you are, already and always. It doesn't have to be earned or worked for or suffered for or anything like

that – it simply IS. Why don't we experience it more? Come on, you know the answer to that – we're not present. We're generally out gallivanting with mind, looking into this or that or whatever just came up on the radar screen of the mind. We're hamsterwheeling, in other words. I came to make this live video in order to share what is on my Heart about our identity – the divine one, not the roles that we play most of the time – Theresa or Angela or Frank. Not that. Heck, we're playing so many roles right Now that it would be chaos to become aware of all of them – of all of our lifetimes – yet they're all going on Now. So, in the midst of all of that, what is our true identity? Who are we, really? We're pretty good at this role-playing thing – too good, really. We lose the real self in it. Yet that self can't really be lost, of course, since that's who we are. It can certainly be forgotten for a good while, though – as most of us know. It's kinda funny, too – I'll take time out for a backwards moment – how those that don't know don't even realize that they don't know. They're the ones convinced they're Angela or Annie or John. Anyway, so who are you? Who are you, really? How often do you go beneath the surface, the role attached to your current name? It may come as a shock if it's the first time you thought of it, but that is not who you are – not by a long shot. It's more like one tenth of one percent of the whole You. For whatever comfort it may provide, it may help to recall that our conscious mind occupies only about 10% of the whole mind. Yet that's what people base their whole awareness upon – that one tenth. Pretty strange, huh? People willing to go to the gallows or to war over the perspective taken by 10% of their mind, with nary a thought to look deeper before making such decisions. Hmm. Well, but that's not you, right? You're likely at least familiar with the scientific work behind that assignment of 10% (it's actually more like 5 to 8%) of the total mind to the conscious part. You're also more than likely aware of mind's love of hamster-wheeling as fun. Hopefully, you've gotten at least a wee bit of distance established between you and your mind. Life changes so much the day we realize that mind isn't us – that

instead, we have a mind. Until then it seems we're pretty well trapped by it, carried around, willy-nilly, the proverbial dog on a leash. Sheesh! How different even when we just wake up from that. And what fun! It's like life just began – again :) Until we experience this realization, however it comes to us, we're fully identified with mind. What it presents to us we take for reality – pretty simple it seems – but oh, how limited a view! And if we don't yet know we're divine – well, we can't even imagine that. And, as usual, you don't know what you don't know. A wee bit of humility helps. When mind is in charge, it's easy to be so convinced that whatever it knows & takes to be “right,” is simply that – right and correct. We don't yet realize that, in that case, we have closed all doors to any other possibilities. We're not open to anything else due to our belief that we already know this or that. So again, we don't know what we don't know. Openness helps. It paves the way for awakening in so many ways, to so many things. Openness is literally opening our own inner doors. It broadens our vision. It enables us to make more use of the brakes to slow things down – maybe to even pause for a bit to take a deeper look at whatever it is. I take it that those who come to these journals are already ahead of this game – yet even so, how easy it is to get caught up in mind. Our humility lets us be aware of the deeper things, at least by acknowledging that they exist. That makes us more open to the guidance that's everywhere present. Our perfection is always present, too – yet are we open to that, or how open are we? Most of us reject this idea of being divine when it's first heard. It seems too darn strange, considering our experience of life, which feels very human, indeed. So how can those two co-exist? Can they? Until one is sufficiently open, one will continue to reject the idea that they're divine. Until we've got sufficient breathing space between us and mind we won't be able to take that step back that gives us a new angle of view. Mind doesn't tend to have a flexible perspective on things. Instead, being more linear, it feels it either knows something or it doesn't – and if it knows, then it generally feels it is right.

It helps to start out with smaller things, such as being multidimensional. We can take that on as a trial belief and come into direct experience of it. That lays a groundwork for exercising more flexibility in our perspective, since we can't help but see things through different eyes, so to speak, when exploring our other dimensions. It's just built in. Most of us have come such a very long way since first exploring these and similar ideas. Perhaps it feels for you as it does for me, that living that old way comes from some other lifetime, surely. We've come so far. Life now looks amazingly different than it did, early on. So maybe going back, as I did in this video, to something so basic feels too elementary for you, now. Could be. Yet no matter how far we get in awakening, no one is humanly perfect. Human perfection is just an idea mind has – a rigid perfection that can't slip at all or it won't be perfect, anymore. Pish! Nonsense. It turns out human ideas around perfection are dualistic, are limited. They're not able to reflect much of the real thing. Things just don't turn out to be the way mind originally envisions them. So it's really nice that we're not limited to the mind – that we have multiple dimensions available through the portal of Heart or Inner Self. Most of us have made some pretty radical shifts in our waking up. Perhaps Adyashanti is one of the best ones to listen to, since he's been through so very much out ahead of the rest – and he's willing to share. Many are speaking out before they're truly ready, but not Adya. He's really grounded in awakening, and a beautiful soul, too. Pushing the pause button helps so very much. As we go through our day, we shift from this to that in a pretty fluid motion. Yet is that the best thing? That's what it looks like when we're more or less living life unconsciously – when we're caught up in mind. It's superficial. We're not accessing the deep spaces that are within. It's amazing, but when we push pause and choose a moment of stillness – that inner light comes rushing in. We tune in to something much deeper, something not at all superficial. We become more present, more aware of the NowHere. It's really

cool. Well, that's how it seems. I've since realized that it's not that the light comes rushing in. The light has always been there. We just had our vision turned away from it. We weren't anchored in it. So it's closer to say we tuned in to what was already there – what is always present, even when we aren't. So the pause button is vital. It can perform a really useful service. It can help us tune in to the deeper aspects of Self. It's effortless, too, only at first we might not notice, since we're caught up in enforcing the pause, in slowing down the mind's momentum. That may not seem easy, but after a while it is. It seems we've gotten way out ahead of the self. We're generally stretched out in time, looking ahead to what's next, to what's up ahead. That habit is what can take a bit to rein in. Once we choose to be more present, more Now-focused, it happens fairly quickly, though. This is more of taking our power back from old habits, old ways – old beliefs. It may be that mind will think this pushing pause thing is very difficult. Well, let mind think what it likes, you know better – and you're in charge. Mind will soon enough come around. How fast will depend on how determined your intent is. It also relies on who you take to be you. What is your identity? Just who are you? Or even what are you? Until, firmly seated within, you know self to be the divine, your answers will vary. Even at different points during the day they'll vary – and that's fine. Don't let anything stress you – nothing at all. Keep centering down in the divine one you are. Whatever is before you can be easily handled by the divine. So, fast or slow, it will come on you one day. Just being open to the idea, to the possibility that you're divine really helps. It's the biggest step most of us can take, initially – to just try it out – to ponder it. Peace lies in that direction. So does great joy. I recommend a good stuff dose of Abraham-Hicks videos, too. They help the medicine go down rather nicely. Hey, some of this is initially pretty hard to swallow. It tends to upset the mind's apple cart, and mind doesn't like that.

We set our ceiling based on who/what we take ourself to be. Had you considered that? I'm sure you've heard that we create our own personal reality – and we do. We do that with our thoughts and beliefs – and with who/what we take the self to be. So I'm encouraging one and all to at least consider these things. Consider how your very beliefs set your own ceiling, beyond which you can't go. Beliefs all contain limits, no matter how vast and free they seem. Sometimes we structure certain beliefs just because we want the novelty of what we will experience if we take that perspective on things. We do a lot of that, actually, so do consider it. There's something you wanted to learn by adopting those beliefs. Have you learned it sufficiently, yet? If not, then retain it. Go for the gusto of whatever it is. In the midst of all this I hope you'll cut yourself loads of slack. We take things – and ourselves – way too seriously, you know – really, I'm sure you do. But we forget, and get bogged down in it, yet again. Well, then push pause, for heaven's sake and for yours. Just take a breather. Try to be still, to be quiet for just a little bit. Do it often. Just pause for no reason – just to pause – just to be. Then just be. Check it out. I think you'll like it :) Namaste ~♥~


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