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The recording is made in a live environment with Eric teaching a class for his
students. We considered recording in a Studio but felt it more important to
capture the passion and state of mind Eric enters when he teaches in person. So
try not to let the sound quality, Erics accent, or grammar distract you. Eric and
some of his students are stuttering in the live recording as a result of entering
Table of Contents
Table of Contents...
Introduction Letter
Signs to know you are In-between
Dear Friend,
Welcome to the world of the mystic. This is a powerful leap in abilities and skills. In
the past only a few mystical teachers have obtained this knowledge. This may
seem like a fairy tale promise or a script from a movie but I assure you it is real and
what you are about to experience is going to change your life forever.
I have given this much consideration over the years as to how do I know who is
ready and who is not? In person this task is much easier but teaching this
knowledge from a distance has its challenges. Fortunately wisdom has prevailed
and the knowledge with it of the in-between.
The in-between is a unique place that exists as a dimension between this world of
matter and the other of higher frequencies. When you go in between you are
literally in-between these two places not fully experience one or the other. It is the
place that beings transverse and the energies of prana merge with matter. It is a
place of great spiritual healing for white cells that yearn for something more beyond
our physical touch and more so it is final confirmation of what they have always
known silently and invisible existed amongst mankind.
It is here that the white cell thrives and awakens. It is here that we work best from.
Shaping and experiences the reality we are in. In this place knowledge is given
freely and empowers our dimensional bodies as light and rain does for the earth so
does the in-between for the white cell.
I have not given the secrets of the in-between here what I have given is the key to
experience it. What you are able to experience is based purely on your readiness
for it. It other words you emanate a natural frequency based upon your current
knowledge it is the fabric of your soul. This frequency opens the hidden doorways
of the in-between. You will experience the in-between how much of will be determined
by the quality of your being and may be improved upon with practice, discipline
and knowledge. Make no mistake about it, the inbetween is a place of power.
Good journey to you my friend and remember the box does not open by forcefulness
but rather
Eric J. Pepin.
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Signs to know when you are In-Between
Not everybody experience exactly the same things, but one or more of these signs
might be evident when you are In-Between.
Mouth gets pastier.
Blend taste in your mouth, almost metallic.
Back of your tongue and your jawbones feel more tightened.
Altered hearing experiences.
Feeling Nauseous.
Everything seems to take on a plastic feeling.
Surrealistic surroundings.
High pitch tone.
Heavy breathing.
Heat waves through your spine.
Illumination of light.
Visual wave movements or breathing.
Static energy becomes more evident.
Shadows take on a different form.
Muscles might not cooperate.
Try to feel what you are feeling, acknowledge what you are, experiencing. Do not
think, thoughts become a faded thing. You are thinking super fast. It is a different
kind of awareness.
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These directions will help you to remember what you should pay attention to in
order to catch the special frequency you are looking for. When you learn the
frequency you can tune in to it and flow with it, without using these directions.
Make sure you listen to all the CDs before applying this.
Relax your body.
Clear your mind.
Relax the muscles in your face.
Feel the weight of your body.
Feel the air against your skin.
Feel the temperature in your surroundings.
Feel your clothes against your skin.
Feel the weight of your arms.
Become conscious of your breathing
Take a slow deep breath.
Pay special attention to your hearing.
Use your vision to take in your environment.
Become aware of any distant sounds.
Feel your breath in your upper chest area.
Choose an area to focus your vision.
Become aware of the lighting around you.
Use your breathing to help you intensify the illumination.
Let yourself go. Allow your Navigator to guide you.
Reflect on the quiet, the nothing.
Relax your eyes; take in your environment slowly.
Pay close attention to your sense of hearing.
Become aware of the high pitch tone. Listen to that frequency.
As you look around take notice of the objects and organisms around
Feel the object, feel what it makes you feel. Ride that feeling.
Breathe the object in. Become aware of the object. Acknowledge
what it feels like for a structure.
Zone out on an object. Be mindful of your breathing.
Become aware of what things feel like. Be aware of what your body
feels like, your muscles, and the bone structure in your face. Notice
the taste in your mouth.
Pay attention to the lighting, the shadows, and the faint shimmer on
all things.
Observe the faint transparent energy on things. Look at their aura.
Let your breathing hold you in this in between state.
Feel and observe the static energy in the air, notice the fuzziness of it.
Be aware of your surroundings and take notice of any changes.
Have non-thought. Use your breathing; use your hearing, FEEL.
Use your senses to trigger and navigate in this state of
Allow the universe to share with you. Do not fear.