THE CLOUD UPON THE SANCTUARY by Karl von Eckartshausen Translated by Isabel de Steiger Introduction by A.E.

Waite Third issue, revised and enlarged London, William Rider

Son, ltd.

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!"!#$ %rom &$he '(oud upon the )anctuar*+, -c.artshausen is a name on(* to the 'hristian $ranscendenta(ists o% -ng(and. /e wrote much+ and at his period and in his p(ace+ he exercised some considera0(e in%(uence1 0ut his other wor.s are practica((* un.nown among us+ whi(e in 2erman* the ma3orit* at (east seem %orgotten+ even among the specia( c(ass to which some o% them might 0e assumed to appea(. &$he '(oud upon the )anctuar*, has+ 4 0e(ieve+ a(wa*s remained in the memor* o% a %ew+ and is destined sti(( to survive+ %or it carries with it a message o% ver* deep signi%icance to a(( those who (oo. 0eneath the 0od* o% re(igious doctrine %or the one princip(e o% (i%e which energi5es the who(e organism. $his trans(ation has o%%ered it %or the %irst time to -ng(ish readers+ and it enters here upon the third phase o% its existence. 4t appeared origina((* in the pages o% &$he 6n.nown 7or(d+, a maga5ine devoted to the deeper understanding o% phi(osophica( and m*stica( re(igion+ and it was a%terwards repu0(ished in vo(ume %orm+ o% which edition this is a new issue. 4t has attracted ver* considera0(e attention and deserved it1 it has even 0een trans(ated into 8rench+ under the auspices o% the (ate 'ountess o% 'aithness+ %or the pages o% 9:!urore. $hese %ew words o% 0i0(iograph* are not unnecessar* 0ecause the* esta0(ish the %act that there has 0een some (itt(e sentiment o% interest within a restricted circ(e+ as one ma* hope+ towards a more genera( di%%usion and .now(edge o% a document which is at once suggestive %rom the (iterar* standpoint and pro%ound(* moving %rom other and higher considerations. 4t encourages me to thin. that man* persons who .now and appreciate it now+ or ma* come under its in%(uence in the %uture+ wi(( (earn with p(easure the (itt(e that 4 can te(( them o% its author+ the

'ounci((or -c.artshausen+ and o% certain other 0oo.s not o% his writing+ which+ as 4 thin.+ connect therewith+ and the stud* o% which ma* he(p us to understand its message. "erhaps the most interesting thing that 4 can sa* at the 0eginning concerning -c.artshausen is that he connects with that group o% $heosophists o% which 9avater was so important a %igure+ the ;aron <irch0erger an accomp(ished and interesting recorder+ and 9ouis '(aude de )aint-=artin a correspondent in 8rance and a certain source o% (eading. 4n his (etters to )aint-=artin+ <irch0erger sa*s that -c.artshausen+ with whom he was in %re>uent communication+ was a man o% immense reading and wonder%u( %erti(it*1 he regarded him in other respects as an extraordinar* personage+ &whatever wa* providence ma* have (ed him., 4t wou(d appear that at this period+ name(*+ in 1 ?5+ -c.artshausen was ( %or and o0taining his chie% (ight %rom the m*stica( stud* o% num0ers+ 0ut was a(so+ to use the vei(ed and cautious (anguage o% the correspondence+ in en3o*ment o% more direct %avours. )aint-=artin con%esses on his own part that he was more interested in -c.artshausen than he cou(d express. <irch0erger must have he(d him in even higher estimation+ and undertoo. a 3ourne* to the )wiss %rontier actua((* %or the purpose o% receiving %rom him the persona( communication o% the 9ost 7ord1 0ut the i((ness o% the proposed communicator %rustrated this pro3ect. $he point is important 0ecause it esta0(ishes the pretensions o% -c.artshausen. !s to the 'ounci((or o% ;erne so to us+ he comes with authorit*1 and whatever ma* 0e our opinion as to the .ind o% sacramenta(ism or econom* which was conve*ed in a proposa( to communicate the incommunica0(e name+ there are some o% us who .now+ at (east within certain (imits+ that the (itt(e 0oo. which 4 am here introducing is not one o% vain pretension. )aint-=artin that part o% the numerica( s*stem o% -c.artshausen was in astonishing agreement with things that he had (earned (ong ago in his own schoo( o% initiation@that o% =artines de "as>ua((*. !(together the 8rench m*stic had %ormed the 0est opinion possi0(e o% his 2erman 0rother+ and his )wiss correspondent %urther te((s us that -c.artshausen+ a(though a courtier+ wa(.ed in the narrow wa* o% the inner (i%e. 4n a (etter to <irch0erger dated =arch 1?th+ 1 ?5+ -c.artshausen 0ears witness to his own persona( experience and instructions received %rom a0ove+ his consciousness o% a higher presence+ the answers which he had received and the visions+ with the steps 0* which he had advanced even to the attainment o% what he terms &the 9aw in its %u((ness., 4 have thought it we(( to give these data derived %rom private correspondence+ the pu0(ication o% which was never designed or expected at the time+ 0ecause the* constitute a s.etch o% -c.artshausen ta.en to some extent unawares+ when there cou(d 0e the (east reason to suppose that he was adopting an attitude. 9et us now compare the ver* strong c(aim which the* incorporate with that o% &$he '(oud upon the )anctuar*, itse(%+ and the (itt(e ana(*sis which 4 sha(( give here wi((+ 4 thin.+ 0e otherwise servicea0(e to readers as a summar* o% the chie% purport o% the wor.. 4t is possi0(e 0* inward(* to approach the essentia( wisdom+ and this wisdom is Aesus 'hrist who is a(so the essence o% (ove within us. $he truth o% this statement can 0e experimenta((* proved 0* an* one+ the condition o% the experience 0eing the awa.ening within us o% a spiritua( %acu(t* cogni5ing spiritua( o03ects as o03ective(* and natura((* as the outward senses perceive natura( phenomenon. $his organ is the intuitive sense o% the transcendenta( wor(d+ and its awa.ening+ which is the highest o03ect o% re(igion+ p(ace in three stages: BaC mora((*+ 0* the wa* o% inspiration1 B0C inte((ectua((*+ 0* the wa* o% i((umination1 BcC spiritua((*+ 0* the wa* o% reve(ation. $he awa.ening o% this organ is the (i%ting o% the c(oud %rom the sanctuar*+ ena0(ing our hearts to 0ecome receptive o% 2od+ even in this wor(d. $he .now(edge o% these m*steries has 0een a(wa*s preserved 0* an advanced schoo(+ i((uminated inward(* 0* the )aviour+ and continued %rom the 0eginning o% things to the present time. $his communit* is the 4nvisi0(e 'e(estia( 'hurch+ %ounded immediate(* a%ter the 8a((+ and receiving a %irst-hand reve(ation %or the raising o% humanit*. ;ut the wea.ness o% men as the* mu(tip(ied necessitated an externa( societ*+ name(*+ the Dutward 'hurch+ which+ in the course o% time+ 0ecame separated %rom the 4nner 'hurch+ a(so through human wea.ness. $he externa( church was origina((* consecrated in !0raham+ 0ut received its highest per%ection in the m*ster* o% Aesus 'hrist. $he 4nterior 'hurch is invisi0(e and *et governs

a((1 it is perpetuated in si(ence 0ut in rea( activit*+ &and united the science o% the temp(e o% the ancient a((iance with the spirit o% the )aviour+, or o% the interior a((iance. $his communit* o% (ight is the reunion o% a(( those capa0(e o% receiving (ight+ and is .nown as the 'ommunion o% )aints. 4t possesses its schoo(+ its chair+ its doctor+ and a ru(e %or students+ with %orms and o03ects o% stud*+ and in short a method 0* which the* stud*+ together with degrees %or successive deve(opment to higher a(titudes. 7e must not+ however+ regard it as a secret societ*+ meeting at certain times+ choosing its e(ders and mem0ers+ and united 0* specia( o03ects1 %or even the chie% does not invaria0(* .now a(( the mem0ers+ and those who are ripe are 3oined to the genera( mem0ers when the* thought (east (i.e(*+ and at a point o% which the* .new nothing. $he societ* %orms a theocratic repu0(ic+ which one da* wi(( 0e the #egent-=other o% the who(e wor(d. 4ts mem0ers are exact(* ac>uainted with the innermost o% re(igions and o% the /o(* =*steries+ 0ut these treasures are concea(ed in so simp(e a manner that the* 0a%%(e un>ua(i%ied research. $his doctrine o% the interior church must 0e interpreted 0* ever*one a%ter his own (ights1 it is presented 0* -c.artshausen as one having %u(( .now(edge and am0assadoria( powers+ as one %rom the centre. =* purpose is so(e(* to show that he was sincere+ and this sincerit* %urnishes us with one more proo%+ out o% man* which are to 0e derived %rom other and independent sources+ that there is a great experiment possi0(e+ and that some have per%ormed it. $he sincerit* o% which 4 spea. is 4 thin. i((ustrated 0* his (i%e+ which 4 wi(( now summarise 0rie%(*. 'ar( Eon -c.artshausen was 0orn on Aune FGth+ 1 5F+ at the 'ast(e o% /aim0hausen in ;avaria+ and was the natura( son o% 'ount 'ar( o% /aim0hausen 0* =arie !nne -c.hart+ the daughter o% the overseer o% the estates. /is mother died in giving 0irth to him+ and he appears to have 0een the su03ect o% the most so(icitous a%%ection on the part o% his %ather+ 0eing educated with the utmost pains. /owever+ %rom the ear(iest *ears+ his i((egitimac* is said to have %i((ed him with perpetua( me(ancho(* and an inc(ination to retire %rom the wor(d+ characteristics which at the same time endeared him to his %ami(* and %riends. $hrough a(( his (i%e he remained (ess or more a pre* to the pain%u( conse>uences o% his origina( dis>ua(i%ication. /e was destined notwithstanding to a career o% some pu0(ic importance. /is %irst education was received at the co((ege o% =unich+ and he a%terwards proceeded to 4ngo(ds(adt %or the stud* o% phi(osoph* and (aw+ which he pursued with mar.ed success. /is universit* course at an end+ his %ather procured him the tit(e o% !u(ic 'ounci((or1 and in 1 Go he was appointed censor o% the (i0rar* at =unich. $his+ in spite o% the rectitude and goodness which characterised him+ made him man* enemies+ 0ut the %avour o% the -(ector 'ar( $heodore sustained him against a(( com0inations. 4n 1 G4 he was nominated <eeper o% the !rchives o% the -(ectora( /ouse+ an appointment said to have 0een con%erred upon him through the desire o% the -(ector to .eep him near his person. /e pu0(ished in a(( some sixt*-nine wor.s+ em0racing man* c(asses o% (iterature+ inc(uding science+ the %ine arts+ the drama+ po(itics+ re(igion+ histor*+ and+ in particu(ar+ certain contri0utions o% great merit to the occu(t sciences. !s a(read* indicated+ the ma3orit* o% these are now %orgotten+ though some o% his p(a*s seem to have 0een success%u( in their da*. &$he "re3udice o% ;irth & in particu(ar+ his %irst pu0(ished drama+ is descri0ed as a0ounding in %e(icitous situations and interest. /e even attempted a comed*+ and this a(so received considera0(e appro0ation. Dne on(* o% his 0oo.s+ under the tit(e &2od is the "urest 9ove+, commanded wide popu(arit*. )ixt* editions are said to have 0een pu0(ished in 2erman*+ and it was trans(ated into most (anguages o% -urope+ as we(( as into 9atin. 4t is a sma(( co((ection o% 'atho(ic pra*ers and meditations on the %ear o% 2od+ the (ove o% 2od+ the e(evation o% man:s sentiments towards his 'reator+ the .now(edge o% the -terna(+ etc. $here are a(so devotiona( exercises %or use at =ass+ 0e%ore and a%ter 'on%ession+ and at 'ommunion+ with acts o% penance and adoration to the ;(essed Eirgin. 4n a word+ 4 %ai( to see wherein or how %ar it di%%ers %rom the innumera0(e o% piet* which have 0een produced during the (ast two or three centuries %or the use o% the 'atho(ic (ait*. 4 0e(ieve+ however+ that it sti(( circu(ates in 2erman*+ and perhaps even in 8rance1 it is said to have a wonder%u( charm+ though its intense m*sticism is a(so stated to have pu55(ed some o% its admirers1 it has indeed 0een descri0ed as the (anguage and

o% a man who was intimate(* ac>uainted with the occu(t movement o% his period@that o% the 8rench #evo(ution@and a participant therein. shou(d 0e regarded is important %rom the c(aim which it ma.nown to the wor(d at (arge+ has in private+ i% 4 ma* so spea. 4t is a pro%ound and 0eauti%u( wor. !%ter a(( his experience he carried his great genius and exceptiona( . 6n%ortunate(*+ in this restricted notice+ 4 can do (itt(e more than name them. 4t does not answer to the co((ective mind or oversou( o% the most advanced mem0ers o% the visi0(e church+ nor is it the consensus omnium sanctorum which+ according to the o(d church maxim+ is sensus spiritus )ancti. which+ un. $his possi0i(it* 0eing negatived 0* the 0est o% a(( authorit* on the su03ect+ 4 shou(d ( into the %o(d o% the 9atin 'hurch and 0ecame a priest. /e was married three times+ and (e%t severa( chi(dren.ening o% which within us gives entrance+ as it deve(ops+ into a new wor(d o% consciousness+ which is one o% the initia( stages o% that state which he+ in common with a(( other m*stics+ terms union with the Hivine..e the . 4n that union+ outside a(( %orma( sects+ a(( orthodox 0onds o% %e((owship and vei(s and we0s o% s*m0o(ism+ we sha(( %orm or do %orm actua((* a great congregation+ the %irst %ruits o% immorta(it*+ and in virtue o% the so(idarit* o% humanit*+ and in virtue o% the great doctrine o% the communication o% a(( things ho(* with a(( that see. 7hat is this inner church o% which -c. )trong(* em0edded in this 0oo. $he monographs o% his period mention him as one o% the 0est writers o% .avaria. 4 ma* add that 4 am ac>uainted with the existence o% a trans(ation made man* *ears ago+ 0ut sti(( remaining in manuscript. $he* are the wor. $he point o% view %rom which &$he '(oud upon the )anctuar*.+ in%(uenced man* to their advancement+ and to the deeper understanding and %ruition o% the hidden truth. $he second point concerns certain 0oo. $here are two matters to which 0e%ore conc(uding 4 wish to draw attention 0rie%(*+ and+ as regards the %irst+ in a ver* particu(ar o% !(chem*. origina((* pu0(ished in 1 3F+ anon*mous(*+ in the 8rench (anguage+ 0ut evident(* written 0* a %oreigner. /is two p(a*s conve* man* moving suggestions o% a guiding 0ut un. 7e must ta.artshausen spea.s which 4 have promised to mention as connecting with the c(aim o% -c.e on m* own responsi0i(it* to negative a(so its most direct and c(earest antithesis. Dne thing which it is not has 0een indicated 0* -c.nown hand (eading the 'hristian 'hurch. $he next 0oo. /e died on =a* 13th+ 1G13+ a%ter a pain%u( i((ness.s which 4 wou(d note come at %irst sight a (itt(e strange(* in the pro%essed connection+ 0ut the* enter none the (ess into the series1 the* are the two dramatic poems o% the 2erman poet+ 7erner+ name(*+ &$he $emp(ars in '* is a >uestion which readers must answer %or themse(ves+ according to their 0est direction. is o% #ussian origin+ 0ut was trans(ated into 8rench and pu0(ished in "aris in 1G011 o% this trans(ation a reprint was issued .s %or ho(iness+ the a0ove and the 0e(ow+ this congregation is+ in ver* truth+ the (eader o% the visi0(e church o% %aith+ aspiration and strugg(e+ the church triumphant over-watching the church mi(itant+ and the channe( through which the graces and the 0enedictions o% the ho(* and g(orious Iion are administered to the Iion which is on earth.artshausen+ and perhaps in some measure assisting us to get in touch with that c(aim.rothers o% the 'ross. wi(( 0e %ound severa( o% the governing ideas and aspirations o% schoo(s o% m*stic thought which 0ecame i((ustrious in (ater *ears. $he %irst is &$he =*ster* o% the 'ross+. 8ina((*+ he was the author o% &$he '(oud upon the )anctuar*+. -c. Hespite the a0sence o% a(( corporate 0onds+ there is in the c(aim itse(% too direct a suggestion o% conscious association occurring somehow in this present ph*sica( (i%e. $he next 0oo. 4n his private capacit* he was exceeding(* amia0(e and charita0(e+ devoting ever* month the resu(t o% his economies to the poor+ and his who(e time to the practice o% virtue. 4t is not an* corporate 0od* existing mere(* within the church and contro((ing and (eading it %rom a speci%ic (oca( centre.artshausen himse(% o%%ers+ name(*+ that there is within a(( o% us a dormant %acu(t*+ the awa.expressing the sou( o% 8ene(on. though the 0iographers to whom 4 am inde0ted a(most %or the words o% this notice have scarce(* mentioned this (ast and crowning production o% his inte((ectua( (i%e.artshausen himse(%.s+ some on magic and some on the properties o% num0ers+ and he is even accredited with a certain .artshausen+ however+ as a(read* indicated+ wrote other and ver* di%%erent 0oo. and &$he .e* which -c.

on our wea.ness+ and recognise that we re>uire a more 0ri((iant i((umination. to 0e %ound in the third vo(ume+ and having regard to the proximit* o% the date o% pu0(ication to that o% the (ast wor. 7!4$ no age more remar. 4t is entit(ed &)ome 'haracteristics o% the 4nterior 'hurch. 7hen a(( these wor.+ 4 inc(ine to the opinion that there ma* have 0een some connection a(so in the authorship. "ro0a0(* we shou(d have this in%ormation much sooner i% we did not imagine that we have the (ight o% . $he co((ection as a who(e ma* perhaps 0e 0est descri0ed as an appea( %rom externa( creeds with their di%%erences+ their arguments and their 3usti%ications+ to the witness o% the heart itse(%.artshausen.recent(* at 9*ons. $he seventh vo(ume is another commentar*+ verse %or verse+ on the %irst three chapters o% 2enesis.ness+ 0etween exp(oded thought and (iving ideas+ 0etween power(ess wi((s and (iving active %orce1 in short ever*where is there war 0etween anima( man and growing spiritua( man. $he discourses on the union o% the 'hurch o% 'hrist and the spiritua( union o% the chi(dren o% 2od+ as a(so on a new church+ in the second vo(ume+ wi(( 0e %ound ver* interesting to students o% -c.artshausen+ and is interesting on account o% its origin+ and a(so %or certain =artinistic associations+ 0ut it is (ess suggestive and (ess pro%ound. $his proves that though we are dwe((ing in an age o% (ight+ we do not we(( understand what emanates %rom our hearts@and what %rom our heads.artshausen a(wa*s remained in (o*a( communication with the externa( church in which he was origina((* trained+ and did not there%ore regard apostas* and re0e((ion as among the %irst evidences o% persona( i((umination. -. 4t connects the point o% view which is met with in &$he =*ster* o% the 'ross & with that o% -c. 4t is entit(ed &Jew )piritua( Hiscourses on various matters o% the 4nterior 9i%e and the Hoctrines o% the 'hristian #e(igion+ or testimon* o% a 'hi(d o% $ruth concerning the 7a*s o% the )pirit.ourignon and =adame de 2u*on.s have 0een studied+ not in the (etter 0ut in the spirit+ a(ong with &$he '(oud upon the )anctuar*+.a0(e to the >uiet o0server than our own. $here are a(so extraordinar* ana(ogies with )aint-=artin+ -c.s pu0(ished at .a0(e and 4 ma* add a ver* rare series o% wor. 4t is an appea( a(so to the m*stica( doctors o% the church+ and it cites man* o% the great m*stics %rom $au(er and #u* in the province o% 7estpha(ia in seven vo(umes+ dated 1 3G.ness+ 0ut does not (ight to %u(( c(earness either our reason or our hearts. Jo one is agreed either on the princip(e o% rationa(it* or on the princip(e o% mora(it*+ or on the cause o% the wi((.. "erhaps+ (i.. $he most important o03ects %or humanit* are sti(( undetermined. 7e (ive in the times o% .artshausen has to some extent vei(ed+ and his motives %or doing so+ wi(( not 0e 0e*ond discernment+ nor the (ine o% his experiences in a(( cases 0e*ond pursuit. 4t is said that we (ive in an age o% (ight+ 0ut it wou(d 0e truer to sa* that we are (iving in an age o% twi(ight1 here and there a (uminous ra* pierces through the mists o% dar.e one o% the -astern teachers+ he thought that some things cou(d 0e changed %rom within+ and essentia((*+ without a(tering outward names and %orms. to -nge(0recht+ !ntoinette de .now(edge a(read* in our hands+ or i% we wou(d cast a (oo. !. 8ina((*+ there is a ver* remar. 4 shou(d add that+ so %ar as 4 can trace+ -c. $hese discourses occup* three vo(umes1 two others contain a commentar* on the !poca(*pse1 the sixth vo(ume is a (itera( and m*stica( exp(anation o% the epist(e to the #omans+ with some supp(ementar* papers and a catechism o% the science o% 'hristian re(igion. -ver*where there is a %ermentation in the minds o% men1 ever*where there is a 0att(e 0etween (ight and dar.artshausen and the &=*ster* o% the 'ross. =en are not o% one mind+ scientists dispute+ and where there is discord+ truth is not *et apprehended. the spiritua( truths which -c. THE CLOUD UPON THE SANCTUARY LETTER I $/-#.

es supernatura( things o03ective to o% which is ac>uired %rom without and through the senses+ and the understanding co-ordinates them 0* o0served s*nthetic re(ationship into science or opinion. "oor man. . 7ho can pretend that the sun is in %u(( 5enith i% no 0right ra*s i((uminate the earth+ and no warmth vita(ises vegetationL 4% wisdom does not 0ene%it man+ i% (ove does not it vo(untar*+ converting it into divinit* 0* c(osing a(( harmon* and communication with 2od1 and this god #eason+ which has no other (aw 0ut its own+ is to govern =an and ma. . $he phi(osoph* o% our age raises the natura( inte((ect into independent o03ectivit*+ and gives it 3udicia( power+ she exempts it %rom an* superior authorit*+ she ma. Dur centur* tries to decide 0* its B0rainC inte((igence+ wherein (ies the princip(e or ground o% reason and mora(it*+ or the ground o% the wi((1 i% the scientists were mind%u(+ the* wou(d see that these . 4t is to this (ength that the (ight o% to-da* has penetrated. =ad menK 7ith *our imaginar* natura( reason+ %rom whence have *ou the (ight 0* which *ou are so wi((ing to en(ighten othersL !re not a(( *our ideas 0orrowed %rom *our senses which do not give *ou the rea(it* 0ut mere(* its phenomenaL 4s it not true that in time and space a(( . . DhK i% on(* natura( man+ that is+ sensuous man+ wou(d on(* (earn to see that the source o% his inte((igence and the incentive o% his wi(( are on(* his individua(it*+ he wou(d then see.e him happ*K . 4t is inconceiva0(e to what depths o% error a man %a((s when he a0andons simp(e truths o% %aith 0* opposing his own opinions. 'an *ou give itL $hat which *ou ca(( truth is a %orm o% conception empt* o% rea( matter+ the . . . !s 9ove+ /e is the "rincip(e o% mora(it*+ the true and pure incentive o% the wi((.now(edge is 0ut re(ativeL 4s it not true that a(( which we ca(( rea(it* is 0ut re(ative+ %or a0so(ute truth is not to 0e %ound in the phenomena( wor(d. Mou a0stract %rom the )criptures and $radition their mora(+ theoretica( and practica( truth1 0ut as individua(it* is the princip(e o% *our inte((igence+ and as egotism is the incentive to *our wi((+ *ou do not see+ 0* *our (ight+ the mora( (aw which dominates+ or *ou repe( it with *our wi((. . .e him happ*+ 0ut ver* (itt(e has 0een done %or him on the who(e. /e+ as 7isdom+ is the "rincip(e o% reason+ and the )ource o% the purest inte((igence. Aesus 'hrist is that 7isdom+ $ruth+ and 9ove.ness a0(e to spread (ightK . o% %a(se phi(osoph* is a chi(d o% corruption. interior(* %or a higher source+ and he wou(d there0* approach that which a(one can give this true e(ement+ 0ecause it is wisdom in its essentia( su0stance. . $hus *our natura( reason does riot possess its true essence+ 0ut on(* the appearance o% truth and (ight1 and the more this appearance increases and spreads+ the more the essence o% (ight inward(* %ades+ and the man con%uses himse(% with this appearance and gropes vain(* a%ter the da55(ing phantasma( images he con3ures. 9ove and 7isdom 0eget the spirit o% truth+ interior (ight1 this (ight i((uminates us and ma.ido(atr* o% the inte((ect+ we p(ace a common torch(ight upon the a(tar and we (oud(* proc(aim the aurora+ that now da*(ight is rea((* a0out to appear+ and that the wor(d is emerging more and more out o% o0scurit* into the %u(( da* o% per%ection+ through the arts+ sciences+ cu(tured taste+ and even %rom a purer understanding o% re(igion.nown 0* its %ruits.indK $o what standpoint have *ou raised the happiness o% manL /as there ever 0een an age which has counted so man* victims to humanit* as the presentL /as there ever 0een an age in which immora(it* and egotism have 0een greater or more dominant than in this oneL $he tree is . Heath capa0(e o% giving 9i%eK . Har. . $he truth (eads man to happiness. 4ndividua(it* under the c(oa.

$he current incredu(it* towards ever*thing which is not cognised o03ective(* 0* our senses is the exp(anation %or the misconception o% truths which are+ o% a((+ most important to man. .ut how can this 0e otherwiseL 4n order to see one must have e*es+ to hear+ one must have ears. $hus one ought to have a sensorium %itted %or this communication+ an organised spiritua( sensorium+ a spiritua( and interior %acu(t* a0(e to receive this (ight1 0ut it is c(osed to most men 0* their senses. $he practica( 'hristian %inds this incentive to the wi((+ the princip(e o% a(( mora(it*+ rea((* and o03ective(* in his heart1 and this incentive is expressed in the %o((owing %ormu(a:--&9ove 2od with a(( th* heart+ and th* neigh0our as th*se(%. -ver* apparent o03ect re>uires its appropriate senses. !0so(ute truth does not exist %or sensuous man1 it exists on(* %or interior and spiritua( man who possesses a suita0(e sensorium1 or+ to spea. $his interior organ is the intuitive sense o% the transcendenta( wor(d+ and unti( this intuitive sense is e%%ective in us we can have no certaint* o% more (o%t* truths. $he (ove o% 2od and his neigh0our is the motive %or the 'hristian:s wi((+ and the essence o% (ove itse(% is Aesus 'hrist in us. !(( that 4 am now sa*ing is not h*perph*sica( extravagance1 it is rea(it*+ a0so(ute truth+ that ever*one can prove %or himse(% 0* experience+ as soon as he receives in himse(% the princip(e o% a(( reason and mora(it*@Aesus 'hrist+ 0eing wisdom and (ove in p(ace in spirit and in truth. $his rea( . $his pure su0stance o% reason and wi((+ re-uniting in us the divine and the human+ is Aesus 'hrist+ the (ight o% the wor(d+ who must enter into direct re(ationship with us+ to 0e rea((* recogni5ed. $he gross matter which enve(ops this interior sensorium is a %i(m which vei(s the interna( e*e+ and there%ore prevents the exterior e*e %rom seeing into spiritua( rea(ms.. . 4t is in this wa* the princip(e o% reason is wisdom in us1 and the essence o% wisdom+ wisdom in its su0stance+ is again Aesus 'hrist+ the (ight o% the wor(d. $his same matter mu%%(es our interna( hearing+ so that we are dea% to the sounds o% the metaph*sica( wor(d1 it so para(*ses our spiritua( speech that we can scarce(* stammer words o% sacred import+ words we . /ence men 3udge the metaph*sica( wor(d through the inte((igence o% their senses+ even as the 0(ind imagine co(ours and the dea% 3udge tones@without suita0(e senses.ingdom o% 2od.nown to those who cognise on(* outside o% it@%or it is a m*ster* o% the . more correct(*+ who possesses an interior sense to receive the a0so(ute truth o% the transcendenta( wor(d+ a spiritua( %acu(t* which cognises spiritua( o03ects as o03ective(* and natura((* as the exterior senses perceive externa( phenomena. $here is an o03ective and su0stantia( ground o% reason+ an o03ective and su0stantia( motive %or the wi((.ut the e*e o% the man o% sensuous perception on(* is %irm(* c(osed to the %undamenta( 0asis o% a(( that is true and to a(( that is transcendenta(.things are 0etter answered in the heart o% the simp(est man+ than through their most 0ri((iant casuistr*. $hus we %ind in /im the princip(e o% reason and o% mora(it*.now(edge is actua( %aith+ in which ever*thing ta. )o it is that transcendenta( o03ects re>uire their sensorium@and this said sensorium is c(osed in most men. $his interior %acu(t* o% the man spiritua(+ this sensorium %or the metaph*sica( wor(d+ is un%ortunate(* not . $he inte((igence which man* wou(d %ain raise to (egis(ative authorit* is on(* that o% the senses+ whose (ight di%%ers %rom that o% transcendenta( reason+ as does the phosphorescent g(immer o% deca*ed wood %rom the g(ories o% sunshine. $his organism is natura((* inactive since the 8a((+ which degraded man to the wor(d o% ph*sica( senses a(one. $hese two together %orm the new princip(e o% (i%e+ and mora(it* is there essentia((* inherent.

4nterior(* it is metaph*sica( and indivisi0(e su0stance which gains admittance within+ and the incorrupti0(e and immorta( essence o% our )pirit receives its in%( him more cognisant o% the transcendenta( wor(d. 4n the regions o% materia( and corrupti0(e nature morta(it* hides immorta(it*+ there%ore a(( our trou0(e resu(ts %rom corrupti0(e morta( matter.s in us 0* interior i((umination. $he third degree+ which is the highest and most se(dom attained+ opens the who(e inner man.%u((* pronounced once+ and 0* virtue o% which we he(d authorit* over the e(ements and the externa( wor(d. $he %irst degree reaches to the mora( p(ane on(*+ the transcendenta( wor(d energises through us in 0ut 0* interior action+ ca((ed inspiration. !s externa( nature can have no a0so(ute truth+ 0ut on(* phenomena((* re(ative+ there%ore+ human reason cannot cognise pure truth+ it can 0ut apprehend through the appearance o% phenomena+ which excites the (ust o% the e*e+ and in this as a source o% action consists the corruption o% sensuous man and the degradation o% nature. 4t does so 0ecause it desires to ma.e the spiritua( man dominant+ in order that the spiritua( or tru(* rationa( man ma* govern the man o% sense. 7e can there%ore easi(* see 0* this how it is that re(igion tends a(wa*s towards the su03ection o% the senses. $he second and higher degree opens this sensorium to the reception o% the spiritua( and the inte((ectua(+ and the metaph*sica( wor(d wor. Dn(* the o03ects and the senses are di%%erent.ingdom o% spirit+ and ena0(es us to see o03ective(*+ metaph*sica(+ and transcendenta( sights1 hence a(( visions are exp(ained %undamenta((*. -xterior(* anima( and sensua( motives act in us and corrupti0(e sensuous matter energises. /ence+ as the spirit or our interna( man has >uite other senses+ and >uite . 4n order that man shou(d 0e re(eased %rom this distress+ it is necessar* that the immorta( and incorrupti0(e princip(e+ which dwe((s within+ shou(d expand and a0sor0 the corrupti0(e princip(e+ so that the enve(ope o% the senses shou(d 0e opened+ and man appear in his pristine purit*. $here are three di%%erent degrees in the opening o% our spiritua( sensorium. $he %irst is the cause o% our depravit* and our morta(it*+ the second the cause o% our incorrupti0i(it* and o% our immorta(it*. $his natura( enve(ope is a tru(* corrupti0(e su0stance %ound in our 0(ood+ %orming the %(esh(* 0onds 0inding our immorta( spirits under the servitude o% the morta( %(esh. $his enve(ope can 0e rent more or (ess in ever* man+ and this p(aces him in greater spiritua( (i0ert*+ and ma. $his exterior sensorium in man is composed o% %rai( matter+ whereas the interna( sensorium is organi5ed %undamenta((* %rom incorrupti0(e+ transcendenta(+ and metaph*sica( su0stance. $hus we have an interna( sense o% o03ectivit* as we(( as externa((*. Jeverthe(ess+ genera((* things pass much in the same wa* interior(* as the* do externa((*. 4t 0rea. "hi(osoph* %ee(s this truth+ on(* its error consists in not apprehending the true source o% reason+ and 0ecause she wou(d rep(ace it 0* individua(it* 0* sensuous reason.s the crust which %i((s our spiritua( e*es and ears1 it revea(s the . $he opening o% this spiritua( sensorium is the m*ster* o% the Jew =an@the m*ster* o% #egeneration+ and o% the vita( union 0etween 2od and man@it is the no0(est o03ect o% re(igion on earth+ that re(igion whose su0(ime goa( is none other than to unite men with 2od in )pirit and in $ruth. !s man has interna((* a spiritua( organ and a sensorium to receive the true princip(e o% divine wisdom+ or a true motive %or the wi(( or divine (ove+ he has a(so exterior(* a ph*sica( and materia( sensorium to receive the appearance o% (ight and truth. $he (aw is ever*where the same.

/ence the* measure the supernatura( 0* the measurement o% the o% 2od+ neither an* doctrine touching the sou(+ cou(d 0e at a(( possi0(e. 1FO there%ore it was necessar* that it shou(d 0e revea(ed to him+ %or which %aith is re>uired+ 0ecause the means are given to him 0* %aith where0* his inner sensorium un%o(ds+ and through which he can apprehend the rea(it* o% truths otherwise incapa0(e o% 0eing understood 0* the natura( man. 4t proves that our human reason+ in its state o% un%o(dment+ has no other o03ective source %or the supernatura( than reve(ation+ the on(* source o% instruction in Hivine things or o% the spiritua( wor(d+ the sou( and its immorta(it*1 hence it %o((ows that without reve(ation it is a0so(ute(* impossi0(e to suppose or con3ecture an*thing regarding these matters. i. F-F4C. $he virtue o% this truth is dou0(e. $his is a great truth+ (o%t* and 0ene%icia( %or our epoch+ though it is true that )t "au( has a(read* enunciated it B1 'or. ! great man* men have no more idea o% the deve(opment o% the inner sensorium than the* have o% the true and o03ective (i%e o% the spirit+ which Np. 8irst+ it puts insurmounta0(e (imits to the sentiment+ to the %anaticism and to the extravagance o% carna( reason. 7ithout it the spiritua( wor(d cannot exist %or us+ 0ecause the organ rendering it o03ective to us is not deve(oped. $his rea(it* exists a(read*+ 0ut is not . <ant has shown incontesta0(* that the natura( reason can . 8or /im+ a(( exists in 6nit*1 %or us+ a(( exists in mu(tip(icit*. $hus the rationa( man+ or man o% human reason+ has no sense o% transcendenta( rea(it*+ and Np. the organ 0* which to cognise it. 7ith+ however+ its un%o(dment+ the curtain is a(( at once raised+ the impenetra0(e vei( is torn awa*+ the c(oud 0e%ore the )anctuar* (i%ts+ a new wor(d sudden(* exists %or us+ sca(es %a(( %rom the e*es+ and we are at once transported %rom the phenomena( wor(d to the regions o% truth. 7e are+ there%ore+ inde0ted to <ant %or proving phi(osophica((* now-a-da*s+ what (ong ago was taught in a more advanced and i((uminated schoo(+ that without reve(ation no . 13O . 7ith+ however+ the deve(opment o% the new organ we have a new perception+ a sense o% new rea(it*. 4t is there%ore c(ear that a universa( #eve(ation must serve as a %undamenta( 0asis to a(( mundane re( is who((* inaccessi0(e to natura( reason+ and that 2od inha0its a wor(d o% (ight+ into which no specu(ation o% the un%o(ded reason can penetrate.ut the "agan phi(osoph* o% 'hristian scientists has 0een a0(e to over(oo.another o03ective sight %rom the rationa( man1 one need not 0e surprised that it Bthe spiritC shou(d remain an enigma %or the scientists o% our age+ %or those who have no o03ective sense o% the transcendenta( and spiritua( wor( a0so(ute(* nothing o% what is supernatura(+ and that it can never understand ana(*tica((* or s*nthetica((*+ neither can it prove the possi0i(it* o% the rea(it* o% 9ove+ )pirit+ or o% the Heit*.nown to us+ 0ecause we (ac. $hen it shows 0* da55(ing contrast the necessit* and divinit* o% #eve(ation. . 2od a(one is su0stance+ a0so(ute truth1 /e a(one is /e who is+ and we are what /e has made us. it up to <ant. /ence+ %o((owing <ant+ it is c(ear that the transmundane . Dne must not (a* the %au(t to the percept+ 0ut on the receptive organ. 4t is >uite true that with new senses we can ac>uire sense o% %urther rea(it*. /owever+ we owe a de0t o% gratitude towards the phi(osopher <ant %or his view o% the truths we have promu(gated.

$he mora( (aw then evo(ves into (ove %or one:s neigh0our in deed and in truth+ whereas %or the natura( man it is 0ut a simp(e attitude o% thought1 and the spiritua( man+ regenerated in spirit+ sees a(( in its essence+ o% which the natura( man has on(* the %orms void o% thought+ mere empt* sounds+ s*m0o(s and (etters+ which are a(( dead images without interior spirit. !"#$ are instructed 0* the )pirit o% 7isdom itse(%1 and a(( the m*steries o% 2od and o% nature are preserved in this )choo( %or .the* neither perceive nor %oresee in an* manner. by Karl Eckartshausen. $he (o%t* aim o% re(igion is the intimate union o% man with 2od1 and this union is possi0(e in this wor(d1 0ut it on(* can 0e 0* the opening o% our inner sensorium+ which ena0(es our hearts to 0ecome receptive to 2od. $his en(ightened communit* has existed since the %irst da* o% the wor(d:s creation+ and its duration wi(( 0e to the (ast da* o% Np.ean-hile. $his communit* possesses a )choo(+ in which a(( who thirst %or . !%ter this process+ the metaph*sica( and incorrupti0(e princip(e ru(es over the terrestria(+ and man 0egins to (ive+ not an* (onger in the princip(e o% se(%(ove+ 0ut in the )pirit and in the $ruth+ o% which he is the $emp(e. o% 0ui(ding the $emp(e consists so(e(* in destro*ing the misera0(e !damic hut and in erecting a divine temp(e1 this means+ in other words+ to deve(op in us the interior sensorium+ or the organ to receive 2od. at sacred/te0ts. $he great and true wor. 15O LETTER II 4$ is necessar*+ m* dear 0rothers in the 9ord+ to give *ou a c(ear idea o% the interior 'hurch1 o% that i((uminated 'ommunit* o% 2od which is scattered throughout the wor(d+ 0ut which is governed 0* one truth and united in one spirit.on the Sanctuary. The *loud ). . 14O existed to whom this deposition o% a(( science has 0een con%ided+ and this schoo( was the communit* i((uminated interior(* 0* the )aviour+ the societ* o% the -(ect+ which has continued %rom the %irst da* o% creation to the present time1 its mem0ers+ it is true+ are scattered a(( over the wor(d+ 0ut the* have a(wa*s 0een united in the spirit and in one truth1 the* have had 0ut one inte((igence and one source o% truth+ 0ut one doctor and one master1 0ut in whom resides su0stantia((* the who(e p(enitude o% 2od+ and who a(one initiates them into the high m*steries o% Jature and the )piritua( 7or(d.e* to which is not to 0e %ound in scho(astic science. $his communit* o% (ight has 0een ca((ed %rom a(( time the invisi0(e ce(estia( 'hurch+ or the most ancient o% a(( communities+ o% which we wi(( spea. /ence it is impossi0(e to them to . $herein are m*steries that our phi(osoph* does not dream o%+ the . a more advanced school has al-ays Np. more %u((* in our next ( that one can comprehend the spiritua( and transcendenta(+ and that one can 0e raised to the supernatura(+ even to vision.

. . 4t was+ however+ a(wa*s the t*pe and s*m0o( o% the interior+ that is to sa*+ the s*m0o( o% the true homage o%%ered to 2od in spirit and in truth. /ence externa( worship was s*m0o(ica((* t*pica( o% interior truths+ and o% the true re(ationship 0etween man Np. $his societ* is in the communion o% those who have most capacit* %or (ight+ i. !(( that the externa( 'hurch possesses in s*m0o( ceremon* or rite is the (etter expressive outward(* o% the spirit o% truth residing in the interior )anctuar*. $he -(ect are united in truth+ and their 'hie% is the 9ight o% the 7or(d himse(%+ Aesus 'hrist+ the Dne !nointed in (ight+ the sing(e mediator %or the human race+ the 7a*+ the $ruth+ and the 9i%e@"rimitive (ight+ wisdom+ and the on(* medium 0* which man can return to 2od. 8rom a(( time+ there%ore+ there Np. . 1 O which vei(ed the interior one+ and concea(ed the spirit and the truth in the (etter. 8rom a(( time there has 0een an exterior schoo( 0ased on the interior one+ o% which it is 0ut the outer expression. 16O has 0een a hidden assem0(*+ a societ* o% the -(ect+ o% those who sought %or and had capacit* %or (ight+ and this interior societ* was ca((ed the interior )anctuar* or 'hurch.e* o% true science+ 0oth divine and natura(. /ence this )anctuar* composed o% scattered mem0ers+ 0ut tied 0* the 0onds o% per%ect unit* and (ove+ has 0een occupied %rom the ear(iest ages in 0ui(ding the grand $emp(e through the regeneration o% humanit*+ 0* which the reign o% 2od wi(( 0e mani%est.ut the inner truth has a(wa*s 0een con%ided to him who in his da* had the most capacit* %or i((umination+ and he 0ecame the so(e guardian o% the origina( $rust+ as /igh "riest o% the )anctuar*.now(edge o% 2od+ o% nature+ and o% humanit* are the o03ects o% instruction in this schoo(. 1GO .ut when men mu(tip(ied+ the %rai(t* o% man and his wea. . . 4t is %rom her that a(( truths penetrate into the wor(d+ she is the )choo( o% the "rophets+ and o% a(( who search %or wisdom+ and it is in this communit* a(one that truth and the exp(anation o% a(( m*ster* is to 0e %ound. 4t is the most hidden o% communities *et possesses mem0ers %rom man* circ(es1 o% such is this )choo(.the chi(dren o% (ight. "er%ect .ness o% men who were not capa0(e o% 0earing the 9ight o% 9ight+ then exterior worship 0egan. $here%ore+ interior truths were wrapped in externa( and percepti0(e ceremonies+ so that men+ 0* the perception o% the outer+ which is the s*m0o( o% the interior+ might 0* degrees 0e ena0(ed sa%e(* to approach the interior spiritua( truths. 4t received the primitive charge o% a(( reve(ation and m*ster*1 it received the . $he di%%erence 0etween spiritua( and anima( man+ and 0etween rationa( and sensua( man+ made the exterior and interior imperative. $he interior 'hurch was %ormed immediate(* a%ter the %a(( o% man+ and received %rom 2od at %irsthand the reve(ation o% the means 0* which %a((en humanit* cou(d 0e again raised to its rights and de(ivered %rom its miser*.ness necessitated an exterior societ* Np. . 7hen it 0ecame necessar* that interior truths shou(d 0e en%o(ded in exterior ceremon* and s*m0o(+ on account o% the rea( wea.e.ecause man* peop(e were not capa0(e o% comprehending great interior truth+ and the danger wou(d have 0een too great in con%iding the most /o(* to incapa0(e peop(e. 4nterior truth passed into the externa( wrapped in s*m0o( and ceremon*+ so that sensuous man cou(d o0serve+ and 0e gradua((* there0* (ed to interior truth.+ the -(ect.

$he wisdom o% the ancient temp(e a((iance was preserved 0* priests and 0* prophets. F0O externa( 'hurch+ the who(e o% the s*m0o(s o% externa( worship %ormed the science o% the $emp(e and o% the "riests in those da*s+ 0ecause the m*steries o% the most sacred truths 0ecame externa( through reve(ation a(one.ness o% man which tends too easi(* to %orget the spirit in the (etter+ 0ut the spirit o% 2od is vigi(ant to note in ever* nation those who are a0(e to receive (ight+ and the* are emp(o*ed as agents to spread the (ight according to man:s capacit*+ and to revivi%* the dead (etter. $he externa( worship o% 2od wou(d never have 0een separated %rom interior service 0ut %or the o% the one !0so(ute $ruth. to his origin. &o-. 2od consecrated this externa( 'hurch in !0raham+ gave commandments through =oses+ and it received its highest per%ection in the dou0(e message o% Aesus 'hrist+ existing persona((* in povert* and su%%ering+ and 0* the communication o% /is )pirit in the g(or* o% the #esurrection.e room %or rationa( and spiritua( man.i((ed to ma.and 2od 0e%ore and a%ter the 8a((+ and o% his most per%ect reconci(iation.en into ever* nation+ and modi%ied s*m0o(ica((* according to their customs+ capacit* %or instruction+ c(imate+ and receptiveness. !(( the s*m0o(s o% externa( worship are 0ased upon the three %undamenta( re(ations@the 8a((+ the #econci(iation+ and the 'omp(ete !tonement. $hen the externa( %orm entire(* parted %rom its inner truth+ when ceremonia( o0servances without sou( or (i%e remained a(one. 8irst %ruits and the %irst 0orn among anima(s were o%%ered to 2od+ s*m0o(i5ing that a(( that preserves and nourishes us comes %rom /im1 a(so that anima( man must 0e . Dne sees p(ain(* 0* this pure idea o% re(igion in genera( that unit* in re(igion is within the inner )anctuar*+ and that the mu(tip(icit* o% externa( re(igions can never a(ter the true unit* which is at the 0ase o% ever* exterior. )o that the externa( t*pes o% ever* re(igion+ worship+ ceremonies and )acred . $he more the externa( worship o% a peop(e has remained united with the spirit o% esoteric truth+ the purer its re(igion1 0ut the wider the di%%erence 0etween the s*m0o(ic (etter and the invisi0(e truth+ the more imper%ect has 0ecome the re(igion1 even so %ar among some nations as to degenerate into po(*theism. 2od /imse(% communicated to this peop(e its exterior re(igious (egis(ation+ /e gave a(( the s*m0o(s and enacted a(( the ceremonies+ and the* contained the impress+ as it were+ o% the great esoteric truth o% the )anctuar*. . 7hen the germs o% the most important truths had 0een carried ever*where 0* 2od:s agents+ /e chose a certain peop(e to raise up a vita( s*m0o( destined 0* /im to mani%est %orth the means 0* which /e intended to govern the human race in its present condition+ and 0* which it wou(d 0e raised into comp(ete puri%ication and per%ection.oo. $he care o% the externa( service was the occupation o% priests+ and ever* %ather o% a %ami(* was in the ancient times charged with this dut*.s in genera( have more or (ess c(ear(*+ as their o03ect o% instruction+ the interior truths o% the )anctuar*+ 0* which man+ 0ut on(* in the (atter da*s+ wi(( 0e Np. $hrough these divine instruments the interior truths o% the )anctuar* were ta. 1?O conducted to the universa( . $he scienti%ic ac>uaintance o% this ho(* s*m0o(ism was the science to unite %a((en man once more with 2od+ hence re(igion received its name %rom 0eing the science o% re0inding man with 2od+ to 0ring man 0ac. as 1od 2imsel3 laid the 3oundation o3 the Np.

7hen the divine externa( NPPO worship a0andoned the interior worship+ it %e((+ and 2od proved 0* a remar. 4n the interior the spirit (ived. among strange nations+ a Aoseph with the -g*ptian priests+ a =oses in the countr* o% =idian+ as (iving proo%s the interior communit* o% those who are capa0(e o% receiving (ight was united Np. $he science o% the priests was that o% the .+ o% the shew0read+ o% the cand(estic. /e showed a(so tru(* in part among /is apost(es a(( that shou(d come to pass in the %uture to a(( the -(ect. . $o these agents o% (ight %rom the one inner communit* was united the 'hie% o% a(( agents+ Aesus 'hrist /imse(%+ in the midst o% time as ro*a( priest a%ter the order o% =e(chi5ede. $his 'hie% !gent o% a((+ this )aviour o% the 7or(d and universa( #egenerator+ c(aimed man:s who(e attention to the primitive truth+ where0* he can preserve his existence and recover his %ormer dignit*.. $hrough the conditions o% /is own a0asement /e (aid the 0ase o% the redemption o% man+ and /e promised to accomp(ish it comp(ete(* one da* through /is )pirit. $he divine agents o% the ancient a((iance hitherto represented on(* specia(ised per%ections o% 2od1 there%ore a power%u( movement was re>uired which shou(d show a(( at once@a(( in one. FFO 0* one spirit and one truth in a(( times and in a(( nations. $he prophets had the charge o% the inner truth+ and their occupation was to continua((* reca(( the priest to the spirit in the (etter+ when inc(ined to (ose it. !s the spirit o% nature extends to the most steri(e depths to vivi%* and preserve and cause growth in ever*thing suscepti0(e to its in%(uence+ (i. ! universa( t*pe appeared+ which gave the rea( touch o% per%ect unit* to the picture+ which opened a %resh door+ and destro*ed the num0er o% the s(aver* o% humanit*.$o the priests was con%ided the externa(+--the (etter o% the s*m0o(+ hierog(*phics. F1O the externa( possession o% the !r. $here was+ there%ore+ in the ancient a((iance a schoo( o% prophets and o% priests+ the one occup*ing itse(% with the spirit in the em0(em+ the other with the em0(em itse(%. F3O truth+ and con%ided to them the true primitive instruction in a(( divine and natura( things+ as a sign that /e wou(d never %orsa. $he (aw o% (ove 0egan when the image emanating %rom wisdom itse(% showed to man a(( the greatness o% his 0eing+ vivi%ied him anew+ assured him o% his immorta(it*+ and raised his inte((ectua( status to that o% 0eing the true temp(e %or the spirit.e /is communit*. $he priests had Np.s+ o% the manna+ o% !aron:s rod+ and the prophets were in interior possession o% the inner spiritua( truth which was represented exterior(* 0* the s*m0o(s 3ust mentioned. $his is wh* we %ind a Ao0 among ido(ators+ a =e(chi5ede. /e (in.ed the chain o% the communit* o% (ight among the -(ect+ to whom /e sent the spirit o% Np. $he externa( 'hurch o% the ancient a((iance was visi0(e+ the interior 'hurch was a(wa*s invisi0(e+ must 0e invisi0(e+ and *et must govern a((+ 0ecause %orce and power are a(one con%ided to her.a0(e chain o% circumstances that the (etter cou(d not exist without the spirit+ that it is on(* there to (ead to the spirit+ and it is use(ess and even re3ected 0* 2od i% it %ai(s in its o% exterior s*m0o(. $hat o% the prophets was experimenta( possession o% the truth o% the s*m0o(s.ewise the spirit o% (ight spreads itse(% interior(* among nations to animate ever*where the dead (etter 0* the (iving spirit.

$he means 0* which the spirit o% this schoo( acts are ca((ed inspirations.nown as the 'ommunion o% )aints. F5O time the true schoo( o% 2od:s spirit+ and considered as schoo(+ it has its 'hair+ its Hoctor+ it possesses a ru(e %or students+ it has %orms and o03ects %or stud*+ and+ in short+ a method 0* which the* stud*. . $he second degree consists in the rationa( inte((ectua(it*+ 0* which the understanding o% the man o% virtue+ who is united to 2od+ is crowned with wisdom and the (ight o% .new the innermost )anctuar*.ing the edi%ice o% 'hristianit* in its %undamenta( parts+ and the sacred interior Np.ed on the union o% man with superior %orces as imaginar*1 then %ina((* came %orth+ part(* %rom the head and part(* %rom the heart+ the (ast degree o% man:s degradation@!theism. $his )anctuar* remains change(ess+ though externa( re(igion receives in the course o% time and circumstances varied modi%ication+ entai(ing separation %rom the interior spirit which can a(one preserve the (etter.7hen the (etter and s*m0o(ic worship o% the externa( 'hurch o% the ancient a((iance had 0een rea(ised 0* the 4ncarnation o% the )aviour+ and veri%ied in /is person+ new s*m0o(s 0ecame re>uisite $or externa( use+ which showed us through the (etter the %uture accomp(ishment o% universa( redemption.* it the agents o% 2od were %ormed in ever* age+ passing %rom the interior to the exterior+ and communicating spirit and (i%e to the dead (etter as a(read* said. $hen was 0orn Heism1 this 0rought %orth materia(ism+ which (oo. F4O was ming(ed with the exterior+ a(read* en%ee0(ed 0* the ignorance o% wea. $he pro%ane idea o% wishing to &secu(ari5e. This illuminated community has been through Np. 'urrent incredu(it* increased corruption to its utmost point+ and the means which the spirit uses to produce this is ca((ed interior i((umination. man. . 8aith%u( to the spirit o% truth+ which promised never to a0andon its communit*+ the mem0ers o% the interior 'hurch (ived in si(ence+ 0ut in rea( activit*+ and united the science o% the temp(e o% the ancient a((iance with the spirit o% the great saviour o% man@the spirit o% the interior a((iance+ waiting hum0(* the great moment when the 9ord wi(( ca(( them+ and wi(( assem0(e his communit* in order to give ever* dead (etter externa( %orce and (i%e. $he primitive receptac(e %or a(( strength and truth+ con%ided to it %rom a(( time@it a(one+ sa*s )t "au(+ is in the possession o% the science o% the )aints. $he rites and s*m0o(s o% the externa( 'hristian 'hurch were %ormed a%ter the pattern o% these unchangea0(e and %undamenta( truths+ announcing things o% a strength and o% an importance impossi0(e to descri0e+ and revea(ed on(* to those who . a(( that is 'hristian+ and to 'hristianise a(( that is po(itica(+ changed the exterior edi%ice+ and covered with the shadow o% death a(( that was interior (ight and (i%e. $he %irst and (owest degree consists in the mora( good+ 0* which the sing(e wi((+ su0ordinated to 2od+ is (ed to 2od 0* the pure motive o% wi((ing with and to Aesus 'hrist+ which it does through %aith. 4t has+ a(so+ its degrees %or successive deve(opment to higher a(titudes. 4n the midst o% a(( this+ truth reposes invio(a0(e in the inner )anctuar*. $his interior communit* o% (ight is the reunion o% a(( those capa0(e o% receiving (ight as -(ect+ and it is . /ence divisions and heresies+ and the spirit o% )ophistr* read* to expound the (etter when it had a(read* (ost the essence o% truth.

!(( societies+ 0e what the* ma*+ can 0ut come a%ter this interior i((uminated circ(e.e its neigh0our smart+ is un. F O !(( disputes+ a(( controversies+ a(( the things 0e(onging to the %a(se cares o% this wor(d+ %ruit(ess discussions+ use(ess germs o% opinions which spread the seeds o% disunion+ a(( error+ schisms+ and s*stems are 0anished. 9ove a(one reigns. Np. -ver* man is honoured. !s soon as externa( societies wish to 0e independent o% the interior one+ and to trans%orm a temp(e o% wisdom into a po(itica( edi%ice+ the interior societ* retires and (eaves on(* the (etter without the spirit. $he same spirit which ripens men %or this communit* a(so distri0utes its degrees 0* the co-action o% the ripened su03ect.nown. $he 0est man o% his times+ the chie% himse(%+ does not a(wa*s . 2od himse(% is the "ower a(wa*s present. $his is the highest degree when %aith passes into open vision+ and the means the spirit uses %or this are rea( visions. . )atire+ that spirit which (oves to ma.$he third and highest degree is the entire opening o% our inner sensorium+ 0* which the inner man perceives o03ective(* and rea((*+ metaph*sica( verities. o% man. Jeither ca(umn* nor scanda( are . . 4n this . $hrough this schoo( were deve(oped the germs o% a(( the su0(ime sciences+ which were %irst received 0* externa( schoo(s+ then c(othed in other %orms+ and hence degenerating. This school o3 -isdom has been 3orever most Np. $hese are the three degrees o% the schoo( %or true interior wisdom@that o% the i((uminated )ociet*. /e who ma* 0e chosen 0* 2od is as the %irst+ he presents himse(% among the others without presumption+ and he is received 0* the others without 3ea(ous*. $his societ* .ness o% man.ingdom o% power a(( outward %orms cease. 7ant and %ee0(eness are protected+ and re3oicings are made at the e(evation and greatness which man ac>uires.ut a(( exterior societies su0sist through this interior one giving them its spirit. 4t is thus that secret externa( societies o% wisdom were nothing 0ut hierog(*phic screens+ the truth remaining invio(a0(e in the sanctuar* so that she might never 0e pro%aned. %or that purpose. $his societ* o% sages communicated+ according to time and circumstances+ unto the exterior societies their s*m0o(ic hierog(*phs+ in order to attract man to the great truths o% their interior. 4n this interior societ* man %inds wisdom and with her@!((@not the wisdom o% this wor(d which is 0ut scienti%ic .now(edge+ which revo(ves round the outside 0ut never touches the centre Bin which is contained a(( strengthC+ 0ut true wisdom and men o0e*ing her.ecause on(* the most capa0(e were chosen %or it+ and the spirits who se(ected made no a(( the mem0ers+ 0ut the moment when it is the 7i(( o% 2od that he shou(d accomp(ish an* o03ect+ he %inds them in the wor(d with certaint* to wor.nows none o% the %orma(ities which 0e(ong to the outer rings+ the wor. FGO . F6O secret(* hidden %rom the wor(d+ 0ecause it is invisi0(e and su0missive so(e(* to divine government. Np.nown. $his communit* has no outside 0arriers. 4t has never 0een exposed to the accidents o% time and to the wea. 7e must not+ however+ imagine this societ* resem0(es an* secret societ*+ meeting at certain times+ choosing its (eaders and mem0ers+ united 0* specia( o03ects.

on the Sanctuary. %or it1 0ut on(* he who is %it can arrive inside. 4 a(wa*s >uote them+ 0ut occasiona((* use them in other p(aces when the sense re>uires them+ so as not to con%use the cases and genders+ %or instance+ esprit evident(* re>uires to 0e written occasiona((* )pirit+ not spirit.@4. 4t is the societ* whose mem0ers %orm a theocratic repu0(ic+ which one da* wi(( 0e the #egent =other o% the who(e 7or(d.s this )anctuar* in vain+ %ruit(ess a(so wi(( 0e the e%%orts o% ma(ice to penetrate these great m*steries1 a(( is undeciphera0(e to him who is not ripe+ he can see nothing+ read nothing in the interior. here that the words interior and exterior are transposed in trans(ating %rom the origina( 2erman to the 8rench %rom which 4 trans(ate it+ 0ut 4 put it as 4 %ind in the text o% the ver* va(ua0(e edition to which 4 have access.e(*+ and at a point o% which he .e* to a(( m*ster*+ which . by Karl Eckartshausen. )ee.4% it 0e necessar* that rea( mem0ers shou(d meet together+ the* %ind and recognise each other with per%ect certaint*.ing to 0ecome ripe+ shou(d 0e e%%ort o% him who sees wisdom. 4t is a societ* which unites superior strength to its own+ and counts its mem0ers %rom more than one wor(d. 6nprepared men occasion disorder in a communit*+ and disorder is not compati0(e with the )anctuar*. de ). $his thrusts out a(( who are not homogeneous. 30O .com Np. !"#$#%. !(( men are ca((ed+ the ca((ed ma* 0e chosen+ i% the* 0ecome ripe %or entrance. NPPO 4ootnotes QF1:P 4 can:t 0ut thin. QF?:P 'apita(s are rare(* emp(o*ed. 4t is the uni>ue and rea((* i((uminated communit* which is a0so(ute(* in possession o% the . The *loud ). at sacred/ nothing himse(%. !n* one can (oo. Jo one mem0er can choose another+ unanimous choice is re>uired. Jo disguise can 0e used+ neither h*pocris* nor dissimu(ation cou(d hide the characteristic >ua(ities o% this societ*+ the* are too genuine. /e who is ripe is 3oined to the chain+ perhaps o%ten where he thought (east (i. 7or(d(* inte((igence see.ut there are methods 0* which ripeness is attained+ %or in this ho(* communion is the primitive storehouse o% the most ancient and origina( Np. !(( i((usion is gone+ and things appear in their true %orm. F?O science o% the human race+ with the primitive m*steries a(so o% a(( science. . %or the entrance+ and an* man who is within can teach another to see.nows the centre and source o% a(( nature and creation.

)uch is the greatness o% re(igion+ and such the exa(ted dignit* o% the =*steries %rom a(( time. #e(igion and the =*steries go hand in hand to (ead our 0rethren to truth+ 0oth have %or o03ect the reversing and renewing o% our natures+ 0oth have %or the end the re-0ui(ding o% a temp(e inha0ited 0* 7isdom and 9ove+ or 2od with man. Np. $hese (etters are the ceremonies or the ritua(s o% re(igion+ which (ead man to the interior (i%e o% union with 0e(oved 0rothers+ promise things which are and which wi(( remain Np. $he eag(e a(one can ga5e at the da55(ing (ight+ (i. 2od and nature have no m*steries %or their chi(dren.ened (ives in true happiness+ content with ever*thing and in ever*thing %ree. /e sees the cause o% human corruption and . $he =*steries+ as *ou . $he* are caused 0* the wea.ut these means are on(* in the innermost o% the sanctuar*.e the sun+ it 0(inds ordinar* sight and man sees on(* the shadow.s to raise him who has %a((en+ and to restore the wanderer+ 0ecause he %ee(s notwithstanding a(( the corruption+ in the who(e there is no taint. 31O =*stic hierog(*phs are these (etters a(so1 the* are s.ness o% its creatures+ and writes the truth that is interior and eterna( m*ster* on the outside o% things+ so that man can transport himse(% through this to their spirit. . .ut re(igion and the =*steries wou(d 0e use(ess phenomena i% Hivinit* had not a(so accorded means to attain these great ends. . that *ou have never regarded the /o(* =*steries in this rea( aspect+ the one which shows them as the on(* means a0(e to preserve in purit* and integrit* the doctrine o% the important truths concerning 2od+ nature+ and man. 4t wou(d 0e un3ust to *ou+ 0e(oved 0rothers+ that we shou(d thin.ness o% our nature+ una0(e to support (ight+ 0ecause it is not *et organised to 0ear the chaste (ight o% unvei(ed truth.ewise on(* the prepared sou( can 0ear its (ustre.a0so(ute truth (*ing in the centre o% =*ster* is (i. Jeverthe(ess the great )omething which is the inmost o% the /o(* =*steries has never 0een hidden %rom the piercing ga5e o% him who can 0ear the (ight. /e in whom this ho(* %(ame has 0een awa.ness is the '(oud that covers the )anctuar*1 this is the curtain which vei(s the /o(* o% /o(ies. /e hates no crimina(+ he pities him+ and see. .nows that it is inevita0(e.etches and designs ho(ding interior and ho(* truth. $his wea. $he =*steries are re>uired to 0ui(d a temp(e to #e(igion+ and re(igion is re>uired to unite =an with 2od. 3FO a(wa*s the heritage o% 0ut a sma(( num0er o% men1 these are the m*steries which can neither 0e 0ought nor so(d pu0(ic(*+ and can on(* 0e ac>uired 0* a heart which has attained to wisdom and (ove.ut in order that man ma* recover the vei(ed (ight+ strength and dignit*+ Hivinit* 0ends to the wea. $his doctrine was couched in ho(* s*m0o(ic (anguage+ and the truths which it contained having 0een gradua((* trans(ated among the outer circ(e into the ordinar* (anguages o% man+ 0ecame in conse>uence more o0scure and uninte((igi0(e.LETTER III $/.

$he exterior s*m0o( is on(* the sheath which ho(ds the inner1 it ma* change and mu(tip(*+ 0ut it can never wea. 33O possessing the (etter and the s*m0o(+ the inner ones+ the spirit and meaning@0ut the outer schoo(s were united to the inner ones 0* ceremonies+ as a(so the outer schoo(s o% the m*steries were (in.en the truth o% the interior1 moreover+ it was necessar*1 we ought to see. it and tr* to decipher it to discover the meaning o% the spiritua( interior.nows the sources o% superstition and o% incredu(it*+ as 0eing caused 0* modi%ications o% truth which have not attained per%ect e>ui(i0rium.rotherhood+ 0ut one association o% men thin. 7e are assured+ m* esteemed 0rothers+ that *ou consider the true =*stic %rom this aspect+ and that *ou wi(( not attri0ute to his ro*a( art+ that which the misdirected energ* o% some iso(ated individua(s have made o% this art. $he trend o% these 0rotherhoods is in the variet* o% exp(anation o% the s*m0o(s caused 0* the (apse o% time+ needs o% the da*+ and other circumstances.rothers o% (ight+ there is 0ut one re(igion whose simp(e truth spreads in a(( re(igions (i. 7e arc approaching the period o% (ight+ and the reign o% wisdom and (ove+ that o% 2od who is the source o% (ight1 .e in the one o03ect o% ac>uiring the (ight. 7ith this measure a(( re(igions and a(( orders o% man must 0e measured.e 0ranches+ returning through mu(tip(icit* into the unit* o% the tree. $hus the great edi%ice wi(( 0e comp(eted+ the edi%ice which consists in the re-union o% man+ nature+ and 7hat rests 0ehind it remains a(wa*s pure and ho(*. 34O )ons o% truth+ there is 0ut one order+ 0ut one . =u(tip(icit* is in the ceremon* o% the exterior1 truth on(* in the interior. #e(igion divides itse(% into exterior and interior re(igion+ exterior signi%*ing ceremon*1 and interior+ worship in spirit and in truth1 the outer schoo(s Np. 8rom this centre misunderstanding has caused innumera0(e Drders+ 0ut a(( wi(( return %rom the mu(tip(icit* o% opinions+ to the on(* truth and to the true Drder+ the association o% those who are a0(e to receive the (ight+ the 'ommunit* o% the -(ect.ind since the necessit* o% their a(i.ed with the inner one 0* means o% s*m0o(. o% man+ o% nature+ and o% 2od wi(( 0e the (ights which wi(( ena0(e the (eaders o% humanit* to 0ring 0ac. Eer* soon the night o% s*m0o( wi(( disappear+ the (ight wi(( 0ring %orth the da* and the m*steries no (onger vei(ed wi(( show themse(ves in the sp(endour o% %u(( truth./e sees with a c(ear e*e the under(*ing truth in the %oundation o% a(( re(igion+ he . %rom ever* side their wandering 0rothers+ those who are (ed 0* the pre3udices o% reason+ 0* the tur0u(ence o% passions+ to the wa*s o% peace and . 4t is+ there%ore+ with these views+ which accord exact(* with ours+ that *ou wi(( compare re(igion+ and the m*steries o% the ho(* schoo(s o% 7isdom+ to (oving sisters who have watched over the good o% man. $he true 'ommunit* o% 9ight can 0e on(* one. !(( errors+ divisions+ a(( mis-understandings in #e(igion and in secret societies on(* concern the (etter. . $he vesti0u(e o% nature+ the temp(e o% reason and the sanctuar* o% #eve(ation+ wi(( %orm 0ut one $emp(e. ! per%ect . $hus re(igion can never 0e mere(* ceremon*+ 0ut hidden and ho(* m*steries penetrate through s*m0o( into the outer worship to prepare men proper(* %or the worship o% 2od in spirit and in truth.

35O age. . .nown through its action. the (ight wi(( 0e accomp(ished+ %or the da* comes when the o(d wi(( 0e united to the new+ the outer to the inner+ the high with the (ow+ the heart with the 0rain+ man with 2od+ and this epoch is destined %or the present Np. $his sanctuar* is invisi0(e+ as is a %orce which is on(* .)oon the time %or those who see. Jeither do we 0e(ong to those who wish to p(a* a great part in the wor(d+ and who promise mirac(es that the* themse(ves do not understand. to 0ui(d in this common (i%e an idea( a%ter their own %antastic neither does an* unworth* motive+ exist in our retreats1 we . -ver*thing has its time %or 0eings su03ect to time and space. at the spirit not the (etter+ the thing+ not at persons. Ho not as. $he e(ect shou(d %irst (a0our to ac>uire 0oth wisdom and (ove+ in order to earn the gi%t o% power+ which unchangea0(e Hivinit* gives on(* to those who . .now and those who (ove. . $hus+ the (etter o% truth must exist1 then comes the practica( exp(anation+ then the truth itse(%1 on(* truth can comprehend truth1 then a(one can the spirit o% truth appear which sets the sea(s c(osing the (ight. 6nti( the present time the 4nner )anctuar* has 0een separated %rom the $emp(e+ and the $emp(e 0eset with those who 0e(ong on(* to the precincts1 0ut the time is coming when the 4nnermost wi(( 0e re-united with the $emp(e+ in order that those who are in the $emp(e can in%(uence those who are in the outer courts+ so that the outer pass in. wh* the present ageL . 7e are especia((* ca((ed to write to *ou+ dear 0rothers o% (ight1 and that which gives power to our commission is the truth which we possess+ and which we pass on to *ou on the (east sign+ and according to the measure o% the capacit* o% each. 36O o03ect and the destination o% man+ and the (ight which (ights us wor. .s in a(( our actions.* this short description+ m* dear 0rothers+ *ou can te(( who we are+ and it wi(( 0e super%(uous to Np. 7e do .now the Np. /e who now can receive the truth wi(( understand. 4n our sanctuar* a(( the hidden m*steries are preserved intact+ the* have never 0een pro%aned. Ho not as. 4t is in such wise according to the unvar*ing (aw o% the 7isdom o% 2od+ who has co-ordinated a(( in harmon* and per%ection. Jeither pride+ nor se(% see. =orning %o((ows night+ and the sun rises+ and a(( moves on to %u(( mid-da*+ where a(( shadows disappear in his vertica( sp(endour. Dur desire+ our aim+ our o%%ice is to revivi%* the dead (etter+ and to spiritua(ise the s*m0o(s+ turn the passive into the active+ death into (i%e1 0ut this we cannot do 0* ourse(ves+ 0ut through the spirit o% (ight o% /im who is 7isdom and the 9ight o% the wor(d. who those are who write to *ou1 (oo. 3 O assure *ou that we do not 0e(ong to those rest(ess natures who see. 4t is to *ou+ much (oved 0rothers+ *ou who (a0our to reach truth+ *ou who have so %aith%u((* preserved the g(*ph o% the ho(* m*steries in *our temp(e+ it is to *ou that the %irst ra* o% truth wi(( 0e directed1 this ra* wi(( pierce through the c(oud o% m*ster*+ and wi(( announce the %u(( da* and the treasure which it 0rings.+ 0e(oved 0rothers+ . 9ight is apt %or communication+ where there is reception and capacit*+ 0ut it constrains no one+ and waits its reception tran>ui((*.

now o% the existence o% a 0ond which wi(( unite us to the 6pper 7or(ds+ and revea( to us their sights and their sounds. 7e are not a(so o% those who thin. beloved brothers. 4n our )choo( we are instructed in a(( things 0ecause our =aster is the 9ight itse(% and its essence. 7e possess a . 7e .not represent either that c(ass o% minds+ who+ resenting the condition o% certain things+ have no o03ect 0ut the desire o% dominating others+ and who (ove adventure and exaggeration.e* to shut nature:s (a0orator*. . o3 Np.* these . . $he treasures in our sanctuar* are man*1 we understand the spirit and meaning o% a(( s*m0o(s and a(( ceremon* which have existed since the da* o% 'reation to the present time+ as we(( as the most interior truths o% a(( the /o(* . 3?O marve(s re(ating to the hidden things in the treasur* o% the )anctuar*+ which wou(d ama5e and astonish *ou1 we cou(d we are in condition to co-ordinate the spirits o% nature and the heart o% exact(* the innermost o% re(igion and o% the /o(* =*steries1 and that we possess with a0so(ute certaint*+ a(( that has 0een surmised to 0e in the !d*tum+ and that this said possession gives us the strength to 3usti%* our commission+ and to impart to the dead (etter and hierog(*phic ever*where 0oth spirit and (i%e. it their right to mou(d a(( a%ter their own mode(+ the arrogance to see.ut our o03ect is not to excite *our curiosit*+ 0ut to raise *our desires to see. . to *ou a0out ideas concerning which the pro%oundest phi(osoph* is as removed as the earth %rom the sun+ 0ut to which we arc near 0eing one with the (ight o% the innermost. $he stimu(us o% their rea(it* and o% their truth is our magica( power.s+ with the (aws and customs o% primitive peop( o% this tie 0etween the divine and spiritua( wor(ds and o% the spiritua( wor(d with the e(ementar*+ and o% the e(ementar* wor(d with the materia( wor(d.oo. to re-mode( a(( other societies1 we assure *ou %aith%u((* that we . 7e assure *ou that our treasures+ though o% in%inite va(ue+ are concea(ed in so simp(e a manner that the* entire(* 0a%%(e the researches o% opinionated science+ and a(so though these treasures wou(d 0ring to carna( minds 0oth madness and sorrow+ neverthe(ess+ the* are+ and the* ever remain to us the treasures o% the highest wisdom. We could o3ten tell you. 7e can a(so assure *ou that we 0e(ong to no other sect or association than the one true and great one o% those who are a0(e to receive the (ight. the (ight at its source+ where *our search %or wisdom wi(( 0e rewarded and *our (onging %or (ove satis%ied+ %or wisdom and (ove dwe(( in our retreats. 3GO 0* means o% which we read the hidden and secret things o% nature. $he p(enitude o% our scho(arship is the . 7e possess a %ire which %eeds us+ and which gives us the strength to act upon ever*thing in nature. 7e have mastered the science which draws direct(* %rom nature+ whence there is no error+ 0ut truth and (ight on(*. !(( the marve(s o% nature arc su0ordinate to our wi(( 0* its 0eing united with Hivinit*.e* to open the gate o% m*ster*+ and a . Dur science is the inheritance promised to the -(ect1 otherwise+ those who are du(* prepared %or receiving the (ight+ and the practice o% our science is in the comp(etion o% the Hivine union with the chi(d o% man. 7e possess a (ight 0* which we are anointed+ and Np.

. $he recover* o% the trip(e word and o% its power wi(( 0e *our reward.ay 5eace and the light o3 the S. $his great m*ster* was a(wa*s an o03ect o% instruction in the )ecret )choo( o% the invisi0(e and interior 'hurch1 this great . by Karl Eckartshausen.ed at *our doors and *ou have not opened them to me1 4 have ca((ed and *ou have not (istened to m* voice1 4 have invited *ou to the wedding+ 0ut *ou were 0us* with other things.=* 0est 0(essing upon *ou+ D m* 0rothers+ i% *ou understand these great truths. o% ever* wor.noc. 4FO in the ear(iest da*s o% 'hristianit* under the name o% Hiscip(ina !rcana. Jow we have %u(%i((ed our trust and we have announced the approach o% %u(( da*+ and the 3oining who has not re3ected the 'orner )tone.e* to understand ever*thing a(( at once. 41O LETTER IV !) in%init* in num0ers (oses itse(% in the unit+ and as the innumera0(e ra*s o% a circ(e are united in one sing(e centre on(*+ it is (i. . Jow+ this great truth+ expressed thus+ is+ it is true+ on(* an o03ect o% %aith+ 0ut it can 0ecome a(so one o% experimenta( .now we((+ to our 0itter grie%+ that even as the )aviour was not understood in his persona(it*+ 0ut was ridicu(ed and condemned in his humi(it*+ (i. /e who . $here is 0ut one means o% %inding it.nows this has %ound the . 7e . !"#$#%. at sacred/te0ts. Jeverthe(ess the coming o% /is )pirit shou(d 0e announced in the $emp(es in order that these words shou(d 0e %u(%i((ed. &4 have . $here is 0ut one 2od+ 0ut one truth+ and one wa* which (eads to this grand $ruth. 8rom this secret schoo( are derived a(( the rites and ceremonies extant in the Duter 'hurch. 40O o% the inner )anctuar* with the $emp(e1 we (eave the rest to *our own %ree wi((. a(one+ a(( strength in one %orce+ ever* 0eaut* in one sing(e o03ect+ a(( riches in one treasure on(*+ ever* happiness in one per%ect %e(icit*.now(edge was understood Np.ewise with the =*steries1 their hierog(*phics and in%inite num0er o% em0(ems have the o03ect o% exemp(i%*ing 0ut one sing(e truth. Mour happiness wi(( 0e in having the strength to he(p to re-unite man with man+ and with nature and with 2od+ which is the rea( wor. /e who has %ound this wa* possesses ever*thing in its possession: a(( wisdom in one 0oo.irit be -ith you6 The *loud ).on the Sanctuary. .ut the spirit o% these grand and simp(e verities was withdrawn into the 4nterior+ and in our da* it is entire(* (ost as to the exterior. !nd the sum o% a(( these per%ections is Aesus 'hrist+ who was cruci%ied and who (ived again.ewise a(so /is spirit which wi(( appear in g(or* wi(( a(so 0e re3ected and despised 0* man*.now(edge+ as soon as we are instructed how Aesus 'hrist can 0e or 0ecome a(( Np.

$he apost(e himse(% exp(ains how this truth is ascertained. $his doctrine+ there%ore+ o% re-union is o% the most su0(ime importance+ and 0eing a doctrine it necessari(* must have a method 0* which it (eads and teaches o% the divine-human+ and it is this .ness o% men+ the ( that we are choosing to-da* as o03ect %or our instruction. #e(igion considered scienti%ica((* is the doctrine o% the re-union o% man separated %rom 2od to man re-united to 2od..nown to man without reve(ation. 43O to *ou+ as without dou0t *ou have a(read* chosen as o03ect %or *our ho(* meditation various preparator* su03ects. 4t is true+ and ver* true+ that a(( the vei(ed truths o% re(igions+ even those heavi(* vei(ed ones+ the most di%%icu(t ones to us+ wi(( one da* 0e revea(ed and 3usti%ied 0e%ore a tri0una( o% the most rigid Austice1 0ut the wea. o% penetration in perceiving the re(ation and correspondence 0etween ph*sica( and spiritua( nature+ re>uires that the highest truths shou(d on(* 0e imparted gradua((*. !s we are not spea. Dne cannot exist without the other+ and the more %aith a man has the more wi(( reve(ation 0e made to him o% matters which (ie in o0scurit*. 4% %aith %ai(s+ there is no desire %or reve(ation+ and the Np. !s action and re-action %o((ow each other in nature+ so a(so inevita0(* reve(ation and %aith act and re-act. $hat is to sa*+ the spirit who separates in /im the Hivine and human is not %rom 2od. 4t has a(wa*s 0een a(together outside the sphere o% scienti%ic . $he %irst is the .now(edge o% the correct means+ how these means shou(d 0e suita0(* co-ordinated to the end. $his grand concept o% re-union+ on which a(( re(igious doctrine is concentrated+ cou(d never have 0een .ut the m*ster* that Aesus 'hrist is come in the %(esh is o% wide extent and great depth+ and in it is contained the . /e sa*s+ &/ere0* .now(edge o% the correct means o% re-union+ and second(* the teaching+ a%ter the . 4n ever* grade at which the 0e(iever in #eve(ation arrives+ he o0tains c(earer (ight+ and this progressive i((umination continues the more convincing+ 0ecause ever* truth o% %aith so ac>uired 0ecomes more and more vita(ised+ passing %ina((* into conviction.s 0* us. .now *e the )pirit o% 2od+ ever* spirit which con%esseth that Aesus 'hrist is come in the %(esh is o% 2od+ and ever* spirit which con%esseth not is not o% 2od. 44O mind o% man c(oses 0* itse(%+ its own door and road %or discovering the methods revea(ed 0* #eve(ation on(*. $he ho(* o0scurit* o% the m*steries is thus on account o% our wea. /ence its so(e o03ect is to unite ever* human 0eing to 2od+ through which union a(one can humanit* attain its highest %e(icit* 0oth tempora((* and spiritua((*. 7e con%ess that Aesus 'hrist is come in the %(esh+ and hence the spirit o% truth and have experience.ness+ 0ecause our e*es are ena0(ed on(* gradua((* to 0ear their %u(( and da55(ing (ight. #eve(ation entai(s the necessit* o% %aith in reve(ation+ 0ecause he who has no experience or .ing to neoph*tes in matters o% %aith+ it wi(( 0e much easier %or *ou+ dear 0rothers+ to receive the su0(ime truths which we wi(( present 0ut this ver* o% man has made reve(ation a0so(ute(* necessar* to us+ otherwise we cou(d+ unassisted+ never have %ound the means o% rising out o% this state o% ignorance.4t has 0een prophesied (ong ago+ dear 0rothers+ that a(( which is hidden sha(( 0e revea(ed in these (atter da*s1 0ut it has a(so 0een predicted that man* %a(se prophets wi(( arise+ and the %aith%u( are warned not to 0e(ieve ever* spirit+ 0ut to prove them i% the* rea((* come %rom 2od+ i Aohn iv. .now(edge whatsoever o% a thing must necessari(* 0e(ieve that he wishes to . 5.

.ness+ and a(so on the %u(( (ight o% reve(ation which wi((+ in its communication with us+ direct us according to our capa0i(ities to the gradua( understanding o% things+ so that in due order the cognisance o% the most e(evated truths wi(( 0e ours. $he %irst .ing us constant(* choose evi(+ imagining it to 0e good.ut the great and a((-power%u( (aw to which the %e(icit* or happiness o% man is indisso(u0(* attached is the one %o((owing@&=an+ (et reason ru(e over *our passionsK.ind o% man is a(wa*s inexp(ica0(e+ and he must remain such a(wa*s to the man o% mere sense who has no organs receptive to the transcendenta( and supernatura(+ &the natura( man receiveth Np. 1 'or.ut this . =en can on(* 0e happ* when the 0andage which intercepts the true (ight %a((s %rom their e*es+ and when the %etters o% s(aver* are (oosened %rom their hearts. one o% mere human reason+ and the other+ sentiment@the one dai(* giving us appearance instead o% rea(it*+ the other ma. .+ 0ecause his spiritua( senses are not open to the transcendenta( wor(d+ so that he can have no more o03ective cognisance o% such wor(d than a 0(ind man has o% co(our1 thus the natura( man has (ost these interior senses+ or rather+ the capacit* %or their deve(opment is neg(ected a(most to atroph*. -ver*thing proves itse(% 0* itse(% as soon as we have ac>uired the interior experience o% the truths revea(ed through %aith+ so soon as we are (ed 0* %aith to vision+ that is to sa*+ to %u(( cognisance. 4n a(( time have there 0een men i((uminated o% 2od who had this interior . =an then is dou0(* misera0(e1 he not on(* has his e*es 0(ind%o(ded to the sight o% high truths+ 0ut his heart a(so (anguishes a prisoner in the 0onds o% %(esh and 0(ood+ which con%ine him to anima( and sensuous p(easures to the hurt o% more e(evated and genuine ones. 4 O 0e%ore happiness can 0e understood. $his is+ there%ore+ our unhapp* condition.ind o% vision was ca((ed divine i((umination. xi. . 46O not the things o% the )pirit o% 2od+ %or the* are %oo(ishness unto him and he cannot .now them+ 0ecause the* are spiritua((* 3udged+. Np.+ Np.nown to human sense are necessari(* 0e(onging to the domain o% %aith. =an shou(d adore and 0e si(ent+ there%ore+ unti( such time arrives when these o03ects in the domain o% %aith 0ecome c(earer+ and+ there%ore+ more easi(* recognised. 14+ i. 45O $hose o03ects which are >uite un. $he 0(ind must see+ the (ame must wa(.now(edge o% the things o% %aith demonstrated o03ective(* either in %u(( or part(*+ according as the truths o% %aith passed into their understanding or their hearts. $he second was entit(ed divine inspiration. =an can on(* adore and 0e si(ent+ 0ut i% he wishes to demonstrate matters which cannot 0e mani%ested o03ective(*+ he necessari(* %a((s into error.e. $he inner sensorium was opened in man* to divine and transcendenta( vision+ ca((ed ecstac* 0ecause this inner sensorium was so en(arged that it entire(* dominated the outer ph*sica( senses. $here%ore+ are we s(aves to concupiscence+ to the domination o% t*rannica( passions+ and+ there%ore+ do we drag ourse(ves as para(*sed su%%erers supported on crutches1 the one crutch 0eing the wea./ence %aith is %ounded on our wea. $hus mere ph*sica( man is+ in genera(+ spiritua((* 0(ind+ one o% the %urther conse>uences o% the 8a((.

$he pure nature was 0e%ore the impure. 7e draw ever*thing %rom externa( o03ectivit*+ and our reason is (i. $he ph*sica( wor(d is that o% phenomena+ and it possesses no a0so(ute truth+ a(( that we ca(( truth here is 0ut re(ative+ the shadow and phenomena on(* o% truth. $he metaph*sica( wor(d is one rea((* existing per%ect(* pure and indestructi0(e+ whose 'entre we ca(( Aesus 'hrist+ and whose inha0itants are . "re3udices and errors+ crimes and vices+ on(* change %rom centur* to centur*1 the* are never extirpated %rom humanit*1 reason without i((umination %(ic. $he incorrect conception regarding spirit and matter is one o% the principa( causes which prevent this most conso(ator* promise1 0ut the want o% the true .ers %aint(* in ever* age+ in the heav* air o% spiritua( dar. 9ong ago ought we to have ac. /ence nothing is permanent unti( a(( disproportions and dissonances are eradicated+ so that a(( remains in harmon*. Mou must . $his (atter originated so(e(* through the disharmon* and disproportion o% su0stances which %orm destructi0(e m* 0rothers+ that there is a dua( nature+ one pure+ spiritua(+ immorta(+ and indestructi0(e+ the other impure+ materia(+ morta(+ and destructi0(e. =atter is not a su0stance+ it is an aggregate. 4?O man* verities o% %aith %rom shining in their true (ustre. 4GO us 0* /is .(ood %rom damnation+ otherwise the eterna( separation o% man %rom 2od1 0ut the* do not 0e(ieve that /e cou(d a(so de(iver a(( those who are 0ound in /im and con%ide in /im+ %rom a(( the miseries o% this earth p(aneK Aesus 'hrist is the )aviour o% the 7or(d1 /e is the de(iverer %rom a(( human wretchedness+ and /e has redeemed us %rom death and sin1 how cou(d /e 0e a(( that+ i% the wor(d must (anguish perpetua((* in the shades o% ignorance and in the 0onds o% passionsL 4t has 0een a(read* ver* c(ear(* predicted in the "rophets that the time o% the #edemption o% /is peop(e+ the %irst )a00ath o% time+ wi(( o% 2od+ o% man+ and o% nature has 0een the rea( hindrance which has a(wa*s o0structed our sight o% the great =*steries o% the %aith.e an ape who imitates what nature shows him outward(*. $hus the (ight o% the senses is the princip(e o% our earth(* reason+ sensua(it* the motive %or our wi((+ tending there%ore to anima( wants and their satis%action. )pirit is a su0stance+ an essence+ an a0so(ute rea(it*.8or ages has man striven to teach and to preach+ with+ however+ the resu(t+ a%ter so man* centuries+ o% 0ut the 0(ind a(wa*s (eading the 0(ind1 %or in a(( the %oo(ishness o% miser* into which we have %a((en+ we do not *et see that man wants more than man to raise us %rom this condition. Dur reason here 0orrows a(( its ideas %rom the senses+ hence the* are (i%e(ess and dead. Eer* %ew men+ 0e(oved 0rothers+ have a true and exact conception o% the greatness o% the idea meant 0* the #edemption o% =an1 man* suppose that Aesus 'hrist the 9ord has on(* redeemed or re-0ought Np. 4t is true+ however+ that .nown 0* the names o% !nge(s and )pirits. $his Dne is Aesus 'hrist+ the )aviour o% =an+ the )aviour 0ecause /e wishes to o0(iterate %rom us a(( the conse>uences which %o((ow as resu(t %rom the 0(indness o% our natura( reason+ or the errors arising %rom the passions o% ungoverned hearts. /ence its properties are indestructi0i(it*+ uni%ormit*+ penetration+ indivisi0i(it*+ and continuit*. /ence it is destructi0(e+ divisi0(e+ and su03ect to change. $here is 0ut Dne who can hea( these evi(s+ 0ut Dne who is a0(e to open our inner e*es+ 0ut Dne who can %ree us %rom the 0onds o% sensua(it*.ness1 the heart+ exhausted with passions+ is a(so the same centur* a%ter centur*.

eing a(( wisdom and a(( (ove.ut its action is on(* ( power in genera( is conse>uent upon dependence upon gross and un*ie(ding matter+ this same matter %orming the true 0onds o% the %(esh+ and is the true source o% a(( . $his must 0e sought %or in a more exa(ted wor(d@there+ where Np. 5FO $he heaviness o% our thin. =an+ dear 0rothers+ is composed o% indestructi0(e and metaph*sica( su0stance+ as we(( as o% materia( and destructi0(e su0stance+ 0ut in such a manner that the indestructi0(e and eterna( is+ as it were+ imprisoned in the destructi0(e matter. 51O .ing powers a(one+ have su%%icient 0a(ance to oppose representations strong enough to counteract the vio(ence o% externa( sensation+ the resu(t is that we are governed 0* our sensations+ and the voice o% reason which spea. 50O a(( is pure and indestructi0(e+ where there reigns a . $he destructi0(e su0stance enchains us to the sensi0(e+ the other see. $hus do men remain (i. $he nerves and %(uidit* o% the 0rain can on(* *ie(d us rough and o0scure notions derived %rom phenomena+ and not %rom truth and the things themse(ves1 and as we cannot+ 0* the strength o% our to restore order 0* the (ight and %orce o% its 3udgment.eep our mechanism going. $he in%(exi0i(it* o% %i0res+ the immova0i(it* o% temperaments+ that wou(d wish to o0e* the re%ined stimu(ation o% the spirit+ are+ as it were+ the materia( chains which 0ind them+ preventing in us the action o% the su0(ime %unctions o% which the spirit is capa0(e. or where to %ind. When -e e0amine the causes o3 the obstacles either where to see. 4n this wor(d ever*thing is corrupti0(e1 it is use(ess to see. $hus the wor(d neither can nor wi(( 0ecome happ* unti( this #ea( . .eing can 0e received 0* humanit* in %u(( and 0ecome its !(( in !((. $he grossness o% a(( the matter in which materia( man consists+ and the tissue o% the who(e edi%ice o% his nature+ is the cause o% that disinc(ination which ho(ds the sou( in continua( imper%ection. 8or this gross matter oppresses the action o% the transcendenta( and spiritua( princip(e+ and is the true cause+ hence+ o% the 0(indness o% our understanding+ and the errors o% our inc(inations. Np.ewise %rai( notwithstanding a(( our externa( cu(ture. $he %undamenta( cause o% human corruption is to 0e %ound in the corrupti0(e matter %rom which man is %ormed.we %ee( higher motives imperative+ 0ut up to the present we do not .s to de(iver us %rom these chains+ and to raise us to the spiritua(. $he %ragi(it* o% a china vesse( depends upon the c(a* %rom which it is %ormed.e the ra*s o% the sun constant(* hidden 0* c(ouds. /ence the incessant com0at 0etween good and evi(.eeping the natura( man in such deep a0asement+ the* are %ound in the grossness o% the matter in which the spiritua( part is+ as it were+ 0uried and 0ound. 4t is true that reason strains to raise itse(% a0ove this uproar+ and wishes to decide the com0at+ see. $hus two contradictor* natures are comprehended in the same man. $he most 0eauti%u( %orm that c(a* o% an* sort is a0(e to receive must a(wa*s remain %ragi(e 0ecause the matter o% which it is %ormed is a(so %ragi(e. here %or a pure princip(e o% reason and mora(it* or motive %or the 7i((.s so%t(* interna((* is dea%ened 0* the tumu(tuous noise o% the e(ements which .

7e o0serve+ in genera(+ that the powers o% reason act upon the heart+ 0ut in re(ation on(* to the speci%ic constitution o% the matter o% which man is made. 1enerally. )ensua(it* is 0ound to ru(e i% reason 0e %ettered. .ut how can this 0e done when the matter out o% which man* men is %ormed is more or (ess 0ruta(+ divisi0(e and corrupti0(e+ hence miser*+ i((ness+ povert*+ death+ want+ pre3udices+ errors+ and vices+ the necessar* conse>uence o% the Np. that the sun vivi%ies this anima( matter according to the measure o% the distance %rom this terrestria( 0od*+ that it ma. =an:s capacit* %or cu(ture is modi%ied to this constitution+ (i. $hus it is extreme(* remar. #eason+ which shou(d 0e an a0so(ute (egis(ator+ is continua((* s(ave to sensua(it*+ which raises itse(% as regent and+ governing the reason that is drooping in chains+ %o((ows its own desires. 4n this (ies the evi( and the good specia((* 0e(onging to each nation+ as we(( as to each iso(ated individua(. $his truth has 0een %e(t %or (ong+ and it has a(wa*s 0een taught that reason shou(d 0e so(e (egis(ator. Hiversit* o% nations+ their properties with regard to c(imate+ the variet* o% character+ passions+ manners+ pre3udices and customs+ even their virtues and their vices+ depend entire(* upon the speci%ic constitution o% the matter %rom which the* are %ormed+ and in which the imprisoned spirit operates according(*.error and vice.a0(e when we thin.ewise his science+ which can on(* a%%ect peop(e as %ar as there is matter present+ suscepti0(e to such modi%ication+ and in this modi%ication consists the capacit* %or cu(ture suita0(e to such peop(e+ which suita0i(it* depends part(* on c(imate+ part(* on descent. $his means to sa* we are raised %rom the ran. Mes+ %riends and 0rothers+ such is the genera( %ate o% man+ and as this state o% things is propagated %rom man to man+ it ma* in a(( 3ustice 0e ca((ed the hereditar* corruption o% man. 7e %ind in the wor(d at (arge the same corruption inherent in the matter %rom which man is made+ on(* under various %orms and modi%ications. $he modi%ications o% these %undamenta( anima( tendencies are end(ess1 and the highest degree to which human cu(ture as ac>uired 0* the wor(d+ has attained+ up to the present has not carried things %urther than the putting o% a %iner po(ish on the su0stance o% his anima( instincts. and sensua(+ wise 3ust in so %ar as his ph*sica( matter a((ows reason to triumph over the sensuous+ or %oo(ish i% the sensuous o0tains master* over the more or (ess %ettered spirit. o% the 0rute to that o% the re%ined anima(. 2reat and sma(( %ee( this truth1 0ut no sooner is it desired to put it in execution than the anima( wi(( van>uishes reason+ and then the reason su03ugates the anima( wi((1 thus in ever* man the victor* and de%eat are a(ternate+ hence this power and counter-power are the cause o% this perpetua( osci((ation 0etween good and evi(+ or the true and the %a(se. 4% man wishes to 0e (ed to the true in such manner that we can on(* act a%ter the (aws o% reason+ and %rom the puri%ied wi((+ it is a0so(ute(* necessar* to constitute the pure reason sovereign in man. 53O (imitation o% the immorta( spirit in the 0onds o% 0rute and corrupti0(e matter. 8rom the (owest anima( condition o% savage nature man rises to the idea o% the socia( state+ primari(* through his wants and desires+ strength and cunning+ >ua(ities especia((* anima(+ inherent(* his as the anima( deve(ops thence gradua((* into other %orms. 54O same ever*where+ wea. -e 3ind in each 7one man much the it suita0(e to the %unctions o% anima( econom*+ 0ut at one degree more or (ess raised %rom spiritua( in%(uence. 4t shou(d govern the wi(( and never 0e governed itse(%. .

e the morta( immorta(+ and the destructi0(e indestructi0(e1 and in this o03ect is to 0e Np. /e wished to sa* 0* this+ in the man o% the %inest organisation+ the seven powers o% the spirit are sti(( c(osed+ there%ore the seven sensuous actions surmount them dai(* a%ter their respective %ashions.ind to transport itse(%+ o% itse(%+ to true per%ection+ is a despairing thought+ 0ut+ at the same time+ one %u(( o% conso(ation+ 0ecause+ in conse>uence o% this radica( impossi0i(it*+ and 0ecause o% it+ a more exa(ted and per%ect 0eing than man permitted himse(% to 0e c(othed in this morta( and destructi0(e enve(ope in order to ma. and sin%u(1 the 0est man is not a %ree man+ and+ there%ore+ exempt %rom pain and trou0(e1 the 0est man is su03ect to sic. 56O sought the true reason %or the 4ncarnation o% Aesus 'hrist.ecause a(( these are the natura( inevita0(e conse>uences incidenta( to the >ua(ities o% the corrupt matter o% which he is %ormed. =an* men cannot understand the idea o% the $ree o% 2ood and -vi(1 this tree was+ however+ the product o% movea0(e 0ut centra( matter+ 0ut in which destructi0i(it* had somewhat the superiorit* over the indestructi0(e. 55O 0eauti%u( words this great truth+ that man must see. Aesus 'hrist+ the )on o% 2od+ the actua( su0stantia( 7ord 0* which a(( is made+ and which existed %rom the 0eginning+ Aesus 'hrist+ the 7isdom o% 2od wor. $he premature use o% this Np. $hus the 0est man is exposed to error and passions1 the 0est man is wea.ness and death+ and wh*L .ing in ever*thing+ was as the centre o% "aradise o% the wor(d and o% (ight. $his pure incorrupti0(e su0stance is the pure e(ement in which spiritua( man (ived.* the parta.ut this period was necessar*+ 0ecause on its accomp(ishment 0egins a new era+ when the anima( instincts 0eing %u((* deve(oped+ there commences the stage o% evo(ution o% the more e(evated desires towards (ight and reason. 7hen /e said+ &$he 0est man+ he who strives the most to arrive at truth+ sins seven times a da*+. 8rom this per%ect e(ement+ which 2od on(* can inha0it+ and the su0stance out o% which the %irst man was %ormed+ %rom it was the %irst man separated 0* the 8a((. $hus+ then+ disappeared immorta(it*+ happiness+ and (i%e+ and morta(it* and death were the resu(ts o% this change. $he impossi0i(it* o% man.. /e was the on(* rea( organism 0* which a(one Hivine strength cou(d 0e communicated+ and this organism is o% immorta( and pure nature+ that indestructi0(e su0stance which gives new (i%e and raises a(( things to happiness and per%ection. . 8esus *hrist has -ritten in our hearts in e0ceedingly Np. $here%ore+ there cou(d 0e no hope o% higher happiness %or humanit* so (ong as this corrupti0(e and materia( %orms the principa( su0stantia( part o% his o% the $ree o% 2ood and -vi(+ o% the mixture+ the good and incorrupti0(e princip(e with the 0ad and corrupti0(e one+ he was se(%-poisoned+ so that his immorta( essence retreated interior(*+ and the morta(+ pressing %orward+ c(othed him externa((*. $his unhapp* event was+ however+ the reason wh* 4mmorta( 7isdom+ the pure metaph*sica( e(ement+ c(othed itse(% with a morta( 0od* and vo(untari(* sacri%iced himse(%+ so that . in his common c(a* %or the cause o% a(( his sorrows. 5 O %ruit was that which poisoned !dam+ ro00ing him o% his immorta(it* and enve(oping him in this materia( and morta( c(a*+ and thence%orward he %e(( a pre* to the -(ements which origina((* he governed.

Aohn xvii. 4s not Aesus the (i%e giving inte((igenceL /e gives us the principa( o03ect o% the . !nd i% the su0(imest $ruths o% %aith are sti((+ %or us+ wrapped in impenetra0(e o0scurit*+ the reason %or this is 0ecause we have up to the present disso(ved the connection 0etween 2od+ nature+ and man. !(( passes natura((* and simp(* under 2od:s #eign+ 0ut in order to understand this simp(icit* it is re>uisite to have pure ideas o% 2od+ o% nature+ and o% man.ed with /is discip(es+ the pro%oundest so(utions o% the most hidden truthsL Hid not our 9ord and =aster when /e was with them in /is . $here%ore+ there must necessari(* 0e a rea( method to eradicate this poisonous %erment which 0reeds so much su%%ering %or us+ and there0* to (i0erate the o0structed vita(it*. $he ta0(e o% the 9ord is read* and ever*one is invited1 the & true 0read o% !nge(s & is prepared. #egeneration is no other than a disso(ution o%+ and a re(ease %rom this impure and corrupti0(e matter+ which enchains our immorta( essence+ p(unging into death(* s(eep its o0structed vita( %orce. 4t is then that the (aw o% 2od wi(( 0e engraven in the heart o% our hearts1 we sha(( a(( . $here is+ however+ no other means to %ind this excepting 0* re(igion+ %or re(igion (oo. Aohn xvii. $his a((iance is ca((ed the 6nion o% "eace. FF+ F3: &!nd the g(or* which thou hast given to me 4 have given o% truthL 7i(( /e not rea(ise that which /e said in /is )acerdota( pra*er+ )t.. Aesus 'hrist has spo.i0(e and o% a(( the desires+ hopes+ and e%%orts o% the 'hristians. . /ave we not received %rom our 9ord and =aster whi(e sti(( /e wa(.od* a%ter /is resurrection give them the highest reve(ation with regard to /is "erson+ and did /e not (ead them sti(( more deep(* into centra( . !(( is a(read* prepared %or this actua( possession o% 2od+ this union with 2od rea((* possi0(e here 0e(ow1 and the ho(* e(ement+ the e%%icacious medicine %or humanit*+ is revea(ed 0* 2od:s )pirit. the 9ord1 and we sha(( 0e /is peop(e+ and /e wi(( 0e our 2od. $he ho(iness and the greatness o% the =*ster* which contains within itse(% ever* m*ster* here o0(iges us to 0e si(ent+ and we are not permitted to spea. 5?O unto them+ that the* ma* 0e one+ even as 7e are one: 4 in them+ and the* in =e+ that the* ma* 0e per%ected into Dne. more than concerning its e%%ects. $hus+ when it came a0out >uite natura((* that immorta( man 0ecame su03ect to morta(it* through the en3o*ment o% morta( matter+ it a(so happened >uite natura((* that morta( man cou(d on(* recover his %ormer dignit* through the en3o*ment o% 4mmorta( =atter. 5GO $ruths was reserved %or (atter da*s+ %or it is the greatest and the (ast =*ster* o% #e(igion+ in which a(( the others retreat as to a 6nit*.en to /is most intimate %riends when /e was sti(( on this earth+ o% the grand m*ster* o% #egeneration+ 0ut a(( that /e said was o0scure to them+ the* cou(d not then receive it1 thus the deve(opment o% these great Np.ed at scienti%ica((* 0eing the doctrine which proc(aims the re-union with 2od+ it must o% necessit* show us how to arrive at this re-union. !s the discip(es o% the 9ord cou(d not comprehend this great m*ster* o% the new and (ast a((iance+ Aesus 'hrist transmitted it to the (atter da*s+ o% the %uture now arriving+ when /e said+ &!nd the g(or* which $hou hast given =e+ 4 have given unto them+ that the* ma* 0e one even as 7e are Dne+.the 4nterior "owers cou(d penetrate into the centre o% the destruction+ and cou(d then %erment gradua((*+ changing the morta( to the immorta(. )t.

$here%ore+ what %ate can humanit* expectL =ust the greater part o% it 0e a(wa*s un%ortunateL 4s there no sa(vation %or a((L .+ his 0od*@exposes him to the vio(ence o% the e(ements+ pain+ povert*+ su%%ering+ i((nesses. by Karl Eckartshausen. $hose whose dut* it is to govern and (ead other men to happiness+ are as other men+ a(so wea. 7e are en(ightened 0* wisdom+ (ed 0* truth+ and nourished with the torch o% (ove. Dur who(e 0eing is renewed and made suita0(e %or the actua( dwe((ing-p(ace o% the )pirit o% 2od. . =an is unhapp*+ 0ecause he is i(( in 0od* and sou(+ and he possesses no true panacea either %or his 0od* or %or his sou(.com Np. =a* the 2(or* o% the 9ord and the renewing o% *our who(e 0eing 0e meanwhi(e the highest o% *our hopesK The *loud ).rothers+ i% humanit* as a who(e is ever capa0(e o% 0eing raised to a condition o% true happiness+ Np.+ and we re3oice in the (i0ert* o% 2od:s chi(dren. )econd(*+ passions+ pre3udices and ignorance must diminish.$he corrupti0(e and destructi0(e is destro*ed+ and rep(aced 0* the incorrupti0(e and 0* the indestructi0(e. at sacred/ is unhapp* in this wor(d 0ecause he is made out o% destructi0(e matter that is su03ect to trou0(e and sorrow. $he %ragi(e enve(ope@i.on the Sanctuary. =an+ as we .s us on to the spiritua( wor(d. $his is his norma( %ate1 his immorta( spirit (anguishing in the 0onds o% sense. 60O deve(ops in us wherewith to van>uish the wor(d+ the %(esh and the devi(. 'ommand over nature+ intercourse with the upper wor(ds+ and the de(ight o% visi0(e intercourse with the 9ord are granted a(soK $he hoodwin. 7e have to(d *ou the chie%est and most important %act+ i% *our heart having the thirst %or truth has (aid ho(d on the pure ideas that *ou have gathered %rom a(( this+ and have received in its entiret* the grandeur and the 0(essedness o% the thing itse(% as o03ect o% desire+ we wi(( te(( *ou %urther. 6FO such state can on(* 0e possi0(e under the %o((owing conditions:-8irst+ povert*+ pain+ i((ness and sorrow must 0ecome much (ess %re>uent. !"#$#%. 6nimagined strength Np. $he inner sensorium opens and (in. and su03ect to the same passions and pre3udices. 61O LETTER V 4J our (ast (etter+ m* dear 0rothers Band sistersC+ *ou granted me *our earnest attention to that highest o% m*steries+ the rea( possession o% 2od1 it is there%ore necessar* to give *ou %u((er (ight on this su03ect.e. o% ignorance %a((s %rom our e*es+ the 0onds o% sensua(it* 0rea.

. 0od* and sou(+ this morta( sic. $heo(ogians+ phi(osophers+ mora(ists+ a(( wish to regu(ate the wor(d+ and the* %i(( it with end(ess contradictions.e the dead.ut an inva(id cannot 0e cured 0* another1 the man o% destructi0(e matter cannot re-ma.tion Np. 4t is on(* in the true )choo(s o% 7isdom that one can (earn to . =odern phi(osophers stud* on(* matter+ and not the connection o% pure nature with divine nature+ and there%ore announce the %a(sest opinions. Dn(* the "er%ect can 0ring an*thing to per%ection1 on(* the 4ndestructi0(e can ma. =an 0eing sic. 7here is the man that has no passionsL 9et him shew himse(%. o% the . $heo(ogians do not see the union o% 2od with nature and %a(( there%ore into union o% man with pure nature and with 2od.oralists -ill not recognise the inherent corru. Ho we not a(( wear the chains o% sensua(it* more or (ess heavi(*L !re we not a(( s(avesL !(( sinnersL $his rea(isation o% our (ow estate excites in us the desire to 0e raised 0e*ond it+ and we (i%t up our e*es on high+ and an ange(:s voice sa*s@the sorrows o% man sha(( 0e o% the union o% Hivinit* with nature+ nature with man+ is the true cause o% a(( pre3udice and error.e other dead+ the 0(ind cannot (ead the 0(ind. $his "h*sician and this active =edicine cannot 0e %ound in death and destruction+ on(* in superior nature where a(( is per%ection and (i%eK $he (ac. Np. .4s this at a(( possi0(e with the nature o% man+ when experience proves that+ %rom centur* to centur*+ su%%ering on(* assumes %resh %orm1 that passions+ pre3udices and errors a(wa*s cause the same evi(s1 and when we rea(ise that a(( these things on(* change shape+ and that man in ever* age remains much the same wea. $he hea(ing o% humanit* is on(* possi0(e through the destruction o% this %erment o% sin+ hence we have need o% a ph*sician and a remed* that rea((* can cure us.e the destructi0(e (i. $his great o03ect+ 2od and Jature+ to which ever*thing tends+ has 0een represented to man s*m0o(ica((* in ever* re(igion1 and a(( the s*m0o(s and ho(* g(*phs are 0ut the (etter 0* which man can gradua((*+ step 0* step+ recover the highest o% a(( divine m*steries+ natura( and human+ and .ewise1 on(* the 9iving can wa. 63O $he destructi0(e imprisons the indestructi0(e+ the %erment o% sin is in us+ and in this %erment is human corruption+ and its propagation and conse>uences %orm the perpetuation o% origina( sin.ness must have a cause+ and this cause is to 0e %ound in the ver* matter out o% which man is 2od+ nature+ and man1 and in these+ %or thousands o% *ears+ has wor. 0een done in si(ence to ac>uire to the highest degree this .e himse(% o% indestructi0(e matter1 dead matter cannot awa. 64O o% human nature+ and the* expect to cure 0* words+ when means are a0so(ute(* necessar*. manL $here is a terri0(e 3udgment pronounced upon the human race+ and this 3udgment is@men can never 0ecome happ* so (ong as the* wi(( not 0ecome wise1 0ut the* wi(( never 0ecome wise+ whi(e sensua(it* governs reason+ whi(e the spirit (anguishes in the 0onds o% %(esh and 0(ood. $hus the wor(d+ man and 2od+ continue in permanent dissension1 one opinion drives out another1 superstition and incredu(it* ta.e turn a0out in dominating societ*+ separating man %rom the word o% truth when he has so much dire need o% approaching her.

and in%(exi0(e su0stance surcharges the %ine 0rain %i0res+ it prevents the co-action o% reason+ which is re>uired to penetrate the o03ects o% the understanding. $he vio(ent reaction o% this 0od* o% sin in us+ on sensuous stimu(ation+ is the reason wh* we choose+ %or the want o% ca(m and tran>ui( 3udgment+ rather the evi( than the good+ 0ecause the active %ermentation o% this matter impedes the >uiet action o% the spirit necessar* to instruct and sustain the reason. $his g(uten is the 0od* o% sin. 6 O .ind o% modi%ication and change occurring in this 0od* or matter o% sin+ so a(so var* the diverse sin%u( tendencies o% man. Hivinit*+ next remem0ering its covenant with man+ has given %orth the means o% cure %or su%%ering man.enness1 in its concentricit*+ env*1 in its essence+ s(oth. 4n its most vio(ent expansion this matter produces pride1 in its utmost contraction+ avarice+ se(%-wi(( and se(%ishness1 in its repu(sion+ rage and anger1 in its circu(ar movements (evit* and incontinence1 in its eccentricit*+ greediness and drun.inship to anima( than to spiritua( man. $his materia(+ this matter+ can 0e modi%ied in various manners+ according to the stimu(us o% sense1 and according to the . $his then is the cause o% the com0at we are constant(* waging 0etween the good and the evi( in us. 66O destro* and annihi(ate it a(together is 0e*ond his power. 65O is the science o% )aints and o% the -(ect+ and its possession the inheritance promised to 2od:s chi(dren.e %ire at ( in the 0(ood o% ever* man+ and is transmitted %rom %ather to son+ and the perpetua( propagation o% this 0ane%u( materia(+ ever(asting(* hinders the simu(taneous action o% spirit with matter.ind+ and shewn there0* how to raise man to his origina( dignit*+ uniting him to 2od+ the )ource o% his happiness. $hus %a(seness and a(( evi(s are the properties o% this sin%u( matter+ this 0od* o% sin+ 3ust as the good and the true are the essentia( >ua(ities o% the spiritua( princip(e within us.(earn the means o% hea(ing his unhapp* condition+ and o% the union o% his 0eing with pure nature and with 2od. 4t is as it were the a((urements o% the anima( passions that smou(der and ta. $his same evi( matter is a(so the cause o% our ignorance+ 0ecause+ as its thic. $his 0od* o% sin which is in us+ %orms the ties o% %(esh and 0(ood which+ on the one side+ 0ind us to our immorta( spirit+ and+ on the other+ to the tendencies o% the anima( man. 4n our 0(ood there is (*ing concea(ed a s(im* matter Bca((ed the g(utenC which has a nearer . 4t is >uite true that man 0* his wi((-power can put (imits to the action o% this 0od* o% sin+ and can dominate it so that it 0ecomes (ess active+ 0ut to Np. $his %erment o% sin+ as origina( sin+ is more or (ess wor. $hrough the recognition and thorough understanding 0* us o% this 0od* o% sin we (earn to see that we are 0eings mora((* i((+ that we have need o% a ph*sician who can give us a medicine which Np. Jow+ m* 0e(oved 0rothers+ 4 want *ou to grant me *our most earnest attention to what 4 am a0out to sa*. The kno-ledge o3 this method ensuring recovery Np. 7e have attained this epoch so(e(* under 2od:s guidance.

ing o% destructi0(e nourishment+ man himse(% 0ecame destructi0(e and materia(1 matter+ there%ore+ as it were p(aces itse(% 0etween 2od and man+ that is to sa*+ man is not direct(* . $he %irst e%%ect o% this poison resu(ted thus: the incorrupti0(e princip(e+ the 0od* o% (i%e as opposed to the 0od* o% sin or death+ whose expansion caused the per%ection o% !dam+ concentrated itse(% inward(*+ and the externa( part was a0andoned to the government o% the e(ements. 6GO =an (ost a(( true happiness+ and in this unhapp* condition he wou(d have %or ever (ost a(( means o% restoration to hea(th were it not that the (ove and merc* o% 2od+ who had no other o03ect in creation 0ut the greatest happiness %or its creatures+ immediate(* a%%orded to %a((en man a means o% recover*. on(* o% his remedies+ it is necessar* %or him actua((* to prescri0e his medicines1 he has+ however+ %irst to see the rea( state o% the sic. 6?O $he #eve(ation was the %o((owing:-$he condition o% immorta(it* consists in immorta(it* permeating the morta(. 7e (earn a(so c(ear(* to recogni5e that a(( mere mora(i5ing with words is o% (itt(e use when rea( means are necessar*. 4t is an immuta0(e (aw+ no creature can 0e tru(* happ* when separated %rom the source o% a(( happiness. $his source+ this in whom+ is the magni%icence o% 2od /imse(%.ness o% man@is a true case o% poisoning+ conse>uent upon the eating o% the %ruit o% the tree in which corrupti0(e matter had the superiorit*. person.e%ore the 8a(( man was wise+ he was united to 7isdom1 a%ter the 8a(( he was no (onger one with /er+ hence a true science through express #eve(ation 0ecame a0so(ute(* necessar*. $hrough the parta. . 4n this means+ he+ with a(( posterit*+ had the right to trust+ in order that whi(e sti(( in his state o% 0anishment+ he might support his mis%ortune with humi(it* and resignation+ and+ moreover+ %ind in his pi(grimage the great conso(ation+ that ever* corrupti0(e thing in man cou(d 0e restored per%ect(* through the (ove o% a )aviour. 'ommunication with the wor(d o% (ight was interrupted+ the interior e*e which had the power o% seeing truth o03ective(* was c(osed+ and the ph*sica( e*e opened to the p(ane o% changing phenomena. ! doctor wou(d do 0ut (itt(e good in ta(. 7e have 0een mora(i5ing in varied words %or centuries+ 0ut the wor(d remains prett* much the same. =an+ 0e%ore the 8a((+ was the (iving $emp(e o% Hivinit*+ and at the time when this $emp(e was destro*ed+ the p(an to re0ui(d the $emp(e was a(read* pro3ected 0* the 7isdom o% 2od1 and at this period 0egin the /o(* =*steries o% ever* re(igion+ which are a(( and each in themse(ves+ a%ter a thousand var*ing modes+ according to time and circumstances+ and method o% conception o% di%%erent nations+ 0ut s*m0o(s repeated and modi%ied o% one so(itar* truth+ and this uni>ue truth is@ regeneration+ or the re-union o% man with 2od. 4mmorta( su0stance is divine su0stance+ and is no other than the magni%icence o% the !(might* throughout nature+ the su0stance o% the wor(d and spirits+ the in%init*+ in short+ o% 2od in whom a(( things move and have their 0eing. $he condition o% humanit*@the mora( sic. /ence a morta( matter gradua((* covered the immorta( essence+ and the (oss o% this centra( (ight was the cause su0se>uent(* o% a(( man:s su%%erings.wi(( destro* and eradicate the evi( matter a(wa*s %ermenting 0ane%u((* within us+ a remed* that wi(( cure us and restore us to mora( hea(th. Np. Hespair wou(d have 0een the %ate o% man without such reve(ation.

$he #o*a( and "riest(* )cience is that o% o% its %ruit+ containing the true immorta( essence+ morta(it* in us wi(( 0e once more annihi(ated+ and man hea(ed 0* Np. $his necessit* %or the sa(vation o% man was the cause o% the determination o% 7isdom+ or the )on o% 2od+ to give /imse(% to 0e .ut 0e%ore that cou(d 0e done+ and the inmost part o% man+ the divine in him+ 0e once more penetrated and re-opened again+ and the who(e wor(d 0e regenerated+ it was re>uisite that this divine su0stance shou(d incarnate in humanit* and 0ecome human+ and therein transmit the divine and regenerative %orce to humanit*1 it was necessar* a(so that this divine human %orm shou(d 0e . 4t is ca((ed )acerdota(+ 0ecause it sancti%ies and Np. 4n this pure su0stance a(( power is reserved to vivi%* a(( dead su0stance+ and to puri%* a(( that is impure. this hidden %orce. /uman nature re>uired a )aviour+ this )aviour was Aesus 'hrist+ the 7isdom o% 2od itse(%+ rea(it* %rom 2od.nown 0* man+ 0eing the pure su0stance out o% which a(( has 0een made. 0O nor grasp this expedient1 he cannot even recognise it+ 0ecause he has (ost pure . 8a((en and unwise man o% himse(% can neither .i((ed+ in order that the divine and incorrupti0(e su0stance contained in the 0(ood shou(d penetrate into the recesses o% the earth+ and thence%orth o% /is person and o% /is powers1 now the* shou(d (ead+ as the %irst 0orn o% the spirit+ other men+ their 0rethren+ to universa( happiness. 1O the %ruit o% the $ree o% 9i%e+ 3ust as he was once poisoned 0* the parta. a gradua( disso(ution o% corrupti0(e matter+ so that in due time a pure and regenerated earth wi(( 0e presented to man+ with the $ree o% 9i%e growing once more+ so that 0* parta. .penetrated and permeated 0* divinit*+ and+ in conse>uence+ he is thence%orth su03ect to+ and %a((s under the dominion o%+ the (aws regu(ating matter. 4t is ca((ed #o*a( )cience 0ecause it (eads man to power and the dominion over Jature. /e put on the enve(ope o% humanit*+ to communicate direct(* the divine and immorta( su0stance once more to the wor(d+ which was nothing e(se 0ut /imse(%. . /imse(%+ 0oth as /igh "riest and as Eictim at the same time+ entered into the /o(* o% /o(ies+ and a%ter having accomp(ished a(( that was necessar*+ he (aid the %oundation o% the #o*a( "riesthood o% /is -(ect+ and taught these through the . !nd here 0egin the )acerdota( =*steries o% the -(ect and o% the 4nner 'hurch. $hen once more does man regain his origina( o% the %ruit o% death. /ence #eve(ation to (earn this means+ and strength to ac>uire this power+ are necessar* to man. $his %act is the %irst and most important reve(ation and it em0races a((+ and it has 0een care%u((* preserved %rom mouth to mouth among the 'hosen o% 2od up to this time. /e o%%ered himse(% vo(untari(*+ in order that the pure essentia( %orce in /is 0(ood cou(d penetrate direct(*+ 0ringing with it the potentia(it* o% a(( per%ection to the hidden recesses o% the earth.ut a means %or his cure+ and a method to externa(i5e what is now hidden and concea(ed within+ is re> and the (ight o% true wisdom1 he cannot Np.e ho(d o% it+ 0ecause this remed* is in%o(ded in interior nature+ and he has neither the strength or power to un(oc. FO . $he divine in man+ imprisoned 0* the 0onds o% this matter+ is his immorta( part+ the part that shou(d 0e at (i0ert*+ in order that its deve(opment shou(d once again ru(e the morta(.

/ere we are now entering on new and great m*steries worth*+ 4 entreat *ou+ o% *our most earnest attention. ! priest is one who separates that which is pure nature %rom that which is o% impure nature+ a separator o% the su0stance which contains a(( %rom the destructi0(e matter which occasions pain and miser*.ut this ro*a( "riesthood was on(* a0(e to reach per%ect maturit* when Aesus 'hrist /imse(% as /igh Np. was the %irst "riest <ing1 a(( true "riests o% 2od and o% Jature descend %rom him+ Np. 4ts exercise consists in the highest per%ecting o% itse(% and o% ever*thing in Jature. a%ter the order o% =e(chi5ede.0rings a(( to per%ection+ spreading 0(essing and goodness ever*where. $here%ore+ a priest a%ter the order o% =e(chi5ede.*t5-d> B=9<4I-HRC. 4O Nparagraph continuesO "riest had %u(%i((ed the greatest o% a(( sacri%ices+ and had entered into the /o(* )anctuar*. .nows how to separate the a((em0racing and vita(i5ing su0stance %rom impure matter+ one who . $he sacri%ice or that which has 0een separated consists in 0read and wine.. 4n these %ew words is contained a(( the m*ster* o% 2od:s "riesthood+ and the occupation and aim o% the "riest. is one who . $hus the re-union was the most exa(ted aim+ and hence the "riesthood derived its name re(igio+ c(erus regenerans. $he capa0i(ities o% this )cience are the powers to . 3O and Aesus 'hrist himse(% was united with him as &priest. $his )cience was never taught otherwise than 0* the /o(* )pirit o% 2od+ and 0* those who were in unison with this )pirit+ and it is 0e*ond a(( other sciences+ 0ecause it can a(one teach the . . $his )cience has a trip(e o03ect1 %irst+ regenerating the individua( and iso(ated man+ or the %irst o% the -(ect1 second+ man* men1 third(*+ a(( humanit*.now(edge o% 2od+ o% nature+ and o% man in a per%ect harmon*1 whi(e other sciences do not understand tru(* either 2od or nature+ neither man nor his destination. $his )cience owes its immediate origin to the ver0a( reve(ation o% 2od+ it is a(wa*s the )cience o% the 4nner 'hurch o% "rophets and o% )aints+ and it recognised no other /igh "riest 0ut Aesus 'hrist the means (itera((* the su0stance which contains a((1 wine the su0stance which vita(i5es ever*thing.nows how to emp(o* it as a rea( means o% reconci(iation and o% re-union %or %a((en humanit*+ in order to communicate to him his true and ro*a( privi(ege o% power over nature+ and the )acerdota( dignit* or the a0i(it* to unite himse(% 0* grace to the upper wor( 2od in man+ and divinit* in nature1 these 0eing+ as it were+ the Hivine impression or sea(s+ 0* which our inner se(ves can 0e opened and can arrive at union with Hivinit*. $his word is (itera((* o% the highest and widest signi%icance and extent@m(. . =e(chi5ede. 4t means (itera((* the introducing o% the true su0stance o% vita( (i%e+ and the separation o% this true vita( su0stance %rom the morta( enve(ope which enc(oses it.

/e is the )aviour o% the wor(d and o% man. $he tinctura( %orce which %(owed %rom /is shed 0(ood penetrated to the innermost parts o% the earth+ raised the dead+ rent the roc.en man cou(d 0e hea(ed and rescued %rom his su%%ering.ened 0* sense can give thee no measureK . 6O and pure .ness to the circum%erence+ and there (aid the %oundation o% the %uture g(ori%ication o% the wor(d. )ince the death o% Aesus 'hrist+ the divine %orce+ driven to the earth:s centre 0* the shedding o% /is 0(ood+ wor. . Eain phi(osopher+ 0end th*se(% 0e%ore the grand and Hivine =*steries that thou in th* wisdom canst not understand+ and %or the penetration o% whose secrets the %ee0(e (ight o% human reason dar.ecome one with /im in spirit and in 0eing is the %u(%i((ing and p(enitude o% the e%%orts o% the -(ect. . $he means %or this rea( possession o% 2od is hidden %rom the wise o% this wor(d+ and revea(ed to the simp(icit* o% chi(dren. $his was done through the death o% Aesus 'hrist. 5O the hidden %orces o% (i%e to dead nature. $his capacit* %or new (i%e+ 0ringing a0out the disso(ution o% corrupti0(e essence which is inherent in the centre o% the earth+ was+ however+ possi0(e to no other matter than divine vita( su0stance enve(oped in %(esh and 0(ood which cou(d transmit this immorta( %ood+ poisoned and death-stric. 4n the c(ear understanding o% what consists this %(esh and this 0(ood o% Aesus 'hrist (ies the true Np. 7hen man 0ecame so thorough(* poisoned 0* the %ruit o% evi(+ carr*ing in himse(% hence%orth the %erment o% death+ a(( around him 0ecame su03ect to death and destruction+ there%ore+ divine merc* was 0ound to esta0(ish a counter remed*+ which cou(d 0e parta.ut in order that this $ree o% 9i%e cou(d 0e rep(anted+ it was re>uisite 0e*ond a(( things that the corrupti0(e materia( in the centre o% the earth shou(d 0e %irst regenerated+ reso(ved and made capa0(e o% 0eing again one da* a universa((* vita(ising su0stance. Aesus 'hrist has de(ivered us %rom a(( evi( 0* /is %(esh+ which he sacri%iced+ and 0* /is 0(ood+ which /e shed %or us. $he o03ect and cause o% /is 4ncarnation was to rescue us %rom sin+ miser*+ and %rom death. $he m*ster* o% 0eing united with Aesus 'hrist+ not on(* spiritua((* 0ut a(so corporea((*+ is the greatest aim o% the 4nner 'hurch.s and %erments perpetua((* to press outward+ and to %it and prepare a(( su0stances gradua((* %or the great catac(*sm which is destined %or the wor(d.7hen+ according to the wisdom and 3ustice o% 2od+ it was reso(ved to save the %a((en human race+ the 7isdom o% 2od had to choose the method which a%%orded in ever* aspect the most e%%icacious means %or the consummation o% this great o% the rea( regeneration o% man.s+ and caused the tota( ec(ipse o% the sun when it pressed %rom the centre o% the earth where the (ight penetrated the centra( dar.ut the re0ui(ding o% the wor(d:s edi%ice in genera( was not on(* the aim o% #edemption. . =an was the principa( o03ect %or the shedding o% 'hrist:s 0(ood+ and to procure %or him a(read* in this materia( wor(d the highest possi0(e per%ection 0* the ame(ioration o% his 0eing+ Aesus 'hrist su0mitted to in%inite su%%ering.en o%+ containing within itse(% the divine and revita(ising su0stance+ so that 0* ta.

. $he re-0irth is trip(e1 %irst+ the re-0irth o% our inte((igence1 second+ o% our heart and o% our wi((1 and+ %ina((*+ the re-0irth o% our entire 0eing. =an is engendered through his parents in origina( sin+ that is to sa*+ he enters into the natura( (i%e and not the spiritua(.ind+ no interest 0ut that a%%ecting ever* man+ and no other p(easure 0ut that o% the we((-0eing o% a((. .s eterna((* in order and in harmon*. 9ove o% himse(%K )e(% interestK )e(% grati%icationK )uch are the su0stantia( properties o% evi(. /e who wi(( not receive the spiritua( (i%e+ he who is not 0orn anew %rom the 9ord+ can not enter into heaven. $he spiritua( (i%e consists in (oving 2od a0ove ever*thing+ and *our neigh0our as *ourse(%. $o change the spirit o% this wor(d into the spirit o% the chi(dren o% 2od is to 0e regenerated+ and it Np. $o 0e re-0orn means to return to a wor(d where the spirit o% wisdom and (ove governs+ and where anima(-man o0e*s. $his change+ this upsetting+ is ca((ed re-0irth. $he %irst and second .The *loud ).com Np.nown the corporea( re-0irth. /eaven united itse(% with earth to trans%orm earth into /eaven. 4n this dou0(e-(ove consists the princip(e o% the new (i%e. $o 0e 0orn+ simp(* means to enter into a wor(d in which the senses dominate+ in which wisdom and (ove (anguish in the 0onds o% individua(it*. GO might serve as agents o% 2od+ in accordance with great and grand o03ects and intentions+ and to 0ring humanit* nearer to %e(icit*.ut in order that these divine trans%ormations can ta. 4t is 0* such sentiments that the spirit o% the chi(dren o% 2od is distinguished %rom the spirit o% the chi(dren o% this wor(d.inds are ca((ed the spiritua(+ and the third the corporea( re-0irth. 2od+ who is a(( strength+ wisdom+ and (ove+ wor. =an is 0egotten in evi(+ in the (ove o% himse(% and o% the things o% this wor(d. $his (ast has 0een attained to 0ut 0* %ew men+ and those to whom it has 0een given have on(* received it that the* Np. O LETTER VI AND LAST 2DH made /imse(% man to dei%* man. =an* pious men+ see. !"#$#%. $he good is in the (ove o% 2od and *our neigh0our+ in .on the Sanctuary. by Karl Eckartshausen.nowing no other (ove 0ut the (ove o% man. ?O means to despoi( the o(d man+ and to re-c(othe the new. at sacred/te0ts. 4t is now necessar*+ m* dear 0rothers+ to (a* 0e%ore *ou the true order o% re-0irth.e p(ace+ an entire change+ a comp(ete and a0so(ute overturning and upsetting o% our 0eing+ is necessar*.ers a%ter 2od+ have 0een regenerated in the mind and wi((+ 0ut %ew have .

now(edge+ and the resu(t wi(( 0e a new (i%e. /ere natura( and reasona0(e %aith changes into divine %aith+ and we 0egin to 0e(ieve that he was 2od made man. .now what 0e(ongs to one+ %aith in him is a(so necessar*+ 0ecause o% what use is an instructor i% his pupi( have no %aith in himL /ence+ the commencement o% re-0irth is %aith in #eve(ation. $hus+ %aith in /is "erson wi(( 0e %o((owed 0* %aith in /is Hivinit*.now(edge o% /is a0sence+ and %rom the recognition o% this .en root in us+ we sha(( thin. )ee.ut no person can 0e re-0orn i% he does not . !%terwards he shou(d act according to his . 8aith gives con%idence+ 0ut %aith has a(so its order o% progress. 8irst comes historic %aith+ then mora(+ then divine+ and %ina((* (iving %aith.that 2e Np.ut *ou wi(( not %ind truth+ wisdom+ and (ove+ save in the unit* o% the 9ord Aesus 'hrist+ the !nointed o% 2od.e o% 3ustice.+ then+ Aesus 'hrist with a(( *our strength+ search /im %rom the %u(ness o% *our heart. Jow+ as it is %irst necessar* to ..@Ho *ou wish+ man and 0rother+ to ac>uire the highest happiness possi0(eL )earch %or truth+ wisdom+ and (ove. . This same 8esus *hrist tells us no. $he progression is as %o((ows: /istorica( %aith when we (earn to 0e(ieve the histor* o% Aesus o% Ja5areth+ and through this simp(e historica( %aith in the existence o% Aesus+ wi(( evo(ve mora( %aith+ whose deve(opment consists in the ac>uirement o% virtue 0* its search and practice+ so that we see and %ind rea( p(easure in a(( that is taught 0* this =an1 we %ind that /is simp(e doctrine is %u(( o% wisdom and /is teaching %u(( o% (ove1 that /is intentions towards humanit* are straight and true+ and that /e wi((ing(* su%%ered death %or the sa. $he discip(e shou(d 0egin 0* 0e(ieving that the 9ord+ the )on+ is the 7isdom o% 2od+ that /e is+ %rom a(( -ternit* %rom 2od+ and that /e came into the wor(d to 0ring happiness to humanit*. $he wa* to is the desire %or increased power to see. G1O is )on o% 2od+ and /e emphasi5es /is words 0* instructing /is discip(es in the sacred m*steries o% nature and re( and to 0e instructed in a(( that appertains to re-0irth+ a doctor+ or an instructor is re>uired+ and i% we .now and put in practice the %o((owing princip(e@that o% truth 0ecoming the o03ect %or our doing or not doing1 there%ore+ he who desires to 0e re-0orn ought %irst to . $hrough this %aith in the Hivinit* o% Aesus+ and 0* that entire surrender to /im+ and the %aith%u( attention to /is directions+ is at (ast produced that (iving %aith+ 0* which we %ind within ourse(ves and $#6. /e shou(d 0e(ieve that the 9ord has %u(( power in heaven and on earth+ and that a(( %aith and (ove+ a(( the true and the good+ come %rom /im a(one1 that /e is the =ediator+ the )aviour+ and 2overnor o% men. G0O grace reacting in us+ the seven c(osed and spiritua( powers are opened. /e ought to understand+ meditate+ and re%(ect on a(( this. /im+ which desire is the 0eginning o% %aith.through our own experience+ a(( that hitherto we have unti( now 0e(ieved in mere(* with the con%idence o% a chi(d1 and this (iving %aith proved 0* experience is the highest grade o% a((. 8rom this %aith it resu(ts that we ho(d as true a(( that we do not *et understand+ 0ut which /e te((s us to 0e(ieve. 7hen this most exa(ting %aith has ta. $he 0eginning o% /is !scension is the . o%ten o% the )aviour+ and these thoughts turned towards /im deve(op+ and 0* /is Np.

Dur wi(( is the Dx that is under the *o. $he seventh is the power o% giving the o03ect chosen an existence Np. /e hea(s our 0(indness+ puri%ies our (epros*+ raises the dead powers into (iving %orces within us1 /e is cruci%ied in us+ /e dies+ and /e is g(orious(* raised again 'on>ueror with us. $he sixth co-ordinates a(( these according to their re( at a0stract o03ects@intuitus. 9itt(e 0* (itt(e Aesus 'hrist chooses a(( the good powers in us to announce /im. $he %ourth is that o% considering these o03ects in their diversit* %antasia+ imaginatio. $he %ourth is that o% receiving inc(inations+ without deciding upon acting upon an*+ as in the condition o% passion@ passio. $he second is the power to annex menta((* things desired %or himse(%@appetitus. $he %i%th is that o% deciding upon some thing@3udicium. !%terwards his persona(it* (ives in us+ and instructs us in exa(ted m*steries+ unti( /e has made us comp(ete and read* %or the per%ect #egeneration when /e mounts to heaven and thence sends us the )pirit o% $ruth. Np.* the third+ that which has 0een perceived is re%(ected upon@re%(exio. G4O .en@e(ectio.en together as a unit+ %orm the wi(( o% man+ 0eing+ as it were+ its su0stantia( parts. $hose who se((+ Hives and the mone* changers+ are sti(( to 0e %ound+ and these shou(d 0e driven out+ and the $emp(e changed into a /ouse o% "ra*er. $he %irst is the capacit* o% desiring things apart %rom himse(%@desiderium. $his (ast contains+ so to sa*+ the sum o% a(( the others. GFO $he simp(icit* o% our sou(s+ is as the shepherds who 0rought their %irst o%%erings+ unti( at (ast the three principa( powers o% our ro*a( dignit*+ our reason+ our wi((+ and our activit* NPPO prostrate themse(ves 0e%ore /im and o%%er /im the gi%ts o% truth+ wisdom+ and (ove. 4n this misera0(e and ruined hut+ the home o% a(( the anima( passions+ can Aesus 'hrist 0e 0orn in us through %aith. . $he wi(( o% man divides itse(% simi(ar(* into seven powers+ which+ ta. . -ver*thing in us is impure+ surrounded 0* the spider-we0s o% vanit*+ covered with the mud o% sensua(it*.ut 0e%ore such a )pirit can act in us we experience the %o((owing changes:-8irst+ the seven powers o% our understanding are (i%ted up within us1 a%terwards+ the seven powers o% our hearts or o% our wi((+ and this exa(tation Np. $he human understanding is divided into seven powers1 the %irst is that o% (oo. $he seventh and (ast is the power o% rea(i5ing the who(e inte((ectua( intuition@ inte((ectus. $he %i%th is the capacit* %or deciding %or or against a thing+ (i0ert*@(i0ertas.* the second we perceive the o03ects a0stracted(* regarded@apperceptio. . 9itt(e 0* (itt(e+ the sta0(e o% our hearts changes itse(% into an exterior $emp(e+ where Aesus 'hrist teaches+ 0ut this $emp(e is sti(( %u(( o% )cri0es and "harisees. G3O p(ace a%ter the %o((owing manner. $he third is the power o% giving them %orm+ rea(i5ing them so as to satis%* his desire@concupiscentia.7hen our hearts+ through (iving %aith+ have received Aesus 'hrist into them+ then this 9ight o% the 7or(d is 0orn within us as in a hum0(e sta0(e.e o% its passions. Dur reason is the !ss who is 0ound through the o0stinac* o% its opinions+ its pre3udices+ its %o((ies. $he sixth is that choice or a reso(ution actua((* ta.

. Jow the seven powers o% the understanding+ (i. )eventh+ 4t is then wi(( 0e 0orn in us a new (ight+ a more 0ri((iant one+ surpassing %ar the (ight o% reason o% the senses@inte((ectus. Dur understanding is %ormed a%ter that o% Aesus 'hrist1 8irst+ when we have /im in view in ever*thing+ when /e %orms the on(* point o% sight %or a(( our actions@intuitus.Nparagraph continuesO --vo(untas.ingdom o% truth+ mora(it*+ and happiness. 8ourth+ when we so com%ort ourse(ves in such wise+ that /is thoughts and /is wisdom are the on(* o03ect %or the strength o% our imagination@%antasia. in ever*thing as /e wou(d have thought @re%(exio.ind(e a(( the strength o% the human race+ wi(( (ead it to the goa(s o% 7isdom and p(ace it in suita0(e re(ationships. "eace+ %ide(it*+ domestic harmon*+ (ove 0etween nations+ wi(( 0e the %irst %ruits o% this )pirit. humanit* 0e cured %rom a(( the evi(s o% its wea. Thus the love and s. $his seventh power a(so contains a(( the others in one %igure.e and re.ness. $hird+ when in a(( our thoughts we re%(ect upon /is sa*ings+ when we thin. 4nspiration o% good without %a(se simi(itudes+ the exa(tation o% our sou(s without too severe a tension+ warmth in the heart without tur0u(ent impatience+ wi(( approach+ reconci(e+ and unite a(( the various parts o% the human race+ (ong separated and divided 0* man* di%%erences+ and stirred up against each other 0* pre3udices and errors+ and in one 2rand $emp(e o% Jature+ great and (itt(e+ poor and rich+ a(( wi(( sing the praise o% the 8ather o% 9ove. . )econd+ when we perceive /is actions+ /is sentiments+ and /is spirit ever*where@apperceptio. G5O Nparagraph continuesO /im on(*@desidare.e ra*s to the circ(e e*e1 the highest o% the m*steries is this consummation.* which in short+ )eventh+ is 0orn a comp(ete union o% our wi(( with /is+ 0* which union man is with Aesus 'hrist 0ut as one sense+ one heart1 0* which per%ect union the new man is (itt(e 0* (itt(e 0orn in us+ and Hivine wisdom and (ove unite to %orm in us the new spiritua( man+ in whose heart %aith passes into sight+ and in comparison to this (iving %aith the treasures o% 4ndia can 0e considered 0ut as ashes.irit o3 1od -ill one day Np.e the seven powers o% our heart and wi((+ can 0e enno0(ed and exa(ted in a ver* specia( manner+ when we em0race Aesus 'hrist+ as 0eing the wisdom o% 2od+ as princip(e o% our reason+ and /is who(e (i%e+ which was a(( (ove+ %or motive power o% our wi((. Dur heart is a(so re%ormed in (i. 8ourth+ 7e (ove /im on(*@amare. $he <ingdom o% 2od is a . G6O a(one vivi%* a(( humanit*1 the* wi(( awa. 8i%th+ 7e choose on(* that which /e is+ so that we avoid a(( that /e is not@e(igere. $his actua( possession o% 2od or Aesus 'hrist in us is the 'entre towards which a(( the m*steries converge (i. )econd+ 7e wish %or /im on(*@appetere. 4t operates in the saints %rom the innermost to the outside+ and spreads itse(% gradua((* 0* the )pirit o% Aesus 'hrist into a(( nations+ to institute ever*where an Drder 0* means o% which the individua( can reach as we(( as the race1 our human nature can 0e raised to its highest per%ection+ and sic. $hird+ 7e desire on(* /im@concupiscere. )ixth+ when in short we co-ordinate the who(e edi%ice o% our ideas and spirit upon the mode( o% /is ideas and spirit@ratio. 8i%th+ when we re3ect ever* thought which wou(d not 0e /is+ and when we choose ever* thought which cou(d 0e /is@ 3udicium.e manner+ when in ever*thing+--8irst+ 7e (ean on Np. )ixth+ 7e (ive on(* in harmon* with /im a%ter /is commandments and /is institutions and orders@su0ordinare.

.4ootnotes QGF:P $he $hree =agi.

It is by such sentiments that the spirit of the children of God is distinguished from the spirit of the children of this world. and that all faith and love. 80] grace reacting in us. because of what use is an instructor if his pupil have no faith in him? Hence. from all Eternity from God. all the true and the good. the seven closed and spiritual powers are opened. works eternally in order and in harmony. faith in him is also necessary. the commencement of re-birth is faith in Revelation. to lay before you the true order of re-birth. meditate. 79] means to despoil the old man.It is now necessary. a doctor. He ought to understand. To change the spirit of this world into the spirit of the children of God is to be regenerated. wisdom. and that He came into the world to bring happiness to humanity. wisdom. and no other pleasure but that of the well-being of all.—Do you wish. The disciple should begin by believing that the Lord. In this double-love consists the principle of the new life. in knowing no other love but the love of mankind. and the result will be a new life. Seek. Jesus Christ with all your strength. is the Wisdom of God. to acquire the highest happiness possible? Search for truth. in the love of himself and of the things of this world. and to be instructed in all that appertains to rebirth. man and brother. or an instructor is required. and these thoughts turned towards Him develop. and Governor of men. therefore. the Anointed of God. and by His [p. The way to happiness. he enters into the natural life and not the spiritual. The spiritual life consists in loving God above everything. the Son. that is to say. come from Him alone. then. the Saviour. and reflect on all this. and your neighbour as yourself. and if we know one. he who is not born anew from the Lord. The good is in the love of God and your neighbour. and it [p. and love. he who desires to be re-born ought first to know what belongs to re-birth. Man is engendered through his parents in original sin. and to re-clothe the new. my dear brothers. Afterwards he should act according to his knowledge. who is all strength. Man is begotten in evil. . and love. search Him from the fulness of your heart. Now. no interest but that affecting every man. we shall think often of the Saviour. save in the unity of the Lord Jesus Christ. that He is. He should believe that the Lord has full power in heaven and on earth. When this most exalting faith has taken root in us. can not enter into heaven. that He is the Mediator. as it is first necessary to know. But you will not find truth. wisdom. But no person can be re-born if he does not know and put in practice the following principle—that of truth becoming the object for our doing or not doing. and love. God. He who will not receive the spiritual life. Love of himself! Self interest! Self gratification! Such are the substantial properties of evil.

When our hearts. so that we see and find real pleasure in all that is taught by this Man. our will. 81] is Son of God. Thus. through living faith. First comes historic faith. wisdom. will evolve moral faith. and by that entire surrender to Him. but which He tells us to believe. faith in His Person will be followed by faith in His Divinity. but this Temple is still full of Scribes and Pharisees. then divine. and our activity [**] prostrate themselves before Him and offer Him the gifts of truth. is as the shepherds who brought their first offerings. He heals our blindness.The beginning of His Ascension is the knowledge of His absence. but faith has also its order of progress. and finally living faith. whose development consists in the acquirement of virtue by its search and practice. Everything in us is impure. our reason. raises the dead powers into living forces . its prejudices. which desire is the beginning of faith. and through this simple historical faith in the existence of Jesus. its follies. Our will is the Ox that is under the yoke of its passions. have received Jesus Christ into them. Our reason is the Ass who is bound through the obstinacy of its opinions. the stable of our hearts changes itself into an exterior Temple. can Jesus Christ be born in us through faith. covered with the mud of sensuality. we find that His simple doctrine is full of wisdom and His teaching full of love. 82] The simplicity of our souls. and that He willingly suffered death for the sake of justice. and these should be driven out. and this living faith proved by experience is the highest grade of all. and love. the home of all the animal passions. This same Jesus Christ tells us now that He [p. until at last the three principal powers of our royal dignity. then moral. In this miserable and ruined hut. Little by little Jesus Christ chooses all the good powers in us to announce Him. Those who sell. From this faith it results that we hold as true all that we do not yet understand. Dives and the money changers. by which we find within ourselves and TRUE through our own experience. and the faithful attention to His directions. The progression is as follows: Historical faith when we learn to believe the history of Jesus of Nazareth. and from the recognition of this knowledge is the desire for increased power to seek Him. are still to be found. surrounded by the spider-webs of vanity. that His intentions towards humanity are straight and true. where Jesus Christ teaches. Faith gives confidence. and the Temple changed into a House of Prayer. and He emphasizes His words by instructing His disciples in the sacred mysteries of nature and religion. Through this faith in the Divinity of Jesus. all that hitherto we have until now believed in merely with the confidence of a child. then this Light of the World is born within us as in a humble stable. and we begin to believe that he was God made man. Little by little. [p. purifies our leprosy. is at last produced that living faith. Here natural and reasonable faith changes into divine faith.

being. form the will of man. its substantial parts.within us. when we reject every thought which would not be His. for motive power of our will. First. The third is the power of giving them form. 83] place after the following manner. Now the seven powers of the understanding. and He is gloriously raised again Conqueror with us. He is crucified in us. as it were. when in all our thoughts we reflect upon His sayings. But before such a Spirit can act in us we experience the following changes:-First. realizing them so as to satisfy his desire—concupiscentia. The sixth is that choice or a resolution actually taken— electio. and instructs us in exalted mysteries. The will of man divides itself similarly into seven powers. and when we choose every thought which could be His—judicium. The fifth is that of deciding upon some thing—judicium. Fifth. so to say. This last contains. until He has made us complete and ready for the perfect Regeneration when He mounts to heaven and thence sends us the Spirit of Truth. By the second we perceive the objects abstractedly regarded—apperceptio. when in short we co-ordinate the whole edifice of our ideas and spirit upon the model of His ideas and spirit—ratio. The fourth is that of receiving inclinations. Afterwards his personality lives in us. a more brilliant one. liberty—libertas. when we perceive His actions. The first is the capacity of desiring things apart from himself—desiderium. like the seven powers of our heart and will. imaginatio. 84] [paragraph continues] --voluntas. He dies. when we so comfort ourselves in such wise. when we have Him in view in everything. can be ennobled and exalted in a very special manner. that which has been perceived is reflected upon—reflexio. and His whole life. We lean on . The fifth is the capacity for deciding for or against a thing. and His spirit everywhere— apperceptio. The seventh is the power of giving the object chosen an existence [p. Our heart is also reformed in like manner. His sentiments. The fourth is that of considering these objects in their diversity fantasia. taken together as a unit.--First. as principle of our reason. Second. Fourth. the seven powers of our hearts or of our will. This seventh power also contains all the others in one figure. when we embrace Jesus Christ. The human understanding is divided into seven powers. Our understanding is formed after that of Jesus Christ. which was all love. the first is that of looking at abstract objects—intuitus. the seven powers of our understanding are lifted up within us. that His thoughts and His wisdom are the only object for the strength of our imagination—fantasia. Seventh. Sixth. the sum of all the others. when we think in everything as He would have thought—reflexio. as in the condition of passion—passio. The seventh and last is the power of realizing the whole intellectual intuition— intellectus. as being the wisdom of God. The sixth co-ordinates all these according to their relationships— ratio. By the third. which. Third. without deciding upon acting upon any. It is then will be born in us a new light. when He forms the only point of sight for all our actions—intuitus. and this exaltation takes [p. surpassing far the light of reason of the senses—intellectus. when in everything. The second is the power to annex mentally things desired for himself—appetitus. afterwards.

great and little. and in one Grand Temple of Nature. morality. We choose only that which He is. Inspiration of good without false similitudes. We live only in harmony with Him after His commandments and His institutions and orders—subordinare. and Divine wisdom and love unite to form in us the new spiritual man. We wish for Him only—appetere. will approach. We desire only Him—concupiscere. and stirred up against each other by prejudices and errors. domestic harmony. fidelity. will lead it to the goals of Wisdom and place it in suitable relationships. to institute everywhere an Order by means of which the individual can reach as well as the race. warmth in the heart without turbulent impatience. Sixth. Third. by which union man is with Jesus Christ but as one sense. 85] [paragraph continues] Him only—desidare. and in comparison to this living faith the treasures of India can be considered but as ashes. one heart. Fifth. is born a complete union of our will with His. they will awake and rekindle all the strength of the human race. and sick humanity be cured from all the evils of its weakness. Peace.[p. poor and rich. Fourth. the highest of the mysteries is this consummation. 86] alone vivify all humanity. Second. Thus the love and spirit of God will one day [p. the exaltation of our souls without too severe a tension. long separated and divided by many differences. in whose heart faith passes into sight. our human nature can be raised to its highest perfection. reconcile. The Kingdom of God is a kingdom of truth. all will sing the praise of the Father of Love. and unite all the various parts of the human race. . by which perfect union the new man is little by little born in us. Seventh. By which in short. love between nations. and happiness. and spreads itself gradually by the Spirit of Jesus Christ into all nations. Footnotes ^82:* The Three Magi. so that we avoid all that He is not—eligere. We love Him only—amare. It operates in the saints from the innermost to the outside. This actual possession of God or Jesus Christ in us is the Centre towards which all the mysteries converge like rays to the circle eye. will be the first fruits of this Spirit.