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january - july

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Dear Marco Polo Club

We invite you to join us for another season of travel to inspiring destinations
around the globe, experiencing them as only Marco Polo Club members can.
Browse through the fascinating journeys that are exclusively available to
you and begin planning your next exotic adventure. Your Marco Polo Club
experts have prepared a wide range of tantalizing choices, from a train trip on
Rovos Rail through Namibia to a cruise on the Amazon River in Peru. Each
journey features a renowned Tour Director who infuses your exclusive travel
experience with valuable insight into your destination.
Spend time with Aini and Shui Dail hilltribe villages in China that are rarely
visited by outsiders. Explore Old Delhi with a BBC correspondent and
author. Participate in an archaeological dig in the ancient tunnels near Israels
Beit Guvrin National Park. Special insider access moments like these are just
a few of the incredible opportunities available to you as a member of our elite
Marco Polo Club.
As always, I wish you rewarding journeys and memories to last a lifetime.
Geoffrey Kent
Founder, Chairman & CEO
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Te Spirit of Marco Polo 4
Marco Polo Club Destinations 6
Your Marco Polo Club Tour Directors 8
Temples, Palaces & the Spectacle of Indias Orissa 1 2
Laos & Myanmar Rediscovered 1 6
Yunnan in the Spring Mountains, Meadows & Hill Tribes 1 8
Indias Himalayan Kingdom of Ladakh 20
Iberias Galicia & the Costa Verde 2 2
From the Adriatic to the Alps 26
From the Holy Land to the Hashemite Kingdom 28
Diamonds & Desert Dunes 30
Condors, Canyons & the Amazon 34
Land of the Incas & Colonials 36
Marco Polo Club Online 38
Marco Polo Club Photo Contest 39
Terms & Conditions 40
Index of Dates, Destinations & Pricing 4 1
Sporting Yunnans traditional Sani dress
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There is no better way to immerse yourself in the culture of a region and come to
know its people than by attending a festival. You learn the customs; witness a display
of traditional costumes, music and dance; and sample delicacies that are often
brought out only in times of celebration.
Marco Polo Club takes you to festivals that celebrate the lives and livelihood of
fascinating indigenous peoples. This year, witness Republic Day celebrations in
Bhubaneswar, India, on Temples, Palaces & the Spectacle of Indias Orissa,
when tribal dancers from remote villages participate in animated folk performances
and locals display their handicrafts. Join the people of Ladakh, India, on Indias
Himalayan Kingdom of Ladakh when they gather at the gompa (monastery) to
commemorate the birth of Padmasambhava, the founder of Tibetan Buddhism.
Lamas and monks, dressed in colorful masks and costumes, gather to perform
the sacred mask dance that is an enactment of the victory of good over evil. On
Land of the Incas & Colonials, interact with the Ecuadorians who enthusiastically
celebrate the Festival of San Juan (St. John the Baptist) with songs, dances and
vibrant costumes.

Access to events like these is one of the many benefits that Abercrombie & Kents
Marco Polo Club has offered its members for more than 25 years.
Marco Polo Club is your opportunity to see the worlds greatest places with the
greatest community of like-minded travellers.
For more information, contact your travel professional, call Marco Polo Club at
866 252 3836 or visit
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Tel Avlv
Luanq Prabanq
A diplomat specializing in East-West
relations before joining Abercrombie
& Kent in 1989, Simon Butler-Madden
has accompanied groups throughout
Europe and Russia. His involvement
in the arts, politics and culture of
Europe gives him a unique insight that
he shares with his travellers. He is a
connoisseur of European wines and
cuisine, even producing his own olive
oil on a small farm in Spain. When not
escorting A&K guests, Simon works as
a consultant in Madrid.
Abercrombie & Kent Tour Directors come from all
walks of life. They are academics, authors, naturalists,
diplomats, historians, anthropologists and engineers.
Each one has unique experience, but together they
share a common thread: they all are passionate about
their favorite destinations and offering the benefits of
their inside knowledge to privileged travellers.
These men and women accompanying your journeys
are among the finest Tour Directors in the world:
knowledgeable in local culture and ecology and
equally adept at detailed planning and spur-of-the-
moment improvisation. With your Tour Directors help,
every Marco Polo Club journey becomes a voyage of
individual discovery and one-of-a-kind inspiration.
Being an ardent traveller and
nature lover with a curious sense of
adventure led Tony Staadecker to
change career direction. Armed with
tourism certification, Tony sold his
photographic and video business in
1997 and became a tour director. For
11 years he has shared his experience
and interest in photography, birding,
animals and fynbos with A&K travellers
and VIP clients, including a president,
politicians and corporate CEOs.
Born to Franco-Polish parents in
London, Ladislas began his working
life as an agriculturalist and estate
manager in France and England; he
still manages the family farm on a
part-time basis. Now a popular A&K
Tour Director, Ladislas linguistic gifts
(he has English, Polish, Italian, French
and German to his credit) and his
informed pan-European outlook make
him an ideal travelling companion on
the European continent.
Vishal has travelled the length and
breadth of the Indian subcontinent
and Nepal over the past 13 years. A
specialist in Indian culture, history,
religion and traditions, he enriches
his guests experience with his
knowledge and affable demeanor.
Some of his renowned guests have
included captains of industry and
various dignitaries. When not travelling,
Vishal works closely with the Children
of Tomorrow Foundation, a Dutch
organization that provides vocational
training to the underprivileged.
10 A K M A R C O P O L O . C O M

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Much has been written of Bill Hurst,
A&Ks most senior Asia tour specialist.
Born in Kenya and a noted safari guide
before coming to Asia, he has led
tours into China and Southeast Asia
since the late 1970s. His accumulated
wealth of knowledge and experience
makes him one of the most respected
tour leaders of his generation with a
following of travellers that straddles
the globe.
Born and raised in Lima, Diana has
travelled throughout South America
with her family since she was a baby.
Those early adventures determined
her true calling. She studied history
and became a professional tour guide.
Twenty-seven years later, Diana still
enjoys sharing her knowledge with
lucky travellers all over South America,
but principally in her home-country
of Peru.
Born in Indonesia, Devin was raised
and educated in Hong Kong. After
many years working in the travel
industry, Devin joined A&K in 1994,
where his attention to detail, fluency in
seven Asian languages and concern for
his guests earned him a reputation for
excellence. His extensive knowledge of
China and his close ties to local people
guarantee access to experiences that
illuminate cultural traditions and
transform his guests understanding.
Born in Quito, A&K Tour Director
Mariana Surez was raised in different
cities all over Ecuador. After learning
English in the U.S. She earned a degree
in tourism business administration
and has been a tour guide for the last
15 years. When not leading travellers
through her home country, she indulges
her passion for outdoor adventure,
climbing mountains in Ecuador and
diving in Honduras.
Before Ross Voss acquired an interest
in archaeology, he was fascinated with
paleontology. The numerous quarries
near his home provided excellent
searching grounds for fossils. Eventually
he preferred studying human history,
and that led to his undergraduate
degree in anthropology. Ross studied
Native American heritage and then,
after a trip to Israel, became fascinated
with the cultures of Canaan, Israel and
Philistia. For 35 years Ross has made his
career in Syro-Palestinian archaeology.
A tour director and naturalist, Vikram
has led many exciting A&K journeys
on the Indian subcontinent and
throughout the Himalayan countries.
His passion for and knowledge of local
art, culture and wildlife are contagious.
Vikram describes Marco Polo Club
members as among his favorite
travellers to guide: They always ask
interesting questions, so its a fun
challenge for me to lead them.
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Shale relief in the Sun Temple in Konarak
JAN 21 22: USA or Canada/
Kolkata, India - Boaid an oveinight
fight to Kolkata. Te Oberoi Grand,
JAN 23: Kolkata - Kolkata is a
chaiming mix of ciumbling Biitish
Raj-era architectural gems, sprawling
gardens and historical colleges. Explore
this fascinating city with a stop at
Kumarthuli, where potters make life-
sized idols of various deities. Stroll
along College Street and admire the
ne Biitish-Indian aichitectuie of the
BBD Bagh aiea. is aeinoon, visit the
famous Kali Temple, dedicated to the
patron goddess of Kolkata. Despite her
fearsome appearance, she is considered to
deliver bliss to worshippers. Continue to
the Victoria Memorial, a blend of Islamic
and Italian renaissance architecture that
pays tribute to Queen Victoria, who also
held the title of Empress of India. Tis
evening, attend a festive welcome dinner.
Te Oberoi Grand, Kolkata B L D
Known for its wealth of temple
architecture and stunning
scenery, Indias Orissa state
is home to many tribal people
whose cultures are rooted in
its remote, thickly forested hills.
Learn about the famous hand-
loomed textiles produced
in Orissas villages and
discover the cultural wealth as
showcased in traditional dance,
music and art.
CrlssaDanceAcademyallbeKonarakTempleParllclpalelnapooja (prayer) ceremony
January 21 February 3, 2011 | 14 Days | Tour Director Vikram Singh
Temples, Palaces &
the Spectacle of Indias Orissa
JAN 24: Kolkata/Bhubaneswar - Eaily
this moining, y to Bhubaneswai in
the eastein state of Oiissa. Because of
Orissas remote location, its residents
have been able to preserve their tribal
culture, social patterns and religious
customs. Aei lunch, visit the Jain-
era Udayagiri and Kahndagiri Caves,
some of the oldest in India; they were
excavated a century before the birth
of Jesus. Designed foi the ascetic and
spartan life of the monks, the caves
were built exclusively to provide shelter
and contain no concessions to comfort.
ey contiast with the Buddhist
caves, which were monasteries with
beautiful carvings of religious and royal
scenes. Continue to Dhauli, where
Indian emperor Ashoka the Great
acknowledged the value of Buddhist
teachings. Trident, Bhubaneswar B
JAN 25: Bhubaneswar - e hand-
loomed products of Orissa are vibrantly
colored and have bold, unusual patterns
and unique tie-dyed efects. See
examples of these extraordinary works
when you privately visit a weavers
village in Nuapatna. Learn traditional
weaving techniques while you enjoy tea
with the family of one of the weavers.
Trident, Bhubaneswar B L
JAN 26: Bhubaneswar - e fascinating
Yogini Temple, dating back to the
early ninth century, opens to the sky.
Observe the temples circular wall with
its various images of a Yogini goddess,
some beautiful and bejeweled and others
grotesque. Continue to the plains of
Dhauli, battlefelds of the third-century
BC Kalinga Wai that was a tuining point
in the way people lived and believed
in ieligion. is aeinoon, witness
Republic Day celebrations, when tribal
dancers from remote places come to
showcase their culture in invigorating
folk dances and display theii handicias
and textiles. Trident, Bhubaneswar B L
JAN 27: Bhubaneswar/Puri - Exploie
Bhubaneswai today, stopping at
temples that exemplify the richness of
its architecture from the third century
BC to the 16th centuiy AD. Visit
the incredible Lingaraj Temple that
dominates the landscape. Dedicated
to Lord Shiva, it has been described
as the truest fusion of dream and
reality. See the many wall carvings of
Mukteswar and Rajarani and admire
the latticed windows that have made
Parasurameswar famous. Ten stop in
Pipli to watch artisans create appliqus,
an ancient form of temple art. Some of
the ciasmen make laige canopies foi
temples, umbrellas, wall hangings and
bags. Arrive in Puri, one of the four
dhams (sacred places) of the Hindus and
famous foi its temple of Loid Jagannath.
Continue to Rajhurajpu, where you
observe artists painting traditional
pattachitra works, talapattachitra (palm
leaf) engravings, and papier mach toys
and masks. Later, watch a Gotipua folk
dance performance by the renowned
Rajhurajpur dance team.
Mayfair Puri B L
JAN 28: Puri - Visit the 12th-centuiy
Jagannath Temple, the holiest place in
Orissa. It is one of the largest pilgrimage
centeis in India and wheie Jagannath,
Lord of the Universe and incarnation
of Vishnu, is worshipped. From here,
continue to beautiful Puii Beach. Aei
lunch, explore Konarak, home of the
magnifcent black-granite Sun Temple.
Also known as the Black Pagoda, it is a
UNESCO Woild Heiitage Site shaped
like the chariot of Surya (Arka), the sun
god, and adorned with exquisite stone
carvings. Ten attend an exclusive open-
air performance of the renowned Orissa
Dance Academy with the Konarak
Temple as the backdrop.
Mayfair Puri B L
JAN 29: Puri/Bhubaneswar/
)ZEFSBCBEr Fly to Hyderabad and
settle in to your hotel, imagining the
imperial lifestyle of the dynasty that
once lived here. Ten explore the city,
rich with medieval, Mughal, colonial
and Indo-Saracenic buildings that
rub shoulders with the large glass and
chrome temples of today. Visit the
Salai Jung Museum, housing one of the
worlds largest private collections of art.
Taj Falaknuma Palace B
JAN 30: Hyderabad - Entei the
massive Golconda Fort, located on a
granite hill 400 feet above the plain,
through the huge teak Fateh Darwaza
(Victory Gate). Te fort dates to the
12th centuiy when it was built of mud
Limber boys performing a Gotipua folk dance
A K M A R C O P O L O . C O M

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Rock panel carving in Mamallapuram
by the Hindu Kakatiya Dynasty. Taken
ovei by the Muslim Buhamanis two
centuries later and reinforced with
masonry, its grounds contain royal
palaces, the harem, halls for both
public and private audiences, royal
baths and a temple. Its huge vaults
once held the famous Kohinoor and
Hope diamonds. By the 19th centuiy,
the fort was mostly abandoned except
for the dungeons, which were used by
the Nizam of Hyderabad as a prison
for his worst enemies including
several of his sons and two of his wives.
Aeiwaid, visit the Qutb Shahi tombs.
Notice that each is built of either black
granite or greenstone and has its own
base with a large onion dome and
arches decorated with fne sculptures.
Some of the larger tombs even have
their own attached mosques. Spend
youi aeinoon in the old city, enteiing
through the Charminar, known as the
Oriental Arc de Triomphe. Explore the
Mecca Masjid, the Grand Mosque that
can accommodate 10,000 woishippeis.
Its enormous black granite slabs were
quarried locally, and it is thought that
the red bricks on its entrance arches
were made of clay carried from Mecca.
en wandei the Lad Bazaai with
shops selling Hyderabadi embedded
glass bangles, peails and cloth. Watch as
silver merchants make the thin silver
leaf by pounding sheets of metal
to produce Hyderabads famous bidri
decorations. Taj Falaknuma Palace B L
JAN 31: Hyderabad/Chennai/Covelong
Fly to Chennai, formerly known as
Madras. Visit Fort St. George and St.
Marys Church that rests within its
walls. It was the frst English church in
India and the oldest Biitish building
to survive. Continue to the Mylapore
temple aiea to see the 16th-centuiy
Kapleeswarar Temple. Ten wander
through the fruit and fower market,
taking in the pleasing aromas. Drive to
Covelong Beach and youi hotel, a foimei
Dutch fort. Fishermans Cove B L
FEB 1: Covelong - Exploie the coastal
town of Mamallapuram, famous for
its stunning collection of rock temples
and carvings. In the seventh century,
the Pallava rulers who developed the
port town of Mamallapuram were also
responsible for encouraging artists of
the area. Tis resulted in an outstanding
collection of cave and stone temples,
rathas (monolithic rock-carved shrines)
and relief-sculptured rock panels. Tis
evening, gather for a farewell dinner at
the hotel. Fishermans Cove B D
FEB 2: Covelong - Kancheepuiam is
one of the seven sacred cities for Hindus
in India. Visit this former capital of
the Pallava Dynasty, famous for its
temples and exquisitely handwoven
silk saris and fabrics. Take part in a
pooja (prayer) ceremony performed by
priests at Ekambareswara Temple. Later,
visit a silk weaving center to observe
artisans practicing the traditional hand
weaving methods they have employed
for centuries. Ten watch a sari tying
demonstration to discover the many
ways these beautiful garments can be
worn. Later, drive back to Covelong
and spend the remainder of the day at
leisure. Fishermans Cove B L
FEB 3: Covelong/Chennai/USA or
Canada - Diive to Chennai foi youi
international departure fight. B
Visitors to Orissa cannot help but notice the vibrant ethnic
crafts produced by its talented artisans. With careful
observation, admirers can see that Orissas fine appliqu
work, silver filigree, stone and wood carvings, pattachitras
(folk paintings) and chitra pothi (palm leaf manuscripts) often
pay homage to Hindu gods.
Traditional pattachitra work, part of Orissas heritage for
centuries, employs creative motifs and designs with rich
colors to depict Lord Jagannath, the main manifestation of
Vishnu in the Hindu religion. These outlined pictures are
methodically created on cloth treated to give it a leather-
like appearance. Once a ritual, the art of pattachitra has now
developed into a bona fide school of painting practiced by
chitrakars (painters) whose legacy is handed down through
the generations.
The craft of chitra pothi manuscripts is an indigenous tradition
that dates back to the medieval period. Similar to pattachitra,
a text or design is placed onto the palm leaves and then
treated with a paste of tamarind seed, oil and charcoal to
enhance the design. Quite often the legends of gods and
goddesses are portrayed in these unique paintings that have
been made into bookmarks and greeting cards.
Like pattachitra and chitra pothi, Orissas silver filigreed
works often depict religious scenes and characters. With
this ancient art, delicate silver wires some as fine as spider
webs are shaped into intricate designs to create jewelry,
especially brooches and earrings.
From the indigenous sixth-century cave murals of Khandagiri
and Udayagiri to the colorful wall hangings of today, the arts
and handicrafts of Orissa have earned accolades from art
scholars and admirers around the world.
16 A K M A R C O P O L O . C O M

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Road to Mandalay as seen from the stunning Shwe Kyet Yet
Experience the untamed
natural beauty in the
landscapes and the manmade
beauty of Buddhist shrines in
Laos and Myanmar. Marvel at
magnificent temples, masterful
expressions of craf tsmanship
and devotion. Glimpse
life along the Mekong and
Ayeyarwady Rivers and Inle
Lake, witnessing ancient
traditions as you go.
FEB 10 11: USA or Canada/
Bangkok, Tailand - Boaid an
oveinight ight to Bangkok, wheie
you are met and taken to your hotel.
Novotel Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport
FEB 12: Bangkok/Luang Prabang, Laos
As you fy to Luang Prabang, watch the
dense, lush rainforest below suddenly
open into a cluster of colorful, gently
sloping temple roofs that provides a
frst peek at one of Indochinas most
beautiful cities. Aei lunch, exploie this
UNESCO Woild Heiitage Site with a
visit to the magnifcent Phoussy Temple.
Climb the steps to Phoussy Hill for a
panoramic view of the city below. Tis
evening, participate in a traditional baci
(welcome ceremony), meant to bestow
the protective powers of the spirits on
visitors. Te baci is accompanied by
music and dance both integral parts
of the ritual. Later, gather for a welcome
dinner at your hotel.
La Rsidence Phou Vao B L D
February 10 23, 2011 | 14 days | Tour Director Bill Hurst
Laos & Myanmar Rediscovered
A local woman giving alms to Luang Prabang monks
FEB 13: Luang Prabang - Embaik on
a boat trip up the Mekong River to
the caves at Pak Ou, known for their
Laotian-style sculptuies of Buddha.
As you pass by riverside villages, you
may see women panning for gold and
children playing on the banks. On the
return journey, make a short stop in
a village that is famous for brewing
lao-lao, a strong whisky made from
fermented rice.
La Rsidence Phou Vao B L D
FEB 14: Luang Prabang - Making an
alms ofering is a deeply spiritual part of
everyday life to the people of Laos. Pre-
dawn, join them to make food oferings
to the local monks. Aei bieakfast, visit
some of the bustling city markets before
heading to the magnifcent Kuang Si
Wateifall. Continue to the Khmu village
of Ban apaene foi a glimpse of local
life. Wandei thiough Wat Xieng ong,
Luang Prabangs most magnifcent
temple. At the National Museum, peruse
a collection of artifacts from the former
royals. La Rsidence Phou Vao B L
FEB 15: Luang Prabang/Bangkok,
Tailand/Yangon, Myanmar - Tiavel
to Yangon, a city of wide, tree-lined
boulevards and fne stone buildings.
Te Governors Residence B L
FEB 16: Yangon/Heho Inle Lake
Start your day with a visit to Yangons
architectural masterpiece, the
Shwedagon Pagoda. It is gilded with
eight tons of gold and believed by
Buddhists to be moie than 2,300 yeais
old. Next, visit the lovely Botataung
Pagoda, an unusual 131-foot hollow
stupa (shrine). Te original pagoda was
destioyed in 1943 when it took a diiect
hit from an Allied bomb. During the
cleanup, a golden casket containing a
haii of Buddha was found. Continue
to the Sule Pagoda and the bustling
Bogyoke Aung San (Scott) Maiket with
moie than 1,600 shops. Help seive the
noonday meal to 1,000 novice monks
at the Kalaywa Monastery and glimpse
theii daily ioutine. An aeinoon ight
takes you to Heho. Drive to Nyaung
Shwe, where you board a private boat to
your hotel. Inle Princess Resort B L
FEB 17: Inle Lake - is moining,
travel to the market where traditionally
dressed people of the Pa-O, Palaung and
other Shan tribes come to buy and sell
local products. Te market place is alive
with the colorful traditional costumes of
the hill tribe people. Visit a silk weaving
workshop and Nampan village to
witness tiaditional life on the lake. Aei
lunch, explore the charming village of
In Dein. Inle Princess Resort B L
FEB 18: Inle Lake/Heho/Bagan
Visit the Phaung Daw U Pagoda,
which enshiines ve golden Buddha
images. Continue to the wooden Nga
Phe Kyaung (Jumping Cat) Monasteiy,
built on stilts over the lake. Observe the
foating gardens of the local farmers,
created from fertile plant beds that
appear to foat on the surface of Inle
Lake. A late aeinoon ight takes you
to Bagan.
Tiripyitsaya Sanctuary Resort B L
FEB 19: Bagan/Mingun - You have the
oppoitunity to enjoy suniise ovei Bagan
alo in a hot aii balloon, the best way
to fully appreciate the scale and historic
importance of this magical place.
Aei bieakfast, boaid the beautifully
refurbished river cruiser Road to
Mandalay to journey along the mighty
Ayeyarwady River. Stop to visit Sagaing,
the living centei of the Buddhist faith,
and then cruise to Mingun for a guided
tour of Mandalay. Road to Mandalay
FEB 20 22: Ayeyarwady River
Leisurely cruise aboard the elegant
Road to Mandalay. Sample the favors
of diferent international cuisines on
board. In the evening, retire to the
comfoitable Piano Bai foi a nightcap.
Road to Mandalay B L D
FEB 23: Mandalay/Yangon/
Bangkok, Tailand/USA or Canada
Disembark in Mandalay and fy via
Yangon to Bangkok wheie you connect
with your international departure fight.
Inle Lake
Luang Prabang
18 A K M A R C O P O L O . C O M

8 6 6 2 5 2 3 8 3 6
Yunnan is like a picture
postcard sprung to life.
Observe terraced rice fields,
savor the scents of fresh
meadow flowers and gaze
at limestone peaks formed
in whimsical designs. Enjoy
a jungle canopy walk in the
rainforest and admire rolling
hills home to fascinating
hill tribes and a variety of
endemic wildlife.
APR 16 17: USA or Canada/
Hong Kong, China Boaid an oveinight
fight to Hong Kong, where you are met
and transferred to your hotel.
Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong
APR 18: Hong Kong/Kunming - Fly to
Kunming, a city of breathtaking natural
beauty. It is oen called the city of
eternal spring due to its year-round
pleasant climate. Late this aeinoon,
visit the famous Buddhist Qiongzhu
(Bamboo) Temple. Gathei with fellow
travellers this evening for a welcome
dinner at Shiping Hui Guan, formerly a
19th-centuiy businessmen's piivate club.
Te Green Lake Hotel B D
APR 19: Kunming - Set out foi an
excursion to the Stone Forest, where
hundreds of naturally eroded karsts
(limestone peaks) form shapes inspiring
whimsical names such as Camel Riding
an Elephant. Listen as the local Sani
people share their legends and stories.
Return to Kunming and wander through
the wholesale fresh fower market and
Old Town. Green Lake Hotel B L
April 16 28, 2011 | 13 days | Tour Director Devin Gwie
Yunnan in the Spring
Mountains, Meadows & Hill Tribes
A colorfully dressed Kunming woman
The colorful faades in Lijiangs Old Town
APR 20: Kunming/Jinghong - Fly to
Jinghong. An expeit fiom the Wild
Elephant Valley joins you for lunch
and discusses elephant in the region.
Aeiwaid, visit the Xishuangbanna Wild
Elephant and Nature Reserve. Its open
landscape with rolling hills covered by
tropical rainforests, rivers and streams is
full of endangered species such as Asian
wild elephant, wild oxen, green peacock
and monkey. Take a cable car to the top of
the rainforest and enjoy a jungle canopy
walk. Ten watch the orphaned elephant
show. Retuin to Jinghong foi dinnei with
a music and dance performance.
Tai Garden Hotel B L D
APR 21: Jinghong - Spend the moining
visiting a village of the Aini people,
renowned for their river valley rice
teiiaces. Aei lunch, visit the Tiopical
Plant Research Institute, home to more
than a thousand types of tropical fowers
and cash crops. Stroll through its gardens
to learn about the plants that make up
Yunnans tropical forests. Later, wander
the central market area. Tonights dinner
is accompanied by a traditional dance
performance. Tai Garden Hotel B L D
APR 22: Jinghong/Lijiang - Embaik
on a Mekong River cruise to the
Ganlanba (Olive) Plain, home to the
Dai people. When you visit the Shui
Dai village, witness a reenactment of a
water splashing festival. Fly to Lijiang,
ieputed to have been James Hilton's
inspiration for Lost Horizon. Lijiang
is blessed with fresh air, clear streams,
breathtaking snowcapped mountains and
an undisturbed landscape inhabited by
friendly people. Its remote location has
played a vital role in the preservation of
traditional Naxi culture and art.
Banyan Tree Lijiang B L
APR 23: Lijiang - Go by bicycle (oi
vehicle) to visit a Baisha village, home to
the venerable physician and activist Dr.
Ho, a legend throughout China for his
work in traditional holistic healing. Pause
for a cup of herbal tea and a diagnostic
session in Dr. Hos clinic. Ten explore
pictuiesque Longquan, with its 300-yeai-
old biidge and temple. Aei lunch, visit
the Wang Gu Lou Pagoda that stands as
a beacon of protection and good fortune
above the city. Walk thiough Lijiang's Old
Town, a UNESCO Woild Heiitage Site.
Continue to the Nature Conservancy to
learn about their environmental projects.
Banyan Tree Lijiang B L
APR 24: Lijiang/Dali/Xizhou - Tiavel
to Xizhou, a chaiming town whose
iesidents aie the Bai people, Dali's
laigest minoiity cultuie. is aeinoon,
arrive at the Linden Centre, a luxurious
courtyard home located in the foothills
of the Himalaya. Join Biian Linden, the
centers owner, for a guided walk through
unspoiled Xizhou and a glimpse of Bai
culture. Tis evening, attend a dinner
and talk on the Dali region at the Linden
Centre. Linden Centre B L D
APR 25: Xizhou - Tiavel by hoise cait to
Ei Hai Lake to view the Ba Mu Si (Eight
Mothers) Temple, combining Taoist,
Buddhist and local Ben Zhu tiaditions.
Continue to the colorful Shaping Monday
market and the Shaping Temple. Next,
visit the old Yale campus on the grounds
of the Temple of Great Mercy. You may
climb into the attics of some of the local
buildings to search for antiques. Ten
leain how to make Xizhou pizza, the local
specialty, before meeting the village elder
and his wife. Zhoucheng, famous foi its
indigo tie-dyeing, has many winding
alleys where textile and basket weavers
are hard at work. Tey show you how to
make your own tie-dyed batik. Aeiwaid,
meet some of the Bai childien in the local
kindergarten. Linden Centre B L
APR 26: Xizhou - Witness the histoiic
pieseivation eoits the Weishan iegion
is undertaking. Once an important
trading center on the southern Silk Road,
it is a living museum of architectural
and cultural wonders. View buildings
saved and preserved through the Open
Lands Project work and meet with
iepiesentatives of Han, Yi and Bai
cultural groups. Sit down to a lunch of
traditional local cuisine.
Linden Centre B L
APR 27: Dali/Kunming/Shanghai
Fly back to Kunming and connect
to Shanghai, one of Chinas most
cosmopolitan and innovative cities. Te
balance of your day is at leisure until your
farewell dinner this evening.
Te Peninsula Shanghai B D
APR 28: Shanghai/USA or Canada
Boaid youi depaituie ight. B
Hong Kong
20 A K M A R C O P O L O . C O M

8 6 6 2 5 2 3 8 3 6
Sandwiched between the
towering peaks of the
western Himalaya and
the vast Tibetan plateau,
Ladakh is the highest,
least populated and most
inaccessible region in India.
Explore this fascinating
area, a center of Buddhism
and encased by cultural
JUL 5 7: USA or Canada/
Delhi, India - Boaid a ight to Delhi,
connecting overnight in Europe. Arrive
at your hotel very early in the morning
of July 7; a ioom is being held foi youi
immediate occupancy. You have time to
ielax and settle in befoie joining a BBC
coiiespondent foi an aeinoon walking
tour of the spice markets of Old Delhi.
Wandei thiough the busy Khaii Baoli
market, Asias largest wholesale spice
market. Tis evening, gather for a
festive welcome dinner.
Te Imperial Jul 7: B D
JUL 8: Delhi/Leh - Fly to Leh, the
capital of the Himalayan kingdom of
Ladakh, at an elevation of 11,480 feet.
Te remainder of the day is at leisure to
acclimatize to the altitude. If you prefer,
you can visit the colorful Leh market late
in the aeinoon.
Te Grand Dragon Ladakh B L D
JUL 9: Leh - Exploie some of Ladakh's
historic gompas (monasteries), housing
July 5 - 17, 2011 | 13 days | Tour Director Vishal Ghai
Indias Himalayan Kingdom of Ladakh
Celebrating in colorful masks and costumes at the Hemis Festival
Magnificent Thiksey Gompa overlooking the Indus Valley
iich collections of Buddhist thangka
(scroll) paintings, art and artifacts. Te
12-stoiy iksey Monasteiy, home to
many Gelukpa monks, is located on
top of a hill with panoramic views of
the Indus Valley. Inside, view a pillar
insciibed with Buddhist teachings, a
43-foot seated Maitieya Buddha and a
vast collection of Buddhist ait. Next,
visit Shey Monastery, once the residence
of the royal family and the seat of pre-
Tibetan kings. It houses a 16th-centuiy
copper statue of a large Shakyamuni
Buddha as well as a thiee-stoiy-high
Buddha. Continue to the Stok Palace;
one of its wings is a small museum with
a collection of antique ritual objects
and iaie 16th-centuiy thangkas. An
accomplished Ladakhi scholar joins you
for dinner this evening to talk about
Buddhism, its migiation into Tibet
and Ladakh and the signifcance of the
Hemis Festival.
Te Grand Dragon Ladakh B L D
JUL 10: Leh Hemis Festival - e
Hemis Gompa is the largest in Ladakh
and houses a 40-foot-long thangka that
is richly embroidered with pearls and
semi-precious stones. Te monastery is
famous for its annual two-day Tse Chu
Festival, oen called the Hemis Festival.
Attend the festivities that commemorate
the anniversary of Padmasambhava, the
foundei of Tibetan Buddhism. Watch
people wearing brightly colored masks
perform dances that enact age-old tales
of the victory of good over evil. Listen
to the sounds of brass trumpets in
accompaniment. Spend time walking
through the vibrant bazaar, where rural
villagers in traditional dress come to
baigain with aitisans selling handciaed
items. You have the rare opportunity,
as an outsider, to interact with the local
people during this festive time.
Te Grand Dragon Ladakh B L D
JUL 11: Leh Hemis Festival - Retuin
to the Hemis Festival this morning
for a fnal opportunity to join in the
festivities. Aei lunch, you may choose
to visit the Oracle of Sabu, a well-known
faith healei, oi go iivei iaing down
the Indus River as it gently meanders
through small villages and barley felds.
Te Grand Dragon Ladakh B L D
JUL 12: Leh/Lamayuru/Uletokpo
Travel to the holy site of Lamayuru,
the site of a ruined monastery and
major landmark on the old Silk Road.
Continue to Uletokpo and your tented
camp, located near the Indus River and
surrounded by an apricot orchard. Enjoy
the fresh air, smell of fowers and views
of the beautiful snow-capped Himalaya
Uletokpo Camp B L D
JUL 13: Uletokpo/Alchi/Likir/Leh
Explore Alchi and its monastery with
wall paintings that are some of the oldest
surviving paintings in Ladakh. Tey
refect artistic and spiritual details of
both Buddhism and the Hindu kings
of Kashmir. On the way back to Leh,
stop to visit the 14th-centuiy Likii
Monastery, known locally as the house
of the water spirits.
Te Grand Dragon Ladakh B L D
JUL 14: Leh - Choose fiom a iaing
trip on the Indus River through a
breathtaking gorge a mountain biking
toui thiough small Buddhist villages
or a trek though the villages along the
Indus River. You may also choose to visit
SECMOL, the Students Educational
and Cultural Movement of Ladakh, an
organization that plans youth activities
and operates a campus for students
going to school in Leh.
Te Grand Dragon Ladakh B L D
JUL 15: Leh/Delhi - Fly back to Delhi
today. Aei an aeinoon at leisuie,
meet tonight at your hotel for a farewell
dinner. Te Imperial B D
JUL 16: Delhi - Visit the Swaminaiayan
Akshardham Temple today. Late this
evening, transfer to the airport.
Te Imperial B
JULY 17 Delhi/USA or Canada
Boaid youi homebound ight.
22 A K M A R C O P O L O . C O M

8 6 6 2 5 2 3 8 3 6
High mountains, green
meadows, stony clif fs and
sand beaches this pastoral
corner of Portugal and
northwest Spain abounds with
history, charm and energy.
See hamlets and quaint
coastal villages set against
a backdrop of unrivaled
raw beauty and explore
architectural marvels that are
works of art in themselves.
Santiago de Compostelas imposing cathedral, an important Christian shrine
May 16 - 29, 2011 | 14 days | Tour Director Simon Butler-Madden
MAY 16 17: USA or Canada/
Porto, Portugal - Fly oveinight to Poito,
where the balance of the day is at leisure.
Tis evening, join your fellow travellers
for welcome cocktails. Hotel Infante Sagres
MAY 18: Porto - Exploie the city,
stopping at the bridge built by Gustave
Eiel, the Baioque chuich of Sao
Francisco, the Moorish stock exchange
and the Meicado do Bolho maiket that
has changed little in 100 yeais. Since the
mid-18th centuiy, Poito has been the
capital of the port wine trade; much of it
is still in the hands of centuries-old frms
that leave the wine to mature in lodges.
Visit one of the prestigious lodges and
meet the owner, whose family has been
in the wine tiade since the 18th centuiy.
Enjoy a welcome dinner in the unique
private setting of the English Factory,
the wine baions' club foi moie than 200
years. Hotel Infante Sagres B D
MAY 19: Porto/Ras Baixas, Spain/
Santiago de Compostela - Tiavel towaid
the River Mio, crossing the border
between Spain and Portugal. Enter Spain
Iberias Galicia & the Costa Verde
at the riverside town of Tuy. As the road
continues toward the sea, you see the
Ras Baixas, a seiies of ford-like estuaries
that penetrates the coastline of Galicia.
Stop in the picturesque vineyard-fanked
fshing village of Cambados, where you
are lunch guests of the owners of the
beautiful Pazo de Feinanes. Aeiwaid,
visit their bodega, where some of the
fnest white Albarios are produced.
Ten take to the water in a private fshing
boat with the owner, who shows you
the countless oyster beds and mussel
ias that aie the souice of the iegion's
wealth. If the weather permits, sail toward
the sea to view the shellfsh sands and
natural reserves. Continue to Santiago
de Compostela, a pilgrimage site for
almost a thousand years and formerly
Christendoms third most important
place of pilgiimage (aei Jeiusalem and
Rome). Its arcaded streets and paved
plazas are a delight to explore. Check
in to your hotel, a magnifcent parador
built by Queen Isabella in the eaily 16th
century as a hospital to care for pilgrims.
Parador Hostal dos Reis Catlicos B L
MAY 20: Santiago de Compostela
Explore the architectural wonders
along the narrow streets of Santiago
de Compostela, starting with the
cathedral; its Prtico de la Gloria is the
most perfectly preserved example of
Romanesque sculpture in Spain. Admire
the bejeweled shiine of St. James, a
pilgrimage site. You may place your hand
on the shouldei of the statue of St. James,
as all the pilgiims do. Wandei thiough
the Cathedral Museum, with its distinctly
decorated doorways and faades. Visit
the market where villagers still sell
their delectable conical cheese. Your
aeinoon is at leisuie, oi you may wish
to join Simon on a visit to a beautiful
country house renowned for its gardens.
Alternatively, you may walk a scenic
stretch of El Camino de Santiagos pilgrim
road, which reaches into the Pyrenees.
Parador Hostal dos Reis Catlicos B
MAY 21: Santiago de Compostela
Drive along the dramatic coastline known
as the Costa da Morte, sadly named
because of the deaths of countless seamen
who drowned in shipwrecks on its jagged
rocks. Follow the coast along the top of
Europes highest clifs, while far below
percebes (goose barnacles) are harvested
from the rocks by intrepid percebeiros. In
this iegion, ancient tiaditions and cias
have survived. Lacemaking in Camarias,
fax spinning in Vimianzo, pottery in
Buno and ancient watei mills all add to
the fascination of this unique corner of
the country.
Parador Hostal dos Reis Catlicos B L
MAY 22: Santiago de Compostela/
A Corua/Betanzos/El Ferrol/Vilalba
Visit A Corua, the City of Glass. It
is famous for the magnifcent row of
19th-centuiy houses facing the poit;
their faades are completely covered
with glazed balconies that have earned
the city its moniker. Look high above
the sea to the Tower of Hercules, a
remarkable Roman-built lighthouse
dating from the second century. It is the
only Roman lighthouse in the world that
still operates. Take a stroll and then head
to Betanzos, with its naiiow stieets and
fne churches, one of which dates back to
the 14th centuiy. Aei lunch, stop in El
Ferrol, a major Spanish naval base since
the 18th centuiy and the biithplace of
General Francisco Franco. Continue to
the Biospheie Reseive of the Teiias do
Mio. End your day in Vilalba and check
into youi hotel, located in a 13th-centuiy
castle. Parador de Vilalba B D
MAY 23: Vilalba/Mondoedo/
Taramundi - Mondonedo was once the
capital of one of the seven kingdoms of
Galicia. Visit its impiessive 13th-centuiy
cathedral. Stop in the ancient town of
Lugo, the heart of which is still encircled
by walls built by the Roman legions.
Here you have time to explore on your
own and perhaps enjoy lunch at one of
the restaurants near the magnifcent
cathedral. Continue along the Ra Eo,
which separates Galicia from Asturias.
Once you cross the river you come to
Los Oscos; here rural life, traditions and
superb landscapes mix to make this a
quaint, almost magical iegion. Aei you
check into your hotel, stroll the little
streets of Taramundi and peruse the
traditional shops that take you back to
another era. Hotel La Rectoral B
MAY 24: Los Oscos - Spend youi
morning exploring the traditional villages
of Los Oscos. Visit Esquios, where
blacksmiths forge the famous Taramundi
knives by hand, and Os Teixois, home to
an ethnographic museum that showcases
the lives of traditional ironworkers.
Hotel La Rectoral B L
MAY 25: Taramundi/Castropol/
Cudillero/Oviedo - Follow the coast,
occasionally glimpsing stretches of the
northern pilgrimage road to Santiago
de Compostela. When you come to
Cudillero, one of the most attractive
The forests and mountains of Galicia as seen from Picos de Europa, Spain
fshing villages on Spains northern coast,
see houses that climb to the clifs and
the quaint shing haiboi below. Wandei
the streets by the dock, a perfect spot to
sample the catch of the day in one of the
seaside iestauiants. Aei lunch, continue
to Oviedo, said to have been founded by
two monks back in the eighth century,
and check into your elegant hotel that
was once a monastery and is today an
impoitant landmaik. Join youi fellow
travellers this evening at a local restaurant
to sample some Asturian specialities.
Hotel de la Reconquista B L D
MAY 26: Oviedo - Stioll the lively
streets and admire the architecture of old
Oviedo. Visit the cathedral with its superb
16th-centuiy retablo (altarpiece) and
amazing treasury. Filled with exquisite
pieces of medieval gold and silver work,
its collection includes the Cross of the
Angels, donated in 802 by King Alfonso
II. Explore the Museum of Fine Arts
remarkable collections, ranging from
13th-centuiy retablos to paintings by
some of Spains most famous artists,
including El Gieco, Zuibaian, Goya,
Sorolla and Picasso. You may continue
exploring the city on your own or join
your Tour Director Simon for a visit
to three churches in Oviedo that are
perfect examples of pre-Romanesque
architecture. Stop at the tiny church of San
Miguel de Lillo; the chuich of San Julian
de los Prados, flled with extraordinary
frescoes; and the beautiful Santa Maria
del Naianco; all thiee weie named Woild
Heritage Sites by UNESCO.
Hotel de la Reconquista B
MAY 27: Oviedo/Picos de Europa/
Santillana del Mar - Diive amid stunning
mountain landscapes to Picos de Europa,
passing through Cangas de Ons, with its
supeib 13th-centuiy biidge. Aei visiting
the shrine of Our Lady of Covadonga,
one of the most venerated in Spain, follow
the road up the mountain to the Lakes
of Covadonga for superb views of the
surrounding mountains. Te route down
takes you through valleys to the village of
Sirviella, where you stop for a private visit
to a mountain farm. Observe traditional
life here, including cheese making, cider
making and sheep rearing. Ten join
the farms owners for a country lunch of
local cheeses, sausages and omelettes.
Alternatively, if the weather is inclement,
head to Cantabria, boasting the richest
variety of caves in Europe. Take a mining
train through the caves to see a dazzling
display of stalactites, stalagmites and rock
formations dating from the Cretacean
Era. Later, drive to the delightful village
of Santillana del Mar, where your hotel
was once the home of the Marqueses de
Santillana; part of the hotel dates back to
the 13th centuiy.
Hotel Casa del Marqus B L
MAY 28: Santillana del Mar/Altamira/
Santillana del Mar - Exploie Santillana,
whose streets are lined with the residences
of aristocratic families. Visit the Colegiata
Church, a marvelous example of high
Romanesque architecture and sculpture.
Ten return to Palaeolithic times
when you travel to Altamirea to view
reproductions of some of the worlds most
famous cave paintings, comparable only
to those of Lascaux in France. Nearby,
at Puente Viesgo, enter the cave of El
Castillo to see paintings created 40,000
years ago. Te sight of artwork made so
many millennia ago is an unforgettable
expeiience. Continue to the Caibaiceno
Natural Park, which ofers many programs
ranging from wildlife education for
children to important projects to save and
reintroduce into the wild, endangered
indigenous species such as the brown
Pyrenean bear, the Iberian lynx and rare
birds of prey. Meet the parks director, who
joins you to discuss the challenges of local
conservation. Ten return to Santillana to
prepare for tonights farewell dinner.
Hotel Casa del Marqus B L D
MAY 29: Santander/USA or Canada
Transfer to Santanders airport to board
your international departure fight. B
Travelling Bell Boy service is included
throughout your journey.
The quaint fishing village of Cudillero, Spain
Santiago de
del Mar
According to legend, the remains of Jesus apostle St. James
the Elder lie in the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in
northwestern Spain. El Camino de Santiago (The Way of St.
James) has been the route to the cathedral that Christian
pilgrims have followed for more than 1,000 years.
It is believed that the apostles divided the known world into
missionary zones, and St. James had the Iberian Peninsula.
When he returned to Jerusalem nearly 2,000 years ago, he
was beheaded by Herod Agrippa I. St. James was martyred,
and legend says his body was carried in a boat guided by
angels to northern Spain.
When the boat was found, his body and those of two of his
disciples were placed in a marble tomb, forgotten until the
ninth century. Pelagius, a hermit living in the region at that
time, had a vision of a star or field of stars leading him to an
ancient tomb. He reported the vision to the local bishop, who
determined that the remains were Santiagos (St. James).
Pilgrimage along El Camino de Santiago to Santiago de
Compostela reached its zenith in the Middle Ages. Bridges
were built across rivers to main cities along the route, which
prospered. Pilgrim hospices were built by religious orders
and royalty who sought a way to gain favor in heaven.
The phenomenon tapered off but never entirely went
away. In 1779 when Congress ordered John Adams to go
to Paris to obtain funds for American independence, his
ship disembarked in Finisterre. He was unable to travel
to Santiago and said in his autobiography, I have always
regretted that We could not find time to make a Pilgrimage
to Sant Iago de Compostella.
Today, tens of thousands still make their way along the
pilgrimage route.
26 A K M A R C O P O L O . C O M

8 6 6 2 5 2 3 8 3 6
Dawn at Assumption of Marys Pilgrimage Church on Lake Bled, nestled amid the Julian Alps
Even if you think you know it
well, Europe can still surprise
you. Travel along the Adriatic
from Italy through Croatia and
Slovenia to the Julian Alps in
Austria and Germany. Visit the
lavish seaport of Trieste and
the stunning kocjan Caves,
as well as some dazzling cities,
sampling vintage wines and
local beers, rustic restaurants
and country inns.
JUN 1 2: USA or Canada/
Venice, Italy - Fly oveinight to Venice,
where you are met and taken by private
launch to your palace hotel. Later, meet
for welcome drinks and a gondola ride.
Il Palazzo D
JUN 3: Venice/Trieste - See St. Maik's
Square, the worlds most beautiful
drawing room, on a walking tour that
also takes you to St. Maik's Basilica and
the Doge's Palace. Aei lunch, enjoy
a private wine tasting at a local estate.
Grand Hotel Duchi DAosta B L
JUN 4: 5SJFTUFrFor hundreds of years,
Trieste lay under Austrian rule, and
until 1918 it was the gieat seapoit of the
Hapsburg Empire. Meander along the
winding streets of the Old City and up
Capitoline Hill for fantastic views. See
the 14th-centuiy San Giusto Cathedial
and explore the Museo Revoltella that
contains one of the most important
collections of 19th- and 20th-centuiy ait
in Italy. Youi aeinoon is at leisuie, oi
you may wish to join a privately guided
tour of the kocjan Caves, a UNESCO
aUNESCCWorldHerllaqeSllelnSlovenlaSampleCroalla'slamouslruH esTravellnslyleby
horse-drawn carriage to the Schloss (Castle) Herrenchiemsee near Munich
June 1 - 12, 2011 | 12 Days | Tour Director Ladislas Ciechanowski
From the Adriatic to the Alps
Woild Heiitage Site.
Grand Hotel Duchi DAosta B
JUN 5: Trieste/Istrian Peninsula/
Rovinj, Croatia - Tiavel thiough the
Istrian hinterland to Groznjan, an
artists community, and view the Chapel
of Saint Cosmas and Damian. Later, you
may stroll through the narrow cobbled
streets and peruse some of the art
galleiies. Aeiwaid, head to Motovun,
a beautiful medieval town boasting
Venetian colonial architecture. Pause
for a lunch that features Istrias famous
trufes. Later, visit Pore, an ancient
town famous for its sacred buildings
dating from the Roman and early
Chiistian eia. Walk thiough Euphiasius
Basilica, one of the nest of the eaily
Byzantine chuiches and a UNESCO
Woild Heiitage Site, to see mosaics,
alabaster, marble, mother-of-pearl
and stucco. Admire the ruins of the
Roman temples of Mars and Neptune in
Marafor, the oldest part of the town.
Hotel Monte Mulini B L
JUN 6: Rovinj/Pula/Rovinj - Join a
walking tour of Rovinj, home to the
Batana House Eco-Museum. Discovei
the importance of the batana, the
traditional fshing vessel of Rovinj, to
the towns everyday life. Ten visit St.
Euphemia Cathedral. Later, drive to
Pula, with its imposing amphitheater
that could accommodate 20,000
spectators during the gladiatorial
fghts. Continue to the Arch of Sergius,
lavishly ornamented with columns and
friezes. Hotel Monte Mulini B L
JUN 7: Rovinj/Ljubljana, Slovenia/
Lake Bled - Tiavel to Ljubljana,
Slovenia's capital. Aei lunch, embaik
on a walking tour through the old part
of the city, stopping at the 18th-centuiy
cathedial, a Baioque palace of pink
marble, white stucco and colorful
frescoes. See the Magistrat town hall
with its arcaded Gothic inner courtyard,
the Shoemakei's Biidge and the Jewish
quarter. Later, a guest speaker joins you
for a discussion of Slovenias ascension
to the European Union. Vila Bled B L
JUN 8: Lake Bled - Boaid a hand-
propelled gondola known as a pletna
and cioss bieathtaking Lake Bled to
the small island in the center and walk
through the castle that clings to a rocky
cli. Youi aeinoon is at leisuie. You
may prefer to join Ladislas for a walk
through Vintgar Gorge, where the
Radovna River thrashes loudly against
its rocky confnes. Dine on regional
specialties this evening in the medieval
village of Radovljica. Vila Bled B D
JUN 9: Lake Bled/Salzburg, Austria
In the Julian Alps, white limestone peaks
soai to a height of 8,000 feet with deep
valleys, rivers of crystal-clear water,
blankets of thick forest and meadows
flled with wild fowers. Enjoy the
wonderful scenery as you descend into
the Soca Valley to Kobarid. Known as
Capoietto duiing Woild Wai I, the town
was at the center of the famous Isonzo
front as recorded by Hemingway in A
Farewell to Arms. At its small museum,
relive the tragic and brutal battle
between the Austrian and Italian armies.
Hotel Goldener Hirsch B L
JUN 10: Salzburg - Stioll thiough
charming Salzburg to see its elegant
Baioque houses and palaces, including
the 17th-centuiy Salzbuig Cathedial.
Take the oldest funicular in Austria
up to the imposing 11th-centuiy
Hohensalzburg Fortress. From there you
are rewarded with panoramic views over
the city and surrounding countryside.
is aeinoon, diive to Obeisalzbuig,
site of Hitlers luxurious mountain
retreat Adlerhorst (Eagles Nest).
Hotel Goldener Hirsch B L
JUN 11: Salzburg/Munich, Germany
Travel to Chiemsee, the largest of
the Bavaiian lakes. Take a boat to an
island in the lake on which Mad King
Ludwig II built his opulent Schloss
Herrenchiemsee. A private horse-
drawn carriage takes you to the schloss
(castle) foi a guided visit. Aei stopping
foi lunch in Piien, visit Wieskiiche, a
delightful Bavaiian Rococo chuich and
a UNESCO Woild Heiitage Site. Latei,
gather for a farewell dinner.
Mandarin Oriental, Munich B L D
JUN 12: Munich/USA or Canada
Transfer to the airport for your
homebound fight. B

Travelling Bell Boy service is included
throughout your journey.
Lush Vintgar Gorge
Lake Bled
28 A K M A R C O P O L O . C O M

8 6 6 2 5 2 3 8 3 6
The landscapes of Israel
and Jordan have millennia of
stories to tell: of palaces and
vaults built for ancient kings,
temples and mosaics honoring
saints, grooves lef t by Roman
chariot wheels and ancient
cities carved into rock. See the
sites of miracles and tragedies
and meet people who give you
insight into countries that have
strongly impacted the world.
APR 1 2: USA or Canada/
Tel Aviv, Israel - Boaid an oveinight
fight to Tel Aviv, where you receive
VIP assistance.
InterContinental David Tel Aviv
APR 3: Tel Aviv/Caesarea/Acre/Haifa/
Jezreel/Tiberias - Depait Tel Aviv this
morning and head to Caesarea to see
the Roman and Crusader ruins and the
harbor from which St. Paul was taken
as prisoner to Rome. Continue to the
poit town of Acie, a UNESCO Woild
Heritage Site, and walk under the vast
archways of the Crusader Knights Hall.
Stop in Haifa to view the Bahai Temple.
Next, visit the Jezieel Valley, wheie
several Old Testament battles were
fought. It is also said to be where the
fnal battle between good and evil, also
known as Armageddon, will be fought.
Arrive in Tiberias and gather for a
welcome dinner. Te Scots Hotel B L D
APR 4: Tiberias - Visit the Hula
Nature Reserve, home to crane, black
and common stork, pelican, pygmy
cormorant and several types of heron.
April 1 15, 2011 | 15 days | Tour Director Ross Voss
From the Holy Land
to the Hashemite Kingdom
The magnificent Dome of the Rock, towering above Jerusalem
The red rocks of Wadi Rum
Continue to Banias to view some of the
histoiic pagan, Jewish and Chiistian
remains and to Katzrin. In Capernaum,
visit the ancient synagogue wheie Jesus
taught. Fiom the Mount of Beatitudes,
look down over the Sea of Galilee. At
sunset, board a private boat for a cruise
on the Sea of Galilee. Te Scots Hotel B L
APR 5: Tiberias/Nazareth/Beit Alpha/
Jerusalem - In Nazaieth, gain insight
into daily life 2,000 yeais ago when you
explore the Church of the Annunciation
and the old synagogue. Ten view the
ancient synagogue in Beit Alpha with its
mosaic ooi. Tiavel to Jeiusalem and the
biblical site of Jeiicho.
King David Jerusalem Hotel B L
APR 6: Jerusalem - Exploie the Isiael
Museum, housing extensive biblical and
Holy Land collections, including the
Dead Sea Scrolls. Visit Yad Vashem, the
Jewish people's living memoiial to the
Holocaust, and speak with a Holocaust
suivivoi. Aei lunch, walk thiough the
underground tunnel adjacent to the
histoiic Westein Wall. Continue to the
Last Supper Room, commemorating
the ioom in which Jesus shaied his nal
meal with his disciples. Ten view the
tomb of David.
King David Jerusalem Hotel B L
APR 7: Jerusalem - Paiticipate in an
archaeological dig in ancient tunnels
near the ancestral home of King Herod
in Beit Guviin National Paik. Aeiwaid,
join a local winemaker for lunch on
his terrace overlooking the Valley of
Ella, the location of the famous battle
between David and Goliath.
King David Jerusalem Hotel B L
APR 8: Jerusalem - Fiom the Mount
of Olives you have a wonderful view of
Jeiusalem. At the foot of the hill, gaze
at the Garden of Gethsemane with its
ancient olive trees. Continue to the
temple area and the Dome of the Rock;
then follow the Via Dolorosa, said to
be the ioad Jesus walked en ioute to his
crucifxion. Pass by the Stations of the
Cross on the way to the Church of the
Holy Sepulchre. Te remainder of the
day is at leisure.
King David Jerusalem Hotel B
APR 9: Jerusalem - Take a cable cai
up to Masada to explore the location
of King Herods palaces and baths.
Aeiwaid, you may oat in the buoyant
waters of the Dead Sea. Ten head to
Qumran, where the Dead Sea Scrolls
were discovered. Tonight, have dinner in
the historic American Colony Hotel.
King David Jerusalem Hotel B L D
APR 10: Jerusalem/Amman, Jordan
Explore Herodiums fascinating fortress
and Heiod's Tomb. In Bethlehem, visit
the Church of the Nativity, resting over
the cave wheie it is thought Jesus was
boin. Aei lunch, diive via the Allenby
Biidge to Amman, Joidan.
Four Seasons Hotel Amman B L D
APR 11: Amman - Exploie Jeiash,
known as the Pompeii of the Middle
East for its well-preserved Roman
ruins; the grooves of chariot wheels are
still visible in the cobbled streets. At the
Roman Army and Chariot Experience,
watch a demonstration of Roman army
waifaie techniques. is aeinoon,
tiavel to the 12th-centuiy Aljoun Castle
foi a splendid view of the Joidan Valley.
Four Seasons Hotel Amman B L
APR 12: Amman/Madaba/
Wadi Rum/Petra - Admiie the views
from Mount Nebo, a place of pilgrimage,
and then head to Madaba, known for
its spectaculai Byzantine and Umayyad
mosaics, including the famous sixth-
centuiy mosaic map of Jeiusalem and
the Holy Land. Continue to Wadi Rum,
where T. E. Lawrence (of Arabia) lived
with Bedouin allies duiing Woild Wai I.
Mvenpick Resort Petra B L
APR 13: Petra - Spend the day
exploring the rose-red city of Petra,
sculpted from a mountain range by the
Nabataeans in the thiid centuiy BC.
Visit the Treasury, the Temple of the
Winged Lions and othei iuins. is
evening, savor an unforgettable private
candlelit dinner in the mountain-carved
city of Al-Beidha (Little Petia") as
musicians play classical Arabic music.
Mvenpick Resort Petra B L D
APR 14: Petra/Amman - Retuin to
Amman foi an aeinoon at leisuie.
Four Seasons Hotel Amman B
APR 15: Amman/ USA or Canada
Boaid youi ight. B
Tel Aviv
Dead Sea
Sea of Galilee
Allenby Bridge
30 A K M A R C O P O L O . C O M

8 6 6 2 5 2 3 8 3 6
Travel aboard luxurious Rovos
Rail, beginning in Pretoria,
the administrative capital
of South Africa. Journey
through diamond country, past
bougainvillea-lined streets
to Namibias sky-high desert
dunes. Visit national parks
teeming with game, and end
your journey on the mysterious
Skeleton Coast of f the Atlantic
Ocean in Swakopmund.
MAY 1 2: USA or Canada/
Johannesburg, South Africa - Depait
on an oveinight ight to Johannesbuig.
Until gold was discoveied in 1886,
Johannesbuig was an untouched
savannah. Today it is the economic
and industrial center of South Africa.
Troughout your journey, your Tour
Director Tony, who is also a professional
photographer, ofers tips for capturing
your memories in photographs.
Te Westclif
MAY 3: Johannesburg - Discovei the
origins of man when you visit the Cradle
of Humankind, a UNESCO Woild
Heritage Site nestled in the peaceful
Sterkfontein rural valley. It is the worlds
richest hominid site, dating from the
early Stone Age. Have lunch here and
ietuin to youi hotel late this aeinoon.
Tis evening, gather for a welcome
dinner of a fusion of exotic favors in a
chic, modern African setting.
Te Westclif B L D
May 1 - 12, 2011 | 12 days | Tour Director Tony Staadecker
Diamonds & Desert Dunes
Elegant Rovos Rail making its way through South Africa
MAY 4: Johannesburg/Rovos Rail
Spend the morning exploring
Johannesbuig. Diive thiough Soweto, a
town famous in the era of apartheid.
Te township was established as a
result of the segregation practices and
laws that designated where African,
black and Indian people could and
could not live. Continue to the
Apartheid Museum, which takes a
moving look at the historical journey
of the South Afiican people. Aei
lunch in Pretoria, step aboard Rovos
Rails luxury train, the Pride of Africa,
en route to Kimberley. Established
in 1989, Rovos Rail has eained an
international reputation for its world-
class travel experiences. Rohan Vos, a
successful auto parts business owner,
was always obsessed with mechanical
things. Tanks to a Magaliesberg train
trip for business suppliers, his friends
passion for trains and the work done
by the Railway Preservation Society in
Witbank, Vos attended an auction to
buy a coach or two, restore them and
hitch them to a South African Railways
train as a family caravan. He bought
several coaches, had them rebuilt and
eventually decided to run a vintage
train as a business venture. Vos let his
imagination go, and the result was an
elegantly restored locomotive and seven
carriages that set of for a frst voyage
to the Eastern Transvaal. Two decades
later, Rovos Rail continues to preserve
railway history and ofers a fascinating
journey. Settle on board and see how
the classic, wood-paneled coaches with
their traditional furnishings and elegant
period dcor impart the ambience of a
bygone era. As you travel, you may wish
to go to the observation cars and watch
the stunning scenery from the enlarged
windows and open-air balconies. Later,
freshen up in your suite before having
dinner in the pillared Victorian dining
car. Rovos Rail B L D
MAY 5: Kimberley - When gold was
discoveied on the Witwateisiand
in 1886 and Rhodes and De Beeis
consolidated the diamond industry two
years later, Kimberleys wealth ebbed
away and never returned. Explore the
charming town that remains relatively
untouched, mainly due to the continued
piesence of De Beeis, the woild's laigest
specialist diamond distributor. Visit the
Diamond Museum and the display of
historical memorabilia housed next to
the Big Hole," the laigest man-made
excavation in the world. Tis site was
originally a small hill, but once the
prospectors began their furious digging
for gold and diamonds, it became a
703-foot-deep hole with a peiimetei of
one mile. Rovos Rail B L D
MAY 6: Fish River Canyon, Namibia
Cross the border into Namibia, a
country about half the size of Alaska and
renowned for the haunting beauty of its
stark, diverse landscapes. Tis is a land
of many faces, including shiing dunes;
the fat plains and sandy riverbeds of the
desert region; the high central plateau;
as well as the shallow Etosha pan, which
is one of the worlds most splendid game
parks. Although Namibia is the most
sparsely populated country in the world,
it boasts a iich blend of 13 dieient
ethnic groups. Arrive in Holoog and
disembark for an excursion in the
Fish River Canyon, second only to the
Grand Canyon in geological importance
because of its size and diversity of
wildlife. Te river fows intermittently,
but there is always water in some of the
pools, as long as there is no extreme
drought in the region. Large-mouth
yellowfsh, sharp-tooth catfsh and the
water monitor lizard can be found here.
You may spot baboon, rock dassie,
ground squirrel or klipspringer in the
canyon, as well as leopard and mountain
zebra. Rovos Rail B L D
MAY 7: Windhoek/Otjiwarongo
Aiiive in Windhoek, a beautiful aiea
flled with high, rocky hills covered
with acacia trees. Stop to visit the
TransNamib Museum, a national railway
and transport museum located in the
colonial main train station building in
the heart of the city. Learn about the
history of the railway system in German
southwest Africa and in Namibia when
you peruse artifacts from train stations
throughout Namibia. Embark on a
city tour and then pause for lunch at
the Okapuka Game Lodge. Go on an
aeinoon game diive in this lovely aiea
Elephant in Namibias Etosha National Park
A K M A R C O P O L O . C O M

8 6 6 2 5 2 3 8 3 6
Hot-air balloon over the Namib Desert
of gently rolling plains and bushland
savannah. It is home to a large variety of
birds and mammals, including antelope,
zebra, girafe, rhino and crocodile. Later,
reboard Rovos Rail. Rovos Rail B L D
MAY 8: Etosha National Park
Disembark and head to your fve-star
chalet-styled lodge, located in unspoiled
natuial bushland. is aeinoon, seaich
for game on a drive in Etosha National
Park. Te area consists of saline desert,
savannah and woodlands and is one
of Afiica's laigest paiks. Befoie dinnei,
there is time to take a dip in the pool,
have a drink in the lounge or visit the
lodges new spa and gym.
Kempinski Mokuti Lodge B L D
MAY 9: Etosha National Park - An
early-morning game drive focuses on the
Etosha Pan, a vast, shallow depression
of appioximately 3,000 squaie miles.
For most of the year, its dry, fat, salt-
encrusted surface shimmers in the heat,
creating a mirage of the parks wild
animals that appear to foat in dream-
like pools. Search for some of the parks
resident mammal and bird species,
including the rare and endangered black
rhino, black-faced impala, European
bee eater, the migratory lappet-faced
and white-backed vulture, pearl-spotted
and white-faced owl, and nightjar. Later,
rejoin the train in Tsumeb for lunch and
a ielaxing aeinoon. As the tiain leaves
Tsumeb, admire the colorful jacarandas
and bougainvillea that line the streets.
Rovos Rail B L D
MAY 10: Swakopmund - Aiiive in
Swakopmund, the capital of Namibia,
and transfer to your hotel, built in and
around the impeccably restored old
station building and within walking
distance of the town center just
two blocks from the beach. You are
welcomed with a champagne toast
on the beach and lunch at the hotel.
Aeiwaid, theie is time to ielax, admiie
the beautiful setting and freshen up
before setting out to visit the local
township. Swakopmund Hotel and
Entertainment Center B L
MAY 11: Swakopmund - Boaid piivate
chaitei boats at Walvis Bay Yacht Club
for a scenic trip through the harbor
and acioss to Pelican Point. Watch as
schools of dolphin escort you and play
alongside the boats. Witness the laige
seal colony of Pelican Point, and be
on the lookout for some large Cape
fur seal that may attempt to join you
on your boat. Te coastline is home
to some 100,000 Cape fui seal, with
20,000 iesiding on Pelican Point. If you
are lucky, you may see an occasional
whale, as well as pelican, famingo
and cormorant. Disembark near the
lighthouse and head to an old shipwreck
for a beach barbecue of fresh and grilled
oysters, mussels and traditional meats.
Te oysters are cultured locally and
have been rated as some of the best
in the woild. Aei lunch, ietuin to
youi hotel foi an aeinoon at leisuie.
Tonight, gather for a gala farewell
dinner in the desert. As you arrive, you
are welcomed by the sounds of African
drums echoing through the canyon.
Torch fames rise in brilliant spirals
against the black sky, and the light
bounces of the desert sands. Tables
draped in linen are lit by a myriad of
candles that refect the canyon walls.
As you dine on a delicious dinner,
settle back and enjoy the rhythmic
background music provided by a
marimba band. Swakopmund Hotel and
Entertainment Center B L D
MAY 12: Swakopmund/
Johannesburg, South Africa/USA or
Canada - Fly to Johannesbuig wheie
you connect with your international
departure fight. B
Believing gold in South Africa would appear as obviously as
it had in California and Australia, the first prospectors did
not understand the geology of the region and so made slow
progress. The gold-bearing reefs, with fine flecks of gold
rather than large nuggets, outcropped slightly on the surface
and then plunged below the earth at an angle, sloping inward
toward the center. The prospectors didnt realize they were
hovering above the richest gold the world has ever known:
the Witwatersrand Basin.
Almost a year later, in 1886, it was a man named George
Harrison who found the reef outcropping on a farm when he
was digging stone to help a widow build her house. Harrison,
who had searched for gold in Australia, recognized the white
pebbles sandwiched together as a gold-bearing formation
known as banket and thought, if crushed, it might yield an
ounce or two of gold from every ton of ore.
Harrison never became rich from his discovery, even though
it yielded the worlds largest gold deposits. In fact, within a
short time he gave up his discoverers rights for a mere 10
pounds. This was because the reefs, varying in thickness
from a tenth of an inch to 100 feet, were in most cases
covered by thousands of feet of hard rock. Mining required
a great deal of money, along with strong engineering skills.
Although Harrisons find brought swarms of prospectors, it
was only those with capital who could afford to dig, leaving
the diamond men of Kimberley in control ... and wealthy.
In contrast to the U.S., South Africas gold rush never really
ended. Today, the country is still one of the worlds leading
gold producers, and the Witwatersrand Basin, the heart
of South Africas gold mining operations for more than
100 years, remains the worlds largest untapped source
of gold. It has already yielded more than 41,000 tons of
the precious metal over a third of all the gold produced
throughout history.
34 A K M A R C O P O L O . C O M

8 6 6 2 5 2 3 8 3 6
Discover Perus rich history in
colonial Lima and ride horses,
go fishing and master the
native cuisine of the Colca
Canyon. Then cruise the
mighty Amazon River and its
tributaries on a journey few
have experienced, observing
the tropical flora and fauna
and abundant assortment of
vibrantly colored birds and
native wildlife that call it home.
MAR 10: USA or Canada/Lima, Peru
Arrive this evening in Lima, the City
of Kings, where you are transferred to
your hotel. Mirafores Park Hotel
MAR 11: Lima - Aei a moining at
leisure, have a welcome lunch at the
Hacienda Santa Rosa, the private home
of a distinguished family. Aeiwaid,
watch their Peruvian Paso horses
demonstrate their high-stepping and
comfortable gait. Ten embark on a
city tour that begins at Plaza Mayor, the
original site on which Lima was founded.
Continue to the historic Cathedral, see
the soldiers guarding the Presidential
Palace and walk to the church of San
Francisco. Mirafores Park Hotel B L D
MAR 12 13: Lima/Arequipa/Colca
Boaid a ight to Aiequipa, wheie you
are met and driven along a scenic route
to the Colca Valley, the worlds deepest
canyon. While you aie heie, engage in
the activity of your choice, including
sport fshing, bird watching, bicycling,
painting, cooking and horseback riding.
Las Casitas del Colca B L D
Watch an exclusive demonstration of Peruvian Paso horses at a private haciendaFlsb#cycleorrlde
March 10 - 19, 2011 | 10 days | Tour Director Diana Hidalgo
Condors, Canyons & the Amazon
A graceful condor flying over Colca Valley
MV Aqua leisurely cruising the Amazon River

moining is at leisuie, and this aeinoon
you fy from Arequipa to Lima.
Mirafores Park Hotel B
MAR 15: Lima/Iquitos/Amazon River
Visit the Larco Herrera Museum,
containing the largest private collection
of pre-Columbian art in the world.
Aei lunch, y to Iquitos and diive to
Nautas main wharf to board your luxury
expedition vessel. Aei a gloiious
Peruvian dinner, you may wish to enjoy
a nightcap on the Upper Deck. Immerse
yourself in Perus history, culture and
wildlife during the next four days as you
cruise along the mighty Amazon in an
adventure that few have experienced.
MV Aqua B L D
MAR 16: Amazon River/Yanallpa River
Boaid skis to exploie an amazing black
water stream, part of the vast Amazon
fooded forest. Your guides teach you
about the rainforest and its dynamic
life as you explore what scientists call a
gallery forest that creates a tunnel of
leaves because of its narrow vegetation.
Be on the lookout foi paiiot, macaw and
fufy monk saki monkey that follow
close to the skis. Late this aeinoon,
embark on a journey through the
Mirrored Forest, where towering
trees are refected in the black-water
river. Spot parrot, blue-yellow macaw,
a variety of primates and sloth enjoying
nature, unafected by human presence.
En route to Aqua, look for caiman, frog
and fshing bat. MV Aqua B L D
MAR 17: Amazon River/Hatum Posa
Lake - Ciuise the shoies of Hatum
Posa, a beautiful and intricate ox-bow
lake. As you follow its shores, watch
for monkeys and birds, including tern,
neo-tropic cormorant, egret, heron,
hawk and horned screamer. Ten take
the skif into other black-water lakes
in the fooded forest that are linked to
Hatum Posa. Walk to a neaiby village
and visit native subsistence farmers
who show you how they cultivate wild
plants and trees to earn farm income.
Deep in the primary forest, your guides
point out the wealth of fruit trees and
medicinal plants hidden in the jungle.
Ten board the skifs for a trip along
the Pacaya River to observe the activity
of the rainforest animals. Listen for
the warning signals made by howler
monkey maiking theii teiiitoiies. When
night falls, use special fashlights to
locate nocturnal creatures sending their
shrill calls across the tree tops.
MV Aqua B L D
MAR 18: "NB[PO3JWFSrBack on the
river as the sun rises, you see a treasure
trove of wildlife, including parrot,
macaw, toucan and many kinds of
monkey. Ten visit a popular dolphin
feeding spot. is aeinoon, tiy youi
hand at fshing in Carocurahuayte Lake,
home to moie than 3,000 species of
tropical fsh as well as the carnivorous
piranha. Continue to Iquitos for your
farewell dinner. MV Aqua B L D
MAR 19: Amazon/Iquitos/Lima/
USA or Canada - e excuisions this
morning depend on the water level of
the river. You may have the chance to
visit the lively riverside community
of Belen, wheie the houses and shops
actually foat on the river during certain
months. Stroll through the bustling
food market that serves the entire
Peiuvian Amazon. Aei lunch, exploie
Iquitos, accessible only by river or air.
Tis vivacious town, complete with a
house built by Gustave Eifel, was once
a rich center of the rubber industry. En
route, visit the Manatee Rescue Center
and learn how the manatee are cared
for in preparation for their return to
the wild. Join biologists who discuss
the project and its eforts to aid these
helpless mammals. Finally, stop at the
San Juan Amazonian Indian Maiket
foi a last chance to shop foi local cias.
Later, fy to Lima to connect with
your international departure fight or
continue to Cusco. B L

MAR 19 23, 2011 - Fly to Cusco,
the former ancient capital of the Inca
Empire. Explore the city, the ruins of
Sacsayhuaman and the Incan shrine
of Qenqo. Travel by Vistadome train
to Aguas Calientes, gateway to Machu
Amazon River
Colca Canyon
36 A K M A R C O P O L O . C O M

8 6 6 2 5 2 3 8 3 6
Within Ecuadors borders,
discover a wealth of vibrant
indigenous cultures, colonial
architecture, otherworldly
volcanic landscapes and
dense rainforest. Visit
charming villages that bask in
the shadows of mountainous
peaks and meet the local
people, who welcome you
with their proud spirit.
JUN 16: USA or Canada/
Quito, Ecuador - Aiiive in Quito, a
UNESCO Woild Heiitage Site with giand
colonial houses, a labyrinth of narrow
streets and ornate churches with altars
adorned in gold leaf. Hotel Plaza Grande
JUN 17: Quito - Join a colonial aits and
history specialist for a morning tour of
Quito, stopping in the Old Town. At La
Merced Church, view a collection of
oil paintings by artist Victor Mideros
and see its convent, famous for the
seven bells adorning its central tower.
Aei lunch, meet Ileana Viteii, an ait
professor, and visit her gallery where the
most important artists in the country
exhibit their work. Tis evening, attend
a welcome dinnei in the 18th-centuiy
Nacional Teatro Sucre building.
Hotel Plaza Grande B L D
JUN 18: Quito/Cotopaxi/Quito
Follow the Avenue of the Volcanoes
to Cotopaxi, one of the tallest active
volcanoes in the world. Continue to
Tigua, an artists colony known for
colorful paintings that depict rural
June 16 - 25, 2011 | 10 days | Tour Director Mariana Suarez
Land of the Incas & Colonials
Ecuadorian farmer near Cotopaxi volcano
Shopping for hammocks at the Otavalo market
village life. Observe families living
a traditional life, herding sheep and
llama and cultivating a variety of
potatoes and grains. Pause for lunch at
a local hacienda built on original Incan
grounds. Hotel Plaza Grande B L
JUN 19: Quito/Cuenca - Fly to
Cuenca; its rich colonial architecture
eained it UNESCO Woild Heiitage
Site status. Visit the blue-domed
cathedral, a neo-Gothic structure that
dominates the skyline. Explore the
Caari ruins at Pumapungo; then head
to the ethnographic museum and the
Conceptas Museum, which houses a
fne collection of religious art. Stop at
the renowned Panama Hat Factory, a
family business that has produced the
worlds fnest toquilla straw hats for fve
generations. Mansin Alczar B L
JUN 20: Cuenca/Gualaceo/Cuenca
Wandei thiough some of the cia
villages around Cuenca, including the
ceramic workshop of Eduardo Vega.
As you leave the villages, enter a world
of tranquility, with green rolling hills
sparsely accented with farmhouses and
cows. Have lunch at a local hacienda;
then return to Cuenca for time at leisure.
Mansin Alczar B L
JUN 21: Cuenca/Quito/Zuleta - Retuin
to Quito by air; then drive through
dramatic mountain landscapes dotted
with tiny villages to Cochasqui, a
ceremonial site at the foot of Mojanda
Mountain. See the burial pyramid
and mounds made of cangahua (local
volcanic material) that belonged to
Quito's ist inhabitants. Aeiwaid,
join the owneis of the 17th-centuiy
Hacienda La Compaia for lunch and
a tour of the chapel, gardens and rose
faim. Continue to youi 16th-centuiy
hacienda hotel in the Ecuadorian Andes,
a colonial working farm owned by the
family of a former president of Ecuador.
While you aie heie, paiticipate in the
many available activities; horseback
riding is the specialty. At sunset, enjoy
wine and cheese by the freplace.
Hacienda Zuleta B L D
JUN 22: Zuleta - You may want to
take an early morning hike to view
the countless birds of the area, some
of them rare species such as the black-
crowned night heron and the black-
chested buzzaid eagle. Aei bieakfast,
hike, bike or ride horseback to the
Condoi Biospheie Reseive. Leain
about the foundations efort to bring
the condor back to this part of the
Andes and observe rescued condor
in the aviary. Visit a trout farm before
going to the Caranqui burial mounds
and the pyiamids. Aei lunch, watch
artisans doing colorful needlework in
an embroidery shop run by a womens
community cooperative. Perhaps take
a horse-drawn carriage to visit the
foundation-run library, where local
children are assisted with homework.
If you prefer, embark on a more
challenging hike to Condor View where
you may see a family of spectacled bear.
Hacienda Zuleta B L D
JUN 23: Zuleta - Get to know the local
people though their songs, dances,
parades and colorful costumes when
you join them to celebrate the Festival of
San Juan, honoiing St. John the Baptist.
Hacienda Zuleta B L D
small town of Otavalo is justly renowned
for its friendly people and their market.
Spend today wandering the stalls and
baigaining foi tiaditional handicias.
Return to Quito for a farewell dinner
in the 16th-centuiy Santo Domingo
monastery. Swissotel Quito B L D
JUN 25: Quito/USA or Canada
Boaid youi homebound ight oi
continue to the Galapagos. B
JUN 25 JUL 3, 2011 - Fly to the
Galapagos and boaid MV 'Eclipse' foi a
frsthand look at one of the worlds most
remarkable ecosystems and its wildlife.
Watch sea lion sunbathing, dodge Sally
Lightfoot crab scuttling past on the
beach and catch the impassive eye of a
century-old tortoise. As you sail between
islands, there are numerous activities
to partake in, from wildlife lectures to
stargazing on the ships deck.
38 38 A K M A R C O P O L O . C O M

8 6 6 2 5 2 3 8 3 6
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40 40 A K M A R C O P O L O . C O M

8 6 6 2 5 2 3 8 3 6
noted in the itinerary; meals as specied; arrival and departure transfers
(regardless of days of arrival and departure); fully guided sightseeing as
noted in the itinerary (including park and entrance fees); local bottled
water during sightseeing; select beverages with group meals; services of
an A&K Tour Director; handling of two pieces of baggage per person for
international ights (other conditions/restrictions may apply for internal
routes; please refer to Baggage section); hotel taxes; and gratuities
throughout, except to your Tour Director (please see separate section on
Gratuities for more details).
ON EXTENSIONS: All extensions are locally guided.
MARCO POLO PROGRAMS: Gratuities are included for hotel and
restaurant staf, porterage and local guides and drivers. Gratuities are not
included for the A&K Tour Director, which are at the travellers discretion
and should be based on the level of satisfaction with the service received.
Where applicable, gratuities to ship crews and camp staf are also not
included in the escorted group program price and are at the discretion of
the traveller. Recommended guidelines for each area visited are provided
in A&Ks pre-tour documentation.
Travel Protection Program; international and internal airfares, unless
otherwise noted; costs associated with obtaining passports or entry visas;
airport departure taxes, unless otherwise noted; excess baggage charges;
gratuities to the A&K Tour Director on Marco Polo Programs or ships
crew/camp staf as outlined in the GRATUITIES ON MARCO POLO
PROGRAMS section; meals other than specied in the itinerary; beverages
other than noted in your pre-tour documentation; sightseeing not included
in the itinerary; and personal expenses such as laundry, communication
charges and optional activities (which are subject to availability)
GUARANTEED DEPARTURES: All departures are guaranteed, with
some dates being subject to a minimum number of passengers to
operate; (excepting cases of force majeure, which could include any
major world event that adversely afects international travel patterns
and other circumstances beyond A&Ks control). Should the minimum
number of passengers not be met, A&K will ofer one of the following
options: modify the services of the original program to accommodate
a smaller group or ofer an alternative program. Should no alternative
be suitable, A&K will ofer a full refund of all monies received.
ITINERARIES: Accommodations including vessels and arranged
sightseeing are subject to change at any time due to unforeseen
circumstances or circumstances beyond Abercrombie & Kents control. Every
efort will be made to operate itineraries as planned, but alterations may
occur after the nal itinerary has been issued. A&K also reserves the right to
withdraw a program or any part of it, to make alterations to the itinerary or
the program inclusions as it deems necessary or desirable, and to pass on to
tour members any costs caused by delays or events beyond its control.
SPECIAL REQUESTS: Specic requests such as adjacent or connecting
rooms, bedding requests, smoking or non-smoking rooms and special
dietary needs should be advised at time of booking. Please note that
every efort will be made to secure a special request; however, it cannot
be guaranteed in advance of travel.
PRICES & ARRANGEMENTS: Quoted program prices include
planning, handling and operational charges and are based on current
rates of exchange, tarifs and taxes. A&K reserves the right to increase
program prices to cover increased costs, tarifs, taxes and V.A.T. received
after prices are published and to reect uctuations in foreign exchange
markets. A&K is under no obligation to give a breakdown in costs
involving any Marco Polo program. Modication of program content to
accommodate a smaller group size will not afect the published program
price. Your Marco Polo Club discount is included in the advertised
program price, inclusive of extra services.
IMMEDIATE CHECK-IN: On programs where immediate check-in
has not been included in the program price, A&K has requested that
all hotels provide this service when possible; however, it cannot be
guaranteed. Most hotels allow check-in to take place during the mid-
afternoon. Should you wish to have a guaranteed room ready for your
immediate check-in upon arrival, it can be arranged for an additional
charge. Please ask A&K for details and prices
EARLY ARRIVAL: A&K recommends that you arrive a day or two
before the start of your planned program to allow time to relax and
refresh after your journey. To help you prepare for the start of your tour,
A&K has negotiated favorable overnight rates at many hotels; please ask
for details at time of booking. Departing early from the U.S. and Canada
during the winter months is strongly recommended due to possible ight
disruptions and cancellations caused by inclement weather.
ACTIVE ELEMENTS: Some active elements have been incorporated into
select itineraries. To enjoy the trip as intended, a minimum level of tness
is required. A&K will require notice if any participant has any physical or
other condition or disability that could create a hazard to him or herself
or to other members of the group. A&K reserves the right to decline
acceptance of anyone whom it considers unsuitable due to tness level.
A&K also reserves the right to remove from the trip, at the participants
own expense, anyone whose condition is such that it could create a
hazard to him or herself or others, or otherwise impact the enjoyment of
other passengers. Should you have any questions or need any clarication
about a specic program, please ask for details at time of booking.
specially designed travel protection program, which provides cancellation
coverage, medical coverage and protection against lost or damaged luggage,
is not included in the program price and is strongly recommended.
CHILD POLICY: Unless otherwise indicated on the individual tour, a
minimum age of 10 years is required. Some activities contained within an
itinerary may have a diferent age restriction from the overall minimum
age requirement. Details will be provided at the time of booking.
PASSPORTS & VISAS: Valid passports are required for all international
destinations. Check with your travel agent or A&K for the latest visa
requirements. Please note that non-U.S. passport holders are responsible
for obtaining the required documentation applicable for entry. Passports
must be valid for six (6) months after the return of your journey and should
also have sufcient blank pages for visas and immigrations stamps. A&K
cannot be held responsible should you be denied entry to a country due
to non-compliance with these requirements. A copy of your valid passport
must be submitted to A&K in order to conrm air reservations.
this brochure, a deposit of $1,250 per person is required at the time
of booking. Final payment is due 90 days prior to departure. If your
reservation is made within 90 days of departure, the entire cost of the trip
must be paid at the time of the request in order to secure conrmation.
CANCELLATION CHARGES: Cancellations received by A&K 90 days
or more prior to departure will be subject to a $500 per-person/per-tour
cancellation fee; 89-60 days prior will be subject to 20% of the program
price; 59-30 days prior will be 50% of the program price; and 29 days or
less prior to departure will be subject to 100% of the program price.
hotel nights and other extra services booked in connection with A&K
programs are subject to the following: Cancellations received 31 or more
days prior to the service will be refunded in full; cancellations received 30-
15 days in advance will be charged 50% of the price; and cancellations
received less than 15 days in advance will be charged 100% of the price.
AIR TRANSPORTATION: International airfares are not included in
program pricing. Abercrombie & Kent USA, LLC, has special agreements
with many carriers and can ofer quotations from any gateway. Please
ask your tour consultant about our special fares. All international
and internal air quotes are subject to change and can carry penalties
and surcharges until nal payment has been received by A&K. Flight
conrmation is based on availability. Air reservations cannot be
conrmed until a passport copy is received by A&K. PLEASE NOTE
Airlines concerned are not to be held responsible for any act, omission
or event during the time passengers are not on board their planes or
conveyances. These programs may use the services of any IATA carrier.
International air carriers are subject to international air conventions limiting
their liability. The limitations of liability are contained on the reverse side of
the airline ticket or e-ticket receipt, or on the carriers web site, and form part
of the terms and conditions of this package. The passage contract in use by
these companies, when issued, shall constitute the sole contract between
the companies and the purchaser of these travel programs and/or passage.
BAGGAGE: Abercrombie & Kent provides handling of two pieces of
baggage per person. Weight restrictions on some routes on internal/
domestic ights may apply; details will be provided with pre-tour
documentation. Baggage and personal efects are at the owners risk
throughout the travel program, and A&K assumes no liability for lost or
damaged baggage. Please check with your international carrier for other
baggage restrictions applicable to your international ights.
CLAIMS & REFUNDS: Refunds are not made for any missed services,
except for veriable extenuating circumstances. Please see our Limits
on Abercrombie & Kents Responsibility clause below. For veriable
claims to be considered, they must be received in writing within 30 days
of the termination of the program and be accompanied by supporting
documentation and/or a statement from the local destination company
verifying the claim. Any adjustment considered will be based on the actual
price of the services involved and not on a per diem basis. Adjustments will
not be made for unused sightseeing trips or meals. A&K will not accept any
liability for any claims that are not received within 30 days of the termination
of your travel program. All claims for days missed while travelling should be
made in writing within 30 days of the termination of the program.
PHOTOGRAPHY DURING TRAVEL: Abercrombie & Kent reserves
the right to take photographs during the operation of any program or
part thereof and to use them for promotional purposes. By booking a
program with A&K, program members agree to allow their images to
be used in such photographs. Program members who prefer that their
images not be used are asked to identify themselves to their Tour Director
at the beginning of their program.
Abercrombie & Kent USA, LLC, its employees, shareholders, ofcers,
directors, successors, agents and assigns (collectively A&K), does not
own or operate any entity which is to or does provide goods or services
for your trip. It purchases transportation (by aircraft, coach, train, vessel
or otherwise), hotel and other lodging accommodations, restaurant,
ground handling and other services from various independent suppliers
(including from time to time other afliated Abercrombie & Kent
companies). All such persons and entities are independent contractors.
As a result, A&K is not liable for any negligent or willful act of any such
person or entity or of any third person.
In addition and without limitation, A&K is not responsible for any injury,
nancial or physical loss, death, inconvenience, delay or damage to
personal property in connection with the provision of any goods or
services whether resulting from but not limited to acts of God or force
majeure, illness, disease, acts of war, civil unrest, insurrection or revolt,
animals, strikes or other labor activities, criminal or terrorist activities
of any kind, overbooking or downgrading of services, food poisoning,
mechanical or other failure of aircraft or other means of transportation or
for failure of any transportation mechanism to arrive or depart on time.
There are many inherent risks in adventure travel of the type involved
here, which can lead to illness, injury, or even death. These risks are
increased by the fact that these trips take place in remote locations, far
from medical facilities. Passenger assumes all such risks associated with
participating in this trip.
TRAVEL ADVISORIES & WARNINGS: It is the responsibility of the
traveller to become informed about the most current travel advisories
and warnings by referring to the U.S. State Departments travel web
site at or by phone at 888 407 4747. In the event of an
active State Department Travel Warning against travel to the specic
destination location(s) of the trip, should the traveller still choose to
travel, notwithstanding any travel advisory or warning, the traveller
assumes all risk of personal injury, death or property damage that may
arise out of the events such as those advised or warned against
ARBITRATION AGREEMENT: Any controversy or claim arising out of
or relating to these Terms and Conditions, to the Limits on Abercrombie &
Kents Responsibility clause, to the brochure, to any information relating
in any way to the trip, to the trip itself, or to any products or services
related to the trip, shall be settled solely and exclusively by binding
arbitration in Chicago, Illinois, in accordance with the Commercial
Arbitration Rules of the American Arbitration Association, except that
(a) in lieu of a personal appearance at arbitration, the arbitration may
be conducted by telephonic means, (b) arbitration is the exclusive forum
for dispute resolution (no court actions), and (c) except as otherwise
provided by statute, each party shall bear its own costs and expenses and
an equal share of the arbitrator and administrative fees.
TRAVELLERS REPRESENTATIONS: The traveller represents that
neither he nor she nor anyone travelling with him or her has any physical
or other condition or disability that could create a hazard to him or herself or
other members of the tour. A&K reserves the right to decline to accept anyone
on a trip, and to remove from the trip, at his or her sole expense, anyone
whose condition is such that he or she could create a hazard to himself or
others, or otherwise impact the enjoyment of other passengers on the trip.
Any payment to Abercrombie & Kent constitutes your acceptance of the
terms and conditions set out herein and in more specic pre-departure
passenger documentation, including the personal information form.
Abercrombie & Kent accepts all major credit cards.
PHOTOGRAPHY: Aqua Expeditions, Arco Images GmbH, Sbastien
Baussais, Arlue Briggs, Barbara Cunningham, Guy Edwardes, Rami Girgis,
Godong, James Gritz, Hemis, Jordan Tourism Board, Marion Kaplan, Pat
Koziar, Lonely Planet Images,, Namibia Tourism Board,
Christine Osborne, Pete Oxford, Ivo Pervan, Anthony Plummer, R H
Productions, Rolf Richardson, Pep Roig, Steve Rowland, Risa Sekiguchi,
Eitan Simanor, Felix Stensson, Keren Su, Gerald Sullivan, Thinkstock,, V&A Images
Cover Image:
Woman in traditional Sani dress, Yunnan Province, China
2010 Abercrombie & Kent USA, LLC. ABERCROMBIE & KENT,
TRAVEL, TRAVELLING BELL BOY and the ampersand design are service
marks owned by Abercrombie & Kent Group of Companies, S.A. The
service marks and trademarks of airlines appearing in this brochure and on are owned by the respective companies mentioned.
Please check with Abercrombie & Kent for current pricing on our special international airfares.
For more information, contact your travel professional, call Marco Polo Club at 866 252 3836 or visit


Temples, Palaces &
the Spectacle of Indias
12 14/13 18 $7,335 $2,145
Kolkata / Bhubaneswar /
Hyderabad / Chennai
economy $625 21
Laos & Myanmar
(based on deluxe
16 14/13 18 $10,475 $2,925
Bangkok / Luang Prabang
/ Bangkok / Yangon /
Heho / Bagan - Mandalay
/ Yangon / Bangkok
economy $1,785 10
Yunnan in the Spring
Mountains, Meadows
& Hill Tribes
18 13/12 18 $8,995 $2,160
Hong Kong / Kunming /
Jinghong / Lijiang - Dali /
Kunming / Shanghai
economy $1,575 16
Indias Himalayan
Kingdom of Ladakh
20 13/12 18 $5,995 $1,450 Delhi / Leh / Delhi economy $690 5
Iberias Galicia &
the Costa Verde
22 14/13 18 $9,575 $965 None - - 16
From the Adriatic to
the Alps
26 12/11 18
$9,195 $2,285
None - - 1
From the Holy Land
to the Hashemite
28 15/14 18 $11,855 $2,680 None - - 1
Diamonds & Desert
30 12/11 18
$13,375 $4,195 Swakopmund /
economy $485 1
Condors, Canyons
& the Amazon
34 10/9 18 $8,625 $3,455
Lima / Arequipa / Lima /
Iquitos / Lima
economy $995 10
Machu Picchu
35 5/4 18 $3,570 $1,500 Lima / Cusco / Lima economy $495 19
Land of the Incas &
36 10/9 18 $6,420 $1,395 Quito / Cuenca / Quito economy $215 16
The Galpagos
37 8/7 18 $6,755 $5,750
Quito / Galapagos /
economy $565 25
Please call your travel professional
or Abercrombie & Kent at 866 252 3836
or visit our web site at