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Speech Contest

Name : Roby Pandu Pradana Class : I B

Healthy lifestyle
Ladies and gentlemen, First of all I wish you ass wr wb and good morning. I would like to tell you about healthy lifestyle. Healthy is very expensive and we can not change our healthy to all valuable things in this world. we can not enjoy everything in this world nothing healthy. everything will be unvaluable without healthyness. so, that is that why healthy lifestyle is very important?. Here there are sometips how to take care our health.

1. First get gym At least we go running arround our house or push up, sit up, and skipping. That important achievement is we get wet but it is a must for us. 2. Second, don't be greedy All kind of foot it look nic[e,delicious, and we always to eat them. one important thing, we have to know that eat to much is not good for our health. eating to much cause our body fat. So our body look not proporsional. So we have to choose and measure all the thing that we it. Remember our stomach is not waste basket. 3. Third, avoid drug abuse Say no to drug! it means we can not be easily to eat drugs. Drugs can cause a variety of diseases, and even death. Ladies and gentlemen, that is all that i can tell you about healthy lifestyle. I hope it will be useful for us. thank you for your kind attention. And good morning!! wassalammualaikum wr wb!!!

Assalamualaikum wr.wb First of all, lets say all the praise and gratitude to Allah Swt due to all of His blessing, mercy, and guidance upon all of us. Shalawat and salam may everlastingly be upon our Great Prophet Muhammad Saw who have led and guided us from dark into bright path. To all the ladies, gentlemen, and audience I proud of, There must be no one here who wants to get sick. All we wish each day is being healthy. By being healthy we can then earn the life for our daily lives. With healthy body we can then do all the daily activities. We all know when we are sick, its not only our own selves who feel it, but also our wives will get busy to take care of us, our children will be ignored, and we surely will need enough money to cure the sickness. To be healthy all the time then we must take care of our health as best as we can. The way we can do from now on is to get used to run a healthy lifestyle in our daily routine. To all the ladies, gentlemen, and audience I respect, Preventing is much better than medicating. We have ever heard many cases that people spent some of their wealth just to cure their sickness, like heart disease, cancer they were suffering. However, health is indeed costly. No matter how much the money we have spent to cure the serious sickness, even tough it is cured, we could never regain our health condition just like the first time before we have the sickness. The best way to be kept away from various chronic sicknesses is by preventing the sicknesses to come. One of the best ways is by getting used to live a healthy lifestyle. To all the ladies, gentlemen, and audience I love, Surely we need to understand first what healthy lifestyle means Healthy lifestyle is someones habit to run healthy life in daily lives and avoid bad habits that can disrupt the health. What is the consequence by not doing healthy lifestyle? It could cause numerous sicknesses, such as heart diseases, hypertension, stroke, cancers, diabetes, chronic lung disease, obesity, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, and many more. All of these sicknesses are caused by three main factors, namely smoking, lack of physical activities and consuming fibrous meals. Therefore, to prevent all those illnesses we need to run a healthy lifestyle everyday. What are the benefits from running a healthy lifestyle? - Body will be healthier and stronger against sickness - Daily activities will run better and you look more attractive - More productive - Prevented from various contagions like heart disease, hypertension, stroke, diabetes, chronic lung disease, osteoporosis What is healthy lifestyle like?

1. Taking balanced and nutritious foods, high fiber, low fats 2. Doing physical activities for 30 minutes each day 3. Not smoking Thats all the things I can convey on this good occasion. I wish from now on we can take care of ourselves and our family from sicknesses by getting used to run a healthy lifestyle. I wish everything I said can be all-to-the good for everyone. Please forgive me for any mistake on my words. Wassalamualaikum wr.wb