Laptop status after installation of Microsoft Windows XP Professional and Ubuntu Breezy (20050921 build

Hardware Dell Inspiron 8600 – Intel 82855 chipset – Intel PentiumM 1.4GHz – Nvidia GeForce FX 5200Go – Intel ICH4 modem (Connexant chip) – Broadcom BCM4401 100Base-T – Intel Pro/Wireless 2200B/G – Texas Instruments PCI4510 PCMCIA bus – Intel ICH4 audio chip – UHCI/EHCI (USB1.1 and USB2) – Texas Instruments PCI4150 IEEE-1394 (Firewire) – ALPS touchpad – 6 multimedia keys on keyboard Intro From my previus experience I knew I have to install Windows before Linux, since Windows installation doesn't recognize non-Windows operating system, egxsisting on computer. It should be known that Breezy installation I used was development build from 21/09/2005. It's true, I do develop and package software for Ubuntu and it's true I might not be quite fair in this testing. That's why I won't give any conclusions, but only facts. Microsoft Windows XP Classic Windows installer starts right after choosing to boto from CD. It copies all the files that will be needed when real installer kicks in. Installer is easy to follow and it doesn't ask too many questions. If you do many Windows installations as I did, you will know that Windows installer adopts to recognized hardware. But, even tough it was quite easy, it did have some gaps. Non-english speeking users would have problems, since installer is english-only. After partitioning the disk, wich was quite easy, and a reboot, I got to the part of choosing my keyboard layout and locations. Now, this is very tricky part. I decided to choose English layout for keyboard, even tough I'm from Croatia. But I really wanted for system to know that I'm located in Croatia and I would love to have my locales set-up. So, that's why there is another button to choose locales. Even if I did choose Croatian locales (currency, time & date display, etc.), on other tab I had to choose Croatia again as a location. This is just to many clicks to just setup locales... Now I get to 'time zone' questions. Even tough I told Windows that I'm

in Croatia and that I would love Croatian locales, installer suggested Pacific timezone. Why? Wasn't it obvius that I'm in Croatia and I would like to use timezone in Croatia? We have only one timezone in Croatia. Well, I had to make a search for Zagreb and choose it on the list. By the way, on the list were couple of “-1” timezones. Why? There is only one “-1” zone. This can be quite confusing if your city isn't listed. Then questions about workgroup and computer name. I understand default workgroup as WORKGROUP but I don't understand computer name. , What's with QER23456Z? For people is better to be quiet if they don't have anything smart to say. Why isn't this a rule for computers too? And, I don't understand one more thing. How can I setup my workgroup if I didn't setup my internet connection yet? Well, ok. After this few not-easy-to-understand stages and few easy-tounderstand, I got my Windows desktop. How does it look? Read on... Ubuntu Breezy As with Windows, installation starts booting from CD. But, not so fast! This installer asks you what type of installation do you want. Regular, custom regular, server or custom server? Uhm... I'll go with regular. Altough this is nice to have, there should be one option that would start if users doesn't choose anything. Wow! This installer talks Croatian! While Windows is english-only, this installer offers you to choose language on wich it would performe. Nice! Right after language, I'm being asked for keyboard. As with Windows, i would like to use english (us) layout. So, installer gives few options: select from list or autodetect. I tried autodetect and after pressing few keys it did figure out I would like to use american layout. This autodetection would work great if I would try to autodetect Croatian (one keystroke would be enough). Next is disk partitioner. If you go with manual it can get quite complicated. If you go with auto-partitioning, either entire disk or just free space, it would be like takeing icecream from a baby. Hm, how come Ubuntu did this right? It knew I'm in Zagreb. I didn't say that anywhere. This isn't related to language, since this happens even if you choose English for installation language. At last, my CD is out and Ubuntu restarts. Hm... Geek comment: why do I have -386 kernel, while I'm using pentiumM? It should've been -686. First login Since picture tells more then 1000 words, that's what I'll provide. Notice that I clicked on few “ballons” both on Windows (Windows tour and one I can't recall what it was about) and Ubuntu (Updates available since I installed operating system that's still being developed). Notice how Ubuntu is half Croatian, half English. Windows are English only.

I marked same devices with same color in Windows and Ubuntu. You can see Windows started in 1024x768 resolution, while Ubuntu in 1280x800. More information you can get in next table. This is situation of both systems out of the box: Deivce/function Audio Video Video widescreen Video 3D Wireless Ethernet Modem Hibernate Suspend to RAM (sleep) Touchpad ALPS functions Multimedia keys USB1.1 USB2 No Yes No No No* No No No No Yes No Yes Yes No Windows XP Yes Yes Yes No No* Yes No Yes No Yes No Yes Yes Yes Ubuntu Breezy

*Ubuntu – ipw2200 driver is loaded and network card is recognised, but firmware is needed. Windows – driver isn't loaded. Due firmware license (distribution is prohibited) this device will never work out of the box on any operating system.

As you can see, Ubuntu is better in support out of the box for this laptop. All “No” functions, bor both systems, can be easily renamed to “Yes” with few drivers. Notice that on Windows you will need a CD with drivers or a USB stick. Non of three network devices aren't working. On the other had, Windows starts a lot faster! A lot! This is very important for desktop, while it isn't of big importance for laptop (we all use sleep, don't we)?

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