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All by oneself alone With 2 feet biped With 4 feet quadruped A badly behaving child brat A child of unusual talent prodigy A former female student of a school / college alumna A former male student of a school / college alumnus A hater of mankind misanthropist One who hates marriage misogamist A man of letters scholar A man who is very attractive and girls fall easily in love with heartthrob A person authorised to act on behalf of the other proxy A person employed to drive a car especially for someone rich or important chauffeur A person engaged in indirect or irregular fighting guerrilla A person highly skilled in something adept A person punished for the mistake of others scapegoat A person running away from danger, injustice fugitive A person who completely abstains from alcohol, liquor teetotaller A man who accompanies another companion In-charge of a museum curator Physician who helps with delivery obstetrician A woman employed to clean the inside of a building charwoman Acrobatic movement of persons turning head over heels somersault Chief of a group of workmen foreman Lacking in skill amateurish Man who is womanish in his habits effeminate A member of the class of nobles aristocrat Token payment paid not as a salary but for a post held merely as a honour honorarium One who attends the disease of the eye oculist / ophthalmologist Professional rider in a horse race jockey One who builds ships shipwright One who collects stamps philatelist One who compiles a dictionary lexicologist, lexicographer One who cuts precious stones lapidist One who deals in cattle drover One who deals in fish fishmonger One who deals with silk, linen, cloth mercer One who draws maps cartographer One who draws plans draughtsman One who goes from place to place mending pots and pans tinker One who lends money against goods pawn broker One who makes and sells ladies hats milliner

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One who makes and sells candles chandler One who pastures cattle for the market grazier One who pays out money in a bank teller One who plans and designs buildings architect One who preserves the skins of animals and mounts them taxidermist One who sells articles at public sales auctioneer One who sells ribbons, lace and thread haberdasher One who studies rocks, soil geologist One who studies evolution of mankind anthropologist One who studies the past through objects left behind archaeologist One who studies the stars astronomer One who studies the working of the human mind psychologist One who takes care of buildings janitor One who travels from place to place selling religious articles colporteur One who is well-versed in the science of human races, their varieties and origin ethnologist A person who walks on ropes funambulist A person who works on feathers for apparel plumassier A person who writes in shorthand stenographer Art of making gold and silver instruments filigree People who work hard toilers The commander of a fleet admiral The treasurer of a college / university bursar