The Masks of Nyarlathotep Campaign for Arkham Horror


The Masks of Nyarlathotep is a famous and beloved campaign for Chaosium’s Call of Cthulhu role-playing game. It is a massive globe-spanning campaign, taking months to play fully, and is rather well known for chewing and spitting out many an investigator. Nyarlathotep, the Crawling Chaos, wearer of a thousand masks, has set into motion a monstrous plan designed to bring about the end of the world. If all goes according to plan, sometime in the near future, a dimensional gate will open in the sky high above the Indian Ocean, and through this gate will come the Outer Gods and other blasphemous entities which will wreak havoc on a scale never before seen or imagined. In 1919, Roger Carlyle, a wealthy playboy and dilettante, suddenly acquires a taste for Egyptian antiquities and launches (very publically) an archeological expedition to the ancient land of the Nile. The members of the expedition are an odd assortment of characters: Dr. Robert Huston, Carlyle’s psychologist, Sir Aubrey Penhew, founder of the Penhew Foundation, Hypathia Masters, photographer, M’weru, Kenyan Tribal Priestess, and Jack Brady, a soldier of fortune. Together they traveled to Egypt to much fanfare. But once in Egypt, they met with little success. Hypathia took ill and the expedition decided to leave Egypt for Kenya to relax and safari. It was on such a safari that the expedition was brutally attacked; its members, bearers and pack animals slaughtered. There the story seems to end. But rumors persist that some of the expedition may still be alive. And many of those who watch such things have noticed that cults around the world have grown more active lately. Something is clearly afoot. Then in 1926, you receive a telegram from a good friend of yours, Jackson Elias. Elias is a writer, journalist, and fearless investigator of the occult. The telegram asks for your help in a matter concerning the ‘lost’ Carlyle Expedition, and that he’d be arriving in New York City soon. He wants to meet with you as soon as possible. But before you can meet with him, word comes that Elias has been murdered. Clues at the crime scene suggest shadowy elements might be involved. You’re faced with two questions: do you dare pick up the trail of the Carlyle Expedition? Do you really want to go after those behind Elias’ murder? Components 8 Agents Dr. Henry Clive

Carlyle Nigel Wassif Old Bundari Warren Besart Yelsha 21 Campaign Cards A Conspiracy of Global Proportions A Serpent in Soho A Vengeful God Buckley's Ghost City of the Great Race Inhabited Once More Clive Expedition Arrives in Egypt Cultists Assault the Mosque of Ibn Tulun Evil Comes Home to Roost Forewarned and Forearmed Penhew's Rocket Rites Before the Sphinx The Black Cat The Brotherhood Takes Root in London The Cult of the Bloody Tongue Sets up Shop The Eye is Broken The Game Lodge The Plot Thickens The Resurrection of Nitocris The Spawn is Born v.The Masks of Nyarlathotep Campaign for Arkham Horror Hypathia Masters Lin Tang-Yu Queen Nitocris Roger Carlyle Sir Aubrey Penhew Tewfik Al-Sayed Tindoor Singh 18 Allies Agatha Broadmoor Chu Min Colonel Endicott David Dodge Dr.0 . Ali Kafour Faraz Najir Inspector Barrington Isoge Taro Jack "Brass" Brady James Gardener Jonah Kensington Kakakakatak Ma'Muhd Ms.1.

0 . Wheels and Mirrors The Mirror of Gal Twin Scepters x2 Tyuk Power Who-is-not-what-she-seems (Who) 59 Monsters Bertha Shipley (Ssathasaa) Buckly's Ghost Chakota v.The Masks of Nyarlathotep Campaign for Arkham Horror The Stars are Almost Right Werewolves of London 3 Common Items Electric Torch x3 6 Cult Leaders Dr. Robert Huston Edward Gavigan Ho Fung M'weru Mukunga Omar Shakti 8 Deposit Slips 3 Difficulty Cards One Thousand Masks Mild Distaste Gibbering Horror 8 Investigation Cards 49 Location Encounter Cards 7 Cairo Encounters 7 Egypt Beyond Cairo Encounters 7 Exotic Location Encounters 7 Kenya Encounters 7 London Encounters 7 New York City Encounters 7 Shanghai Encounters 20 Mask Item Cards Africa's Dark Sects Bundari's Flywhisk Enchanted Painting Eye of Light and Darkness x4 Goddess of the Black Fan Jackson Elias's Journal Life as a God Lightning Gun Model B Nitocris' Girdle Sword of Akmallah The Black Rites of Luveh-Keraph The Device of Rods.1.

Return Agents with one-time effects to the Box ▼ ❑Campaign Cards • ❑A new campaign card is drawn during the Mythos Phase once the Preparation Phase is over. and Side Adventure. Simply perform all actions described on the card. Most have continuous effects that tweak the game's rules.The Masks of Nyarlathotep Campaign for Arkham Horror v. remove it from play. or conditions met. Masks of Nyarlathotep 1 Ancient One Card. ▼ ❑Similar to Mythos Rumor Cards. Once a campaign card has been resolved. Event. Nyarlathotep. There are 3 types of Campaign Cards: Cult Leader.0 Children of the Sphinx x4 Devotee of the Bloated Woman x10 Eloise Vane Flying Polyp x2 Follower of the Bloody Tongue x10 Member of the Brotherhood x10 Mimis x2 The Black Sphinx The Black Wind The Bringer of Wisdom The Dark Serpent The Father of All Bats The Thing in the Fog Vern Slattery Worshiper of the Sand Bat x10 8 Spells Earthly Serenity x3 Ebon's Wheel of Mist x3 Strike Blind x2 1 Scenario Card. the Crawling Chaos ▼ ❑New Card Types ▼ ❑Agent Cards • ❑Similar to Blight Cards. Do not return it to the campaign .1. • ❑Cult Leader cards result in a new Cult Leader entering play • ❑Event cards either have 1 time or ongoing effects like typical Mythos cards • ❑Side Adventures have ongoing effects and pass/fail conditions • ❑There can be any number of Campaign Cards in play (either due to ongoing effects or pass/fail conditions). Agent Cards remain in play permanently once revealed. Some have one-time effects (these are clearly marked as such) that apply only when first revealed.

There can be any number of Cult Leaders in play at once. Exotic Locations are treated as Other World locations for the purposes of investigator unconsciousness and insanity. ▼ ❑Mask Item • ❑Special Items gained only through Encounters or Campaign Cards • ❑Some Mask items are marked as Cult Items. • ❑Linking locations are marked with a blue diamond • ❑To move from an Exotic Location to a linking location. Cult Leaders can be removed from play by eliminating all of their followers. Agent and Ally decks • ❑Keep the Allies that came with this expansion separate from the rest. • ❑Also place the Cult Leader. who might just steal them back. • ❑You can only move to Exotic Locals via certain encounters at 'linking' locations on the World Stage. ▼ ❑Cult Leader • ❑Treat as a Herald card while in play. These are items of special power that are prized by Nyarlathotep's followers. ▼ ❑Campaign Setup • ❑Use the Masks of Nyarlathotep Scenario Card and the AP Nyarlathotep. the Crawling Chaos • ❑Shuffle and place the Campaign and Location Decks near this card. It provides a source of Clue Tokens that cannot be lost (but are discarded upon use). Unlike Heralds. they cannot be discarded before being acquired • ❑Keep the spawn monsters that came with this expansion separate for use with the Cult Leaders and Campaign Cards ▼ ❑The World Stage Board ▼ ❑Exotic Locations • ❑Along with the standard locations (circle locations) are 4 Exotic (square) locals. Mask. • ❑Keep in mind that Cult Leaders have effects that play off other leaders belonging to the same Cult. you must make a Luck -2 Check ▼ ❑Linking The Exotics .The Masks of Nyarlathotep Campaign for Arkham Horror v. Cult Leaders are brought into play via campaign cards.0 deck. each investigator starts with an Investigation Card "The Fate of the Carlyle Expedition" this represents an investigator's progress in investigating Nyarlathotep's evil plot.1. ▼ ❑Deposit Slip • ❑Used to indicate which of an investigator's items have been deposited at the Bank of Arkham ▼ ❑Investigation • ❑When playing the Campaign.

. the Bent Pyramid • ❑The Throne Room of the Bent Pyramid--The Bent Pyramid • ❑Grey Dragon Island--Ho Fung's Warehouse • ❑City Beneath the Sands--the Australia Region ▼ ❑Regions ▼ ❑The Regions/Cities of the World Stage are the board's 'street areas. • ❑ Pay $2 while in a 'region' street area with a 'ship' symbol. though you may want to remove most of the Cult members (Followers. monsters do not move. regardless of movement symbol color. Starting on turn six you can move to and from the World Stage • ❑One way to adjust campaign difficulty is to change the amount of preparation time. draw and resolve a Campaign Card. ▼ ❑Monster Movement • ❑Monsters move normally from their initial location to the region 'street area. you cannot move to the World Stage • ❑At the end of the fifth turn.' They are treated as normal street areas for investigator and monster movement within the region. Play the first 5 turns as normal. Making Preparations • ❑Saving the world requires some preparation. ▼ ❑Combining with other Expansions/Non-Campaign play • ❑Most Mask components can be used for non-Campaign play.0 • ❑The Tunnels Under the Sphinx--The Sphinx.The Masks of Nyarlathotep Campaign for Arkham Horror v. ▼ ❑Campaign Preparation Phase ▼ ❑1. • ❑Australia • ❑Cairo • ❑Egypt Beyond Cairo • ❑Kenya • ❑London • ❑New York City • ❑Shanghai ▼ ❑Movement Between Regions ▼ ❑Moving between regions requires traveling by Sea. Monster in Cairo and or Beyond Cairo move back and forth between the two areas.' • ❑Once in the street area. with at least 1 movement point remaining to move to a new region with a ship symbol. Treat non-Cult Mask Items as typical unique items. ending movement once at the new region. You can add any of the monsters to the monster cup.1. though special text is still activated. • ❑Movement between Cairo and Egypt Beyond Cairo is free and costs no extra movement.

▼ ❑Credits • ❑Expansion created by Eli Margolese-Malin • ❑Artwork from Fantasy Flight Games.0 Members. Inc. Devotees. • ❑Set aside the Campaign. Agent and Cult Leader Cards. but it's best used only in full campaign mode. primarily from the Call of Cthulhu CCG • ❑The Masks of Nyarlathotep Campaign is a property of Chaosium. Publisher of the Call of Cthulhu RPG. Worshipers). • ❑You can use the World Stage Board.The Masks of Nyarlathotep Campaign for Arkham Horror v.1. • ❑This expansion was designed with the Strange Eons program developed by Christopher Jennings .

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