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Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies

(Bachelors of Business Studies)

Delhi University

Amtek Ring Gears Limited

Internship Report

Submitted to:
Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies Delhi University

Submitted by:
Deepak Kanojia, BBS 2nd year SSCBS, Delhi University

Table of Contents

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Declaration of Authenticity

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I, Deepak Kanojia, hereby declare that I have completed my internship at Amtek Ring Gears Limited and submitted the same. This report is my original work and is not submitted to any other organisation or company except Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies, University of Delhi for educational purpose. I have made my full efforts to complete and present the internship project successfully.

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This report documents the work done during the summer internship at Amtek Ring Gears Limited . The report first shall give an overview of the tasks done during the period of internship. Then the results obtained shall be discussed. I have tried my best to keep report simple. I hope I succeed in my attempt.

Deepak Kanojia

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT The Summer Internship at Amtek has been a quantum leap in terms of practical savvy understanding of management concepts, sincerity, diligence, and responsibility and above all self-confidence. At first I would like to gratitude my almighty to be with me and shower his blessings to complete this project. I would like to repay thanks to Parents who always supported me emotionally and financially without their support this project could not have been completed . In particular, I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Kulveer Chopra who gave me the opportunity to do my summer internship in Amtek without whose facilitation and cooperation, this project would not have been so fulfilling. I would like to say thanks to all my colleagues who knowingly or unknowingly support me to complete this project.

Company Introduction

Amtek Auto Group, comprised of Amtek Auto, Amtek India and Ahmednagar Forgings, is one of the largest integrated component manufacturers in India, with a strong global presence. It has 43 world class manufacturing facilities located in India (39) and Europe (4). With the infrastructure and technology platform developed over 25 years, the Group is well positioned in the Indian Auto and Non-Auto component markets. Amtek Auto is headquartered in New Delhi and is one of the largest integrated automotive component manufacturers in India with a strong global presence. The Company has world class facilities in India, Europe and North America. Amtek Auto has significant expertise in forging, grey and ductile iron casting, gravity and high-pressure aluminum die casting and machining and sub-assembly. The Company also manufactures components for nonauto sectors such as the railways, specialty vehicles, aerospace, agricultural and heavy earth moving equipment.

Amtek India Limited is a leading provider of iron cast automotive components in India. The Company's product portfolio consists of a range of components for 2/3 wheelers, cars, tractors, light commercial vehicles (LCV), heavy commercial vehicles (HCV) and stationary engines. The categories of components manufactured are connecting rod assemblies, cylinder blocks, flywheel assemblies and turbo charger housing.

Ahmednagar Forgings Limited is the second largest manufacturer of forged automotive components, cold forged parts and high tensile fasteners in India. Its product portfolio consists of a range of components for 2/3 wheelers, cars, tractors, light commercial vehicles (LCV), heavy commercial vehicles (HCV) and stationary engines. The categories of components manufactured are camshafts, connecting rods, crankshafts, crown wheel, hub and shafts.

Amtek Ring Gears Limited

Amtek Ring Gears Limited manufactures and supplies flywheel ring gear blanks and flywheel ring gears.It is a sub part of Amtek India Limited. It offers flywheel assemblies for automobile engines and stationary engines. The companys products are also used for automotive applications, including two-wheelers, passenger cars, LCVs, HCVs, marine engines, and agricultural and construction machines. Amtek RingGears Limited was formerly known as Benda Amtek Limited. The company was incorporated in 1995 and is based in Gurgaon, India. As of March 25, 2013, Amtek Ring Gears Limited operates as a subsidiary of Alliance Integrated .

Job Description

Start Date for Internship: 27th May, 2013 End Date for Internship: 22th July, 2013

Learn budgetary and financial policies and procedures by assisting with some portion of the budgetary process Assist Site Supervisor to determine budget for programs and events Collect and account for all fees remitted Complete weekly accounting reports

Assist with the calculation of employee payroll

Attend budget and financial meetings Banking work NEFT & RTGS Assist with month-end financial reports Data entry in excel


Gain insight into the working environment and understanding the culture of the company. Develop a skill set of gathering questions and asking appropriate personnel for assistance. Develop skills required to interact with senior management and staff (for example: Controller, managers, senior associates, staff, and office staff) in a professional manner. Gain a good understanding about the cash management policies of the company

Gain working knowledge about the inventory policies of the company and the inventory management process

Learn more about the insurance planning and other aspects of financial planning. Prepare or pull financial reports and related supporting analysis and analyze. Learn to work with the various divisions of the bank Working on Excel - Using computerized spreadsheets, apply basic arithmetic functions, absolute and relative cell addressing, and cell construction using justification, labels and values, copy and move function

Working at Amtek Ring Gears Limited, derived so many opportunities to learn something new & challenging. I took the things during my internship very seriously and accomplished them. I could really convert my basic/normal skills into the professional one. I could apply my bookish concepts on actual daily tasks in the best possible manner on order to achive my tasks. My internship really helped me to polish my communication & presentation skills. Interacting with so many people at an office level with the view to learn from their experiences helped me in building my confidence. From creation of the database to working with nationalised banks and highly experienced people, had described that how the actual work is done in office environment. Attending

meetings with the employees of the company, listening their discussions, their comments, their new & innovative ideas had changed my perception about corporate world.