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Key Point for Day 1 MDP Shift manager 1.

Roles Monitor daily operation such as crew performance, product and equipment to produce QSC&V. Maintain workplace safety while achieving sales target 2. Responsibilities - People Show leadership style Effectiveness communication Emphasize on Basic People Minimum Provide SOC training Give appreciative and constructive feedback Workplace Follow McDonalds safety policy Record and action if anything related to safety issues happened Perform checking and PM calendar tasks Food Safety Food safety checklist is always performed QSC/Sales building Use Pre-shift checklist and Shift Planning to achieve QSC Let the crew know about the result of Mystery shopper or SOR for improvement. Always follow up with crew Perform daily maintenance task. Profit Control food, labour, and equipment cost during shift.

Leadership Behaviours Communicates effectively and honestly Develops crew and managers Builds teamwork Influence by example Puts the customer first Organizes the work Supports change Plans beyond the shift

Our vision Customers favourites place and way to eat and drink

How we can promise (5 Promise)? People Products Place Price Promotion

Restaurant Operations Improvement Process (ROIP) (START) Business Planning Session -> Capturing Restaurant Opportunity visit -> FOR -> Follow up to failed visit (*where necessary) -> Consultant support visit -> SOR (END)

How we do ROIP? Customer feedback Employee commitment survey

Outcome of ROIP QSC, People & Food safety scores Identify root causes and diagnose opportunities to develop solutions Restaurant improvement goals and evolving action plan with focus on operations excellence, energizing crew and managers and growing the business

CSO Criteria 10 FC Friendly greetings & closings Attentiveness Effective communication Correct food & drink Hot & fresh sandwich

Hot, salted and crisp Fries Clean restroom Clean restaurant interior Clean Employees Total time under 5 minutes

8 DT Friendly greetings & closings Attentiveness Effective communication Correct food & drink Correct condiments

- Hot & fresh sandwich - Hot, salted, and crisp Fries - Total time under 5 minutes

5 Critical Drivers Fast Cleanliness Accurate Friendly Quality

Customer Recovery Process Listen attentively Apologize while demonstrating understanding Solve the problem/make it right Thank the customer

Profession Image Shadow of leader Appearance uniform and glooming Work life balance and being Game Ready Professional communication Delegation

Effective Feedback Appreciative feedback Constructive feedback Personality statement Behavior statement

5 Steps of Coaching Observe Give and receive feedback Demonstrate the right way Agree on what will change Follow up

Coaching is when one person creates and maintains a relationship with another person to make it easier for that person to learn and grow. Counselling is needed when crew choose not to complete task to the level required of them when they know what to do and how to do it. It is: Focused on changing crew behavior but not personality Conducted in private, relaxing environments Help others to help themselves Documented Done by shift manager or first assitant

It is used when: Rude violations Repeated performance issues After a confrontation or disturbance As a preventative before a situation becomes a problem

It is not used: To give someone motherly or fatherly advice Heart to heart talk Shape out or ship out To criticizing or blaming To change ones personalities