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Company Profile
Ironbridge System IBS stands as a market leader in providing ICT Solutions, System Integration, Support Services, IT Auditing and Outsourcing Services. With deep business process knowledge, highly skilled resources and collaborative working culture we are committed to delivering Performancecentric Technology Solutions for our Customers to help them become highperformance businesses.

IBS business rule is: Put yourself in your Customers place

IBS is a leading Independent Information Technology Service Provider Company, providing services across the globe. IBS award winning team inspires their Customers to outsource their IT needs to the multidimensional and experienced pool of professionals to enjoy your satisfaction. IBS offers a wide range of IT support services to the businesses. As part of our service to Customers, we are constantly investigating ways of implementing new technologies at a reasonable cost. We have grown rapidly over the last few years, gaining a reputation for being helpful and responsive.

Enhancing Your IT Operations

Network Solutions

Software Solutions

Managed Services

Let IBS manage your IT for you.

Solutions and Services

Enterprise Resource Planning
Integration & Reporting services

Design and Implement IT Infrastructure Solutions...

Business Intelligence

Financials Management
Business Process Analysis & Optimization

Project Planning

Database Management
Web Development

Software Development
Quality Assurance Attendance Management

Funds Management

Sales Purchase
Asset Management

Design services eCommerce

Drupal Word Press

Solutions and Services


Software Solutions...

Enterprise Resource Planning we provide solutions that can


Security Basic Config.


be implemented successfully and cost effective. Our products and services build on industry standards and are compatible with larger projects.. IBS strategic vision is to provide systems that increase their responsiveness & inspire disciplined working to achieve growth.

A stat-of-the-art security mechanism helps managed access to sensitive information across the system.
Ironbridge Systems offers a complete Enterprise Resource


Reduction of workforce support cost Increased workforce productivity Increased organizational responsiveness Effective management of human capital Reduced clerical errors Batch traceability Reduced stock levels Reduction in paperwork, as answer to managers queries are available from the system

Planning (ERP) solution. The product range is developed for the corporate and industrial sectors. IBS software is affordable yet it is loaded with features that can meet toughest of your requirements. Handle and consolidate data from multiple locations and multiple companies. Integration is a vital part of all IBS solutions. All modules share basic data and pass information to other modules seamlessly. This not only reduces paperwork but also eliminates data redundancy.

Solutions and Services

General Ledger Accounts Payable Accounts Receivable Financial Statement Designer Bank & Cheque Management Balance Sheet Audit & Security

Software Solutions...

IBS Financial Management System is a top-tier accounting

system. Designed to ease financial systems management it delivers a fully integrated range of functions. As a core module in the IBS Business World Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution suite, it places effective financial management at the heart of your business systems and processes. With IBS FMS your business can reduce IT costs and complexity, gain anytime anywhere access to critical information, and generate savings that every software simply can't deliver.

Provide nt Disciplin ary Action Fund Payroll Personal Informatio n Final Settlem ent

IBS Human Resource Management System is

designed to automate human resources department activities throughout the life cycle of an employee. The system provides support for all activities and information maintained by a personnel department. The system is dynamically able to cater for change through an easy to use parameter setup. Integrations with other IBS ERP modules makes it more powerful application.

Leave Manage ment

Attenda nce

Solutions and Services


Software Solutions...

IBS MRP is a comprehensive material requirement


Audit & Security Inventory Work Order Purchase Order
Basic Configura tion Work Order Workflow

planning solution which has been designed to automate the planning and procurement department activities and to control the activities at the gate. Everything that comes in or goes out of the gate is planned and controlled. Easily manage multiple sites and multiple storage locations within a is a fully multi tenant solution capable of running at multiple places and units. has been designed to automate the production monitoring activities. The PMS solution allows you to define for each production facility their inputs and outputs are the maximum tolerable waste percentage. Processes involved in the making of a product are defined along with the Workflow. Output from one process becomes the input of the next production facility in the workflow
IBS Production Management System

IBS PMS Inventory Dispatch



& Security

Solutions and Services

Assets Setup

Software Solutions...


Mainten ance Purchase

Insuranc e Transfer

Deprecia tion

IBS Fixed Asset Management System can be used to setup, enter and maintain fixed assets. Fixed asset module covers complete details of asset, purchase, parts, periodic maintenances, depreciation, user, locations, insurance and disposal methods. Track asset lifecycle history like cost, date of purchase, who requested the purchase, warranty period, AMC details, current depreciation value, etc. IBS Attendance Management System and Payroll supports all Biometric hardware, it is designed to handle from large organizations to small industries. It allows you to collect and organize employee data simply and accurately. Setup leaves, shifts, holidays, taxes and automated Payroll based on times and employee benefits setup. Rich reports , KPIs and time cards helps management to review the times of employees and department with complete detail of late comers, leave ledgers and other information.


Time Setup



Attendanc e




Solutions and Services


Software Solutions...

Transfers Installment Plans Collections Documentation Integrations

IBS Real Estate Management System software package has a property management, services, sales, business intelligence and analysis module that allows the setup of Sales individual plots, shopping Malls and housing societies. It takes each Property through booking, reservation, transfer, Malls installment plans and post-sales activities. Towers IBS RMS recognizes that the customer is the most important Housing part of your business and enables you to provide services Societies across selling houses, letting properties or providing Funds Management professional services.

IBS Supply Chain and Points of Sale is application for

small and medium stores and suppliers, it handles Sales, Purchase, work orders, Stocks, Accounts, warehouse Customers and promotions management. It is designed to handle multiple locations, warehouses with centralized head offices. Setup your promotions, discounts, commissions, customers, credit and Cash sales in a single solution.

Solutions and Services

Software Solutions...

IBS Campus Management System is a comprehensive multi-tenant solution for universities and colleges to manage campus, students, classes, teachers, course schedulers and other features required to manage campus

General ledger


IBS - Trading Management is small ERP for small

Accounts Sales

Stores Inventory

Purchase payables

business users, the major module of this application are accounts, Inventory, Sales, Purchase, Commissions, gate entry, Good receipt notes, issuance and fund management.

Solutions and Services


Software Solutions...


Advertise ment

IBS Electronic and print Media Advertisement is designed for print and electronic media billing and recovery needs, it tracks the complete details of advertisement sales and recovery with sales persons, agents and distributions information. It comes with very rich reporting and analytics to track the aging and other required information.

Commissi ons


Print Order
Invoice Recovery


IBS News Papers Circulation Management tracks newspaper printing requirement from daily market requirement to dispatch and sales. It covers complete work flow from requirement generation to recovery of dispatch bills.

Solutions and Services

Customized software

Software Services...

is what IBS professionally doing form many years. We are experts in rapid custom development of web-based, distributed and standalone applications designed to meet any organization's specific requirements and business needs. We follow proven practices that allow for successful project completion, and deliver solutions that exceed customer expectations. We have experience with working with broad range of customers, from individuals to some of the Pakistans largest companies.


Application Reengineering and Modernization

services help customers to modernize and migrate from older platforms to newer ones with minimum risks. Almost 70% applications of the world on Mainframe and legacy systems, there is a great need for enterprises to modernize and upgrade their IT applications environment. IBS is providing services for environment upgrades and refresh, service enabling, web enabling, platform Migrations, Database Migration and refactoring of legacy applications.

Solutions and Services

Software Services...

Web Development makes up majority of our business. Our core expertise is fast custom implementation of the feature rich web applications with strong functional component and administration backend.
Search Engine Optimization is the key part of web

development. We offers services to our existing and new clients to optimized website for search engines.
Content Management System is used for rapid web based business oriented solutions, we have professional on popular CMS applications who are providing CMS based web sites to our clients

Solutions and Services

Software Services...

Business Intelligence and Big Data Services is now widely

required for all business applications, we are providing services for BI as per the business needs. IBS knowledge and experience of legacy applications and internationally recognized ERP systems helps to design best systems as per users requirement. We know how to present top management data of their business to make effective decisions and analyze the future needs.

Analytics and Reporting is provided in different popular

reporting tools, we helps the customers to review the trends , Analytics , budgeted v planned and the current data oriented MIS reports data in tables, charts and bars. IBS is expert in designing of graphical and data reporting.

Database Optimization is now almost ongoing process for

medium and big organization, we offers our services to audit the databases against the standards, identification of problems, Data purging, Archiving and tuning.

Solutions and Services

Identify Focus Area Collect Data Validate Alternatives

Software Services...

Business Process Optimization is one of our core expertise,



Document workflows Document system & Operating procedures Document service levels Define Key Cost Drives

we can help the organization to streamline the business process by removing redundancy and missing work flows, and with the help of information systems we can make sure to implement business rules. For BPO we assess and document current processes and model and simulate new processes using "what if" scenarios, Govern the entire lifecycle of business processes using policies, standards and guidelines, Evaluate the deployed business processes against the stated operational and performance objectives to identify areas of potential improvement and by the help of our BI we Deliver critical, real-time business data to business leaders using dashboards and scorecards.

Recommend automations Reengineered business processing procedures Define Framework to track, Recommend monitor and manage processes Develop transition plan Develop Project Plan Define communication plan Employee training strategy Post Project Review

Software Testing and Quality Assurance


is essential for technology companies as they ensure higher quality at lower costs, reduce release cycle, increase client satisfaction and enhance competitive edge. Our software testing and QA services can help your company stay competitive in todays dynamically changing market place. At IBS, we can maintain the overall product development costs to be significantly low, while maintaining high level of product quality. Our experience in working with commercial tools that are popularly used in software testing and quality assurance services has resulted in higher overall end-user satisfaction for our clients.

Solutions and Services

Design and Implement IT Infrastructure Solutions...

Virtualization is a creation of virtual version of Servers, Networks and Storage Devices. Our experts virtualize your environment which help to reduce Capex & Opex, save energy-go green, reduce data center foot print, faster server provisioning, reduce hardware cost, increase uptime, improve disaster recovery, and isolate applications.

Cloud Computing not only improves business

processes & operational efficiency. It reinvents the role of IT. And when aligned with organizational strategy, it can give you a competitive edge. IBS helps simplify your path to the cloud. Backed by a decade of experience building cloud environments, we match your business needs with the right secure, enterpriseclass solution

Solutions and Services

Design and Implement IT Infrastructure Solutions...

Server Infrastructure is a secret weapon for businesses. As the technology that runs your e-mails, scans for viruses to protect network and allow your employees to work together and access key data from remote locations. Our experts design Server Infrastructure by focusing business needs and processes.

Storage Area Network (SAN) is a high-speed special-purpose network that interconnects different kinds of data storage devices with associated data servers on behalf of a larger network of users. Our engineers implement SAN solutions to ensure the high availability of data, backup and recovery.

Solutions and Services

Design and Implement IT Infrastructure Solutions...

Network Security consist of the provisions and policies adopted by a network team to prevent and monitor unauthorized access, misuse, modification, or denial of a computer network and network-accessible resources. We ensure your Network Security to protect your business from internal and external threats.

Routing and Switching have become the foundation for all business communications not just data, but also security, voice, video and wireless access. Our internetworking experts design state of the art solutions by focusing on your unique organizational needs and business process.

Solutions and Services

Design and Implement IT Infrastructure Solutions...

Disaster Recovery (DR) strategy is crucial to protect your organization's future in the event of a natural or other emergency that causes the downtime. We have compiled our best resources to ensure that your Disaster Recovery (DR) plan is complete, up to date and appropriate for your companys need.

Unified Communication is an evolving set of technologies that automates and unifies human and device communications in a common context and experience. It optimizes business processes and enhances human communications by reducing latency, managing flows, and eliminating device and media dependencies.

Solutions and Services

Design and Implement IT Infrastructure Solutions...

Wireless Networking is a more modern alternative to wired networking that relies on copper and/or fiber optic cabling between network devices. We offer our services for site evaluations, surveys, designing, integration and installation for both indoor and outdoor wireless solutions to meet your need.

WAN Optimization minimizes bandwidth use between data centers to improve application performance, backup and recovery times by using the most appropriate compression algorithm. It reduces the transmission of redundant data.
Our experts optimize your WAN to reduce or defer the costs of linking data centers.

Solutions and Services

Design and Implement IT Infrastructure Solutions...

Support Services, IBS is a service oriented company shaped with the belief that business and technology should be working hand in hand. We constantly strive to help our clients so they are able to compete in todays challenges. With our business and industry experience, our pledge is to understand your business needs.

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) is our prime focus area. We offer guaranteed Level of Service, 24x7 Response Time, Dedicated Service Manager, Customized Complaint Handling and Escalation System, Periodic Reports, Real-Time Online Performance Measurement, Periodic Meetings and Discussions with Your Service Manager.


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