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Election Questionnaire
Date questionnaire completed: October 15, 2013 Office sought: Richmond Hts. Council At-Large Political party: Non-partisan Name: Colonel (Ret.) Carl J. Carter Age: 67 Date of birth: 08/21/1946 Place of birth: Cleveland, Ohio Home address: 346 Balmoral Drive, Richmond Hts., Ohio 44143 Length of residence in that community: 35+ years Twitter: No Facebook: Yes Campaign Web site: Occupation: Retired County Manager and Career Army Employer: Retired Business address: None Elected office experience: I have no elected office experience. Non-elected office experience (boards, etc.): Chairman, Richmond Heights Cultural Commission since 2006; Co-founded and oversee the Richmond Hts. Community Mediation and Conflict Resolution Service; Served on the committee to establish the Richmond Heights Community Emergency Response Team, “CERT” as co-writer of the proposal and provided assistance with emergency volunteer recruitment; City Charter Review Committee 2009; Civil Service Commission 2011 to present. Education (Please only list schools you’ve graduated from and list degrees if applicable): (1978) Cleveland State University, Bachelor of Science, Corrections; (1978) John Carroll University, Commissioned Officer U.S. Army; (1983) Special Forces Officer’s Qualification Course Completion; (1987) Army Institute for Professional Development, Diploma Infantry Officer Advanced Course; (1993) U.S. Army Command and General Staff College, Graduate Diploma for Command and General Staff Officer Course; (1999) National Defense University- Armed Forces Staff College, Worldwide Joint Planning Certificate. Marital status: Married Name of spouse: Carmela Carter Name and age of any children: Malika-43; Damon-41; Erika-37 Organizations: Veterans of Foreign Wars, “VFW”; Reserve Officers Association, “ROA”; Richmond Heights Kiwanis Club; Special Forces Association; Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club of Ohio; Special Forces Motorcycle Club. Should you be elected, what are three specific areas you’d like to change, address, improve or further research, and how specifically would you go about it?: First, I would focus on a safe, living experience for our residents by lending support for the safety forces of our community and establishing agreements with homeowners and property leasers to agree to, and maintain zero tolerance for disruptive and illegal activity in our City. The City’s financial status is stressed (as most municipalities these days); however, I would work diligently with my colleagues to apply funding appropriately to fund safety services. Second, community involvement is critical in strengthening a small community such as Richmond Heights. Therefore, I would like to organize small neighborhood coffee clutches in hopes to open dialogue with residents in order to empower our citizens to lend expertise through volunteerism. Neighborhood support may include activities such as checking in on the elderly; assisting with yard

maintenance for disabled residents; being on the lookout for our children, as they walk and play; and monitor vacant property in the community. It stands to reason that communities are built and sustained by its citizens. Third, I would like to organize a career initiative for the City, by soliciting area educators, businesses and corporations to lend resources and expertise in career development for our residents. Doing so may also stimulate small business and corporate interest in relocating, or expanding in Richmond Heights. Businesses are vital in order to provide much needed revenue for community services. Whether for past accomplishments or future goals, why should voters elect you? As a responsible resident for more than 35 years, I hold a great deal of value and concern for this Community. Since retirement, I have committed time and effort to support the community’s efforts to sustain services, while creating innovative ways to attract volunteerism such as the Mediation Program, Cultural Commission and CERT. Throughout my efforts, I have gained considerable knowledge and concern for our City’s services and infrastructure. My military, civilian and civic training and experience has prepared me to take on more responsibility to add value to this beautiful City. I possess a strong work ethic, and am committed wholeheartedly to do more with less, while providing total transparency to all the community stakeholders.

NOTE TO CANDIDATES: Please be aware that this questionnaire will be published.

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