Sept. 11, 2013 Mayor City of Vermilion Non-partisan Jean A. Anderson Duluth, Minnesota 62 1-5-51 3240 Edgewater Dr.

, Vermilion, OH N/A 13 years yes TBA current student University of Toledo Mayor, City of Vermilion 2006-2009

Board of Trustees Vermilion On The Lake Historic Community Center; Erie and Ottawa County Board of Mental Health and Recovery; Steering Committee for Erie County Health Department Community Health Improvement Plan

Denfeld High School, Duluth, MN


Roy B. Anderson Corrie Ostrowski, age 37; April McMain, age 35

Vermilion On The Lake Historic Community Center, Mill Manor Family Council, City Fresh

Vermilion enjoys the benefit of 1 million additional dollars due to increased taxes in the past 3 years. I will ensure that this additional money will be spent wisely on our roads. I will hire a City engineer rather than an outside engineering firm. It will save over $100,000.00 per year in engineering design costs. I will use that additional money for improved roads. It makes sense! I will improve our neighborhoods by addressing declining property values by filling empty houses through existing community programs. My administration will address the drug epidemic problem through enforcement and education, and we will improve city services (i.e. cleaning and grading our stormwater ditches, and putting our City wood chipper back to work). We will also enhance safety protection. Through an aggressive campaign to businesses and industries we will encourage job growth. Growing the number of jobs is of most importance to our City and our School District. This was previously demonstrated with the retention of Coleys Manufacturing and the attraction of Cleveland Quarries in my first term in office. I will focus on retaining business, and bringing additional jobs into Vermilion. Jobs will attract families, more businesses, fill our empty houses and provide additional revenue for our City and our School Districts. Not being attached to any "groups" in this City gives me the freedom to serve the interests of all of our residents and businesses. The freedom to do what is in the best interest of everyone is crucial as we address our current needs and plan for our future. Treating all of our neighborhoods based on sound and fairly administered policies will make Vermilion a vibrant attraction for business, and families as we provide well-maintained streets, quality drinking water, utility services, and local jobs. These are very reachable dreams. With attention to our priorities in all neighborhoods, Vermilion will truly bloom and grow while we continue to preserve the integrity of our quaint harbor town. This will become a reality with fair and impartial leadership as we all work together.

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