Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE M and M and the Halloween Monster M and M and

the Haunted House Game M and M's Counting Book, The M and M's Counting Book, The M. C. Higgins the Great M. C. Turtle and the Hip Hop Hare : Happenin' Rap, A Ma and Pa Dracula Ma Dear's Aprons AUTHOR Ross, Pat Ross, Pat Charlesbridge McGrath, Barbara Hamilton, Virginia Vozar, David Martin, Ann M. McKissack, Pat GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED

K-2 K-2 50

Mabel the Tooth Fairy and How She Got Her Job Davis, Katie Machines Machines Machines Machines Machines Machines and How They Work Machines at Work Machines at Work Machines at Work Machines at Work Machines in School Machines in School Machines in the Home Machines in the Home Machines Make it Move Machines on the Farm Machines on the Farm Machines That Work MacMillian Book of How Things Work, The Macramé: Creative Knotting, Braiding, Twisting: Threads, Cords, Yarns Mad as a Wet Hen And Other Funny Idioms Mad Doctor, The Mad Libs Mad Matt Mad Puppet, The Mad Science: Now You See It Mad Science: Now You See It Mad Scientist, The Mad Scientist, The Mad Scientist, The Mad, Mad Monday Made's Birthday Madeline -- SERIES -Madeline Madeline Madeline and the Bad Hat Madeline in America and Other Holiday Tales Madeline in London Biddulph, Fred & Jeanne Bovetz, Marcie Lambert, Mark Sunshine Wright Group Burnie, David Red Reader Sloan, Peter & Sheryl Sundance Ward, Alan Sloan, Peter & Sheryl Sundance Sloan, Peter & Sheryl Sundance Tomecek, Thomas Sloan, Peter & Sheryl Sundance Franklin, Thea Folsom, Michael & Marcia 8 3 6 8 20 5&6 12 grl 10-14 L 10-12 5 20+ 10 NF 20+



Terban, Martin Price Stern Benger, Wendy Mahy, Margaret Capeci, Anne Scholastic Schultz, Irene Wright Group Silverstein, Herma Bemelmans, Ludwig Bemelmans, Ludwig Scholastic Bemelmans, Ludwig Bemelmans, Ludwig Bemelmans, Ludwig

4 30 8-12

50 40 3rd

grl 20-29

Updated 10/27/11

Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Madeline's Christmas Madelines Rescue Madeline's Rescue Madison Mouse Moves to the Country Madlenka Madlenka's Dog Mae Jemison Mae Jemison Maeastro Plays, The Maebelle's Suitcase Mag the Magnificent Magenta's Tartan Socks Magenta's Tartan Socks Magenta's Tartan Socks Maggie and the Monster Maggie B., The Maggie By My Side Maggie Makes Macaroni Maggie Marmelstein Maggie Marmelstein for President Maggie's Pets Magic Magic Magic All Around Magic Amber - Korea Magic and Magicians Magic Beans, The Magic Book, The Magic Box, The Magic Bubble Trip, The Magic Coin, The Magic Cooking Pot, The: a Folktale of India Magic Cornfield, The Magic Cornfield, The Magic Dreidels, The: A Hanukkah Story Magic Feather - Jamaica Magic Finger, The Magic Finger, The Magic Fish, The w/tape Magic Fish, The Magic Fish, The Magic Globe, The: an Around-the-World Adventure Game Magic Goose, The Magic Hat, The Magic Johnson: Sports Great Magic Lemonade Magic Lemonade Magic Listening Cap Magic Little Ones, The w/tape AUTHOR Bemelmans, Ludwig Bemelmans, Ludwig Puffin Sis, Peter Sis, Peter Black, Sonia W. Mondo Martin, Jr., Bill Tusa, Tricia Gackenback, Dick Johnston, Nicki Macmillan Voyages Winthrop, Elizabeth Haas, Irene Butler, Beverly Meredith, Susan Mark Sharmat, Marjorie Weinman Sharmat, Marjorie Weinman Charren, Debra Eldin, Peter Williams, Rebel GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED

L 32

Primary 2 K-6

4 grl 10-14 40 40 grl 15-19 1 L 34 Intermediate

Burgess, Michael Roberts, Willo Davis Brenner, Barbara Schubert, Ingrid Towle, Faith Harcourt Brace Willard, Nancy Kimmel, Eric A. Intermediate Dahl, Roald Scholastic Littledale, Freya Scholastic Maisner, Heather Pinkwater, Daniel Manus Fox, Mem Haskins, James Crabtree Dunbar, Joyce Uchida, Yoshiko Primary 1 18

20 3 30

Primary 18 4

Updated 10/27/11

Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Magic Mirror Book, The Magic Money Box, The Magic Money Box, The Magic Nesting Doll, The Magic Noodle Show, The Magic Nutcracker, The Magic of the Black Mirror Magic of the Glits, The Magic Passport, The Magic Penny Magic Porridge Pot, The Magic Pot, The Magic Pot, The Magic Ride, The Magic School Bus, The -- SERIES -Magic Schoolbus and the Electric Field Trip, The Magic Schoolbus at the Waterworks Magic Schoolbus at the Waterworks Magic School Bus Butterfly and the Bog Beast, The Magic Schoolbus Explores the Senses, The Magic School Bus Gets Ants in Its Pants Magic School Bus Gets Baked In A Cake, The Magic School Bus Gets Eaten, The Magic School Bus Hops Home, The Magic School Bus in the Time of Dinosaurs Magic School Bus Inside a Beehive Magic School Bus Inside a Beehive, The Magic School Bus Inside a Hurricane Magic School Bus Inside the Earth Magic School Bus Lost in the Solar System Magic School Bus Meets the Rot Squad, The Magic School Bus on the Ocean Floor, The Magic School Bus: Plants Seeds, The Magic School Bus Taking Flight Magic School Bus, The Truth About Bats Magic School Bus Ups and Downs, The Magic School Bus The Wild Whale Watch Magic Secrets Magic Shoelaces, The Magic Spectacles, The Magic Spring: A Korean Folktale Magic Tablecloth, The Magic Tablecloth, the Magic Goat and the Hitting Stick, The Magic Tree, The Magic Tree House, The -- SERIES -Magic Tree House Afternoon on the Amazon Magic Tree House Buffalo Before Breakfast Magic Tree House Civil War on Sunday AUTHOR Walter, Marion CTP Williams, Rozanne Lanczak Ogburn, Jacqueline Marriott, Janice Chew, Ruth Adler, Carole S. Dupre, Judith Ziefert, Harriet Coombs, Patricia Firefly Cole, Joanna Cole, Joanna Cole, Joanna Scholastic Krulik, Nancy E. Cole, Joanna Cole, Joanna Beech, Linda Relf, Patricia Cole, Joanna Cole, Joanna Scholastic Cole, Joanna Cole, Joanna & Degan, Bruce Cole, Joanna Beech, Linda Cole, Joanna Relf, Patricia Yearling Moore, Eva Mason, Jane B. Moore, Eva Wood, Audrey Moore, Lilian Rhee, Nami Scholastic Littledale, Freya Primary Osborne, Mary Pope Osborne, Mary Pope Osborne, Mary Pope Osborne, Mary Pope 28, 38 41 Primary 2 GRADE READING LEVEL 5 APPROVED

grl 40-49 grl 20-29 Primary 1 grl 40-49

1, 3 38


2nd 2nd


34 6


32 Primary 1 28

Updated 10/27/11

Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Magic Tree House Dingoes at Dinnertime Magic Tree House Dinosaurs Before Dark #1 Magic Tree House Earthquake in the Early Morning #24 Magic Tree House Ghost Town at Sundown #10 Magic Tree House Good Morning, Gorillas Magic Tree House The Knight at Dawn Magic Tree House Midnight on the Moon #8 Magic Tree House Mummies in the Morning Magic Tree House Night of the Ninjas Magic Tree House Pirates Past Noon Magic Tree House Pirates Past Noon Tch Guide Magic Tree House Polar Bears Past Bedtime #12 Magic Tree House Pyramids Tch. Guide Magic Tree House Revolutionary War on Wednesday Magic Tree House Sunset of the Sabertooth Magic Tree House Thanksgiving on Thursday Magic Tree House Tigers at Twilight # 10 Magic Tree House Tomight on the Titanic #17 Magic Tree House Twister on Tuesday #23 Magic Tree House Twister on Tuesday Tch Guide Magic Tree House Vacation Under the Volcano #13 Magic Turtle, The Magic Wall, The Magic Wallpaper, The Magic Wheel, The Magic Wheel, The Magic Wings, The: a Tale from China Magic Wings: A Tale From China Magician's House, A Magician's House, A Magician's Nephew, The Magnetic Board Stands Magnetic Boards Magnetic Dog, The Magnetic White board Magnet Fishing Game Magnets Magnets Magnets Magnets Magnets Magnificent Masks Magnificent Mummies, The Magnificent Mummy Maker, The Magpie's Baking Day Magpie's Baking Day AUTHOR Osborne, Mary Pope Osborne, Mary Pope Osborne, Mary Pope Osborne, Mary Pope Osborne, Mary Pope Osborne, Mary Pope Osborne, Mary Pope Osborne, Mary Pope Osborne, Mary Pope Osborne, Mary Pope Primary Osborne, Mary Pope Primary Osborne, Mary Pope Osborne, Mary Pope Osborne, Mary Pope Osborne, Mary Pope Osborne, Mary Pope Osborne, Mary Pope Primary Osborne, Mary Pope Anastasio, Dina Varga, Judy Francis, Frank Birchall, Brian Voyages Wolkstein, Diane Wolkstein, Diane Cowley, Joy Wright Group Lewis, C. S. (Clive) 30-32 GRADE READING LEVEL 28 26, 20 28 APPROVED

26 24-26-28 P 28 35

30 35 30 30-32

grl 10-14

20 3 22 Intermediate grl 40-49

Whatley, Bruce French, Cathy Burton, Margie Newbridge Parkes, Brenda Sunshine Wright Group Bradman, Tony Woodruff, Elvira Randell, Beverley Rigby PM Starter grl 1-4 grl 1-4 12 2 15 L 40

12 9

Updated 10/27/11

Kathleen Kesselman. The Mailing May Mai-Li's Surprise Mai-Li's Surprise Mail-Order Wings Main Idea (Level B) Maine (Portrait of America) Maine is a Million Miles Away Mainly in Moonlight: Ten Stories of Sorcery and the Supernatural Mairelon the Magician Maisy Takes a Bath Major Jump Make a Bird Make a Bird Feeder Make a Boat That Floats Make a Bottle Orchestra Make a Dinosaur Make a Drum Make a Glider Make a Glider Make a Guitar Make a Marionette Make a Necklace Make a Paper Bird Make a Pizza Face Make a Pizza Face Make a Plan of Your Classroom Make a Rabbit Make a Safety Puppet Make a Salad Face Make a Salad Face Make a Sundial Make a “Talking Card” Make a Turkey Make a Valentine Make a Valentine Make a Wish Molly Make an Animal Mobile Make an Island Make Dinosaur Eggs Make Dinosaur Eggs Make Friends with Mother Goose Vol. David Voyages Bryson.A Dinosaur Grows Up Maiasaura Mail Myself to You Mailbox. Cathy McPherson. Jan Sunshine Smith Weber. Wendy Gray. Cathy French. Rebecca Algie. Nicholas Stuart Wrede. John Cohen.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Magpie's Tail Mahalia Jackson: Queen of Gospel Song Mahatma Mahatma Gandhi: Champion of Human Rights Maia . Anastasia Gordon. Jean Gay Hoff. Theresa Buxton. 1 Make Friends with Mother Goose Vol. Beatrice Steck-Vaughn Thompson. Nicki Tunnell. David Evans. David 2 K Updated 10/27/11 . David Drew. Cathy Drew. Woody Saltis. Dale Mondo French. Lynne French. Valery Cornell. Patricia Cowley. Amy Storyteller Sunshine Anderson. Jane Suen. Richard Sunshine 2 grl 1-4 Primary 20-22 grl 1-4 GRADE READING LEVEL grl 20-29 APPROVED 2 grl 20-29 Primary 3rd-6th grl 1-4 4 7 32 24-26 grl 15-19 grl 5-9 Primary 2 grl 5-9 grl 5-9 8 12 grl 10-14 14 grl 5-9 3rd-6th grl 5-9 grl 10-14 20-22 Evans. Michael O. Beverley Horner. Cathy Smith French. 2 Make It Balance Make It Change AUTHOR Carrick. Cathy Drew. Daniel Guthrie. Joy Smith French. Marjorie Rigby PM Starter Gormley. Syd Birch. Jackson. Cathy Gunther. David Voyages French.

Richard Sunshine Berger. Sarah Weber. Julian Hoyt.12 L 11-12 11 12 9 6 8 24 L 01 grl 1-4 9. David Evans. Robert Puffin Fritz. Peter & Sheryl Sunshine 24-26 20 3rd 20 24-26 24-26 28 K-2 16 20-22 Primary grl 15-19 grl 10-14. Giles. Patricia Lunis. Richard Sunshine O'Neill. D 20+ 13 2 grl 5-9 4 20-22 Updated 10/27/11 . Peter & Sheryl Sundance Rigby Smith. David Rowe. Florence Harvey Rigby O'Neil. Beverly Pettit. Natalie Sloan. Alfred Kite. Jennifer Ready Reader Smith Lewis. Anne Danziger. Melvin Early Science Newbridge Gunther. Paula Gunther. Donna GRADE Primary K G READING LEVEL APPROVED Armitage. Randell. Betsy Sloan. Ann Slote. 18. Jean Sunshine Wilson. Annette. Linda Lawson. Jenny. Sarah Sunshine McCloskey. Rebecca Haydon.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Make It Go Make It Go Make It Go Make It Move! Make it Real : Strategies for Success with Informational Make it with Felt Make It Work! Body Make It Work! Machines Make it Work! North American Indians Make It Work! Science Fair Make Like a Tree and Leave Make Masks for a Play Make Masks for a Play Make Mine Ice Cream (+ Big book) Make Mine Ice Cream Make Mine Ice Cream Make Mini Movies Make Mini Movies Make Prints and Patterns Make Prints and Patterns Make Way for Ducklings Make Way for Ducklings Make Way for Sam Houston Make Your Own Party Make Your Own Party Make Your Own Party Make-Believe Ball Player Making a Birdhouse Making a Bug Habitat Making a Cake Making a Cake Making a Cake Making a Cake Making a Car Making a Car Making a Cat and a Mouse Making a Cat and a Mouse Making a Caterpillar Making a Caterpillar Making a Flashlight Making a Garden Making a House Making a Map Making a Memory Making a Plane Making a Plate Making a Plate Making a Rabbit Making a Rabbit With Shapes Making a Road Making a Talking Card AUTHOR Celebration Press Drew. Peter & Sheryl Sundance Voyages Wright Group Sloan. Julie Sundance Jacobson.

Linda Michael. Langford Primary Primary 5 Primary 15 grl 20-29 L 02 Updated 10/27/11 . Langford Brian. 20+ grl 20-29 22 grl 40-49 grl 10-14 3 20+ 20+ B Vaughn. Ellen Presto. Michelle Rich. Annette Lunis. Heather Rigby PM Plus Smith Thomas Stadler. Sally Rigby Martin. Natalie Rigby Smith. Natalie Polon. David Sloan. Susan Austin. Natalie Lunis. Crocker. Anne Gillespie Rich. Peter & Sheryl Sundance Creyer. Crocker. Cynthia Newbridge Rigby Pugliano-Martin. Fay Dufresne. Natalie Sloan. Carol Lewis. Janeen Mondo Lewis. Shari Sloan. Charlotte Dufresne.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Making a Tape Making a Tape Making a Terrarium Making a Toy House Making a Toy House Making a Weather Station Making an Ooze Monster Making an Ooze Monster Making Big Books With Children Making Big Words Making Caterpillars and Butterflies Making Caterpillars and Butterflies Making Choices Making Choices Making Choices Making Crafts from Around the World Making Easy Puppets Making Electricity Making Electricity Making Friends Making Friends on Beacon Street Making Friends with Samson Making Great Greeting Cards and Gifts Making Ice Cream Making It Go Making Kids Click Making Kites Making Lemonade Making Lemonade Making Lily Laugh Making Magic Making Maple Syrup Making Maps Making Math Books with Children Making More Big Words Making More Words Making More Words (Phonics Spelling) Making Mountains Making Muffins Making My Breakfast Making Pancakes Making Paper Making Party Food Making Party Food Making Party Food Making Patterns Making Pictures Making Pizza Making Plans Making Pop-ups Making Pop-ups Making Rugs Making Rules AUTHOR Sloan. Peter Sundance Lunis. Dianne Lunis. Judi Hammonds. Matthew 16 24 grl 30-39 16. Peter & Sheryl Sundance Rogers. Peter Sundance GRADE READING LEVEL 20+ grl 15-19 12 grl 20-29 24 20+ APPROVED Dunbier. Michelle Kachur. Fred Bates.

Patricia M. Richard Parker. Gary GRADE READING LEVEL grl 30-39 grl 10-14 APPROVED NF Hughes. Dean Sreenivasan. Do You Love Me? Mama's Going to Buy You a Mockingbird Mama's Llamas Mama's Llamas Mama's Llamas Mammal (Eyewitness) Mammalabilia Mammalabilia Mammalabilia Mammals AUTHOR Howells. Margie Gibson. 4th Mason. WiggleWorks Joosse.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Making Seasonal Big Books with Children Making Sense of Your Senses Making Shapes Making Shapes Making the Connection (3-6) Making the Connection (K-2) Making the Connection Learning Skills Thru Literature Making the Team Making the World a Better Place Making Things Change Making Things Float and Sink Making Word Cards Making Words Making Words Making Words Lessons for Home or School Grade 4 Malcolm in the Middle Malcolm in the Middle Malcolm Magpie Malcolm Magpie Malcolm X: A Fire Burning Brightly Malcolm X: By Any Means Necessary: a Biography Mallory and the Trouble with Twins -SERIES -. Hall Schaffer Cunningham. Come Quick! Mama Rex and T -. Walter Dean Martin. Janet Vail. Steve Florian. Dorothy P. Little. Thacher Lee & Loe Fisher. 60 10 22. Angela Owens. Linda Storyteller Myers. Jane Scholastic. Douglas Harcourt Scholastic DK Publishing 1 1 Primary 13-20 16 14 Updated 10/27/11 . Walter Dean Myers. Gary Cunningham. Richard Wilkinson. Barbara M. Lisa B. Tom Scholastic Mitchell. Baby Birds Mama Cut My Hair Mama Cut My Hair Mama Do You Love Me? Mama Don't Allow: Starring Miles and the Swamp Band Mama Elizabeti Mama Hen. Rachel Scholastic Cowen-Fletcher. Jyotsna Gibson.SERIES -Mama Rex and T Mama Rex and T Mama Rex and T Lose a Waffle Mama Rex and T Stay Up Late Mama Zooms Mama Zooms w/tape Mama. Jean Kuharski. and Hall. Janice Owen. Johnson.The Baby-Sitters Club Mama Bird. Rachel Vail. 26 Hurd. Shelley Burton. Rachel Scholastic Vail. Owens. Gary Gibson. Ann M. Richard C.

A Mammoth Mistake. J. The AUTHOR McEvoy. Janet Mandie and the Midnight Journey Leppard. Julie Andrews Intermediate Weeks. Robert M.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Mammals Mammals (Eyewitness Books) Mammals of the Sea Mammoth Mistake. Jan Scholastic Spinelli. The: Football's Famous Family Mantu the Elephant Mantu the Elephant Mantu the Elephant Many Happy Returns Many Lives of Benjamin Franklin. Jerome Primary 4 CD Worthington.A. Christopher. 4th. Jeff Cowley. Lois Gladys Mandy Mandy Made Me Do It Mango. The Manly Ferry Pigeon. 60. The Mannerly Adventures of Little Mouse. A Mammoth Mistake. Phyllis 31 grl 10-14 2nd 30 Primary Fritz.Mango / Tape Maniac Magee Maniac Magee Man-in-the-Moon in Love. A Mammoth Mistake. David Price. Jean Cowley. The: The Circus Life of Emmett Kelly. The Man Who Was Poe. Christine Steck-Vaughn Sundance Quackenbush. The Man in the Moon Man on the Flying Trapeze. The Manly Ferry Pigeon. The Edwards. Joy Wright Group Keenan. Lois Gladys Mandie and the Secret Tunnel Leppard. The Manners and Customs of the Coeur D' Alene Indians Manners of a Pig. Sheena GRADE READING LEVEL grl 20-29 APPROVED Primary 30 30 Rigby Waite. The Man in the Iron Mask. Bea Uusma Manatees Northwood Rustad. Jerry Brumbeau. The Manners. The Man in the Moon. Steve Coupe. The Man in the Moon and the Hot Air Balloon. Michael Collins Schyffert. Updated 10/27/11 . Told with Pictures and Song Man Out at First Man Who Didn't Wash His Dishes. Mary Pope 5…6 18 50. Martha Peltier. A Man in the Ceiling. Alexandre Delamare. Judy Feiffer. Joy Avi Man Who Went to the Far Side of the Moon. The Man in the Moon. Martha Manatees Elizabeth Hillman Manatees (Our Wild World) Feeney. 28 Doyle. The Man Who Never Told the Truth. Kathy Mancrow's Feather: A Story from Jamaica Palazzo-Craig. The Man Who Enjoyed Grumbling Man Who Loved Books. Sr. Please! Mannheim Steamroller Saving the Wild Mannings. Matt Krasilovsky. Malachy Rigby Primary Osborne. The: the Story of Apollo 11 Astronaut. Jules Dumas. Paul Parker.

The Marco Polo. Jerolyn Ann Calmenson.Native American Alphabet Many Thousand Gone: African Americans from Slavery to Freedom Many Waters Mao Zedong Map Book. Compass and Campfire Map Math Maps Maps Maps and Codes Maps and Codes Maps and Globes Maps and Our World Maps and our World Maps and our World Maples in the Mist Maple Tree Mapping the Big Picture Mapping the World Marathon Rabbi. 3rd Locker. Minfong Schwartz. William Place. Author of Goodnight Moon AUTHOR Heller. Cynthia Iverson. Anne Cutting. The: A New World Folk Tale Margaret and Margarita. Sandra Knowlton. Thomas Spray. Kathleen Graves. Owen Bacon. David Jacobs Crum. Donald Walsh. Jack Coupe. Christopher Meshane. A Mare on the Hill. Lynn Morse. Ron Literacy 2000 Rigby Seedling Sevaly Holley. World's Grandmother Margaret Pumphrey's Pilgrim Stories Margaret Wise Brown. Marian T. Ann Hall. Charles Parlin Sleator. Madelaine Faulkner. Joanna Cole Lampton. Joseph Hamilton. Journey Across the World Marco Saves Grandpa Marco's Millions Marcus and Narcissa Whitman. The: Story and Pictures Marathon Running Maravella and the Moon Marbles Marbles-Roller Skates-Doorknobs Marcella March Along With Me March Along With Me March Along With Me March Along With Me March Idea Book Marching Marching Band. Brian Wright Group Ratliff.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Many Lucious Lollipops: A Book About Adjectives Many Luscious Lollipops Many Moons Many Nations . Margarita y Margaret Margaret Mead. Robert Coupe. Ruth Grosset & Dunlop Thurber. Cynthia Urmston. sheena Explorers Ho. Anna-Maria Eagle. Carole Reiser. Michael Nentl. Kieran Cicciarelli. Joellyn Swain.6th grl 5-9 4th 2 3rd Primary 4 Intermediate Primary Primary 24-26 6 grl 1-4 L 15 K-6 40+ Intermediate Updated 10/27/11 . The Map. Oregon Pioneers Mare for Young Wolf. Virginia L'Engle. Elvajean GRADE READING LEVEL 2 APPROVED 3rd . The Mare's Egg. The Map Book. James Bruchac.

Wordy Market Square Dog. Isaac Taha. Michael Atheneum Hopkinson. James Lewin. Ted Alcott. Monica Turnbull. Diane Newbridge Newbridge Woolley. Wordy Market Day For Mrs. Mary Kay Fradin. Brian Scholastic Children Press Stewart. Louisa May Kulling. Heather Rigby Chambers. One. Beverley Birch. Kathryn Conner. The Market! Marlin. Beverley Jacques. The Marmee’s Surprise Marmee's Surprise A Little Women Story Maroo of the Winter Caves Mars Mars Mars Mars Mars Mars Mars: Our Mysterious Neighbor Marshmallow Muscles. Wayne Hoyt-Goldsmith.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Maria Montessori: The Italian Doctor Who Revolutionized Education for Young Children Maria's Comet Maria's Comet Marianthe's Story. Inge Sunshine Herriot. Banana Brainstorms Marta's Cupcake Problem AUTHOR Pollard. Seymour Asimov. Deborah Aliki Lasky. Richard Layden. Keith Birch. Beverley GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED 38 Birch. Goss. Mark Feldman. Joe Children Press Stewart. Princess of Versailles Marie Curie Marie Curie Marie Curie Marie Currie. Eve Plater. Smith. Painted Words Marie Antoinette. Carrie 60 15 60 W grl 10-14 2 2nd-4th Primary 30 6th 6 Primary 30 grl 60-69 2 grl 5-9 Updated 10/27/11 . Mark Intermediate Youngblood. Brave Scientest Marie Curie: Pioneer in the Study of Radiation Marie Curie: The Polish Scientist Who Discovered Radium and Its Life-Saving Properties Marie Curie's Search for Radium Mariel of Redwall Marin's Big Words Marion Jones Marion Jones Sprinting Sensation Marion Jones: World Class Runner Marion Jones: World Class Runner Marisol and Magdalena Marisol and Magdalena Mark McGwire Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa Mark McGwire: Chipper Jones Mark McGwire: Home-Run King Mark McGwire: Home-Run King Mark Twain Mark Twain Along the Mississippi Mark Twain and the Queens of the Mississippi Mark's Kwanzaa Celebration Mark's Kwanzaa Celebration (+Big book) Mark's Kwanzaa Celebration TG Marks in the Sand Market Day Market Day For Mrs. Dennis B. Heather Mulberry Books Simon. Karen T. Edwina Rau. Ann Carson. Dana Meachen Troll Brandt. Tim Hammonds. Marilyn Bunting. Veronica Scholastic Brenner.

Brown Bear Martin/City Song Martin/I Paint.Butterfly Martin/Old Devil Wind Martin/Old Mother Middle Muddle AUTHOR Houghton Mifflin Meddaugh.Made. Susan Salem. Gerry Levine. Joanne Patrick. Margaret GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED 24 24 L 30 K-2 6th 22 grl 60-69 grl 5-9 grl 60-69 28 6th K 60 R grl 10-14 grl 20-29 K-6 Birch. Susan Houghton Mifflin Meddaugh. Susan Meddaugh.: America's Great Nonviolent Leader in the Struggle for Human Rights Martin the Warrior Martin's Big Words: The Life of Dr. Day Martin Luther King Jr. Martin Luther King. The Martin and the Tooth Fairy Martin Luther King Martin Luther King Day Martin Luther King. Grosset Mattern. Susan Freedman. Martin Luther King.Joy of a Flower Martin/I Went to the Market Martin/I'm Going Build a Supermkt Martin/King of the Mountain Martin/My Days. Russell Meddaugh. Donna Ribner. Susan Wagoner. Lynn Hirschfeld. Jr. Lola Washington Wilson. Too Martians Don't Take Temperatures Martians Have Landed. Beverley Jacques. Jr. Susan Meddaugh. Jr. Martin Luther King. Ellen Harper & Row Bauer. David de Kay.: A Picture Story Martin Luther King. Martin Luther King. America's First Lady Marti and the Mango Martial Arts Martial Arts. Jr. Stephen Frost. Martin Luther King. Debbie Bailey. Brian Rappaport. Marchesi. James T. Jr. Jr. Martin Luther King.. and the March on Washington Martin Luther King Jr. Jr. Diane Schaefer. Martin Luther King. Jr. Beth P. Jr. Jr. Jean Brown Stewart. Brian P P Updated 10/27/11 . Robert Dadey. A Dancer's Life Martha Speaks Martha the Movie Mouse Martha Walks the Dog Martha Washington. Linda Boone-Jones. Jr. Martin the Warrior Martin/ The Eagle Has Landed Martin/A Ghost Story Martin/A Spooky Story Martin/Brown Bear. Helen Lowery. Tabori & Chang Malane. The Martian Goo Martians are People.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Martha and Skits Martha and Skits Martha Blah Blah Martha Calling Martha Calling Martha Graham. Martin Luther King. Doreen Jacques. Jr... Day Martin Luther King. Martin Luther King.

Mint Marvin and the Meanest Girl Marvin and the Meanest Girl Marvin Redpost -.SERIES -Marvin Redpost Marvin Redpost Marvin Redpost and the New Neighbors Marvin Redpost: Alone in his Teacher's House Marvin Redpost: Alone in his Teacher's House Marvin Redpost: Alone in his Teacher's House Marvin Redpost: Class President Marvin Redpost: Class President Marvin Redpost: Is he a Girl? Marvin Redpost: Is he a Girl? Marvin Redpost: Kidnapped at Birth Marvin Redpost: Magic Crystal?. Blanche Scholastic Sachar. A Marvin Redpost : Super Fast. Doreen. Louis Sachar. Private Eye Marty Frye. The Marty Frye. Louis Scholastic Paterson. Dick Pedersen. Dick Rappaport. Louis Sachar. A Marvin Redpost: Magic Crystal?.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Martin/Silly Goose & The Holidays Martin/Tatty Mae&Catty Mae Martin/Ten Little Squirrels Martin/The Haunted House Martin/The Little Disaster Martin/The Maeastro Plays Martin/The Wizard Martin/Tricks or Treats Martin/Turning of the Year Martin/Up & Down the Escalator Martin/Welcome Home Henry Martin/What. Louis Scholastic Scholastic Random House Sachar. Louis Random House Sachar. The Marvels of the U. Out of Control! Marvin Redpost : Why Pick On Me? Marvin Redpost : Why Pick On Me? Marvin's Best Christmas Present Ever Marvin's Egg Marvin's Manners AUTHOR GRADE READING LEVEL P P P P P P P P P APPROVED I King-Smith. Jill Myers. Joan W. Traci Scholastic Tashjian. Lucy Rigby Rigby Arnold. Anna Massola. Whistle Martin’s Big Words Martin’s Mice Martin's Big words : the Life of Dr. Louis Random House Sachar.. It Rains Martin/Whistle. Private Eye Marushka and the Month Brothers Marvella and the Moon Marvelous Me Marvelous Me Marvelous Menus Marvelous Treasure.S. Blos. King-Smith. Linda Lawrence. Martin Luther King. Janet Vojtech. Katherine Eggleton. Martin's Hats Martin's Mice Material World Teaching and Assessment Resource.When to Say It Martin/When It Rains. Oren Sims. Louis Scholastic Sachar. Louis Sachar.Mary. Jr. Anne 2 grl 40-49 20 Primary 9 30-32 3rd 28 3 20+ grl 20-29 22 28 20+ grl 20-29 20 22-24 grl 20-29 Updated 10/27/11 .

Sare Early Success Thompson. George Stevenson. and Henry Wore his Green Sneakers Mary. Peek. Richard Killoran/Zimmer/Jarrett Brightfield. Gay Su Edmonds. The Mary McLeod Bethune Mary McLeod Bethune Mary Moon Is Missing (Adventures of Minnie and Max) Mary Moon Is Missing Mary on Horseback: Three Mountain Stories Mary Patten's Voyage Mary Patten's Voyage Mary Poppins -. Fradin.. Pamela L. Sally M. Irene C. Richard Primary Heinemann Fountas.The Baby-Sitters Club Mary Anne Saves the Day Mary Anning: Fossil Hunter Mary Anning: The Fossil Hunter Mary Celeste. Travers. 3 & 4 Primary 2 Updated 10/27/11 . Pamela L. Bloody Mary Mary. David 4 4 12 Primary 18 grl 1-4 7 grl 10-14 36 Gr. Travers. Merle Meyer. The Master of Tae Kwan Do Mastering the Elementary English Language Arts Masters of the Louvre Matchbox. Jane Greenfield. Dennis B. Richard Albert Whitman & Co. Pinnell. Pamela L. Patricia Reilly Puffin Q Berlith. Travers. Yolen. Jill Rigby Sails Early (4) GRADE READING LEVEL grl 15-19 18 E-4 APPROVED Martin. Eloise Harper Collins Giff. 40 Walker. Traci Byrne. Pamela L. Walter Dumaux Pedersen. Carolyn Burns.SERIES -Mary Poppins Comes Back Mary Poppins in the Park Mary Poppins Opens the Door Mary Wore her Red Dress. Deborah Ciantar. Ann M. Lyndie Hunt. Sally Rigby Steck-Vaughn Pair-It Anastasio. Robert Louis Brightfield. Kari Thompson. Dina Wright. The Material World Teaching and Assessment Resource. Kathleen Kent. The Mask Mask Making Around the World Masks Masks and Mask Makers Massachusetts (Portrait of America) Massachusetts: America the Beautiful Master Curl Master of Ballantrae. The Materials and Their Uses AUTHOR Steck-Vaughn Eggleton. The Matching Books to Readers Matching Books to Readers : Using Leveled Books in Guided Reading Matchlock Gun. The Mask. Kathleen Kent. Mary Mary's Lamb Mary's Little Lambs Maryland (Portrait of America) Maryland: America the Beautiful Mask. Travers.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Marvin's Manners / Manners Please Marvin's Woolly Mammoth Marvin's Woolly Mammoth Marvin's Woolly Mammoth (green) Mary Anne and the Library Mystery -SERIES -. Deborah Pollack. Jane Hale.

Marilyn Tank. Marilyn. Thomas Burns. Sara McCay. Ohanian. Marilyn Burns.) Math By All Means Multiplication Grade 3 Math By All Means Place Value Grades 1-2 Math By All Means Probability Grades 1-2 Math By All Means Probability Grades 3-4 Math Chalk Talk Math Connections 3-4 Math Connections 5-6 Math Counts: Time Math Curse Math Every Day! Math for Fall Math for Girls and Other Problem Solvers Math for Smarty Pants Math for Spring Math for Summer Math for Winter Math Fun at the Fair Math Games for Kids Using 30-Sided Dice Math Games for Kids Using Special Dice Math Games with Cards Math in Context Math in a Democracy Math in Process Math in the Bath (and Other Fun Places. Erin Ash Burns. Henry Arthur Scieszka. too!) Math in the Garden Math Investigations Grades 5-8 Math is Everywhere Math is Everywhere L3&4 L3&4 Pluckrose. Hollie J. Marilyn Burns. Erin Ash Davidson Software Camilli.CD-ROM -AUTHOR Charles et. Marilyn Gr. Grades 3-4 Math By All Means (Geometry) Math By All Means Geometry Grade 3-4 Math By All Means Geometry Grades 1-2 Math By All Means (Mul. Marilyn Burns. Kathy 5 grl 10-14 Heinemann Sullivan. Jon Endres. Brian & Jillian Wright Group Updated 10/27/11 .Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Math Math Around the Globe Math & Literature Book One Math & Literature Book Two Math and Literature K-3 Book 2 Math and Literature: Grades 4-6 Math and Literature: K-3 Math and Literature: K-3 Math and Stories Math and Writing Making the Connection Math Around Us Math at the Olympics Math Blaster: In Search of Spot Math Brain Busters (3-4) Math Brainstorm Math by All Means : Division -. C.al. C. Rectanus. Susan Rectanus. Bonnie Burns. Marilyn Evan-Moor Evan-Moor Evan-Moor Furgang. Marilyn Sheffield. Sullivan. 3-4 Math by All Means : Division. Burns. Stephanie GRADE Primary READING LEVEL APPROVED K-3 K-3 Primary Sullivan. William Cutting. Rusty Burns. Marilyn Sheffield Bresser. Evan-Moor Burns. Erin Ash Heinemann Atherlay.

Connections Math-a-pedia Math-A-Pedia: Intermediate Math-A-Pedia: Primary Mathamazing Mathemagic Mathematical Thinkers Mathematicians Are People Too -T BK Mathematics Behind the Scenes Mathematics Curriculum. K-3 Mathematics Their Way Blackline Masters Mathmatical Dictionary Mathnet Casebook Matilda Matilda Matilda Matilda's Movie Adventures Matilda's Movie Adventures Matilda’s Plans Matilda's Plans Matilda's Plans Matreshka Matreshka Matt Drives the Car Matter AUTHOR Newman. Eliza Anne Wide World Pub none listed Moline Crum. Grade 4.C.al.al. Becky Doubleday Dufresne. Sorte. Grade 3 Teachers Ed. D.4 Math Technology Masters Math Ties Book A1 Math to Build on Math to Munch on Math Warm-Ups for Grades 2-3 Math with Mary Handbook Math Wiz. Luetta & Wilbert Mathtastics Hohmann. Brummett. Sandra MECC Lenchner. Vicki Markle. Charles et. George Sullivan. Karen M. Raymond Sullivan. Erin Reimer. Anna-Maria Gave. Erin Scholastic Scholastic Hall. C.5 48 50 L 30 32 Emergent Primary grl 5-9 Updated 10/27/11 . Betsy Charles et. Vol2 Math. Dahl. David C. Gr. Charles et. Home & Comm. Roald Scholastic Seedling Dahl. David C. Blum.al. Marc Higgins. & Thurman. Duffey.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Math Journals : Tools for Authentic Assessment Math Menagerie Math Mini-Mysteries Math Muncher Deluxe Math Olympiad Contest Problems for Elementary and Middle Math on the Moon Math Practice Puzzle Multiplication and Division Math Practice Puzzles Math Safari Math Snacks : Problem Solving Fun with Math Manipulatives Math Talk: Math Ideas for 2 Voices Math Teacher's Toolkit. J. Grade 3 Math.al. RE Abdelnoor Connell. Raymond Blum. Lucy Viking Eggleton. Vol 2 Math. The Math. M. Teachers Ed. Michele GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED 4. Jill Rigby Ayres. Brummett. Charles et.

Rodman Judes. Partners in Grime MAXimum Boy -. Dan 3 grl 5-9 5…6 40 4 50 grl 10-14 grl 5-9 grl 5-9 L 20 Rdr. Giff. Marilyn Miles. D. Margaret Andersen. Annette Rigby Smith. Marie-Odile Scholastic Barracca. Brian Sachs. Debra Park. Allen Dolan.R. Susan Lionni. Betty Melser. Annette Herman.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Matter is Everywhere: Solids. Matter Everywhere Matthew and the Midnight Turkeys Matthew Henson Matthew Henson Matthew Henson Matthew Jackson Meets the Wall Matthew the Cowboy Matthew's Dragon Matthew's Dream Matthew's Tantrum Matthew's Tantrum Mattimeo Matt's Mitt Maudie and Me and the Dirty Book Maui and the Sun Mauna Loa. Rosie. Theater NF GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED grl 10-14 grl 20-29 18 20 grl 20-29 24 grl 30-39 22 8 17 8 E-2 Updated 10/27/11 . Katherine Weidt. Barbara Greenburg. Patricia Reilly Hooker. Joan Randell. Liquids. Jan Literacy Jacques. Leo Hill. Beverley Rigby PM Plus Primary 12 Primary Greer. Morgan. Paula Windsor. Cory Harper Trophy Yearling Rigby Smith. Charlotte Giles.SERIES -AUTHOR Matos. Rebecca 30 Mooney. and Gases Matter of Balance. World's Largest Active Volcano Maurice's Room Max Max Max Max Max (yellow) Max and Jake Max and Jake Max and Jake Max and Jake Max and Maggie in Sping Max and Me and the Time Machine Max and Me and the Time Machine Max and Me and the Time Machine Max and Me and the Time Machine Max and the Birdhouse Max and the Birdhouse Max and the Little Plant Max and the Little Plant Max Goes Fishing Max Malone and the Cereal Rip-Off Max Malone Makes a Million Max Rides His Bike Max Rides His Bike Max The Mighty Max The Stubborn Little Wolf Max The Stubborn Little Wolf Maxi. Sean Scraper. Jo Little Red Readers/Sundance Rigby Sails Early (1) Jarden. Annette Smith. Jenny Rigby Philbrick. Stephen M. A Matter Marvels. June Fox. Ruth Cooper. the Hero Maxie. Maryann N. A Matter of Balance. The Matter. and Earl. Tomecek.

Seuss Noonan. Set of Fiction Stories McGrowl: Beware of Dog AUTHOR Greenburg. Rosemary Wells. Will L18 Fleischman. The Maya. Lisa Bleeker. Diana Rigby Sails Eggleton. Stefanie Heinemann Trumbauer. Rosemary Wells. Kristen Little Celebrations Wells. Starring in Maximum Girl Unmasked MAXimum Boy. The McBride's Flying Machine McBroom's Zoo McCrephy's Field McDuff -. Carl Avi Helfman. Teddy Aladdin Paperbacks De Regniers. The Maya Angelou Maya. Starring in Superhero or Super Thief? Max's Box Max's Box Max's Christmas Max's Dragon Shirt Max's Glasses Max's Money May I Bring a Friend? May I Bring a Friend? May I Go Out? May I Go Out? May I Stay Home Today? May I Stay Home Today? May I Visit? May Idea book May We Sleep Here Tonight? Maya. The Maya. Vin Slater.SERIES -McDuff Comes Home McDuff Goes to School McDuff Moves In McDuff Saves the Day McElligot's Pool McGinty's Friend McGinty's Friend McGinty's Friend (orange) McGinty's Friend. The Maya. Judith McKissack.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE MAXimum Boy. Sid Myers. Rosemary Wells. Rosemary Wells. The Mayor for a Day Mayor of Central Park Maypoles and Wood Demons: The Meaning of Trees Maze. Bob K-6 5th GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED 2 grl 30-39 26 1 3rd-6th 3rd-6th 30 K-6 5 3 24 E-5 50 Updated 10/27/11 . Jill Balaban. The Maya. Dan Avery. The PB-How Maya World. Christopher Wells. Sonia Burke-Weiner. Beatrice Schenk MCP Rosenburg. The: Indians of Central America Maybe Garden. Elizabeth Hobbs. Pam Rigby Zolotow. Tan Lechner. Rosemary Dacquino. Kimberly Rigby Hest. Erin Neville. The Maybe I Could Maybe I'll Be Maybe Next Year Mayday! Mayo Brothers. Rosemary Wells. Amy 38 40 Sommer. Rosemary Dr. Patricia Nicholson. Charlotte Sevaly Koide. Robert Takacs. Dan Greenburg.

The McMummy Me Me Me Me Me and Caleb Again Me and My Body Me and My Little Brain Me and My Newt Me and My Place in Space Me and Nessie Me and Nessie Me and Rupert Goody Me and the Terrible Two Me Counting Time: From Seconds to Centuries Me First Me Oh Maya Me on the Map Me Too Me Two Me. Siamon. Jon GRADE READING LEVEL 40 APPROVED Kindergarten Kindergarten Intermediate Kindergarten 1 grl 1-4 1 grl 30-39 Primary 5 grl 30-39 J Ryan. Eve Sundance Cowley. Edmund Wallace Byars. Joy Seidler. Edmund Wallace Hidick. Cosby. John Dennis Goodhart. Stella Feldman. Mop and the Moondance Kid Me. The Meanies. Joy Story Box Wright Group Whyte. Edmund Wallace Hidick. Barbara Conford. Trinka Hakes Puffin Deary. The McGurk Mystery: Case of the Purloined Parrot. Ann M. Eloise Harper Trophy O'Connor. Malcom Noble. Bill Scholastic Cowley. Mary C.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE McGrowl: It's a Dog's Life McGurk Mystery: Case of the Nervous Newsboy. Joan Greenfield. The McGurk Mystery: Case of the Phantom Frog. Cable. The Measure Up AUTHOR Balaban. Tor Everitt. The Meanwhile Back at the Ranch Meanwhile Back at the Ranch Measly Middle Ages . Terry Burton. Annette Lester. Ellen Sweeney. Betsy Cromer Green. Franklyn Evans. The Bill Cosby Meanies. Joan. Helen Scieszka. Sharon Randell. Margie 40 K-2 19-21 grl 5-9 Intermediate grl 10-14 Updated 10/27/11 . Beverley Rigby PM Starters Short Books Meyer. The McGurk Mystery: Case of the Snowbound Spy. The Meanest Thing to Say. Edmund Wallace Hidick. Walter Dean Pevsner. Myers. Bob Hidick. Edmund Wallace Hidick. The Meanies Meanings of Christmas. Betsy Harcourt Brace Martin. Pippa Sweeney. My Goat and My Sister's Wedding Mean Aunt Agatha Mean Aunt Agatha Mean Machine. David Fitzgerald. Susan. The Mean Margaret Mean Soup Mean Soup Meanest Doll in the World. The McGurk Mystery: Case of the Wandering Weathervanes. The Meanest Thing to Say.

Vijaya Khist Hewavisenti. Valerie Scholastic Tripp. Liquids. Charles Grimes. Barbara Porter. A Medieval Messenger.Sarah Howarth Medieval Society Medieval Times Medieval Warfare Medical Pioneers Meerkats Meet Abraham Lincoln Meet Addy Meet Babar and His Family Meet Calliope Day Meet Christopher Columbus Meet Danitra Brown Meet Felicity Meet Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Meet Josefina Meet Josefina. Janine Spekes. Erin Ash Matos. Mickey Scott. an American girl Meet Kaya Meet Kirsten. Evelyn Capstone Cary. Miranda Mayer. Lakshmi Furgang. Valerie Peters. Connie Haddad. Bill Burton. Vijaya Khist Sullivan. Rebecca Steck-Vaughn Steck-Vaughn Bodach. Kathy 3rd-6th Bodach. Ardath Adams. Valerie Shaw. Janet Shaw. The Medieval Places . Diane Short Tripp. Plant Eaters Meat Pies Media Cookbook for Kids Medical Math Medicine Walk Medieval Castles Medieval Feast. an American girl Meet Martin Luther King. Scott Celebration 3 50 32 3 Intermediate 3 Intermediate 3 40 grl 1-4 Updated 10/27/11 . Kieran Mayhar. Plant Eaters Meat Eaters. Celina Cravotta.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Measurement and Data [& recording]+A9590 Measurement Practical Applications Measurement Practical Applications Measuring Measuring Measuring Changes Measuring Length Measuring Matter Measuring Matter Measuring Matter Measuring Matter: Solids.0 L 4. Janet Beeler de Kay. Rebecca Holt Leedy. Margie Daronco. Tara Brooks. Loreen Gaynor. Jr. Meet Maya Angelou Meet Me at the Water Hole Meet Me at the Water Hole Meet Molly. Mary Ellen Walsh. Storyteller Yurkovic. an American Girl Meet My Family Meet My Mouse AUTHOR Sabatani. Brian Aliki GRADE READING LEVEL grl 10-14 L 3.0 grl 10-14 3 grl 15-19 APPROVED 3 3rd-6th 5th 30 30 grl 50-59 grl 5-9 grl 15-19 13 22-26 3rd grl 1-4 third-sixth Intermediate Intermediate Intermediate Eastwood. Nikki Tripp. Mercer Rigby Chevere. and Gases Measuring Penny Measuring Penny Measuring the Weather Measuring Time Measuring Tools Measuring Up Measuring Up Meat Eaters. James T. Kay Steele.

Thomas Hough. Crocker. Helen Gold.) Landon. an American Girl Meet Shaquille O’Neal Meet the Astronauts Meet the Authors and Illustrators Volume One Meet the Authors and Illustrators : 60 Creators of Favorite Children's Books Talk About their Work : Volume Two Meet the Marching Smithereens Meet the Molesons . 20 Updated 10/27/11 . Lucy McCormick Frost. Sylvia Hayes. Miranda Barrett. The Memorial Day Memories of Anne Frank: Reflections of a Childhood Friend Memories of Anne Frank Memories of Vietnam Memories. Memoirs and Me Memories. Lucinda Yearling Schiro. Memoirs and Me Memory String. The -. Michael Scholastic Roberts. Sylvia Waugh. Langford Wright Group Bunting. Erica and Sansevere Fradin.SERIES -Mennyms in the Wilderness Mennyms Under Siege Mental Math in the Primary Grades Mental Math Kids Can't Resist Mentoring Matters Mercer Mayer's Critters of the Night Mercury AUTHOR GRADE Intermediate Intermediate 3 Intermediate Primary Primary READING LEVEL APPROVED Adler. Phyllis Waugh. Henry Beetle 35 2 Primary Calkins. Marvin Celebration Press Geringer. Alison L. Ann Intermediate Primary Primary 20-24 L 28 James. Howard Bartel.Bos Meet the Moon Meet the Octopus Meet The Orchestra Meet the Orchestra Meet the Villarreals Meet Thomas Jefferson Meet William Joyce Meet William Joyce Meg Mackintosh and the Mystery at Camp Creepy Meg's Eggs Meg's Story : Portrait of Little Women Mega-Fun Math Games: 70 Quick and Easy Games to Reinforce… Mega-Fun Math Games Megan's Island Megenta's Tartan Sock Mei Li Melville in the South Pacific Mem Fox Member of the Family. Sylvia Waugh. The Men of Iron Menagerie. Ann Spekes. Dennis B. Deborah Kovacs. Laura (pub. Susan Kovacs. Willo Davis Voyages Handforth. Sylvia grl 20-29 50 Z MiraVia Farber. Eve Pyle.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Meet Nelson Mandela Meet Oprah Winfrey Meet Samantha. A Memoir : Art of Writing Well. Scholastic Rich. Deborah Hayes. The Mennyms.

The Metal 10"X 7" Cake Pan Meteor! AUTHOR Goss. Dickinson. David Apte. Ernest and Celestine Merry Christmas. The Message from the Match Girl. Mollie Dadey. The Mesoamerican Myths Mesopotamia Mesopotamia Mess. Tim Simon. Sunita Allen. Deanne West. Beverley Ready Reader Rigby Voyages Heller. The Messy Rooms. Paul Gordon. Hunter. Amelia Bedelia Merry Christmas. Sharon Troll Franco. The Mermaids Don't Run Track Merrill Math Merry Christmas Amelia Merry Christmas Mom and Dad Merry Christmas. The Mess Monster. Amelia Bedelia Merry Christmas. The Messy Monsters. Lynn I Peters. Jillian Randell. Debbie GRADE 6 READING LEVEL APPROVED 3rd Primary Avon Parish. The Merry-Go-Round. The Mermaid Summer. The Messages Messages in the Mailbox Messages in the Mailbox: How to Write a Letter Messengers to the Brain: Our Fantastic Five Senses Messipes Messy Bessey's Family Reunion Messy Mark Messy Mark Messy Meals Messy Meals w/tape Messy Monsters. Gabrielle Korman. The Merry-Go-Round. The Merry-Go-Round: A Book About Nouns Mesa Verde Communities. Justine Chalmers. The Merlin Dreams Merlin Effect. WiggleWorks Dominie Hoffman. A Message without Words Message of the Dance. Peggy Vincent. The Merry-Go-Round. Joe Nayer. Wilma P. Bob MCP Ready Reader Larsen. Ann Holiday House Leedy. A Mess Monster. Janet Taylor Coleridge. A. Grumpy Bunny Merry Christmas. T. Ruth Kells.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Mercury Mercury Meriwether Lewis Mystery. Mary Lasker. Kristen Rigby Lisle. Seymour Hays. Judy Cutting. The Merry-Go-Round. Harry: Story and Pictures Merry Ever After Merry Go Round. A Mess. Laurel Paperstar L 10-12 12 Primary F concept book 18 18 2 3 6th 3rd-6th grl 60-69 6 40 Updated 10/27/11 . Peter Barron. Betsy Scholastic. Loreen Martin. Beverly Dickey. The Merry-Go-Round. A Mess.

Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Meteor! Meteorites Metric Math Metropolis - Ten Cities - Ten Centuries Metropolitan Cow Mexican Village, A: Life in Zapotec Community Mexico Mexico Mexico Mexico Mexico: The People Mexico, Postcards From Mexico, Postcards From Mia Hamm Mia Hamm Mia Hamm: Striking Superstar Mia, The Beach Cat Micawber Mice, The Mice Mice Mice Mice Mice Mice, The Mice, The (light blue) Mice and Beans Mice at Bat Mice at Bat Mice Have a Meeting, The Mice Have a Meeting, The Mice on Ice Mice Squeak, We Speak Mice Twice Michael and the Chicks Michael and the Eggs Michael and the Eggs Michael Bird-Boy Michael in the Hospital Michael in the Hospital Michael Jeffery Jordan Michael Jordan Michael Jordan - Revised Michael Jordan (Basketball to Baseball) Michael Jordan: The Best Ever Michael Picture Michelangelo Michelle D. Fardle Michelle Kwan Michelle Kwan…Memories Michelle Wie: She's Got the Power Michigan (Portrait of America) Mick and Max AUTHOR Polacco, Patricia Sipiera, Paul P. Sullivan, Erin Ash Lorenz, Albert Egan, Tim Bailey, Donna Heinrichs, Ann Steck-Vaughn Stein, R. Conrad Kalman, Bobbie Arnold, Helen Steck-Vaughn Millbrook Rigby Rutledge, Rachel Hänel, Wolfram Lithgow, John Bennett, John Capstone Harper, Olive Nogaj, Jan Randell, Beverley Rigby Rigby Sails Beginning Ryan, Pam Muñoz Harper Trophy Oechsli, Kelly Randell, Beverley Rigby PM Plus Shapiro, Arnold Aladdin Dufresne, Michele Hunt, Roderick Oxford dePaola, Tomie Houghton Mifflin Hunt, Roderick & Alex GRADE 5…6 READING LEVEL APPROVED


15 grl 30-39

Primary grl 15-19 16 2 E- 00

20 16 4 L 22 grl 10-14 grl 10-14 11 8 8 grl 1-4, 8 24, 30 I

Houghton, Sarah Primary Stanley, Diane Macmillan Goodridge, Catherine Dean, Cynthia A. Thompson, Kathleen

grl 20-29

Intermediate 11

Updated 10/27/11

Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Mick Harte Was Here Mickey and Me: A Baseball Card Adventure Mickey Maloney Mickey Maloney Mickey Maloney Mickey Maloney (green) Mickey Maloney: Spy Mickey Maloney: Spy Mickey Maloney’s Mail Mickey Maloney’s Mail Mickey Maloney’s Mail Mickey Maloney's Mail (orange) Mickey Mantle Mickey's Secret Micro Man, The MicroAliens MicroAliens Micromonsters Microscopic Explorations : A GEMS Festival Teacher's Guide Middle Ages Coloring Book, The Middle Ages, The PB-How Middle Ages/Exploring the Past Middle Ages/Journey Through History Middle of Nowhere, The Middle School Blues Midnight Bakery Midnight Children, The Midnight Farm, The Midnight Farm, The Midnight for Charlie Bone Midnight Fox, The Midnight Horse, The Midnight in the Dollhouse Midnight in the Mountains Midnight Journeys Midnight Lantern Midnight Lightning Midnight Magic Midnight Magic Midnight Math Midnight Moon Midnight Mystery, The Midnight on the Moon Midnight Pig, The Midnight Pig, The Midnight Rescue Midnight Rescue Midnight Ride of Paul Revere, The Midnight Rider AUTHOR Park, Barbara Gutman, Dan Eggleton, Jill Rigby Sails Early (4) Eggleton, Jill Rigby Sails Eggleton, Jill Hillman Rigby Sails Hasegawa, Sam Dhami, Narinder Kropp, Paul Farrar, Straus,Giroux Tomb, Howard; Kunkel, D. Maynard, Christopher GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED

17, 34 P grl 15-19 16

34-36 Primary 26 E-5 I

Intermediate Heinemann Intermediate Intermediate Prue, Sally Kassem, Lou 40-44 40 Lindbergh, Reeve Lindbergh, Reeve Nimmo, Jenny Byars, Betsy Cromer Fleischman, Sid Stover, Marjorie Lawson, Julie Mecozzi, Maureen


42, 50

40 Primary 40

Avi Scholastic Ledwon/Mets Newbridge Wright, Betty Ren Osbourne, Mary Pope Herman, Emily Krueger, Carol Kerr, Robin Rigby Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth Ruepp, Krista

50 30 grl 30-39 grl 30-39 30

Updated 10/27/11

Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Midnight Snack -- SERIES -- Critters of the Night Midwest Region, The Midwife's Apprentice , The Midwife's Apprentice , The Mieko Mieko and the Fifth Treasure Mieko and the Fifth Treasure Mig the Pig's Mig the Pig's Big Book Mightiest of Mortals, Heracles Mighty Mammals Mighty Mammals Mighty Milestones Mighty Milestones ( 1tea., 1BB) Mighty Mind Mighty Ocean, The Mighty Ocean, The Mighty Spiders! Migration Mike and the Magic Cookies Mike and the Treat Truck Mike and Tony: Best Friends Mike Fink and the Big Turkey Shoot Mike Fink, Snapping Turtle of the O-hi-o-o: Snag of the Massassip Mike Fink: A Tall Tale Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel Mike's First Haircut Mike's Glasses Mike's Mystery Mikhail Gorbachev Mile High, A Miles of Smiles Miles Standish: Colonial Leader Milk Milk Makers, The Milk Mustache Mania Milk Mustache Mania Milk to Ice Cream Milkweed Millenium Prophecies Miller and His Donkey, The Miller Who Tried to Please Everyone, The Millicent the Magnificent Millie Cooper, Take a Chance Milliner, The Million Chameleons, A Million Dollar Shot, The Million Fish…More or Less, A AUTHOR Farber, Erica Leonardo, Victoria Cushman, Karen Trophy Coerr, Eleanor Yearling Kindersley Hawkins, Colin Gates, Doris Coupe, Robert Coupe, Sheena Irons, Calvin McGraw Hill/Wright Group Leisure Learning Berger, Melvin Ranger Rick Robinson, Fay R. Ganeri, Anita Buller, Jon Humphrey, Jack Ziefert, Harriet Carmer, Elizabeth Bowman, James Cloyd Kellogg, Steven Burton, Virginia L. Scholastic Gordon, Sharon Roper, Michelle Warner, Gertrude Chandler Selfridge, John Primary Witteman, Barbara Literacy Gibbons, Gail Hogya, Bernie Scholastic Snyder, Inez Spinelli, Jerry Innes, Brian Trussel-Cullen, Alan Herman, Charlotte Walker, Niki Young, James Gutman, Dan McKissack, Patricia 5th 40 grl 50-59 4 5 GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED

grl 30-39 6 I Primary grl 30-39


3rd Primary

40 6 3 32 13 11

2 8 12 grl 40-49


grl 40-49

Updated 10/27/11

Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Million of Years Ago Millions of Cats Millions of Cats Millions to Measure Millionth Egg, The Milo and the Magical Stones Milo's Great Invention Milo's Great Invention / Inventors: Making things Better Milo's Hat Trick Milton Hershey Milton Hershey: Chocolate King (Community Builders) Milwaukee Cows Mime Alphabet Book, The Mimi and the Picnic Mind at a Time, A Mind at a Time, A Mind Joggers!: 5 to 15 Minute Activities That Make Kids Think Mind Warp Mind Your Manners! Minden Curse, The Mindscape Comp Ref Library - CD Mine, All Mine Mine, All Mine Minerva Louise Minerva Louise The Mixed-Up Hen Minerva's Dream Minerva's Dream / Gail Devers Mine's the Best Ming Lo Moves the Mountain Ming Lo Moves the Mountain Mini-Lessons for Literature Circles Mini Math Mysteries Gr. 3.6 Minnesota (Portrait of America) Minnie Minnie and Moo -- SERIES -Minnie and Moo and the Mask of Zorro Minnie and Moo and the Potato from Planet X Minnie and Moo Go Dancing Minnie and Moo Go to Paris Minnie and Moo Go to the Moon Minnie and Moo Go to the Moon Minnie and Moo: The Night of the Living Bed Minnie and Moo Save the Earth Minnie May and the Jay Minpins, The Minstrel in the Tower, The Minstrel's Melody, The Minty: A Story of Young Harriet Tubman Minute is a Minute, A Min-Yo and the Moon Dragon AUTHOR Gag, Wanda Scholastic Schwartz, David M. Myers, Bernice Pfister, Marcus Clements, Andrew Steck-Vaughn Pair-It Agee, Jon Children Press Simon, Charnan Cowley, Joy Gasiorowicz, Nina Waddell, Martin Levine, Mel Simon & Schuster Petreshene, Susan S. 60 Parish, Peggy Roberts, Willo Davis Intermediate Heller, Ruth Scholastic Stoeke, Janet Morgan Stoeke, Janet Morgan Mead, Katherine Steck-Vaughn Pair-It Bonsall, Crosby Newell Lobel, Arnold Scholastic Daniels, Harvey Johnson, B. Thompson, Kathleen Schmidt, Annie M. G. Cazet, Denys Cazet, Denys Cazet, Denys Cazet, Denys Cazet, Denys Cazet, Denys Scholastic Cazet, Denys Cazet, Denys Rigby, RW set 2 Dahl, Roald Skurzynski, Gloria Tate, Eleanora Schroeder, Alan Neasi, Barbara J. Harcourt Brace 40 L 06 GRADE Primary READING LEVEL APPROVED

25 23 / 21


12 13-14 25 21/19 K, 18


20 grl 15-19 20 20 grl 15-19 20 grl 15-19 grl 15-19 Kindergartne Intermediate Primary K-6

Updated 10/27/11

Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Min-Yo and the Moon Dragon Miracle at the Plate "Miracle" Material, A Miracle on 34th Street Miracle on 34th Street Miracles Miracles on Maple Hill Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane Miraculous Me Mirandy and Brother Wind Mirette on the High Wire Mirette on the High Wire Miro Mirror Image, A Mirror Mirror (4) Math Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: the Diary of Bess Brennan Mischievous Meg Miser on the Mountain, The : Nisqually Legend of Mount Rainer, A Miserable Mill, The Misha Disappears Misha-Na Misha-Na Misreading Reading Miss Bendergarten -- SERIES -Miss Bendergarten Celebrates 100th Day Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten AUTHOR Hillman, Elizabeth Christopher, Matt Kachur, Matthew Davies, Valentine St. Clair, Sherry Lewis, Richard Sorensen, Virginia KiCamilio, Kate Nickerson, Carl McKissack, Patricia McCully, Emily Arnold Scholastic Ross, Nicholass Bauer, David Rigby Denenberg, Barry Lindgren, Astrid Luenn, Nancy Snicket, Lemony Wright, Nelwyn Cowley, Joy Sunshine Heinemann Slate, Joseph Penquin Slate, Joseph GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED


grl 50-59

4 Primary 5th grl 50-59 4-6 (violence) Intermediate


Intermediate grl 10-14 4th 62 4 4 grl 60-69 16 2


Miss Bindergarten Stays Home from Kindergarten Slate, Joseph Miss Bindergarten Stays Home from Kindergarten Miss Bindergarten Takes a Field Trip Miss Bindergarten's Kindergarten Miss Daisy is Crazy! Miss Eva and the Red Balloon Miss Flora McFlimsey -- SERIES -Miss Flora McFlimsey's Christmas Eve Miss Flora McFlimsey's Easter Bonnet Miss Flora McFlimsey's May Day Miss Grimble Miss Grimble Miss Grimble Miss Grimble (green) Miss Hickory Miss Hunnicutt's Hat Penquin Penguin Gutman, Dan Glennon, Karen Mariana, Caroline Walton Howe Mariana, Caroline Walton Howe Mariana, Caroline Walton Howe Mariana, Caroline Walton Howe Eggleton, Jill Little Red Readers/Sundance Rigby Sails Early (4)

20 16 18 E-4

Bailey, Carolyn Sherwin Brumbeau, Jeff

Updated 10/27/11

Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Miss Hunnicutt's Hat Miss Mabel's Table Miss Maggie Miss Malarkey Doesn’t Live in Room 101 Miss Malarkey Won't Be in Today Miss Mary Mack w/Tape AUTHOR Orchard Books Chandra, Deborah Rylant, Cynthia Finchler, Judy Finchler, Judy GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED


Scholastic Miss McKenzie Had a Farm Johnson, Tim Miss McKenzie Had a Farm / Farm Life Long Ago Steck-Vaughn Pair-It Graves, Sue Miss Muffet and the Spider Ready Reader Miss Muffet and the Spider Marshall, James; Allard, Miss Nelson -- SERIES -Harry Allard, Harry; Marshall, Miss Nelson Has a Field Day James Allard, Harry; Marshall, Miss Nelson is Back James Allard, Harry; Marshall, Miss Nelson is Missing James Houghton Mifflin Miss Nelson is Missing Scholastic Miss Nelson is Missing Miss Pickerell -- SERIES -MacGregor, Ellen MacGregor, Ellen Miss Pickerell and the Geiger Counter Miss Pickerell and the Weather Satellite MacGregor, Ellen Miss Pickerell Goes on a Dig MacGregor, Ellen Miss Pickerell Goes Undersea MacGregor, Ellen Miss Pickerell Harvests the Sea MacGregor, Ellen Hunter, Sara Hoagland Miss Piggy's Night Out Bryant-Mole, Karen Miss Polly Had a Dolly Ladybird Miss Polly Had a Dolly Miss Rumphius Miss Rumphius Cooney, Barbara Miss Spider’s Wedding Kirk, David Kirk, David Miss Spider's Tea Party Missing Duffy, James Missing Beach Ball, The Fry, Sonali Missing Earring, The Dufresne, Michele Herman, Emily Missing Fossil Mystery, The Missing 'Gator of Gumbo Limbo, The: An Ecological Mystery George, Jean Craighead Dufresne, Michele Missing Glasses, The Missing May Rylant, Cynthia Kellogg, Steven Missing Mitten Mystery, The Missing Mummy, The -- SERIES -- A to Z Mysteries Roy, Ron Missing Parrot, The Meissner, David Missing Pet, The Mead, Katherine Missing Puppy, The Dufresne, Michele Missing Snowmen, The Hennessy, B.G. Missing Tart, The Missing Title Missing Tooth, The Cole, Joanna

grl 15-19 15 / 19

20-24 24 23-24 22 22


L 20, O, P Primary

4th-5th Primary 5,6

grl 15-19 grl 15-19 grl 5-9 L 20, O, P K-6 22

Updated 10/27/11

Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Missing Tooth, The Missing Tooth, The Mission Addition Mission Addition Mission on a Mountain : The Story of Abraham and Issac Mission Rhino Mississippi (Portrait of America) Mississippi Bridge Mississippi Bridge Mississippi Mud Missouri (Portrait of America) Mistakes That Worked Mister and Me Mister Momboo's Hat Mister Putter and Tabby Mister Seahorse Misty and Me Misty and Me Misty of Chincoteague Misty of Chincoteague --Tch Guide Misty Sleeps Misty Sleeps Misty Sleeps Misty's Twilight Mitch and Amy Mitch to the Rescue Mitch to the Rescue Mitchell D. Fardle Mitchell D. Fardle Mitchell D. Fardle Mitchell is Moving Mitten, The Mitten, The Mitten, The Mitten, The: A Ukrainian Folktale Mitzvah Is Something Special, A Mix, Make and Munch Mixed-Up Chameleon, The Mixed-Up Chameleon, The Mixed-Up Magic Mixed Up Monday Mixed Up Trip, A Mixing Colors Mixtures and Solutions Miz Berlin Walks Mllion Chameleons, A Mmm Milk! Mmm Milk! Moans and Groans and Dinosaur Bones AUTHOR Packard, Mary Random House Holiday House Leedy, Loreen Golann, Cecil Paige Bailey, Jill Thompson, Kathleen Taylor, Mildred D. Turner, Ann Warren Thompson, Kathleen Jones, Charlotte Foltz Holt, K.W. Leemis, Ralph Scholastic Carle, Eric Girion, Barbara Sundance Henry, Marguerite Scholastic Owen, Richard Owens, Richard C. Parker, Daisy Henry, Marguerite Cleary, Beverly Rigby Story Books Smith, Annette Taylor, Lucinda Voyages Young, Karen Sharmat, Marjorie Weinman Putnam Scholastic Tresselt, Alvin Brett, Jan Eisenberg, Phyllis Rose Graham, Pamela Carle, Eric Scholastic Cole, Joanna Primary Gould, Tony Bissett, Isabel Karpelenia, Jenny Yolen, Jane Young, James Celebration Press Riley, Kana Delton, Judy 16-18 4 Intermediate GRADE READING LEVEL 20 30 APPROVED

Intermediate 5 Intermediate 4,5 40 grl 40-49

Primary 40 40


4 15




grl 20-29


Updated 10/27/11

David Graham. Herman McGraw. Isabel Voyages Eaton. Georgia Judge. Valerie O'Connor. Ross McGill. The Moggy the Mouser Moggy the Mouser Moja Means One Moja Means One: Swahili Counting Book Mojave Moki Moldavia: Then and Now Moldavia: Then and Now Mole and Shrew Are Two Mole and Shrew Find a Clue Mole and Shrew Have Jobs To Do Mole Bakes Bread Mole Family's Christmas Mole's Hill: A Woodland Tale Molly and the Slow Teeth Molly Bannaky Molly Best Molly Learns a Lesson : A School Story Molly Moon Stops the World Molly Moon's Incredible Book of Hypnotism Molly on the Mountain Molly Pitcher Molly Saves the Day: A Summer Story Molly the Brave and Me Molly the Brave and Me Mollie Whuppie Molly's Bracelet Molly's Bracelet Molly's Broccoli Molly's Broccoli Molly's Pilgrim Molly's Surprise : A Christmas Story Mom Mom AUTHOR Pee Wee Science Melville. Eleanor Lawton. Eloise Jarvis Frost. The Model Cars and Trucks and How to Build Them Model T: How Henry Ford Built A Legend Models and Genres for Writing Assessement Modern Media Music & Sound Modern Menace Modern Menace Modern Menace Moe the Dog Moe the Dog in Tropical Paradise Moffat Museum Moffats. Lois Pat. Georgia Byng. Grace Jackson Geography Dept. Ian Katschke. Deborah Ready Reader Cohen. Jackie French Green. Muriel Siebert. Judy Newbridge Steck-Vaughn Sandcastle Stanley. Diane Penney. Valerie Randell. Anne Weiss. Beverley Rigby PM Starters GRADE READING LEVEL 2 grl 40-49 1 Primary Primary APPROVED Intermediate 25 30 20 4 3rd-6th Intermediate 22 20 20 20-26 Primary Primary Intermediate Kindergarten 40 12 Intermediate 40 24 16 grl 30-39 40 Kindergarten grl 1-4 1 Updated 10/27/11 .) Random House Random House Koller. Miriam Lawerence. Sue Tripp. The Model. Helen Voyages Puffin Feelings. Diane Estes. Lerner Publications (pub. Eleanor Estes. Janet Random House Bissett. Carolyn Ehlert. Alice Mayfield. Sue Tripp. Valerie Byng. Barbara Tripp.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Moans and Groans and Dinosaur Bones Moby Dick Moccasin Trail Moccasins Mockingbird. Harvey Weitzman.

You're Fried! Momma Do You Love Me Mommy Far. Joy Sunshine Rigby Semple. A: Earning. Jack Doherty. A Mom Paints the House Mom. Joe Hall. Mary Jane Dufresne. Mommy Near: An Adoption Story Moms and Dads Moms and Dads Mom's Birthday Mom's Birthday Mom's Birthday Mom's Diet Mom's Diet Mom's Getting Married Mom's Haircut Mom's Haircut Mom's Hat Mom's Secret Mommies Say Shhh! Monarch Butterflies Monarch Butterflies Monarch Butterfly Monarch Butterfly Monarch Butterfly Monarch Butterfly Monarch Butterfly. Michele Dufresne. Eric Greenwillow Prelutsky. Beverley Rigby PM Starters Cowley.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Mom Can Fix Anything Mom Can Fix Anything Mom Dresses Up Mom Goes Shopping Mom is a Painter Mom is Dating Weird Wayne Mom Likes Hats Mom Named Dad. Jean Himmelman. Peter Gibbons. David Gaitanos. Michele Williams. Natalie Cribb. I Like Monday Monday's Troll Monday's Troll Mondo and Gordo Weather the Storm Money Money Money (Eyewitness) Money Adventure. Saving. Jane Jenkins. Gail Holiday House Schwartz. Joy Sunshine Wright Group Cowley. Ellen Lunis. Mommy Near: An Adoption Story Mommy Far. Sarah Thurman. The Monarch Butterfly's Life. Sharing Money Bingo AUTHOR CTP Graves. The Monarch Butterfly. Laura Auch. Monday. Donald Frank Schaffer Publications 5…6 grl 10-14 grl 15-19 Primary 1 Primary Primary grl 20-29 NF 38+ 30 20 Primary grl 20-29 3rd-6th grl 20-29 Updated 10/27/11 . Helen Waxman. John Hurwitz. Michele GRADE Kindergarten READING LEVEL APPROVED grl 1-4 grl 1-4 grl 1-4 grl 1-4 28 13 34 Robinson. Kimberlee Dufresne. Catherine Sundance Voyages Carle. Patricia Frost. Cheryl & Judy Tuer Kindergarten grl 1-4 1 15 2 14-16 3rd-6th L 01-04 H Polacco. Carol Antoinette Whitman Randell. Laura Hamilton Garland. Spending. Nancy Peacock. A Monarchy Monday Came Monday Came Monday Came Monday.

Valerie Rigby Myers. Monkey Do Monkey See. Sally Meharry. Dot Willis. Jill McKissack. Walter Dean Newbridge Rigby Berke. Sarah Miller. Janet Kani Cowley. Kathryn Wentzel Randell. Paula Rigby. RW set 3 Thompson. Monkey Do Monkey Tricks Monkey Trouble Monkey Watch Monkey-Monkey's Trick Monkeys Monkeys Monkeys Monkeys (light blue) Monkeys and Apes Monkeys and Apes Monkeys Are a Lot Like Us Monkey's Friends Monkey's Friends Monkey's Miserable Monday Monkey's Shoes Monkey's Shoes (emergent) Monster Monster Monster Monster at Loch Ness Monster at the Beach Monster at the Beach. Dana. Monkey Do Monkey See. Kieran Stewart. The Monkey Moves Monkey on the Roof Monkey See. Margaret Gave. L.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Money Book Money classroom set 4 titles Money Machine. The Monkey Business Monkey in the Jungle Monkey Island Monkey King. Monika Thompson. The Monkey Bridge. Gare Clough. The Money Math Money Tree. Dot Meharry. Marc Grosset & Dunlap Regan. The Monster Bed. Gare Randell. Beverley Scott-Thornton. Robert Beisner. 24 E-6 14 15 Updated 10/27/11 . Marlene Targ Nicholson. Monkey Do Monkey See. Joy Wright Group Preston.00 Lumley. The Monkey Bridge. Money. Jeanne Stine. The Monster Blood III AUTHOR Thayer. Money Mongolia Mongols. Beverley Fowler. Scholastic Step Rdrs Rigby Story Books Eggleton. Miles. R. Gary Seymour Brill. Jim GRADE K-6 READING LEVEL APPROVED 20-24 40 Primary Intermediate grl 20-29 28 Kindergarten 2 16 17 grl 15-19 23-25 2 E. Allan Literacy 2000 Rigby Garfield. Keith Walsh. Monkey Do Monkey See. The Money: Then and Now Money. The Monika Beisner's Book of Riddles Monitor: Iron Warship. Edna Mitchell Fox. The Monkeys and Apes Monkey and Fire Monkey and the Crab. Tanya Robertson.and Large Numbers Money. Patricia Rigby Sails Beginning Scholastic Storey.

Bethany Scholastic Alkema. Paul Primary Roberts. A Monster House.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Monster Bugs Monster by Mistake Monster Cafe Monster Cafe Monster Friends. Vivien Hoit. Angela Trotta Alcock. Susan Rigby. The AUTHOR Penner. The Monster Under the Bed. The Monster's Clothes. Monster Monster's Clothes. Douglas Harcourt Brace Cole. The Monster Under the Bed. Jan Cowley. The Monster's Clothes. The (light blue) Monster Trucks Monster Under My Bed. The Monster Under the Bed. Aimee Florian.00 24 20-24 Primary Pienkowski. Chester Jay Maccarone. Lucille Recht Mayerson. The Monster Town. Lisa 18 L 12-18 F G 4 GRADE READING LEVEL 32 APPROVED Kindergarten 22 1 1 E. The Monster. The Monster House. The Monster's Party. The Monster Town. The Monster Party Monster Pet. Sharon Cochrane. Alan Rigby Sails Beginning Herzog. The (light blue) Monster's New Friend. Mark Akass. Grace Literacy Butler. A (light blue) Monster in The Third Dresser Drawer. Deborah Modern Curriculum Press Ready Readers Siamon. Richard Rigby Sails Beginning Harper Trophy Smith. A Monster House. Brad Cowley. Joy Storybooks Rigby Sails Beginning Webb. My Monster from the Sea. A Monster Soup Monster Town. Joanna Trumbauer. The Monster Sandwich. The Monster is Coming. A Monster House. The Monster Jam/Super Hoops Monster Madness Monster Manners Monster Manners Monster Masks Monster Math Monster Math Picnic Monster Math School Time Monster Meal Monster Meals Monster Meals Monster Mop Monster Motel Monster Motel Monster Movie Monster Music Monster Myths of Ancient Greece Monster of Mirror Mountain. Janice Lee Shipton. Andrea Rigby Mark.00 15 Primary 18 4 1 E-00 Updated 10/27/11 . The Monster in the Third Dresser Drawer and Other Stories about Adam Joshua. Grace Maccarone. RW set 3 Thomas. Joy Primary 3 3 2 2 E. The Monster Garden. Suzanne Eaton. A Monster Sandwich. Philip Rigby Gruber.

The Moon. Norman S. The Moon Boy Dufresne. Gail Scholastic Brenner. Mathilde Primary 24 38 Level 32 3 36 30 20 Intermediate Reiner 1st 2nd Intermediate Kindergarten Climo. Raman Owen. Barbara Gibbons. Richard C. Rigby Sails Beginning Simone. Kathleen Heinrichs.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Monster's Party. The Monsters of Morley Manor. Rob Newbridge Voyages Thompson.00 20 34 20 Updated 10/27/11 . Linda Byars. Jo Coville. Karen Goldstein. Owens. Nov. Betsy Cromer Brenner. Debbie Mooser. A Month-By-Month Phonics For Upper Grades Month-by-Month Poetry: Sept. Gary Barrett. The Moon Book. Dorothy P.. The Monsters of Burwood. The Missing Cat Monty. The Monster's Ring. Barbara grl 5-9 8 AUTHOR Story Box Wright Group Coville. The Moon Bay Moon Book. Shirley Cunningham. (K-2) K-2 Monticello Monty. The (light blue) Moon and I. Richard C. Edwards. Bruce GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED Primary 25-28 34-36 Namm. The Moon. The Monsters and Trolls Monsters Don't Scuba Dive Monsters in the Outfield Monsters of Burwood. The Moon. Patricia M Intermediate and Hall. Diane Morrison. The Monster's Party. The Monsters of the Deep Monsters of the Deep Monsters of the Deep Monsters! Monsters! Just Imagine Monsters! Just Imagine Monsters! Just Imagine Monsters! Just Imagine Montana (Portrait of America) Montana: America the Beautiful Montezuma and the Aztecs Montgomery Bus Boycott. The Moon Moon. Bruce Dadey. Stephen Rigby Sails Windsor. The Moon. Margaret Hutchins. The Moon Moon Moon. Michele Pioneer Valley Educational Press Paulsen. The Month by Month Care Bears NL Month by Month Masterpieces Month by Month Phonics for 1st Grade Month by Month Phonics for 2nd Grade Month By Month Poetry Month by Month Reading and Writing For Kindergarten Month of Seven Days. Pat Prinja. Oct. grl 20-29 Primary 6 12 2 Primary E. The Missing Cat Monument. Ann Helly.. The Moon.

Dav Osborne. 30 K-2 24 Primary 6 40 L 38 40 9 9 19-20 Updated 10/27/11 . A Moose is Loose Mooseberry and the Fuzzo Makers Mop for Pop. The Moonhorse Moonlight Moonlight Moonlight Man. Eaton. Frank Scholastic Asch. Jean Craighead Crist-Evans. Ann Warren Spooner. Mike Tallon. Anson Warner. Sun. The Moonlight Man. and Stars Moon: Rock-a-Bye Moon / Man in the Moon Moonbeam Cow Moonbeam Cow Moonbear's Shadow Moonbear's Shadow Mooncake Mooncake Moondance Moondogs Moondogs Moongame Moonglow Roll-O-Rama. Sharma RC Owen Aladdin Harcourt Brace Asch. Lois Branley. The Moonstick: Seasons of the Sioux. Eve Trophy Donnelly. A Moose is Loose. Kana Scholastic Thaler. Deborah Ready Readers Steck-Vaughn Pair-It Krauskopf. A Moose is Loose. Donald Intermediate 3rd . Sunny Ehlert. 13 20+ 18 Primary Primary GRADE READING LEVEL 10 APPROVED K-6 10. Franklyn M. Craig Montgomery. Michael Heinemann Rigby Rogers. Daniel Scholastic Asch. Paula Wright. Eloise Jarvis Northwood Fredericks. The Moonlit Owl. Judy McGraw. The Moonstick: Seasons of the Sioux. Kelli C. Frank Kirk. The Moonwalk: the First Trip to the Moon Moonwalkers Moorchild. A Moon Journal Moon Journal Moon Journal Moon Journal Moon Lake Moon of the Gray Wolves. Mary Pope Literacy 2000 Rigby Fox. Anthony Houghton Mifflin Riley. Robert Foster. Freeman. Betty Ren Bunting.6th 3 17 Primary 13. Frank Pilkey. The Moon Over Tennessee: A Boy's Civil War Journal Moon Quest Moon Quilt. The Moon Stories Moon Stories Moon.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Moon Buggy Moon for Seasons. Ivan George. A Mop Top Moppet on the Run Moray Eels AUTHOR Turner. A Moon in Your Lunch Box. The Moose Moose (Our Wild World) Moose is Loose. Karen Gantshev. The Moon Rope: A Peruvian Folktale Moon Seems to Change.

Sheila Wylie. George Pearce. Burton grl 15-19 Intermediate Updated 10/27/11 .Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Mordant's Wish More Adventures More Adventures With Mr. Burton Heiman. Vera B. Vicki Sachar. A More Parts More Perfect than the Moon More Pet Bugs : A Kid's Guide to Catching and Keeping Insects and Other Small Creatures More Rugrats Jokes! More Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark More Science Experiments You Can Eat More Sideways Arithmetic from Wayside School More Spaghetti More Spaghetti More Spaghetti I Say! More Spaghetti I Say! (Big book. Rita Golden Scholastic Cameron. Keenan. Ann Harper Shannon. Goodman. Rolf Moore GRADE Intermediate 23-24 READING LEVEL APPROVED 4 Intermediate Intermediate Intermediate Fuller Matas. Carol Mulberry Williams. Burton Palazzo-Craig. Sydney Stine. Alvin Cobb. Burton Goodman. Burton Hopkins. Querida L. Louis Scholastic Rigby PM Plus Gelman. Janet Taylor. small book. Wilhelm. Michele Goodman. Patricia Primary Lewman. R. L. tape) More Stories Julian Tells More Stories to Solve More Stories to Solve: Fifteen Folktales from Around the World More Super Scary Stories for Sleep-Overs More Surprises More Surprises More Surprises More Tales of Oliver Pig More Than Anything Else More Than Anything Else More Than Meets the Eye More Than One More Trouble More Twists AUTHOR Coursen. Marie Orchard Books 32 4 16 12 L 11 2 Intermediate 22 Primary Dufresne. Lee Bennett Scholastic Van Leeuwen. Toad the Wind in the Willow More All-of-a-Kind Family More and More Tales to Give Goosebumps More Bunny Trouble More Chills More Conflicts More Encounters More for Eagle Eyes More Fun with Books (Reproducible level 1-3) More Fun With Fairy Tales More I Can Learn! More Junior Authors More Minds More More More More More More Said the Baby : Three Love Stories More or Less a Mess More or Less Fish Story. David Schwartz. Valerie Goodman. Jean Bradby. Burton Goodman. Tedd MacLachan. Joanne & David Arnold. Hans Goodman.

2 tapes) More Witch. Frank B. and Ghost Stories More. Bernard Wiseman. William Wiseman. Robert Edwards. Keene. Barbara Heine. and Night Morning. The: A Folktale from China Most Excellent Book : How to Clown Most Terrible Creature in the World.Owen Hintz. 30 26 24-26 grl 40-49 18 18 18 14 14 22 Intermediate grl 15-19 grl 40-49 Updated 10/27/11 . Marjorie Weinman Morris. Noon. Jan Bourdea Primary Johnson. and Night Morocco Morris Brookside is Missing Morris Dictionary of Word and Phrase Origins Morris Goes to School Morris the Artist Morris the Moose -. James Annick Press Cowley. Barbara K. Bernard Segal. Lore Groszmann Wiseman. William Jacques.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE More We Get Together. Vera B. Rosemary Annick Press Munsch. Patricia Literacy George. from the Story Told in the Old Testament Mosquitoes Moss Gown Mossflower Most Beautiful Place in the World Most Beautiful Roof in the World : Exploring the rai… Most Beautiful Thing In the World. Bernard Wells. Nancy Petersham. Noon. Ann Lasky. Sue Williams. Maude Fuller Krueger. Said the Baby: Three Love Stories Morgan's Zoo Moria's Birthday Morning Bath Morning Bath Morning Bath Morning Girl Morning on the Lake Morning Queen. Howe. Michael Waboose. Susan Millman. Kathryn Walker. Carol Hooks. David grl 20-29 N third-sixth 18 20 GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED 20 20. More.C. The Morning Star Morning Star Morning. Beech. Robert K.SERIES -Morris the Moose Morris the Moose Goes to School Morris's Disappearing Bag: A Christmas Story Mortimer Mortimer Mortimer Mooner Makes Lunch Mosaic of Thought : Teaching Comprehension in a Readers' Workshop Moses Goes to School Moses Supposes His Toeses are Roses Moses. Macaulay. Martin Sharmat. Goblin. Joy Sunshine Dorris. Helme Smith. More. The: An East African Most Wonderful Doll in the World Most Wonderful Egg in the World. Ellin Oliver and Zimmermann. The (set-2/BB. Jean Craighead R. Copper Beveridge. Brian Cameron. Bernard Wiseman. Isaac Patz. The Mostly Michael Motel of the Mysteries AUTHOR McGraw Hill/Wright Group Alexander.

Jerolyn Ann Updated 10/27/11 . Dwain Nentl. The Motorbike Racer Motorbike Racer Motorcycle: Grand Prix Racing Motorcycles Motorcycles . Richard Ullstein. A Mother Goose Mother Goose Caper. Betsy 18 18 third-sixth grl 40-49 L 01-04 28 4th K-6 grl 40-49 grl 20-29 4th grl 40-49 grl 40-49 20 38-40 Packard. Marilyn Ready Reader Balian. Boyds Yolen. A Mother Earth Mother Earth/Father Sky : Poems of Our Planet Mother for Choco. Carol Bunting. Susan Polushkin. The Mountain Bike Madness Mountain Bike Madness Mountain Bike Mania Mountain Biker Mountain Bikes Mountain Climbing AUTHOR Dufresne. Keiko Mother Goose Dufresne. Helens Mount St. Scarborough. William Pène Collins. I Want Another Mothers Are Like That Mother's Day Mice. Watty Primary Primary L 15 Rice. Gene Barrett. Edward Abramowski. The Mother Goose at the Farm Mother Goose for Christmas Mother Goose in Sign Mother Goose Phonics (K-2) Mother Goose Rymes (w) Mother Goose: A Treasury of Best Loved Rhymes Mother Hen Mother Hippopotamus’s Hiccups Mother Octopus Mother Octopus Mother Sea Turtle Mother Teresa Mother Teresa: Servant to the World's Suffering People Mother. Michele Schoolhouse Du Bois. Rau. Maria Carrick. & Ted Bender.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Mother Dog and Her Puppies. Sharlene P. Norman S. Lionel Morgan. Julia 5th Tardy. Helen’s National Volcanic Monument Mount Vernon Mountain Mountain Bike Challenge. Eve Minkoff. Sharlene P. Lorna Karpelenia. Kate Nelson. Dana Meachen Schaefer. R. Jane Kasza. Michele Mills. Lola Kranz. Hugh Sunshine Tames. Mother.How It Goes Mount Rainier National Park Mount Rushmore Mount Rushmore Mount St. Jenny NES Wall. The Mother's Helpers Mother's Helpers Mother's Mother's Day Moths and Butterflies and How They Live Motion Motivating Students Who Don't Care Motorbike Race. Rachel Nelson. Stanley Schecter. Deborah GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED K-2 Piper. Patrick Sachs.

Coleen Connal. Linnea Asplind Scholastic Arnosky. Arnold Scholastic Lobel. JoAnn Early Royston. The Mouse and the Elephant. Walter Dean Harper Lobel. Elizabeth Cleary. Gertrude Chandler Adams. Elaine Mataira. The Mountain Top Mystery Mountains Mountains Mountains Mountains Mountains Mountains Mountains and Oceans Mountains and Volcanos Mountains Crack Up. The Mouse Around Mouse Before Christmas. Jasper Pascoe. The Mountains. Ratu compact disc McLerran. Brimner. The Mouse Soup Mouse Soup Mouse Soup Mouse Tales Mouse Tales Mouse Tales Mouse Trap Mouse TV w/ tape Novak. Alice Warner. Jim Spires. The Mouse Box. Pat Garland. A Mouse Cookies Mouse Count Mouse Goes Out Mouse in the House / Backyard Jungle Mouse Manual Mouse Manual Mouse Manual (orange) Mouse Mess Mouse Mess Mouse Numbers and Letters Mouse of Amherst. Norman S. Gwen Hoban. Arnold Harper Trophy Voyages Scholastic. Beverly Schories. The Mouse Called Wolf. Julie Primary Landau. and Cliffs Mouse Mouse and His Child. Joy Dick King-Smith Numeroff. The Mouse Paint Mouse Practice Mouse Rap. Michael Cowley. Eileen Tomkins. Emily Arnold Myers. Catherine Macken.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Mountain Dog Rescue: A Story of a Bernese Mountain Dog Mountain Gorillas Mountain Gorillas Mountain Lions Mountain Mammals Mountain Rescue Mountain Streams Mountain That Loved a Bird. Robyn Curran. Jane Eggleton. Ellen Stoll McCully. Elizabeth Walsh. Ellen Stoll Root. The Mouse and the Knitted Cat. The Mouse and the Motorcycle. Angela Canfield. Russell Harcourt Brace Shub. Phyllis Buxton. Hills. Matt AUTHOR Hubbard. Larry Dane Chambers. Jill Rigby Sails Beginning Riley. Alison Barrett. WiggleWorks 38 grl 20-29 K-6 1 grl 30-39 grl 20-29 36 20 GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED 12 2 30 18 17 34 30 Primary grl 30-39 grl 20-29 28 E-5 3 4 19 19 17 L 9-12 Updated 10/27/11 . Laura Joffe Walsh.

Eleanor Prue. The Mousetrap Mouths and Noses Mouths and Noses Move It and Shake It! Move It! Move It! The Story of Animation Move Over. Bell's Top Hat Mr.Music in Learning CD . Anne Scholastic CD . Pig's Evening Out Mr. Francene Rayner. Basset Plays Mr. Joy Wright Group Carolrhoda Weidt. Francene Sabin. Bold Mr. Wheelchairs Coming Through!: Seven Young People in Wheelchairs Talk About Their Lives Moves Make the Man. Eve Kindergarten Primary Intermediate 10 Updated 10/27/11 . The Movie Themes from the 50's Movie Themes from the 60's Movie Themes from the 70's Moving Moving Moving Moving Moving and Shaking Moving Day Surprise Moving In Moving In Moving Things Moving to America Mozart Young Genius Mozart. Tina Slote. Young Music Genius Mr. William Cameron. Edna Miller.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Mouse TV Mouse Views: What the Class Pet Saw Mouse's Baby Blanket Mouse's First Christmas Mousekin -. Charlotte Snowball. Brimble's Hobby and Other Stories AUTHOR Scholastic McMillan. Archimede's Bath Mr. Edna Miller.SERIES -Mousekin Takes a Trip Mousekin's Christmas Eve Mousekin's Family Mousekin's Golden House Mouskin's Woodland Sleepers Mousery. Pamela Hooks. David Voyages Gaynor. Blister Mr. Bruce Thompson. Dick Allen. Bass's Planetoid Mr. Edna Miller. Bruce Cottringer.22. Edna Pomerantz.Music in Learning CD . Diane Markham. and Mrs. Alfred Wright Group 5th 44 30 3 grl 1-4 4 38 grl 10-14 2 7 38/40 Primary 1 20. Edna Miller. Maryann RC Owens Rice. Bell's Top Hat Mr. Mary King-Smith. Ron Brooks. Bill Snow. Sally Rigby.Music in Learning Red Reader Rigby PM Sloan. Lauren Miller. Baseball Mr. Bitter's Butter Mr. The Movie Magic Movie Star Mystery. Olivia GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED 6 36-38 20 36 grl 20-29 Roy. Ape Mr. Blue Jeans: A Story About Levi Strauss Mr. Blue Jeans Mr. Bitter's Butter Mr. Edna Miller. Peter & Sheryl Sundance Stolberg.30 Sabin. RW set 3 Cowley.

Carolyn Ready Reader Cowley. Gwen Literacy Kessler. Fix It Mr. John Phelan. Fluff at Laura's House Mr. Marvel Mr. Lincoln's Drummer Mr. Michele Brennan. MuMunch (4) Math Mr. Fin's Trip Mr. Joy Wright Group Dufresne. Monster Mr. Noisy's Book of Patterns Mr. Cecily Voyages Kelly. Lincoln's Way Mr. Rozanne Lanczak CTP F & F Williams. Egg / A Nest Full of Eggs Mr. Egg Mr. Bumbleticker’s Apples Mr. Rozanne Lanczak Madonna Pascoe. William GRADE READING LEVEL 3 30 15 L 12-15 14 17 grl 10-14 10 grl 10-14 22-28 7 APPROVED Mitton. Peabody's Apples Mr. Clog and the Log Mr. Cynthia Wright Group Cowley. Bumbleticker Likes to Fix Machines Mr. Grimble's Grapevine Mr. Fix It Mr. William Steck-Vaughn Pair-It Clark. Grump Mr. Patricia R. Dinosaur Mr. Merton's Vacation Mr. Greg's Garden Mr. Bumbleticker Likes to Cook Mr. Noisy Mr. Dominie Zuidland. Pepperpot's Pet Mr.SERIES -AUTHOR Hooks. Clutterbus Mr. Bubble Gum Mr. Pine's Purple House 6-Apr 20 20 8/27/2008 Updated 10/27/11 . Grump Mr. Ari Rylant. Cricket Finds a Friend Mr. Lincoln's Whiskers Mr. Mary Kay Wisler. Cricket's New Home Mr. Lincoln Speaks at Gettysburg Mr. Merton's Vacation (orange) Mr. Rozanne Lanczak CTP Williams. Grumpy's Outing Mr. Merton's Vacation Mr. Fin's Trip Mr. Pepperpot's Pet Mr. Joy Sunshine Wright Group Burningham. Cricket's New Home Mr. Noisy -. Merton’s Holiday Mr. G. Grigg's Work Mr. Diana Rigby Sails Hooks. Grump Mr. Patricia Kindergarten Primary 14 grl 10-14 grl 10-14 2 6 6 6 14-19 5…6 18 Primary H 24 24 24 E-5 22 Best Noonan. Tony Matthews. Clutterbus Mr. Noisy's Helpers Mr. Annette Hooks. Sid Williams.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Mr. McGillicuddy's Clocks Mr. Brown Mr. McCready's Cleaning Day Mr. Leonard Primary L 4-5 4 L 5-6 Mr. Mac-A-Doodle You're a Genius Mr. Clifton Polacco. Noisy Mr. Mysterious and Company Mr. William Rigby Fleischman.

Cynthia Rylant. Rabbit and the Lovely Present Mr. Putter and Tabby Walk the Dog Mr. Spider's Beautiful Web Mr. Putter and Tabby Pick the Pears Mr. Robert Mahy. Spider's Beautiful Web Ets. Putter and Tabby Bake the Cake Mr. Richard Little Brown King-Smith. Putter and Tabby Walk the Dog Mr. Tucket Mr. Putter and Tabby Row the Boat Mr. Putter and Tabby -. Wizard's Experiments for Young Scientists Mr. Plums Playground (pl) Mr. Putter and Tabby Fly the Plane Mr. Joy Cowley. Smarty Loves to Party Mr. Cynthia Scholastic Voyages Harper Trophy Zolotow. Putter and Tabby Walk the Dog Mr. Putter and Tabby Fly the Plane Mr. Sun and Mr. Wink Mr. Rumfit Mr. Wind Mr. Dick Sullivan. Always Goes Shopping Mrs. Joy Wright Group Lawrence. Popper's Penguins Mr. Margaret Manna. Cynthia Rylant. Putter and Tabby Pour the Tea Mr. Potter's Pet Mr. Gary Cowley. Charlotte GRADE READING LEVEL 30-26 APPROVED K-6 18 18 18 22 22 18 20-22 22 18 20-22 18 22 18 36 Lawson. Claire Ready Reader Cowley.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Mr. Janine Storyteller Mr. Cynthia Scholastic Arthur Howard Rylant. Putter and Tabby Pour the Tea Mr. Whisper Mr. Semolina-Semolinus: a Greek Folktale Mr. Putter and Tabby Pick the Pears Mr. As Recently Revealed By His Horse. Cynthia Harcourt Harcourt Rylant. Cynthia Arthur Howard Harcourt Rylant. Anthony Scott. Joy Herbert. Barnett's Brithday Mrs. Bold AUTHOR Atwater. Putter and Tabby Pick the Pears Mr. Presidents Mr. Wind Mr. Putter and Tabby Row the Boat Mr. Sea Mr. Wink Mr. T. Popper's Penguins Mr. Lucy Literacy 2000 Rigby Daniel. Putter and Tabby Feed the Fish Mr. Putter and Tabby Walk the Dog Mr. Marie Hall Paulsen. Smarty Loves to Party Mr. Don 3rd Sunshine Beck. Jennifer 34 8 Primary 14 14 10 8 16 2 Updated 10/27/11 . Putter and Tabby Pour the Tea Mr. Wumple's Travels Mrs.SERIES -Mr. Cynthia Arthur Howard Harcourt Rylant. Whiskers Mr. President: A Book of U. Whisper Mr. Wishy-Washy Mr.S. Wind Mr. Anthony Woo: The Story of a Cat and a Dog and a Mouse Mr. Rabbit and the Lovely Present Mr. Esq. George Rylant. Late Pride of His Royal Majesty's 14th Regiment of Foot Mr. Revere and I: Being An Account of Certain Episodes in the Career of Paul Revere. Scheherazade. W.

Jill Wright Group Odgers. Bold Mrs. Beverley Rigby PM Aladdin Pulver. Betty Harper & Row MacDonald. Mack Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle -. Robert Potter. Robin Aladdin Pulver. Betty MacDonald. O'Malley in Alligator Alley Mrs. Kangaroo's Trip Mrs. O'Malley in Alligator Alley (early) Mrs. Kalli Scholastic McCloskey. Goose and Her Funny Friends Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle Mrs. Miriam Clark Cowley. Fitz's Flamingoes Mrs. Cole on an Onion Roll: and Other School Poems Mrs. Katz and Tush Mrs. Toggle's Zipper Mrs. Harriet's Hairdo Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle's Magic Mrs. Honey’s List Mrs. Betty MacDonald.SERIES -Mrs. Peachtree and the Eighth Avenue Cat Mrs. GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED grl 10-14 5th 20 6 40+ 15 2 38+ 20 Primary 2 grl 5-9 5…6 5…6 All 3 15 Primary 14 E-6 Silverman. Muddle Mud-puddle Mrs. Huggins and Her Hen Hannah Mrs. Toggle and the Dinosaur Mrs. Pye's Pool Mrs. Betty Eggleton.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Mrs. Pye's Pool Mrs. Harriet's Hairdo Mrs. Sato's Hens Mrs. Patricia Polacco. Murphy's Crows Mrs. Katz and Tush Mrs. Cole on an Onion Roll Mrs. Janice Owen. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh Mrs. Pomelili's Wet Week Mrs. Grindy's Shoes Mrs. Miriam Clark Potter. Sally Farrell Voyages Meredith-Markowitz. Spider's Beautiful Web Mrs. Toggle and the Dinosaur Mrs. Pig Gets Cross and Other Stories Mrs. Spider's Beautiful Web Mrs. Mary MacDonald. Honey’s List Mrs. Spider's Beautiful Web Mrs. Robin Hollander. Katz and Tush Mrs. Cass Modern Curriculum Press Ready Reader 40 grl 30-39 grl 30-39 2 L 06 13 14 I 24 grl 10-14 10 Updated 10/27/11 . Toggle's Zipper Mrs. Kevin Aladdin O'Brien. Grindy's Shoes Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle Mrs. Goose -. Joy Wright Group Eggleton. Katz and Tush Mrs.SERIES -Mrs. Bold Mrs. Susan Dell Yearling Dell Dragonfly Books Doubleday Polacco. Jill Wright Group RC Owens Randell. Tuck's Little Tune Mrs. Murphy's Crows Mrs. Erica Rayner. Piggle-Wiggle's Farm Mrs. Syd Dakos. Richard C. Patricia Cowley. Brice's Mice Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh Mrs. Tuck's Little Tune Mrs. Tuck's Little Tune AUTHOR Literacy 2000 Rigby Hoff. Muddle Mud-puddle Mrs. Joy Wright Group Boland.

Wishy-Washy Mrs. The: A Traditional Skidi Pawnee Tale Mud Puddle Mud Tortillas Mud Walk Mud! Mudpies to Magnets : A Preschool Science Curriculum Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters: An African Tale Muffin Muncher. Wiggleworth's Secret Mrs. The Mug Shots Muggie Maggie Multiage Q & A : 101 Answers to your Most Pressing… Multicultrual Activities Multi-Divvy Combo Tiles Mult-Div Facts Multi-Links Multiplication Multi-Rep Tiles Multi. Facts Mumble Bear Mummies Mummies and Pyramids Mummies at the Mall Mummies Don't Coach Softball Mummies Don't Coach Softball Mummies in the Morning -. Joanna Flanagan. Stephen Cleary. Beverly Grant. Mary Pope Osborne. Gail Dadey. Joanna Cole. Jim P Cook Harris Cook Ruck-Pauquèt. Debbie Sundance Osborne. Peggy Ray. Sam Herman. Mary Lyn Stevenson. Erma Cohen. Joy Scholastic Williams. Mary Pope Random House Scholastic 20 grl 15-19 grl 10-14 4 GRADE Primary Primary READING LEVEL grl 5-9 8 8 3 36 APPROVED Primary 40 16 third-sixth 4 grl 1-4 3 Primary Primary Preschool T 25 40 Intermediate 49 30 grl 30-39 20+ Updated 10/27/11 . Wishy-Washy's Tub Ms. Rainier National Park Much Bigger Than Martin Much Too Much Mud Mud Flat Olympics. Joyce Taplin. Robin Cowley. Joy Story Box Sunshine Wright Gr. Ngarangi Rigby Bombeck. Frizzle's Adventures: Ancient Egypt Ms. The Mud Pie Mud Pie Mud Pie Mud Pies and Silver Spoons Mud Pony. Frizzle's Adventures: Medieval Castle Ms. Wishy-Washy Mrs. Barbara M. Murphy Fights Fires MSB Blows its Top MSB Inside a Hurricane MSB Out of This World MSB Space Explorers MSB The Wild Whale Wat Mt. Robert A. Wishy-Washy Mrs. Alice Scholastic Scholastic Scholastic Scholastic Scholastic Kellogg. Cowley. Steven Christianson.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Mrs. Steptoe. John Cosgrove. Gina Milton. Joy Cole. James Literacy Naden. Wishy-Washy Mrs. Cowley. Caron Lee Flores.SERIES -.Magic Tree House Mummies in the Morning Mummies in the Morning Mummies in the Morning AUTHOR Supraner.

The Music. Todd P AUTHOR Aliki Wilcox. Crunching. Beverley Rigby Ardley. Margaret Steck-Vaughn Pair-It Stage 4 Hilgartner. Candace Evans. Music for Everyone Music: Whistle Like a Bird / It Sounds Like Music Musical I nstruments of Africa: Their Nature. Megan Bellairs. Sniffing. Colleen O'Shaughnessy Ardley. and Snooping Muppy's Ball Murals: School Mural / Diego Rivera Murder for her Majesty. Peter Randell. The Mumps Mumps Munch. The Mushroom in the Rain Mushroom Man. Charlotte Perl. 19 grl 40-49 grl 10-14 grl 40-49 2 6. Gerald London. Laura Sullivan. Ann Hesse. Steck-Vaughn Pair-It Stage 1 P 15 30 19. The Mummy's Curse. Jonathan Henry. The Mummy's Curse. Wild Spirit of the West Mutilated Monkey Meat Mutt and the Lifeguards McDermott. Karen Wright Gr. Erin Ash Scholastic Morris. Lynette Shortland Moses. 6 I Updated 10/27/11 . Use. Beverley Rigby PM GRADE 6th 6th READING LEVEL APPROVED 30 8 6 Fleming. Walsh. David Costain. Brian Mahy. A Music Math Music Teacher from the Black Lagoon. McKenna. John R.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Mummies Made In Egypt Mummies. Linda Putnam. and Place in the Life of a Deeply Musical People Musicians of the Sun Mustang Canyon Mustang. Bones and Body Parts Mummies. the Will and the Crypt. The Mummy. Mike Williams. The Music Machine. Tombs. Jim Stine. and Treasure: Secrets of Ancient Egypt Mummy Mummy Awakes. Munch Munch: Poems and Pictures Muncha Muncha Muncha Munching Monster Munching Monster Munching. Vera B. Beth Erickson. Marguerite Strasser. A Murder in the Middle Pasture Murphy's Island Muscles to Machines Museum House Ghosts. Meredith Sundance Randell. The Mushrooms Mushrooms for Dinner Mushrooms for Dinner Music (Eyewitness Books) Music and Drum Music Counts Music in the Air Music is in the Air Music is Magic for You and Your Child Music of the Dolphins. John Levithan. The Mummy: A Junior Novelization. Neil Spearing. Ethel Murray. Jose Pochocki. Neil Robb. Munch. Judith Aruego. Kieran Thaler.

Rhonda Scaefer. Theresa Clyne. R. Janet Perry.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Mutt in the Iron Muzzle. Jane Martin. Bill Schafer. Margaret Sycamore. Sarah Nelson. May Owens. Arnold Cowley. Jill M. Diane Houghton Mifflin Macmillan McGraw-Hill Vogages Giles. L. Craig Nelson. Deborah Stine. Jenny Randell. Hamilton. Joy Sunshine Wright Group Discovery World Jenkins.00 I Hughes. Lee Bennett GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED 1 1 Kindergarten grl 1-4 4 1 E. Phyllis Jean Buxton. Peters. Foley. Beverley Rigby PM Wright Group McGrath. Lola Short Books Giles. Tisha Textbook distribution P 2 8 5 grl 1-4 grl 10-14 grl 5-9 3 8 grl 5-9 grl 1-4 Primary grl 5-9 1 11 10 K grl 5-9 grl 15-19 grl 1-4 2 2 1st Updated 10/27/11 . The Muttketeer! Musty-Crusty 123 Musty Crusty ABC My My Accident My Accident My Accident My Accident My Alien My Alien My Alien (light blue) My America My America For This Land Meg's Prairie Diary My Aunt Came Back My Aunt Works in a Cheese Shop My Baby My Baby Sister My Backpack My Backpack My Bear My Best Friend My Best Friend is Invisible My Best Sandwich My Big Box My Big Box My Big Box My Big Box My Big Brother My Big Brown Box My Big Buddy My Big Buddy My Big Dog My Big Rock My Bike My Bike My Bike My Bike My Birthday Party My Birthday Party My Black Me My Boat My Boat My Boat My Body My Body My Body My Book My Books to Take Home My Box My Brother is From Outer Space My Brother is Special AUTHOR Friedman. Lola Schafer. Lola M. Richard C. Michael Jan Crider. Stevens. Catherine Rigby PM Starters Adoff. Jenny Foley MCP Moffit. May Bryson. Raymond Rigby Sails Beginning Hopkins.

Mary Pope Osofsky. Hester Lake.00 A 16 2. Mary Dixon Mondo Dufresne. 9 Frascino. Nicholas Collier. Christine King Keenan. Emily Beth Ready Reader Iverson. the Spy My Brother's Keeper: Virginia's Civil War Diary (Book One) My Buddy My Buddy My Bug Box My Bug Box My Busy Day My Busy Day My Busy Week My Calculator Book My Cat My Cat My Cat My Cat Can My Cat Can My Cat Jack My Cat Likes Milk My Cat Muffin My Cat Sam My Cats My Cats Nick and Nora My Chair My Chair My Chimp Friday: The Nana Banana Chronicles My Circus Family My Circus Family My Class My Classroom My Climate My Climate My Clock Is Sick My Clock Is Sick My Clothes My Clothes My Clothes My Clothes (light blue) My Color My Cousin the King My Creature My Creature My Dad AUTHOR Farris. Laurel Pioneer Valley Educational Press Steck-Vaughn Foley. Meredith Osborne. James Scholastic Scholastic 50 Byars. Scott Ready Reader Scholastic Tuchman. Gail Casey. Nancy 27-28 GRADE READING LEVEL grl 30-39 Primary Y APPROVED 1st 7 2 5 grl 1-4 Primary Primary B Primary A Harper. Patricia Prasad. Ant My Brother. Diana Mundis. Richard C. Edward Early Success Prelutsky. Cate Peters. Birdie Rigby Sails Beginning 2 grl 1-4 12 5 Primary 1 1 E.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE My Brother Martin : Sister Remembers Growing Up with the…. A My Brother Owen My Brother Sam Is Dead My Brother Sam Is Dead My Brother Sam is Dead --Tch Guide My Brother the Thief My Brother. Sandra Munoz. Isabelle Learning Media Noonan. Dickey. Anne Newbridge Gerhard. Pat Owen. Audrey Owlet Blanchard. Jack Updated 10/27/11 . Michele Miranda. Betsy Cromer Costain.

Jenny Hoffman. Karen Rigby Sails Beginning Sunshine Wright Group Khalsa. Ben My Dog.00 grl 5-9 I Prim. Pat Hastings. Ben My Dog. Jill Hjemboe.../Int. Ben My Dog. Tracey Butterworth. Peter & Sheryl George. Gaby Rose. Jillian Eggleton. Beverly Reeder.. Dayal Kaur Rigby Barron's Thomas. Debbie Browne. Maxine GRADE READING LEVEL grl 5-9 1 3 20 Primary grl 5-9 8 E. Ruth Stiles Gannett. Sherry Gannett. Jack Scholastic Garland. Cat My Dog. Margaret Throne Rigby Sunshine Piven. Cecily Rigby PM Voyages Crisp.Made. Cat My Dog. Faith Linch. Gail Matthews. Anthony Giles. Tanya Cutting.SERIES -My Father's Dragon My Father's Dragon My Father's Dragon --Teacher's Guide My Father's Hands My Favorite Bear AUTHOR Bailey.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE My Dad My Dad My Dad My Dad Cooks My Dad Has Asthma My Dad is Awesome My Dad Is Great My Dad Lost his Job My Dad Works On A Farm My Dad's Truck My Daniel My Days.Butterfly My Desk My Dog My Dog My Dog My Dog Got Away! My Dog is as Smelly as Dirty Socks My Dog Talks My Dog. Bill Sloan. Joe Oxford Dragonfly Ringgold. Joanne 2 2 K-3 12 3 3 40 4 F 6 grl 1-4 8/27/2008 1 grl 1-4 1 1 E. Catherine Kaeden Yukish.00 Primary 2 APPROVED Conrad. 4 K-2 19 Updated 10/27/11 . Hanoch Herman. Marty Scholastic Peters. Jr. Willy My Dog's the Best! My Doll My Doll My Dream My Dream of Martin Luther King My Dream of Martin Luther King My Duck My Family My Family My Family My Family My Family My Family My Family (light blue) My Family Tree My Family Tree My Family's Changing My Family's Changing My Farm My Father w/tape My Father's Boat My Father's Dragon -. Ruth Stiles Random House Ryder. Nick Goldsack. Pam Martin.

Mary Gregorich. Sharon Troll Wilkes. Rosemarie Gruelle. Lucille Scholastic Dahan. Gloria Scholastic Bowdish. John Celebration Press Orr. Jez Bradman. Sarah Martin. Jr. Alice Challoner. Book My First Pony My First Puppy My First Raggedy Ann: Raggedy Ann and Andy and the Nice Police Officer My Fish My Fish Bowl My Fish Does Not Chirp My Fish Does Not Chirp My Five Senses My Five Senses My Flag My Flag My Friend My Friend Alan My Friend Bear My Friend Edward Cole My Friend Flicka My Friend Goes Left My Friend Jacob My Friend Rabbit My Friend the Moon My Friend. Anne Ready Reader Aliki Burton. Aileen Lucia Lillegard. Jack Cromwell. Rebecca Giles. Katherine Shelley Zolotow. Brenda Cutting. André Bradman. Angela Fisher. Lynea K-6 Primary All 38 Updated 10/27/11 . Jenny GRADE K 2 READING LEVEL APPROVED 6 Primary L 02 7 K-2 grl 5-9 2 6 Primary L 10-12 14 G 7 L 8-12 16 grl 5-9 grl 5-9 8 Cech.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE My Favorite Time of Year My Feet My Feet Are Just Right My Feet Are Just Right My Feet Are Just Right My Fellow Americans: A Family Album My First Batteries and Magnets Book My First Book About the Internet My First Book About the Internet My First Green Book My First Hanukkah Book My First Martin Luther King. Marcia Wright Group Provensen. Edward Cole My Friend. Dee Krailing. Karen Tyler. Johnny Anderson. Barbara Clifton. Jillian Alborough. Tessa Hausherr. Tony O'Hara. Edward Cole My Friends My Garden My Garden My Garden My Garden My Grandma My Grandma My Grandma and Grandpa My Grandma Lived in Gooligulch My Grandmother Works In A Dress Shop My Grandmother's Journey My Grandpa My Grandpa and the Sea My Grandpa Henry My Grandson Lew My Great Aunt Arizona My Great Aunt Arizona My Haircut AUTHOR Pearson. Tony Early Success Celebration Press Early Success Keane. Wayne Early Success Weber. Margie Newbridge Parkes. Charlotte Houston. Susan Aliki Sunshine Vaughan.

Karen Owen. Kimberly Willis Kasza. Randell.6th 1st 5 grl 1-4 K-2 2 16 1 Primary grl 5-9 Primary Updated 10/27/11 . Jenny Grossman. Keiko 12 Primary L 2. a Sioux Girl My Heart Soars My Heroes My Hobby My Home My Home My Home My Home My Horse My House My House My House My House My House My House My House Is Your House My Indoor Garden My Letter My Life My Life as a Fifth-Grade Comedian My Life With Birds My Life With Birds My Life With the Wave My Light My Little Brother Ben My Little Brother Ben My Little Dog My Little Dog My Little Dog My Little Dog My Little House Cookbook My Little Island My Little Island My Little Sister My Little Sister My Little Sister Ate One Hare My Little Sister Ate One Hare My Lost Top My Lost Top My Louisiana Sky My Lucky Day My Lunch AUTHOR Mondo Primary Beem. Joy Cutting. Molly Cogan. Ann Staton. David Rigby Swartz. Jill Rigby Sails Cowan. 3 3 3 grl 5-9 3 K-2 9 J Rigby Sails 3rd . Jim 8 GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED grl 1-4 1 E.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE My Haircut My Halloween Boyfriend My Hamster.00 Rinaldi. Laura Ingalls Harper Trophy Lessac. Van My Hamster. Jill Rigby Sails Beginning Storey. Pauline Drew. Julia Haydon. Van My Hands My Hat My Hat My Hat My Hat (light blue) My Heart Is on the Ground: the Diary of Nannie Little Rose. Julie Cowley. Joy Giles. Jillian Melser. Elizabeth Eggleton. Richard C. Carol Wright Group Levy. Franae Cowley. Karen Cartwright. Florence Ready Reader Aliki Eggleton. June Wright Group Hjemboe. Catherine Bang. Annette Wright Group Wilder. Carmen Lerner. Beverley Rigby Smith. Bill Scholastic Engles. Diane Ready Reader Holt. Jan Voyages Wright Group Tafolla.

Monsters. Creatures. Judy Bauer. Michal Leonard. Patricia Bosworth. Annabelle Gray. Goblins or Things My Many Colored Days My Map Book My Map Book My Map Book My Messy Room My Milkshake My Models My Mom My Mom is a Beekeeper My Mom Made Me Go to Camp My Mom Travels A Lot My Monster and Me My Monster and Me My Monster Friends My Monster Friends My Monster Friends My Monster Mama Loves Me So My Mother Got Married: and Other Disasters My Mother is Lost My Mother is Lost My Mother Talks to Trees My Name is America: The Journal of Patrick Seamus Flaherty My Name is Brian My Name Is Johari My Name is Maria Isabel My Name is Maria Isabel My Name is Not Angelica My Name is You My Neighborhood My Nest is Best My New Boy My New Boy My New Kitten My New Pet My New Pet My New Quilt My New York My Nine Lives My Ol' Man My Own Body. Fiends. Peter & Sheryl Burton. Robert Hammonds. Patrick Rigby Leuck. Ghosts.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE My Magnet My Magnet My Mama Had a Dancing Heart My Mama Says There Aren't Any Zombies. Mary Sloan. Richard C. Brian Tan. Jack Scholastic Stelson. Doris 30 Pre K. 6 8 Primary Updated 10/27/11 . Debbie Delton. Frances Meissner. David Owens. Sara Harper Collins Sunshine Packard. Alma Flor Sundance O'Dell. Anna Ready Reader Literacy 2000 Prince. Libba Moore GRADE READING LEVEL grl 1-4 grl 5-9 APPROVED Viorst. Demons. Seuss Fanelli. Caren 30 Primary 10 11 grl 15-19 L 06 10 10 Primary 5…6 Intermediate 5. Laura Park. Scott Foster. Judith Dr. Bernice Scholastic Gove. Joan Cole. Barbara Myers.K 1 2 L 6-8 2 grl 5-9 grl 5-9 8 2 W 5th Ada. Heather Jakobsen. Kathy Aladdin Polacco. Phillips. I Can Read About My Own Place My Pal Al My Parents Think I'm Sleeping: Poems My Parents Think I'm Sleeping: Poems My Pet My Pet Bobby AUTHOR Birchall. Vampires. Marcia Prelutsky. Joanna Houghton Mifflin Newell. Margie Bailey. Caroline Kijak.

Becky Reid. Heather Scholastic Cowley. Jasper Osborne. Helen W. 56 6 --Tch Guide --Tch Guide Updated 10/27/11 . LeeAnne Shook. Stephen Ludwig. Patricia Dufresne. Alfred Burton. Wheatley. Catherine Rigby PM Starters Davidson. Michele Peters.Vaughn Steck-Vaughn Pair-It Scholastic Cowley. Margie Smith. Judy Aladdin Polacco. Deborah Ready Reader 14 H grl 30-39 GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED 24 23/19 40 2 2 Primary grl 1-4 1 5…5 2 grl 15-19 Primary K-6 5th Primary grl 50-59 8/27/2008 3 4 16 44. Nadia Hirst. Beryl Spevack. Sheila Ready Reader Wright Group Houghton Mifflin George. Sarah Steck. and Crane. Robin Orchard Glasscock. Jillian Gore. Joy Keys. Sophie Roos. Hale C. Mary Pope Cutting. Jane Wright Group Hammonds. Trudy Winkler. Joy Slote.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE My Pet Lizards My Pets My Picture My Picture Dictionary My Pigs My Place My Place in Space My Place in Space My Prairie Summer (Folktales series) My Prairie Summer My Prairie Summer / Laura Ingalls Wilder My Prairie Year My Puppy My Puppy My Puppy My Red Scarf My River My Robot My Robot Buddy My Rocks My Room My Room My Rotten Red-Headed Older Brother My Rotten Red-Headed Older Brother My School My School My School My Scrapbook My Scrapbook My Scrapbook My Season With Penguins My Secret Admirer My Secret Bully My Secret Hiding Place My Secret Life as a Ping-Pong Wizard My Secret Sunrise My Secret War: The World War II Diary of Madeline Beck My Shadow My Shadow My Shadow My Shadow My Shells My Side of the Mountain My Side of the Mountain My Side of the Mountain My Side of the Mountain My Sister June My Sister June AUTHOR Engfer. Jean Craighead Scholastic Penguin Scholastic Eaton. Avelyn Shortland Storytellers Webb. Henry Tomkins.

Margie Maccarone. Kelvin Rigby Sails Beginning Frankford. Michele Coville. Stephen Hawley.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE My Sister the Meanie My Sister the Supermodel My Sister. Joy Sunshine Wright Group Cowley. Kim Sundance Krensky. Cowley. Bruce Coville. Nora Primary grl 1-4 6 16 16 17 14 GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED grl 5-9 30 Primary 1 E. the Meanie My Skateboard My Sloppy Tiger My Sloppy Tiger My Sloppy Tiger My Sloppy Tiger Goes to School My Sloppy Tiger Goes to School My Sloppy Tiger Goes to School My Soccer Mom from Mars My Son. Michael A. Alfred Foley. Cate Fredericks.SERIES -My Teacher My Teacher Flunked The Planet My Teacher Fried My Brains My Teacher Is an Alien My Teacher Sleeps In School My Teacher Turns into a Tyrannosaurus My Teacher Turns into a Tyrannosaurus My Teacher's Secret Life My Things My Things My Things (light blue) My Tiger Cat My Tiger Cat My Tiger Cat My Time Box My Tooth is About to Fall Out My Tooth is About to Fall Out My Tooth is Loothe My Town My Town Used to be Small My Treasure Garden My Trip My Trip (light blue) My Trip to Alpha I My Turtle (My Pets) My Twin! My Two Homes My Very Hungry Pet My Very Own Halloween: A Book of Cooking and Crafts My Very Own Octopus My Visit to the Aquarium My Visit to the Dinosaurs AUTHOR Stine. Jenny Rigby Sails Beginning Slote. Robin Primary Aliki Aliki K 2 Updated 10/27/11 . Joy Sunshine Wright Group Book. Marvin McPherson.00 grl 1-4 7 7 grl 10-14 12 30 grl 1-4 grl 10-14 Primary Level 02 16 1 7 West. Marylyn Kaeden Voyages Burton. Rita Aylesworth. Margaret Ransom. Megan Bechard. Jennifer Buckley. Sara & John Coville. Grace Scholastic Schieber. My Science Report My Sister. Bruce Weiss. Leatie Caraher. Primary Brewton. John My Special Job My Special Job My Spirit Soars My Street My Tang's Tungled and Other Ridiculous Situations My Teacher -. Candice F. Jim Learning Media Solis. Bruce Dufresne. Bruce Coville.

Chris 3 44 5 Mysteries of Sherlock Holmes.Fine. The AUTHOR Burton. Margie Graham. Margaret GRADE READING LEVEL grl 5-9 30 19 19 20 20 20 20 APPROVED Creasy. Scott Sharmat. Joann Mysteries of the Mind and the Senses Emert. Tamara Mysterious Detectives: Phychics Mysterious Disappearance ofLeon (I Mean Noel). The Scholastic Mysteries of the Ancients Innes.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE My Week My Weird Mother My Weird Mother My Wonderful Aunt --SERIES -My Wonderful Aunt Story 1 My Wonderful Aunt Story 2 My Wonderful Aunt Story 3 My Wonderful Aunt Story 4 My Wonderful Aunt Story 5 My Wonderful Aunt Story 6 My Word What a Bird My Word! Junior My Worm Farm My Wow Summer My Writing Book(w) Mysteries & Marvels of Ocean Life Mysteries and Marvels of Plant Life Mysteries & Marvels of the Animal World Mysteries of Harris Burdick.SERIES Warner. Lois Gladys Mystery at the Crooked House. Paul Mysteries of the Past: Monsters Mason. A Cameron. Joyce A. Margaret Mahy. Margaret Mahy. Margaret Mahy. Diane Mysterious Tadpole. TRaskin. Savior Mysteries of the Past: Buried Treasure Hook. Phyllis Raybin Pirotta. Ellen Mysterious Healing Innes. Paul Mysteries of the Past: Mummies Hook. Margaret Mahy. The Mysterious Zetabet. Bass. The w/tape Kellogg. Brian Mysterious Matter of I. Wendy Newbridge Mahy. Mary-Ann 22 44 Cork. Gertrude Mystery Behind the Wall . Eleanor 35 5th 5th 5th 5th 5th 60 6th 34-36 Updated 10/27/11 . Jason Mysteries of the Past: Lost Cities Mason. Gertrude -. Brian Mysteries of the Mind Lawless. The Stanley. Steven Corbett. Jason Mysteries of the Past: Shipwrecks Mysteries of the Universe Innes.The Boxcar Children Chandler Mystery at the Jellybearn Factory Mystery Bay Warner. Barbara Van Allsburg.The Boxcar Chandler Children Mystery Collection --Tchr Gd Mystery for Mr. Margaret Mahy. The Doyle. Brian Mysteries of UFO'S Wilcox. Marjorie Mysteriously Yours. Mystery at Miss Abigail's. Margaret Mahy. Sir Arthur Conan Mysteries of Sherlock Holmes.M. The Leppard. Maggie Marmelstein Weinman Mystery Mystery at Kittiwake Bay Stengel. The -.

The Mystery of the Missing Dog. Patricia Reilly Hall. Gertrude Chandler Sundance Stengel. The Mystery of the Blue Ring. Joyce A.The Boxcar Children Mystery of the Hot Air Balloon Mystery of the Island Jewels Mystery of the Jade Princess Mystery of the Kibble Crook. Judy Lorimer. The Mystery of the Lost Letter Mystery of the Lost Pearl Mystery of the Lost Ring Mystery of the Midnight Message.Vaughn 30 30 L 16 60 Berger. The Mystery of the Laughing Dinosaur Mystery of the Locked Door. Irene Wright Group Howard.SERIES -. Trumbauer. The Mystery of the Missing Dog. Lynn Banks. Suzanne Cullimore. The Mystery of Pony Hollow. The Mystery of the Dark Old House. Melvin Newbridge Berger. Inc. Janet Cohen.The Lines of Nazca Mystery in the Cave Mystery in the Night Woods Mystery in the Sand . Lynne Reid Schultz.The Boxcar Children Mystery Magazine --Teacher's Guide Mystery Magazines Mystery Magazines Mystery Magazine Mystery Monsters Mystery Monsters and Untold Mystery of Magnets. Daniel Blake. Lisa Lilly.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Mystery in Peru . Kim Mystery of Pirate Ghost. Kim Mystery of Mrs. Irene Wright Group Levy. Daniel Warner. Alice 20 3rd Updated 10/27/11 . The Mystery of the Deadly Diamond Mystery of the Flying Orange Pumpkin. The Mystery of the Caramel Cat. Elizabeth Kellogg. The Mystery of Stonehenge.) Delton. The Mystery of Magnets. The Mystery of Mrs. The Mystery of the Hot Air Balloon -. Florence Parry Scholastic Schultz. Nancy Giff. The Mystery of the Garbage Gang (Mickey Mysteries) Mystery of the Haunted Cabin. Olive Kindergarten 20 16 38 30 30 28 3rd 40 40 4 40 Primary grl 30-39 Heide. The Mystery of the Dark Old House. David Warner. Melvin. The: Mini Book Mystery of Mazes. The Mystery of the Cupboard. The Mystery of the Missing Dog. The AUTHOR McMullen. Gertrude Chandler Peterson. Laura Lee Cohen. John GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED 4 34-36 Children Press Newbridge Steck. Elizabeth Leonhardt. Liz Hope. The (Invisible.) Mystery of the Missing Leopard. Lynn Lyon. The Mystery of the Missing Dog. The Mystery of the Haunted Trail Mystery of the Hidden Camera. Steven Disney Press (ed. The Mystery of Magnets. Stan Rigby Hall. Mills.

The Mystery to Me. William Houghton Mifflin Lorimer. Alison Cragin Warner. The Mystery of the Missing Valentines. The Mystery of the Missing Suitcase. The Mystery of the Missing Valentines. Bonnie Steck. Janet Gilleo. William Primary Salkeld. Geoffrey Random House McArthur. Fredric Rigby 6th Condon. The Mystery on Elm Street Mystery on Everest: A Photobiography of George Mallory. The Mystery of the Tooth Gremlin. Florence Parry Hooks. Alma Sundance Hayes. The Mystery of the Missing Tooth. The Mystery of the Missing Red Mitten. The Mystery Valley Myth or Mystery Mythical Beasts Mythical Beasts AUTHOR Steck.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Mystery of the Missing Leopard. The -.Vaughn Kellogg. A Mystery Teacher's Guide Mystery Under Fugitive House. Audrey Jane. Gertrude Chandler Hooks. Margaret Sundance Graves. Alison 40 L 22 25 25 grl 20-29 50 4th grl 30-39 grl 40-49 40 38 38 Updated 10/27/11 . The Mystery of the Missing Wigs Mystery of the Pirate Ghost. Herzig. The Mystery of the Missing Treasure.Vaughn Martin. Bonnie Warner. The Mystery on Nine-Mile Marsh Mystery on October Road. Gertrude Chandler Bryant. Marc Tolon GRADE READING LEVEL 40-44 K APPROVED 16 28 28 20 Clark. Steven Heide.SERIES -The Boxcar Children Mystery on Bleeker Street. The Mystery of the Stolen Music Mystery of the Tail Mystery of the Talking Tail. The Mystery of the Pirate Ghost. The Mystery of the Universe Mystery of the Wild Ponies. The Mystery Of The Plant That Ate Dirty Socks Mystery of the Stolen Bike. The Mystery of the Missing Tooth. The Mystery Ranch --The Boxcar Children Mystery Ride. Mary C. Nancy Brown. The Mystery of the Talking Tail.

Joan dePaola. A Name is the Same. Pioneer Girl Naro. The: a Bantu Folktale Name on the Schoolhouse: An Anecdotal List of Some Historic Names of Schools in Washington State Name Quilt. Tomie Gould. The Nancy Hanks of Wilderness Road: A Story of Abraham Lincoln's Mother Nancy Kerrigan Nancy Ward. Audrey Scholastic Dufresne. Harold Dennis. Kenneth Lyle Root. 22 Bunting. A Name Garden. The Name is the Same. Meridel I Felton. Laurence Buchanan. the Ancient Spider: The Creation of the Narrative. The Name of the Tree. Eve Griffin. The (Big book. The: Irish Myth and Legend Naming the Cat Nana Rescue. Guide) Nap Time for Gilbert Nap Time for Lily Narcissa Whitman. The Names Upon the Harp. Sue Epstein. The Napping House. Carolyn Pocket Books Le Sueur.SERIES -Nancy Drew: Crime Lab Case. 1 Tchr. A Name Garden. Carol Scholastic Keene. Diana Wright Group Ready Reader Riley. Ann Spence 3 K grl 5-9 Primary Anderson. Ashley Ready Reader Wood.Primary Narrative Writing Narrative-Intermediate NASCAR Stars and Cars NASCAR Stars and Cars Nasty Stinky Sneakers Nasty Stinky Sneakers Nat Turner AUTHOR Alexander. Kana Lottridge. Lars Sports Illustrated 30. Carolyn Minstrel Keene. Judith Berry 4 Updated 10/27/11 . Laurel Warner. The Nancy Drew: No Strings Attached Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys: Super Sleuths! 2: Seven New Mysteries Nancy Drew Notebooks. Cherokee Nanny Goat's Nap Nanny Goat's Nap Nap Time Napping House. Phyllis 3rd . Marie Pringle. June Quinn. Carolyn Primary grl 20-29 grl 5-9 50 Keene.6th Heaney. 40. The Names Project. The Nana Upstairs and Nana Downstairs Nana's Orchard Nana's Place w/ Tape Nancy Drew -. Celia Barker GRADE K-6 Primary grl 10-14 2 11 READING LEVEL APPROVED Calkins. The 165 Nancy Drew: Ghost Stories Nancy Drew: Ice Crea…. The Name for Rabbit.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Nadia the Willful Name.. Pat Noonan. Michele Dickey.

Marjorie Weinman Yearling Sharmat. Marjorie Weinman Yearling Sharmat.. Nate the Great Goes Undercover Nate the Great Goes Undercover Nate the Great Saves the King of Sweden Nate the Great Stalks Stupidweed Nathan and Nickolas Alexander grl 20-29 20 20 grl 20-29 20 20 20 K Updated 10/27/11 . Marjorie Weinman Sharmat. Marjorie Weinman Rigby Sharmat. Marjorie Weinman Yearling Sharmat. Marjorie Weinman Sharmat.SERIES -AUTHOR Sharmat. Marjorie Weinman Yearling Sharmat. Marjorie Weinman Yearling Yearling Sharmat. Marjorie Weinman Sharmat. Marjorie Weinman Yearling Sharmat. Marjorie Weinman Sharmat. Marjorie Weinman Yearling Scholastic Sharmat. Marjorie Weinman Yearling Sharmat.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Nate the Great Nate the Great -. Marjorie Weinman Sharmat. Marjorie Weinman Bantam Sharmat. Marjorie Weinman GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED Nate the Great Nate the Great Nate the Great and Me (Fleeing Fang) Nate the Great and Me (Fleeing Fang) Nate the Great and the Big Sniff Nate the Great and the Big Sniff Nate the Great and the Boring Beach B Nate the Great and the Fishy Prize Nate the Great and the Halloween Hunt Nate the Great and the Lost List Nate the Great and the Lost List Nate the Great and the Lost List Nate the Great and the Missing Key grl 20-29 18 18 20 20 grl 20-29 20 grl 20-29 21 18 grl 20-29 23-24 grl 20-29 20 24 20 Nate the Great and the Monster Mess Nate the Great and the Monster Mess Nate the Great and the Mushy Valentine Nate the Great and the Mushy Valentine Nate the Great and the Musical Note Nate the Great and the Phony Clue Nate the Great and the Pillowcase Nate the Great and the Snowy Trail Nate the Great and the Snowy Trail Nate the Great and the Sticky Case Primary grl 20-29 20 21 Nate the Great and the Stolen Base Nate the Great and the Stolen Base Nate the Great and the Tardy Tortoise Nate the Great and the Tardy Tortoise Nate the Great Goes Down in the Dum. Marjorie Weinman Yearling Yearling Sharmat. Marjorie Weinman Yearling Sharmat.

Sheena Miller. Susan Furgang. Jay Otfinoski. Gail McGraw Hill/Wright Group Burnett. James Mathtastics Heinemann Raintree --9 titles. Jonathan D. Peter Rigby Scott. Jeri Coupe. Scared Silly National Anthem. Weidensaul. The Native Peoples Natural Disasters Natural Wonders of America Nature Did it First Nature in Focus Nature Scope -. W. Steven Berger. Patricia K. 6 copies of each Kummer. Shannon Greenfield. Mary Kay Cipriano. The National Audubon Society First Field Guide National Audubon Society First Field Guide: Birds National Audubon Society First Field Guide to Rocks and… National Audubon Society: First Field Guide Weather National Geographic World National Parks National Parks National Velvet National World War II Memorial. The Native American and Time Explorers Native American Art Native American Foods and Recipes Native American Homes Native Americans Native Americans Native Americans Native Americans at the Time of Explorers Native Americans Told Us So. The Native Americans Told Us.. David M. Kathy National Wildlife Federation (pub. Patricia Ryon Kahl. The National Anthem.) Ranger Rick Ranger Rick Ranger Rick Ranger Rick Ranger Rick Garland. W. Steck. 10 posters) Nature's Mathematical Marvels Nature's Mathematical Marvels Nature's Patterns Nature's Power Nature's Power AUTHOR Zemlicka.SERIES -Nature scope (Birds. Janine Gibbons.Vaughn 5th Primary 30 30-38 grl 40-49 20 1 40-44 Updated 10/27/11 . Edward Kahl. Eloise Dell. Lola GRADE I READING LEVEL APPROVED 5th grl 50-59 30 K-6 3rd-6th Q 38-40 grl 50-59 grl 40-49 Carson. Birds) Nature Scope (Digging into Dinosaurs) Nature Scope (Discovering Deserts) Nature Scope (Incredible Insects) Nature Scope (Wide about the Weather) Nature's Celebration Nature's Energy (Small Books) Nature's Energy (Small Books) Nature's Green Umbrella: Tropical Rain Forests Natures Marvels (1 Tea. Scott Ricciuti. William Reed. Pamela Quiri. Hannah Brownstone. Ring. Birds.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Nathan Hale: Patriot Spy Nathaniel Talking Nathaniel Willy. PERIODICAL Newbridge Rigby Bagnold. Jonathan D. Melvin Newbridge McCay. Enid Schaefer.

The Neighbors at Work Neighborhood Party. the Baby Elephant Neptune Nerve of Abbey Mars. Nellie Edge. Howard Layden. A Nest of Wood Ducks. Jamie Pogrund. Stacey Denenberg. the Baby Elephant Nelson. Barry Daniel. Kathleen Rigby PM Plus T grl 40-49 GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED 12 12 K-6 Intermediate Primary 4 grl 1-4 2 grl 5-9 grl 1-4 4 4. Andrew Beckett. Nellie Edge. Janice Lee Feinberg. Burnham Meredith. Gill.Vaughn Steck-Vaughn Pair-It Edge. Susan Luenn. Beverley Rigby PM Starters Primary Santella. Beverley Rigby Story Books Simon. Elizabeth. Nancy Leslie. The AUTHOR Katz. Kathleen Parkes. Adrienne Randell. 8 grl 20-29 grl 20-29 grl 15-19 17 6 2 14 Updated 10/27/11 . The Nessa's Fish Nest Full of Eggs. The Neighborhood Party Neighborhood Party / Around the Neighborhood Nellie Edge I Can Read . Bernard/ Hi Blatt. Karla Thompson. Brian Paren.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Naturewatch: Exploring Nature With Your Children Naughty Ann Naughty Ann Naughty Kitten Navaho Code Talkers Navajo Long Walk Navagators. Joe Scholastic Kiskin. Nellie Edge. The Nervous System. Brenda Burton. Julia Randell. Beverley Smith.Master Copies Blackline Copies Nellie Edge 'I Can Read' Anthology Binder Nellie Edge Little Books Binder: Matches Big Books Nellie Edge Mini Books Binder (Go With Big Books) Nellie Edge Poetry Binder (For 'I Can Read' Binders) Nelson Gets a Fright Nelson in Love: An Adam Joshua Valentine's Day Story Nelson Mandela Nelson Mandela Nelson Mandela: "No Easy Walk to Freedom" Nelson Mandela: Speaking Out for Freedom in South Africa Nelson Mandela: Strength and Spirit of a Free South Africa Nelson Mandela: The Fight for Freedom Nelson. A Nest on the Beach. Katherine Steck. Nellie Edge. Susan Mead. Nellie Randell. Margie Holmes. Benjamin Wall. Seymour 3rd Glass. The / Finding Freedom NBA Fun Facts and Trivia NBA Hot Shots NBA Slam Near the Window Tree: Poems and Notes Nebraska (Portrait of America) Needs Needs and Wants Nefertiti the Mystery Queen Neighbor From Outer Space.

Barbara Clark. The Nesting Place. Christine Fradin. Nests Netherlands. Teddy Random House Cutting. Nests. Vivian Vande Ende. A New Big Book of America. Cazet. Ann Warren Thompson. The New Bed. The New Boy. Beverley Rigby Story Books Wright Group Young. The New Brain for Igor. Judy Wallace. Velma Chase. Tina Boon. The Never Hit a Porcupine Never Hitch a Ride with a Martian! Never Mail an Elephant Never Ride Your Elephant to School Never Say Never Never Say Never Never Say Never Never Say Quit Never Snap at a Bubble Never Sniff a Gift Fish Never Spit on Your Shoes Never Take a Pig to Lunch Never Take a Pig to Lunch and Other Poems About the Fun of Eating Never Talk to Strangers Never Too Early to Write : Adventures in the K1 Writing… Never Trust a Dead Man Neverending Story. Denys Orchard Westcott. The New Bike. Brian & Jillian GRADE READING LEVEL grl 20-29 18 APPROVED D 3rd-6th Intermediate grl 5-9 4 24 grl 30-39 Primary 12 L 12-16 40 14 1 grl 1-4 2 10 Updated 10/27/11 . Farley Chicken Soup For Soul Williams. Bill Winer. The New Bike. A New Building. The Never-told Story. Aladdin Turner. Nadine Bernard Joyce. Edith Newlin Scholastic Randell. The New Blue Shoes New Boots New Boy. small book) New Baby. Beverley Rigby PM Davis. The New Boy. The Nesting Place. Kevin Sunshine O'Connor. The Nettie's Trip South Nettie's Trip South Nevada (Portrait of America) Never Be Never Bored on Boards Never Bored on Boards Never Cry Wolf Never Forgotten Doll. Irma Johnson. Bernard Sunshine Vinje. Patrick F. Lynn Rigby Yurkovic.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Nest on the Beach. The New Baby Calf. Yvonne McManus. The New Bike. Todd Gadd. Michael Faris. Marie L 18 6 Thoburn. Kathleen Salem. The AUTHOR Smith. A New Brain for Igor. The New Baby Calf. Annette Randell. Diane Short Mowat. Tony Johnson. The (Big book. The Nests Nests Nests. Doug Modern Curriculum Press Ready Reader Spevack. The New Baby. Dennis B. Madeline Velde.

C. A New Jersey (Portrait of America) New Jersey: America the Beautiful New Kid. A. The New House. Richard C. E. Johanna grl 15-19 2 20 Updated 10/27/11 . A New Duck. A New Dog. Robert. Deborah Bright. The New Ice-Cream Machine. The New Road! New School. Lorraine Hurwitz. Susan Dufresne. The New House. Roderick Oxford Rigby Sails Beginning Mahy. Allen Landon. A New Dinos New Directions Readers' Workshop New Dog. A New Dog. Meredith-Markowitz. Hartman. Kathleen Bennett. Stephanie Steck-Vaughn Parnwell. Jill Sacher. The New House. The New Mexico (Portrait of America) New Neighbors for Nora New Nest. Kathleen Hurwitz. Pamela M. Jill Thompson. The New Cat. A: The First National Flag: A Play New Found Land New France New France -. 4th 5th grl 50-59 grl 10-14 13 9 2 E. Michele Hunt. A: My First Look at the Life Cycle of An Amphibian New Girl. Michele Hickman.00 grl 10-14 Intermediate Intermediate Primary grl 1-4 4 Eggleton.SERIES -. John Dufresne. The New Rapunzel. The (light blue) New House Villain. Prose… New Fangled Fairy Tales New Flag for a New Country. Anne Livesey. Smith. Gail Wilson. A New Friend at the Beach. Harriet Hagerty. Roderick Oxford Reading Voyages Hickman. A New Nest. The New Glasses for Max New Glasses for Max New Hampshire (Portrait of America) New House. Mathilde Gibbons. A: Journey Through Poetry. A New Oxford Picture Dictionary New Oxford Picture Dictionary English/Russian New Place. Johanna Handwerker. Kathleen Kent. Annette Thompson. The New Shoes for Silvia AUTHOR Sunshine Owens. Holly Ziefert. The New House. Loretta 30 GRADE READING LEVEL 26 L 28 APPROVED 6 Wolf. G. Krupinski. A: My First Look at the Life Cycle of a Bird New England Scrapbook. Margaret Eggleton. Pamela M. Bantom Rigby PM Plus Smith. A New Frog. The New House. The New Clues About Dinosaurs New Coat for Anna. Michele Chicken Soup For Soul Thompson.Discovering Canada New Friend. Patricia Hunt. The New Kid And The Cookie Thief.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE New Car.

Red Shoes New Sneakers New Sneakers New Sneakers New Soccer Nets New Socks New Sourcebook for Teaching Reasoning and Problem Solving New Student Starfish New Tall Tales of Pecos Bill New Tricks New Wheels. Kathi Osinski. Richard C. Sharon Funk. The Nick Joins In AUTHOR Orchard Books Rollings. Heiligman. Roderick Oxford Adams.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE New Shoes. Bruce Meadowbooks Lauber. Don Thompson.Set Two (Green) Next Stop.Set Four (Yellow) Next Step . Jill Cross. or Does It? Nibbly Mouse Nibbly Mouse Nibbly Mouse Nic of the Woods Nice or Nasty: Book of Opposites Nice Try Tooth Fairy Nicest Newt. The Nez Perce. Marie Lyons Lansky. Kathleen Mace. The News Flash! Reporting the News Newton and his Laws Newton's Laws Next Karate Kid. The Nez Perce. David Macmillan SRA Voyages Ward. The New Zealand in Pictures Newf Newf Newfangled Fairy Tales Classic Stores with a Twist Newfangled Fairy Tales News About Dinosaurs. Red Shoes New Shoes. The New World New World Monkeys New York (Portrait of America) New York City Buildings New York City Buildings New York City Buildings New York Public Library Kids' Guide to Research.Stalks Stupid Weed Niagra Falls. Ann Newbridge Owen. Patricia Reilly Orgel. Joe 3rd 5th grl 20-29 Intermediate 10 9 K-6 40 30 6th grl 60-69 grl 40-49 40 grl 30-39 22 grl 50-59 8 2 22 2 Updated 10/27/11 . Patricia Hill. Gloria Great Source Great Source Great Source Giff. Virginia Bantam Winkler. Heather Lasker. Alice Sneve. Deborah deRegniers. Susan Houghton Mifflin Hunt. Nick Feldman. Henry Drew. The NG And the Tardy Tortoise NG.Set Five (Orange) Next Step . Gillian Patton. Beatrice Schenk Killilea. Doris Howes. Tara Phelan. Alison GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED 8 1 grl 10-14 Krulik. Glen Whelan. Harold Voyages Eggleton. New York City Next Time I Will Nez Perce. Lynd Butterworth. The Next Spring an Oriole Next Step . Stephen Felton.

The AUTHOR Kaeden Williams. Nash Ready Reader 2nd Wing. Gary Lasky. R.SERIES . Gale Kramer. Karen Naylor. Natasha Primary Ackerman. Erica grl 30-39 11 30 grl 20-29 20+ 29 50 5 Updated 10/27/11 . The Night in the Country Night in the Country Night in the Desert Night in Terror Tower. Richard C. Kathryn grl 5-9 grl 10-14 5 5th grl 50-59 4 6 Night Lights. James Minkoff. Dennis Bailey. Deborah Cachemaille. Vijaya Khist Clifford. Ziefert. Night of the Living Dummy III Night of the Ninjas Osborne. Part 1 -. Cynthia Stine. Christine Owens. The Night Cry Night Frights Night I Flunked my Field Trip. Harriet Lionni.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Nickels and Pennies Nickels and Pennies Nick's Glasses Nick's Glasses Nicky Upstairs and Down Nicolas. Night of the Living Dummy II Stine. Vicki Night Noises Fox. and Learning Labs Nigeria Night After Christmas. R. Eve Stine. a Cruise Around the Solar System Night Mare Kamida. Where Have You Been? Nifty (and thrifty) Science Activities: Demonstrations. Primary Paulsen. R. Marilyn Ready Reader Bodach. Judith Bauer Winkler. Sam Night Noises Wright Group Night of Fear Kehret. L. Mary Pope Night of the Ninjas Random House Night of the Slime Creature Eyen. L. Nina Aladdin Rylant. Donna Stevenson. Jennifer Night of the Twisters Rigby Literacy 2000 Night of the Twisters Ruckman. L. Phyllis Reynolds Stamper. Ivy Night of the Walking Dead. A Night Animals Night Animals Night Animals Night Animals Night at Dawn. Mem Night Noises Storyteller Night Noises Sunshine Night Noises Thiewes. Experiments. The Night and Day Night and Day Night and Day in the Desert. The Night I Followed the Dog. Gloria Night of the Gargoyles Bunting. A Night in Time Night John Night Journey. Peg Night of the Full Moon Whelan. The Night Before Kindergarten Night Birds Night Crossing.Critters of the Night Farber. Leo GRADE READING LEVEL 4 grl 5-9 12 APPROVED Stacy. Henry Laden.

Ann Night Walk. James Nighty-Nightmare -. Jane Nina. Marie Hall Nine for California Levitin. Carole Night Sky Night Sky. James Night. Rosemary Night Swimmers. A Howe. Night Sky. Joy Night Tree Bunting. The (orange) Night Owl & the Rooster .Haiti Night Owls. The Saunders-Smith. The Ready Reader Night Sky. Patricia A. Night Without Stars. Part 2 -. Circus Corcoran.Bunnicula Harper Collins Nikki Giovanni Quilting the Black-Eyed Pea Nim and the War Effort Foster. Frances Tomkins. Erica Night Out. Night the Lights Went Out. Night Sky Blaisdell. Kevin Night Queen's Blue Velvet Dress. Gary Nightmare Rigby Nightmare Hill Dufresne. The Night Time Night Train. Joy Howe. Betsy Cromer Night Tales Jacobs. Norman S. Nina Star Ballerina Nine Days Of Camping Williams. The /Tape Scholastic Night Sounds. Eve Night Walk Kenny. The Night Reef: Dusk to Dawn on a Coral Reef Spinelli. Marion Fuller Nine Lives of Moses on the Oregon Trail GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED 24 E-5 Intermediate 20 40-44 K-2 3 grl 10-14 K-6 38 14 Primary grl 5-9 grl 20-29 6 9 Primary 30 grl 5-9 grl 1-4 K-2 50 18 Updated 10/27/11 .Critters of the Night Farber. Felix Night Sky. Michele Nightmare Mountain Kehret. Eileen Night Shift Daddy Barrett. Molly Night Sky Stott. The Rigby Sails Night Out. Daniel Night the Bear Ate Goombaw. Richard C. Jack Nights of the Pufflings McMillan. Jasper Nim's Island Orr. The McManus. The Lynch.SERIES -. Sonia Archer. Peg Nightmares: Poems to Trouble Your Sleep Prelutsky. Bruce Nighttime Cowley. The James. Jasper Nimby Nimby: an Extraordinary Cloud Who Meets a Remarkable Friend Tomkins. The Cowley. The Bantam Nightjohn Nightjohn Paulsen. Richard C. Wendy O'Connor. The Inserra. Jack Night Out. The Gabolinscy. Mark Harper Trophy Nightingale. Gail Steck-Vaughn Night Queen's Blue Velvet Dress. The Pattrick. Rebel Nine Days to Christmas Ets. The Byars. Owens.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE AUTHOR Night of the Walking Dead. Patrick F. Morning Colors Wells. Rose Night Walk Oxford University Night Walk Owen.SERIES .

M.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Nine Men Chase a Hen Nine O'Clock Lullaby Nine Tales of Raven Nine True Dolphin Stories Nine. Wendy Xiong. Jean Heritage Semple. Frances Gardiner McEntee Benger. R. Grr! Grr!: A Folktale from the Hmong People of Laos Nn No Angle Left Unturned No Arm in Left Field No Ball Games No Cookies Before Dinner No David (Big Book. Best. Brock Parish. Ten. Debi Roberts. Erica Arnold. Christie Ferrara. No Milk No More Baths No More Monsters For Me No More Promises No More Teachers' Dirty Looks No More Worries No More Worries No More!: Stories and Songs of Slave Resistance AUTHOR Gregorich. Marilyn Martin. Matt Akass. Blia Sroda. Erica Brock. Chris Dragonfly Books Cole. Carl Random House Siracusa. Willo Davis Babcock. Barbara Singer. Jill Mahy.Critters of the Night No Flying in the House No Flying in the House No Howling in the House -. No Milk No Moon. Catherine Step Readers Scholastic Gliori. Jean Davies Eggleton.SERIES -Critters of the Night No Jumping on the Bed! No Jumping on the Bed! No Longer A Dilly Dally No Mail for Mitchell No Mail for Mitchell No Mail for Mitchell No Man's Land No Matter What No Monsters in the Closet No Moon. George Christopher. Let's Go then! Nine-In-One. Else Holmelund Farber. Kids Can Press Pendziwol. Margaret Hardin. Betty Farber. Richard C. Not Here No Dinner for Black Cat! No Dinner for Sally No Dogs Allowed No Dogs Allowed No Dogs Allowed No Dragon For Tea No Dragons for Tea: Fire Safety for Kids (and Dragons) No Excuses No Extras No Extras No Extras No Fighting.SERIES -. Michele Scholastic Okimoto. Elizabeth Scholastic Rappaport. Tedd Scholastic Sommer. Doreen 40 3 3 GRADE READING LEVEL L 12-14 APPROVED M L 8-12 Primary grl 5-9 grl 15-19 1st 10 9 grl 5-9 9 20-22 K-6 20 5th K-6 10 20 Intermediate Updated 10/27/11 . Cheryl Literacy 2000 Rigby PM Minarik. Suzanne Newbridge Owen. Peggy Wells. Susan Dufresne. 1 TG) No Dear. No Biting! No Flying in the Hall -.

Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE No Need for Words No No No One Else Like Me No One Will Ever Know No Ordinary Grandma No Peas for Nellie No Place for Me No Place Like Home No Problem No Queen Today No Queen Today (Big Book) No Queen Today (fluency) No Quick Fix : Rethinking Literacy Programs in America's Schoolss No Roses for Harry No Roses for Harry No Safe Place / Animal Neighbors No School Today! N-O Spells NO! No Time for School, No Time for Play: The Story of Child Labor in America No Tooth No Quarter No Tooth No Quarter No Trouble at All No Trouble at All No Way No Way! No Way No, David! No, No Noah's Ark Noah's Ark Nobody Comes to Dinner Nobody Got Wet Nobody Got Wet Nobody is Perfick Nobody Knew My Name Nobody Knew What to Do: A Story About Bullying Nobody Knows I Have Delicate Toes Nobody Listens to Andrew Nobody Owns the Sky Nobody's Dog Nobody's Family is Going to Change Nobody's Orphan Nocturne Noggin and Bobbin in the Garden Noise Noise Noise Noise Noise Day AUTHOR Bacon, Francis Burton, Margie Sommer, Carl Witham, Sarah Demarest, Chris L. de Clements, Barthe Elliott, Jane Browne, Eileen Eggleton, Jill GRADE READING LEVEL grl 30-39 grl 5-9 K-6 K-6 APPROVED

20 E-6

Harper Trophy Zion, Gene Bilbrough, Norman/ N Brandenberg, Franz Slater, Teddy

18 grl 40-49 L 11-12

Buller, Jon Random House Powell, Joyce Kropp, Paul Fehlner, Paul Scholastic Shannon, David Cowley, Joy Martin, Charles E. Spier, Peter Andrews, Frank Emerson Hunt, Roderick Oxford Waber, Bernard

23-24 20 32 grl 20-29


38 L 06, 18 15, 5

9 14

McCain, Becky Ray Patz, Nancy Guilfoile, Elizabeth Lindberg, Reeve Fitzhugh, Louise Lindbergh, Anne Yolen, Jane

K-6 Primary 3rd-6th 40


Primary Cowley, Joy Sundance Sunshine Wright Group Silverstein, Shel 12 12 2 K-6

Updated 10/27/11

Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Noise Festival, The Noise! Noise! Noise! Noises Noisy Book, The Noisy Breakfast Noisy Nora Noisy Nora Noisy Nora Noisy Nora Nolan Ryan Nomo AUTHOR Adock, Irene Sommer, Carl Cartwright, Pauline Brown, Margaret Wise Scholastic Puffin Books Scholastic Wells, Rosemary GRADE K-6 K-6 READING LEVEL APPROVED



(Big book; small book) Scholastic Rodman, Edmon Intermediate Portalupi, JoAnn; Fletcher, Ralph - Teacher's Harvey, Stephanie Intermediate

Nonfiction Craft Lessons Nonfiction Guided Reading Guide Nonfiction Matters

Nonfiction Navigator Chapter Books/16 themes 3 titles per theme / 6 copies of each title Nonfiction Reading and Writing Workshops Harvey, Stephanie Nonfiction Writing : Procedures and Reports Noodle Noodlehead Stories from Around the World Noonday Friends, The Nora and Mrs. Mind-Your-Own Business Norby and the Oldest Dragon Norma Jean, Jumping Bean Norma Jean, Jumping Bean Norman Castles Norse Gods and Giants North America North America North American Cranes North American Indian North American Indian Sign Language North American Indian Stories: Earth Makers Tales North American Indian Stories: Staf Tales North American Indians, The North American Sign Language North Carolina (Portrait of America) North Country Night North Dakota (Portrait of America) North Dakota: America the Beautiful North South East and West North to Freedom Northeast, The Northeast Region, The Northern Alphabet, A Northern Lights Northern Lights Calkins, Lucy McCormick

3rd-6th 5….6

Primary Jagendorf, Moritz Adolph Stolz, Mary Hurwitz, Johanna Asimov, Janet Cole, Joanna Random House Rickard, Graham d' Aulaire, Ingri Georges, D. V. Petersen, David DuTemple, Lesley Murdoch, David 50

22-24 20

Intermediate Intermediate Berke, Ernest Liptak, Karen Thompson, Kathleen San Souci, Daniel Thompson, Kathleen Herguth, Margaret Holm, Anne Cohen, Stephanie Leonardo, Victoria Harrison, Ted Souza, D. M.

Intermediate Intermediate


grl 40-49 grl 40-49 L 01-04


Updated 10/27/11

Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Northwest Animal Babies Northwest Animal Babies Norway Nory Ryan's Song Noses Noses That Plow and Poke Nosey Investigators, The Not Bad for a Girl Not Dots Not Enough Room Not Enough Room! Not Enough Water Not For a Billion Gazillion Dollars Not Here Not My Dog Not Norman Not Now Said the Cow Not Now, Sam Not So Fast, Songololo Not This Bear! Not Very Messy Unless… Not What It Seems Not-Just-Anybody Family, The Not-So-Jolly Roger, The Not-So-Jolly Roger, The Not-So-Scary Scarecrow, The Not So Scary Scarecrow, The Notes from a Liar and her Dog Notes from Mom Notes from Mom Notes to Dad Notes to Dad Notes to Dad Nothing But the Truth Nothing But the Truth: A Documentary Novel Nothing Ever Happens on 90th Street Nothing in the Mailbox Nothing in the Mailbox Nothing in the Mailbox Nothing is Impossible: The Story of Beatrix Potter Nothing Place, The Nothing Sticks Like a Shadow Nothing to Do Nothing Was Saved Nothing Wrong with a Three-Legged Dog Nothing's Fair in Fifth Grade November Idea Book Now Everybody Really Hates Me Now I Am Five Now I Am Five Now I Am Six Now I Am Six AUTHOR Sasquatch Wolfe, Art Hintz, Martin Giff, Patricia Reilly Beasley, Nancy D. Graystone Hill, David Taves, Isabella Tarlow, Ellen Scholastic Rocklin, Joanne Danziger, Paula Oxford Rodowsky, Colby Bennett, Kelly Oppenheim, Joanne Schieber, J. & Swain, C. Daly, Niki Myers, Bernice Mair, Peter Byars, Betsy Cromer Scholastic Scieszka, Jon Bloksberg, Robin Ready Reader Choldenko, Gennifer Salem, Lynn Seedling Rigby Salem, Lynn Seedling Fleming, Sarah Avi Schotter, Roni Ford, Carolyn Owen, Richard C. Owens, Richard C. Aldis, Dorothy Spence, Eleanor Tompert, Ann Hoban, Russell McNamee, Graham de Clements, Barthe Sevaly Martin, Jane Read Eggleton, Jill Sunshine Eggleton, Jill Sunshine GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED

5 4 grl 30-39

26 D, P

3 K-2 2 20-22 grl 5-9

7 grl 30-39 36 grl 30-39

12 10 11 grl 10-14 11 grl 40-49 Intermediate grl 10-14 8 8



15 20

Updated 10/27/11

Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Now I Know Animals at Night Now I Ride Now is Your Time! Now Let Me Fly Now One Foot, Now the Other Now We Are Six Now You See It - Now You Don't Now You See It - Now You Don't Nowhere and Nothing Nowhere and Nothing Nowhere and Nothing Nuisance Numbears Numbears Number Games Number Games Around the World Number One Number Sense Number Sense Tiles Math Vocabulary Concepts Cook Number the Stars Number the Stars Number the Stars / Stdy Gd Numbering All the Bones Numbers are Everywhere Numbers Count Numblers Numerals Nurse Lugton's Curtain Nursery Rhymes Nut Pie for Judd, A Nuts and Bolts of Teaching Writing, The Nuts to You! Nutcracker Nutcracker Ballet, The Nutcracher Ballet, The Nutik, the Wolf Pup Nutrition Nutty Nutsell -- SERIES -Nutty and the Case of the Mastermind Thief: Featuring William Bilks, Boy Genius Nutty Can't Miss: Featuring William Bilks, Boy Genius Nutty Knows All Nzingha, Warrior Queen of Matamba AUTHOR Peters, Sharon GRADE READING LEVEL 10 5 Y P 1 50 15 2 APPROVED

Johnson, Delores dePaola, Tomie Milne, A.A. Simon, Seymour Cowley, Joy Sunshine Wright Group Berger, Fredericka Hague, Kathleen Scholastic Anastasio, Dina Gave, Marc Learning Media



grl 10-14

Lowry, Lois Yearling Learning Links Burton, Margie Fleming, Sarah MacDonald, Suse Vaughan, Marcia Woolf, Virginia Salem, Lynn Juel, Connie Calkins, Lucy McCormick Ehlert, Lois Black, Fiona Hautzig, Deborah Random House George, Jean Craighead LeMaster, Leslie Jean Hughes, Dean Hughes, Dean Hughes, Dean Hughes, Dean McKissack, Patricia


grl 50-59


W grl 5-9 grl 40-49


26 20 Intermediate

Updated 10/27/11

Carolyn Seedling Terris. Hidetomo Canizares. Brylee Bordelon. Oda. Andrew Scholastic Dufresne. Margie Smithyman. Lola Schaefer. Jerry 4 40-44 12 Primary 34 3rd-6th Burton. Evelyn Gibson. Alice Scholastic Schaefer. Adele D.Tide Pool Creatures Ocean Life . Richard Mitchell. Sue Coupe. Catherine Jerome. An Observing Bees and Wasps Ocean Ocean Ocean Ocean Ocean. Ruth Clay. Lola Schaefer. Lola Schaefer. Carol Shaw. Lola Schaefer. Arthur Mabey. June Turkle. Peter & Connie 4th grl 5-9 30. Lola Schaefer. Michelle Hy Richardson. The Ocean and Tide Pool Ocean Animals Ocean Animals Ocean Biome. The Ocean Alphabet Book. Susan Roop. Kathryn Nicholson. Tara Suyenaga. Michelle Pallotta. Chambers. Lola Schaefer.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE AUTHOR GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED O is for Orca: A Pacific Northwest Alphabet Book Oak and Company Oak Tree Controversy Oak Trees Obadiah Obadiah the Bold Objects in Motion Obon Observation Survey of Early Literacy Achievement. The Ocean Explorer Ocean Explorer Ocean Life Ocean Life Ocean Life Ocean Life Ocean Life . Susan Eyewitness Books Sachs. Brenda Z. The October 45: Childhood Memories of the War October Idea Book Octopus Octopus Octopus Octopus Goes to School Octopus Goes to School Octopus Pie Octopus Under The Sea Wolfe. Brinton Funk. Marie M. Morris Scholastic Leonhardt. Lola Schaefer.Tide Pool Creatures Ocean Life: Corals Ocean Life: Crabs Ocean Life: Octopuses Ocean Life: Parrotfish Ocean Life: Sea Anemones Ocean Life: Sea Horses Ocean Life: Sea Stars Ocean Life: Sea Urchins Ocean Pollution The Environment Ocean Tides Oceans Oceans and Seas Oceans Around Us. Melser. Kate Boehm Sevaly Carrick. Lola Parsons. 50 grl 30-39 40-44 Primary Primary Primary Primary Primary Primary Primary Primary NF 28 NF NF Updated 10/27/11 . Melanie S. Robert Guiberson.

Ann Hest. John Yorinks.wh. No. Were They Ever Happy! Oh. Katrin Hyman Seuss. Kojo! How Could You!: An Ashanti Tale Oh. Harriet Stevenson. Diana Hoban. Verna Faber. Judith Kroll.wh. Wendy Noonan. Honestly. Mercer Primary Mulberry Primary Aardema. Patricia Rigby Scarffe.th. Tana Matas. Jocelyn Yolen.ch) Set 3 Oho Blends (sh. Jane Taylor. Katherine Ziefert. Amy Mahy. Kathleen 3 5…6 20 GRADE Primary 20 READING LEVEL 10 grl 10-14 grl 30-39 l 19. Merry Aardema. The Places He Went Oh. The: Selected Adventures Of Color and Things Of Two Minds Off to Grandma's House Off To School!! Off to School. Toto! Oh.ch) Set 1 Oho Blends (sh. Crumbs! Oh.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Octopus Under The Sea Octopuses Octopuses and Squids Octopuses. What a Daughter Oh. Joy Banks.th.ch) Set 4 AUTHOR Scholastic Schaefer. A-Hunting We Will Go Oh. Margaret Shortland Putnam Rathmann. Louise & Pami . Jump in a Sack Oh. Peter Womersley. Baby Duck! Off to the Shop Off to the Shop Officer Buckle and Gloria Officer Buckle and Gloria Officer Buckle and Gloria Oh Caro (Wordless Book) Oh Columbus Oh Henry Oh Jump in a Sack Oh Kojo! How Could You! Oh Look Oh No! (Big Book) Oh No! Oh. Squid and Cuttlefish Odd Socks Ode to Humpty Dumpty O'Diddy Odysseus in the Serpent Maze Odyssey of Ben O'Neal. John the Rabbit! Oh. Theater 50 grl 5-9 Primary 10 8 8 K-6 I 24 ntermediate Updated 10/27/11 . Angela! Oh.wh. the Places You'll Go! Oh.ch) Set 2 Oho Blends (sh. Nancy Cowley. Columbus Oh. Diana Robinson. Steven Thompson. Lizzie!: The Life of Elizabeth Cady Stanton Oh No Sherman Oh No Sherman Oh No Sherman Oh. 24 12 38 APPROVED K 6 12 17. Peggy Scholastic Mayer. Spier. Verna Polacco. Doris Erickson. Mary Schweninger. Dr.th. Theodore Stewart. Bronwen Langstaff. Brother Oh. Kevin Fahey.th. The Odyssey. Betty Seedling Steck-Vaughn Tchana.wh. Arthur Graham. Lola Boon. Carol Patton. What a Thanksgiving! Ohio (Portrait of America) Oho Blends (sh. 26 K 20 Rdr.

Beth Mattern. New Friends Old Green Machine. Gammell. Joanne McGraw Hill/Wright Group Campbell. Melvin Parsons.. Jennifer Farrell. Theater Kindergarten 10 12 Primary Primary Updated 10/27/11 . The Old Grizzly Old Grizzly Old Grizzly Old Hat. Jo Wheeler. Bill Eliot. Jr. Michelle Hy Mercer. New Hat Old Henry Old Japan Old Jasper Old Key. The Old King Cole Old King Cole Old Lion and the Fox. Charlotte Pickett. Jr. Aaron Rigby Kaeden Marshall.. Jim Marshall. Tracey Cowley. (Thomas Rdr. T. The Old Enough for Magic Old Fashion Fun Old Forts of the Northwest Old Friends Old Friends. Denise Rigby Noonan. Stephen Haslam.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Oil on the Water Oil on Water Oil on Water Oil Spill! Oil Spills Oils Oklahoma (Portrait of America) Old and New Old and New Trains Old and New Trains Old Bag of Bones . The Old Cat. Val Newbridge Voyages Rigby Sails Early (4) Windsor. New Friends Old Friends. James Martin. Margie Sloan. Peter & Sheryl Sundance Stevens.. Anola Gilbert. Joan W. 2 tapes) Old MacDonald Had a Farm Old Malolo Had a Farm Old Malolo Had a Farm Old Mother Hubbard Old Mother Hubbard Old Mother Hubbard and Her Wonderful Dog Old Mother Hubbard and Her Wonderful Dog Old Mother Middle Muddle Old Mother Witch Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats AUTHOR Rigby Sails Windsor. Diana Cowley. Jo Berger. The Old Cat. The Old Cat. The Old Car. The Old Car. Janet Aylesworth. Kathleen Burton. The Old MacDonald (set-2/BB. Stan Blos.Coyote Tale Old Black Fly Old Bones Old Car. Lisa Martin. The (green) Old Cricket Old Devil Wind Old Dog. Andrew GRADE READING LEVEL 13 L 38 APPROVED Primary NF ntermediate 20+ K 3rd-6th grl 10-14 13 13 14 grl 10-14 E-4 Primary 20-24 14 grl 10-14 2 40 Primary 10 Glick. Joy Sunshine Wright Group Berenstain. Beck. Bill Zolotow. S. Ann Hart. Ian Thompson. Herbert M. Joy Wright Group Cole.

Alice Primary Inference. Dennis B. The Old Train. Christine Oliver.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Old School. Ruth Olympic National Park Olympics Fradin. The Old Teeth. Ida Brown. Ian Olivia and the Missing Toy Olivia Saves the Circus Falconer. Jean Van Leeuwen. Nan Beck. Jean Pig Oliver Twist Dickens. The Old Women in a Shoe. The Old World Monkeys Old Yeller Old Yeller w/tape Olive the Octupus's Day of Juggling Oliver Oliver Oliver and Amanda and the Big Snow AUTHOR Walker. The Old Woman Who Named Things. New School Old Steam Train. Tomie Harcourt Brace Oliver Button Is a Sissy Voyager Oliver Button Is a Sissy Oliver Dibbs to the Rescue! Steiner. Joy Cowley. Liza Harper Trophy Hoff. Laura Oliver Pig -. Schema 24 ntermediate 16 30 16 40 4 Updated 10/27/11 . Ian Olivia Saves the Circus Simon & Schuster Olympians. Leonard Everett Olympic Dreams Ahearn. Douglas Delage. Richard C. Ian Olivia Simon & Schuster Olivia Agnew's Wild Imagination Noonan. Diana Falconer. Montrew Harris. Int. The Old Tuatara Old Turtle and the Broken Truth Old Witch Goes to the Ball. Jean Oliver Pig: Oliver Pig at School Oliver Pig: Oliver. The Old Truck. Amanda. Sharlene & Ted Olympic National Park Radlauer. Jr. The Old Train. Diana Wright Group Latta. Steck-Vaughn Pair-It Cowley. The: Great Gods and Goddesses of AFisher. The Old Steam Train. Sports Illustrated Olympics Sports Illustrated Olympics 2000 Olympics. Ann Gipson. The Old Woman Who Named Things. New Teeth Old Train. Fred Scholastic Charlesworth. Annouchka Elwood. Dan Olympic Figure Skating Olympic National Park Nelson. Boy of the Sea Long. Kathryn Harcourt Brace Rylant.SERIES -Van Leeuwen. Syd Van Leeuwen. Joy Galouchko. Jennifer Rigby Noonan. Jean GRADE 2 READING LEVEL grl 5-9 APPROVED 9 9 grl 1-4 5 Word choice 6.: Boy of Justice Dunham. Charles Oliver Wendell Holmes. 48 Oliver Button Is a Sissy dePaola. Cynthia Cowley. All Alone Olivia Falconer. New Teeth Old Teeth. The Old Woman Who Named Things. The Pernick. Oliver Hazard Perry. Richard Owen. The Old Woman's Nose. Joy Wood. and Grandmother Van Leeuwen. Barbara A.

Erin George. Jill Adams. Amy Bourgeois. Annette Reeder. Cherryl Scott. Ron Literacy Rigby Brenner. Barbara CTP Newbridge Williams.5 K-6 grl 40-49. Marion Dane Lerner Classroom Celebration Press Ward. Francis Williams. Laura E Sloan. Peter & Sheryl Sundance Little Red Readers/Sundance Sloan. Joy Wright Group Smith. Audubon On the Go On the Go On the Go (Emergent Reader Science. David Bunting. Matt Little / Brown Frasier. Mary-Joan Cowley. Eve Scholastic Rigby Voigt. Cynthia Napoli. Theresa Meadowcroft. Ann Herbert Bauer. Rozanne Lanczak 16 1 GRADE Primary 3 READING LEVEL APPROVED 2 L44 4. Level 1) AUTHOR Schwartz. Debra Harcourt Brace Bacon. Frances. 50 grl 1-4 grl 1-4 24 3 grl 1-4 grl 5-9 35 40 6th 38 58. Barbara Wilder. Roger Lea Christopher. Paul Dragonfly Books Schwartz. 48 5 1 Kindergarten 2 Updated 10/27/11 . Jean Craighead Bacon. Donna Jo Lobel. Laura Ingalls MacBride. Paulette Gerson. Arnold Scholastic Kachenmeister.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Oma and Bobo Oma's Quilt Omoteji's Baby Brother On a Chair On a Chair On and Off On and Off the Road On Assignment: Queen Anne’s Revenge On Beyond a Million On Beyond a Million On Call Back Mountain On Call Back Mountain On Deck w/ teacher guide On First Reading On Fortune's Wheel On Guard On Market Street On Market Street On Market Street [Big book. small book] On Monday When It Rained On Mother’s Lap On My Honor On My Own Holidays classroom set 14 titles On Our Block On Our Block On Our Farm On Our Street On Our Street On Safari On Saturday On Saturday On Solid Ground-Strategies for Teching Reading K-3 On Stage On the Air On the Air and Off the Wall On the Banks of Plum Creek On the Banks of the Bayou On the Bike with Lance Armstrong On the Bike with Lance Armstrong On the Day You Were Born On the Day You Were Born On the Edge On the Far Side of the Mountain On the Farm On the Farm On the Farm On the Frontier with Mr. Sharon Bryson. Peter & Sheryl Taberski. Hanifin.

2 tapes) Once More Upon a Totem Once There Was A Bull Once There Was a Bull . Peter & Sheryl Sundance Thompson. Tom Voyages. Alan & Lea McGraw Hill/Wright Group Harris. Erica Szymanski. Laura Ingalls Dicks. RW set 3 Sanders. Terrance Primary Morrow. Jean Scholastic Bunting. 36 Kindergarten Updated 10/27/11 . Margie Rigby. Joanna Brusca. Marcia Swinburne. Missouri. Gare Short Books Brown. Faridah Silverman. Stephen R. SRA. . Eve L 28 28 Primary 5 grl 1-4 5 grl 20-29. 40. Catherine Rigby Sails Emergent Windsor. Daniel. . Rick Allen. Look Once a Mouse: A Fable Cut in Wood Once a Wolf: How Wildlife Biologists Fought to Bring Back the Gray Wolf Once An Austrian Went Yodeling Once An Austrian Went Yodeling (set-2BB. Neil Wilder. Jo 2 grl 1-4 Kindergarten L 32 Primary 9 2 grl 1-4 E-0 APPROVED Rigby Scholastic Rigby Yusof.Sails On the Track On the Trail of the Fox On the Trapping Trail On the Way Home: the Diary of a Trip from South Dakota to Mansfield. Honoré Glazer. Pete Peters. in 1894 On Their Own On Their Way On to Oregon On Top of Spaghetti On Top of Strawberry Hill On Vacation On Vacation On Vacation On With the Show! On. Lois Morris. Frog Once Upon a Dime Once Upon a Dime Once Upon a Hill Once Upon a Springtime Once Upon a Springtime Once Upon a Time AUTHOR GRADE Primary READING LEVEL grl 30-39 J L 30-32 38 28 grl 15-19 L 07 Wright Group Cole. Maria Christina Burton. Set of Animal Books . Macmillan/McGraw-Hill Rigby PM Sloan. Nancy Kelly Charlesbridge Primary Marzollo.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE On the Ground On the Job On the Lake On the List On the Mayflower On the Menu On the Moon On the Morn of Mayfest On the Move On the Move On the Ocean Floor On the Pampas On the Playground On the Pond On the Prowl On the Road On the School Bus On the Seashore On the Seashore On the Seashore (emergent) On the Seashore. Christie Putnam Walton.

Jean Craighead George. Eve Cowley. Straus. A Counting Rhyme One Dark and Scary Night One Dark Night One Dark Scary Night One Day at Horror Land One Day at Wood Green Animal Shelter One Day in Aztec Mexico One Day in the Alpine Tundra One Day in the Desert One Day in the Life of Bubble Gum One Day in the Life of Bubble Gum One Day in the Tropical Rain Forest One Day in the Woods One Day on Pika's Peak One Day on the Prairie One Dog Canoe One Drop of Water and a Million More One Eye Laughing. Atsuko Price. Two Fish. One Fly One Giant Leap One Good Apple: Growing Our Food for the Sake of the Earth One Gorilla One Gorilla One Gorilla One Gorilla One Grain of Rice: a Mathematical Folktale One Gray Mouse One Green Apple AUTHOR Daly. Jim Harper Trophy Cosby. Pauline Denenberg. Christie Gammell. Yearling Dowd.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Once Upon a Time Once Upon a Time Once Upon a Time Once Upon a Totem Once Upon MacDonald's Farm Once When I Was Scared Once When I Was Shipwrecked One and Only Me. Giroux Morozumi. Patricia Kirtland. Jean Craighead George. Blue Fish One Foggy Night One Foggy Night One for You and One for Me One Frog. Brenda SRA Voyages Burton. Pat Scholastic Stine. Hored Intermediate Center (4th grade students) Scholastic George. Eve GRADE ntermediate READING LEVEL APPROVED Primary Primary 3 K-6 L 06 7 Primary 31 grl 30-39 grl 30-39 grl 30-39 38 Kindergarten grl 10-14 Primary Rdr. George.0 Kindergarten 3rd . A Counting Rhyme One Crow. Jean Craighead Mt. Richard C. Wet Night One Crow. Catherine Farrar. Joy Aylesworth. Ready Reader Harris. B. Jean Craighead George. Casey. Katherine Bunting. Nancy Ready Reader Wright Group Bunting. Stephen R. Theater 20 L 2.6th Updated 10/27/11 . G. the Other Weeping: The Diary of Julie Weiss One Fine Day One Fish. The One Bad Thing About Father. Red Fish. Katherine Paladino. Judith Creative Teaching Monjo. Matthew Trumpet Club Demi Burton. L. Nonny Dr. Margie Follett. Barry Hogrogian. Ferdinand N. Jean Craighead Fsg Cartwright. Bill Hutchins. Seuss Parkes. The One Bear at Bedtime One Bee Got on the Bus One Bee Got on the Bus One Bird Sat On The Fence One Candle One Chick. Niki Owens. Pittman. Helena Clare Womersley. One Egg One Cold. R.

Nancy Scholastic.. Lois Rocklin. Two Socks One Sock. Frank Owen. Donald M. C. Byrd Hurwitz. Marjorie Weinman 3 32 Updated 10/27/11 . Mauri Sharmat.. Robert Forte. Judy Wright Group Mannis. Celeste Hoban. James McCloskey. The One Hundredth Thing About Caroline. Lowry. Susan Heyboer Dell Blume.0 20-28 20 grl 20-29 13-20 K-2 Primary Primary Donaldson.. Eleanor Houghton Mifflin Pinczes. R. Imogene Carter. Jeffrey Dominie Owens. Mark Mitchell. One Small Blue Bead One Small Dog One Small Dog One Small Square Woods One Small Square Woods One Snowy Day One Scok.. The One in the Middle is the Green Kangaroo. Yvonne Teague. Angela Soman. Deborah Lee Hoberman. The One is the Sun One Leaf Rides the Wind : Counting in a Japanese Garden One Little Kitten One Man Show One Man Show (Frank Ashe) One Monday Morning One Monday Morning One Monday Morning One More River to Cross: The Stories of Twelve Black Americans One Morning in Maine One Nation. Elinor Medearis. Judy Kunnas.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE One Green Frog One Halloween Night One Happy Classroom One Hot Summer Night One Hot Summer Night One Hundred Dresses One Hundred Hungry Ants One Hundred Hungry Ants One Hundreth (100) Day Of School. Scholastic Schulevitz. Uri Scribner Haskins. Two Potato One Set Postcards From. Gayle Primary Steck-Vaughn Baylor. Two Socks One Spooky Night: And Other Scary Stories One Terrific Thanksgiving AUTHOR Hooker. WiggleWorks Rose. Joanne Scholastic Scholastic O'Keefe. Julia Pearson. Fifty States One Night One Night w/tape One Nighttime Sea One of Each One Of The Third Grade Thinkers One of Three One of Three One One is the Sun One Peaceful Pond One Piece Missing One Potato. Phyllis Reynolds Johnson. Tu Seven Stories One Potato. The One Hungry Cat One Hungry Cat One Hungry Monster One Hungry Monster: A Counting Book in Rhyme One in the Middle is the Green Kangaroo. Scherer. Tana Asch. Greg Mondo Estes... Johanna Scholastic Learning Tree Silver. David 50 GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED D 3 12 4 L 3. Angela S. Mary Ann Naylor..

The Oogly Gum Chasing Game. LeVert. Kathryn J. Bruslein Blos. 2. David Random House Flaxman. One. Two. Going to Sea One. Kerry Osborne. Alex Dean. Nette Literacy Wolkstein.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE One Thing Leads to Another One Thousand Currant Buns One Thousand Currant Buns One Thousand Currant Buns One Thousand Miles in 12 Days: Pro Cyclists on Tour One Tiny Turtle One Two Three Going to Sea One Very Best Valentine's Day One When I Was Shipwricked One Whole Doughnut. Rod.Critters of the Night Oogly Gum Chasing Game. Catherine Rigby Klein. Go I Know Not Where.6th Adler. Opal Bealer. Lenore Herriot. Two. The Onion John Onion Roll Onion Sundaes (A Houdini Club Magic Mystery) Onion Sundaes Only an Octopus Only an Octopus Only One Ant Only One Woof Only Opal: The Diary of a Young Girl Only the Names Remain: The Cherokees and the Trail of Tears Ontario Ontario (Let's Discover Canada) Ooey Gooey -. One Pair One. Brian Cowley. Three. Two. Suzanne 20+ 20 20 grl 15-19 Updated 10/27/11 . Mary Pope Duvall. David Alain. One is the Sun One. Bring Back I Know Not What: A Russian Tale Oonga Boonga Oo-Pples and Boo-Noo-Noos Oops! Why Did I Do That? AUTHOR Cowley. Mary Fox. One is the Sun One. June Wright Group McMillan. Erica Hilton.Hole One Wide River To Cross One Wide River To Cross One Windy Day One Wolly Wombat One World. Three--Ah-Choo One-Dog Canoe One-Eyed Cat: A Novel One-Eyed Giant. Bruce Allen. Frieda Lyons.0 6 4 Primary 2 Primary grl 40-49 ntermediate 3rd . Frank Wildsmith. Argent. James Whiteley. Cold Wet Night One. Barbara Troll Trinca. Casanova. Diane Wishinsky. Many Religions: The Ways We Worship One Zillion Valentines One. Joy Sunshine Wright Group Hautzig.. 3 One. Cold Wet Night One. Joseph GRADE READING LEVEL L 44 grl 10-14 2 APPROVED L 4. Joan W. Mary Pope Modell. Primary Emberley. Jill Krumgold. or. The Oom Razoom. Paula Osborne. Marjorie N. The Oneida. Suzanne Farber.. Joy Wright Group Melser.SERIES -.

Barbara M. Inez Orangutans Sunshine Orangutans Wexo. Rascal. Joy Oregon Trail. Arline DiSpezio. The Fisher. The: David Thompson and tBond. Terror Trap Opossum. Dump the Chump Operation. The Uschan. Patricia Orange for Frankie. Emily Intermediate 1 grl 30-39 APPROVED Whitehouse. Michael V. Carolyn Park. Nancy D. D. H.Legends Pack AUTHOR Beasley. Conrad Oregon Trail. Original Northwester. Patricia Opossums Opposite Song. David Original Adventures of Hank the Cow Dog. Optical Illusion Magic Optometrist. Helen Ordinary Miracles Tolan. An Orange Juice Orange Juice: From Farm to Table Oranges to Orange Juice Snyder. Keiji Origin of Life on Earth. Louis Joos Oregon’s Journey Origami # 15 Origami # 9 Linde. Kranz. The Thompson. Leanne Oral Language Resource Book Orange. Douglas Opposites: Bunny Opposites / Playground Steck-Vaughn Pair-It Stage 1 Opposites OPT: An Illusionary Tale Baum. GRADE READING LEVEL 40 Primary Head. Jill Keene. The Opossum/The Great Firemaker . Barbara Stine. R. Linda Oregon Trail.2 1 5…6 Primary L 16 8 Level 26 5 ntermediate 40 grl 40-49 grl 40-49 ntermediate grl 20-29 3. Charlotte Origami Origami Treasure Chest Kitamura. J. Leanne Oral Language Developmental Continuum Allen. The Brewster. The Giles. The Celebration Press Opposites Opposites Nayer. Judy Opposites! Lee. Oregon (Portrait of America) Thompson. Stephanie S. The: an African Creation Myth Anderson. John Bonnett Orchestranimals Orchids Ordinary Jack Cresswell. Leonard Everett Oregon Trail. Michael A.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Open Open Wide! Open Your Mouth Opening Eyes to Mathematics Opening Night Operation Elephant Operation Titanic (Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys Mystery) Operation. The Erickson. The Oregon Trail. The Stein. The Polacco.5 grl 40-49 Updated 10/27/11 . Origami Stadler. Rachel Bailey. Rowland 2. Jenny Allen. John R. Kathleen Oregon Trail. William Crofford.

The Orphan Train Rider: One Boy's True Story Orville and Wilbur Wright Orville and Wilbur Wright Osa's Pride Oscar and Tatiana Oscar De La Renta Oscar Otter Oscar Otter Osceola: Seminole War Chief Osito Ostrich. Ann GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED Primary Intermediate Benchley. George & Helga Stuart. Jaqueline Baylor. The Other Side. The Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great Otis Spofford Otter. The Orphan Singer. The Orly the Orangutan Orly the Orangutan Orp -. Judy Cleary. 34 28 E-5 Elwood. Wyatt Minarik. Rheas. Otter (ISBN: 0813679524 ) Otters Otto the Cat Otto: The Story of a Mirror Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Our 42nd President. Ann Windsor. Byrd Blume. Jon Kline. Beverley Woodson. Set of Animal/Plant Books O'Sullivan Stew O'Sullivan Stew Ot Other Blends Other People's Children: Cultural Conflict in the Classroom Other Side of Dark. The Other Side of Truth. Lynn Windsor. The Other Way To Listen.6th 3 1 Primary 5th Updated 10/27/11 . Lisa Nixon. Andrea Gaines. Bill Clinton Our 50 States Our Adobe House Our Amazing Animal Friends AUTHOR Steiner. Guyla Herman. Gene third-sixth 3rd . Kiwis and Cassowaries Ostriches. Else Holmelund Saunier. Nancy Vardell. Nathaniel Scholastic Blassingame. Hudson Steck-Vaughn Delpit. Lucy Literacy Rigby textbook distribution Ancona. Claude Flying Frog Resnick. Ann Woods Grifalconi. 30. Suzy Kline. Jo 18 20 28. Joan Lowery Naidoo. Suzy Kline. Suzy Friedman. Beverly Fusaro. Gail Lawrence. The Orphan Boy. Emus. Suzy Kline. Tololwa Marti McCully. The Ostriches Ostriches Ostriches Ostriches Ostriches (orange) Ostriches. Tracy Mollel.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Original Warm Fuzzy Tale.SERIES -Orp Orp and the Chop Suey Burgers Orp Goes to the Hoop Orphan and the Doll. Nadine Rigby Sails Stone. Jo Puffin Talbott. Emily Arnold Warren.

Ron Giles. Margie Rigby PM Plus Freidel. Shelley Goldish. Gregory Burt. Lisa Leslie. Augie Storyteller Schrapps. Brent Kaeden Corp Literacy grl 40-49 6 grl 10-14 17 2 6 5 Emerg. Jenny Literacy McIlhenny. Melvin Levy. The Our Bodies Our Book of Maps Our Book of Maps Our Book of Maps Our Book of Maps (Discovery World) Our Brother Has Down's Syndrome: An Introduction for Children Our Capital Our Capital Our Car Our Changing Earth Our Changing Planet Our Chore Chart Our Chore Chart Our City Spokane Our Class Survey Our Class Survey Our Clothes Our Country's Presidents Our "Current" World Our Day Our Day (light blue) Our Dog Sam Our Dog Sam Our Dog Sam Our Earth Our Earth Our Earth Our Eyes Our Eyes Our Families Our Families Help Our Family Vacation Our Favorite Snowman Our Five Senses Our Five Senses Our Flag Our Friend the Dophin Our Garage Our Garage AUTHOR Lerner Classroom Provensen. Jim Rigby PM Plus Flint.6th Burton. Ron Literacy Rigby Newbridge Trumbauer. 3 Updated 10/27/11 . Marcia 3rd .6 L 6. Frank Burt Kachur.classroom set 6 titles Our Animal Friends at Maple Hill Farm Our Atomic World Our Awesome Ancient Ancestors Our Baby Our Baby Our Baby Our Baby Our Baby Our Baby Our Best Advice : Multi-Age Problem Solving Handbook. 12 2 16 grl 5-9 grl 1-4 L 09 2 K 38 20. Matthew Rigby Sails Beginning Bacon. Alice Berger. Stacey Michaels. Denise Fawcett. Vicki Sunshine Zable. Lisa Robinson. Meish Newbridge Wright Group Belcher.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Our Amazing Continents -. David Rigby GRADE K-6 READING LEVEL APPROVED 6 1 2 grl 5-9 6 17 30 2 3 28 Cairo. Robyn Rigby Voyages Grant. Elizabeth Bacon. Angie Hunter. Valerie Trumbauer.. 8.

Lorraine Holm. Greg Voyages Owen. Giles.6th 5th 5th 10 grl 5-9 12 50 6th 24 grl 5-9 grl 15-19 grl 1-4 2 grl 10-14 12 50 K-6 Primary grl 40-49 1 2 grl 1-4 6 6 15 15 12 4 Updated 10/27/11 . Margie Lambert. Patricia J. Renee Brown. Vicki Tyler Cutting. Ruth Buxton. Eloise Murphy. Jenny Celebration Press Celebration Press Michaels. Jennifer L.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Our Garage Our Goat Our Government Our Government Our Government at Work Our Gramma Our Grandad Our Grandad Our Granddad Our Granny Our Granny Our Granny Our Granny Our House Had a Mouse Our House Had a Mouse Our House is a Safe House Our Journey West Our Journey West Our Journey West: An Adventure on the Oregon Trail Our Living Forests (Rookie Read-About Science) Our Milky Way and Other Galaxies Our Mom Our Moon Our Names. Kathleen GRADE READING LEVEL grl 5-9 6 grl 50-59 grl 50-59 3 3 3 APPROVED Bari. Margaret Wright Group Voyages Worthington. Claire Owens. Little Red Readers/Sundance Livesey. Allan Asimov. Raatma. Lucia Wood Walker. Gare Fowler. Where They Came From and What They Mean Our National Holidays Our National Parks Our National Parks Our Nature Chart Our Nature Chart Our New House Our New House Our New Life in America Our New Principal Our Only May Amelia Our Parents Our Park Our Plant Diary Our Plant Dictionary Our Pets Our Playhouse Our Playhouse Our Polliwog Our Polliwogs Our Polliwogs Our Polliwogs Our Pumpkin Our Pumpkin Our Puppy's Vacation Our Rocket Our Rocket AUTHOR Urmston. Andrew Rigby Wilson. Ellen Wilt. Joy Sunshine Wild. Isaac Giles. Denise Rigby National Geographic Thompson. Gregory Mitchell. Ned Ling. Richard C. Richard C. Jane Learning Media 3rd . Jillian Wright Group Sunshine Cowley. Nan Walker. Jenny Burton. CTP Keeler.

Richard C. Sylvia. Brylee 5.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Our School Our Senses Our Senses Our Senses Our Sixth-Grade Sugar Babies Our Skeleton Our Skeleton Our Skeleton Our Solar System Our Solar System Our Solar System Our Solar System Our Solar System and the Universe Our Spokane Authors and What They Think Our Star: The Sun Our Stars Our Statue of Liberty Our Strange New Land: Elizabeth's Diary Our Street Our Street Our Sun Our Tea Party Our Teacher is Missing Our Teacher. Mary Ann Sloan. Margie Hall. Matthews Gill Canetti. Yanitzia Steck-Vaughn Coupe. Adrienne Dufresne. Joyce Berger. Melvin Newbridge Giles. Isaac Kranz. Rebel Wright Group Gracestone.6 grl 50-59 Historical fiction 3rd . Brian & Jillian Sunshine Wright Group Asimov. Miss Pool Our Train Trip Our Town Our Town Our Tree House Our Tree House Our Week Our West Our Whale Watching Trip Our World of Mysteries Our World of Wonders Our World of Wonders Out and About Out and About Out After Dark Out from this Place Out in Space (also small books) Out in Space (also small books) Out in the Weather Out in the Weather Out in the Weather Out of Sight! Out of Mind! Out of the Dark Out of the Dump: Writing and Photographs by Children of Guatemala Out of the Dump Out of the Dust Out of the Egg AUTHOR Smith Betz. Hermes. Robert Shortland Noonan. Mary Francis Cowley. Thomas. Miss Pool Our Teacher. Joy Owens. Edward Whitman Rockwell. Anne F. Jenny Rigby PM Wright Group Lapointe. Peter & Sheryl Sundance Williams. Michelle Newbridge Bunting. Seymour Ortled. Katherine Katavis. Eve Cutting. Betty Ren Franklin. Rachel Simon. Diana Hansen. Joy Wright Group Burton. Patricia Cowley. Karen Gibson. Claude Wright. Kristine Lothrop Books Hesse. Kirsten Shura.6th ntermediate 4 grl 15-19 GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED 13-14 Primary 12 9 6th 6th grl 60-69 L 40 grl 5-9 Primary grl 1-4 4 Primary K-2 4 L 40 W 40-44 4th 2nd grl 10-14 20+ grl 1-4 2 Updated 10/27/11 .

Ezra Jack Langstaff. Sandra Markle. Overcoming Disability Overhead Bills Overhead Coins Owen Owen Owen Foote. Kevin Greene. Lore Sunshine Markle.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Outdoor Science Adventures Outdoors Outer Edge. Melvin Sanders. Pete Billings. Margaret Voyages Novelli. The Outside Dog. Barbara Oxford University Voyages Booth. Susan Sloan. Nina Pomerantz. Sarah Bawden. Sandra Fleming. Jr. The Outside Inside Poems Outside Inside Poems Outside Shooter Outsiders. Rose Ward. Stephanie Greenwillow Henkes. Sandra Bradbury Press Markle. Kevin Browne. Sandra Markle. Under Stone Over the Bridge Over the Bridge Over the Bridge Over the Marble Mountain Over the Marble Mountain Over the Marble Mountain Over the Mountain Over the River and Through the Woods Overcoming Challenges Overcoming Challenges: The Life of Charles F. Sandra Markle. Bolden. Jr. Jennifer Keats. Tim Van der Lingen. Lydia Maria Francis GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED ntermediate 2 5th 30 20 20 ntermediate grl 20-29 Kindergarten 6 grl 1-4 3 7 30 Steck-Vaughn Walton. Frontiersman Owen's Marshmallow Chick Owen's Marshmallow Chick Owl AUTHOR Berger. Charlotte Adoff. Jack Child. John McGraw Hill/Wright Group Scholastic Voyages Cooper. Bolden.Uncommon Courage. Children Press Mooney. Overcoming Challenges: The Life of Charles F. Barbara Goldsmith. Henry Furniss. Thomas J. Vee 40 Updated 10/27/11 . Arnold Harcourt Brace Dygard. 2 tapes) Over in the Meadow Over in the Meadow Over Sea. The Outer Space Outer Space Outlaws Outing. The Outwitting the Tiger Outwitting the Tiger Outwitting the Tiger Over and Over Over and Under Over in the Garden Over in the Meadow Over in the Meadow Over In the Meadow (set-2 BB. Darwin McBeth Ward. Peter & Sheryl Sundance Voyages Beveridge. Brian Learning Resources Learning Resources Greenwillow Henkes. An Outside and Inside Alligators Outside and Inside Birds Outside and Inside Snakes Outside and Inside Spiders Outside and Inside You Outside and Inside You Outside Art Outside Child.

4 grl 20-29 GRADE READING LEVEL L 27 APPROVED 22 18-20 K-2 third-sixth grl 30-39 grl 20-29 40 39 Updated 10/27/11 . Farley Kelly. Iona Archibald 5. The Owl Animal Lore and Legend Owl at Home Owl at Home Owl Babies Owl Babies Owl Moon Owl Moon Owl Moon Owl Tree. Michael Kalman. Vee Lobel. Edward Wildsmith. Bobbie Rigby Russell-Arnot. Andrew Hall. Elizabeth Stone. Jane Browne. The Owl and the Woodpecker. The Owl: Animal Lore and Legend Owlbert Owls Owls Owls Owls Owls Owls Owls in the Family Owls in the Family Owls in the Garden Ox-cart Man Ox-cart Man Ox-cart Man Oxford Press Blends Oxford Nursery Rhyme Book.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Owl and the Pussycat Owl and the Pussy-Cat. Martin Scholastic textbook distribution Yolen. Lynn Mowat. Donald Puffin +tape Opie. Brian Browne. Arnold Scholastic Candlewick Waddell. Vee L 20 Capstone George. The Ozone Hole AUTHOR + tape Lear.

Annette Wright Group Clapper.J. Marilyn Jones. Scott MacLachlan. John S. The Pacific Northwest Region.S. Edna Owen. Raymond Brannon. Daniel Thompson. The Pacific Rim Pack 109 Packing My Bag Packing My Bag Packing My Bag Pack-O-Fun Craft Projects: Make It Yourself With Odds and Ends Paco's Garden Paco's Garden Paddington -. Calvin Rigby GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED grl 20-29 34 40 40-44 grl 20-29 grl 40-49 grl 40-49 J grl 1-4 12 5 third-sixth 26 14 Aliki Williams. Kathleen Wohlrabe. Cracker Sees the World P. Cracker Sees the World Pablo’s Tree Pachycephalosaurus Pacific Islands (Portrait of America) Pacific Northwest.SERIES -Paddington at Large Paddington at the Seaside Paddington on Screen Paddle to the Sea Paddy Pork's Holiday PageMaker 6.S. Podoshen. Linley Rigby Danziger. Fay Voyages Peters.0 Pagoo Pain and the Great One. Rebel Johnston. Funnybunny Camps Out P. Holling. Longer Letter Later P.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE P. Michael Bond.S. I Love You Gramps P.W. Judy Yearling Irons. The Pacific Northwest Region. Richard C. Barnum.Teachers Guide AUTHOR Random House Sadler. The Pain and the Great One. King of the Circus P. Paula Scholastic Groh. Lois Bond. Clancy Goodall.S. Barbara Leonardo. Victoria magazine Rigby Smith. The Painting Machine.J.T. Longer Letter Later P. Michael Holling.W. Clancy Blume. The Paint a Rainbow Paint a Rainbow Paint It Paint My Room Painted Words/Spoken Memories Painters Painting Painting Day. The Painting Day. Linda Mora. Patricia grl 5-9 Primary 1 Primary Steck-Vaughn Updated 10/27/11 . I Love You Gramps P. Funnybunny Camps Out P. The Painting Shapes Painting the Wind Pair It Book/ Early Emergent Pair It Book/ Early Fluent & Fluent Pair It Book/Emergent Pair it Sets Pair-It Books Pair-It Books . Pat Cohen. Michael Primary Bond. Lynn Steck-Vaughn Yoshizawa.

Grosset & Dunlap Herman. The AUTHOR Burton.The Boxcar Children Panther: Shadow of the Swamp Papa Do You Love Me Papa. Jinny Eberle. Pauline Warner. Jr. The Panama Canal. A. Michele Sun.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Pair of Babies. R. Tomie Dufresne. Bill Cutting. The Paper Art Paper Bag. The Paper Bag Princess. A Pair of Socks. Voyages Literacy 2000 Owens. Considine. Judy Stearn. Patricia M. Herman. Jan Rigby Sails Early (3) Windsor. Barbara Carle. What Do You See? Panda. The Pancake.. R. Chyng Feng Mayne. Stuart J. Holly M. Pancake Pancakes Pancakes Pancakes Pancakes (dark blue) Pancakes for Breakfast (Wordless book) Pancakes for Breakfast Pancakes for Breakfast Pancakes for Breakfast Pancakes for Breakfast Pancakes for Breakfast Pancakes for Supper Pancakes for Supper Pancakes for Supper Pancakes! Pancakes! Pancakes. Donna Johnson. Day. Rigby Nayer. R C Pioneer Valley Educational Press Silvano. Eric Allen. The Pandas Pandas Pandas Live Here Panda's Panda's Surprise Pandora Pandora. Brian & Jillian Grosvenor. Cartwright. Judy Ready Reader Eberts. Michele Owen. Bob Hunt. Mark Steck-Vaughn Markun. The Panama Canal . A Raccoon's Journey Pandora's Box Panther Mystery. Pancakes! Panda Panda Babies Panda Bear. Roderick Oxford Scholastic Pritchett. William Menino. Margorie Carle.SERIES -. The Pancake. Margie Murphy. The Pancake. Irmengarde Dufresne. The Pan Man. Seymour O'Brien. The Paper Crane. Gertrude Chandler London. Robert Bang. Jonathan Joosse. Anna Martin. A Pal and Sal Pal and Sal Pal the Pony Pan Man. Eric Cowley. The -. Richard C. Panda Bear. Please Get the Moon for Me Papa's Spaghetti Paper Airplane Book. Joy Simon. Crackers and Pizza Pancakes. Anne textbook distribution Munsch. Jo dePaola. Molly GRADE READING LEVEL grl 1-4 6 12 APPROVED 10 Emergent 15 4 13 10 8 23 Primary third-sixth grl 20-29 Updated 10/27/11 . A. Wendi J.

Ken Morrison. Mary Kay Pilkey. Daniel Lang. Dorothy Avery. Beverley Silverstone. Susan Fishmann. Judy Sloan. A Party for Rabbit. Michael Cohen. Mary Hoit. The Papil Parachutes Parachuting Hamsters and Andy Russell Parade Parade Parades Paraguay. Macaws and Cockatoos Parrotfish Parties for Kids Parts of a Bike Parts of a Whole Parts Make Up a Whole Party Animals Party Time at the Milky Way Party. The Park. Barbara Thomas. Lola Bastyra. Rebecca Eggleton. Vicki Schafer. The Party. The Parrot in the Oven Parrots.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Paper Crunch Paper Dragon. Margie Burton. David textbook distribution Crews. Cathy GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED grl 10-14 third-sixth K-2 grl 15-19 Primary grl 20-29 grl 10-14 Primary grl 5-9 grl 15-19 2nd 1 grl 1-4 grl 15-19 grl 5-9 Primary Primary K-6 Updated 10/27/11 . Nathan Harper. Marcia Adler. In Pictures Parakeets Parakeets Parakeets Paramedics to the Rescue: When Every Second Counts Parasaurolophus Parasites Nature Stowaways Pardon. Dorothy Mochizuki. Said the Giraffe Parents' Night Fright Park Book. Ron Beveridge. Inge Cowley. Marilyn Martinez. Clive Harper. John. Hunia. Songs and Plays Paper Patchwork Paper Shapes Paper Tricks Paperboy Paperboy. Critters Pass the Pasta Pass the Present Passage to Freedom: the Sugihara Story Passenger Pigeon (Gone Forever) Passover AUTHOR Rogers. A Party. Marie Hudson. Cheryl Avery. The Park. Joy Weber. Andrew Woolley. Wade Chapman. Fran Lukic. Peter & Sheryl Burton. Olive Randell. The Party. Charlotte Green. Dav Lockyear. Margie St. Meredith Temko. Elliot Zolotow. Marguerite Small. Jill Evans. Colin Levy. Victoria Plater. The Paru Has a Bath Pasquale's Gift Pass It On Pass the Fritters. David M. Richard McPhail. The Party. David Feller. Gare Haverstock. Florence Kroeger. Karen Davol. Donald Thompson. Rob West. Victor Leon. John Vaughan. The Paper John Paper Masks and Puppets for Stories.

Jill Lye. Karen Wolfson. Dona Nelson. Colin Flournoy. Wilma P. Rider for Liberty Paul Revere's Ride Paul's Volcano Pawnee. George Graves. Parkes. Black Poet Laureate Paul Revere Paul Revere Paul Revere. Elizabeth Hurd. Nadine Bernard Kudlinski. Theater K-6 8/27/2008 grl 15-19 grl 40-49 Updated 10/27/11 . Pat Rhoads Derubertis. Keith Watt. John Jacques. Glenda Byrd. McCormick. Pearle Henriksen Stevenson. Augusta Sullivan. Paul Rogers.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Passport to Earth Passport to Spain Pasta and Pizza for Beginners Pasta. Fay R.R. Sarah Hooks. Barbara Laurence. The: a Persian Love Story Patrick Doyle Is Full of Blarney Patrick of Ireland Patrick's Dinosaurs Pat's Perfect Pizza Patterns Patterns All Around Patterns at the Beach Patterns in Nature Patti's Pet Gorilla Patty Cat Paul Paul Bunyan Paul Bunyan Paul Bunyan and Babe Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox Paul Bunyan Buids a Mighty Mountain Paul Bunyan Swings his Axe Paul Bunyan Tricks a Dragon Paul Bunyan: a Tall Tale Paul Laurence Dunbar. The Peach and Blue Peach Boy Peaches All the Time Peaches the Pig Peanut Butter and Jelly Peanut Butter and Jelly Peanut Butter and Jelly: A Play Rhyme Pearl Harbor Is Burning Pearl. Jeremy Nayer. Henry Wadsworth Gormley. Beverley Hawkins. Steven Schultz. Charles Parlin Longfellow. Brian GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED grl 10-14 grl 1-4 2 grl 1-4 grl 10-14 grl 10-14 grl 10-14 Rdr. Margatet Olivia Armstrong. The Pearl. Kathleen Heine. Katherine Gilley. The Peace Begins With You Peace One Day: The Making of World Peace Day Peaceful Hippo. Susan Sullivan-Ash. Please! Pasteur's Fight Against Microbes Pat the Cat's Patchwork Quilt. Judy Kilborne. Brenda Burton. William Burton. Irwin Kellogg. Kathy Sacher. Carol Robinson. Valerie Fleischman. Helme Steinbeck. The Pea Patch Jig. Dell Shapiro. Edith Thacher Scholes. Kana McDuff. The Path of the Pale Horse Pathfinder: Mission to Mars Patient Stone. Jan Andersen. Fiona Berger. D. Mathilde Gleiter. Margie Riley. The Pearls of Lutra AUTHOR Eggleton. Margie Meredith-Markowitz. Erin Mauser. Robert Furgang. Joanne Westcott. Carrick. Jennifer Hays. Melvin Birch. Beatrice Hahn.

Beverley Birdsall. Harve Zem Stadler. Crow. The Pennywhistle Tree. A: An Old Story Penny Candy Penny Hen Penny Pot. Wendy Davis. Judith Cutting. The (First Nature Watch) Penguin. The People People and Energy People Can Build People Could Fly. Virginia Cipriano. Neil Stone. Julia Stone. Hooper. Judy Cimarusti. Susan Naden. The Penderwicks. Marie Joyce. Lynn Graham. Doris Buchanan Snicket. 2. Valerie Gibbons. Lynn Tenaza. The Penguins! Pennsylvania (Portrait of America) Pennsylvania: America the Beautiful Penny A Look. Gail Lepthien. Deborah Zemach.K grl 30-39 grl 1-4 4. Fiona Fontanel. Richard Wexo. Brian Hamilton. The Penultimate Peril. Stuart J. The People of the American Revolution AUTHOR Asch. The Pelican Sketchbook Pelicans Pen Pals Penan: Voice for the Borneo Rainforest Pencil. Michael K. Emilie Utteg Mettler. 1493 Pee Wee Scouts -. 1492-February 14. Leigh Carmer. The: American Black Folktales People Everywhere People Live in the Desert People of Sparks. Sandra Winters. Béatrice Gibbons. Kay Tripp. Jane Parker Sims. Lear. 1. Frank Smith. Meredith Peck. Edward Frith.5 grl 15-19 grl 40-49 grl 20-29 Primary grl 20-29 6th grl 60-69 grl 10-14 5th 3rd-6th Updated 10/27/11 . The Pecos Bill and Lightning Pecos Bill and the Long Lasso Pecos Bill: a Tall Tale Pedal Power Pedro's Journal: A Voyage with Christopher Columbus. René Resnick. Carol Conrad. Charlotte Derubertis. the Extraordinary Elephant Pegasus the Winged Horse Pelican Chorus and Other Nonsense. Peter Hodge. Angela Moodie. Lemony Spier. Jeanne Royston. Corinne J. August 3. Belle textbook distribution GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED grl 1-4 Pre K. The Penguin.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Pearl's Promise Peas and Potatoes Peas and Potatoes. Pam Delton. Elizabeth Kellogg.SERIES Peek-A-Moo! Peel. Smith. Michael K. The Penguin. Wade Randell. John Bonnett Zoehfeld. Smith. Kathleen W. Jeri Perez. Kathleen Kent. Gail Thompson. Barbara Murphy. The: A Funny Bird Penguins Penguins Penguins Penguins Penguins Penguins Penguins Penguins Penguins Penguins and Polar Bears Penguins on Parade Penguins Paint. Steven Krueger. 3 Pebble In My Pocket.

Felix Trundle. Michael Jeschke. Heather Ridington. Patricia Reilly Hunt. Jillian & Robin Shook.Perfect World Perfect Pair. Deborah Lee French. Anne Dufresne.Northern Forest Indians People on the Beach People Planet. Roderick Hunt. Karl Gardner. Elisa Wallace. Jane Rose. Cathy French. The Pet Shop. The Perfect Pony. The Pet Show Pet Tarantula. The grl 10-14 grl 20-29 K-6 Primary grl 20-29 grl 15-19 Primary Updated 10/27/11 . Lowell. James D. The Perfect Paper Perfect Pet. The Perfect the Pig Periwinkle's Ride Perloo the Bold Pentagon Permanence Perplexing Puzzles and Tantalizing Teasers Perrault's Complete Fairy Tales Person from Planet X. Jillian & Robin Granahan. Marie Packard. Margie Walker. The Perfect Pizza. Susan Trevaskis.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE People of the American Revolution People of the Buffalo . Pauline Lillegard. Michele Holly Spring Elementary School (5th grade students). Andrea Giff.Inuit People of the Longhouse . Joy Mead. Melissa Kearney. Cathy French. Siska. Barbara Brooks Randell. Becky Bonallack. Charles Cowley. The Perfect Present. Beverley Cartwright. A Pet for You. Dee Laurin. S. Steven Campbell. Lola Schroeder. Karen Forman.C. The Pet That I Want. Roma McLenighan. Roderick Keats. The Pet for Me. Corinne Hague. Ron Ridington. Ian Avi Schafer. Katherine Butler. Valjean Bartone.Plains Indians People of the Coast People of the Dream People of the Ice . Martin Perrault. Cathy James. Maria Edwards. Margie Keys. Robin Palatini. John Burton. Shirley Hirschi. Mary GRADE 5th READING LEVEL grl 50-59 grl 40-49 APPROVED grl 40-49 grl 1-4 K-6 grl 5-9 grl 5-9 Perfect Inventions . Ezra Jack Gibson.Iroquois People of the Plains People of the Salmon and Cedar People of the Trail . A Pet Parade Pet Parade Pet Shop. Pickens. The People Who Save Animals People Who Keep You Safe People Who Use Magnets at Work People Work at the Supermarket Peoples of the World People's Republic of China Peppe the Lamplighter Peppermints in the Parlor Pepper's Adventure Percival Percussion Perfect Crane Perfect Dog AUTHOR Otfinoski. The People Use Tools People Who Help People Who Hugged the Trees. Charlie Demas.

Lawrence Beck. A Pets Pets Pets Pets Pets and Animal Friends! Pets from the Rain Forest Pets to the Rescue. Beverley Watson. Michelle Clements. Susan R. Anna Goodman. Beverley Gordon. Ben Harris. Michele Duvoisin. The Phantom of the Opera Phantom Tollbooth. Julius Keyes. The Pets: A First Look at Animals Pet-Sitting Peril. Griffin. Swan. Jennifer Dufresne. Joy James. Claire Roberts. Willo Davis Lyons. Gaston Juster. Susan Lepthien.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Pet to the Vet. Margaret Beck. Peter Wheeler. Bette King. Suzanne Randell. Karen Scholastic GRADE READING LEVEL 32 APPROVED grl 1-4 5th grl 20-29 third-sixth K-2 grl 15-19 grl 20-29 4 1st-3rd Updated 10/27/11 . William Floyd. Michele Randell. J. Andrew Urquhart. Sharon Steig. Opal Keats. Ezra Jack James. The Phillis Wheatley Phoebe the Spy Phoenix Rising Phonics Chapter Books Level 1 --SERIES-AUTHOR Mahy. Tandi Cowley. Sergey Sachs. Alexander Moss. Carol Leroux. Arthur Lowery. Jennifer C. Sally Mikaelsen. Susan Dobrin. Thomas Kübler. Marilyn Barrie. Debbie Lester. The Phantoms Don't Drive Sports Cars Pharaoh's Daughter:A Novel of Ancient Egypt Pharaohs. Lucy Jackson. Arnold Spier. M. Pyramids. Joy Mitchell. Ian Easton. Samantha Prokofiev. and Mummies Philadelphia Phillies: NL East Philharmonic Gets Dressed. Karla Greene. Louise Krueger. Judith Hesse. Roger Schofield. Brave Norman Pets You Love. Vanessa Parsons. I Reckon Maybe Philippa and the Dragon Philippines. The Pete Discovers Gravity Pete Little Pete the Parakeet Pete's A Pizza Pete's Bad Day Pete's New Shoes Peter and Polly Make a Healthy Sandwich Peter and the Penny Tree Peter and the Rabbits Peter and the Rocks Peter and the Wolf Peter and the Wolf Peter and the Wolf Peter and Veronica Peter Pan Peter Piper Peter Rabbit's Natural Foods Cookbook Peter Spier's Rain Peter Tschaikowsky and the Nutcracker Ballet Peter’s Chair Peter's Move Peter's Painting Petey Petite Rouge: a Cajun Red Riding Hood Petting Gilbert Petunia Phan's Diary Phantom Arm. Watts. Norton Dadey. Michael Kuskin. Emilie Utteg Gregson. Jim Dufresne. The Philip Hall Likes Me.

A Adler. David Picture Book of Martin Luther King. Judi Dufresne. Deborah Medearis. A (Picture Book Biography) AUTHOR GRADE 1st-3rd 1st-3rd READING LEVEL APPROVED Randell. Michele Dufresne. Patricia Randell. Angela Shelf O'Brien. Kate Dufresne. The Piano Recital. A (Picture Book David A. David A. Sarah Dubowski. David A. Karen Adler. Michele Barrett. Wallner. Barthe Ellis. The Picnic at Mudsock Meadow Picnic Boat Picnic Lunch. The Photography and Film Piano Man. A (Picture Book Biograph John. Byrd. Alexandra Adler. Fisher. Beverley Dufresne. David Picture Book of Rosa Parks. A Picture Book of Abraham Lincoln. Fisher. David A. A Picnic in the Sand. Michele de Clements. Casilla. Wallner. Joel Fleming. Michele Medearis. Karen Adler. Marcia Polacco. David Picture Book of Louis Braille. The Pickles Gets Lost Pickles Gets Lost Pickles Goes to School Pickles Helps Out Pickle Song. David A.. A (Picture Book Samuel Biography) David A. Picture Book of Helen Keller. Brown. Picture Book of Benjamin Franklin. Wallner. Marion Adler. Eve Dobeck. Adler.. Sarah McGovern. Debbie Dufresne. A Picture Book of Amelia Earhart. David Picture Book of George Washington. Augie grl 1-4 grl 40-49 NF grl 5-9 grl 10-14 Primary Primary Primary grl 5-9 grl 10-14 5…6 3rd . Alexandra Adler.6th 28 Updated 10/27/11 . Jr.. A (Picture Book Biography) Picture Book of Anne Frank. Beverley Rutland. Michele Stoodt. Mary Ann Hunter. Michele Bunting. Angela Shelf Dippold. Jeffrey Dufresne. The Pick-Up Sticks Picky Nicky Picky Prince. David A. A (Picture Book Robert Biography) Adler. Wallner. Biography) John. A Adler. A Picture Book of Sacagawea. Wallner. Alexandra Adler. Cathy East Vaughan. A Picture Book of David Crocket. David Picture Book of Lewis and Clark Adler.6th 1 4 Adler. Fisher.. Jonathan Chocolate. The Picabo Street: Downhill Dynamo Pick Out a Person Pick Up Nick! Pickles and the Hole Pickes to Pittsburg Picking Apples Picking Peas for a Penny Pickle Parade. David Picture Book of Christopher Columbus. Dan 26 25 25 25 26 K-6 26 25 3rd . A John.. Adler. A Picture... Picture Book of Jesse Owens. A Picnic In October. Jeff Adler. David A. Wallner.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Phonics Chapter Books Level 2a Phonics Chapter Books Level 2b Photo Book. A (Picture Book Biography) Adler. David A. Picture Book of Harriet Tubman. A Picture Book of Musical Instruments Lacey..

David M. Barrett. Norman S. The Picture World of Warships. R. David M. Lynn Axelrod. The Picture Life of Richard Milhous Nixon.J.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Picture Book of Simon Bolivar. David Johnson. A: the Diary of Clotee. Mercer Hautzig. A Piece of Home. Alex Scarry. The Picture World of Astronauts.J. Joanne Murphy. The Picture World of Military Helicopters.J. The Pie. Stephen. Stephen. The Pig in the Spigot. Arthur McPhail. R. Crockett Schneiderman. Norman S. Joy Baker. Martin Wilbur. Augie Giff. Beverley Williams. Stephen. R. R. The Picture World of Combat Aircraft.K grl 20-29 Updated 10/27/11 . A Picture World of Aircraft Carriers. Gail Munsch. Janet Campbell. The Picture World of Submarines. The Piece It Together with Fractions Piece of Cake. The Picture World of Planets. Ann Raymond McKissack. Michele Currah. a Slave Girl Picture Story of Abraham Lincoln. Carol Dufresne. Emily Axelrod. Amy GRADE K-6 READING LEVEL APPROVED Primary Primary Primary grl 5-9 grl 15-19 Pre K. Carolyn Willems. Amy Geisert. Barrett. The Pie Rats Ahoy Pie Theif. Sonia Mayer. The Pig Out! Pig Pig Goes to Camp Pig William's Midnight Walk Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Ahoy! Pigs Are Flying. Hunter. A Picture for Harold's Room. Robert Randell. Stephen. The Pied Piper of Hamlin. The Pigs at Odds Pigs from A to Z Pigs Go to Camp Pigs in the Mud in the Middle of the Rud Pigs in the Pantry AUTHOR Adler. David Adler. The Picture Life of Mikhail Gorbachev. Ron Whitney. A Pied Piper of Hamelin.J.J. The Picture World of Trucks. R.J. Deborah Sendak. The Picture World of Tanks. Richard Aborio. David Adler. Birchall. The Picture of Freedom. The Pierre Pig Can't Do a Thing Pigeon Wants a Puppy! Pig in the Pond. The Pie. A Picture Life of George Bush. A Pictures of Hollis Wood Pictures of Home Picture-Skin Story. The Picture. R. Jill Levitin. Patricia Reilly Thompson. Richard Cowley. Patricia Ostendorf. Colin Bealer. Mo Waddell. A Picture Book of Sojourner Truth. The Picture Life of Lyndon Baines Johnson. Portia McPhail. David M.J. R. Stephen. David Caulkins. Stephen. Maurice Clark. Plourde. Lloyd Stephen. Rozanne Lanczak McPhail. A Picture Book of Thurgood Marshall. Rodda. Brian Gibbons.

4 grl 10-14 grl 5-9 Pipe Cleaners Gone Crazy Piped Piper of Hamlin Piping Down the Valleys Wild: Poetry for the Young of All Ages Larrick. Steven Peet. Laura. James Howe. Helme Axelrod. Brocker. Palatini. Astrid Pippi Longstocking Lindgren. Behave! Pinkish. Purplish.SERIES -Lindgren. Betsy Cromer Drew.SERIES -Pinky and Rex and the Bully Pinocchio Pinocchio Pinocchio's Nose Grows Pink and Say Pioneer Bear Pioneer Cat Pioneer Cat Pioneer Plowmaker: A Story about John Deere Pioneer Settlers Of New France Pioneer Way Pioneers in Medicine Pip and the Little Monkey Pip at the Zoo AUTHOR King-Smith. Phylliss Pippin at the Gym Updated 10/27/11 . The Pineapple Pizza Ping Pong Pink and Say Pink Pig Pinkerton. June Chapra. Betty Ren Sewall. The Pigsty Pike River Phantom. Joan Hooks. Hopkins. The Pilgrims Plantation Piñata party Pinballs. Patricia K. Michael Browning. Tim Kellogg. Patricia Anton.J. Barbara Gaines Polacco. Dick Cox. Carlo Langlois. Astrid Adams. Lucy Alexander. Marcia Behrens. James Collodi. The Pigs Will Be Pigs Pigeon Feathers Piggie Pie Piggies Piggle Piggybook Piglet in a Playpen Pignochio Pigrates Clean Up. Roderick Hunt. William H. Nancy Boegehold.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Pigs Might Fly Pigs Peek Pig's Picnic. Roderick Torres. Don Bonsall. Bluish Egg. Sherry H. Suzanne Winkelman. Margie Wood. The Pinky and Rex -. Joan Kummer. Amy Bowen. Jenny Heine. David Dufresne. The Pilgrims of Plymouth. Bill Howe. David Anderson. Astrid Pippi Longstocking : Pippi Goes on Board Lindgren. Tomie Teague. Donna dePaola. Michele Polacco. Patricia Sandin. Betty Virginia Pippa Mouse: Six Read-Aloud: Read-Alone Stories Doyle Pippi Longstocking -. Helen Feely. Mark Wright. Mimi Byars. The Pig's Skin Pigs' Wedding. Crosby Newell Browne. Anthony Daniels. W. Robert GRADE READING LEVEL grl 1-4 APPROVED grl 20-29 grl 1-4 5 grl 30-39 5…6 grl 30-39 3. Collins. Sherman. Susan Hunt. Rhonda Moore.

Sloan. Douglas grl 20-29 grl 1-4 GRADE READING LEVEL grl 15-19 Primary grl 30-39 APPROVED 5th grl 50-59 grl 30-39 Primary grl 5-9 grl 20-29 Primary grl 10-14 Kindergarten grl 1-4 grl 1-4 grl 10-14 Pre K. Karen Dadey. Jeanne Janeczko. Christina Lambert. Virginia Sloan. Richard Parish.Critters of the Night Pirates Pirates Pirates Don't Wear Pink Sunglasses Pirates Past Noon Pirate's Promise Pirates: Raiders of the High Seas Pistachio Prescription. Grace Pezzimenti. Sarah McWilliams. Michael Murphy. Michael Rockwell. The Plane Song Planes Planes Planes. The Pittsburgh Pirates: NL East Pitty Pitty Pat Pixie's Toyshop Pizza Cats Pizza for Dinner Pizza for Everyone Pizza for Sam Pizza Parts Pizza Party Pizza Party. Emily Arnold Dubowski. Bill Windsor. Kathy Maccarone.SERIES -. Paul Campbell. The AUTHOR Adams. Joan Lowery Gaynor.K 6th grl 60-69 Updated 10/27/11 . Cathy East Farber. Trevor Barnes. Diana A. Eric Nixon. Mary Pope Bulla. David Gibbons. Jeffrey Smith. Gail Dixon. Mary Furgang. Helicopters and Other Fying Machines Planet Boring Planet Earth Planet Earth Planet Earth. Alan Labatt. Nathan Coster-Longman. The Pizza Soup Pizza the Size of the Sun. A Place to Live. Peter & Sheryl Sorensen. Gail Pye. Joele Irons. Grace Stoodt. Fay R. A Place for Grace. Sarah Robinson. The Place to Belong. Jack Titherington. Paula Goodman. Carol Platt. Peggy Vaughan. Terry Cook. Inside Out Planet Earth. Debbie Osborne. A Place for Ben. Gliders.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Pippin Cleans Up Piranhas Pirate Pirate Island Adventure Pirate Pie Pirate Queen. Clyde Robert Maynard. Diane Johnstone. A Place My Words Are Looking For. Erica Fleming. Jo D'Aboy. Prelutsky. The Pizza Pokey Pizza Shop. The Place of Lions. Christopher Danziger. Anne Jennings. Peter & Sheryl Sloan. A Place Value Connection. A Place to Sleep. Peter & Sheryl Siebert. The Pirate School Pirate Soup -. Phylliss Krueger. Rosemary Reuille Herman. The Place to Hide. Marcia McCully. The: Primary Activities and Games Places Places I Like Plain Girl Plane Ride.

Jack. Colin McEvoy. Anita Zion. Monica McEvoy. Paul Platt. The Planet Star Planetarium Mystery. Rebel GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED 6th grl 15-19 grl 20-29 grl 20-29 grl 60-69 6th 6th 6th grl 60-69 3 grl 5-9 grl 10-14 grl 20-29 6th grl 60-69 grl 20-29 grl 15-19 grl 10-14 6th grl 60-69 Primary Updated 10/27/11 . Jennifer Ehlert. Cathy Heller. Bolton. Julia Robbins. Fred & Jeanne Burnie. Lois Burton. Paul Saunders-Smith. The Planets Planets Planets. The Planets! Planning a Birthday Party Plant and Animal Fossils Plant and Animal Partners Plant Atlas Plant Blossoms Plant Eaters of the Pond Plant (Eyewitness) Plant Fun: Ten Easy Plants to Grow Indoors Plant Genetics Plant Kingdom Plant Kingdom. The Planets. The -. Sharon Schwartz. David McArthur. Richard Parker. Nancy Jacobson. Norman S. Vanderlinden. Virginia Staton. The Planets in Our Solar System. Anita Cameron. Ruth Keys. Michael Branley. The Planets. Bettina Hughes. Robert Dalgleish. JoAnn textbook distribution Williams. The Play. Virginia Hamilton.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Planet of Junior Brown Planet of Junior Brown. Green. Sandra Jay. Gail Iverson. Too Plants on my Plate Plants That Never Bloom Plants We Eat Plants We Use Plantzilla Platypus Play. Fabienne Holley. David Biddulph. Franklyn M. Bird. Jerdine Short.SERIES -Planting a Garden Planting A Rainbow Plants Plants Plants Plants Plants Plants (A Child's First Encyclopedia) Plants and Flowers Plants and Seeds Plants as Food Plants Bite Back! Plants Eat Meat. David Holmes. Faye Romero. Libby Lunis. Coupe. Margie Byles. Jane Hodge. Ann-Marie Smith. Monica Hunt. Judith Nolen. Gene Schwartz. The Play Ball Play Ball Play Ball! Play Ball! AUTHOR Hamilton. Brian Walker. Roderick Coupe. Robert Gibbons. Katherine Fustec. The Plant Leaves Plant Life Cycle Plant Sitter Plant Stems and Roots Plant That Ate Dirty Socks. Natalie Cameron. David Ganeri. Ken Coupe. Sheena Vandine. Eleanor Barrett. Joan. Ken Schwartz.

Anne Cartwright. Todd Dickey. Joy Creech. Margie Meyers. Beverley Burton. Sharon Dell. Lloyd G. Ken & Steve Schieber. Powhatan Princess Pocahontas: The True Story Pocket for Corduroy. Leonard d' Aulaire. Do Not Drop Your Jelly Beans Pleasing the Ghost Pledge of Allegiance. George Bulla. Pamela Weisgard.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Play Ball. Sonia W. The Plenty of Penguins Plop! Pluto Plymouth Colony.. Barbara K-6 Gohier. Barbara Howe. James Worland. Michele Ets. A AUTHOR Erickson. Richard Simmons. Donald Fisher. Brave Girl Pocahontas. Jennifer Dufresne. Joy Strasser. Dell. John Major. Margie Foster. Laurel York.. Marcia Thornton Jennings. Deborah Reid. Terry Burton. Jan Sullivan. Betty Brown. Melser. Lucille Recht Freeman. Leon. Dennis B. June Fradin. Flora Warren Smith Wilkie. Pamela Douglas. Indian Princess Pocahontas. Schaefer. Diane Penner. A Pocket Full of Licorice. Denyse Scarry. Pauline Randell. A Pod of Gray Whales. GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED grl 40-49 grl 5-9 grl 30-39 grl 5-9 grl 1-4 grl 20-29 grl 1-4 grl 5-9 grl 1-4 grl 1-4 grl 5-9 K-6 Updated 10/27/11 . Francois. The Pocahontas Pocahontas Pocahontas Pocahontas and the Strangers Pocahontas. A Pocketful of Goobers. Sherman Play Rhymes Play the Game Play With Me Play With Me Playground Bully (Barkley's School for Dogs) Playground Detectives Playground Fun Playground Opposites Playhouse. The Plymouth Thanksgiving. V. The Pledge of Allegiance. Julie Valentine! Please Read to Me Please Write. The Playing Playing it Safe Playing Safely Playing Sardines Playing Soccer Playing Sports Playing Together Playing with My Cat Playing with Plasticine Playing with Words Playtime Please and Thank You Book Please Call Back Please Don’t Drop Your Jelly Beans Please Don't Be Mine. Alex Cowley. Clyde Robert Seymour. Carol Beach Cowley. A: a Story About George Washington Carver Pocketful of Poems. Beverly Laitin. Lola Black.I Need Your Help Please. Michele Charren. Marc Tolon Dufresne. Aileen Lucia Sachs. The Pledge of Allegiance. Katharine Elliott Shaughnessy. A Pocket Full of Seeds. Ingri Gleiter. Marie Hall Jones. Marilyn Mitchell.

Steve Janeczko. Barbara GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED 3rd . Jennifer Skidmore. Norman S. Paul West. Brimner. Steve Stone. Melanie Ann Gedacht. the Titanic Bear Poles Apart Politics and Government in Ancient Egypt Politics and Government in Ancient Greece Politics and Government in Ancient Rome Polk Street School. Emily Frost. Nancie Cole. Edith Blassingame. William Pierce. Ralph Paschen. Mary Francis Grout. Apel. Beverley Osborne. A: Guide to Naming the World. Go Poland Poland Polar Bear Rescue Polar Bear Son. Lucy McCormick Cowley. Giff. Josette Jacobs. A: a Collection of Concrete Poems Pokemon Charizard.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Pod of Killer Whales. Larry Dane Khanduri. Vicki Atwell. The Polar Bear. Donna Greene. Susan Gibbons. Beth Jenkins Porter. Joy Horowitz. Tracey Bailey. Wyatt Parker. A Poem a Day. Bill Canizares. A Polar.6th 3rd . Chris Barrett. Mary Pope Van Allsburg. Kunhardt. Jill Dabcovich. The Polar Lands Polar Mammals Polar Wildlife Polar Wildlife. The -. Lynn Taylor.Magic Tree House Polar Express. Leland Blair Dickinson. Celia Kaplan. Patricia Reilly Cowley. The: an Inuit Tale Polar Bear. Daniel C. Daisy Corning Stone Warren. Leslie C. Robert Whitman. Anthony Joseph. Jr. Joy Shura. Kamini Mitchell. Joseph Maron Dewey. Sandra Frank. Carol Bailey. Valérie Martin.6th Primary grl 20-29 Updated 10/27/11 .. Eleanor H. What Do You Hear? Polar Bears Polar Bears Polar Bears Polar Bears Past Bedtime -. Polar Bear. Elise Calkins.SERIES -.SERIES -Polly and Peter Make Masks Polly Panic Polly's Shop Pollyanna Pompeii: Buried Alive Ponce de Léon: a World Explorer Pond and River Pond Life Pond Life AUTHOR Leon. Robert Powell. Lydia Tracqui. A Poem Stew Poems Poems In Your Pocket Poems to Count On Poems to Read to the Very Young Poetry for Autumn Poetry for Young People Poetry for Young People Poetry for Young People Poetry Matters Poetry Speaks To Children (Book & CD) Poetry: Powerful Thoughts in Tiny Packages Poggy Frog Point Blanc: A Stormbreaker Adventure Point to the Stars Poison Dart Frogs Poison! Beware! Poke in the I. Gail Randell. Debbie Liatsos. Master of the Ice. Walt Fletcher. Barbara Spedden.

A Pony Express! Pony Express. A. The Pondlarker Pontiac.SERIES -Pony Promise.SERIES -Poppleton Has Fun AUTHOR Cathro. The Popcorn Shop. Gaines.A. Jeanne Small. Lois Betancourt. Jane Mason. Brenda King. The Pond. Cynthia Rylant. The .Tripods Trilogy Poor Mallory -. Fred Fleischer. Jodi Sanford. Jeanne Anderson. A Pony Pals -. Jane Smith. A Poodle. Samuel Hopkins Posner-Sanchez. Cynthia Teague. Mary Provost. Kroll. Isabel Gaines. Mark Rylant. Tomie Thayer. A Pony for Keeps. The Pond. Steven Adams.The Baby-Sitters Club Poor Old Mom Poor Richard's Almanac Poor Sore Paw. The Pop Pop and Grandpa Popcorn Popcorn Book. Joanne Low. Gaines. Isabel Gaines.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Pond Where Harriet Lives.Pops the Popcorn Pop Group. William R. Jeanne. Isabel Gaines. A Pony for Jeremiah. Isabel Gaines. The Pooh Gets Stuck Pooh's Best Friend Pooh's Easter Egg Hunt Pooh's Fall Harvest Pooh's Halloween Parade Pooh's Honey Tree Pooh's Letters from the Hundred Acre Wood Pooh's Pumpkin Pooh's Scavenger Hunt Pooh's Sled Ride Pookie and Joe Pool of Fire. Isabel Gaines. Maud Boland. Robert H.SERIES -. Benjamin Cowley. Andrea Miller. A (Pony Pals) Pony for Three Pony in Trouble. John Martin. Mary Ann Betancourt. Roderick Franklin. Isabel Parkes. Betancourt. The Popcorn Dragon. Clarence William Betancourt. Janice textbook distribution Gwynne. Bob Mahy. The Poppleton and Friends Poppleton and Friends Poppleton Everyday: Book Three -. Bachem. Annette Nelson. A Pond. Paul Huelin. The Pony for a Princess. Gary dePaola. Chief of the Ottawas Pony Called Lightning. Margaret Lake. Jean Parkes. Brenda Christopher. The Popcorn Fun PopCorn Popper. A Pony to the Rescue Pony's Tale. Hunt. Ann M. The POP . Jeanne Szymanski. Miriam E. Alice Rylant. A (Pony Pals) Pony Named Shawney. Cynthia GRADE READING LEVEL 1 grl 5-9 1st APPROVED 30 30 grl 20-29 grl 20-29 grl 10-14 Updated 10/27/11 . Joy Egan. Isabel Milne. Isabel Gaines. The Pond. Isabel Gaines.

The Postal Workers. Helen Arnold. Zoe Allard. Eve Andersen. Denise Dawson. David O'Brien. Nancy Fox. Hiroshi Bryan. Michael Patrick Lester. Helen Drew. Helen Arnold. Helen Arnold. Megan Lied. Honey Glass. Kate Mitchell. Susan Beth Cross. Gail Johnson. Barrie McDonald. Zoe Arnold. Helen Reed.6th grl 15-19 grl 10-14 19 1 grl 10-14 Updated 10/27/11 . A Potter Wasp. The Possum Come A-Knockin Possum Magic Possum's Harvest Moon Post Office Book. Loreen Arnold. Helen Brooks. Susan Beth Pfeffer.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Poppy Poppy. Helen Dawson. The Poppy and Rye Poppy's Puppet Pop's Bridge Pop's Truck Populations and Ecosystems Porcelain Cat Porcupine Named Fluffy. Jill Van Laan. Mem Hunter. Melanie S. Susan Beth Pfeffer. The Pourquoi Tales Power of Nature Power of Storms. The Potato: A Tale from the Great Depression Potatoes Potluck Potter in Fiji. Helen Arnold. Ashley Burton. M. The Power Play AUTHOR Avi Bacon. Patricia Lee Bunting. Linde. Denise Arnold. Evelyn Fox. Susan Hearn. Talia Leedy. A Portraits in Greatness Portrait of Ivan Portraits of Little Women: Amy's Story Portraits of Little Women: Beth's Story Portraits of Little Women: Meg's Story Portugal Possum Babies. Helen Allard. Barbara M Halecroft. C. & French. Zoe Dawson. David GRADE 5 READING LEVEL grl 40-49 grl 15-19 APPROVED 3rd . Zoe Dawson. Esther Eggleton. Zoe Arnold. Helen Dawson. Ron Avi Gauch. Robin Ogawa. Jean Arnold. Robert Watts. Anne Peirce. Shelby. A Potato Potato Man. Anne Gibbons. A to Z Postcards from Australia Postcards from Brazil Postcards from Canada Postcards from China Postcards from Egypt Postcards from France Postcards from France Postcards from Germany Postcards from Great Britain Postcards from Ireland Postcards from Israel Postcards from Japan Postcards from Kenya Postcards from Mexico Postcards from Paul Postcards from Pluto: A Tour of the Solar System Postcards from Russia Postcards From South Africa Postcards from Spain Postcards from the Planets Pot of Stone Soup. Helen Arnold. Paula Pfeffer.

Jinny Kellogg. The Presidents' Day Pressure Play Presto Change-O Pretend Soup Pretend You're a Cat Pretty Good Magic Pretty Polly Prickly and Poisonous Pride of Noses. Dick Ganeri. Ralph G. Quiri. John W. Jo Athaide. Innes. Pauline Paterson. A Present. Patricia Ryon Heath. Lewis. A Prairie Dogs Kiss and Lobsters Wave Prairie Schooners. The Presidency. Gloria GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED 1st grl 40-49 grl 10-14 grl 5-9 21 5th grl 50-59 grl 20-29 Primary grl 40-49 Updated 10/27/11 . Matt Wood. (Clive) Cole. Zullo. Babette Christopher.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Power Station Sun: The Story of Energy Powers of the Mind Powwow Prairie Alphabet. Robert J. David Martin. John Melmed. The Presidency. George Storey. Donna Jo Rand. The Presenter's Fieldbook. Katherine Stonehouse. Patricia J. A Prince and the Pauper. S. Caroline Murphy. Jo Singer. Pam Bannatyne-Cugnet. Anita Walker. Bernard Johnson. The Prairie Songs Prairie Year. Olive Lydia Cartwright. The Presents Presents (Play) Presents. Mark Leavitt. Jim Garmston. Brian textbook distribution Bannatyne-Cugnet. The Present for Dad. Yolanda 30 Twain. Laura Krauss Napoli. Marilyn Rounds. Jean Dubowski. Helen Christopher. Roger Hessell. Tina Earle. Cathy East King-Smith. The Prince and the Salmon People Prince Caspian Prince Cinders Prince In Waiting. A Primary Literacy Video Collection Primary Source of Ancient Civilizations Prince Among Donkeys. Rod Keenen. Alan Applegate. Truman President Who Pardoned a Turkey. Clive Ciantar. Audrey Katzen. The Presidency of the United States. Murphy. The Prince Nautilus Prince of the Pond. The Preacher's Boy Precipitation Predator. George Carr. Kate Maxwell. Jenny Taylor. Ellan Frost. The President from Missouri: Harry S. Mollie Marazello. Katherine Rodgers. Glen Conrad. Steven Theodorou. Claire R. The Prince and the Pooch. C. The : Otherwise Known as De Fawg Pin Prince William AUTHOR Mason. The Predators Prehistoric Life Explained: A Beginner's Guide to the World of Dinosaurs Prehistoric Pinkerton Prehistoric Record Breakers Preposterous Week. A Pran's Week of Adventure Praying Mantis Praying Mantis.

Helen Magraw. Lily Riley. The Princess. Lilo DuFour. Ron Montgomery.6th 6-Apr 8/27/2008 Promise Is A Promise. Jill Silverberg. Dorothy Annick Munsch. Age 11. Gary Hoobler.S. Jill Paulsen. The Princess Who Lost Her Hair. Michael. Holland. A AUTHOR MacDonald. The Princess Euphorbia Princess Furball Princess Harimu Princess Kaiulani. Helen Daugherty. Barbara Hest. Charlotte Harris. Felice Wyler. The Principal's New Clothes. Rose Wildsmith. Kusugak. Amy Corcoran. Kana Farrer. Linda Sue Park. Terry Sullivan. Hans Christian Vaës. Babette Levine. Robert. Kusugak. Jane Hoyt. Felicity GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED grl 20-29 6 3rd . Barbara Dunnahoo. George Cole. The Private War Of Lillian Adams Prize for Purry Pro Football Hall of Fame Probability Problem Pets Professional Learning Communities at Work: Best Practices Professor Diggins' Dragons Professor Egghead's Best Riddles Professor Noah's Spaceship Project Earth Science: Meteorology Project Panda Project Pendulum Project Mulberry Project Mulberry Project Mulberry Project Whale Project: A Perfect World Promise at the Alamo: the Story of a Texas Girl Promise Is A Promise. The Proposal. L. Krykorka. The Printing Machine. The Princess and the Wise Woman. The Princess and the Unicorn. Kate Thaler. the Mud Pies and the Dragon. The Princess and the Pea. The Protecting Endangered Species Updated 10/27/11 . Vladyana Rogers. P. Katherine Brooks. Richard Holman. Lilly Lum. Gail Carson Levine. R. Michael Araarluk.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Princess and the Goblin. Brian Smith. Lucy Mollel. Alain Arbore. George Andersen. The Princesses Are Not Quitters! Principal from the Black Lagoon. The Prisoner of the Ant People Prisoners at the Kitchen Table Private Notebook of Katie Roberts. Sean Bailey. A Promise. Park. Stephanie Bacon. Linda Sue Bailey. The Princess Who Couldn't Cry. Erin Hess. The Princess Megan Princess of Fort VanCouver Princess Penelope's Parrot Princess Sheegwa Princess Smartypants Princess Sonora and the Long Sleep Princess Test. A. Evelyn Sibley Lester. Robert Park. Gail Carson Floyd. Mike Calmenson. The Princess and the Pea. Tololwa Marti Ernesto. Jacqueline Applegate. Trisha Lampman. Vashti Huck.

Provensen. Deborah Turney Gibbons. The Pukeko Morning Pulleys Pumpkin Blanket. Lyndie Baglio. Gail Carr. Roger Katz. The Pumpkin House.L. The Puppy Grows Up. The Pumpkin. Cyndy Rylant. The Puddles Puddles Puddles Puddles and Wings and Grapevine Swings Pueblo Ruins Pueblo. Charlotte Butterworth. Joy Oxlaade. Michele Thayer. Annie Nelson. Joy Whitney. Fay R. The Pumpkins! Punch with Judy Punch's Secret Punctuation Takes a Vacation Puns. Cynthia Dufresne. Wendy Szekeres. Gags. Daniel Matthews. Elisa London. Kamini Brooks. Ben M. Robin Doty. Chris Zagwyn. May Pulver. Michele Dufresne. Natalie Avi Sarton. and Riddles: A Collection of Dreadful Jokes The Puppet Club Puppet Pals Puppet Play. Mary Dufresne. The Puffin Book of Nursery Rhymes. Jeanette Khanduri. The Pumpkin That Kim Carved. The AUTHOR Henkes. Michele Yue. Titherington. Eileen Keats. Phyllis Vardell.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Protecting Marie Protecting our Oceans Protecting our Oceans Protecting Rivers and Seas Protecting Trees and Forests Proud Rooster and Little Hen Proud Taste for Scarlet and Miniver Provensen Book of Fairy Tales. Jane 3 GRADE 3rd-6th READING LEVEL APPROVED K-6 grl 20-29 2 2 K-2 Primary Primary grl 10-14 2 grl 1-4 grl 10-14 Updated 10/27/11 . Imogene Husar. Guyla Forte. Quips. Ezra Jack Green. Felicity Sommer. Rupert Kleven. Ruth Titherington. Michael Cohen. Jonathon Root. A Puppets Puppies in the Pantry Puppy Puppy Book. E. Kevin Leardi. Roy 1st-3rd Temple. Jeanne Cowley. A Puppy Lost Puppy Mudge Takes a Bath Puppy Play Puppy Trouble Puppy Who Wanted a Boy. May Wright. Camilla Cooper. Alice Lucas. Evans. Laura D'Apice. The Pumpkin Book. Carl Konigsburg. The Puerto Rico Pueblo. The Prudence Crandall Pssst! Doggie PT Boats Pteranodon Pterodactyl Puddle Pail. Mark Jessel. The Pumpkin Personalities Pumpkin Pumpkin Pumpkin Smasher. Anita Robinson. Pumpkin Pumpkin. Jeanne Benarde. Nick Cowley.

Jean Galdone. Vijaya Freeman. Amy Munsch. The Purple Green and Yellow Purple Pickle Juice -. Kathy Hunt. A Putting on a Concert and the Television News Putting on a Show Putting the World To Sleep Puzzle Puzzle. Julliet Macaulay. The Python's Party AUTHOR Gliori. Marcia Parker. A Pyramid Pyramid Pyramids Pyramids Pyramids Python Caught the Eagle Python Caught the Eagle. David Wildsmith. Robert Farber. Brenda Merrill.Critters of the Night Purse. Patricia Reilly Hest. Erica Caple. Roger Berger.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Pure Dead Magic Purple Climbing Days Purple Coat. Margaret Wise Hall.SERIES -. James Jeunesse. Erin Ash Drew. Shelley Moore Avery. Paul Brown. Anne Sullivan. Brian GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED grl 40-49 grl 5-9 grl 5-9 Updated 10/27/11 . The Push Push and Pull Push and Pull Push or Pull Push or Pull Pushcart War Puss in Boots Pussycat's Christmas. Roderick Bodach. Dorothy Martin. Melvin Thomas. John Parkes. Gallimard Millard. Debi Giff. David Putnam. David Drew.

Alison Rowling. The Quiet. Noel Burch. Audrey Arnold. Quack. Cynthia dePaola. Quack Quake! Qualitative Reading Inventory. The: a Play Quentin Corn Questions and Answers About Freshwater Animals Questions and Answers About Horses Questions and Answers About Sharks Quick and Easy Paper Airplanes That Really Fly Quick as a Cricket Quick. The Quilt for Kiri. David Pancella. Mary Chicery. Eve Freeman. Quick! Quickly and Quietly Quicksand Book. Ann Jackson. Tony Strom. Thomas J. A Quarter Horse. Robert Buttriss. The Quarter from the Tooth Fairy. Nikki Brumbeau. J.B. Matthew Cowley. G. The Quarterback Walk-On Quasars. Isaac Prelutsky. Hurd. William Bartel. Don Johnston. Mary Long. Quack. Peggy Benjamin. Mary Schwartz. Caren Stewart. Yale Giovanni. The Quork Attack Qwerty Stevens. Millicent McGovern. The Quiet World. Marsha Holley. Please Quiet! There's a Canary in the Library Quillworker: A Cheyenne Legend Quilt Block History of Pioneer Days. 3 Quality School Teacher. Asimov. Terri Cobb. Paul Wood. Dygard. Jaquie Stolz. Joy Cottonwood. Donald Cohlene. Michael Selsam. Dan grl 20-29 K-6 Primary grl 20-29 Updated 10/27/11 . Mary Ann Streatfeild. A: Specific Suggestions for Teachers Quarrel. Thacher Feldman. Jeff Hawes. The Quicksand Pony Quidditch Through the Ages Quiet Evening. The Quilted Landscape Quilting the Black-Eyed Pea Quiltmaker's Gift. A Quilt Story. Alison Gutman. Heather Caisley. Pulsars and Black Holes Queen of Eene Queen on a Quilt Queen Victoria Queenie Peavy Queen's Parrot. Joe GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED 3rd-6th grl 5-9 Glasser. The Quiet Quail. Jack Dobeck. Phyllis Holtsman.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Q is for Duck: An Alphabet Guessing Game Q is for Quark Qin Shi Huangdi : First Emperor of China Quack! Quack. Stuck in Time with Benjamin Franklin AUTHOR Elting. Tomie Lester. Raewyn Merriam. K.

Vicki LaMarche. The Race to Recycle. The Rabbit. Carol MacDonald. The Rabbit's Judgement Rabbit's Pajama Party Rabbit's Party Rabbit's Real Birthday Rabble Starkey Raccoon on the Moon. Suzanne Crowder Murphy. Ben M. Jeff Irons. A Raft. Verna Huford. Paul Conly. Lois Witty. Trina Meadows. The Rabbits Rabbits Rabbits Rabbits Rabbit's Escape. Patricia Arnosky. Amy Frances. Norman S. Han. John Koscow. Patience Aardema. Gordon Dorros. The Race Against Time Race Cars Race into the Past Race of the Birkebeiners. Donna Tresselt. Ian Savage. Russell-Arnot. Norman S. The Rachel Carson Rachel Carson Rachel Carson Writer and Scientist Rachel Fister's Blister Rachel to the Rescue Rachel's Journal: The Story of a Pioneer Girl Racing Cars Racing Cars Racing Horses. Graham Mitchell. Suzanne Crowder Han. Hearne. Carla Lawson. Arthur Caisley. The Raccoons Raccoons Racoons Raccoons and Ripe Corn Raccoons are the Brightest People Raccoons on the Roof Race. Raewyn Caisley. K. Jim North. Stuart J. Julia Lowry. Alvin Saunier. Robert Brewster. The Racing the Sun Racso and the Rats of NIMH Radio Fifth Grade Radio Man : Story in English and Spanish. Jake Stwertka.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Rabbit and Fox Rabbit and Skunk and the Scary Rock Rabbit Hill Rabbit Inn Rabbit Makes a Monkey of Lion Rabbit Stew Rabbit Stew Rabbit Story. Bruce Kostyal. Stine. Eve Jarman. Lauren GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED 2nd-4th grl 15-19 grl 20-29 1 grl 10-14 third-sixth Updated 10/27/11 . The Race. Cowley. Sterling Baglio. Jane Leslie Korman. The Race to Green End. The AUTHOR Eggleton. Nadine Barrett. The Rag Coat. David Goldberg. Raewyn Leon. Calvin Pitts. Lise Randell. William Barrett. Joy Riley. Megan Lunge-Larsen. Jill Stevens.M. Lizza O'Byrne. A Raewyn’s Got the Writing Bug Raewyn's Got the Writing Bug Again Raft of Sea Otters. Elizabeth Whitehouse. Jim Mills. Ellen Moss. Marissa Graham. Eve Alexander. Beverley Meissner. Melanie S. Bunting.

Andrew Maxwell. Gail De Rico.series Ragweed Raid. A Rainbow Rhino grl 10-14 Updated 10/27/11 . The Rain Feet Rain Forest Rain Forest Rain Forest Rain Forest Adventure Rain Forest Adventure. The Rain Forest. Railway Ghosts and Highway Horrors Rain Rain Rain Rain Rain Rain Rain Rain Rain Came Down. Rebel Cowley. Marcus. A / New Nest. Sheena Williams. Stephanie Handwerker. Helen Richardson. T.SERIES -Rainbow Goblins. Peter & Sheryl Stojic. Gare Economos. Peter GRADE 4th-6th READING LEVEL APPROVED 5th grl 50-59 grl 20-29 Primary K-6 grl 20-29 grl 40-49 2 grl 5-9 Primary Primary grl 1-4 grl 15-19 grl 1-4 grl 1-4 Primary Primary K-6 Rainbow Fish. Sonia. Nan Andrews. Adele D. The Rain Forests Rain Forests Rain Forests Rain in the Hills Rain Makes Applesauce Rain or Shine Rain or Shine? Rain. Donovan. Carroll B. Cohne. The Railroads Railroads U.. Alan Dufresne. The Rainbow Party. Sander. and Hail Rainbow Bird. Richard Marks. Manya Williams. Jodi. Adele D. Leslie. Arthur Baker. Stephanie Pair-It Freeman. Rain Rain. Will & Mary Richardson. Laurence Furgang. Angela Cowcher. Louise and Spilsbury.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Raging Floods Ragged Bear Raggedy Andy Stories . Bishop. The Rainbow People. A Rainbow of My Own. Susan Kalan. Gail Sloan. Julian Coupe. A Rain Forest Animals Rain Forest Babies Rain Forest Food Rain Forest Ride Rain Forest Secrets Rain Forest. Alan Gruelle. Angela Darling. Katie Handwerker. A AUTHOR Spilsbury. Stone. Huelin. G. Ul Yep. Johnny Avi Wisler. Lynn Beveridge. Daniel Green. Julia Dorros.S. The -. Joy Sharp. Christine Wilkes. A Rainbow Bird. Harry Colby. Kathy Walker. Barbara Thompson. Barbara Scheer.A. David Johnson. Kathy Sis. Michele Osborne. Charles Saunders-Smith. Robert Kelly. Donald Pfister. Goldman. Taylor. Snow. Rozanne Lanczak Shannon. Clifton Harvey.

Beverly Cleary. Paul North. Globe Posner. Beverly Cleary. Theresa McHugh. Sunny Day Raising a Mother Isn't Easy Raising Sweetness Raising the Quality of Narrative Writing Ralph S. Leo Depree. Betsey Nicholson.SERIES -Ramona and her Father Ramona and her Mother Ramona Forever Ramona Quimby Ramona Quimby. Lucy McCormick Cleary. Beverly Douglass. The Rainy Day Alphabet Book Rainy Day. Antonia Pequot. Diane Calkins.Think of That! Rap Party. ed. Angela Chessen. Taylor. Suhaib Hamid Cleary. Betsey World Book Encyclopedia (pub. Sterling Whitehouse. John Johnson. Jutta Rogasky. Helen Ash. Beverly Cleary. Scott Canizares. Chris Williams. Beverly Cleary. Pat Montgomery. Bats. Beverly Cleary. and Black Puddings: An American Folk Tale AUTHOR Dowd. Beverly Oxlade. Mouse Ramadan Ramadan Ramona -. Beverly Cleary. The Rapunzel Rapunzel Rapunzel Rascal: A Memoir of a Better Era Rats Rats on the Roof and Other Stories Rats. Suzanne Sandburg. James Birchall. The Rainbow Valley Rainbows All Around Rainbows are Made : Poems Raindrops Rainfeet Rainforest Rainforest Animals Rainforest Book. Carl Madian. A Rainbow Soup: Adventures in Poetry Rainbow Town Rainbow Tulip. The Random House Book of Poetry for Children Ranger Rick Raoul Wallenberg: Missing Diplomat Rap a Tap Tap: Here's Bojangles . Beverly Cleary. Clive Mora. Susan. Brian GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED 12 grl 30-39 K-2 2 2 grl 5-9 grl 40-49 K-6 4 2 Primary 1 grl 20-29 Updated 10/27/11 . PERIODICAL Larsen. Susan Ghazi.) Lewis. Chessen.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Rainbow Somewhere. Brian P. Jackie Staton. Beverly Cleary. Julia Bryson. Jack. Nancy Cleary. Barbara Zelinsky. Elisabet Stanley. Anita Dillon. Age 8 Ramona the Brave Ramona the Pest Ramona's World Ramps and Wedges Random House Book of 1001 Wonders of Science. Lucy Maud Hardin. A Rainy Day. Sue Cunningham. Patricia Marshall. Brian Prelutsky. The: How You Can Save the World's Rainforests Rainforest Colours Rainforest Explorer Rainforest Wildlife Rainstick.

Janice Abeel. The Raven Brings Water Raven: A Trickster Tale from the Pacific Northwest Raven's Gift Reach for the Moon Reaching Dustin Read a Rhyme. Gerald Kuharski. Nina Real Ponies Don't Go Oink! McManus. Betty Real Mother Goose. Beth Wagner Cowley. Ruth Dufresne. and Under Reading Safari Magazine: Island Adventure Reading Safari Magazine: Lost and Nearly Lost AUTHOR Seidler. The Steig. Brian & Jillian Fox. The Real Plato Jones. Mem Dufresne. Patrick F. John Ready. Ellen Real Me. Rosemary Burton. Kathryn Really Popular Girl. Go! Stadler. A Reason for a Flower. Nicki Real Scorpion King.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Rat's Tale. Joy Poe. Manual Real Princess. The Heller. The Bawden. The: the History Channel Prese Banks. Margie Nathan. Allan Real Hole Cleary. Set. The Trussell-Cullen. Real Princess. Frank Ready. Cameron Real Thief. Set. Jack Wells. Rhyme Real Cinderella Rap. Ruth Reasons for the Seasons Gibbons. William Really Big Cats Fowler. The Saltis. Michele Reese. David Brust. On. The Real Mother Goose Clock Book. The: Creating Space for Readers Serafini. Michele ` GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED Intermediate grl 5-9 grl 1-4 grl 40-49 NF NF NF NF NF Reading Safari Magazine: Twins Around the World Reading Safari Magazine: Walrus Reading Workshop. Michaela Ready. Diana Cutting. Jump! Bair. Write a Rhyme Read Aloud Rhymes for the Very Young Read to Your Bunny Reading a Graph Reading and Writing Sourcebook : Teacher's Guide Reading Buddies Reading Developmental Continuum Reading is Everywhere Reading Magic : Why Reading Aloud to Our Children Will… Reading Partners Reading Resource Book Reading Safari Magazine: Gliding Reading Safari Magazine: In. Gail grl 20-29 Updated 10/27/11 . The Miles. Judith Bauer Ready. Allan Ewing. Diane Morgan. Beverly Real Live Monsters! Schecter. Samantha Grove. Set. A Rattle Your Bones Skeleton Drawing Fun Rattlesnakes Ratty-Tatty Raven and Other Poems. Jack Prelutsky. Edgar Allen Sacher. Mathilde McDermott. Tor Clemesha. Vicki Pretlutsky. Field Day! Stamper. Steady. The King.

and Recycle Reduce. Roderick Schaefer. John. John McKissack. Green Day Red Dog Red Dwan (Monatyei): Plateau Indian Legends Red Flower Goes West Red Fox Red Fox and His Canoe Red Is Best Red Justice Red Leaf. Emily M. The Reduce. Katherine Cowley. Margie Williams. Mindy Lamorisse. Berkeley Marshall. Yellow Leaf Red Light. Michele O'Neill. Joy Jiang.. Reuse. James De Regniers. Denise Kunhardt. Edith Wallace. Matt Hunt. Ji Li Eggleton. Jim Polacco. Bill Phillips. Alexis Polacco. Re-using Our World's Solid Wastes Red and Blue and Yellow Red and I Visit the Vet Red Balloon. Jill Cowley. Patricia Gibbons. Patricia January. Green Light Red Nose Frost: a Traditional Tale from Russia Red or Blue? Red Planet / The Universe and Other Poems Red Ranger Came Calling Red Riding Hood Red Riding Hood: Retold in Verse for Boys and Girls to Read Themselves Red Rose. Barbara Patrick. Gail Green. Annette Minschell. Beatrice Schenk Cowley.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Rebecca and the Concert Rebel Rebels Against Slavery: American Slave Revolts Recess Recess Queen. Albert Lehman. The Red Scarf Girl Red Shoes. Annette Schoenherr. Lois Brown. Ann GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED grl 1-4 Intermediate Int. Beverley London. Reuse. Recycle Redwall Reef of Death Reflections AUTHOR Smith. James Smith. Kathy Teitelbaum. The Rechenka's Eggs Reconstruction Record Breakers Rechenka's Eggs Recycle!: A Handbook for Kids Recycling Recycling. Brendan Buckley. The Red Book. The Red Socks and Yellow Socks Red Squirrel Hides Some Nuts Red Squirrel's Adventure Red Wolf Country Redcoats and Petticoats Red-eyed Tree Frog Red-hot Hightops Reds and Blues Red-Tailed Hawk. Karen Benchley. Margaret Wise Riordan. Turner. The Red Dancing Shoes Red Day. Ann Warren Wallace. Various Breathed. Rozanne Lanczak Jacques. Beverley Randell. Jenni Lockyer. Joy Christopher. Paul Jonas. Patricia Dufresne. Brian Zindel. 5…6 3-Jan grl 40-49 6 grl 5-9 grl 15-19 Updated 10/27/11 . Jonathan Kirkpatrick. James Stevens. Joy Randell. Lola Burton. Michael Ehlert. Nathaniel Stinson. Andrew Hahn.

Tom Price. Marissa Clyne. Melvin NF third-sixth grl 20-29 grl 40-49 5. Milton Rescuing Nelson Randell. Megan Reptiles Are My Life Republic of Ireland. Stephen Klinting. Daniel Restless Earth. Lucy McCormick Respiratory System. Lemony Ballard. John Alexander. The Reptiles Reptiles AUTHOR Dunning.) Reptiles Markert. Larry Grahame. Reptiles (pub. East and West Reluctant Dragon. Rescue in Space (2050: Voyage of the Starseeker) Don Rescue Josh McGuire Mikaelsen. Colin McCarthy. The Religions. Lars Keats. Joy Pescio. A Remarkable Farkle McBride. Ezra Jack Moss. Beverley Resources for Teaching Writing Calkins. Berta Kinsner. Sharon Spinelli. Claudio Preston. Elinor Lithgow. Paul McDonald.. Jerry St. Margaret Birdseye. Bolognese. Jenny Reptiles McEvoy. Sara Hiller. Jenny Rescue: The Story of How Gentiles Saved Jews in the Holocaust Meltzer.. The Glass.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Reflections On A Gift of Watermelon Pickle . A Reindeer Christmas. The Berger.6 6th grl 60-69 grl 20-29 Updated 10/27/11 . Inc. Creech. Lois Drew. Kathleen Rescue Dog of the High Pass Kjelgaard. Cynthia Kettelkamp. B. the Golden Eagle Regards to the Man in the Moon Regina's Big Mistake Regina's Glasses Regular Flood of Mishap. Jim Raphael. Kathy Rylant.: And Other Modern Verse Regal. Elaine. The Rent a Third Grader Replay Report to the Principals Office Reptar to the Rescue! Reptile Reptile (Eyewitness Books) Reptile Room. The: Ghostly Tales from Around the World Cohen. The Remarkable Journey of Prince Jen. The Remainder of One. Lloyd Cole. Pierre. The Remarkable Rocks Remarkable Rocks Rembrandt and Seventeenth-Century Holland Remember the Lusitania Remembering Box. Moe GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED K-6 Hader. Research You Can Use to Improve Results Cotton. Dennis B. Diana Clifford. Eth Scheffler. The Fradin. B. Stephanie McCarthy. Ursel Mitchell. Ron Cowley. David Educational Insights. Colin Snicket. The Giles. The Reindeer Trail: A Long Journey from Lapland to Alaska Relationships in Nature Relatives Came.. Kenneth Pinczes. The Renaldo the Sly Fox Renaissance. Susan Restless Dear. Ben Rescue.

Maja Edwards. The Chetwin. Bart Reward Worth Having. The Todd. Dav Riddle and the Rune. The January. The: Teaching Techniques that Work Heard. Nicholas O'Brien.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Results Fieldbook. Peg Ricky Ricotta's Giant Robot -. The Kehret. The Williams. Roy Riddle of Penncroft Farm. William Richest Kids in Town. Les Smith. Matt Banks. Bennett 5th grl 50-59 6th grl 60-69 grl 10-14 Updated 10/27/11 . The Zeman.SERIES -Pilkey. Grace Riddle Book. Tololwa Marti Rhode Island (Portrait of America) Thompson. The Return of Silver Chief. Brenda Rich Man and the Shoe-Maker. The Giff. The McKié. The Return of the Werewolf Return to Bitter Creek: A Novel Return to Gone-Away AUTHOR Schmoker. Retell: Strategies for Improving Read… Hoyt. James Revenge of Ishtar. The : America's Fight for Freedom McDowell. John Bonnett Rhinos for Lunch and Elephants for Supper!: a Maasai Tale Mollel. Lynne Reid Martin. The Bellairs. Judith Riches from Nature Burton. Doris Buchanan Enright. Jean de Riches from Earth Hodge. Richard Richard Scarry's Counting Book Richard Wright and the Library Card Miller. Margie Richard E. Adventurer to the Poles de Leeuw. Byrd. Mike Wilson. The: a Fable La Fontaine. Rose Revolutionary War. Reflect. Brendan Revolutionary War Osborne. Ellen Revenge of the Magic Chicken. A Rhinos Wexo. Helen Revenge of the Rainbow Dragons Estes. The Return of the Home Run Kid Return of the Indian. Patricia Reilly Riddle-iculous Rid-Alphabet Book. The Lester. A Bishop. Richard Scarry. Dorothea Riddle of the Red Purse. Elizabeth GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED Return to Howliday Inn -. Avelyn Cleary. Re-Zoom Banyai. Ludmila Revenge of the Incredible Dr. Istvan Rhinoceros Wakes Me Up in the Morning.Rancid and His Youthf Conford. The Jensen. Rose Revenge of the Wizard's Ghost. John Sherman Christopher. Adèle Richard Scarry Series Scarry. The Davidson.Bunnicula Howe. Fay R.A Play Parkes. Kathleen Rhyme Game. Linda Revolt of the Dwarves Estes. The: Practical Strategies from Dramatically Improved Schools Rethinking Rubrics in Writing Assessment Return of Santa Paws. Mary Pope Revolutionary War. Jay Rex's Dance Robinson. Ann Riddles and More Riddles Cerf. Beverly Ribsy Rice Cakes . John Revision Toolbox. Anne Revolutionary War. Georgia Revisit.SERIES -.

Hobbs. Gary Wang. Leonard Hamilton. Stan & Jan Meeadoracraft. Phillip Dalgliesh. Harold Sheppard. The River. John L'Engle. The River Patrol Boats River Ran Wild. Jack Swartz. The Rikki-Tikki-Tavi Rilla of Ingleside Rimwalkers Ring in the Prairie. Jo Bowes. A River Grows. Lee Grahame. The River Dream. Jocelyn Bragg. Gale Sigue. Annette Paulsen. Michele Munoz-Pyan. The: A Shawnee Legend Ring of Endless Light. Frances Ward Quinn. Allen Clifford. The River Lost. Jill Dufresne. The River Bank. A Ride a Purple Pelican Ride in the Country. The Rights and Wrongs: Civics Game Show. River Runners: A Tale of Hardship and Bravery River Thunder Rivers AUTHOR Prelutsky. Kenneth Text. Eileen Slepian. Bonnie Windsor. Lynne Belcher. Virginia Lourie. Angela GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED 1 grl 10-14 Primary 4. Alice Chen. Vicki Bierhorst. Sara Berenstain. A: An Environmental History River Rats River Rats. Roll. Gary Keith.. A:Colville Tribe River Nile. Washington Hessell. Ride. The River is My Life. Peter Irving. Forrest Pinkney. Lynn Brander. Angie George. The Rise the Moon Risk N' Roses River. Clyde Robert Smith. P Bryant. Will Royston.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Ride. A Ring of Fire Ring of Tricksters.5 grl 20-29 Rdr. Clare Bulla. Mary Hurwitz. Dist. Jean Craighead Houston. The: from the Wind in the Willows River Between Us. Jerry Montgomery. Johanna Weller. A: Animal Tales from North America the West Indies and Africa Rio Grande: From the Rocky Mountains to the Gulf of Mexico Rip Van Winkle Ripeka's Carving Ripleys…Amazing Escapes Rip-Roaring Russell Riptide Rise and Fall of the Incas. Jeff Stone. Madeleine Hort. The Rifles for Watie Right Number of Elephants. Lucy Maud Grove. Theater grl 40-49 grl 10-14 5th grl 30-39 Updated 10/27/11 . Jenny Packard. Pat Spinelli. and Run Ride the Thunderbolt Riding Riding Bicycles Riding Freedom Riding Lesson Riding the Bubbly Seas Riding the Steam Train Riding the Pony Express Riding to Craggy Rock Rifle. James A. Inc. Bruce Green. Michael Cherry. A River Lost. A Ride on the wind. Jan Paulsen. Say.

Francene Sabin. Jonah Roberto Clemente Young Baseball Hero Sabin.Young Storyteller Robert Makes a Graph Coulton. Brenda Rocks and Fossils Bramwell. The Stanton. Marguerite Robert Louis Stevenson Sabin. The Eggleton. The: The Story of an ArmenianGirKherdian. Charles Parlin Robert Frost. Lee. Barbara Haydon. Andy Robotz: An Encyclopedia of Robots In Fact and Fiction Munzer. Ann Robin's Room Brown. Louis Roberto Clemente: Young Baseball Hero Roberto the Insect Architect Laden. The Christelow. David McGuire. Joy Robot-a-cise Gilbert. Francene Robert Louis Stevenson . Judy Robots Barrett. The Smith. Illa GRADE Primary READING LEVEL APPROVED grl 30-39 grl 15-19 grl 1-4 grl 10-14 grl 40-49 Updated 10/27/11 . Joy Road Robber Road to Balinor. Doris Robert Fulton Henry. Annie Robin Hood of Sherwood Forest McGovern. Jenny Rocks and Minerals Phelan. Stephen Rock Boss. Boy of the North Pole Roberto Clemente: Pride of the Pittsburg Pirates Winter. Robots Among Us: The Challenges and Promises of Robots Baker. Electa Robert Peary. Mia Clark. Roald Roald Dahl's Revolting Rhymes Roast and Toast -. Robert Roads to Reasoning: Developing Thinking Skills Through P… Krulik. Rock in the Road. Josef Robbers and Robots Carr. Annette Rocks Burton. Jill Robbery at the Diamond Dog Diner.Critters of the Night Farber. The Rash. Margaret Wise Robot Walk Cowley. Michaela Robert E. Julie River's Journey.SERIES -. The Holub. A Road from Home. Cynthia A. Nina Robin Hood Ingle. Mike Robbers. America's Poet Faber. The Eggleton. Erica Robber and Me. Stephen Roanoke Missing Persons Case Larsen. Francene Sabin. Terry Rocks Parkes. Eileen Robbie Woods and his Merry Men Morgan.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE AUTHOR Rivers and Oceans Taylor. Leslie Road Rally Cowley. Ruth Rocks and Minerals Karpelenia. Christopher W. Hero of the South Graves. Roma Rock Climbing: Making it to the Top Dean. Martyn Rocks and Minerals Chasek. Jill Rock Collecting Gans. Mary Road Work Ahead Newell. Anita Dahl. Norman S. Jill Rock Pools. Margie Rocks Jennings. Robots are Coming and Other Problems. The Brasell. Glen Rocks and Minerals Podendorf.

Jill Mann. David Peek. Daniel Manus Taylor. The: From Egyptian Hieroglyphics to Modern Letters. Hazel Mary GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED grl 10-14 Primary grl 5-9 5th 6 K-2 third-sixth Primary K-3 8/27/2008 Primary Irwin. Numbers and Signs Rome and the Classical West AUTHOR Symes. Debbie Cowley. Ores and Rocks Rocks and Mountains Rocks and Soil Rocks and What They Tell Us Rocks Are Everywhere Rocks in his Head Rocks Tell Stories Rocks. Chris Whyman. Kathryn Parker. Nicola Bryant. Mary Pope Dufresne. Jo Frazee. Chris Calmenson. Marla Bell. Christine Lovitt. Mildred Bauer. Marla Dhami. C. Diana Asimov. A Rocket Rescue Rocket Ship. Herbert Spencer Llewellyn. Gems. Lester Cerbuc. Sidney Barkan. Stephanie Sawyer. Dadey. M. Big and Small Rock-a-Bye Moon Rock-a-Doodle Rocket In My Pocket. Pellant. Claire Jennings. Julie Anderson. The Rocket Ship Shapes Rocket Surprise. B. Ruth Calmenson. Hurst. Updated 10/27/11 . The Roman Colosseum. Carl Baxter. Merle Frazee. Chip Withers. The Roman Numerals I to MM Roman Town (Metropolis) Romance of Writing.F. Terry Del Rey. T. A Rockets Rockets. Isaac Osborne. Michele textbook distribution Pinkwater. David Langley. Probes and Satellites Rocking Horse Christmas Rocky Mountain National Park Rodzina Roger's Umbrella Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry Roll Out the Red Rug Roll Over! A Counting Song Roller Coaster Roller Coaster Roller-Coaster Ride Roller Skates Roller Skates Roller Skates! Rollerama Roller Coaster Rollercoaster Rollerskating Rolling Thunder Rolls Don't Ride Roller Coasters Roly-Poly Roly-Poly Spider.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Rocks and Minerals Rocks and Minerals Rocks and Minerals Rocks and Minerals (Eyewitness) Rocks and Minerals: A Guide to Familiar Minerals. Marla Frazee. Lynne Noonan. Keith Gordon Roberts. Jerolyn Ann Calhoun. Steve Zim. D. The Roman Myths Roman News. Joy Sardegra. Joanne Price. Arthur Martell. Stephanie Hinchliffe. R. Don West. Carol Otis Horenstein. Andrew Geisert. J. Rocks. Elizabeth Nardo. Rice.. Narinder Nentl. The Roman Empire.

Freezing Toes Rotten Ralph Rotten Ritchie and the Ultimate Dare Rough Face Girl. An All-American Ronia. A Rose in My Garden. the Robber's Daughter Rondo in C Roof and a Door. Rosa Benson. Janet Sandburg. Judy Gantos. Jack Polacco. The Rosebud and Red Flannel Rosemary's Witch Roses are Pink. Michael Dahl. Your Feet Really Stink Roses Sing On New Snow Rosie and Michael Rosie is Cold Rosie Likes Pink Rosie Moon Rosie Swanson: Fourth-Grade Geek for President Rosie. A Rooster Crows. The Rooster's Off to See the World Root Cellar. Joy Williams. Michele Dufresne. Ann Warren de Groat. Diane Yee. the Nosy Goat Rosie's House Rosie's Nutcracker Dreams Rosie's Party Rosie's Rabbit's Radish Rosie's Walk Rosy Noses. Patricia Martin. Pat Delton. Jill Carle. Brandt. Rita Innocenti. Susan Giff. Patricia Reilly Behrens. Astrid Fleischman. Wendy Cheyette Hutchins. Eric Lunn. June Lindgren. Jonathan A.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Rome Antics Romeo and Juliet Rome Long Ago Ronald Dahl's Revolting Rhymes Ronald Morgan Goes to Bat Ronald Reagan. Carl Siebold. Roald Giff. Judith Dufresne. Arnold Pochocki. Steven Lobel. Maud Fuller Eggleton. Joy Brown. Roberto Kellogg. Patricia Reilly Riley. Paul Viorst. Maryann N. The Rootabaga Stories Rope Burn Rope Swing. Keith Parks. The Rory Story. Rozanne Lanczak GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED K-6 Primary grl 20-29 grl 10-14 grl 5-9 grl 20-29 5…6 grl 5-9 Updated 10/27/11 . The Rosa and Fredo Rosa at the Zoo Rosa Parks Rosa Parks Rosa Parks Rosa Parks: Fight for Freedom Rosa Parks: My Story Rosa’s Diary Rose Blanche Rose for Pinkerton. Eric Carle. Jan Hunt. Ethel Turner. Rafe Cowley. Doreen Reid. Annette Petersham. Eloise Weidt. Barbara Douglas. Michele Prince. Sarah Park. Jim Cowley. David Aronson. Billy Ryall. The: A Book of American Rhymes and Jngles Rooster Trouble Rooster Who Set Out to See the World. The Round and Round Round and Round the Seasons Go AUTHOR Macaulay. Roderick Binzen. Paul Smith. Kana Lewison. Bill Howes. Greenfield.

Robert Lewis Gill-Brown. Walt Platt. Pierre. Roderick Cowley. Susan Markowitz Conly. Row Your Boat Rowan of Rin Rowlilng. The Royal Family. Ann Doyle. Cynthia Trez. Shirin Wood. Sarah Burton. The Royal Hiccups. Brenda Andreae. Joy Mills. Dale Hautzig. Joy Cutting. The Royal Bee. Eleanor St. Maggie Creech. Vivian Vande Stanley.. Annette Zelinsky. Josie Rothman. Roddy Oppenheim. Carol Jonas. Rugrats Blast Off! Rugrats in the Ring Rules Rules Rules Rules Rumble and a Grumble Rumble in the Jungle Rummage Sale Rumor of Pavel and Paali Rumpelstiltskin Rumpelstiltskin Rumpelstiltskin Rumpelstiltskin Rumpelstiltskin Rumpelstiltskin Rumpelstiltskin Problem. Kin GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED grl 1-4 grl 15-19 5. Patricia Morey. Clarence Lord. Paul Velde. Roderick Kismaric. Patrick F. Roderick Hunt. The Royal Bee. Jillian McKissack. Margie Lee.6 grl 10-14 3rd . Denise Meredith.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Round the World in Spanish Round Trip Rover Saves Christmas Row. Run Fast Run For Your Life AUTHOR Watson.6th grl 10-14 6-Apr Primary grl 1-4 8/27/2008 Primary grl 20-29 Updated 10/27/11 . Roxaboxen Roy and the Parakeet Roy at the Fun Park Roy G. Biv Royal Babysitters. Michael Glen. Margaret and the Rats of NIMH Rubber Legs and White Tail-Hairs Ruby Ruby Ruby Holler Ruby the Copycat Ruby's Whistle Ruby's Wish Rude Giants Rudi's Pond Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Rufferella Rufus M. Deborah Smith. Boyds Park. Row. Giles Hunt.K. Vanessa Estes. Carole Daniels. Paul Gottlieb. Renee Yim. The RT. Diane Cowley. The Royal Zookeeper. Frances Stewart. Audrey Bunting. Alice Hunt. J. Emberley. Jane Leslie McManus. Joy Cowley. Emily Meister. The Rumpelstiltskin's Daughter Rum-Tum-Tum Run Run Away Home Run Far. Peggy Londner. Stephanie Willson. Patricia Galdone. Cari McLerran. The Royal Goose. Sharon Rathmann. Cynthia Parkes. Joanne Rodda. Eve May.

Beverley Cutting. Denize Asch. A History to 1917 Russia: Then and Now Russian Girl-Life In An Old Russian Town Russian Jewish Family Russian Origami Rusty Timmons' First Million Ryne Sandberg The Triple Threat AUTHOR Randell. The Runaway Giant. The Runaway Pizza. Jill Eggleton. Rush Russell and Elisa Russia Russia Russia. Jillian Christopher. Hal GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED K-2 grl 1-4 grl 40-49 grl 10-14 Updated 10/27/11 . Jessie Cleary. Jill Engles. Marion Dane Hillman. Walt Handwerker. The Runaway Radish Runaway Ralph Runaway Stallion Runaway Wheels. Haddix. Abraham Lerner Publications (pub. Paul Herzog. Run Run. Stephanie Sanwick. Margaret Wise Holl. Jenny Resnick.SERIES -. Brenda Haas.Ebonee Rose Running Out of Time Running the Road to ABC Running With Rachel Runny Babbit: A Billy Sook Runt Rupert and the Griffin Rupert's Ice Cream Shop Rupert's Rainbow Ice Cream Rush. Margaret Peterson Lauture. Jane M. George Berenstain. Adelaide Parkes. Marsha Mathis. Hull. Sergei. Afonkin. Helen Vaughan. Matt Sullivan. Brad Brown. Johanna Arnold. Russ Leder. Run Fast! Runamuck Dog Show -. Sharon B.The Berenstain Bears Run-Away Runaway Ball. Diane Hurwitz. Rush.) Kendall. Robert Eggleton. Beverly Morey. Frank & Jan Silverstein. Shel Bauer. The Running for the Gold Running Girl . Joan Davenport Lundgren.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Run Rabbit Run Run! Run. The Runaway Bunny. Thomas Carris. Stan & Jan Kropp. Billy.

R. Esme Raji Fisher. Sharon Labatt. The Salem Witch Trials. Jill Peters.6th 2 3rd . Marie Jassem. Tracey James. Susan Jordan. Leonard Everett Brown. Scott textbook distribution Ecton. Kathleen Hochstatter. Wilderness Guide Sachiko Means Happiness Sad Underwear and Other Complications Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes Safari Safe at Work Safe Place a Tokelauan Story. Scieszka. Daniel Asch. Annette McCloskey. Jocelyn Ness.6th grl 20-29 K-6 K-6.SERIES -Samuel Sammy at the Farm Sammy Learns to Count Sand Cake AUTHOR Bunting.6th grl 30-39 grl 10-14 grl 5-9 grl 5-9 grl 5-9 2 K-2 Primary Primary grl 1-4 Updated 10/27/11 . Kate Sakai.. Losers S.O. Roslyn Jensen. Lisa C. Mary Cachemaille. Judith Coerr. Eve Avi Avi Matthews. Mary Miller. Christi Price. Eleanor Bateman.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE SOS Titanic S. 4 grl 40-49 grl 1-4 grl 10-14 grl 5-9 1st Primary 5. Jenny Cranefield. Losers Sabretooth Sacagawea: Girl of the Shining Mountains Sacajawea Sacajawea. Susan Katz. Catherine Mazer.R. Jill Eggleton. Peter Blauvelt. Jill Eggleton. A Salamander Room. Jill Eggleton. Rupert Roop. Sue Peters.6 K-6 K-6 grl 10-14 grl 15-19 grl 15-19 grl 20-29 Primary K-6 grl 40-49 grl 1-4 grl 5-9 grl 20-29 grl 1-4 grl 1-4 grl 20-29 grl 5-9 grl 5-9 grl 5-9 grl 10-14 3rd . Margie Mooar. Anne Codell. Jill Eggleton. Mary Labatt. Robert Burton. Evaline Labatt. Bobby Urmston. Ned Giles. The Safety Signs Saguaro Saguaro Sahara Special Sailboat Lost Sailor Dog. Sylvia M. Austin Ernst. The Salmon Sally's New Shoes Sally's Spaceship Salt in his Shoes: Michael Jordan in Pursuit of a Dream Sam Sam and Bingo Sam and Kim Sam Bangs and Moonshine Sam Finds a Monster Sam Gets Lost Sam Goes to School Sam is Special Sam Johnson and the Blue Ribbon Quilt Sam Samurai Sam the Scarecrow Sam's First Halloween Sam's Mask Sam's Seasons Samantha . Margaret Wise Eggleton. Frank GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED 6 3rd . Smith. Anne Boraas. Mary Labatt. Jon Gordon.American Girl -. Kimiko Viorst.O. The Sailor Sam Sailor Sam and the Balloons Sailor Sam and the Birds Sailor Sam and the Coconuts Sailor Sam Up the Mast Salad Feast. Christine Adler.

The Scarecrow. The -. Kathy Wilson. Rozanne Lanczak MacDonald. Jeanette King-Smith.5. Andrew Hall. Peter Warner. Karen Lewit Enright. Sarah Darby. Donald Sloan. Helen Lepp Coupe. David M. Samantha Crews. Sarah Clements. Margaret Mitchell. Joy Berger.6th Primary grl 5-9 Text. John Hammonds. Rozanne Lanczak Williams. Dist. Tim Fleishman. Gertrude Chandler Warner. Sarah Naylor. Cynthia Bacon. K-2 grl 10-14 Primary 5 3rd . Ron Sloan. Patricia Cohen.SERIES -The Boxcar Children Schoolhouse Mystey. Heather Epstein. Gertrude Chandler Furgang. Brian GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED grl 5-9 4. K-2 8/27/2008 grl 30-39 Updated 10/27/11 . Sign It Say Something Say Something Scaly and Scary Scaly Things Scarecrow Scarecrow. Dick Vazquez. The School Days. Daniel Cline-Ransome. Mary Friesen. Phyllis Reynolds Furgang. Dufresne. Michele Smith. Michele Stolten. Gavin Stoodt. The Scaredy Cat Scaredy Cat Runs Away Scaredy Mouse "Scat!" said the Cat School School Bus School Bus Ride.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Sandcastle. The Saturday Night Pizza Saturdays. The School Mural School Story School Today and Long Ago Schools Schools Around the World Schools That Learn: Fifth Discipline Fieldbook Schoolhouse Mystery. Jeffrey MacLachlan.6th grl 20-29 Primary grl 40-49 grl 15-19 grl 40-49 grl 30-39 Primary K-6 K-2 grl 15-19 Primary third-sixth grl 1-4 Primary K-2 grl 5-9 grl 5-9 K-1. Alan Cowley. Elizabeth Goss. Peggy Stolz. Sheena Rylant. Michael K. Elaine Moss. The Science Measuring Tools Science Notebooks : Writing about Inquiry AUTHOR Dufresne. Kathy Campbell. Paul Glasscock. The Saturn Saturnalia Save the River! Save the Sea Turtles Saving Shiloh Saving the Bald Eagle Saving the Park Saving the Yellow Eye Say Cheese Say It. Peter Williams. K-6 grl 10-14 grl 5-9 grl 40-49 grl 5-9 grl 20-29 6 3rd . Peter Cunis. The Santa's Book of Names Santa's Suit Santo and I Sandwiches. Cool Days School Mouse. McPhail. Sally Dunn. Sandwiches Sarah Plain and Tall Sarah Snail Sarcosuchus Imperator Satchel Paige Saturday Adventure. Lesa Prue. Donald Senge. The Sand Castle Contest.

The Seasons : Book of Poems. A Season to Season Season to Season Seasons Seasons Seasons. Paula Smith. A Search and Discover Search for Snout. Eva Millman. Gail L. Augie Bear. The Secret of the Peaceful Warrior Secret Place Secret Room. Patricia Abell. Carolyn Oxlade. The Secret Friend. Lola Arnold. Buck Miranda. Sandra K. Lola Schafer. Jennifer Zolotow. Woods. Michele Hughes. Marilyn Smith. Chiara Ibbotson. Charlotte Hanson.6th 4 8/27/2008 Updated 10/27/11 . The Sea Within a Sea. Gwen Heller.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Scissors Scrapman Scrapman and Scrapcat Scrapman and the Incredible Flying Machine Screws Scrubbing Machine. Cooper. A Seat on the Bus. The Season for Mangoes. Anne Schafer. Kathy Danziger. Bruce Thompson. Lola Sloan. Peter Schafer. A Sea Stars Sea Turtles Sea Urchins Sea Where I Swim. Kim Zolotow. Drew Wilde. Carolyn Cameron. A Secret Hideaway. A Sea Anemones Sea Animals Sea Horses Sea Horses Sea Lion Roars Sea Otters Sea Star. The Secret Life of Trees. A: Secrets of the Sargasso Seagull is Clever Seaman: The Dog Who Explored the West with Lewis and Clark Seaman's Journal Seamless Assessment in Science : Guide for Elementary…. The Scrumptious Sundae. Gare Weserkov. Eubank. Annette Sachs. The Secret School AUTHOR Hunter. Sharon Katz Coville. Eve Hunt. Beverley Karwoski. Monica Schieber. Caroline Schafer. The Secret in Time. Anita Price. Annette Keene. A (Nancy Drew #100) Secret Life of Amanda K.6th K-6 GRADE Primary READING LEVEL APPROVED grl 40-49 grl 40-49 grl 40-49 2 Primary grl 15-19 Primary 1 K-6 grl 15-19 7 Primary K-6 Primary grl 10-14 grl 5-9 grl 40-49 grl 30-39 K-6 3 grl 5-9 grl 5-9 grl 5-9 grl 15-19 grl 30-39 40 Primary grl 20-29 8/27/2008 K-6 3rd . Dan Bunting. Regina Ganeri. Joy Butler. Carolyn Bear. A Second Grade Rules. Charlotte Furgang. Amber Brown Secret Camera. A Secret Cave. Lola Pascoe. Carolyn Bear. Ruth Randell. Chris Cowley. The Searching for Adventure Searching for Sea Lions Seashore Book. Christine Dufresne. Ann Chevallier. The Secret of Platform 13. Lola Lamm. Roderick Avi 3rd . Andrea Schafer.

The Secrets of the Mummies Sedimentary Rocks See the Ocean See the Wind Blow! See You Later. The Seven Treasure Hunts. Michele Becker. Nancy Lucca. A: Carnivorous Carnival. Lemony Shallop. A: Ersantz Elevator Series of Unfortunate Events. Annabelle Snicket. A Seed. The Settling the West Seven Seven Blind Mice Seven Cookies Seven Foolish Fishermen Seven Little Kids Seven Little Rabbits Seven Ravens. Lemony Snicket. The Seeing Summer. The Series of Unfortunate Events. Lemony Snicket. Paul Wilde. Linda Scieszka. The Secrets of Droon #1: The Hidden Stairs and the Magic Carpet Secrets of Hidden Creek. Nic Abbott. Rupert McMilan. Joy White. A: Wide Window. David Tan. Sally Margolis. Wylly Folk Griffey. Lemony Snicket. A: Reptile Room. Jenny Condra. Jeannette Spandel. Betsy Cromer Birney. Lemony Snicket. The: a Traditional Tale from Wales Secrets of a Garden. Harriet Karpelenia. Bruce Drew. Richard Bishop. A: Vile Village. 5th K-6 grl 30-39 Updated 10/27/11 . Larry Morgan. The Seismosaurus Sense Suspense Senses Senses. Lemony Snicket. Vicki Cowley. Estelle Ross. Laura Byars. Marcia & Johnson. The AUTHOR Vaughan. Jon Crossley-Holland. John Leonard Geringer. Alison Young. A: Bad Beginning Series of Unfortunate Events. Beverley Dufresne. A: Miserable Mill. John. The Seeds Get Around Seeds Grow into Plants Seedfolks Selfish Giant.6th grl 10-14 2 K-6 grl 1-4 grl 5-9 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 grl 50-59 grl 5-9 grl 5-9 grl 20-29 Primary. Mario Fleishman. The Secrets of a Small Brother Secrets of Animal Flight. The Series of Unfortunate Events. The Series of Unfortunate Events.6th grl 40-49 K-6 2 grll 5-9 grl 30-39 Primary 3rd . GRADE K-6 READING LEVEL APPROVED grl 30-39 K-6 3rd . The Seven Wonders of Sassafras Springs. The Seeing with New Eyes : Guidebook on Teaching and Assessing. The Series of Unfortunate Events. Tony St. Michaela Markham-David. Ed Iglesias Heydenburk Randell. Betty G. Lemony Snicket. Laura Adams. The Series of Unfortunate Events. Oscar Matthews.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Secret to Freedom Secret. Kevin Eyerly. Gladiator Seeing Stone.

Jackson. Adrienne Shannon. The She's Wearing a Dead Bird on Her Head! Shhh! We're Writing the Constitution Shiloh Shiloh Season Shintaro's Umbrellas Shocker on Shock Street. L. Nancy Shaw. Sheena Spilsbury. P. Rigby Sails Beginning Gutman. Burgess. Ward. Miranda Cowley.6 5. Ruby Braidich. Nancy Shaw. R. Blackwood. Sandra L. Jane Pinkney. Adria Maile. Peter GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED K-6 K-6 grl 1-4 grl 1-4 grl 10-14 Primary grl 5-9 grl 30-39 grl 30-39 grl 5-9 grl 20-29 grl 10-14 Primary grl 20-29 4th-6th grl 20-29 K-6 K-6 K-6 third-sixth grl 5-9 K-6 5. Debbie Bulla. Margie Jansen. Martha E. Wexo. David A. The Shadow Ball: Novel of Baseball and Chicago.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. The Seven Wonders of the World. The Shape Up! Shapes Shapes Shapes Shapes Shapes at Home Shapes Everywhere Shapes from Nature / Night Noises Shapes of Water. Gary Adler. Mike Rustad. A Shakespeare Stealer. Richard Randell. Lynn Burton. Naylor. Lisa Yolen. Dan Bailey. Jillian Sloan.6 Primary grl 40-49 grl 40-49 grl 15-19 1 grl 5-9 grl 40-49 grl 1-4 Updated 10/27/11 . Kathryn Fritz. Ken Rutkoff. Beverly Shaw. Cari Pether. A Shoeless Joe and me: A Baseball Card Adventure Shoes Shoeshine Girl Shopping Shopping AUTHOR Sullivan. Joy Strong. Jo MacQuitty. John Bonnett Coupe. The Seventh Mandarin. Louise and Spilsbury. the Brave Sheila Rae's Peppermint Stick Shel Silverstein Shells Shepherd. Sarah Lasky. Margie Klein. Kevin Meister. Kevin Henkes. A Shadow Ball: History of the Negro Leagues. Marjorie Stine. Clyde Robert Cutting. P. Lesley Prince. Jean Naylor. Gillian Windsor. Peter M. A Shoe. The Shades of Black: Celebration of Our Children. Nancy Henkes.R. Victoria Burton. Geofrey & Burns. A Sherman Shrinker. Erin Ash Freund. The: Stories About Patterns and Shapes Shar Shark Shark in a Sack Shark!: The Truth Behind the Terror Sharks Sharks Sharks and Rays Sharks! Shattering Earthquakes Sheep Sheep in a Jeep Sheep in a Shop Sheep Out to Eat Sheila Rae.R.

Karen D'Agata. Linda Sue Bodach. S. John Martin. Sonia Sloan. Vijaya Khist Neuschwander. Peter Eggleton. Tabatha Major. Kathy Wells. The Sign Painter. Judy Park. Crews. Allen Canizares. Mitchell. A Shortcut Shortstop from Tokyo Shortstop Who Knew Too Much. The Sign of the Beaver. Lola M. Paul Sachar.. Beverly Brewster. Jill Fleishman. The Shopping Then and Now Shooting Star. Grace Lewis. The Sister Sister Anne's Hands Sister. Sue Urmston. Matt Gutman. Peter Steig. Sister AUTHOR Young. The Short Walk around the Pyramids and through the World of Art. William Furgang. Deborah Schaefer. Louis Phillips. The Show and Tell Shrek! Shrimp Joins the Team Shy Charles Shut the Gate! Sick in Bed Sick Rooster.. A Silk Route. Julie King. C. 5th K-2 grl 5-9 2nd-4th grl 15-19 grl 5-9 grl 5-9 grl 15-19 3rd . Joy Giles. Jenny Isaacson.6th K-6 5. Harvey Greenfield. (Clive ) Vaughn. Eloise Lorbiecki. The Simon Says Simon's Hook Simple Machines Simple Machines Simply Sam Sing a Song of Mother Goose Sing Down the Moon Singing Princess. Phillip M. Alden Sloan.6 K-6 grl 10-14 grl 5-9 grl 1-4 grl 40-49 grl 10-14 20 grl 40-49 grl 20-29 grl 1-4 5 grl 40-49 K-3 grl 5-9 Updated 10/27/11 . The Signs Signs Signs Significant Studies for Second Grade : Reading and Writing Silent Sam Silent World. Scott Waite.. Elizabeth George Base. Rosemary Devons. Cindy Fierstein. Christine Whiting. Virginia Ruzzo. The Shopping at the Mall Shopping Mall. Dan Carter. Kathleen Randell.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Shopping Shopping List. The Silver Chair. Mildred Speare. A Sink or Float? Sir Cumference and the First Round Table : a Math Adventure Sissy Duckling. The Single Shard. Graeme Say. Marcia Burnett. Bill Maccarone. Karen Gedig Hodge. Anne Sibley 5…6 Primary GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED grl 20-29 grl 5-9 grl 10-14 grl 1-4 grl 50-59 grl 20-29 Primary. The Sidewalk Circus Sideways Stories from Wayside School Sign in Mendel's Window. The Sign of the Seahorse. The Shoshonis. Susan Ellis. The Silly Goose and The Holidays Silly Story of Goldilocks and the Three Squares. Greg Mother Goose O'Dell. Donald Christopher. Marybeth O'Brien. Jr.

Bruce Russell-Arnot. Jennifer Snicket. J. Peter MacLachlan. The Slugs and Snails Sly Fox and Little Red Hen (retold) Sly Fox and the Chicks. A Small Boat. & Swain. C. Jo Sachar. Thomas Coupe. Sarah Dufresne. The Skeleton Clues Skeleton on the Bus. The Sleep Sleep Tight Spaceboy Sleeping Out Sleeping Ugly Slim and Miss Prim Slimed! Slinky. A AUTHOR Bailey. Barbara Dufresne. Annabelle Belcher. Michele Gauldie. Anne Pollock. Robert Hirschfield. Jenny Sommer. Louis Powell. The Sky's the Limit. Kri Dufresne.) Flake. Scaly Snakes Slippery Slope. Jane Kinerk. Angie Thimmesh. Penny Walker. Sheena Tan. Windsor. Patricia Kalman. Catherine Sloan. Jillian Dufresne. The Slower Than a Snail Slug Who Thought He Was a Snail. Gwen Drew. Beverly Lerner Publications (pub. Michele Cowley. Michele Fleming. Sam Six Little Pigeons. Carl Fear. The Skip to My Lou Skipper's Birthday Skipper's Laces Skull of Truth Skunks Skunks Sky Bridge Sky High Sky is Falling. The: Stories of Discovery by Women and Girls Skyscraper. Debbie Schieber. Colin Giles. David Randell. Bobbie Thoennes Keller. The Skiing is for Me Skin I'm In. Anne Corcoran. Sharon Houghton Mifflin Hunt. The Sledding Adventure. The Skeletons Skier. Laura Dussling. The Sky is Falling. The Small Baby Raccoon. Sharon Owen. Matt/ Morga Glass. A Slave Trade in Early America. The Sixth Grade Secrets Sizes Skateboarding Skate Jam / Racing with the Sun Skeletal and Muscular Skeletal and Muscular Systems. The Skylark Slave Family. Richard GRADE 2 READING LEVEL APPROVED grl 5-9 grl 5-9 grl 40-49 3rd-6th grl 30-39 grl 20-29 grl 5-9 grl 1-4 5…6 Primary grl 1-4 grl 5-9 grl 20-29 1 grl 15-19 grl 5-9 3rd . Elizabeth Whitehouse. Michele Locker. Joy Yolen.6th Primary grl 10-14 grl 40-49 grl 10-14 3 5th grl 50-59 NF grl 5-9 K-6 2 Primary 6th grl 20-29 grl 60-69 grl 10-14 Primary grl 20-29 K-6 grl 10-14 Updated 10/27/11 . Lemony Schreiber. Roderick Hunt. Roderick Coville. The Sky's the Limit. Sarah Pascoe.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Sisters Sit. The Sky Tree: Seeing Science Through Art Sky Watch Sky Watchers Sky's the Limit. Patricia Meyer. Susan Fleming.

A Snake Hunt Snake in the House. The Snippets Snot Stew Snow Snow Family Snow is Falling Snow Fun Snow Treasure Snow White : Untold Story of Snow White. A Smog. The Smiling Salad. B. Kevin Coupe. Michele Warner. Jenny Johnson. Eve Dufresne.6th K-6 Updated 10/27/11 . Michael K. Wendy Christiansen. Charlotte Wallace. Michele Keats. Gertrude Chandler Urmston.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Small Moments : Personal Narrative Writing Small Sailboat. The Snowballs Snowboarding Snowbound Mystery Snowflakes Snowman. Sarah Ballinger. Weber.6th. Saltis. Brian and Jillian Keller. Ezra Jack Weeks. Melanie S. Jane French. Roderick Judge. Marie Heller. Michele Kastner. Beverly Giles. Bill Windsor. Crackle.6th grl 20-29 K-2 K-2 4 Houghton. A Snowstorm. Joy Vaughan. Dufresne. Dust. Kathy Fine. Lucy McCormick Owens Cutting. Patricia Smith. Jack Mitchell. Lois Dufresne. Elderly Dragon. C. The Smallest Tree. GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED 13 Primary Primary grl 1-4 NF NF 3rd . A Smallest Horses. Robert Dufresne. Rebecca Briscoe. Jo Kirk. A Snake's Dinner Snakes Snakes Snakes Snakes Snakes Snakes! Snakes! Deadly Predators or Harmless Pets? Snap! Snap! Snap! Snap! Splash! Snap. Martin Zolotow. Daniel Branley. The Snowy Day. Kathleen Hunt. The Snowman on Sycamore Street. Michele Gabolinscy. and Flow Snapshots Snark Puzzle Book. A Snack for Roberto. A Small World. Jill McNulty. A Small. Sarah Bunting. Nicki Boon. Jennifer Ehlert. Edith Hope Gardner. and Toads Smokejumpers: Battling the Forest Flames Smoky Night Snack for Gilbert. K-6 Primary Primary K-6 grl 1-4 grl 5-9 grl 5-9 NF 3rd grl 15-19 grl 15-19 grl 20-29 grl 40-49 Primary Primary grl 5-9 grl 1-4 K-6 3rd . Eve grl 15-19 grl 30-39 grl 5-9 TR 5th . The Snowman. Franklyn Dufresne. Margaret Cowley. Marcia K. Diana Bunting. Catherine Armstrong. The Snowball. The So B It So Far From the Sea AUTHOR Calkins. Faith. Buxton. Michele Dufresne. Michele McSwigan.

A: Visual History of Soldiers through the Ages. Patricia Rylant. Tom Polti. A Song of Stars. Cynthia Pinkney. Burton.6th grl 20-29 grl 5-9 3rd . Anita Evans. Stacey Kitchen. Louis Polacco. Gregory GRADE 1st READING LEVEL APPROVED grl 10-14 grl 20-29 NF grl 10-14 grl 30-39 K-6. Lori Marie Sipiera. Louise Voigt. Sharon Dennis Ganeri. Cynthia Edwards. 3rd-6th K-6 Schieber. Fay Brannon. Kathleen Tolhurst. William Steig. The Sock Gobbler and Other Stories. K-6 K-3. Andrea Davi Steig. Nancy Mitchell. and Gases Solitary Blue. Eve Sachar. Margie Irving.4 4 grl 10-14 Primary 5 Primary grl 40-49 grl 10-14 Updated 10/27/11 . Susan Avi Schuett.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE So Many Strawberries So Sick! So You Want to Move a Building Socialism and Communism Soccer Star. William H. the Rusty Nail Solution. A Sounder Sounds Sounds All Around AUTHOR Textbook Distribution Ziefert. K-6 2nd-6th K-6. William Applegate. Harriet Various Shniderman. Mildred Burton. A Solid or Not? Solid. Judy Birdseye. Margie Coupe. Nancy Oborne. Pamela Duncan Murdoch. The Sol a Sol Solar System Solar System Soldier's Life. Bert Ackerman. Something New: Recycling Something Permanent Something Permanent Something to Munch Something to Remember Me By Something Upstairs: A Tale of Ghosts Somewhere in the World Right Now Somewhere Today Song and Dance Man Song of Colors. Walker Rylant. Liquids. Katherine Polacco. Karen Hindley. Patricia Marzollo. Marilyn Bunting. or Gas? Solids Solids Solids. Sheena grl 5-9 3rd-6th grl 30-39 NF NF grl 20-29 K-3. The Some Birthday! Some Birthday! Some Good News Some Smug Slug Some Snakes Somebody and the Three Blairs Someday A Tree Someday Angeline Something About Hensley's Something Beautiful Something Beautiful Something Old. Barbara Leber. Paul P. Joshua Various Carlson. Leo Taylor. Vogt. 5…6 3rd . John Armstrong. Jean Wyeth. A Solo Girl Solomon and the Rusty Nail Solomon. Patricia Polacco. Jennifer Robinson.6th 5…6 K-6 K-6 NF 3rd-6th K-6 grl 5-9 K-6 K-6 3. Liquid. A: An Asian legend Song of the Swallows Song of the Trees and Art Sorting my Money Sound. Cynthia Carlson. Judy Bosak.

Michele Dufresne. Ann Glasscock.6th 5th Primary 1st grl 50-59 GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED grl 40-49 3rd-6th 3rd-6th 6th grl 40-49 grl 40-49 grl 10-14 grl 60-69 NF NF grl 10-14 grl 40-49 NF grl 5-9 grl 5-9 grl 5-9 grl 5-9 grl 20-29 grl 10-14 30 grl 20-29 grl 20-29 K-6 3rd-6th 28 grl 20-29 Williams. Rozanne Portalupi. Lynda Textbook Distribution Shone. Michele Gibbons. A Special Day. Marilyn Sanders. Hartley. The Space Monster's Birthday Party Space Quiz Space Shuttle. A Spider Spider Boy Spider Man Spiders Spiders Spiders Spiders and their Web Sites Spiders Web. The Spaceboy Finds a Friend Spaceboy Plays Hide and Seek Spaceship One Making Dreams Come True Spaghetti And Meatballs for All (Marilyn Burns Brainy Day Books) Spain Explores the Americas Spanish-American War. Ralph Patterson. David Thompson. Laura Windsor. Michele Dufresne. Spiders Everywhere Spies!: Real People. Sally Howard. Michele Sibila. The Space is an Amazing Place Space Math Space Monster Saves the Day. The Spelling Through Phonics Spice-herby Day. The Spartacus : Life of a Roman Gladiator. A Special Friend. Jo Giovanni. Michele Dufresne.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Sounds Like Music South Carolina (Portrait of America) South Dakota (Portrait of America) Southeast. The Space Space Exploration Space Fairy Space Fort. Kathleen Thompson. A Special Gifts Special Trade. Real Stories Spikes. Anne Sibley Odgers. Daniel Primary grl 40-49 grl 10-14 2 K-6 grl 20-29 Updated 10/27/11 . Kerry A. Taylor. Kathleen Rossi. Cynthia Wittman. Rachel Dufresne. Michele Dufresne. Sarah Dufresne. Rob Lockyer. Walter Graves. Sally Ellliott. Kieran Dufresne. Tom Burns. A Speedy Cheetah. Gail Gosnell. A Spiders! Spiders. Michele Moreno. The Spanish Rhymes Sparrows. Michele Fleming. Scales and Armor Spin a Soft Black Song Spinning Snake. The Speak Up! Special Day. Juan Kranz. Kathee Facklam. John O'Brien. Michele Dufresne. William Cohen. Dima Walsh. Les Rylant. Sarah Rueda. Peter Dufresne. The Southwest. Marlene J. Nikki Sunshine Steig. A Spinky Sulks Spinosaurus AUTHOR Chadwick. Karen Fletcher. The Space Zoo. Rachel McCracken. Margery Primary 3rd-6th 3rd .

Lisa Frost. Tristan Douglas. Dana Meachen GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED K-6 grl 40-49 Primary grl 40-49 Primary K-6 grl 10-14 3rd grl 30-39 NF grl 15-19 grl 5-9 grl 30-39 Primary Primary Primary K-6 grl 20-29 grl 15-19 grl 10-14 grl 40-49 3. Alan Swartz. The Statue of Liberty. A Spoon for Every Bite. Clyde Robert Wilde. Margaret Kra Martin. Raman Estalella. Erin Walsh. Flat Again! Star Girl Star Thief Stars and Constellations Stars. Dufresne. A Sport! Sport! Sport! Sports Are Fun Sports Around the World Sports for All Sports Legends Sports Math Sports Math Spots Spots! Spreading the Word Spreading the Word Spring Turns to Summer Spring : Alphabet Acrostic. Janice Cowley. Gill Bodach. Margie Coupe. The Ssh. Molly Lou Melon Stanley in Space Stanley. Matt/ Bhana. The Stars Stars and Galaxies Star-Spangled Banner Story.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Spinner'sGift. Ellen Kramer. The Statue of Liberty. Burton. Patty Brown. Theater grl 15-19 grl 40-49 grl 10-14 K-6 5th grl 50-59 Updated 10/27/11 . Lloyd G. An Springtime Rock and Roll. Buck Berger. The: a Tale Spinning a Web Spinning Through The Universe Spirits in the Sky: Airplanes of World War II Splatter Splishy-Sploshy Spoiled by Oil: The Truth About Sharks Spokane : City with Historical Style. Joy Hager. Nancy Robinson Marriot. Vijaya Meredith. The Spy Danny Spy on Spiders Squanto and the First Thanksgiving Squanto. A Spooky Story. Roderick 0322005620 Drew. The Statue of Liberty. Don't Wake the Baby Stage Fright: Heather's Story Stand Tall. The Starfish and Urchins Stargazers Starting Cooking States of Matter. Kieran Krueger. Bill Hayes. Joe Hopkins. Jr. The Statue of Liberty. The AUTHOR Radley. Steven Cowley. Norman Prinja. Helen Masters. Melvin Kroll. Michael K. Robert Sipiera. Friend of the Pilgrims Squirrels Squirrels All Year Long Squirrels' Thanksgiving. Lee Smith. The States of Matter. Joyce Bulla. Gail Trumbauer. Michele Harvey. Steven Winer. Joy Coulton. Jeff. Hal Rau. Paul P. Jeff Spinelli. Stanley L. Susan Sulllivan.4 5…6 6th 6 Rdr. Jerry Bilbrough. Nora/ Kenn Lovell. Brown. Carol Hunt. Marcovitz. David Schnur. Susan Markowitz Binns.. Fried. Mia Coupe. French. Robert Brocker. Yvonne Mitchell. Sheena Kessel.

Zelda Maestro. Paul Denenberg. Matt Waite. Joy Hooker. Judith E. A Stick Sticky Business. Steve Cowley. Jean Randell. Moore. Leslie King. The Story of Our Numbers. Robert Rowland. Della Vaughan. Paul Owen Ahearn. Rupert Cannon. Marcia Teitelbaum. The Storms! Stormy Day Rescue. A Story of Muhammad Ali. Elizabeth Gardner. Beverley Cameron. Charlotte Lewis. The Story of Ping. The Stories in Stone Stories of Patience Storm. The Storm. Lilly Rinard. A Story in the Picture. The Story of Johnny Appleseed. R. Walter Zolotow. Dan and Jane White. The Storm Book. Breen. Lisa Aliki Steptoe.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Staying Well Stealing Home Stealing Home: The Story of Jackie Robinson Stegosaurus Stegosaurus Stellaluna Stephanie's Ponytail Stew for Egor's Mom. Robert N. John R. Kate Klobuchar. The Storm Boy Storm Chasers Storm Chasers: On the Trail of Deadly Tornadoes Storm Seal. Michael K-6 Intermediate Primary 5 Intermediate grl 30-39 GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED grl 5-9 grl 20-29 2 K-6 12 K-3 Primary 4 grl 15-19 grl 30-39 grl 15-19 grl 1-4 grl 30-39 grl 20-29 K-6 Primary 5…6 8/27/2008 grl 20-29 grl 20-29 grl 20-29 Updated 10/27/11 . The Stormy Weather Stormy Weather Story for Hippo. Cynthia Mantell. McGovern. The : Native American Legend. The Story of Flight. Natalie Puttock. Jane Munsch. Betsy Coles. Rick Bridwell. The Story of Anne Frank. The Story of Religion. Norman Lunis. Lisa W. Eva McMullan. Simon 1st-3rd Lewis. Ann Gaynor. The Story of Jumping Mouse. Robinson. The Story of Ruby Bridges. The Story of Corn. The AUTHOR Swain. John Garrett. Daniel Matthews. Judy Leslie. The Story of Sacajawea. Brenda Ralph Ernesto. The: Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum Story of George Washington Carver. Sawyer. The Story of Harriet Tubman: Conductor of the Underground Railway Story of Jeans. F. The Story of Spider-Man. Bill Young People Kikola. A Stinkers! Stone Fox Stone Soup Stonewall Stop! Stories Julian Tells. The: Guide to Lewis and Clark Story of Small Fry. Ann Fritz. A: Book about Loss. Barry Cohen.

Jay Harvey. Pauline Textbook Distribution Galdone. Judy Intermediate 6th grl 10-14 GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED grl 15-19 40 6th grl 30-39 2 K-6 grl 20-29 grl 5-9 grl 10-14 K-2 3rd . The Streams To The River.Stuart Sets Sail Stuck . Mandy Daniels. A Stringbeans Trip to the Shining Sea Stripes and Spots Stripes and Stars Strongest Animal.6th K-2 grl 40-49 grl 30-39 3rd-6th grl 1-4 grl 20-29 grl 1-4 grl 40-49 Primary Primary grl 30-39 grl 20-29 6th Updated 10/27/11 . Susan Hill. The Story of the United States Flag. Katherine Van Allsberg. (Elwyn Hill.Tunnel Under the Sea Study Driven : Framework for Planning Units of Study.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Story of Spiders. Karen Mikaelsen. Susan Markowitz Hager. Robert Louis Cartwright. A: Story of Suspense. Chris Hilton. The Stranger. a Story. An Storytellers Storyteller's Journey. Jennifer Windsor. The Strange Creatures Strange Plants Strange Servant: Russian Folktale. A Stowaway Stranded Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Sarah Boland. Beverly Bilbrough. Wyatt Davidson. Scott dePaola. A Stranger than Fiction Stranger. The Stranger's Gift. Jo Flemming. Barbara O'Dell. Loreen 34 Goodman. Stephanie and Goudvis. Diana Hesse. Mollie Griggins. Roderick Norton. A Sudden Twists Suitcase of Seaweed Sumerians Summer at Cove Lake AUTHOR Shuttlesworth. E. Harvey Leedy. Burton Reese. A: African Tale. The Story of Thomas Alva EdisonInventor. Dorothy Blassingame. Susan Hager.Stuart at The Library Stuart Little . Sharon Applegate. Ben Stevenson. Marc Beveridge. Rosemary Nayer. B. A Stump Hill Stumpy's Secret Subjects Matter : Every Teacher's Guide to Content-Area… Subtraction Action Suburban Community. Norman Bond. The Stream. Nancy Williams. Gail E. Paul Hunter. A Stranger Came Ashore. The Strategies That Work : Teaching Comprehension to Enhance Understanding Strawberry Jam Strawberry Pie Stray Dog. Katie Wood Meredith. Anne Hunt. Margaret Haley. The Stuart Little Stuart Little . The: the Wizard of MenloPark Story. Janice White. River to The Sea Strega Nona Strider Strike Strike String in the Harp. Mandy/ Bonall Ray. Jamie Simont. Yurkovic. Tomie Cleary.

Gertrude Chandler Dufresne. MacGregor. Howard Ren. Burton Iversen. A Flower. Marc Gibson. Caryn Bauer. The Supreme Court of the United States.6th 2. A Surprise Inside. Elizabeth Garcia. A AUTHOR Knotts. Margaret Von Hagen. A Sun Kingdom of the Aztecs. Judy Sloan. The Sunflower Sunflower House Sunflowers Sunny Day. The Summer of Mrs. A Surprise for Mom. Patricia Ryon Heath. The Summer of Riley Summer of the Monkeys. A Sunset of the Sabertooth Sunshine Sunshine Home Sunflower Went Flop. The Surprise for Jake. A Sunburned Prayer. A Sunday Horse. Eve Rawls. The Summer my Father Was Ten. Michele Goodman. Mary Pope Saunders-Smith. Eve Wormersley. Betty Brisson. Michele Johnson. Allison Prinja. Betsy Cromer Scieszka. Gail Bunting. Dean Parker. Henry Lowry. The Sun. David Bunting. Charles Martin. Peter Keller. David Hathorn. The Summer of the Swans Summer Reading is Killing Me! Summer School!: What Genius Thought that Up? Summer to Die. Eve Textbook Distribution Capstone Osborne. Kathleen Charles. The Sun Song Sun. A Surprise for Mom. Eve Cowley. Ruth Warner. Dayal Kaur Lassieur. Steve Tolan. Angela GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED 3rd-6th 4 5…6 5…6 K-6 5th grl 50-59 grl 50-59 grl 30-39 grl 50-59 Primary 1 K-6 6 4 grl 30-39 Primary K-2 1st 4 grl 30-39 grl 20-29 3rd .SERIES -. Raman Simon. Joy Blume. The Surprise Island Surprise Party Suprises Surf's Up Survival and Change Surviving the Applewhites Survivors: The Night the Titanic Sank Swat It! Sweet Faces Adventure Sweet Smell of Roses.The Baby-Sitters Club Super Storms Supreme Court. Seymour Wright Talbert. Pat Bunting. Dave Kaeden Urmston. The Sun. Judith Mahy. Lois Bunting. Marie Schwartz. The Superfudge Super Sandwich Super Silly Riddles Super Special #2 -. Ann M. A Summery Saturday Morning. Stephanie Jenner. Victor Wolfgang Khalsa.4 grl 5-9 3rd-6th 5th grl 50-59 grl 15-19 grl 5-9 9 grl 5-9 grl 30-39 grl 10-14 grl 30-39 grl 40-49 grl 20-29 grl 1-4 Primary K-6 Updated 10/27/11 . Wilson Byars.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Summer Cat. The Sun. Roger Dufresne. Seastar Books Quiri. Jon Winkler. The Surprise Box. A Summer Wheels Summertime Summertime Song.

Amy McMillan. Madeleine Pratt. Catherine Heinemann Raintree Cipriano.18 titles 6 copies of each Symbols of our Country Symbols of our Country Symbols of the United States Symmetry in our World Sylvester and the Magic Pebble AUTHOR Quinn. Louise and Spilsbury. Lorna Spilsbury. Etta Feldman. Dawn Lionni. Richard L'Engle. Jenny Algie. Grace Storr.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Sweet to Eat Sweet Touch. A Swim through the Sea. Michele Sutherland. A Swimming Across the Pool Swimming Lessons Swimming With a Dragon Swimmy Swing Around the Sun : Poems Switzerland Swoop Sword in the Stone. Jeri Johnson. Kristin Joy Giles. Barbara J Dufresne. The Symbols of Freedom -. Chris Balian. Katherine Maccarone. The Sweetest Fig Sweetheart for Valentine. Lorna Van Allsberg. Pat Balian.6th Primary Primary K-6 grl 20-29 grl 15-19 Primary Primary K-6 3rd-6th grl 20-29 3rd .6th Updated 10/27/11 . William GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED grl 15-19 K-6 4th-6th 3rd . The Sword in the Stone. Leo Esbensen. A Sweeping Tsunamis Swiftly Tilting Planet. Sarah Steig.

Theater grl 30-39 grl 5-9 grl 30-39 Updated 10/27/11 . Beverley Baglio. Theater GRADE READING LEVEL grl 5-9 APPROVED 3rd . Jonathan Rdr. Keith Lye. Keith Mason. Pauline Baylor. Toni S. The Tae's Sonata Tag Sale Today Tai Taylor -.SERIES -Tad Lincoln. Carmen Eaton.J. Kitty Gould.SERIES -Tail Tales Tail Talk / Amimal Messages Taildraggers High Tailor of Gloucester. Jean Davies Higgins.6th Rdr.Philippa / Boo Sutton. Haemi Scraper. Katherine Mahy. Keith Lye. David Lye. Beatrix Trumbauer. Larry Potter. The: A Ghost Story Take a Bite Take a Bow. Mischief-Maker in the White House Tadpole and Frog Tadpole Diary Tadpole. The Tackle Without a Team Tacky the Penguin -. Keith Tames. Audrey Okimoto. Chris Lye. Chris Rutland.'s Tree: Safe and Sound Tabby in the Tree Tabby in the Tub Table for Two Table where Rich People Sit. Keith Lye. Margaret Markham-David. Estelle McGowan. Byrd Christopher. Jody Take Care Out There Take a Chance. David Oda. Jan Galdone. The Tails Tails Tailypo Tailypo. Hidetomo Balgassi. Keith Lye. Joanna Tafolla. Sally Werry. Sally Lye. Christine Drew. Ben M. Ian Rutland. Matt Lester. Helen Weaver. Jonathan Lye. Marcia Wahl. Gramps! Take a Hike Take a Rest. Keith Lye. Truby. John Downing Back. Christopher Vaughan. Keith Fairclough.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE T Shirts T. Richard James. Lisa Vaughan. Grandpa Take a Trip to Australia Take a Trip to Austria Take a Trip to Belgium Take a Trip to Brazil Take a Trip to Canada Take a Trip to Central America Take a Trip to China Take a Trip to Denmark Take a Trip to Egypt Take a Trip to England Take a Trip to France Take a Trip to Greece Take a Trip to Holland Take a Trip to Hong Kong Take a Trip to India Take a Trip to Indonesia Take a Trip to Iran Take a Trip to Iraq Take a Trip to Ireland Take a Trip to Israel AUTHOR Corney. Keith Lye. Keith Lye. Rex to Go: Build Your Own from Chicken Bones T. Cartwright. Marcia Randell. Richard Tames. Keith Fairclough.

Ogden GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED grl 20-29 grl 5-9 grl 20-29 DiCamillo. The Tale of Peter Rabbit. Keith Burns. Keith Lye. Alan Kovalski. Keith Tames. Keith Elder. Keith Thompson. Karen P. Keith Lye. Lois Goldish. a Princess. Cathy Updated 10/27/11 . Maryann Kropp. Tony. Beatrix Chapman. Beatrix Miranda. Jonathan Lye. Keith Lye. Carol Potter. Lynne Fowler. Katherine Crocker. Paul Christopher. Keith Rutland. Allan Lowe. The Tale of Custard the Dragon. The Tale of Despereaux. Meish Campbell. The Tale of Meshka the Kvetch. The Tale of the Toa AUTHOR Ashby. Some Soup and a Spool of Thread Tale of Jemima Puddle-Duck. Beatrix Johnston. The Tale of the Mandarin Ducks. dePaola. Lynn Lowry. Carter Hapka. The Tale of Cowboy Roy. Keith Lye. Matt Jacobs. Tomie Paterson. Chris Lye. Pauline Anderson. Kate Potter. Keith Lye. Nancy Wallace. Bruce Lye. Keith Lye. Bruce Lye. The: Being the Story of a Mouse.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Take a Trip to Japan Take a Trip to Kenya Take a Trip to Libya Take a Trip to Malaysia Take a Trip to Mexico Take a Trip to New Zealand Take a Trip to Nigeria Take a Trip to Norway Take a Trip to Pakistan Take a Trip to Peru Take a Trip to Philippines Take a Trip to Poland Take a Trip to Saudi Arabia Take a Trip to Scotland Take a Trip to Singapore Take a Trip to South Korea Take a Trip to Spain Take a Trip to Switzerland Take a Trip to West Germany Take a Trip to West Indies Take Care of Our Earth Take Home Books: Fun and Fantasy Take Me Out of the Bathtub and Other Silly Dilly Songs Take Me Out to the Ball Game Take Off Takedown Taking Care of Baby Taking Care of Ourselves Taking Care of Rosie Taking Care of Terrific Taking Care of Trees Taking Care of Yoki Taking Our Photo Taking Photographs Taking Root Taking to the Air Tale I Told Sasha. Geoff Lye. Gwynneth Margaret Lye. Keith Fairclough. The Tale of a Tadpole Tale of Benjamin Bunny. Jeni Salem. David Willard. Gare Hall. Karen Potter. The Tale of Rabbit and Coyote. Daniel Wilson. Keith Lye. Barbara Cartwright. The Tale of the Swamp Rat. Katz. Richard Elder. Anne Nash.

Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Tale of The Turnip. Kelli C. Beatrix Tale of Two Sitters. Nikki George. Vivian Vande Osborne. Talk: an Ashanti Legend Talkin' About Bessie Talking Earth. Judy Khalsa. Marcia Tales Alive Milord. The Giles. The: The Tales It Told to the Indian Children of the Northwest Talking Yam. John Hughes. Mourning Sloan. Kathleen Credle. Robert D. David Tales from Shakespeare Lamb. Annette Tales and Plays: Three Little Pigs. The Sergeevich Tale of Two Bad Mice. Heather Mayol. San Souci. The: a Traditional Folktale Tale of Tricky Fox. and Other Stories Velde. Annette Tales and Plays: Chicken Little Giles. Talk Talk. Jim Pushkin. Jenny Tales and Plays: Little Red Hen. Primary Primary Primary Primary Primary Primary 4. Cheyenne Gabolinscy. Pat Hunt. The Tale of Thomas Mead. Jean Craighead San Souci. Lurline Bowles Randall. The Smith. The: A Folktale from the American South Talking Flight: The Story of the Wright Brothers Talking to Dragons Talking To Our Friends Talking Totem Pole. Peter & Sheryl Greenfield. Joanne Tale of Veruschka Babuschka. Talk. The Tale of Thomas Mead. The AUTHOR Giles. Annette Tales for Hard Times: A Story About Charles Dickens Collins. Jenny Tales and Plays: Tale of the Turnip. Eloise Webb. The Potter. The Smith. Krensky. Patricia Blume. The Talking Eggs. Mary Pope Lauber.5 K-6 Primary grl 5-9 Primary grl 15-19 Primary Murdoch. A Barkan. Patricia Hammonds. Jenny Tales and Plays: Three Billy Goats Gruff. Jim GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED Tale of Tricky Fox. Joy Chocolate. The: a New England Trickster Tale Aylesworth. Susan Tales and Plays: Gingerbread Man. Jack Foster. Pat Hutchins. Dayal Kaur Mundahl. Angela Elwell Aylesworth. Aleksandr Tale of Tsar Saltan. Deborah Grimes. Ellis grl 5-9 Updated 10/27/11 . Angela Cowley. The Talking Eggs. Ted Dove. Charles & Mary Tales from the Brothers Grimm and the Sisters Weird Tales from the Odyssey: the One-Eyed Giant Tales Mummies Tell Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing Tales of a Gambling Grandma Tales of Courage/Tales of Dreams Tales of the Early World Tales of the Okanogans Tales Once Told Talent Night at School Talk About a Family Talk About Air Talk. Jenny Hutchins. Stephen Wrede. Robert D. The Tall Tall and Small Tall In the Saddle Tall Stories About Snakes Tall Tales From the High Hills. The Smith. The Vaughan. The Giles. The Tale of Three Trees.

Dorothy Waters. The Tatty Mae and Catty Mae Tatum's Favorite Shape Taxi Dog Christmas.Wampanoag Tar Beach Taran Wanderer Tarantula Tarantula in My Purse. Mary Downing Yolen. Camille Foster. A T-Bone. Tara Murray. Lorraine Suzanne. Faith Alexander. Talking. Kate Ringgold. Miki Sweeney. Ann M. Edward Broome. The Tea with Milk Teacher from the Black Lagoon. The Tarantula Shoes Tarot Says Beware Tarzanna! Tasmanian Devils Tasmanian Devils Taste Berries for Teens (WHICH ONE? THIS IS A SERIES. The Tangerine Tangles Tangram Puzzles Tania's Tooth Tapenum's . A Tasty Bug. Jane Yarbrough. A Tatiana Comes to America: An Ellis Island Story Tattooed Potato and Other Clues. McCarthy. Marion Dane Fowler. James W. Kevin Algie. Colleen Symington. Annette McCormick. The Teacher. Jacqueline Intermedi ate GRADE READING LEVEL grl 1-4 APPROVED grl 20-29 grl 30-39 grl 20-29 5 30-39 5 Primary 5…6 Primary Updated 10/27/11 . Errol Adams. Allan Little Celebrations Tatler. … Teaching Gap. A Taste of Honey. Jamie Martin. Jr. Debra Newberry. Doris Buchanan Wallace.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Tall Talk Tall Things Tall Timber Tales: More Paul Bunyan Stories Tallahassee Higgins Tam Lin: An Old Ballad Tamika and the Wisdom Rings Tan Can. Jill Smith. Dell Hahn. Babette Morris. Bettie Smith. Elizabeth Youngs. Joan Raskin. The: Best Ideas from the World's Teachers Teaching Genre Teaching Mathematics Vocabulary in Context Teaching Poetry . A Tasting Things Tasty Bug. WHOLE SERIES?) Taste of Blackberries. Sarah Holub. Jean Craighead Birdseye. Fountas. the Baby-Sitter Tea Tea Party. Betsy Cromer Cole.. Bill Thole. Clare Boon. Monica George. Erickson. A Taste of Smoke. Allen Thaler. Dorothy Barracca. Irene C. Ellen Martin. Nancy Elizabeth Winslow Bauer. Lloyd Harris. Amy Say. Kelli C. Stigler.Yes You Can AUTHOR Eggleton. The Teachers at our School Teacher's Pet Teacher's Pet (The Kids in Ms. Mike Giles. Gina Bloor. A Taste of Honey. Rod Russell-Arnot. Colman's Class) Teaching for Comprehending and Fluency : Thinking. Tom Byars. Jenny Wilson.

Jane O'Connor. Lewis. Susanna Gretz. Harriet Mayer. Andrea Yolen. Susanna Pernick. Jensen. Deborah Guiberson. Lore Groszmann Ferguson. Jane Delton. Mary Lee Fletcher.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Teaching Reading in Mathematics Teaching the Qualities of Writing Teaching the Qualities of Writing : Ideas. Annette Kaplan. Language Teaching the Youngest Writers: Practical Guide. David M. Judy Ziefert. The Teep and Beep Go to Sleep Teeth Teeth Teeth Tehanu: The Last Book of Earthsea Television Drama Tell Me a Mitzi Tell Me a Story Dad Tell Me a Story. Margie Herman. Tracey Golenbock. Melanie Ann Gedacht. Stanley Crews. Alan Dr. Kennedy. Molly McPhail. Moore. Burton. Sue Segal. Leslie C. Jimmy Howe. Angela Curtis. Greg Scott. The Teddy Bear's Scrapbook Teddy Roosevelt's Elk Teddy Tales Teddybears ABC Teddybears Cookbook Ted's Red Sled Teeny Tiny Teeny Tiny Tina: Welcome to my World Teeny Tiny Woman Teeny Tiny Woman. Rebecca Landau. Brenda Z. Seuss Mack. Grindley. The Teddy Bear. Daniel C. Virginia Johnson. JoAnn Freeman. Elaine Wilkins. Clare Sloan. William J. Marcia S. Ursula K. James Butler. A Teaching with the Brain in Mind Team Rocket Blasts Off Teammates Teasing Dad Teasing Mom Technology of Ancient Egypt Technology of Ancient Greece Technology of Ancient Rome Technology Today Teddy Bear for Sale Teddy Bear Under the Bed. The Teddy Bears' Night before Christmas. Gail Wigand. Mercer Pyers. Annette Smith. Donald GRADE Intermedi ate READING LEVEL APPROVED Primary grl 10-14 grl 10-14 grl 20-29 grl 40-49 2 3rd-6th grl 5-9 NF K-2 Updated 10/27/11 . Sarah Brooke. Sally Gretz. Mama Tell Me Again About the Night I Was Born Tell Me How! Telling of the Tales: Five Stories. Gary Riordan. Eric West. Design. A Telling Time Telling Time Through the Ages Telling Time Through the Ages Temperate Forest Mammals Temperate Forests Temperature Ten Apples Up on Top! Ten Bears in My Bed Ten Black Dots AUTHOR Barton. Ralph Portalupi. Clement C. Apel. Cason. Betsy Weber. Peter Smith. The Teeny Weeny Zucchinis Teeny-Tiny Woman. Jamie Lee Fleming. The Teddy Bears' Picnic. Peter & Sheryl Le Guin. Sally Rodgers.

Eve Cowley. The Terrible Topsy-Turvy. The Terrible Troubles of Rupert Piper. Joy Mahy. Hazel J. Tissy-Tossy Tangle. Alex Hutchins. Jim Simmons. The Termites Termites Terrible Fright. A Thaddeus Thank You Mr. Alison Cragin Polacco. Jeanne Hoban. The Terrible Things Terrible Tiger. Theater 5…6 Updated 10/27/11 . Jean Schwartz. Jeri Viorst. Richard Kehret. Janet Slater Dunbar. The Terrific Shoes Terrific Trees Terrifying Tornadoes Terror at the Zoo Terror In The Tropics: The Army Ants Terror on the Titanic Terror Trail Tess Tess and Paddy Tessa's Tip-Tapping Toes Texas (Portrait of America) Texas Tall Tale. Beverley Redhead. Russell Bang. Kathleen Burton. Carolyn Thompson. Kathleen Weber. William Ernesto. Carol Beach Kim. Anne Manhart. Pamela Davidson. Bill Williams. No Pets Ten Little Actors Ten Little Caterpillars Ten Little Ducks Ten Little Garden Snails Ten Little Men Ten Little Mice Ten Little Rabbits Ten Little Squirrels Ten Monsters in a Bed Ten O'Clock Club. Judy Sturges. Carol Blaine. Lloyd. (A Tale of Wickedness . Avelyn Hammond. Rosemary Reuille Wise. Louise and Spilsbury. Eight Ten-Second Rainshowers : Poems by Young People Tennessee (Portrait of America) Tennis Tenth Good Thing About Barney. Alvin Tuer.. Cowley. The Ten Kids. Franklin Randell. Virginia Martin. Mignon Spilsbury. Joyce Grossman. Joy Crimi. Marge Bunting. Patricia K-6 grl 15-19 24 4th-6th Rdr. Ann M. Tom Wallace. A Terrible Thing That Happened at our House. Judith Bach. Peg Lisker. Nine. Hayden Martin. Rebecca Herzig.and Worse!) Ten Traveling Tigers Ten True Animal Rescues Ten What?: a Mystery Counting Book Ten. Margaret Parkinson. Louisa Betancourt. Jr. Mary Krueger. Falker AUTHOR Marzollo. Molly GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED Primary Thompson. Philemon Brown. Ethelyn Miranda. Su Yi Irons.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Ten Cats Have Hats Ten Copycats in a Boat and Other Riddles Ten Crazy Caterpillars Ten Flashing Fireflies Ten Gallon Hat. The Ten Pens Ten Silly Sheep Ten Sly Piranhas: A Counting Story in Rreverse. Rozanne Lanczak York.

Katie Beach. James Clymer. Margery Schneider. James Schneider. Polly Barkan. Kana Weber. Susan Hathorn. Margaret Fowler. Rex Eisenstein.The Magic Tree House Thanksgiving Story. Barbara Wild. Gail Markham. Allan Taylor. Isabel Cuyler.SERIES -. Ann M. Joanne Windsor. Karen Wyndham. Theater grl 40-49 grl 10-14 grl 10-14 grl 15-19 Updated 10/27/11 . Rosalie Kessler. Leroy Evans. Mary Pope Dalgliesh. Lauren Stevenson. Trish Schwartz. Marion Borden. Joanne Riley. Jo Hallinan. Rex Bissett. P. Margaret Burton. Gail Peterson. Jackie Robinson Thank You. Elizabeth Hart. Lee Spinelli. Margie Sharp. Noel Sacks. Eileen Jupo.. Jay Martin. Santa Thanks to Cows Thanks to the Triangle! Thanksgiving Thanksgiving Thanksgiving at the Tappeltons Thanksgiving Book.SERIES -The Berenstain Bears and the Wheelchair Commando -. Brother Bear Thank You.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Thank You. The Thanksgiving Then and Now Thanksgiving Treasure. Berenstain. Williams. Ben Franklin That Pesky Rat That Terrible Halloween Night That's It! That’s Not All! That's Dangerous That's Good! That's Bad! That's Not All! That's Not My Hobby! That's Not Santa! That's Really Weird That's Us That's What a Friend Is The The Baby-Sitters Club -. Leonard Barkan. Frank Marzollo. Man of Action There' a Tarantula in My Homework There and Back There Are no Polar Bears Down There There is a Carrot in My Ear and Other Noodle Tales There is a Town AUTHOR Baumann. Thanksgiving on Thursday -. Jeanette Child. The That Cat! That Fat Hat That Fly That is So Gross! That Lincoln Boy That Lovely Man. Joy Streatfeild. Alvin Herman. Earl Schenck Eaton. K. Nan Rock.SERIES -The Zoo Olympics Theatre Shoes Themba Then and Now Then and Now Theodore Roosevelt. Jean Gibbons. Hans Cohen. Gail GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED grl 5-9 2 grl 1-4 Rdr. Louise Osborne. Rebecca Miers. Alice Walker. Stan & Jan Cowley. The Thanksgiving Is…. The Thanksgiving Cats Thanksgiving Day Thanksgiving Day Parade Mystery.

David Gay. Sachar. Betsy Clements. Andrew Sloan. Tom B. Jean Craighead Martin. Teri Paris. Dan Hill. Tony Gutman. Allan Mayer. Louis Clymer. Susan Stone. Seymour Dr. Pat. Susan Thaler. Myra Cohn Childs. Margie Schubert. Suhr. Nadine Bernard Trussell-Cullen.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE There Stood Our Dog There Was a Mouse There Was a Place and other Poems There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed A Trout "There She Blows!" There's a Bat in Bunk Five There's a Bat on the Balcony There's a Boy in The Girl's Bathroom There's a Carrot In My Ear There's a Frog in My Sleeping Bag There's a Ghost in the Boy's Bathroom There's a Girl in the Boys Bathroom There's a Hamster in My Lunchbox There's a Hippotamus Under My Bed There's a Hole in My Pocket There's a Hole in the Bucket There's a Mouse in the House There's a Nightmare in My Closet There's a Zoo in Room 22 There's an Alligator Under My Bed There's an Ant in Anthony There's an Awful Lot of Weirdos in our Neighborhood & Other Wickedly Funny Verse There's an Owl in the Shower There's Dinosaur in the Park! There's No One Like Me! There's No Place Like Home There's Nobody Quite Like Me! They Came from Center Field They Changed the World They Don't Wash Their Socks: Sports Superstitions They Led the Way: 14 American Women They Shot the Preident-Ten True Stories They Swim the Seas: The Mystery of Animal Migration Thidwick. Paula Caraher. Mercer Most. Peter & Sheryl Lohf. Richard Hill. Akimi Westcott. Cynthia Sloan. Judy Mayer. Bernard McNaughton. Rodney Gunther. Mike Gibson. Anne Blanchard. Mercer Sierra. Peter & Sheryl Sloan. Barbara. Louis Clymer. Klein. Kathlyn Johnston. David Bradman. Megan Whalen Enright.K 5th grl 50-59 APPROVED 3rd Primary grl 40-49 6th Primary grl 30-39 grl 1-4 grl 1-4 grl 1-4 2 grl 1-4 grl 1-4 Updated 10/27/11 . the Big-Hearted Moose Thief Lord. Sabine Sloan. Peter & Sheryl GRADE READING LEVEL grl 15-19 grl 1-4 Pre K. The Thief. Adria Lewis. The Thimble Summer Thimbleberry Stories Things I Can Do Things I Can Make Things I Do for Fun Things I Do With My Friends Things I Like Doing Things I Like to Do Things Move Things Not Seen Things on Wheels AUTHOR Houghton. Elizabeth Rylant. Susan Danziger. Johanna Sullivan. George Simon. Kim Sachar. Cornelia Caroline Turner. Joanne Livingston. Peter & Sheryl Burton. Seuss Funke. Colin George. Play Sloat.

Diane Worfolk Cole. Eve Cipriano. J. M. Vicki Cobb. The Thirteen Thirteen Colonies. Gail Cauley. Awdry. Simms Allison. Vicki Patterson. Doris Baker. Susan De Montreville. Mora. Phylliss Rylant. W. June Taback. Arthur Hayes. Joanne Bruchac. Joanna Trussell-Cullen. Leslie Charlip. Joseph Unstead. Rev. The Thirteen Colonies. Remy January. Anne Hoover.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Things that are Most in the World Things That Fly Things That Go Things That Sometimes Happen Things to Make and Do for Christmas Things to Make and Do for Easter Things to Make and Do for Halloween Things to Make and Do for Thanksgiving Things to Make and Do for Valentines Day Things to Make and Do for Valentine's Day Things with Wings Things with Wings Think Like a Scientist Thinking Big: the Story of a Young Dwarf Third Book of Junior Authors Third Grade is Trouble Third Story Cat. Alvin dePaola. Marion Gibbons. Miracle Maker Thomas and the School Trip Thomas Edison Thomas Edison AUTHOR Barrett. Ellen Cole. Gregory Burke. R. Pam Cobb. Louis Kaufman. Barbara Baker. Margaret Sabin. Adams. Liquids. Ellen Avi Weiss. Tomie Avery. Gaines. The Thirteen Moons on Turtle's Back Thirties. Lorinda Granowsky. George Guthrie. Andria Feldman. Dianne Dorros. Mervyn D. and Gases This is My Family This is My House This is the Bear This is the Book That I Borrowed This is the House That Jack Built This is the Key to the Kingdom This is the Place for Me This is the Plate This is the Way We Eat Our Lunch This Land is My Land This Land is Your Land This Old Man This Place is Dry: Arizona's Sonoran Desert This Place is Wet: The Brizilian Rain Forest This Room is a Mess! This Time of Darkness This Way Down This Year’s Garden Thomas Alva Edison Inventor Thomas Alva Edison Young Inventor Thomas Alva Edison. Judi Little. Edith Littlechild. Melissa Blackwell Kuklin. Rebecca Frasier. Jeri Matos. The: An Illustrated History in Colour 19301939 This Big Sky This Bird Can't Fly This Game This Hat This Is America This is Matter Solids. Dorothy Holch. H. Pat Canizares. Susan Shhok. Cynthia Davidson. Sue GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED Primary K-6 K-6 NF K-6 K-6 K-2 Updated 10/27/11 . Brendan Wachter. Allan Baer. Sarah Loves. Kate Mayes. Woody Aams. Ann Guthridge.

Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Thomas Edison Thomas Edison Thomas Edison Invents the Lightbulb Thomas Edison to the Rescue! Thomas Jefferson Thomas Jefferson Memorial. The Three Investigators in the Mystery of the Kidnapped Whale. Laura Cipriano. McPhail. John Lester. K6 12 3rd-6th Updated 10/27/11 . The Three Investigators in the Mystery of the Trail of Terror. Debbie Galdone. Stephen Martin. Marcie Carey. Rebecca Schaefer. W. Laurel Rounds. Carolyn Marshall. The Three By the Sea Three Cheers for Hippo! Three Cheers for Tacky Three Days Three Days on a River in a Red Canoe Three Goats. Mary Funk. Melvin Vaughan. The Three Greek Myths: Pandora. T. Edward Stadler. Jane Dickey. Richard Shafer. Lola Graff. Susan Calhoun.L. Douglas. Polly Anne Usel. Paul Asbjørnsen. Howard Aldridge. Mother Goose Three Kinds of Stubborn Three Laws of Motion. The Three Blind Mice Mystery. Johanna Awdry. Marcia Riggs. Rev. Susan Goldsmith. Paul Rockwell. Janet Krensky. Author of Independence Thomas Jefferson: A Photo-Illustrated Biography Thomas Jefferson: His Many Talents Thomas's ABC Book Those Can-Do Pigs Those Fabulous Frogs Those Tricky Animals Three Anicient Communities Three and Many Wishes of Jason Reid. The Three Little Bears. Peter Blair. The Three Billy Goats Gruff Three Billy Goats Gruff. Tara Wadsworth. Helen Napoli. The Three Bears and Fifteen Other Stories Three Bears Holiday Rhyme Book. A Three Historical Communities of North America Three Historical Communities of North America Three Investigators in the Mystery of the Creep-Show Crooks. Glen Stevens. Theater K-6 3rd-6th grl 10-14 grl 10-14 3rd-6th. The Three Billy Goats Gruff. Arden. C. Donna Jo Williams. M.M. Susan Dickey. The Three Billy Goats Gruff. William Jeffers. Jeri Carey. David M. Wallace GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED Rdr. The Three Brave Women Three Brothers. The Three Billy Goats Gruff. The Three Jovial Huntsmen. Yolen. Ian Howard. The Three Billy Goats Gruff. Annabelle Geringer. V. Croll. George Tames. M. Sandy Hutchins. Powell. Berger. Brandel. Laurel Galdone. Icarus and Midas Three Hat Day. Johnston. The Three Investigators in the Mystery of Wreckers' Rock. V. The AUTHOR Sullivan. The Three Bears Retold by Laurel Dickey. The Three Bags Full Three Bears.G. Hazel J. Anne F. The Thomas Jefferson. Vera B.

Patricia Bridges. The Three Silly Monkeys Three Sisters. Eugene Van Lille. The Three Little Pigs Wise Up. Deanna Hooks. Virginia Rockwell. Theater GRADE READING LEVEL grl 5-9 APPROVED K-2 Primary K-6 grl 1-4 grl 30-39 grl 40-49 K-6 grl 15-19 grl 20-29 K-2 Updated 10/27/11 . and Other Nursery Poems. Eugene Cullen. Katrin Kramer. Tracy Sommer. Helen Higgins. Jane Carroll. James Staton. The Three Lives to Live Three Magic Balls Three Musketeers. The Three Names Three Pigs.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Three Little Ducks Three Little Javelinas. The Three Princes. Margo Gardam. Eric A. Sara Ruby. Harriet Furgang. Ehrlich. Carl Kirk. Dan Beeler. The Three Lives of Harris Harper. Christian Miller. Alan Trivizas. India Marshall. Paul Osterink. June Lowell. The Three Little Kittens Three Little Kittens Three Little Kittens in Enchanted Forest. David Kimmel. The: A Tale from the Middle East Three Questions. Lundell. The Three Sillies. Alexandre MacLachlan. Kellogg. William Dufresne. The Three Rivers South: The Story of Young Abe Lincoln Three Sillies and Ten Other Stories to Read Aloud. Shelby Andersen. Hans Christian. Lewis Greenburg. Langley Shilling. Susan Galdone. The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig. Julia Trivizas. The: an Appalachian Tale Three Little Pigs. Kathy MacLachlan. The Three Little Pigs. Kathryn Ziefert. Steven Heibert. A Through Grandpa's Eyes Through my Eyes: The Autobiography of Ruby Bridges Through the Doll's House Door Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There Through the Medicine Cabinet Throw your toth On the Roof Thumbelina AUTHOR Melser. Richard Dumas. Anne F. Bernice E. The Three Silly Cowboys. Eifert. Carole Aarow. Anne Egielski. Patricia Wiesner. The Three Little Pigs. Lewis. Jon J. James Cullinan. Kitty Morgenstern. The Three Little Pigs. Elfrieda Depree. Muth. The Three Sparrows. Amy Rdr. The Three Little Monkeys Three Little Pigs Three Little Pigs and One Big Pig Three Little Pigs and the Fox. Michele Marshall. The Throne for the King. The Three Little Pigs. Ruby. Lynn Lindbergh. The Three Stories You Can Read to Your Cat Three Twentieth-Century Dictators Three Up A Tree Three Voices : An Invitation to Poetry Across the Curriculum Three White Sheep Three Wishes.

Eva Sommer. The Tiger. Dorothy O'Dell. Annette Chancellor. Leo Stamper. Syd Spilsbury. Barbara Shook Cowcher. Richard Turkle. Kate Smith. A Tiger Dave Tiger Hunt Tiger is a Scaredy Cat Tiger Lilies and Other Beastly Plants Tiger Rising. The Tiger. Judy Phillips. Shelley Hoff. Joan Christopher. Louise Osborne. The (AnimalWorld) Tiger. Catherine Kramer. Joan textbook distribution Waite. Michael Hall. Judith Bauer Nunes. Justice. Saunier. Scott Gill.The Magic Tree House Tiger's Tummy Ache Tigger is a Scaredy Cat Tight End Tight Times Tigress Tikki Tikki Tembo Tikvah Means Hope AUTHOR Baer. S. Rat-A-Tat-Tat Thumpety-Rah! Thunder at Gettysburg Thunder Cake Thunder from the Sea Thunder of the Gods Thunder Rolling in the Mountains Thunderfeet Alaska's Dinosaurs Thunderhoof Thundering Landslides Thy Friend. The Tiger Runs Away Tiger Tales Tiger Woods Tiger Woods Golf's Young Master Tiger. Gene Brian. Patricia Lee Polacco. Jennifer Saunier. The Tiger Cub Grows Up. Jinny Martin. Carl Sharmat. Roger Hewett. Deborah Goodridge. Johnson. Susan Barnhart. A Tiddalick the Frog Tidepools Tides Tied Up in Knots Tiffany Dino Works Out . Janeen Gauch. Patricia GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED K-6. 5…6 5th 4th-6th K-6 grl 20-29 grl 1-4 K-2 Updated 10/27/11 . Patricia textbook distribution Hosford. Nadine Stone. The Tiger. Marjorie Weinman Bright. Timothy L. Lynn Hogan.A. Tiger Tigers Tigers Tigers Tigers at Twilight -. Nadine Randell. Beverley Biel. Elizabeth DiCamillo. The Tiger. Brinton Naden. Obadiah Tickle Bugs. Lois Phillips.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Thump. Matt Hazen. Mary Pope Bick. Louise and Spilsbury. Arlene Polacco. The Tico and the Golden Wings Tic-tac-toe: Three in a Row Tidal Pool. Ngarangi Lionni. Elfrieda Ring.Math Tiger Tiger and the Mad Millionaire.SERIES -. Helen Mosel. Diana Petro. Paula Z. Thump.

Kieran Hesse. Rozanne Hoeye. Eleanor Phillips. Bass: A Mushroom Planet Book Time and Routines Time and Space of Uncle Albert. Walsh. The Time by the Clock Time Capsule. Val Dufresne. Giles. Randell. Gerald Meredith-Markowitz. Dale Cameron. David Nikola-Lisa. The Time Stops for No Mouse Time to -Time to Sleep Time Train Time Traveler Time Warp AUTHOR Booth. A Time of the Witch. Susan McDermott. W.. Eleanor Martin. Jenny Seymour. Susan Giles. or the Truth About Time. John Clyne. Richard Anderson. Russell Langton. The Time Math Time of Angels. Annette. Rebel Golembe. A Time of Darkness. Carl Williams. H.. Paul Bull. Robert Sommer. Margaret Hendry. Bruce Fleming. Karen Jordan. Beatrix Freeman. A Time for Kids Almanac 2005 Time for Lunch Time for Play Time for Sale Time for School Time for Sleep Time for Tacos Time Line USA Time Machine. Michael McMillan. The Time Capule. Frances Newman. Sherryl Hahn. Jenny. Mem Anderson. Beverley textbook distribution GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED 2 grl 1-4 grl 5-9 grl 30-39 grl 1-4 5th third-sixth Lewis. Peggy Perry Randell. Beverly Jones. Eric Bacon. The Time Machine. The / Keeping the Past Alive Time Flies Time for a Family Time for a Party Time for Andrew: A Ghost Story Time for Bed Time for Bed. Linda Scharen. Cory Stannard. Mary Downing Fox. The Time Bike Time Book. Les Wells.. Lehmann. Denise Fleischman.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Til All The Stars Have Fallen: a Collection of Poems Till Year's Good End: A Calendar of Medieval Labors Tilli's New World Tillo Tilly Witch Tim and Tortoise Tim O'Toole and the Wee Folk Tim the Tortise Tim’s Favorite Toy Time and Money Bingo Time and Mr. The Time of Wonder Time Remote Time Song. John grl 1-4 grl 1-4 grl 40-49 K-6 Primary Updated 10/27/11 . Michele Williams. Kathryn Smith. Carla Ripp. Angela Lockyear. Jane Cassidy. the Babysitter Said Time for Dinner Time for Freedom. Donald meredith. Karen / Ke Rohmann. Mary Downing McCloskey. Marjorie Hahn. G.

Valerie Whitney. Lucy Wells. Jillian Ride. Margaret H. Dorothy George. Willo Davis Binden. Virginia Iverson.R. C. Imbior Ajmera. June Melser. Mark Hutchins.E. The: Viking It and Liking It Times Up! Timimoto: A Folktale from Japan Timmy Timothy Goes to School Timothy Tib Timothy’s Five City Tour Tim's Favorite Toy Tin Lizzie Tingleberries. Ralph Collins. Margaret Randell. Simon Sloan. Sandra Daly. Julius Haas. Beverley Tripp. Judy Lippert. Adams.: The Junior Novelization Titanic Titanic Titanic Titanic . Jon Gilbert. The Titanic: A Nonfiction Companion to Tonight on the Titanic Titanic: The Disaster That Shocked the World! Titch Tikvah Means Hope To Bathe a Boa To Be a Kid To Be a Slave To Catch a Crook To Climb a Waterfall To Fly: The Story of the Wright Brothers To Grandmother's House We Go To JJ from CC To Live in Two Worlds: American Indian Youth Today To Market. C. Jean Craighead Old. Wendie Roberts. Tuckertubs and Telephones: A Tale of Love and Ice-Cream Tiny and the Big Wave Tiny Bird Tiny Dot. Natalie Bridwell. Caroline Ashabranner. to Market To New York To RabbitTown To Root. June Wayland. Brent Meiser. Norman Carle. Thomas Osborne. Jon Lester. to Toot. The Tiny Tiger Tiny Woman's Coat. Victoria Donnelly. Patricia Kudrna. April Cleary. Joy McKissack. Judy Conklin. . Maya & Ivanko. The Time Warp Trio. Frank Sherrow. White To the Rescue! AUTHOR Scieszka. Deborah GRADE READING LEVEL grl 30-39 APPROVED grl 20-29 Primary grl 30-39 5…6 K-6 grl 5-9 grl 5-9 Updated 10/27/11 . David Chocolate. Kathleen Andrist. Lawrence. . Lost and Found Titanic Sinks!. Jenny Spier. Liz Thompson. A Tiny Seed. to Parachute To School To Space and Back To the Beach To the Pacific with Lewis and Clark To the Point: A Story about E.B. Gare Giles. Sally Urmston. Eric Derubertis. Pat Polacco. The Tippy Lemmey Tiptoe Round the Corner Tires Titan C. Will Dubowski. Rosemary Graham-Yooll. Peter Mahy. Beverly Cutting. Barbara Cowley. Patricia Ferguson. The Tiny Family. Jon Scieszka.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Time Warp Trio.

Bob Wright. Mo Carle. Brian & Jillian Lyon.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE To the Rescue To the Top!: Climbing the World's Highest Mountain To Town To Walk the Sky Path Toad Toad Eats Out Toad Food and Measle Soup Toad for Tuesday. Beverley Monsell. Charlotte Menschell. Patricia Wood. Dick Peters. Esther Wolff. Kristine O'Connell Boucher. Annette Smith. Lynn Schade. Joy Naylor. Patricia Reily Hopping. The Today Today and Long Ago Today I Feel Silly Today I Feel Silly and Other Moods that Make my Day Today I Will Fly! Today is Monday Today Was a Terrible Day Today's Weather Is…A Book of Experiments Toenails Toes Tog the Dog Together Together Toliver's Secret Toll-Bridge Troll. Philippa Cowley. Susan McDonnell. Leslie Wright. Jamie Lee Curtis. Tom's Cat Tom's Friend Tom's Little Feet Tom's Midnight Garden Tom's Trousers Tom's Zoo Tomato Tomato Soup AUTHOR Lucas. Russell E. Sydelle Cowley. Toby and the Accident Toby and the Big Red Van Toby and the Big Tree Toby Man.S. Eric Giff. The Toad on the Road Toad's Journal Toads and Diamonds Toast for Mom Toasters Toasting Marshmallows: Camping Poems Tobar/Tiger Dave Toby and B. Bob Bohdal. Joy Fleming. Janet Luderer. Elizabeth Curtis. Charlotte Reynolds. Thacher GRADE READING LEVEL grl 40-49 APPROVED grl 1-4 K-3 8/27/2008 3rd . Christine Erickson. The Toad Intruder. Carter Smith. Scott Stanton. Voake. Annette Smith. Lorraine Drew. Mindy Alphin. Sarah Watts. Jo Pearce. Annette King-Smith. Barrie Hurd. William Hawkins. Chenery. David Butland. Debra Kramer. Jamie Lee Willems. Ruth Schade. George Ella Brady. Elaine George. Colin Cutting. The Tom and His Tractor Tom and Ricky and the Gold Coin Robbery Tom and Ricky and the Tree House Mystery Tom Cat Tom Is Brave Tom Jefferson: Third President of the U. Annette Smith. A Toad Hunt. Susan 1st-3rd Huck.6th grl 20-29 grl 30-39 Updated 10/27/11 . Pat Gregory. Phyllis Reynolds Brown. Helen A. Susi Randell.J.

Susan Brewster. Phil Kettle. Phil Kettle. Licking.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Tombs of Atuan. Phil Kettle. Alice Melser. Lucy Haskins. Susan Nayer. Ann Parkes. Ursula K. Phil Kettle. Phil Kettle. Haas. The Tommy's Treasure Tommy's Tummy Ache Tomorrows Alphabet Tomorrow's Energy Tomorrow's Wizard Tomten. Lori Gaeddert. and Tricking Tonight on the Titanic Tonight. Judy Terban. Marcia Osborne. Frances Croll. The Tongues are for Tasting. Barbara Meddaugh. Phil Kettle. Patience Parish. Brenda Robinson. Phil Kettle. Phil Kettle. Evangeline Kettle. Phil Kettle. Phil Kettle. George Paris. LouAnn Brenner. Fay R. Carolyn Lawrence. Phil GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED grl 30-39 grl 30-39 grl 5-9 grl 5-9 grl 20-29 grl 20-29 grl 20-29 grl 20-29 grl 20-29 grl 20-29 grl 20-29 grl 20-29 grl 20-29 grl 20-29 grl 20-29 grl 20-29 grl 20-29 grl 20-29 grl 20-29 grl 20-29 grl 20-29 grl 20-29 grl 20-29 Updated 10/27/11 . Mary Pope Temple. Betsy McGovern. Greg Butler. Marvin Lee. by Sea: A Novel Tony Hawk [and] Andy Macdonald: Ride to the Top Too Big for Me Too Fast Too High! Too Hot to Hoot: Funny Palindrome Riddles Too Many Animals Too Many Babas Too Many Clothes Too Many Dogs Too Many Girls Too Many Mice Too Many Monsters Too Many Puppies Too Many Rabbits Too Many Secrets Too Many Tamales Too Much Ketchup Too Much Magic Too Much Noise Too Much Noise Too Much Trash! Too Much Trouble Too Much Trouble for Grandpa Too Tight Shoes Toocool Toocool: BMX Champ Toocool: Baseball's Best Toocool: Beach Patrol Toocool: Daredevil on Ice Toocool: Discus Dynamo Toocool: Fishing Fanatic Toocool: Football Legend Toocool: Gocart Genius Toocool: Golfing Giant Toocool: Invincible Iron Man Toocool: Rodeo Cowboy Toocool: Skateboard Standout Toocool: Soccer Superstar Toocool: Sonic Mountain Bike Toocool: Space Captain Toocool: Supreme Sailor Toocool: Surfing Pro Toocool: Tennis Ace AUTHOR Le Guin. Betty Ren Soto. Gary Daniel. Phil Kettle. June Green. Phil Kettle. Phil Kettle. Frances Dieterich. Susan MacLachlan. Dorothy Lewis. Phil Kettle. Armstrong. Claire Sterman. Phil Kettle. Andrea Shannon. Rob Nicholas. Phil Kettle. Patricia Lindgren. R. Peggy Wright. Astrid Vaughan. Phil Kettle. Phil Kettle.

Susan Furrer. Mem Hill. Lorraine Paulsen. Janet Sloan. Jean Windsor. Sarah Gramling. Don Miller. Jerry Hall. The Tooth Race. Ruth Hopping. Jo Leitch. Cameron Gardiner. The Top of the World. Darice Christopher. Kirsten Stelson. Bill Fleming. Scott Levy. Phil Sloan. or How the West was Tamed. The Toothwalkers Top Cat Top of the World. Carol Merrill. The Tortoise and the Hare. Arnold Bailer. The Toothless Albert Toothpaste Millionaire. Jürg Bailey. The Tortoise and the Jackrabbit. Sally Deery. Caren Taylor. Gary Jackson. Marion Dane Adoff. Matt Stevens. Gary Stevens. Robin Isaacs.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Toocool: Waterslide Winner Tools at Home Tools for Teaching Content Literacy Tools to Use Tooter Pepperday Tooth Fairy. The Tortoise and the Hare. Steve Jenkins. Amanda Rose. Donna. Butterworth. Alvin Lowell. Peter & Sheryl Allen. The Tortoise Island Tortoiseshell Butterflies Totally Disgusting! Totally Extreme Sports A Quiz Totally Michael Totally Uncool Totem Pole Indians of the Northwest. Matt Mikaelsen. Anne-Marie Bauer. The Torn Thread Tornado Tornado! Tornadoes Tornadoes and Hurricanes Tornadoes! Tortilla Factory. The Frank. Theater 5th grl 50-59 grl 15-19 38+ 5…6 3 grl 50-59 Toughest Cowboy. Janet Cruise. Peter & Sheryl Spinelli. Steve Banks. The Totem Poles Totem Story Touch of Light: The Story of Louis Braille Touch of Sepia. Janice May Jenkins. Terry Christopher. Alvin Granowsky. Ben Fox. John Reynolds Deary. Kirkpatrick GRADE READING LEVEL grl 20-29 APPROVED grl 1-4 grl 40-49 Rdr. John Updated 10/27/11 . Janet Aesop Granowsky. Janice Beyer. Christine Wallace. The: Climbing Mount Everest Top Secret Top Secret Top Ten Shakespeare Stories Top Wing Tops and Bottoms Top-Secret Journal of Fiona Claire Jardin. Abby Neimark. Anne Althaus. Anne Byars. The Tortoise and the Hare Tortoise and the Hare. A Touch the Moon Touch the Poem Touchdown Touchdown for Tommy Touching Spirit Bear Tough Boris Toughboy and Sister AUTHOR Kettle. Betsy Cromer Jenkins.

Diane GRADE Intermedi ate READING LEVEL APPROVED grl 20-29 grl 30-39 6-Mar 8/27/2008 grl 5-9 grl 20-29 Primary grl 1-4 grl 1-4 5th grl 20-29 grl 50-59 NF grl 40-49 grl 20-29 Primary grl 10-14 grl 5-9 5th grl 1-4 Primary Updated 10/27/11 . Jack Paulsen. Lloyd Dickey. The / Lost in the Dark Tower. Alfred Harper. The Toys Toys Tracey and the Sun Tracker Trackers Grade 2 Teachers' Guide Trackers of Dynamic Earth Trackers Teachers Guide. The Trail Blazers. The Toy Brother. The Tour of the Planets. The Trail of Tears. The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse. Sarah Stevens. Bernard/ Hi Evans. Pamela Alexander. The Toy Farm. Leonard Everett Beckett. Joy Cowley. Jude Lavender. E Morrison. The Train Ride Train Ride. Joseph Watson. The: An Aesop Fable Town Mouse. Janet Brett.Chemical Spills in Our World Toy Box. The Traffic Jam Traffic Jam Traffic Jam Traffic Light Sandwich Tragedy of Little Bighorn. Diane Halliburton. Warren Spiegel. Gary Harris. Bronwen Sloan. David Sievert Coiley. Annette Keane. John textbook distribution Whitman. Cynthia Gabolinscy. Debbie Holley. Rebel Goodale. Leslie Scarffe.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Tour de France. Celia Hunt. The Toy Models Toy Tooth Toy's Party. Stanley Steig. Berger. Margie Warren. The Trail to Santa Fe. The Towers Town Cats and Other Tales Town Mouse and Country Mouse Town Mouse and Country Mouse Town Mouse and the Country Mouse. William Giles. Joy Siebert. Peter & Sheryl Noonan. The Tower. Crum. Roderick Bailey. The Train Train of States. Jessica Slote. Jan Stuart. Country Mouse Towns Down Underground Toxic Waste . Andrea Francis. E. Tracks Tracks Tracks in the Sand Tracks in the Snow Tracks in the Snow Tractor Trading Baseball Cards Trading Game. N. Ann Llewellyn. A Toy Box. A Tower of London. The Trail of the Jedi. August Butler. Marshall Bruchac. Lucy Jane Goodale. Jenny Burton. Rob & Penelope Williams. N. Gene Greeley. Anna-Maria Harris. Candace Cowley. Melvin Fisher. Ann Bledsoe. The Train Ride Story Train Song AUTHOR Saviola. Richard Paul Rushby. Claire Baron. Laurel Smith. Joseph A.

Jean Paulsen. David Stille. The Transformers Armada: the Awakening Transforming Trash Transportation Museum. Julius Canfield. Charlotte Rubin. Robert Louis Bellairs. Erin Cosby. Andrew Quinn. Joy Barnes-Svarney. Edward & Nancy GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED grl 1-4 grl 5-9 grl 10-14 6th grl 30-39 grl 20-29 grl 20-29 5…6 Updated 10/27/11 . Edward & Nancy Blishen. Kieran Burton. Michael Bunting. Lucy Hayes. John / Bonal Aardema. Pat Sloan. The Transportation Then and Now Transportation Time Line. Eric Donkin. 1325-1354 Traveling Men of Ballycoo. Robert Rumford. Veta Porter. The Treasures Treasures of the Heart Treasury of Stories For 4 Year Olds Treasury of Stories For 5 Year Olds AUTHOR Pollard. Margaret Wise Macdonald. Eggleton. Ross Bly. Bill Pascoe. The Training a Guide Dog Trains Trains Traitor. Geoffrey Shane. Bill Small. Darlene R. Gary Kraft. Stevenson. Verna Hutchins. The: a Chinese Tale Treasure. Phyllis Reynolds Boston. The Treachery at the River Canyon Treasure Chest. The Transcontinental Railroad. Margie Cowley. Alice Ann Blishen. The Treasure of Green Knowe Treasure of the Lost Lagoon. Fritz. Patricia Coupe. Joy Wilcox. Gwen Scott. Eve Parker. Rosalind C. The Traveling to Titan / Voyage to the Giants Traveling to Tondo: A Tale of the Nkundo of Zaire Travels of Monarch X. John Naylor.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Train Technology Train to Somewhere Train to Timbuctoo. The Treasure Hunting Treasure Hunting : Looking for Lost Riches Treasure in the Covered Wagon: A Story of the Oregon Trail Treasure in the Dust Treasure Island Treasure of Alpheus Winterborn. The Treasure of Bessledorf Hill. James Bunting. Caitlin Graham. Peter & Sheryl Marks. Wendy Lowe. Uri Goodman. The Traveler's Guide to the Solar System Travelers and Traders Traveling Man: The Journey of Ibn Battuta. Robyn Sullivan. Stephen Wang. Andrea Walsh. Aaron Wallace. USA Traveler and the Farmer. The Treasure. Alan Zimmerman. David & Susan Miller. The Case of Benedict Arnold Transall Saga. Jill Shulevitz. A Trapped in Death Cave Trapped! Trash Trash! Trash Art Trashy Town Travel Math Travel Money. T. Mary Cowley. The Treasure Diver Treasure Hunt Treasure Hunt Treasure Hunt. Eve Brown.

Naturalist. Michele Gibbs. David Hickman. The Tree of Freedom Tree of Life. Florence Parry Abbott. Brian & Jillian Stott-Thornton. The Tree Fell Down / Helpful or Harmful Tree Fell Over the River. A Tree is Nice. Rebecca Sis. Christopher Gaynor. John / Bisho Sloan. The Tree. The Treehorn's Treasure Treehouse Club. Michele Rathbone. Pascale Cutting. Edward & Nancy Humphrey. Janice May Say. Jan Holling. John Morgan. Paul Saltis. The Triangles and Pyramids Triathlon Tribes: New Way of Learning and Being Together. Diane Zim. A Triceratops Triceratops AUTHOR Blishen. A Tree House. Clancy Manson. Jack Burnie. A Tree Can Be. Janet Heide. The Trees Trees Trees Trees Trees Trees Trees and Forests . Daniel Matthews. Richard Windsor. The: A Book Depicting the Life of Charles Darwin. Gallimard Pattrick. A Tree for All Season. Ann Snyder. Nicki Vaughn. Inez Burns. A Tree Doctor. Steve Noonan. Zilpha Keatley Bonallack.Voyages of Discovery Trees Are Special Trees Belong to Everyone Trees of the Dancing Goats. Pamela M. Patricia Snyder. Joy Thornbill. A Tree in the Trail Tree in the Wood. Mandi Cowley. Peter & Sheryl Bernard. The Tree is a Home. Jennie Burton. Jo Jeunesse. Pascale de de Bourgoing. Herbert Spencer Jonas. Peter Bash. Margaret Parker. the Trunk. The Trees to Paper Trees. Rupert GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED 12 grl 30-39 grl 1-4 grl 10-14 Primary grl 15-19 5…6 grl 40-49 grl 10-14 grl 20-29 grl 20-29 5…6 grl 40-49 grl 20-29 2 Updated 10/27/11 . Miriam McEvoy. Robin National Geographic Dufresne.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Treasury of Stories For 8 Year Olds Treat Truck and the Bank Robbery Tree (Eyewitness) Tree Book Tree Can Be. Allen Caudill. The Tree Horse. Barbara Bourgoing. A Tree of Cranes. The Tree. Jeanne Cohen. The Tree in a Forest. Diane Polacco. A Tree Can Be…. Judy Mahy. The Tree. Geologist and Thinker Tree of Life: the World of the African Baobab Tree. and the Tuba. A Tree for All Season. Nayer. The Triangle Fire. A Tree Fort. Sally Dufresne. Margie Frost. Leaves and Bark Trees: A Guide to Familiar American Trees Trek. Bill Udry. The Trespassers.

Kelly Dufresne.SERIES -. A Trip through our Solar System Trip Through the Airport. Rupert Landau. Elaine Hamilton. A Triplet Trouble . Brannon. Darlene R. Ruth Clement.16 24 grl 20-29 2 Primary Updated 10/27/11 . David Coolidge. Andrea Dufresne. Kerri Boyd. A Trip into Space. Hugh Slobodkin. Daniel Matthews. Jan Nagel Martin. Marcia Thornton Del Calzo. Landau Stille. Andrea Bellairs. John Cohen. A Trip in the Van. The Troll King. Louis Mayer. John L. Carla Mark. A Trip to the Circus. Ezra Jack O'Donnell. Donna Keats. Mercer Willson. and a Cookie. Amanda Shefelbine. A Troll in the Hole. Debbie.Series Triumphant Spirit. The Troll. Pauline Vornholt. Nick Brownell. Libby Landau. Barbara Romero. The Trip Around the World. Rick Corrin. Angela Price. A Trip to the Planets. Connie Scholastic Phonics Dadey. Phylliss Butler. Little Critter Tricked for Treats!: A Rugrats Halloween Tricks Animals Play Tricks or Treats Tricks with Your Fingers Tricky Garden. A Trip to the Beach. a Truck. Jean Easton. The Trolley to Yesterday.The Troll Family Trolley Ride. Edward McKissack. A Trip in the Van. Jr. Bill Helfman. Patricia Cartwright. The : Portraits & Stories of Holocaust Trixie Trog Trojan Horse Trojan Horse Trojan War. Joanne Bailey. Olivia Marshall. The Troodon Troodon Tropical Forest Mammals Tropical Rain Forest Tropical Rain Forests Tropical Rain Forests Tropical Rainforest Around The World Tropical Rainforests Trouble at Betts Pets Trouble for Jasper Trouble for Lucy Trouble Half-Way AUTHOR Royston. Michele Stevens..Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Triceratops Triceratops and the Crocodiles. Davis Clement-Davies. The Trinidad Trip. Sarah Clarkson. A -. The Troll Country Troll in the Hole. Peter & Sheryl Rains. John Adams. A Trip to the Fire Station. A Trip Around Town. Theater Intermedi ate Primary grl 10-14. Scholastic Sloan. Michele Lesley. Jones. Jan Primary 14 32 GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED Primary Rdr. Harry Mattern. The Trick or Treat Trick or Treat.

The Truck Song Truck Trouble Truckers (The Bromeliad Trilogy) Trucks Trucks True Book of Floods. Eva Clements. Henry Billings. The Truth About Bats. George Cole. Dianne McRae. The Troublemaker Troubling a Star Trout Summer Truck Truck Truck Book. (Elwyn Brooks White) Stonehouse. The Truth About Castles. Natalie Reidy. Angela Pratchett. The Truth About Animal Builders. B. Dianne L' Engle. U. President. Jon Billings. Catherine Mahy. The Trouble with the Heathrow.S. The Truth About Animal Intelligence. Rebel Lewellen. Betty Cole. Claire Siebert. The Truth About Animal Communication. Rodney Brett. Henry Shannon. The Truth About Animal Senses. Betsy Cromer Lorimer. The Truth About Mary Rose. Janet Levin. Madeleine Conly.5 Updated 10/27/11 . Donald McNaught. Theodore Bates. Jan Taylor. Bernard Moore. Susan Gross. Babette White. Babette Bates. The True Story of the Three Little Pigs. Jane textbook distribution Crews. Gillian Blumberg. Byron Williams. The Trouble with Gran. Henry Billings. Susan third-sixth GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED grl 30-39 4 grl 40-49 K-2 grl 10-14 28 6 grl 10-14 4. The Trouble with Trolls. The True Story of John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Bernard Stonehouse. A True Book of Knights. Margaret Avi Donnelly. Terry Barton. John Scieszka. Hannah Try It AUTHOR McGuire. The Trouble with Parents. The Try Again. Judy McCloskey. Marilyn Sachs. The Trouble with Gramary. The True Life Treasure Hunts True or False? True Stories About Abraham Lincoln True Story of Balto. The Truth About Dragons. Dianne Bates.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Trouble on Artule Trouble on the Bus Trouble River Trouble with Buster. John Bryan Friskey. The Trouble with Tuck. The Truck is Stuck. Margaret Byars. The True Book of the Moonwalk Adventure. Rhoda Sachs. The Truth About Mary Rose. Ruth Belov Standiford. Harry Daniel. The True Tales from the Polar Regions True Tales from the Raging Waters True Tales from the Seas TrueLies: 18 Tales for You to Judge Truelove Trumpet of the Swan. Bernard Stonehouse. E. The Trouble with Parents. Marilyn Smith. Annette Green. Diane Royston. Bernard Stonehouse. The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle.

and Indian Corn: The Story of the Thanksgiving Symbols Turnabout Shop. Red Dog (TV Series)) Tunnel. Lola Hoban.. Dean Rucki. Karen Anderson. Jo Bunting. Karen Babbitt. The Tub People.Clifford the Big.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE T-shirt Song. Jon Desroches-Noblecourt. Theodore Birdseye. Pam Conrad. August Wiesner. Lois Huelin. George Conrad. Claude Edwards. Paul Schaefer. Melanie S. Terri Galdone. The: An Old Russian Folktale Turquoise Boy. Crosby Newell GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED grl 30-39 3rd-6th grl 1-4 5. Pam Anderson. Hazel Putnam. Cynthia Mitchell. Felicia Trussell-Cullen. Ani Barth. Bond. The Turning of the Year Turnip. Jeff Capaccio. Lillian Zagwyn. The T-shirt Triplets.6 Primary grl 10-14 Primary Primary 1 grl 30-39 6 6 grl 10-14 Updated 10/27/11 . Jill Blizin Gillis. David Rylant. Avelyn Eggleton. Bill Morgan. Pierr Cohlene. Eve Marney. The Twelve Bells for Santa AUTHOR Belanger. The Turkey's Gift to the People Turkeys. . The Turkey Turkey for Thanksgiving. Betsy Cromer Bonsall. Tom Selden.SERIES -. Anthony Windsor. The Tsunami! Deadly Wall of Water Tsunamis Tsunamis Tub Grandfather. Jodi Scieszka. Lost and Found Tuti's Play TV Kid. George Paulsen. Jennifer Darling. Judy Reynolds. . Jan Byars. Allan Page. Edna Rodowsky. Christiane Sabuda. Deborah Turney Davidson. Morag House. A Navajo Legend Turtle and the Monkey. Natalie Taylor. Robert Donnelly. Colby Martin. Josephine Browne. A Turkey That Ate My Father. The: A Philippine Tale Turtle Nest Turtle Spring Turtle Spring Turtle Talk Turtle Trouble Turtle's Big Race Turtles Turtles Turtles Tut. Jr. Tut Tutankhamen: Life and Death of a Pharaoh Tutankhamen's Gift Tut's Mummy . Gary Loh. Pilgrims. The Tubes Tubes Can Be Fun Tuck Everlasting Tuck Triumphant Tucker Tucker's Countryside Tucket's Gold Tucking Mommy In Tuck-Me-In-Tales Tuesday Tulip Sees America Tulips Tumble Bumble Tummy Ache Tummy Trouble -.

The Twelve Dancing Princesses. Ann Brown. and the Battle of New Orleans. Norah Du Bois. G. Andrew Leodhas. Two Ears Two Feet Two Foolish Cats. Howard Goldsmith. A Tangler of Tongues Twister on Tuesday Twister's Tricks Twisters Twisters Twisters and other Wind Storms Twits. Judy Wyvill. Leanna Korba. Bruce Delton. The Twinkle. Willo Davis Duncan. Barbara Brooks Ross. Alvin Osborne. Tana Goldsmith. Toby Nagel. Roald Pallotta. and Other Eerie Scottish Tales Twelve Ways to Get to Eleven Twenties.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Twelve Dancing Princesses. J. Sucie Lang. The Twelve Great Black Cats. Twinkle. Beverly Smith. Doris Cleary. Tracy Reeder. Little Bug Twins. Drew. The Twister of Twists. Tracy Dahl. Feldman. Gwen Traill. The Twenty-Six Letters and 92 Cents Twiddle Twins Haunted House. Bishop. Donald J. Jerry Van Allsburg. Montgomerie. Sarah Reeder. The Two Golden Geese. Stevenson. The Twiddle Twins Music Box Mystery.6th grl 1-4 Rdr. H. David GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED 3rd-6th grl 15-19 grl 30-39 grl 10-14 grl 20-29 2 NF 3rd . Chris Speed. The Twilight Comes Twice Twin in the Tavern. The: An Illustrated History in Colour. Barbara Sobol. Joanna Peters. Sorche Nic Merriam. Mavis Giles. Lonzo Adams. Ralph Wallace. Margaret Wise Bottner. William Pène Hoban. The Twins. Francis X. R. Claire Wells. 19191929 Twenty and Ten Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea Twenty-Five Fables Twenty-One Balloons. the Pirates. Mary Pope McCall. Harriette Roberts. The Two Little Trains Two Messy Friends Two Minute Mysteries Two More AUTHOR Grimm. Alison Anderson. Theater grl 15-19 grl 1-4 Updated 10/27/11 . Michele Robinet. Alison Larkin. Wilhelm & Jacob. Katherine Dufresne. Howard Fletcher. Eve Unstead. The Two Hours with Tilly Two Hundred Rabbits Two Hungry Hippos Two in the Desert Two is Company Two Little Birds and Other Stories Two Little Goldfish Two Little Mice. Lois Schwartz. Annette Pascoe. Jenny Juddery. The Twisted Summer Twisted Window. The Twizzlers Percentage Book Two Bad Ants Two Cool Cows Two Crazy Pigs Two Crows Counting Two Dog Biscuits Two Eyes. Karen Orgel.

Irene Coleman. M. Cohen. Hans GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED third-sixth grl 15-19 grl 20-29 3. Murphy. A Two-Thousand-Pound Goldfish.Woodland Mysteries Two Stupid Cats Two Sweet Peas Two Tickets to Freedom Two Tricky Tales Two Turtles Two Ways to Count to Ten : Liberian Folk Tale. Betsy Cromer Kramer. Toyomi Hong. The Two Runaways. Bessie Rosenbaum. The Ty Cobb: Bad Boy of Baseball Tye May and the Magic Brush Tyrannosaurus Rex Tyrannosaurus Rex Tyrannosaurus Rex Tyrannosaurus was a Beast : Dinosaur Poems Tyrone and the Swamp Gang AUTHOR Moroney. Gibsons Two of Everything: A Chinese Folktale Two of Them.4 grl 20-29 2 Updated 10/27/11 . Ruby Byars. Gail Carson Schultz. Jack Wilhelm.G. Carly Dee. Daniel Hartzog. Brooke Matthews.Sally Easton.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Two More Two Mrs. The Two Princesses of Bamarre. Sydelle Bang. The -. Andria Wa Freedman. Florence P.SERIES -. Lily Aliki Levine. Rupert Prelutsky. Tracey Igus.

Kitamura. Lola Murphy. The U. Carl Andersen. Richard Yashima. Margaree Cowley. The Umbrellabird's Umbrella Unbreakable Code. The Ultimate Spy Book. Marianna Pinkney. Joel C. Shel Eggleton. Lucy Mayer.S. Myron Holley. The U. The Ugly Duckling. Ralph Lobel. Satoshi Harris. Jerry Smith. 5…6 Updated 10/27/11 . Meg Cauley. Capitol.S. Joanna Schaefer. The Una Mascata Para Mi Unclaimed Treasures Uncle Buncle's House Uncle Daddy Uncle Elephant Uncle Jed’s Barbershop Uncle Joe Uncle Remus Uncle Shelby's Story of Lafcadio. Lorinda Gray. The Ugly Duckling. Jan Feldman. Silverstein. Congress.F. Susan Rickard. Joy Polacco. Troy Kincaid. The UFO Diary UFOs UFOs Ugliest Dog in the World Ugliest Sweater. The Ugly Duckling. Red Saunders.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE U. Hans Christian Dufresne. Annette Stein. and Silly U. Zina Murphy. Bruce Numeroff.: Unidentified Flying Object U. The Uhu (Pronounced Yoo-Hoo) Ukraine: Then and Now Ukrainians In America Ukulele Ultimate Atlas of Almost Everything Ultimate Horse Book. Patricia GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED K-6 5th grl 50-59 5th K-6 grl 50-59 K-6 Primary 3rd-6th grl 10-14 grl 20-29 Int. The Ugly Duckling. Laura Joffe Sommer. Annette Lerner Publications (pub. Elwyn Sapp. Taro Brett. Grant and the Road to Appomatox Umbrella Umbrella.S.) Kuropas. Heather Hunter. Margaret Macarthur-Onslow. Reeder. Presidents Feats and Foul-ups: the Good. Robert Whatley. Patricia J. Jill Cowley.S. Joy Fletcher. The Ugly Duckling. The Ugly Duckling. The: A Tale from Hans Christian Andersen Ugly Princess and the Wise Fool. The Ulysses S. The Ugly Duckling. Cynthia Parker. Joy Harris. Horseman and Fighter U. Supreme Court. Patricia J. The Ugly Duckling. Michele Howell. Patricia Cowley. Grant. Steve Edwards.O.. Sara Hoagland None MacLachlan. The Ugly Duckling. Arnold Mitchell.S. The Ugly Caterpillar. the Lion Who Shot Back Uncle Ted and the Hiccups Uncle Timi's Sleep Uncle Vova's Tree AUTHOR Stubbs. the Bad.

Penelope Jaffe. The AUTHOR DiSalvo-Ryan. Jay Tomecek. Marilyn Maguire. Kristal Brannon. Gillian Motairo. Jo Ellen Miller. Sarah Wilkes. Joanne Sheldon. Anne Feely. A United States of America. Amos Williams. Lois Schraff. The: A State-by-State Guide United States Constitution. The Underrunners Underwater Animals Underwater Journey Underwater Origami Unicorn and the Lake. DyAnne Phelan. Joan Windsor. Helen Lepp Ehlert. Isaac Collins. Margaret Wise Ferguson. Etta GRADE READING LEVEL grl 40-49 APPROVED grl 1-4 grl 40-49 Primary 5th 5th 5th grl 50-59 grl 50-59 grl 50-59 Updated 10/27/11 . Marianna Luenn.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Uncle Willie and the Soup Kitchen Uncovering Earth's History Under 12 Not Allowed Under a Microscope Under a Microscope : Small Life Under my Nose Under my Sombrero Under Sail Under the Cat's Eye: a Tale of Morph and Mystery Under the Ice Under the Ground Under the Ground Under the Ground. Rozanne Lanczak Brown. Jim Lively. Cathryn Christopher. Millie Leebrick. The Unit About Whales. Stephen M. Angela Williams. Jo Eggleton. Jenny Rubinstein. Grant P. Nina Moore. Matt Sachs. Edward. Dyan O'Neil. Jan Friesen. Brian & Jillian Biddle. Rebel Hoellwarth. Tony Mahy. The United States Government. The United States Government. Jack Wiggins. The Undercover Tailback Underdog Underfoot The Cat-Trouble and More Trouble Understanding by Design Understanding by Design Handbook. Nancy Dadey. Debbie Asimov. Redmayne. Raty Ramsbottom. Page McPherson. David Williams. The Unicorn Crossing Unicorns Don't Give Sleigh Rides Unidentified Flying Objects Unidentified Flying Objects Uninvited Ghosts and Other Stories Uninvited Guest and Other Jewish Holiday Tales. Jo Windsor. Margaret Coupe. Sheena Cutting. Jill Ryder. Rebel Mitton.Sails Under the Leaf Under the Moon Under the Moon Under the Sea Under the Sea Under the Sky Under the Sun and the Moon and Other Poems Under the Sunday Tree Under Water Underbed. The Understanding Electricity Underground Underground Underground Dance. McTighe. Set of Animal Books . Macaulay. Glen McBrier. Barbara Johnson. Steve Mayer.

Peter & Sheryl Blonder. Down. The Upstairs Witch and the Downstairs Witch. Lois Smith. An Upstairs Room. Bill Swain. May Martin. Roger Thomas. The Uptown Uranus Uranus Uranus. Susan Collier. Bryan Fradin. Ruth Wallace. In Pictures Us and Uncle Fraud Usborne Big Book of Experiments. George. Barbara Dodd. Joy Chall. Tim Asimov. Johanna Terris. Doyle Heller. the Sideways Planet AUTHOR GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED Heinemann Raintree Saunders-Smith. Robert and Spicer. Windsor. Stanley Ernst. Bill Siegal. An /Tape Unusual Spiders Up a Road Slowly Up and Away Up and Down Up and Down the Escalator Up and Down the Hill Up Close Up in a Tree Up North at the Cabin Up the Stairs Up They Go Up to Ten And Down Again Up Went The Goat Up. Goodman. Ellen Bailey. Dennis B. Clive grl 10-14 grl 15-19 5 3rd Primary 2 grl 1-4 Primary 6 Urashima Taro (Japanese Folktale) Urban Roosts: Where Birds Nest in the City Uruguay. Neptune. The Unlucky Stanley Unriddling: All Sorts of Riddles to Puzzle Your Guessery Until I Met Dudley : How Everyday Things Really Work Until We Got Princess Unusual Lizards Unusual Machines Unusual Show. Donna Sloan. and Pluto Uranus.11 titles 6 copies of each Universe. Jo Reiss. Up and Away Upchuck and the Rotten Willy Upon the Head of the Goat: A Childhood in Hungary 1939-1944 Ups and Downs with Lion and Lamb Ups and Downs with Oink and Pearl Upside Down Upside Down Upside-Down Life. Jr. Cynthia Parkes. An Unusual Show. Rob Bailey. Irene Coupe. Lisa Campbell Gregorich. The Usborne Book of Cutaway Cars. Seymour Goss. Robert Nelson. Barbara Chorao. Kathy Schwartz. Aranka Brenner. Barbara Haverstock. Sally Farrell Francis. The -. Alvin McGough. Isaac adapted by Suyeoka. A Universe. Nathan Lowry. Jo Windsor. Round and Round Up. Gail Furgang. Robert Bash.. Donna Hunt. Simon. The K-6 Updated 10/27/11 .) Gifford. Alistair (ed. Brenda Cowley.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Units of Study for Primary Writing : Yearlong Curriculum. Marsha Odgers. Nancy D. Kay Beasley.

Joan McClellan. Rebecca Edom. The Usborne Complete Book of Magic. Marlene. Felicity Walker. Brenda Burton. Fara. Kathleen GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED Primary grl 40-49 grl 15-19 grl 5-9 grl 1-4 grl 5-9 grl 10-14 grl 5-9 USKids History: Book of the American Revolution Utah (Portrait of America) Updated 10/27/11 . The UsBorne Complete Book of Astronomy and Space. Jo Sloan. The Usborne Conservation Guides: Protecting Trees and Forests Usborne Hotshots: Riding Usborne Inventors Usborne Scientists Useful Machines. Margie French. The Usborne Book of Science Activities. S. Lisa Evans. Cathy Llewellyn. S. The Usborne Children's Encyclopedia. Marlene Smith-Baranzini. Peter & Sheryl Sweeney-Blight. Egger-Bovet. Reid. P. The Volume One Usborne Book of Secret Codes. Jalm Smith-Baranzini. Fara. P. Jane Miles. Jo Hammonds. Margie Sloan. Heather Windsor. Eileen Elliott. Marlene Smith-Baranzini. Glen Windsor. Jo Novelli.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Usborne Book of Magic Tricks. Gina Reid. Cheryl Brooks. Dina Sloan.Set Using a Beak Using a Microscope Using a Tail Using Caldecotts Across the Curriculum : Reading and Writing Using Energy Wisely Using Fire Using Force and Motion Using Leaves Using Machines Using Magnets Using Numbers at Work Using the River Using Tools Using Tools at Work Using Wheels Using Your Senses at School USKids History USKids History: Book of the American Indians AUTHOR Heddle. Claire Parkes. Windsor. Peter & Sheryl Phelan. Peter & Sheryl Burton. Helen O'Brien. Howard Thompson.

Odille Dufresne. Spencer Johnson. Telford. The: The Story of Louis Pasteur Value of Curiosity. The Vampires Don't Wear Polka Dots -. Jan Bunting. Lola M. Cynthia Allen.SERIES -. Clyde Robert Quinn. The Vacation for MM Mouse. The Valentine Cat. The Valentine that Shines. Erica Koltz.K grl 20-29 2 6 Updated 10/27/11 . Dennis B. Geoff Thompson. Michele Venezia. Elizabeth Stein.SERIES -. Debbie Dufresne. Myra Cohn Giff.Critters of the Night Vampire Express Vampire Trouble (Bailey City Monsters) Vampire. Gardner Twohill. Guyla Vasco da Gama. Tony Jones. A Valentine's Day Valentine's Day Valley Forge Valley of the Skog Value of Believing in Yourself. Michele Thompson. Spencer Steele. Nancy D. Mary Pope Beasley. Gibbons. Thomas Syme.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE V is for Verses Vacation. The Valentine Bears. Margery Heinrichs. A Vacation Under the Volcano -. Ronald Berger. R. Seymour Hall. Conrad Kellogg. The Vanishing Wildlife of North America Vardell. Patricia Reilly Foster. Maggie Livingston. John Dadey. Gail Guilfoile. Gribble Vacation Journal. How Toys Become Real. Marcia Thornton Polidori.SERIES -Van. Geoff Cohen. Rupert Williams. Sailor Toward the Sunrise Vegetable Garden. Kelli C. Mike Rylant. or. Michele Schaefer. Goss. A Vacation for Mr. Ann Dufresne.5 Pre K. Eve Bulla.The Magic Tree House Vacumn Vagabond Crabs Valentine Bears. Tim Simon. The Valentine Crafts and Cookbook Valentine Frankenstein Valentine Poems Valentine Star. Garland. Melvin Modesitt. Philip Farber. Jeanne Morris. The Van Gogh Van Gogh Café. Peter Brett. Daniel Matthews. Jason Osborne. Elizabeth GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED grl 20-29 34 grl 20-29 4. The Vegetable Soup Vegetable Soup Vehicles Vehicles for Fun and Sports Vehicles in the Air Velociraptor Velociraptor Velveteen Rabbit. The Venezuela Venus Venus Venus Venus Among The Fishes AUTHOR Ousley. The: The Story of Christopher Columbus Vampire Bats and Other Creatures of the Night Vampire Brides -. Ann Fradin. Steven Johnson.

The Very Thin Cat of Alloway Road Very Worst Monster. Virginia Raynor. Eric Carle.The Magic Tree House Vikings Vile Village. Shoo Geller. The Very Big Very Busy Spider. The Very Mean King. James GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED third-sixth Primary grl 15-19 grl 10-14 K-6 grl 10-14 grl 10-14 grl 10-14 grl 10-14 K-6 6 6th grl 60-69 Updated 10/27/11 . The: Life in Colonial Times AUTHOR Dorrie. The: an Introductory Atlas for Young People Viking Explorers Viking Ships at Sunrise --SERIES -. Cherie Carle. Bobbie Hoobler. The Very Noisy Night. Jan Krasilovsky. Why We Fought: An Illustrated History View from Above. Marlene King. Lemony Fox. Roxanne Higgins. A Viking (Eyewitness Books) Viking Children's World Atlas. The Vietnam Veteran's Memorial Viet Nam: The Culture Vietnam. Dorothy Norris. Eric Andrews. Alan Carle. The Very Young Gymnast. Carol Hendry. William Oleksy. A Very Quiet Cricket. Roberts. Janell Cannon. Margot Brill. A Vet Detectives Veterans Day Vibrating Things Make Sound Victor and the Kite Victor and the Martian Victor and the Sail-Cart Victor the Champion Victor the Hero Victoria's Smile Video Quest Video Revolution. Walter Schaefer. Janell Thompson.L. Willo Davis Stimson. A View from Above. Susan Tivers. Margaret Horn. Maxwell Cannon. The View from the Cherry Tree. Diana Rendal. Phyllis Pugliano-Martin. Justine Carle. A View from Saturday. The Very Greedy Dog. Mary Pope Clarke. The Village by the Sea. Nancy Wild. Ann Knight. The Very Personal Computer. Glen Rigby Konigsburg. William Margeson.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Venus and Serena Williams: The Smashing Sisters Vera Viper's Valentine Verdi Vermont (Portrait of America) Veronica Ganz Veronica the Show-0ff Very Best of Friends. The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Helen Snicket. The View of the Falls: An Illustrated History of Spokane. James M. Rita McCay. The Village. McKay. Eric Deem. The Very Clumsy Click Beetle. Shoo Raynor. Amanda Hutchins. Pat Shales. Shoo Raynor. The Village of Round and Square Houses. Eric Trussel-Cullen. Kathleen Sachs. The Very Last First Time Very Little Girl. Marilyn Robinson. E. Paula Grifalconi. The Very Real Ghost Book of Christina Rose. Shoo Raynor. Jacqueline Matthews. Shoo Raynor. Rupert Osborne. Lola Kalman.

Cynthia Barr. 3 titles. A Visit to Oma.6th Primary 4th grl 20-29 Updated 10/27/11 . Moore.C. Nicholas and Santa Mouse Too. A Voice of Her Own. Susan Browne. Jill/ Various Brocker. Challand. Jill Buckley. Susanna Kehret. Jill Willard. Robert Lunis. Anthony Young. Natalie O'Neil. Russo. Vincent Gutman. 6 copies of each Barrett. Evelyn Lasky. Patricia Benchmark Education-Set. The Volcano! Volcano! When a Mountain Explodes Volcano: Sleeping Giants Awake Volcano: The Eruption and Healing of Mount St. Sylvia Thompson. Etter. The Voice for the Animals. Jean F. Michael Lauber. Les Green. Marisabina Krementz. Ed London. Helens AUTHOR Blashfield. Kathryn Brasell. Beverly Eggleton. Jen Spilsbury. Visit to William Blake's Inn.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Villains of Volturnus Vince Lombardi: Football Legend Vincent van Gogh Violent Volcanoes Virgie Goes to School With Us Boys Virgin Islands National Park Virgina: America the Beautiful Virginia (Portrait of America) Virtual Fred and the Big Dip Virtually Perfect Vision of Beauty Visit from St. Helen Coupe. Sarah Pedersen. Clement C. A Voice of the Glacier and Other Poems / Volcano Watch Voices from the Civil War Voices in the Park Voices of the Heart Voices of the Wild Volcano Volcano Volcano and Earthquake Volcano and Earthquake (Eyewitness Books) Volcano Disaster. Kathleen Courtney. Richard Howard. Linda Emerson. Colin VanRose. Brian Walker. James Brooks. Clement C. Norman S. A: Poems for Innocent and Experienced Travelers Visiting Grandma & Grandpa Visitors Visual Dictionary of Baseball. Nancy Hoffman. Kathryn Mouse. Daniel grl 40-49 grl 50-59 GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED 4th-6th 5 grl 10-14 NF 5th grl 30-39 grl 30-39 4th NF Volcanoes Volcanoes Volcanoes Volcanoes Volcanoes Volcanoes Volcanoes Volcanoes Volcanoes 3rd . Jonathan Knapp. Elizabeth Fitzgerald Radlauer. A Visit to Washington D. Ruth McNair. A Visit from St. Traci Stec Rogers. Sheena Coupe. Dan Lasky. A Voice for the Animals. Louise and Spilsbury. Susanna Van Rose. Peg Nicolson. Nicholas or The Night Before Christmas.

The Voyage of the Ludgate Hill. Jill Dahl. Linda Christelow. The Voyager: An Adventure to the Edge of the Solar System Voyager: The Story of a Space Mission Voyagers Voyages of Christopher Colombus. Susan Humble. Donald Ride. The Voyage of the Dawn Trader Voyage of the Frog. Colin Barbato. Richard Lewis. The Vulpes. Eric Nirgiotis. the Red Fox Vultures Vultures on Vacation AUTHOR Simon. The Voyage of Magellan. Lynn Wilson. Kathleen GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED NF NF 5th grl 50-59 grl 40-49 Updated 10/27/11 . Juli Jerome. Ellen Emerson Mitchell. Catherine Walker. Elizabeth Scher. Jean Craighead Stone. The Vote! Voting Voting Voting and Elections Voyage of Mae Jemison. Sarah Miller. Joe Otifinoski. S. Gary Murphy. The Voyage on the Great Titanic: The Diary of Margaret Ann Brady Voyage. Gary Willard. Nicholas Eggleton. Eileen De Capua. Maryann Arnold. Sally Poynter. C. Steven George. Seymour Stephens. Harriet Dobeck. Nancy White. Patricia J. Margaret Claro. The Vote for Me Vote. (Clive) Paulsen. Kate Boehm Griffey. Canizares.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Volcanoes Volcanoes Volcanoes Volcanoes and Earthquakes Volcanoes and Earthquakes Volcanoes and Other Natural Disasters Volcanoes Natures's Awesome Power Volcanoes! Mountains of Fire #1 Volcanoes: Mountains That Blow Their Tops Vosper's Boat.

Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Wacky Basketball Facts to Bounce Around Wacky Jacks Wacky Weather Wagging Tails: an Album of Dogs Wagon Train, The Wagon Wheels Wagon Wheels Roll West Wagons over the Mountains Wainscott Weasel, The Wait till Helen Comes: A Ghost Story Waiting Waiting Waiting for a Frog Waiting for Anya Waiting for Baby Waiting for Noah Waiting for the Rain Waiting for Wings Waiting to Waltz: A Childrood Wake Me at Midnight Wake Me in Spring Wake Up House Wake Up Sun Wake Up, Baby! Wake Up, Dad Wake Up, Emily, It's Mother's Day Wake Up, Mom! Wake Up, Wake Up! Walk, The Walk at the Farm A Walk for Pickles, A Walk in the Forest, A Walk in the Rain, A Walk in the Rain, A / It's Raining Walk in the Rain Forest, A Walk in the Rain Forest, A Walk in the Tundra, A Walk on the Great Barrier Reef, A Walk through a Rain Forest, A: Life in the Ituri Forest of Zaire Walk Two Moons Walk with a Wolf Walk with Your Eyes Walk, Robot, Walk Walking by the Rio Walking in the Autumn Walking in the City Walking in the Jungle Walking in the Spring Walking in the Summer AUTHOR Sweeny, Sheila Adler, David Niblock, Margery Henry, Marguerite Kalman, Bobbie Brenner, Barbara Morris, Neil McCall, Edith Seidler, Tor Hahn, Mary Downing Beck, Jennifer Ferguson, Virginia Coats, Glen Morpurgo, Michael Birdseye, Tom Oppenheim, Shumlamith L. Goode, Katherine Ehlert, Lois Rylant, Cynthia de Clements, Barthe Preller, James Lillegard, Dee Harrison, David Lee Oppenheim, Joanne Randell, Beverley Giff, Patricia Reily Cowley, Joy Wildsmith, Brian Dufresne, Michele Dufresne, Michele Dufresne, Michele Pratt, Kristin Joy Steck-Vaughn Johnson, Rebecca L. Pratt, Kristin Joy Johnson, Rebecca L. Arnold, Caroline Jenike, David Creech, Sharon Howker, Janni Brown, Marcia Mayer, Mercer Warren, Adrian Randell, Beverley Mangene, Mary Ann Sloan, Peter & Sheryl Randell, Beverley Randell, Beverley GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED


grl 1-4

K-6 grl 10-14 K-6, 3rd-6th

grl 1-4


grl 1-4 grl 15-19 grl 1-4 2


5,6 Intermediate

grl 5-9

Updated 10/27/11

Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Walking in the Winter Walking the Road to Freedom: a Story About Sojourner Truth Walking to School Walking with Maga Walking, Walking Wall of Names, A: the Story of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall, The Walloping Window Blind, The Walt Disney, Young Movie Maker Walt Disney: a Biography Walt Disney: Creator of Magical Worlds (Community Builders) Walt Disney: Master of Make-Believe Walter Hottle Bottle Walter Raleigh Walter the Baker Walter Wick's Optical Tricks Walter's Tail Waltz of the Scarecrows Wampanoag, The: the People of the First Light Wanda Gág's The Sorcerer's Apprentice Wander Wanderer, The Wandering Girl Wanderings of Odysseus, The: the Story of the Odyssey Wanted Dead or Alive: the True Story of Harriet Tubman Wanted: Best Friend Wanted: Mud Blossom War and Weapons War Boy War of 1812, The War of the Worlds, The War of the Worlds War Life War With Grandpa, The Warm Place, The Warming Up, Cooling Off Warp World 3030 Warrior and the Wise Man, The Warrior Goddess, The: Athena Warrior Maiden, The Warriors Warships Warships Warton and the Castaways Wash Day AUTHOR Randell, Beverley Ferris, Jeri Gleeson, Libby Biro, Maureen Boyd Frost, Miriam Donnelly, Judy Bunting, Eve LaMarche, Jim Hammontree, Marie Ford, Barbara Simon, Charnan Montgomery, Elizabeth Rider Scarffe, Bronwen Syme, Ronald Carle, Eric Wick, Walter Ernst, Lisa Campbell McGeorge, Constance Riehecky, Janet Gag, Wanda Lindquist, Susan Creech, Sharon Ward, Glenyse Sutcliff, Rosemary McGovern, Ann Monson, A. M. Byars, Betsy Cromer Williams, Brian Foreman, Michael K'6 Todd, Anne Evans, Mary Ann Wells, H. G. Fleming, Sarah Smith, Robert K. Farmer, Nancy Cutting, Jillian West, Terry M. Wisniewski, David Gates, Doris Schecter, Ellen Gardner, J. J. Gregor, Hugh Norman, C. J. Erickson, Russell E. Bacon, Ron GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED

grl 1-4

3rd - 6th



grl 50-59 grl 40-49 grl 50-59 grl 40-49

5th 5th

Updated 10/27/11

Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Washing the Dog Washington Washington Washington Washington Washington Washington D.C. (Portrait of America) Washington Facts and Symbols Washington (From Sea to Shining Sea series) Washington Monument, The Washington Monument, The Washington State Place Names Washington - Historical Album Washington's Yesterdays (Before there was a Territory) 1775-1853 Wasps and Bees Waste and Recycling Watch Out for the Chicken Feet in Your Soup Watch Our for Trash Cans Watch Out for Sharks Watch Out for the Chicken Feet in Your Soup Watch Out! A Giant! Watch Out! Man-eating Snake Watch the Stars Come Out Watch Them Grow Watchdog and the Coyotes Watching the Night Sky Watching the Weather Watching Water Birds Watching Whales Water Water Water Water Water Water Water Water Water Water All Around Water and Floating Water and Floating Water as a Gas Water as a Liquid Water as a Solid Water Boatman, The Water Buffalo Days: Growing Up in Vietnam Water Changes Water Cycle AUTHOR Sloan, Peter & Sheryl Barenblat, Rachel Fradin, Dennis B. Heinrichs, Ann Powell, E. Sandy Thompson, Kathleen McAuliffe, Emily Fradin, Dennis B. Nobleman, Marc Tyler Schaefer, Lola Phillips, James Cooke, William McDonald, Lucile Saunders Meadows, Graham James, Barbara dePaola, Tomie Windsor, Jo Arnold, Caroline dePaola, Tomie Carle, Eric Giff, Patricia Reily Levinson, Riki Martin, Linda Wallace, Bill Lunis, Natallie Freeman, Marcia Arnosky, Jim Parkes, Brenda Asch, Frank Bodach, Vijaya Khist Burton, Margie Cartwright, Pauline Charman, Andy Dufresne, Michele Neye, Emily Sauvain, Philip Arthur Taylor, Kim Furgang, Kathy Evans, David Ward, Alan Frost, Helen Frost, Helen Frost, Helen Cowley, Joy Huynh, Quang Nhuong Parkes, Brenda Ganeri, Anita 5th K-6 GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED grl 10-14 grl 40-49 grl 40-49 grl 40-49 grl 40-49 grl 40-49 grl 40-49

grl 50-59

Primary K-6

grl 5-9 Primary

grl 10-14

grl 15-19 grl 15-19 grl 15-19 grl 10-14


Updated 10/27/11

Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Water Cycle, The Water Cycle, The Water Cycle, The Water Dance Water Ecology Water Experimenting with Science Water Falling Water Fight, The Water for You Water Goes Up! Water Comes Down! Water Hole Water in the Weather / Snow Scare Water Monsters Water on Earth Water Park, The Water Patrol, The: Saving Surfers' Lives in Big Waves Water Pollution Water Science Water Wishes Water Water Everywhere Water, Water Everywhere Water: the Elements Water's Way Watercolors Waterhole, The Watermelon Waterpark, The Watertower, The Watervoices Watsons Go to Birmingham, The Waves Waves: the Changing Surface of the Sea Waving Sheep, The Wax to Crayons Way Down South Way I Go To School, The Way Meat Loves Salt, The: A Cinderella Tale from the Jewish Tradition AUTHOR Frost, Helen Karpalenia, Jenny Nelson, Robin Locker, Thomas Cochrane, Jennifer Meiani, Antonella Schwarz, Veronica Hunt, Roderick Sloan, Peter & Sheryl Burton, Margie Base, Graeme Quinn, Pat / Marriot Innes, Brian Linde, Barbara M. Pye, Trevor Barr, Linda Stille, Darlene R. Seed, Deborah Loehr, M. Textbook distribution Schmid, Hal Robbins, Ken Peters, Lisa Westberg Comella, M. Angels Elliot, Jane Textbook distribution Dufresne, Michele Crew, Gary Speed, Toby Curtis, Christopher Paul Beveridge, Barbara Petro, Eva Randell, Beverley Snyder, Inez Williams, Rozanne Lanczak Randell, Beverley Jaffe, Nina Marsh, J.; Ward, Jennifer; Spengler, Kenneth; Ward, Jennifer Lund, Jillian Macauley, David Baylor, Byrd McCauley, Jane R. Nelson, Robin Raber, Thomas R. Irons, Calvin GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED grl 15-19 grl 30-39


grl 10-14 grl 30-39

grl 15-19

3,4 1st



grl 50-59 grl 5-9

Way Out in the Desert Way Out West Lives a Coyote Named Frank Way Things Work, The Way to Start a Day, The Ways Animals Sleep Ways Things Move Wayne Gretzky, Hockey Great Wayne's New Shape


Updated 10/27/11

We Are All Different We Are Best Friends We are Patriots We are Singing We Are Special We Are Witnesses: Holocaust Diaries We Be Warm Till Springtime Comes We Can Eat the Plants We Can Make Graphs We Can Run We Care For Our School We Celebrate We Dress Up We Eat Rice We Fish We Go Out We Go to School We Had a Picnic This Sunday Past We Just Moved! We Keep Fit We Like Hats We Like Fish We Like the Sun We Love the Dirt We Make Cookies We Make Music We Need a New School We Need Water We Need Water We Play Music We Play on a Rainy Day We Share Everything We Ski We the Kids: the Preamble to the Constitution of the United States We Use Numbers We Use Water We Vote We Went to the Zoo We Were There at the Battle of Gettysburg grl 1-4 2 grl 1-4 grl 1-4 grl 1-4 grl 10-14 grl 1-4 grl 1-4 grl 1-4 grl 10-14 grl 10-14 grl 1-4 Pre K. Robyn Dickey. Rozanne Lanczak Williams. Beverley Boehnlein. Diane Krensky. Louis Burton. Mary Nayer. Louis Sachar. Jenny Bates. Beverley Keo. Margaret Johnson. Lola M.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Wayside School Gets a Little Stranger Wayside School is Falling Down We All Scream for Ice Cream We All Went on Safari: a Counting Journey through Tanzania We Are All Alike AUTHOR Sachar. Helen Mooney. Dolores Medearis. Cheltenham Elementary School (Kindergarten Class) Aliki Gregory. Kristiana Sundell. Walker. Annette Hong. J. Michele Randell. Dianne Parkes. Laurel Frost. Margie Krebs. . David Burton. Jacob Chaffin. Nan Randell. Stephen Armstrong. Tony Mead. Rozanne Lanczak Giles. Cynthia Sloan. Katherine Catrow. Mary Greenseid. Ena Johnston. Lillie Williams.K grl 10-14 grl 1-4 grl 1-4 Updated 10/27/11 . Margie Burton. Brenda Smith. Katherine Connery. Laurie Schaefer. Alida GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED grl 15-19 grl 15-19 We Are All Alike . Robert Gracestone. Margie Martin. Min. . Judy Boas. Angela Shelf Munsch. Peter & Sheryl Malkus. Isabel Dufresne.

Pauline Cowley. Eve Pratchett. Joy Rylant. Jenny Ortleb. Kevin Heymann. Pascale Farndon. Jeri Kelly.6th Intermediate 14 Updated 10/27/11 . The Week in the life of Best Friends Week in the Woods. Roderick Wyatt. Joellyn Gibbons. A Weevils AUTHOR Meltzer. A Weekend in the City. Clouds. Lee Bennett Trumbauer. Lisa Cipriano. Edward Oxlade. Cynthia Brannon. Kieran Hughes.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Weapons and Warfare: From the Stone Age to the Space Age Weasel Weather Weather Weather Weather Weather Weather Weather Weather Weather Weather Weather Weather and Climate Weather and the Seasons Weather Forecasting Weather Math Weather Patterns Weather Sky. Marilee Palatini. Diane Wyatt. The Wedding. Rebecca L. The Webster and Arnold and the Giant Box Webster's New World Thesaurus Wedding. Weather Maps. The Wee Free Men. Margie Berger. The Weather Vane. Patricia Laird. Melvin Roche. Paul Hopkins. Saunders-Smith. Terry Clements. Maryann Bunting. Seymour Williams. Anne Cocca-Laffler. Rainfall. Chris Simon. Milton DeFelice. The Wedding Flowers Wedges Wednesday Is Spaghetti Day Wednesday Surprise. Monica McMillan. Andrew Adams. Charlton Cartwright. Gail Lehr. Barbara Burton. Climate Weather: Poems for all Seasons Weathering and Erosion Weatherworks Weaving Weaving of a Dream. Gail Gibbons. Cynthia Welsbacher. Colleen Ciantar.6th 3rd . The Web of Life. Karin Heyer. John Feely. Bruce Hunt. George Henkes. Margie Cosgrove. Brian de Bourgoing. Storms. The Weather Watch Weather Watcher Weather Words and What They Mean Weather: Air Masses. Valerie Cicciarelli. Georgianne GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED grl 5-9 5th grl 50-59 3 grl 20-29 3rd . A Weekend Sunshine Weekend With Wendel. Gail Walsh. The: A Chinese Folktale Web Files. Valerie Johnson.

Trudie Mitchell. Franny Taylor. Paul Stevenson. Barbara Billingsley. Audrey Cox. Sara Kalman. Kevin Robinson. Coleen Raskin. 1915 West to a Land of Plenty: the Diary of Teresa Angelino Viscardi West Virginia (Portrait of America) Western Activity Book. Margaret Dadey.Critters of the Night Weslandia West by Covered Wagon: Retracing the Pioneer Trails West from Home: Letters of Laura Ingalls Wilder to Almanzo Wilder. San Francisco. Bobbie Coupe. Joy GRADE K-3 READING LEVEL APPROVED 6 K-4 Int. Mildred Engel. Nancy Starbird.. Dorothy H. Beth Wagner Freeman.. Kathy Talbott. Diane Fox. Jr. Kathleen Barkan. Marlene F. Jellybean Welcome to North America Welcome to the Big Top Welcome to the Sea of Land Well We'll Never Forget You. April Griggins. Ting-xing Levitt. Mildred Simpson. Michael Yatsevitch. Janey Bair. Nancy Henkes. Bill Shyer. Laura Ingalls Murphy. Joanne Smith. Hudson Rosen. Robert Sargent. Robert Louis Brust. The Western Legends Western Wind: a Novel Westie Winter. Jane Taylor.6th 2 Updated 10/27/11 . The Weir of Hermiston. The Wemberly Worried Wendie and the Bullies Wendy in Winter Wendy the Water Drop We're Back!: a Dinosaur's Story We're Going on a Bear Hunt We're Off to Thunder Mountain Werewolfes Don't Go to Summer Camp Werewolves for Lunch -. A Western Butterflies Western Hemisphere Through the Five Themes of Geography. Wilder. Henry: a Story About Henry Ford Well Wished Well. Lola M. John Watson. A AUTHOR Ye. The: David's Story Well-fed Bear. Martin. The Well-Mannered Balloon. Sharon Yolen.SERIES -. Tui Willard. Jim Thompson. 5…6 grl 20-29 Primary 5. Patricia Schaefer. Arthur Levy. Paul Patent. The: a Story of a West Highlander Terrier Westing Game Westward With Columbus Wet Day at School.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Weighing the Elephant Weighty Word Book. Ellen Dyson. Debbie Farber. Kay Furgang. Sarah Wood. Judy Polacco. The Weird and Wonderful Animals: Dads and Babies Weird and Wonderful Animals: Who Likes to Play? Weird Animals Weird Chemistry Kicthen Creations Weird Henry Berg Weird Parents Weird Stories from the Lonesome Café Welcome Comfort Welcome Home Welcome Home Henry Welcome Home.6 K-6 2 grl 30-39 Primary grl 10-14 3rd . Sayer. Roberto Clemente We'll Race You. Paula Hubbard. Erica Fleischman.

Gail Gould. Dean Foster. Sarah Bunting. Norman S. Helen H.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Wet Paint Wetlands Wetlands Whale Whale. Josie Wildsmith. Allen. Berger. Judy Hogan. The Whales Whales Whales Whales (Our Wild World) Whales and Dolphins Whales of the Northwest Whales on the World Wide Web Whales Passing Whales Song. Joan Westerskov. Marian Evans. Brian Danziger. Paula Jones. Cynthia Short. Gail Gouck. Papastavrou. Maura Harris. Toni S. Patricia Herman. Stewart. Lynette grl 40-49 grl 20-29 GRADE Primary Primary READING LEVEL APPROVED Primary Primary 34 grl 10-14 grl 20-29 Updated 10/27/11 . Judy Cappellini. Heather Richardson. Gilda Boon. Salem. Kelli C. Eve Sheldon. Robin Flaherty. Roderick Hughes. Faiella. Kevin Braithwaite. The Whales. A What a Bad Dog What a Catch! What a Day for Flying! What a Great Idea . Adele D. Mary Gardner. Joyce Hunt. Robert Barrett. Lynn. Siberell. Althea Carey. Graham Gibbons. Roderick Hammonds. Alan Penny. Vasilli Steiner. Helen Roney Milton. Stephen Gray. Amber Brown What a Wedding What Am I Going To Be? AUTHOR Hunt. Seymour Johnson. Tomecek. Paula Z. Kim Spevack. Anne Primary Van Bramer. Joan Simon. the Nomads of the Sea Whales: the Gentle Giants Whaling Community. Louise Parker.Inventions What a Haircut! What a Hungry Puppy! What a Mess! What a School! What a Tale What a Trip. Patricia Kerrod. The Whale (Eyewitness Books) Whale Brother Whale in the Sky Whale is not a Fish and Other Animal Mix-ups Whale Rap Whale Tales Whale Watch Whale Watching Whale Watcher's Guide Whales Whales Whales Whales Whales Whales Whales Whales Whales Whales Whales Whales Whales. Dyan Sattler. Chuck Prince. Malcolm Rylant. Susan Martin. Barbara A. Jinny Corrigan.

Phyllis Lauber. Peter & Sheryl Super. Helen Frost. Honey Ferris. Margie Klein. Marilyn. Helen Burton. Gretchen Kalman. Swanson-Natsues. Helen Frost. Helen Andersen. Gloria De Regniers. Andrea Root. Jeri Butler. Lyn Birchall. Susan Beierle. Suzanne Canizares. Pigdon. Beatrice Schenk Logan. Rita Woolley. Bobbie Frost. Helen Frost. Brenda Sloan. 3's. Keith Frasier. Dorothy Clure. Michele Lawrence. Laura E. Brian & Jillian Benson.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE What Am I? What Angela Needs What Animal Lives Here? What Animals Do You See? What Animals Eat What Are Drugs? What Are Food Chains and Webs? What Are Inclined Planes? What Are Levers? What Are My Chances? What Are Pulleys? What Are Screws? What Are Wedges? What Are Wheels and Axles? What Are You Called? What Are You Figuring Now?: a Story About Benjamin Banneker What Are You? What Baby Wants What Big Teeth You Have What Boo and I Do What Came Out of My Bean? What Can Change? What Can Float? What Can Fly? What Can Fly? What Can Fly? What Can Go Fast? What Can I Do What Can It Be? What Can It Be? What Can She Be? An Architect What Can You Do with a Shoe? What Can You Make? What Can You Measure with a Lollipop? What Can You Read? What Changes Our Earth Glaciers What Charlie Heard What Color is Camouflage? What Comes First? What Comes From a Cow? What Comes from Eggs? What Comes in 2's. Marlene. Brian Parkes. Peter & Sheryl Reeder. Brian Wallace. Margie grl 5-9 GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED grl 20-29 grl 20-29 grl 15-19 grl 20-29 grl 20-29 grl 20-29 grl 20-29 grl 1-4 grl 10-14 Primary grl 1-4 Primary grl 10-14 grl 5-9 Updated 10/27/11 . Margie Frost. Paul Avery. Adria Trumbauer. Claudia Burton. Beth Goldreich. Patricia Williams. Judy Dufresne. Lucy Parkes. Brenda Spevack. Lisa Foster. Syd Aker. and 4's? What Comes in a Shell? What Comes in Threes? What Comes in Twos? AUTHOR Cutting. Carolyn B. Dianne Sloan. Helen Frost. Anne Burton. Birchall. Frances Otto. Sylvan.

Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE What Comes Next? What Comes Out at Night? What Could Go Wrong? What Did I Use? What Did Kim Catch? What Did You Eat Today? What Do Animals Do? What Do Animals Do in Winter? What Do Authors Do? What Do Illustrators Do? What Do Pets Need? What Do Scientists Do? What Do We Have To Get? What Do We Need ? What Do We Need? What Do You Do When Your Mouth Won't Open? What Do You Do with a Kangaroo? What Do You Mean?: a Story About Noah Webster What Do You Say. Jeri Jimenez. Susan Beth Mayer. Rozanne Lanczak Fowler. Peter & Sheryl Roberts. Jeri Sesyle. Johanna Kroll. Pam Drew. David Sloan. Elizabeth Stewart. Williams. David Hurwitz. Melvin & Gilda Christelow. Franklyn M. Williams.A Sebastian Barth Mystery What Floats? What Sinks? What Game Shall We Play? What Goes in the Bathtub? What Goes Together? What Goes Up Must Come Down What Goes With Toes? What Grows? What Happened to Aunt Cordelia What Happened to Judge Crater What Happened to Patrick's Dinosaurs? What Happened to the Dinosaurs? What Happened? What Happens in the Autumn What Happens to a Hamburger? AUTHOR Burton. Sarah Nayer. Dianne Fleming. Peter & Sheryl Berger. Eileen Burton. Judy Cowley. Vita Best. Rozanne Lanczak Callella. Kelly T. Mercer Ferris. Marcie Gabrysch. Jill Drew. Rozanne Lanczak Venino. Carol Branley. Paul GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED grl 10-14 grl 1-4 grl 5-9 grl 5-9 grl 5-9 grl 5-9 grl 30-39 K-6 grl 10-14 grl 1-4 Updated 10/27/11 . Nancy Cutting. Willo Davis Hughes. Joy Carlstrom. Dear? What Do You See? What Do You See? What Do You See in a Cloud? What Do You Wear? What Does a Book Designer Do? What Does a Garden Need? What Does Greedy Cat Like? What Does the Rain Play? What Does the Sky Say? What Else What Eric Knew -. Allan Frasier. James Burton. Joslin Nayer. Eileen Christelow. Nancy White Carlstrom. Trisha Pfeffer. Suzanne Showers. Brian & Jillian Howe. Gail Carrick. Margie Sloan. Pat Neville. Judy Williams.SERIES -. Margie Bovetz. Margie Hutchins. Monica Eggleton.

Dainty Dinosaur? What Is It? What Is It? What is Matter? What is Matter What is Red? What is Red? What is Slow? What is Fast? What is that Sound! What is that? Said the Cat What is the World Made of?: All About Solids. Lola M. Hirschfeld. Judy Kalman. Babs Avery. Jennifer Lenihan. Lola M. Day. Jan Cutting. Kalman. Kathleen W. Jillian Allen. Bobbie Schaefer. After All? What is an Amphibian? What is an Amphibian? What is an Arthropod? What is an Insect? What is at the Top? What is Bat? What is Big? What is Blue? What is Green? What is in Space? What Is It. Smithyman. Dorothy Robinson. Peter & Sheryl Coleman. Kathryn Schaefer. Fay R. GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED grl 1-4 grl 10-14 5th grl 15-19 grl 50-59 grl 10-14 Primary 6th 6th grl 15-19 6th K-3 grl 15-19 grl 20-29 grl 15-19 grl 1-4 2 grl 5-9 NF Updated 10/27/11 . Judy Traill. Bobbie Kalman. Pauline Swartz. Trumbauer. Kathy Provensen. Jan Pugliano. Robert Barabas. Lisa Cartwright. Evelyn Kalman. Lola M. David Kalman. Lola M. Swartz. Bobbie Spilsbury. Brian & Jillian Hajdusiewicz. Alice Kalman. Leanna Alexander. Bobbie Schaefer.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE What Happens When You Recycle? What Has Spots? What I Like at School What I'd Like to Be What If? What is a Bat? What is a Bird? What is a Capital? What is a Community? What is a Color? What is a Dog? What is a Fish? What is a Flower? What is a Fly? What is a Huggles? What is a Life Cycle? What is a Living Thing? What is a Marsupial? What is a Mammal? What is a Park? What is a Plant? What is a Plant What is a Primate? What is a Reptile? What is a Reptile? What is a Rodent? What is a Skeleton? What is a Wall. Liquids. Bobbie Kalman. Joy Kalman. Carol O'Neill. Katie Goodyear. Bobbie Schaefer. Mary Maccarone. Grace Zoehfeld.… AUTHOR Sharp. K. Flint. Bobbie Schaefer. Jackie Sloan. Lola M. Bobbie Kalman. Jan Swartz. Louise Kalman. Lola M. Peter & Sheryl Sloan. Schaefer. Bobbie Cutting. Kym Cowley. Nayer. Lola M. Bobbie Schaefer.

Joy Gould. Kathleen Flemming. Margie Cohen. Carly Nayer. Miriam Branley. Clyde Robert Berger. Leah Cardoza. Franklyn M. Peter & Sheryl Cox. Neville. Marilyn Ling. Wilson. Robert Gracestone. Allan Garelick. Peter & Sheryl Burton. Betty Ann Bulla. Judy Parker. May Mayes. Sarah Gibson. Margie Sloan. Pam Williams. Franklyn M. Burton. Phil Roxbee Hurd. Richard L. Brian & Jillian Easton. Edith Thacher Primary GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED grl 5-9 grl 5-9 grl 15-19 grl 10-14 grl 20-29 Primary grl 1-4 grl 1-4 Updated 10/27/11 . Margot Gibson. Rozanne Lanczak King. Jane Schlein. Jan Branley. Daniel Allington. Carolyn Juel. Fred & Jeanne LeShan. Melvin Balet.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE What is this Skeleton? What is this? What is Under the Hat? What is Veterans Day? What is Your Favorite Thing to Hear? What Jamie Saw What Joy Found What Kids Like What Kids Say What Lays Eggs? What Magnets Can Do What Makes a Bird a Bird? What Makes a Flower Grow? What Makes a Rainbow What Makes a Shadow? What Makes An Ocean Wave? What Makes An Orchestra? What Makes Day and Night? What Makes Light? What Makes Me Feel This Way?: Growing Up with Human Emotions What Mommies Do Best/What Daddies Do Best What My Sister Remembered What Mynah Bird Saw What Next? What Next? A Mixed-up Trip What People Do What People Do What Pushes? What Pulls? What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs? What Really Matters for Struggling Readers What Rhymes With Cat? What Rots? What Shall I Grow? What Should I Choose? What Talent! What Teachers Can't Do What the Dickens! What the Dinosaurs Saw What the Moon is Like What Things Go Together? What Time Is It ? What Tommy Did What We Like What We Like What Were Castles For? What Whale? Where? AUTHOR Cutting. Biddulph. Numeroff. Eugene Scholastic Phonics Wood. Toni S. Susan Peters. Douglas Curry. Connie Bright. Katherine Fowler. Eda J. Judy Cowley. Scott Sloan. Laura Joffe Sachs. Susan Schwartz. Myra Coman. Ray Coco.

Wells. Robert E. Paul Williams. Patricia Galdone. John Yektai.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE What Will Float? What Will Happen? What Will I Be? What Will the Weather Be Like Today? What Will the Weather Be? What Will the Weather Be? What Will the Weather Be? What Will You Pack? What Would Joey Do? What Would the Zoo Do? What Would You Like? What You Know First What Zoo-Keepers Do What! Cried Granny: an Almost Bedtime Story What's a Frank Frank? Tasty Homograph Riddles What's a Ghost Going to Do? What’s Alive? What's Around The Corner? What's Awake? ABC What's Awake? 123 What's Behind this Door? What's Black and White and Moos? What's Cooking? What's Cooking.6 1 1 grl 5-9 Primary grl 30-39 Updated 10/27/11 . Margie Rogers. Ellen Moche. Tui Whitehouse. Satoshi Chapman. Jack Salem. Patricia Hanna. Niki Wilson. David Burton. Rebel Williams. Rozanne Lanczak Limburg. Rebel Cartwright. Lerner. Pauline Conford. Bruce Parker. Harriet G. Jill Walker. Kathy Logan. Barbara Shook Wells. Paul Cox. Rozanne Lanczak Relf. Joy MacLachlan. Jane Trumbauer. Peter Cutting. Lynn Cowley. Kate Maestro. Lynn Hazen. Patricia Whitehouse. Dinah Garrett/Higney Salem. Collin Royston. Patricia Williams. Jillian Royston. Robert E. Lisa Simpson. Joy Williams. Jack Lum. Diane DeWitt. Jillian GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED grl 1-4 grl 10-14 5. Angela Kitamura. Angela Meadowcroft. Giulio Thayer. Fred & Jeanne Drew. Cutting. Claudia Gantos. Lynn Cowley. Lynda Furgang. Jenny Archer? What's Down There? Questions and Answers About the Ocean What's for Dinner? What's for Dinner? What's for Lunch? What's Going On? What's Happening?: A Book of Explanations What's in Fox's Sack? What's in My Pocket? What's in the Names of Stars and Constellations What's in this Egg? What's Inside My Body? What's Inside? What's Inside? What's Inside? Insects What's Inside? The Alphabet Book What's Living at your Place? What’s Missing? What's Missing? What's Out There?: a Book About Space What’s Round? What's Smaller than a Pigmy Shrew? What's So Terrible About Swallowing an Apple Seed? What's Taller than a Pigmy Shrew? What's That? AUTHOR Biddulph.

.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE What's That? What's That Bug? What's That Spider Doing? What's the Big Idea. Jean GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED grl 30-39 Van Camp. Bill Blau. Jasper Fowler. Annette Bissett. Melinda Cooney. David Dufresne. Gayle Wallace. Meindert Smith. Wolf? What's the Weather Like Today? What's This? What's Under My Bed? What's Underneath? What's Wrong with Gilbert? What's Wrong with Timmy? What's Your Opinion? What's Your Story? What-a-mess What. Mr. Harriet grl 40-49 grl 15-19 grl 20-29 grl 15-19 Primary Whatever It Takes: How Professional Learning Communities Respond When Kids Don't Learn Whatever The Weather Whatever Will These Become ? Wheel on the School. James Glover. Van Maass. David Oxlade. and Karhanek. Richard. Peter & Sheryl Zubrowski. Virginia When Bluebell Sang Ernst. Jill Campbell. Caroline Muir. Nan Hurford. Sis Wren. Rebecca. Monica Davidson. Karen Garland. The Wheelbarrow Garden Wheels Wheels Wheels Wheels Wheels Wheels All Around Wheels at Work Wheels at Work: Building and Experimenting With Models of Machines Wheels on the Bus Wheels. Robert. and their Friends Hamilton. Judith Stevenson. Karen Lewit Hawkins. Bernie Hughes. DuFour. Rozanne Lanczak McKinnon. Brenda Lawrence.When to Say It Whatever Happened to Amelia Earhart Whatever Happened to Janie? AUTHOR Munoz. Maria Eggleton. Wings and Other Things Wheels: Math Rhymes to Read Together When a Bear Bakes a Cake When a Storm Comes Up When Abraham Talked to the Trees When Autumn Comes When Bear Stole the Chinook . Birdie Froman. Colin Williams.Siksika grl 1-4 grl 5-9 2 Primary When Birds Could Talk and Bats Could Sing: the Adventures of Bruh Sparrow. Chris Parkes. Frank Martin. Robert Taylor. Richard Dunn. Caroline DuFour. Peter de Jong. Eaker. Karen Lewis Lowe. Ben Franklin? What's the Difference? What's the Most Beautiful Thing You Know About Horses? What's the Problem? What's the Problem? What's the Time.. Avelyn Tomkins. Michele Shriver. Anne Sloan. Jr. Isabel Dunn. Lisa Campbell Updated 10/27/11 . Allan Steenwyk. John Fritz.

6th READING LEVEL APPROVED grl 30-39 K-3 K-2 grl 40-49 3rd . Judity Johnson. Hou-Tien GRADE 3rd . Joanne Cowley. Pam Munoz Solley. Bill Nelson. Jamie Lee Stevenson. Kylene Polacco. E. Joy Shannon. Anne M. Bonnie Horn. Jan Martin. . It Rains When it Snows When Itchy Witchy Sneezes When Jessie Came across the Sea When Jose Hits That Ball When Kids Can't Read: What Teachers Can Do When Lightning Comes in a Jar When Mack Came Back When Marian Sang: The True Recital of Marian Anderson When Poverty's Children Write When Riddles Come Rumbling When Robins Sing When Sophie Gets Angry Really. James Hillman. Amy Bingly. Cynthia Costigan. Mercer Ferraro. Really Angry . Robert Maass. Joy Hest.6th Primary Primary grl 5-9 grl 5-9 grl 1-4 grl 10-14 K-6. Joy Cowley. David Curtis. Cynthia Hellman. K. Angela Wilson. Cass Cowley. Pam Cowley. Beers. When Spring Comes When Summer Comes When the Alligator Came to Class When the Balloon Went Pop When the Bees Fly Home AUTHOR Bloksberg. Bobbie A. . Robin Baylor. Janice/ Bi Walsh. Jane Frankford. 1935 When English Language Learners Write When Foxes Came to Stay / At the Pond When Grandma Came When Grandpa Kissed His Elbow When Grandpa Visits When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit When I am Old With You When I Broke the Office Window When I Get Bigger When I Go See Gram When I Grow Up When I Lived With Bats When I Play When I Turned Six When I Was Little: a Four-Year-Old's Memoir of Her Youth When I was Nine When I Was Sick When I Was Young When I Was Young in the Mountains When I'm Older When I'm Sleepy When It Rains When It Rains When It Rains.6th K-6 K-6 Updated 10/27/11 . Patricia Strickland. Dotlich. Marylyn Millicer. Janet Anderson. 5…6 3rd .. Byrd Neville. Miriam Bang.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE When Bob Woke Up Late When Clay Sings When Dad Came Home When Dad Went To Day-care When Dad Went To Playschool When Dad Went to Preschool When Day Turned to Night: April 14. Rebecca Kai Frost. Lorraine Mayer. Jill Paton DeFelice. Katharine D. Joy Cowley. Peter McNulty. Jr. G. Terry Miller Samway. Joy Cheng. Rylant. Joy Howard. Molly Maass. Faith Butler. Andrea Drew. Marriott. Shirleyann Kerr. Robert Hollander. Brad Ryan.

Joy Price. L. Ani Witters. Miriam Dufresne. Hugh Ransom. Miriam Walters. John Cowley. Charlotte Bartel. Michele Randell. Stephanie Gordon Gerhard. Kimberly Willis Denison. Kimberlee Stock. Judith Ross. Beverley Cowley. Joy Graves.Tripods Trilogy When the Truck Got Stuck! When the Volcano Erupted When the Whippoorwill Calls When The Wind Blows When the Wind Stops When Thing Came to Town When Tilly Turtle Came to Tea When Tony Got Lost at the Zoo When Turtles Come to Town When We Are Big When We Grow Up When Whales Exhale When Will I Read? When Will It Be Spring? When Will This Cruel War Be Over?: the Civil War Diary of Emma Simpson When Winter Comes When You Go To Kindergarten When You Look Up at the Moon When Zachary Beaver Came to Town Where Any Young Cat Might Be Where are my Shoes? Where are my Socks? Where are the Baby Chicks? Where are the Babies? Where are the Eggs? Where are the Sunhats? Where are they Going? Where are You Going? Where are You Going Manyoni? Where are You Going. Lorraine Ziter. Brenda Randell. Marcia Mahy. Robert Enderle. Hammonds. James Fowler. Joan Davenport Yep. Allan Holt. Barbara McPherson. Constance Cohen.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE When the Boys Ran the House When the Circus Came to Town When the Circus Comes To Town When the Cookernup Store Burned Down When the Earth Wakes When the Earth Was Bare When the Giants Came To Town When the King Rides By When The Moon Was Blue When the Road Ends When the Soldiers Were Gone When the Sun Rose When the Tide Goes Out When The Tripods Came . Catherine Cowley. Jean Propp. Joy Thesman. Marilyn Cooper. Carol Dudko. Carol Wilson.5 grl 1-4 K-6 4 K-6 grl 20-29 Primary K-6 grl 5-9 grl 30-39 grl 1-4 Primary Primary grl 5-9 Where are You Little Zack? Where Can a Hippo Hide? Updated 10/27/11 . Jan Christopher. Cary Minkoff. Joy Kraus. Peter & Sheryl Cowley. Barry Maass. Candice F. Phyllis Pugliano-Martin. Heather Zolotow. Margaret Cowley. Sloan. V. Tessler. Mary Ann Macdonald. Robert Howe. Beverley Parkes. Emily Beth GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED 4. Joy Rucki. Katherine Denenberg. Berger. Aja Rose Where are You Going. Judith Leonard. Wendy Levy. Little Mouse? AUTHOR Carris.

Jennifer Miskovits. Diana Nelson. Sidney Hollander. Sarah Thor. Margaret Wise Nayer. Robin King. Fritz. David Dodds. Annette. Stanley James. Michele Frasier. Caroline Kim Nelson. Robin Nelson. Michele Munsch. Christopher Columbus? Where Does a Leopard Hide? Where Does All the Garbage Go? Where Does Breakfast Come From? Where Does Everybody Go? Where Does Electricity Come From? AUTHOR Dickey. Kay Blomgren. Robert Smith. Joy Noonan. Beverly Rosen. Robin Nelson. Laurel Carroll. Mary Cowley. David Goldman. Melvin Flint. Jan Dufresne. Michele Dufresne. Judy Balian. Dayle Mayes. Cass Gibson.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Where Can I Write Where Did the Maya Go? Where Did the Things Hide? Where Do Balloons Go?: an Uplifting Mystery Where Do Bugs Live Where Do I Sleep?: a Pacific Northwest Lullaby Where Do Insects Go in Winter? Where Do Plants Grow? Where Do the Animals Live? Where Do They Live? Where Do We Go? Where Do You Live? Where Do You Think You Are Going. Christine Spilsbury. M. Annette Fletcher. Paul Berger. Amy White. Jean Reeder. Louise Berger.C. Dianne GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED grl 1-4 K-3 grl 40-49 Primary Where Does Food Come From? Where Does the Moon Go? Where Does the Rabbit Hop? Where Does the Teacher Sleep? Where Does the Water Go? Where Does Your Garbage Go? Where Fish Go in Winter Where Have All the Flowers Gone?: the Diary of Molly Mackenzie Flaherty Where Have You Been? Where in the West? Where in the World is Henry? Where is Daniel? Where is Gabby? Where Is Gah-Ning? Where is Hannah ? Where is it Safe to Play? Where Is It? Where is Jake? Where Is Miss Pool Where Is my Caterpillar? Where is my Continent? Where is my Country? Where is my Home? Where Is my Puppy? Where is my State? Where is m+A17069y Town? Where Is Nancy? Where is Peanut? Where is Santa? Where is the Cat? grl 10-14 K-6 grl 5-9 grl 1-4 grl 5-9 grl 30-39 grl 1-4 grl 5-9 Primary Updated 10/27/11 . Lorna Swartz. Susan Smith. Melvin Francis. William Meissner. Astsa Packard. Ellen Emerson Brown. Kathleen Anton. Virginia Dufresne. Robin Nelson. Jenny. Cynthia Gould. Curtis. Toni S. Randell. Robin Hatton. Giles. Kara Hall. Jamie Lee Sands.

Brian Fritz. Robin Blecher. Richard Hansen. Jez Hill.6th Intermediate K-6 K-2 grl 20-29 grl 10-14 grl 10-14 grl 20-29 Updated 10/27/11 . Jillian Williams. Eva Cohen. Vera & Bill Rawls. Christine Alborough. Waas. Joyce Cameron. Marilyn Innes. Denise Burton. Jill Floyd. Thomas Maxfield. Allyson Val McPherson. There's a Wag Where was Atlantis Where was Patrick Henry on the 29th of May? Where We Play Sports Where Will Nana Go Next? Where Would I Be in an Evergreen Tree Where’s the Frog? Where's Cupcake? Where's Julius? Where's Lulu? Where's Molly? Where's my Backpack? Where's my Snack? Where's my Teddy? Where's Spot Where's Terri? Where's that Insect? Where's the Bunny? Where's the Frog Where's Tim? Where's Your Tooth? Which Comes First? Which is the Tallest? Which One Doesn't Belong? Which One Is Which? Which Way Bat Man? Which Way Freedom? Which Way? Which Way Now? Which Witch is Which? Which Witch? Whiffle Squeek Wild Horses Whingdingdilly. Josephine Hutchins. Maurice Singer. The AUTHOR Minkoff. Jeannie Cleaver. Jean Roza. Stanton Brenner. Ruth Trumbauer. Ray Schrier. Duncan Silverstein. Uli Lester.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Where is the Queen? Where is Water? Where is Willie? Where is the Giant? Where Jeans Come From Where Once There Was a Wood Where People Live Where People Live Where the Forest Meets the Sea Where the Lilies Bloom Where the Red Fern Grows Where the River Begins Where the Sharks Are Where the Sidewalk Ends Where the Wild Apples Grow Where the Wild Things Are Where there's a Will. Honey Pullen. Lisa Peters. Blomgren. Barbara Carroll. Marilyn Nelson. Pat Ibbotson. Lucy Fleming. Scott Baker. Jennifer Trumbauer. Rozanne Lanczak Andersen. Jan Wenk. George Edward Peet. Lisa Cutting. Eric Cooper.J. D. Wilson Locker. Greg Frienz. John Sendak. Catherine Burningham. Bill GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED grl 30-39 grl 5-9 grl 10-14 3rd . Wilfried Eggleton. Caron Lee Stanley. Shel Hawkinson. Helen & Robin Young. John William. Sara Croser. William H. Margie White.

Fred Keats. Ed GRADE 4. Elizabeth Riley. Carolyn Christopher. The White House. Evelyn Seredy. The White Dynamite White Elephants White Elephants and Yellow Jackets White Fang White House. Bright Snow White Socks Only White Stag. Alan Tresselt. Jr. Sara Menschell. Bill. The White House. Sid Hodge. Helen Ryder. Pegi Burstein. The White Lilacs White Mountains. Judith Lobel. Madame d' (Marie-Catherine) Martin. Michelle Vazquez. Diana Christensen. The White House. Bill Partridge. Jane Freeman. Derek London. The White Tiger. Sarah Trussell-Cullen.Tripods Trilogy White Rabbit's Color Book White Snow. The Whirly Birds Whiskers and Rhymes Whisper and Shout Whisper from the Woods Whisper is Quiet. A Whispering Cloth Whispering in the Park Whistle for Willie Whistle in the Graveyard: Folktales to Chill Your Bones Whistle Like a Bird Whistle Like a Bird Whistle Tooth. Jennifer Barnidge. Carolyn Shea. Michele Beck. Hal Meyer. Lloyd G. Whistle Whistling Whistling Thorn White Bear. Archambault. John Baker. Susan Heinrich Marcovitz. Elizabeth Coucher. Arnold Eggleton.5 READING LEVEL APPROVED grl 30-39 K-6 K-6 grl 5-9 Primary K-6 5th 5th grl 50-59 grl 50-59 grl 20-29 Updated 10/27/11 . Alvin Coleman. Mary. Clyde Robert Aulnoy. The White Stallion. Elizabeth Tseng. The Whistle.. Joanne Bulla. Allan Martin. Jr. Tom Noonan. Vicki Montgomery. Grace Dufresne. Maria Breyere. Mindy Elwell. John Mahy. Gray. Blue Serpent White Water Rafting White Wednesday Whiz Kids Quarterbacks Whizz! Click! Who Am I? Who Are You Calling a Woolly Mammoth?: Prehistoric America Who Ate the Broccoli Who Beats the Heat? Who Built the Pyramids? Who Built this Home? Who Came Out? Who Can Be A Friend? Who Can? AUTHOR Fleischman. Kana Chanko. Jill Wirth.. Victoria Lunn. Jack Binns. Nancy Levy. Tristan Douglas.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Whipping Boy. The . Ezra Jack Leach. Margaret Webb. Kate Shub. Pamela Chisholm. Ice Bear White Bird White Cat and Other Old French Fairy Tales.

6th 3rd . Anne Maxwell.6th 3rd . Andrea Williams. Gordon Gourley.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Who Cares About the Weather? Who Did It? Who Has a Tail? Who Has Time? Who Hops? Who Invented the Game? Who is Bugs Potter? Who is Maria Tallchief? Who is Ready? Who is Tapping at My Window? Who is the Beast? Who Knew There'd Be Ghosts? Who Likes Ice Cream? Who Likes the Cold? Who Lives Here? Who Lives Here? Who Lives Here? Who Lives in a Tree? Who Lives in a Tree? Who lives in the Forest? Who Lives in the Sea? Who Lives in the Woods? Who Lives in this Tree? Who Lives on a Farm? Who Looks after Me? Who Makes the Rules? Who Need a Night-Light? Who Needs a Bratty Brother? Who Pushed Humpty? A Nursery Rhyme Crime Who Put that Hair in my Toothbrush? Who Really Killed Cock Robin?: an Ecological Mystery Who Said Boo? Who Sank the Boat? Who Settled the West? Who Stole Home Plate?: a Southside Sluggers Baseball Mystery Who Stole the Cookies? Who Took the Cookies From the Cookie Jar? Who Took the Farmer's Hat? Who Uses These Tools? Who Uses This? Who Wants a Cheap Rhinoceros? Who Wants an Old Teddy Bear? Who was Albert Einstein? Who was Amelia Earhart? Who was Annie Oakley? Who was Ben Franklin? Who was Charles Darwin? Who was Eleanor Roosevelt? Who was Ferdinand Magellan? AUTHOR Berger. Pamela Kalman. Margaret Silverstein. Miriam Miller. Keith Brittain. Charles Hunter. Dennis B. Gare Kramer. O'Brien.6th 3rd . Elaine Williams. Cass Allen. Bill Butler.6th 3rd .6 grl 10-14 3rd . Graham Schaefer. Spekes. Joan Frost. Linda Small.6th grl 5-9 grl 15-19 grl 20-29 5. Baker. Jerome. Steven Moffatt. Alhambra G. Debbie Gondosch. Korman. Susan Trumbauer.6th 3rd . Catherine Lewis. Ginnie Brallier. Melvin Eggleton. Judith Lass.6th Updated 10/27/11 . Shel Hofmann. June Mowat. Katie Ward. Ron James. Deborah Thompson. Miranda Davis. Hopkinson.6th 3rd . Fay R. Jill Robinson. Mary Spinelli. Lola M. Geoffrey C. Lisa Hirschi. Sylvia M. Bonnie Nodset. Rebel Melser. Bobbie Otfinoski. Jean Craighead Hollander. Sydelle GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED grl 15-19 3rd . Kate Boehm Spinner. Stephanie Fradin. Meyers. Jerry George. Rozanne Lanczak Canizares. Augie Meadows. Kathryn Deming. Jess M.

Gare Holub. Vicky Brown. Crosby Newell Slater. McDonough. Lucinda Bonsall. Joan McDonough.6th 3rd . Fradin. April Jones Milton. Frith. Judy Parkes.6th 3rd . Clare Fox. James Cloyd Hoff. Jason Milner. Colin Butler. Roberta McDonough. Tui Thompson.6th 5 3rd . Melissa Shiotsu. Dennis B. Andrea Melser. Cathy Brett. Yona Zeldis Edwards. Crosby Newell McNaughton. June Hope. Dennis B. Jan Fritz.6th 3rd . Martha Hope. Syd Cowley. Margaret Fradin. Judith B. Kennedy? Who was Leonardo da Vinci? Who was Louis Armstrong? Who was Mark Twain? Who was Ronald Reagan? Who was Sacagawea? Who was Sacagawea? Who was Thomas Alva Edison? Who was Thomas Jefferson? Who was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart? Who was Tricked? Who will Be My Friends? Who will Be My Mother? Who will Help? Who will Tuck me in Tonight Who'll Hold the Baby? Who's a Pest? Who's Afraid of the Big. Verna Nayer. Alyce GRADE 3rd . Vicky Burke.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Who was Harriet Tubman? Who was Harry Houdini? Who was Helen Keller? Who was Johnny Appleseed? Who was John F. Yona Zeldis Sutherland. Joyce Fradin. Lucinda Lopez. Joy Williams.6th READING LEVEL APPROVED 3rd . Yona Zeldis Bowman. Marc Tolon Aardema. Mem Taylor. Kathy Shiotsu. Jean Dufresne. Carol Taylor. Orlando Amber. Michele Scott. Rozanne Lanczak Roth. Bad Bully? Who's Afraid of the Dark? Who's Been Sleeping in my Porridge? Who's Coming for a Ride? Who's Going to Lick the Bowl? Who's He and Who's Out? Who's Hiding? Who's Hiding There Who's His Buddy? Who's in Love with Arthur? Who's in Rabbit's House? Who's in the Jungle? Who's in the Shed? Who's Reading Darci's Diary? Who's She and Who's Out? Who's that Knocking on Christmas Eve? Who's that Stepping on Plymouth Rock? Who's the Boss? Who? Whoever You Are Who'll Hold the Baby? Whoops! It Works Whose Baby? Whose Egg Is This? AUTHOR McDonough. Teddy Bonsall.6th 3rd . Brenda Tolles. Yona Zeldis Prince.6th K-2 K-6 Primary Primary Primary grl 5-9 Updated 10/27/11 .6th 3rd .

Birgitta. Angela Royston. Peter Petren. Nancy Gibbs. June Schneider. Brenda Hawes. Verna Sanders. Sharon Parkes. Angela Drew. Brian & Jillian Ylla Williams.A Tale from Thailand Why Flies Buzz Why Frogs Are Wet Why Have Nuclear Carriers? Why is Blue Dog Blue? Why is the Sky Blue? Why Leopard Has Spots Why Money Was Invented Why Opossum is Gray: A Story from Mexico Why Polar Bears Like Snow…and Flamingos Don't Why the Banana Split Why the Cat Chose Us Why the Jackal Won't Speak to the Hedgehog: a Tunisian Folk Tale Why the Leopard Has Spots Why the Moon Changes the Night Sky Why the Ocean is Salty AUTHOR Cutting. David Conford. Leonhardt. Judy Rawlinson. David Cobb. Sam Adams? Why Elephants Have Long Noses Why Elephants Have Long Noses . Theater grl 40-49 Updated 10/27/11 . Margaret Weisgard. Peter Royston. Ellen Geldon. Rebel Simon. George Grindley. Jean Bacon. Alice GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED grl 5-9 grl 15-19 Primary K-3 Primary grl 15-19 grl 15-19 Primary K-6 grl 30-39 Rdr. Sally Mead. Putini. Smith Zeaman. Vicki Fritz. Melvin Arvetis. Trudy Berger. Joan Aardema. D.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Whose Eggs Are These? Whose Eye Am I? Whose Forest Is It? Whose Hat? Whose Little Bird Am I? Whose Mouse Are You? Whose Shoes? Whose Shoes? Why Am I Different? Why Are We Getting a Divorce? Why Are You Calling Me a Barbarian? Why Benny Barks Why Can't I Be William? Why Can't I Fly? Why Cats Wash After Dinner Why Christmas Trees Aren't Perfect Why Cry? Why Did Grandma Die? Why Did They Come? Why Do Birds Sing? Why Do Cats Meow? Why Do Horses Neigh Why Do Mosquitoes Buzz in People's Ears? Why Do People Drink Alcohol? Why Do Plants Have Flowers Why Do Polar Bears Like the Arctic? Why Do We Need to Be Active? Why Do We Need to Drink Water? Why Does A Cat Have Whiskers? Why Doesn't The Earth Fall Up Why Don't You Get a Horse. Katherine Godfrey. Diana Madler. Rozanne Lanczak Miller. Janet White. John Berson. Palazzo-Craig. Harold Mead. Ron Fear. Norma Mayl. Rita Walker. Pete Spilsbury. Chris Holub. Louise Sloan. Joan Holub. Dick Noonan. Neale S.R. Katherine Andersen. Elisabetta Milgrim. Leonard Kraus. Judy Williams. Robert Gilbert. Jonathon Rodrigue.

The Wide-Mouthed Frog. The Wild Horse Winter Wild Horses Wild Horses I Have Known Wild Inside. K. Belcher. Ann Milton. Karen Anderson. Wobble. The Wild Mammals as Pets Wild One Wild Ponies of Assateague Island. Margaret Cartwright. Chris. Donna 6th Coupe. Phyllis Primary Haydon. The Wiggly. Lynette Sierra. Harry Villiard. John Mazer. Linda Christopher. Andrea Faulkner. Julie Korba. Lyn Rossiter Van Allsburg. George Ryden. Diana Winston. The Wild Cats Wild Cats Wild Christmas Reindeer. Hope Allison. Lemony McFarland. Eva Primary Cowley. Paul Grosvenor. The Widget Widow's Broom. Judy Primary Aliki Dufresne. The Wild. Tetsuya Stanley. Peggy D. A Wild Baby Animals Wild Bird and Other Stories of Adventure Wild Bird and Other Stories of Adventure Wild Boy.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Why the Tides Ebb and Flow Why t+A11302here are Shooting Stars Why Things Move Why? Wibble-Wobble Wibble. Theater Smith. The Wide Window. The Wide Mouthed Frog. Natalia Coupe. Connie Nordhielm Eggleton. The Wild Jack Wild Kid. Jenny Simon. Bill Spevack. Jan Honda. Brett. Chris Hawley. Keith Snicket. Seymour READING LEVEL APPROVED grl 15-19 grl 10-14 grl 15-19 grl 40-49 grl 10-14 grl 50-59 grl 30-39 Updated 10/27/11 . Wild Wolves Wild. Joggly Tooth. Joan Chase Belting. Angie Gerstein. A Wilbert Took a Walk Wilbur's Wild Ride Wild About Books Wild and Woolly Mammoths Wild Animal. Ben 5th Moore. The Wild Wind. Robert Blackwood. Joy Sokoloff. Jiggly. Mordicai Noonan. E. Myka-Lynn 5th Atwood. Judy Evans. Michele Drew. Jill Primary Butler. Joanna Rdr. Nancy White K-6 Markert. Nikolai K-6 Mahy. Wallace. Paul Kropp. Albatross! Wicked Jack Wicked Pirates. Sheena Primary Popov. The Wild Winds and Thunderclouds Wild Young Desert. The Wild Rides: Amusement Parks Around the World Wild Timothy Wild Violets Wild Weather Wild Weather Wild Weather Wild Whale Watch. Wild Sunflower Child Wildcats Wildfires AUTHOR GRADE Bowden. Pauline Primary Wooldridge. Joyce Carlstrom. Gary Green.

Lynn. Brenda Rodgers. Alan Bundey. Mem Krull. Embacher. Funky. Chief of Cherokee Wilma Unlimited: How Wilma Rudolph Became the World's Fastest Woman Wilma's Wagon Wimp. Bernadette Aliki Wenzel. Mankiller. Nikki Biddulph. Steven Fritz. Anthony Salem. Barbara Holkner. Catherine Browne. The Wind and Air Pressure Wind and People Wind and Storms AUTHOR Conlen-McKenna. John Ibbitson.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Wildflower Girl Wildflower Tea Wildlife of the Pacific Northwest Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge Wilma Unlimited : How Wilma Rudolph became the World's f… Will It Eat? Will It Fit? Will It Float? Will Power Will Rogers (On My Own Biographies) Will Smith: The Funny. Lee Willie Mays Young Superstar Willie's Wonderful Pet Will's Mammoth. Jessie Baczynski. Rafe Ross. Margaret Fox. Anthony Peters. Jan Alter. Jane A. The Wind. Josie Stewart. Ethel McKenny. Mickey Tuchman. Josie Lowery. Alexandra Kroll. Charnan Krull. Judy Hamilton. David Hürlimann. The Wind. Kathleen Daronco. Marita Pochocki. Gail Daronco.6th grl 20-29 grl 30-39 Monjo. Louis Cebulash. Stewart. Jean Haas. Jillian Schott. John Hill. Kathleen Hudson. Mel Martin. Linda B. Ferdinand N. Linda Simon. John Hancock? Will You. Mickey Powell. The Wind. Bettina Zolotow. Sabin. Jean Parkes. Eric Wright. Virginia 5th grl 50-59 GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED 3rd . Will's New Friend Willy the Champ Willy the Helper Willy the Wizard Willy's Hat Willy's Hats Wilma Mankiller Wilma P. Ellen Mark. Charlotte Doherty. Fred grl 5-9 grl 5-9 grl 10-14 5th grl 50-59 Updated 10/27/11 . and Confident Fresh Prince Will We Miss Them? Endangered Species Will You Be My Valentine Will You Sign Here. Browne. Won't You? William Penn: Founder of the Pennsylvania Colony William Shakespeare and the Globe William Tell William Tell and his Son William's Doll William's Journal William's Version Williamsburg Willie Bea and the Time the Martians Landed Willie Jasper's Golden Eagle: Being an Eyewitness Account of the Great Steamboat Race Between the Natchez and the Robert E.

Gary 6 Primary Primary K-6 Primary grl 5-9 Updated 10/27/11 . Martin Wings: a Novel Brittain. Celia Barker Ring. A Florian. Ice Windcatcher Window on the Deep: the Adventures of Underwater Explorer Sylvia Earle AUTHOR Hawes. D. The Paulsen. The Wind in the Door.6th grl 15-19 3rd . Catherine Winter in Wartime Terlouw. Elvira Winged Cat. A. The Wind. Blinking. The Christopher. G. Alison Hutchins. Frances Winged Moccasins: the Story of Sacajawea Joyce Wingman on Ice Christopher. James Wingwalker Wells. The Wind Blows Strong. Pat Sandburg. Wiggling and Waggling Moses. The: and Other Poems Holmelund Windy Day. Brian Wing Shop. A Wind in the Willows. Barbara Winter Recess Dufresne. Stings and Wriggly Things Jenkins. Andrea Minarik. Laura Ingalls Winter Fox Stock. Joy L'Engle. Rosemary Winking. Deborah Winning Stroke. Winning Soccer for Girls Crisfield. Jan Winter of Red Snow. Farnsworth. Matt Winning Women McMane. Jane Wings of Rhyme Frankenberg. The: the Revolutionary War Diary of Abigail Jane Stewart Gregory. Brian Winner Takes All West.A.6th Conley. Brian Lottridge. Else Winds That Come from Far Away. Douglas Winter Days in the Big Woods Wilder. Joy Cowley. Tracey Aaseng. Susan Avi GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED 3rd . Kristiana Winter on the Ice Randell. The Wind Blows Strong. Rebecca Winter Across America Simon. Seymour Winter Camp Hill. Beverley Winter Poems Rogasky. Bill Wings: a Tale of Two Chickens Marshall. The Wind Power Wind Song Wind Surfing Wind Wagon. Pat Cowley. Madeleine Grahame. Ruth Winter Trumbauer. A Tale of Ancient Egypt. Kenneth Quinn. Paloma Wings Yolen. Water. Lisa Winter Weber. Nathan Winners Never Quit: Athletes Who Beat the Odds Winnie the Pooh -.SERIES -Milne. The Woodruff. Lloyd Wings. Carl Cutting. Fred Winona's Pony Cart Lovelace. Matt Wings Kennedy. The Karas. Maud Hart Winter Thomson. The Lattimore.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Wind and the Sun: an Aesop Fable Wind Blew. Kirkpatrick Winter Day. Michele Winter Room.

The Wish Fish. Sally Farrell Martin. Roald Bridwell. Eve Margolis. Linda Wilde. Little Red Hen With my Mom and Dad Without Words Witness Wiz Wizard. The Witchcraft of Salem Village. Zilpha Keatley Meddaugh. Big Bear Wish Come TRUE Cat. Joy Rees. Ruth Speare. A AUTHOR Jay. Elizabeth Levoy. Joanne Hearne. Barbara Ann Hesse. Annegert Cowley. The Witches. Els Elliot-Reep. The With Colors Flying: Highlights of the American Revolution With Love. Norman Bridwell. The Winter's Song Wisconsin (Portrait of America) Wisdom Bird. Margie Hesse. Karen Odgers. The Witch Got on at Paddington Station. The Witch's Pig. Mary Bridwell. A Witch's Hand. Jr. The Witch's Garden. Karen Mattern. Pumpkins. Scamell. Kisses. Peter Calhoun. Edna Dahl. The: A Tale of Solomon and Sheba Wise Woman and Her Secret. Myron Carley. Dyan Battles. Shirley Snyder. Susan Barth. Diane GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED grl 30-39 grl 1-4 NF 2 grl 15-19 K-6 grl 30-39 grl 40-49 grl 1-4 Primary Updated 10/27/11 . The Witch in the House Witch of Blackbird Pond. Wayne Jackson. A Witch in Room 6. Norman Buranelli. Ragnhild Krueger. The Wish on a Unicorn Wishbone Classics: Oliver Twist Wishes. Tracey Giff. Brenda Z. The Wizard Abroad. Cynthia Guiberson. The: a Cornish Folktale Witch's Vacation. Bill Duane. Bill Kipfer. The Wish Again. The Witches' Supermarket. The: Three Tales of Coven Tree Wish List. Edith Chew. Norman Young. and Pigs Wishing Hat. Celia Bridwell. Norman Sheldon. The Winter Woolies Winter Worm Business. Richard J. Marguerite Tryon. Buck Swain. Kathleen Oberman.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Winter Sunshine Winter Survival Winter Weather Fun Winter Wheat Winter When Time Was Frozen. The Witch Goes to School. Patricia Reily Daniel. The Witches of Worm. and Grinning Ghosts: the Story of Halloween Symbols Witches. Claire Thompson. Sheldon Merriam.. Carol Brittain. The: A Collection of Traditional Tales Wish Giver. Leslie Burton. The Witch of Fourth Street and Other Stories Witch Who Forgot. Pelgrom. The Wishy-Washy Day Witch Child Witch Goes to School. Betsy Gould Fuchshuber. The Witch's Christmas. Miriam Utton.

L. Debbie Calhoun. Susan Otto. The Wobbly Tooth. Jack Lester. Janet Krueger. The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing. The Wizard in the Tree. Carolyn B. Barbara Kent. Fiona MacDonald. Becky Gray. The Wizard of Earthsea. Patricia Bishop. Laura Resnick. The Wizard's Wand. The: a Story About Thomas Edison Wizard of Wallaby Wallow. A Wizard Children of Finn. Mary Hunt. Randell. Joan Jennings. Sherryl Cooney. Emilie Utteg Ohanian. Michael K. The Woman Who Flummoxed the Fairies. Wexo. Helen Dadey. Julia Craig-Palazzo. The Wobbly Tooth. Becky Chenery. Gavin Wheeler. Debbie Kasza. Kathleen Andrews. The: an Old Tale from Scotland Women at Work Women in 19th-century America Women in 19th-century Europe AUTHOR Vickers. Seymour Smith. The Wolf Wolf and the Old Woman. Margaret Bloom. Fiona GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED 20 grl 10-14 grl 10-14 K-6 grl 15-19 Primary grl 15-19 Primary grl 30-39 grl 15-19 NF Updated 10/27/11 .Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Wizard and the Rainbow. Lloyd Le Guin. Mary Alexander. The Wizard Of Sound. Ursula K. The Wolving Time. Kathy Vickers. Jane Aiken.D. Carol Lawrence. Nancy Bloom. Elizabeth Dadey. Lepthein. John Bonnett Wilde. Jill Barbalet. Janet North. The Wolf's First Deer Wolves Wolves Wolves Wolves Wolves Wolves Wolves Wolves Wolves Wolves Wolves Wolves Wolves (Our Wild World) Wolves and Coyotes (Eyes on Nature Series) Wolves of Willoughby Chase. Frank Mitchell. Buck Evert. Peter & Sheryl MacDonald. the Fairy and the Magic Chicken. A Wizard of Oz. Kathy Tannen. The: a Documentary Novel of the EighteenSeventies Wolfman Sam Wolfmen Don't Hula Dance Wolf's Chicken Stew. The Wizard Came to Visit. Heather Sloan. Roderick Jordan. Baum. R. the Witch Cat Wobbly Tooth. The Wizards Don't Need Computers Wobble. Keiko Wiggins. The: and other Fables from Aesop Wolf of the Desert: the Story of Geronimo Wolf. Beverley Simon. The Wolf! Wolfie Wolfling. Sterling Levy. The Wizard. Patrick Forest.

Rupert Sanford. Booth Warner. Judith E. Eleanor Ireland. The Woody Guthrie. The Woodworkers. Mandy/ Morris Taylor.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Women of Hope: African-Americans Who Made a Difference Women of the West Women of the West Women Scientists AUTHOR GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED Hansen. David Paulsen. William R. American Publisher Mattern. The Wonderful Wings of Harold Harrabescu. Auch. The Wonderful Nature. Howard Wonder Kid Meets the Evil Lunch Snatcher Duncan. Jacquelyn Women Scientists and Inventors: a Science Puzzle Book A. Finton. Woolly Woosh! Cutting. The Woodcutter and the Bear. Gertrude Chandler Kalman. Karin Glen. The Wonderful Pigs of Jillian Jiggs. June grl 30-39 Primary grl 30-39 grl 30-39 2 grl 5-9 Updated 10/27/11 . Joanne Women Who Shaped History: Katharine Graham. Susan Rinard. Carl R. Allan Cowley. Joanne Wonder Child and Other Jewish Fairy Tales.. Joy Melser. Georgess Brown. Fowler. Joanne Women Who Shaped History: Grace Hopper. Bobbie Christensen. The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar and Six More. Wonderful You Wonderful New Book of Ballet. Bonnie Corrin. Monica Schwartz. Bobbie Levenson. Computer Pioneer Mattern. The Schwartz. Sean Mooney. Nancy Greenblatt. Green. Brian & Jillian Cameron. Beth Swinton. Roald McHargue. Sean Taylor. William Elgin Ring. Gary Hager. The Wonderful World of Prehistoric Animals. Joyce Kalman. More than a First Lady Mattern. The Wonderfully Weird Animals Wonders of the Desert World Wonders of Water Wood Wood and Other Materials Wood Frog Wood Song Wood Stork Swamp / Galapagos Giants Woodcutter and the Bear. Rebel Hughes. The Wonderful World of Horses. The: A Play based on a traditional tale from Norway Woodrow Wilson Woodshed Mystery. Eleanor Cameron. Dorothy Veglahn. Lois Wonderful Ears Wonderful Flight to Mushroom Planet Wonderful Flight to the Mushroom Planet. Nancy Williams. Edwina Gilman. Alison Women Who Dared Women Who Shaped History: Eleanor Roosevelt. Phoebe Dahl. Ruth Matthews. Poet of the People Wool Woolly Mammoth Woolly Mammoth (Gone Forever series) Woolly Sheep and Hungry Goats Woolly.

The World of Ants. A: Christopher Columbus World Explorer. Ouida GRADE 3rd . Ken grl 1-4 grl 1-4 Intermediate 2 grl 1-4 3rd . 500 Ancient Rome World History 1600 B.D. Deborah Gutman. Margie Furgang. Elizabeth Rider Knoop. 220 Chinese Civilization World in the Candy Egg. Melvin Lunis. Mary Cowley. Betty Johns. George S.6th K-6 Tresselt. Mervyn D.-A. Joy Becklake. Alvin Berger.C. Sloan. Sue Meade. Kathy Tate. A: Hernando De Soto World Explorer. Linda Burton. David Sebestyen. Bailey. Kevin Esbensen. Faith Yingling Montgomery. Isaac Henkes. The Words Words Are Everywhere Words by Heart Words for Animal Bodies Words for Sizes Words for Space Words for the Senses [Recording] Words from the Myths Words of Stone Words with Wrinkled Knees: Animal Poems Work Helicopter. Franco. Barbara Juster Smith.C. Peter & Sheryl Brewster. Elizabeth Rider Alexander. Faith Yingling Kaufman. The World of Change. A: Vasco Nuñez de Balboa World Explorers: Lewis and Clark World Famous Muriel and the Magic Mystery World Full of Animals: Roger Caras Story.-A. The World Beneath the Waves World Book Encyclopedia Presents Space World Cultures. Africa World Cup Action! World Explorer. Natalie Updated 10/27/11 . Sherley Anne Fichter. The World History World History 500 B. Peter & Sheryl Linde. Annette grl 30-39 Sloan. Joy Lowe. A AUTHOR Marten. Barbara M.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Word Crafting : Teaching Spelling. Marcia L.D. A: Francisco Coronado World Explorer. Grades K-6 Word Eater. Bill Knoop. Sue Hills. Faith Yingling Montgomery.6th grl 20-29 READING LEVEL APPROVED grl 10-14 grl 10-14 grl 10-14 grl 5-9 Asimov. Donna Williams. Cindy Amato. The Work it Out Working at Home Working at the Farmer's Market Working Camels Working Cotton Working Dogs Working It Out! Working Like a Dog Working Together Working with Electricity and Magnetism Worksheets Don't Grow Dendrites: 20 Instructional Strategies World Around Us. Knoop. A: Amerigo Vespucci World Explorer.

Marianna Gantos. Anna Hoare. The World War I Flying Ace World War II By the Numbers World War One: An Illustrated History in Colour. Bronwen Scarffe. Chris Willis. The Wrestling in Action Wrestling is for Me Wretched Stone. Chris Heinemann Raintree -4 titles. Waldman. Russell Spinelli. Robert J. Jenny GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED World of Plants World of Reptiles. The World's Biggest Birthday Cake. Pam Greene. Chris Belcher. David Zollman. The: How They Invented the Airplane Wringer Wrinkle in Time. Jack Williams. The Worrisome Wombat. Rebecca Harrison. Windsor. Alison Berger. Blankenhorn. Samantha Atkinson. Dorfman. Bronwen Dengler. Jerry L'Engle. Iain Crossingham. Carol Sandak.L. The Wreck Trek Wreckers. Madeleine Hessell. Chris Paris.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE World of Christopher Robin. Susan Goodman. 6 copies of each Murawski. The World of Lizards. Ron Oxlade. John Thomas. The World's Best Dog-Walker. 19141918 World. Janet Tames. The World of Matter. The AUTHOR Milne. The Worse Than Rotten. Wonderful Worms Worrisome Wombat. The World's Outstanding Women Athletes World's Wierdest Bats Worm Work Worms Worms for Breakfast Worm's Wagon Worms.6th Updated 10/27/11 . The World of Water. The World Series. Jo Literacy 2000 Satellites deWinter. M. Cass R. The World of Microscope. The World's Oceans. The Wriggly Squiggly Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk Wright Brothers. The Wright Brothers. The Wright Brothers. Elizabeth Freedman. Angie Lawrence. The: The Complete When We Were Very Young and Now We Are Six World of Dogs. Darlyne Leber. Nancy Coldrey. The: a Flying Start Wright Brothers. The Worry Stone.6th 3rd . Ralph Would You Like to Fly? Wreck of the Zepher. Art Van Allsburg.A. A Wrinkles grl 20-29 grl 30-39 Primary Primary 6th grl 10-14 3rd . Richard Keyes. Michael Mueller. Virginia Cole. A. Drew. Kathie Scarffe. Rebel Van Allsburg. Deborah Roberts. Richard MacLeod. Donald J. The World of the Microscope. The World of Sound. Jeanne Sobol. Jennifer Oxlade. A World of Swans.

The Writing Fiction : Big Dreams. The Wuggie Norple Story. Lucy McCormick Calkins. Lee Bennett Calkins. Daniel Manus Peet. Dave Sebranek. Dave Sebranek. Pat Kemper. Pamela Curtis Noonan. Lucy McCormick Spandel. Ralph Raison. Ann GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED 3rd . Glenda Heard. The Writing Workshop: Working Through the Hard Parts Wrong-Way Rabbit. A Writer's Notebook. Marilyn Fletcher.6th Primary Intermediate Updated 10/27/11 . Pat Sebranek.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Write on Track : A Handbook for Young Writers. The Wump World. A (Writing Tools) Writer's Work. Teddy Pinkwater. Tall Ambitions Writing for Readers: Teaching Skills and Strategies Writing from the Inside Out: Revising for Quality Writing in Math Class: Resource for Grades 2-8. A Writing Bug. Bill Field. The Wynken. Katie Wood Slater. Pat Fletcher. Kathleen Heinrichs. Diana Hopkins. Eugene Thompson. Ralph Swallow. A Writing Kind of Day Writing Resource Book Writing Toward Home : Tales and Lessons to Find Your Way Writing Workshop: Essential Guide. Blynken and Nod Wyoming (Portrait of America) Wyoming: America the Beautiful AUTHOR Kemper. Georgia Fletcher. Ralph J. Vicki Burns. Ray. Pat Kemper. Thinkers… Write on Track Sourcebook Write One: A Handbook for Young Writers Writer's Express Skills Book Writer's Express: A Handbook for Young Writers Writer's Express Sourcebook Writer's Express: Teacher's Guide to the Handbook Writer's Notebook. Dave Sebranek.

Liza GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED grl 20-29 Updated 10/27/11 .Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE X Games: Action Sports Grab the Spotlight X-Rays X-Rays Xylophone for X-Ray Fish. Morrison. Rob Charlesworth. Ian Beasley. Nancy D. A AUTHOR Young.

Jill Hansen. The: 1492 Year of The Panda. Pauline Eggleton. The Year of the Three-Legged Deer. Avelyn Shortland Rawlings. A Yearling. Sheen. The Year of Japanese Festivals. Margaret Warner. Seuss Melser. Lensey Textbook distribution READING LEVEL APPROVED GRADE 34 grl 15-19 5 6th Yankee Doodle: Stories of the Brave and the Free Fenner. June Frame. Roberta Lin. Donna Birchall. The Year My Parents Ruined My Life. Miriam Clifford. Sam Hill. Grace Ventura. A Year of Miss Agnes. The Yay. Yellowstone Wonder of the West Yertle the Turtle and Other Stories Yes Ma'am Yesterday I had the Blues Yikes Yikes-Lice! Yippy-Day-Yippy-Doo! Yoga Class Yo Ho! Yo Ho! Yo. Virginia Vozar. Moving on Year Down Yonder. David Raschka. Susan Boynton. A Yo! Yes? Hoehling. James McCloskey. Uma Ferguson. Christopher 5 grl 40-49 6-Mar 8/27/2008 K-2 grl 1-4 grl 30-39 grl 20-29 5th grl 50-59 grl 1-4 Primary Updated 10/27/11 . Matt Freeman. Jo Namioka. The Year with Mother Bear. A Year Mom Won the Pennant. Jeron Ashford Florczak. The Year of the Dog. You!: Moving out. A Year in the City. Martha Epstein. Daniel Dr. The Yearlong Curriculum for Primary Writing Yeh-Shen Yellow Yellow Bird Yellow Bird and Me Yellow Boat. Neville Pugliano-Martin. A Yak Who Yelled Yuck. Shulamith Levey Holley. Kirkpatrick Wiegand. Howard. A Year with Mother Bear. Brian Krishnaswami. The Yellow House Mystery. Piero Schlein. Richard Harrison. Michael Henderson. Dong Il Radlauer. Joyce Hillert. Ai-Ling Cartwright. Moving up.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Yabby Tale. Jae-Soo. Eth Davidson. Marjorie Textbook distribution Louie. Robert Caffey. Hungry Wolf! : Nursery Rap. Mary Duprey Oppenheim. Phyllis R. The Yaks Yang the Third and her Impossible Family Yang the Youngest and his Terrible Ear Yankee Blue or Rebel Gray AUTHOR Lane. Paul Christopher. The Year of The New World. Carol Windsor. Sandra Peck. Gertrude Chandler Cowley. Ruth Jacobs. Cynthia Stevenson. Joy Liu. Kathy. Yankee in the White House: John Quincy Adams Yanni Rubbish Yarn Yard Sale Yard Sale. The Year of the Comet. A Year Full of Poems. Lensey Namioka. The Yellow Overalls Yellow Umbrella Yellowstone National Park.

) You Wouldn't Want to Sail on the Titanic!: One Voyage You'd Rather Not Make (You Wouldn't Want to. Rosemary Wells. Janet Carson. H. Antram. Carl Ciardi.6th Lewis. Jo Wilde. David Woods. David Price. Jeffrey D. John Earle. Melvin Mandelbaum. Nick Walker. Andrew Updated 10/27/11 . Pat Stewart. Amber Brown You Come Too : Favorite Poems for All Ages You Did It You Don't Need Words You Gotta BE the Book You Have to Write You Hold Me and I'll Hold You You Kan Red This!: Spelling and Punctuation for Whole Language You Know Better Than That You Look Ridiculous Said the Rhinoceros to the Hippopotamus You Move You Lose You Read to Me. Sandra Smaridge. Colin VanVoorst. David Primary Primary grl 40-49 grl 10-14 grl 5-9 grl 30-39 K-6 Stewart. David. Cathy French. I'll Read to You: Very Short Stories to Read Together You Shouldn't Have To Say Good-bye You Want Women to Vote.. Jennifer Berger. Diane Short French. Wong. Andrew Woods. Bear's New Year's Party! (Formal Dress Required): A Counting Book You Are Here You Are Special You Are Special You are a Scientist You Are What You Eat You Be Me. Jan Belov Gross. Bernard Sommer. Brian Danziger. I'll Read to You You Read to Me. Lizzie Stanton? You Will Soon Grow Into Them. Jean Hutchins. Pili Miller.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Yoko Yoko's Paper Cranes Yolanda's Genius Yonder York's Adventures with Lewis and Clark: An African-American's Part in the Great Expidition You and Your Teeth You Are a Millionaire You Are An Alien You are Cordially Invited to P. Hoberman. David. Tony Blumberg. Rosemary Fenner.. Patricia Fritz. Peter & Sheryl Leibold. Rhoda Sloan. I'll Be You You Be the Jury You Can Canoe! Book of Sporting Activities You Can Do It! You Can Make a Memory Scrapbook You Can Make a Timer You Can Make Skittles You Can't Eat Your Chicken Pox.. Edward READING LEVEL APPROVED GRADE K-6 3rd . Mary Ann Hermes. Jay Packard. Norah Waber. Paula Frost. Cathy Birchall.. Robert McPherson.) Young Abraham Lincoln Young Abraham Lincoln: Log-Cabin President AUTHOR Wells. Salariya. Carol Johnston. Titch You Wouldn't Want to Be an Egyptian Mummy!: Disgusting Things You'd Rather Not Know (You Wouldn't Want to. Ruth Wilhelm. I'll Read to You You Read to Me. Paul Owen Drew. Marvin Yurkovic.

Jean Lee Levine. David Adler. David Adler. David Adler. Andrew Benjamin. The: Book of Supertrains Young Frederick Douglass Young Fu of the Upper Yangtze Young George Washington: America's First President Young Harriet Tubman: Freedom Fighter Young Helen Keller: Woman of Courage Young Indiana Jones and the Ghostly Riders Young Jackie Robinson: Baseball Hero Young Jim Thorpe: All-American Athlete Young Journalist's Book. A Young Paul Revere's Boston Young Pocahontas: Indian Princess Young Rosa Parks: Civil Rights Heroine Young Scientist Book of Electricity Young Scientist's Guide to Successful Science Projects. Sarah Guthrie. Eric Carpenter. Tony Latham. Kane. David Adler. David Adler. Field Young Man in the White House: John Fitzgerald Kennedy Young Mark Twain and the Mississippi Young Martin Luther King Jr. Andrew Lewis. Linda Carpenter. Jim Epstein. Elizabeth Forman Woods. The Young Cam Jensen --SERIES -. David Adler. The Young Brahms. Jonathan Woods. The AUTHOR Alcott. Eric Rutland. Joanne Isadora. The: A How-It-Is-Done Book of Lettering Young Man in a Hurry: The Story of Cyrus W.: "I have a Dream" Young Mozart Young Naturalist: From Texas Parks and Wildlife Magazine Young Orville and Wilbur Wright: First to Fly Young Patriot. David Adler. Eric Carpenter. Anne Benjamin.Cam Jansen Young Cam Jensen and the Baseball Mystery Young Cam Jensen and the Dinosaur Game Young Cam Jensen and the Double Beach Mystery Young Cam Jensen and the Ice Skate Mystery Young Cam Jensen and the Library Mystery Young Cam Jensen and the Lost Tooth Young Cam Jensen and the Missing Cookie Young Cam Jensen and the New Girl Mystery Young Cam Jensen and the Pizza Shop Mystery Young Cam Jensen and the Zoo Note Mystery Young Champions: It's All About Attitude Young Christopher Columbus Young Christopher Columbus: Discoverer of New Worlds Young Davy Crockett: Frontier Pioneer Young Engineer. Edward Farrell. David Barr. Andrew Murphy. Nancy Pinkwater. Daniel Manus Hart. Barnett Mattern.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Young Amelia Earhart Young Author's Do-It-Yourself Book. Donna Deucher. David Adler. Sandra READING LEVEL APPROVED GRADE grl 15-19 grl 15-19 grl 15-19 grl 15-19 grl 15-19 grl 15-19 grl 15-19 grl 15-19 grl 15-19 grl 15-19 Updated 10/27/11 . Ilo Woods. William Farrell. Philip Markle. David Adler. Anne McCay. David Adler. Israel E. Anne Benjamin. Edward Bentley. Anne Chapman. Sybil Adler. Sam Benjamin. The Young Larry Young Letterer. Rachel Hiller.

Kitty Schaefer. Lola M. Bryan North. Lorraine Cowley. Paul Pomerantz.! Your Muscles on the Move Your Nerves and Their Messages Your Nervous System Your Science Fair Project Your Skeleton Your Skeleton Your Skeleton and Skin Your Skin and Mine You're Not My Best Friend Anymore You're So Clever Yours Truly. Sterling Nemes.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Young Snowboarder. Charlotte Scarffe. Michelle H Broekel. Barbara READING LEVEL APPROVED GRADE grl 10-14 grl 20-29 K-6 grl 30-39 4th grl 15-19 NF NF grl 15-19 Primary Updated 10/27/11 . Lois Coupe. Sigmund French. The Young Wolf's First Hunt Youngest Giraffe. Barbara Parsons. Bronwen Ada. Robert Kalina. Claire Carpenter. LeMaster. The Yummy Lunch. Goldilocks You've Been Away All Summer Yo-Yo's Yuck Soup Yucky Reptile Alphabet Book. Carl Findlay. Taro Hunt. Sheila Wilson. William Brannon. Carla Broekel. Alma Flor Hayes.P. Kathy Moore. Joy Pallotta. The Youngest One Your Amazing Body Your Amazing Bones Your Body Your Body in Balance Your Brain and Nervous System Your Dog Plays Hockey? (Peanuts) Your First Pet and How to Take Care of It Your Five Senses Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man Your Heart Your Heart and Blood Your Job Is Easy Your Magnificent Declaration Your Mother was a Neanderthal Your Move Your Move. Pat LeMaster. Jerry Cohen. Bruce Scieszka. Ray Showers. Charles M. Stevens. J. A Yussel's Prayer: A Yom Kippur Story AUTHOR Iguchi. Eve Lowry. Leslie Jean Sommer. Robert Burton. Madeleine Shefelman. Elizabeth Yashima. Margie Quinn. Roderick O'Brien. Leslie Jean Schulz. Janice Russell-Arnot. Ray Richards. Jon Bunting. Eric L'Engle. The Young Thomas Edison Young Thomas Edison: Great Inventor Young Thurgood Marshall: Fighter for Equality Young Unicorns.

The Zach's Lie Zack Files. The Zebra. Dufresne. Laurel Dickey. The Zoo! a book of poems. Lisa Campbell Earle. Jan Green. The -. Laura Monjo. Erica McDermott.6 grl 50-59 grl 1-4 K-6 grl 10-14 grl 40-49 Updated 10/27/11 . Kevin Saunier. Dan Lewison. Zapping. Shirley Dickey. Nancy D. Chris Van Allsburg. Christine Beasley. The Zacharys' Plans. Fleming. Susan Dickey. Bats Zippity Zinger. Lee Bennett Banyai. Linda C. The Zoo Food Zoo in Willy's Bed. Scott Bennett. Laurel Farber. Isaac Bashevis Reid.Critters of the Night Zomo the Rabbit: A trickster tale from West Africa Zoo. Zlata Singer. Henry Filipovic. Fleming. Nadine Wood. The Zebras Zebra's Yellow Van Zee King Shall Sing Zeely Zeely Zebra Zelda and Ivy Zenas and the Shaving Mill Zero Gravity Zia Zink Zinnia and Dot Zipping. Michelle Dickey.SERIES -Zoos Without Cages Zounds! Sounds! AUTHOR Van Allsburg. Margie Farber. Chris Tavares. Laurel Van Allsburg. Virginia Derubertis. Gerald Butler. Matt Eggleton. Jill Eggleton. Erica Rinard. Ferdinand N. Kate Sturman Hopkins. Susan Goreman. Istvan Palatini. The Zachary's Ball Zachary's Plans. The Zlata's Diary: A Child's Life in Sarajevo Zlateh the Goat and Other Stories Zoe at the Fancy Dress Ball Zoe's Birthday Presents Zombies Don't Do Windows -SERIES -. Sarah GRADE Intermediate READING LEVEL APPROVED Primary grl 5-9 grl 5-9 grl 5-9 grl 30-39 5th 5. Robinson. Phillips.Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Z was Zapped. Diane Ciantar. Wendy Cheyette Mozelle. Jill Smith. Zoom Zoom Broom Zoom on my Broom -.SERIES -Zack the Lazy Zebra Zack's Alligator Zack's Alligator Goes to School Zack's Halloween Costume Zack's House Zack's Moving Day Surprise Zathura Zathura: A Space Adventure Zebra Wall. The Zoo Book. Roland Greenburg. The Zoo Animals Zoo at Night. Zooming. George Hamilton. Barbara Kvasnosky. Chris Henkes. A Zoo. Sarah O'Dell. Ann Winkler. Shirley Mozelle. Cherie Ernst. Judith E. Andrea Young. Martha Pfloog. Laurel.

Spokane Public Schools Elementary Approved Reading List TITLE Zucchini Warriors. The AUTHOR Korman. Colin Nicholson. The Zug the Bug Zulus. Gordon Hawkins. Robert GRADE READING LEVEL APPROVED Updated 10/27/11 .

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