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Case  Western  Reserve  University  Law  Professor  Sues  Dean  Lawrence  E.   Mitchell  and  Case  Western  Reserve  University  for  Retaliation    
  Complaint  alleges  dean  retaliated  against  Prof.  Raymond  Ku  when  Ku  reported  to  University   Provost  Baeslack  concerns  that  dean  had  been  engaged  in  sexual  harassment  of  others     CLEVELAND,  OHIO  –  Today,  Professor  Raymond  Ku,  a  current  professor  and  the  former   Associate  Dean  for  Academic  Affairs  of  the  Case  Western  Reserve  University  School  of  Law,   filed  a  civil  lawsuit  against  Dean  Lawrence  E.  Mitchell  and  the  University  alleging  that  Mitchell   retaliated  against  Ku  after  Professor  Ku  in  2011  reported,  to  the  University’s  provost,  vice   president  for  diversity,  and  faculty  diversity  officer,  allegations  that  Mitchell  had  potentially   sexually  harassed  law-­‐‑school  faculty  and  staff.  The  suit  was  filed  in  the  Cuyahoga  County   Court  of  Common  Pleas.     Professor  Ku  has  since  2003  been  a  tenured  Case  Law  faculty  member,  rising  to  Associate  Dean   for  Academic  Affairs  in  2010.  Dean  Mitchell  has  been  Case  Law’s  dean  since  2011,  and  was   previously  a  professor  at  George  Washington  University  (GW).  The  complaint  alleges  that   Case’s  deanship  search  committee  had  been  aware  of  concerns  about  Mitchell’s  potential  sexual   misconduct  at  GW,  including  his  relationship  with  a  GW  law  student.     The  Complaint  alleges  as  follows:     • In  about  August  2011,  Ku  personally  observed  Mitchell  caress  a  female  staff  member   and  became  aware  of  allegations  by  other  women  at  Case  that  Mitchell  had  made   inappropriate  comments  to  several  law  professors  and  another  staff  member.     • Mitchell  retaliated  against  Ku  by,  among  other  things,  threatening  to  fire  him;  ending  all   face-­‐‑to-­‐‑face  communication  with  him;  stripping  him  of  his  substantive  responsibilities  as   associate  dean  and  constructively  discharging  him  from  that  position;  working  to   discredit  him  among  his  colleagues  on  the  faculty;  refusing  to  consider  him  for  an   MORE   www.ChandraLaw.com  

endowed  chair;  discontinuing  his  co-­‐‑directorship  of  the  Center  for  Law,  Technology  &   the  Arts;  and  cutting  Ku’s  compensation.     • Provost  W.A.  “Bud”  Baeslack;  Vice  President  for  Diversity,  Inclusion  &  Equal   Opportunity  Marilyn  Mobley;  Faculty  Diversity  Officer  John  Clochesy;  and  possibly   President  Barbara  Snyder  were  aware  of  the  retaliation  against  Professor  Ku  but  no  one   took  action  to  stop  or  remedy  it  after  Ku  filed  a  formal  complaint.   After  a  staff  member  reported  Dean  Mitchell’s  sexual  relationship  with  a  Case  law   student  to  Provost  Baeslack,  Vice  President  Mobley,  and  Vice  President  of  Human   Resources  Carolyn  Gregory,  the  staff  member  was  briefly  reassigned  to  work  for   Gregory,  and  then  ostensibly  “laid  off  for  budgetary  reasons.”   Peter  M.  Poulos,  Case’s  Chief  Litigation  Counsel  and  Chief  Risk-­‐‑Management  Officer,   met  with  law-­‐‑school  faculty  and  staff,  including  Dean  Mitchell,  and  warned  them  to   follow  the  university’s  mandatory-­‐‑sexual-­‐‑harassment-­‐‑reporting  policy—and  against   retaliation.  But  Dean  Mitchell  continued  to  retaliate  against  Professor  Ku  anyway.  



  Subodh  Chandra,  Professor  Ku’s  lead  counsel,  said,  “Professor  Ku  paid  a  high  price  for  doing   what  was  both  required  and  right—standing  up  for  victims  at  great  personal  risk  and  reporting   to  senior  university  officials  Dean  Mitchell’s  potential  harassment.  But  retaliation  is  illegal  and  a   law-­‐‑school  dean  should  know  he  is  not  above  the  law.  The  only  question  now  is  whether  Case   will  continue  to  blindly  back  Dean  Mitchell  despite  these  circumstances,  or  whether  it  will  live   up  to  its  own  policies  and  ideals  for  the  sake  of  its  students,  staff,  and  faculty.  In  any  case,   Professor  Ku  has  had  enough.  There  will  be  accountability.”     The  suit,  captioned  Ku  v.  Mitchell,  et  al.,  Case  No.  CV  13  815935  was  filed  in  the  Cuyahoga   County  Court  of  Common  Pleas  and  is  assigned  to  Judge  Peter  J.  Corrigan.     Chandra  and  Ashlie  Case  Sletvold  of  The  Chandra  Law  Firm,  LLC,  www.ChandraLaw.com,   represent  Professor  Ku.  (Before  Dean  Mitchell’s  tenure,  Chandra  served  Case  Law  as   Distinguished  Practitioner  in  Residence  and  full  Adjunct  Professor  of  Law,  teaching  legal  ethics   and  appellate  practice.)     Those  who  wish  to  share  information  with  Professor  Ku’s  counsel  regarding  this  matter  may   email  MitchellInfo@ChandraLaw.com  or  call  216.578.1700.     ##30##  

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