1. CLEAR – readable, coherent and unambiguous (i) Improve the following sentences by using simpler words and phrases for those in italics. You can use the words in the box to help you. loss best agreed old increase ended final sent

(a) We will order all the materials on this list you furnished. (b) Last year the company operated at a financial deficit. (c) We need to maximize profits in year 2008. (d) The antiquated sales strategy is ineffective in today’s competitive market. (e) This is the optimum solution. (f) Definitive decision was made by the Director at the meeting yesterday. (g) The contract can be terminated by either party. (h) They acceded to the customer’s demand to replace the defective material. (ii) Give appropriate synonyms for the following words in order to improve understanding. (a) abbreviate (b) accelerate (c) aggregate (d) archaic (e) ascertain (f) commencement (g) conceptualise (h) conjecture (i) de facto (j) expedite (k) feasible (l) modus operandi (m) parameters (n) rescind (o) viable

(iii) Rewrite the following antiquated sentences in plain English. (a) We deem it advisable for you to wait. (b) This will acknowledge your recent letter. (c) We are holding a two-day seminar in lieu of a one-day seminar. (d) We are effective by virtue of our experience. (e) Please find enclose herewith a revised proposal for your kind consideration.

2. COMPLETE – containing all necessary details

Wordy (a) At all times (b) At the present time / At this point in time (c) Due to the fact that (d) For the reason that (e) In compliance with your request (f) In the event that (g) In the very near future (h) Make a recommendation that (i) Of a confidential nature (j) On the occasion of (ii) Rewrite the following redundant expressions. CONCISE – having no more detail than is necessary (i) Rewrite the following expressions more concisely.45 on Friday. 3.Rewrite the following sentences to include all necessary information. Redundancy (needless repetition of words) (a) absolutely perfect (b) advance plan (c) adding together (d) combine into one (e) different varieties (f) free gift (g) foreign imports (h) goals and objectives (i) honest truth (j) joined together (k) new breakthrough (l) past history (m) repeat again Substitution Concise . (a) My flight arrives at 11. (c) Please send us the necessary details. (b) Our Sales Representative will contact you as soon as possible.

. (e) In the period between June and September. (a) Every division head must submit his monthly report by next Monday. 4. we will send the samples requested to you by 3 June. (c) Every salesman must reach a minimum of RM 10. (a) chairman (b) cleaning lady (c) firemen (d) foreman (e) housewife (f) man-hours (g) man-made (h) newsman (i) spokesman (j) stewardess (ii) Rewrite the following sentences to avoid discriminatory language. (b) I’d like to apologise for any inconvenience caused. COURTEOUS – being tactful and sensitive (i) Suggest some gender-neutral alternatives for the following terms. (b) Every doctor should advise his patients to go for annual medical check-ups. (a) In accordance with your request.(n) small in size (o) true facts (iii) Rewrite the following sentences to make them shorter. (e) All conference participants and their wives are invited to the banquet. (b) ……………………………………………………………………. I-attitude You-attitude We-attitude (a) I’m asking all employees to respond to the attached survey regarding working conditions. and would like to seek your pardon. (c) There is no existing system that can do this. we detected the problem. CONSIDERATE – being aware of the receiver Rewrite the following sentences using the you-attitude.000 sales a month. (d) Sam has prepared some questions and the questions will be asked during the meeting. (d) Applicant for the position of fireman must submit a medical report signed by his physician. 5.… (a) We have decided to give you another 10% discount if you make .

Continual) breakdown of machines slows down production rate.………………… 6. (a) I’m pleased to announce that we will be extending our hours to make shopping more convenient. . (e) There is a meeting next week at 10 a. so please contact me as soon as possible. punctuation and spelling Choose the correct word or words that should be used in each sentence below. (b) Production cost has reduced by quite a substantial amount. personnel) assistant. The report shows the desired (affect. CORRECT – in detail.m. to discuss the matter. (c) Construction cannot begin until a later date. except) the booking fee. (a) We need several workers to do this work. Suria College employs ten (imminent. persuades) me that improved quality controls are necessary. eminent) scholars. We-attitude You-attitude (b)……………………………………………………. (Continuous.. You’ll be refunded for everything (accept. grammar. percentage) of the total revenue. effect).. (d) Your feedback is needed urgently. Anderson has a (personal. Mr.. The defect rate (convinces. fewer) applicants this year compared to previous years. 7. This division contributed a small (percent.payment within 10 days upon delivery. There are (over. capacity) to create graphics. (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) (g) (h) (i) (j) A computer has the (ability. more than) two hundred branches nationwide. We have (less. CONCRETE – not vague or abstract Rewrite these sentences. You-attitude (b)………………………………………………………………………. using specific facts and figures in place of the underlined words to make your message more concrete.

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