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Lesson Plan

Subject/ Course/ Grade: English 12 Lesson Title: King Lear Character Bios. Focus on Family Rationale: In this lesson I would like to continue introducing the play King Lear to the class. I would continue the discussion of what constitutes a tragic play. Moving on to the premise of the play and introducing the characters. Focus on the theme of family in act 1 scene 1. Introduce the class to the journal assignment which will take shape through taking notes and reflecting on their reading. Also introduce the class to the Think Tac Toe assignment which will require each student to hand in a section of this assignment each week. GCO’s: 4-Select, read, and view with understanding a range of literature, information, media, and visual texts. 8-Use writing and other ways of representing to explore, clarify, and reflect on their thoughts, feelings, experiences, and learning; and to use their imaginations. SCO’s: 4.2-Read widely and experience a variety of literary genre and modes from different places and times. 4.3-Articulate understanding of ways in which information texts are constructed for particular purposes. 4.4- Use the cueing system and a variety of strategies to construct meaning in reading and viewing sophisticated texts 8.2-Use note-making strategies to reconstruct increasingly complex knowledge Student Goals: Taking notes and making predictions on the play King Lear via a journal assignment. Gain an understanding of the assignment Think, Tac, Toe. Gain an understanding of the premise of the play King Lear. Instructional Strategies: Lecture, journals, discussion. Materials: King Lear text Copies of Think, Tac, Toe assignment Outline of the journal keeping assignment Character bio handout. Lesson Introduction: 20 minutes Go over the journal keeping assignment and what is expected. Also go over the Think Tac Toe assignment and what is expected. Go over any questions students may have. 5 minutes- Go over what was discussed the day before. The elements of a tragedy and remind students to keep these elements in while reading this play.

Lesson Body: 30 minutes Go through the character bios making sure everyone is aware of the premise and who each character is. Discuss the family relationships between the characters and what family tragedies might arise and have so far arisen in 1.1. Lesson Closure: Give the class the final minutes of class to put an entry into their journal and further discuss the play. Assessment: none Adaptations/Extensions:

-Any student can read along to an audio version of the play by searching “King Lear audiobook online” on google. -Youtube “King Lear” to view performances of the play.
-Specific adaptations to any exceptionalities if needed.