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Lesson Plan

Subject/Course/Grade: English 12 Lesson Title: Introduction to the play “King Lear” by William Shakespeare Rationale: This first lesson will serve as a time to provide the necessary background information on exactly what a tragedy is. Also I hope students working in groups will discuss their own knowledge of other plays and begin to make connections to the elements of a tragedy. General Course Objectives: 1-Speak and listen to explore, extend, clarify, and reflect on their thoughts, ideas, feelings, and experiences. Specific Course Objectives: 1.1 Synthesize others’ ideas to clarify and extend their understanding. 1.2 Ask discriminating questions to analyze and evaluate ideas and information. 3.1 Consistently demonstrate active listening and respectful concern. Student Goals: Understand the important elements and structure of a tragedy. *Magnitude, Emotional turmoil(Pathos), Tragic Mistake(Hamartia), Bad things happening to good people Instructional Strategies: Group work Materials/Resources: Copies of play “King Lear” Youtube/ Google Introduction: First I would like to tap into some prior knowledge and set the stage as to what a tragedy is in life, and in the theatre. 5 minutes- Divide the class into groups. Make sure the class knows each group will have to contribute when we discuss the answers to the questions later. Body of Lesson: 30 minutes- The class will spend this time discussing and answering the questions assigned. These questions get students thinking about what the term tragedy means and the important aspects of a tragic play. 30 minutes -- As a class we will go over each question discussing what the term “tragedy” means, while also discussing how our life experiences or other plays we might know can help us to get a sense of the important elements of a tragic play. Closure: Final 5 to 10 minutes- Hand out copies of the play and assign the first act to be read for the following day. Assessment: Formative. Each group will be asked to contribute at least once as we discuss the questions as a class.

Adaptations/ Extensions: -Any student can read along to an audio version of the play by searching “King Lear audiobook online” on google. -Youtube “King Lear” to view performances of the play.

Questions #1) In your own words what does it mean when something tragic happens? #2) Certain kinds of plays are specifically tragic plays. Brainstorm 5 plays and then decide if these plays are tragedies. Give reasons why or why not. #3) In your own words what are some characteristics that make a play tragic? #4) Brainstorm some situations where bad things have happened to good people. Would you consider these situations tragic? #5) If something bad happens to an evil person, is it tragic? How do you feel imagining this type of scenario? #6) What is magnitude? Why might magnitude be important to tragic plays?