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Thls ls ail E&rcatlonal and InspLratl.onal Course of $tudy d.eallng wlth Interplanetary eubJects. It Is 6s* peclally wrltten and lntended fotr NEW Affi lndltldualo avenywhere. Statements ln thts Courae are based on Sclentlfl.c and Super*$ensory Flndlngs. No clal:n l.s made as to what the lnf,ormatlon oJ.ted &ay do Ln any glven case and Ehe Pubughers aBBurBe no obllg*tlon for. op1.nlonE expressed or lroplJ-ed by the author.



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"vEHusrAN imALTH ItAGIc't con',al.ns

a wealbh of and lnsptnatlon for all of you wonderful souig t^lho have come to know that you are never alone. fntelllgence and love df,rect the unlvenser drrd always d,ne "Et your servl-cerr to llft you upr*ard lnLo a healthier, happler and hlgher vLbratlon.

vltal lnstruetlon

that no oile on earth need be slc.k, or wracked wlth paLn, or fllLed wlth a hopeless despalr IF' the anazlng heaLth prlnclples they have unselflshly brought to us, are practleed.
The "HeaLth Maglc" of the Planetary Eeaehers ls lntended for. all of us earthLlngs who have a hurntng deElre to leave poor health behlnd us forever, and go on to wonderf\:l Joys and

Oun $paee Broihers--The



acblvLties that eome on}y to the healthy. D"le to the fact that the Venuslans are mueh furtber advanced in thelr underetandlng of rnarr than we are, tliey have learned all about the eleetrlc power that makes the human body functlon as Lt does. They dlseovered that radlant heaLth and vl,tallty could be stepped up by the slmp1e mean$ of tncreaalng oners lntalce of LLf,e Eleetrlclty, through a posltlve dlet of hlgh1y vlta).laed foods, and by a conselous dlr"ectlon of what they caLl "Llfetronstr. You w!.11 Learn of theee and many other lX.fe-glvlng dlscover"les ln tlra pa&es that foLLow. they wl1l open NEIll VISTAS for Iour ln your geaneh for and mastery.
Thr1lL1ng adventuree &re Juat ahead fon you and for aLL thoee who travel the path of ever-lncreaslng LItrE...leading bo the STABSI
Seer of the New Age

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ConfldentlaL Treatlse.







The best way f knon of t,o relay [o you bhe Ilfe-glvlng health secre[s of the Venuslans, so that you u111 be abLe to apply then most effeetlvely ln your own l1fe, ls by telltng you of a certai.n remarkable expenlence, JLm llndy, a good frlend of m1ne'whom I have lrnorn for many yearsr was the nucleus around *hIch thls lnost unusual experience revolved. It wae through my knoulng Jlm, and vrhole-heantedly respondlng t,o hls sJ.ncere and desperate "ca}] for help", thaL I was plunged lnto a tremendous New Age adventure the Space People of Venus. I hadn't seen Jlm l,lndy s1nce 1953 when he and I had been actlve toget,her ln formlng an "Interplanetary Contact Group" l.n tlashlngton staLe. The group was small, bub whab 1t lacked j.n slze lt made up for lln slncere earnestness and enthusiasm. lde used Jtmrs spacious house for our nee|lngs, uhich were held several tlmeg a month. As you may have already guessed, the pur.pose of our llttIe group was to learn everythl-n6 we posslbly could about "Flylng Saucerg" &nd to contaet bhe $pace Peop)-e themselves, fo:r thelr knowLedge of the untverse was evldent)"y not only far gneater fhan our o$nr but baeed on spir.ltual prlnclplee as yet unreeognfzed by nost of Earthrs people. $ome of us made splendid progrees ln understandlng these thlngs whlch, to the avbrage "&an on the s0reet" seemed then to be fantaeblcally strange and hlghly lmprobable to say the least. Our burnlng des1-re was to learn how we m16ht lncrease aur awareneEs of that whlch ls above and beyond the ordinary, and by systematle eteps, gradually "attune" oursel-ves to the hlgher vlbratlons of the Space People. l,le uere confldent and hopeful that frr due tlme the proper methods t{ould be dlscovered whereby we could uake actuaL contact with them. Jlm f,lndy we$ by nature a splrltually progresoive lndlvldual, open-mlnded to the Nth degree. Yet by no marurer of reans could he be coneldered ln the Ieaet gu}}lble. He had seen severaL "uFo's" hl&gelf tn the nl"ght skles and had been ftlled awe and wonderment'at the slght. 0n one occaslon a brtlllanbly glowlng obJect of huge p:ropont,l"ons, was slghted ln the sky near the vlclnlty of hls ovrn home. It clrcled. t'he area tw1ee, ihen w1t,h amazln6 accelerailon, the brlght obJect cflmbed etralght upward sevenal thousand feet and headed ln


the dlrectton of, the honlzon at unbeltevabla speed. Jlm ueg eo profoundly lnpne*sed by what he had been permltted to wltnesi (no Saucer" -stgrrtlng happens by "accident") that he detern:tned to do aLL wtthln hls power to flnd out more about bhe
untque and marvelously tntel116ent beJ.ngs who on world$ fat dJ.stant fnom thlg Ear"th,



In the latter part of 1953 I left the Inter?lanetary Contact Group 1n the very capable hands of Jlm Llndy and mowd from Washlngton State to Southern Callfornla to canny out Eome lmportant plans I had for further lnvestlgiatLng the lJl'O phenomena. I heard fron Jlm by letter every Bo oftenr and h1s reponts of the groupls progresE w€re ensourlaglng and hopeful. One of the nlcest things about Jlm ls hls constant optlmlsm and cheerfulness. He radlated thls good feellng ln hls Letters and lt was a Joy to recelve any comruntcatlon fron h1u. In 1955, hls }etters suddenly took a negatlve turn. Jlm began to convey a depreseed note, ast lf he had f,or Bone reason beeome deeply dlecouraged. FlnaSIy one J-etter contalned really bad new$. For 'rprlvate reasonstt Jtm had reslgned f:rom actlve l.eadershlp of the group. However, he wag not disbandlng the group, but had turned over lts leadershlp to another memben and they Here etlil holdlng rreetlngs at h1s
house...although much Less frequently than before. over a

After thts news, no furthero word came from Jlm Llndy for year. Concludlng that he had somehow loet lnterest ln the gnouprs orlglnal purpose, and. that hLs dest:re to contact ttre Space People had rvaned, I kept on l.n a qulet but eteady fashlon wlth my ortln studles und research. Then, very early one mornlng I wag startled by a qutck knock Qn Dy door and a loud volce calIlng out ttIelegrarnl Telegram!fr When I opened the door, the mesienger thmit the foLlowlng telegra,m l"nto my hands:

At once r tunned. the telegram over lng reply to my frlend:

and wrote the foll-ow-



fhat evenlng r drove out to the alrpont and Jolned the crowd of those who were eagerly "btandlng by,, to see the 5:00 orclock plane land, and taxl uf,to the-gale wlth lts


of passengers. !.ly rnJ.nd wae fll1ed nor+ rtth the vlvld, lnage of Jlm Lindy as he had been in 1953, tnlm-walsted, ntralght shouldered, vltal and strong. 0f course, he would l.ook a llttLe dlfferent than when I had last seen hlm, rpogsLbly a trlfle more mature, but, wlth the same beamlng sm11e I nemembered as dlstlnctly h{.e own. f was due for a severe shock, l{hen the plane eane to a stop and the paseengens began strearalng out, an entlrely dlfferent looklng Jlm Llndy than the one I had been plcturlng a moment before, made hJ.s Hay to*ard me ln the crowd, llls face r.tas tlred and haggand. H1s hafir whl"ch formerly +ras Jet b),ack and luxunlantly thlck, had burned graylsh-whlte and was qulte thln 1n spots. The trlm waB gone. A "pot-be}Iy" replaced lt, The shoulders were stooped and the old-tlme $Hlle wae very dlfferent,. it was more l1ke a grlmace of paln. I FIEEB A IfERY I 8reeted JLn wtth a1.3. the good cheer SICK MAN 1,IH0$E I could muster for the occaslon, astd after hustllng hlm lnto my ear, drove swiftly CONDITION HAS BAFFITED DOCIORS. towald the sectlon of Loe AngeLes ln whlch my apartnent is located. 0n the way, J1m . elcpresged a deslre to ta}Ic. After saylng how gratefuL he tcas to have me meet hlm ai the alrport and telltng a Llttle about h1s fllght, he cane to the clrux of the trlr

mat,ber. "As you see, l41ehae1, I a physical r+rec]<. For the past two years rty health has been on a downhilL toboggan sLlde untll. now Irm at the polnt of loelng all hope. Out of a blue sky my stomach slarted ractlng upr. Naturally I went to a doctor fon a checl',n:p and medlclnes, but sttll. my st,omaeh trouble etayed '*lth ne. In fact, lt got vrorse. Treatments I t,ook only seemed to aggravate tt. Then, to make xnatterE even llorse and more bewllderlng, I began to feel paln lntennJ.ttently ln my gaJ'l-bladder, 11ver and appendlx. You can lmaglne how upeet I became over al]. these physlcal lIIs.r'
ttYes, Jlm, I een, And I can also lrnaglne that these vorlous palns wele leadlng you to become betten acqualnted wlth your Lnner anatomy. A most unpleasant way to learn about lt' B.rt what dl.d you do then?" I asked syrnpathetlcally.
"The ueual thlng," Jlm repIled, "uhen one doetor fatl.ed to he}.p me I went to another, and then another, untll I had made the rounds of a great many of them. Some thought f had ILver troubLe, some sald lt was kidney stones, others sald gall. bladder tnouble, but none were sure of Just what was the maln trouble. They took a lot of X-rays for whlch I spent a good deal of money, but dlscovered nothlng deflnlte. One speclallst Buggested an rexploratory operattont but I balked. You know how I have ahrays felt about sueh thlngs. " "YeBr" I responded, "youtve altlays be]1eved that, 1f there srer^e any other way tc avold belng operated on yourd try 1l flrst


snd eonsen? to betng cut open ?nly if thene waE $o other Feaelble soLutlon to the Problem. " Jlu Llndy looked ab me and nodded hlE head 1n agreeuent' After a long lause he spoke. "I held off brlngllg my troubles to you unttL Lhe very Last noment. &tt when_my heallh prcbtemi becane steadlly worae, and all the usual. doctorlng mgtl-u{s wonder drtrgs, X-rays aqd |e1lth devJ"ces-*fatled to -*itre pl.lIs, restorL my good health, I began to feel that my condttlon was

i'eiffy gerlous. I not onJ.y f,ee1 weak and mlserabl'e most of the tlme, but I have aged congld,erably In the past two years. Physlcal]y ltm at a vel.y 1ow ebb. Itlentall.y, Itm fan lrom bel,ng'the lceln-eyed man I was' As a resulE, Irve made' nore than a few unwlse deelsLons ln my buslness that have cost me a Breat deaL of needless expellger Now that so much of my noney has been spent on doetoring--wtth no lnprovenent 5.n my condltlon-*Irm uo:rr1ed about not belng able to earn enough money to keep on wlth health treattnents. It loolts hopele$s.rt "Youtve overLooked one lmportant avetlue of he3.p.'r I sald as I tunned my sar off the fneeway and headed for rny apartrnent 1n the suburbs. I glanced qtrlckly at Jlut and noted a gllnt of hope tn hl.B eye,

"Idhat do you mean?" he querled' "The space People.'r i sald bl.untly..."Youtve seen the Saucers Just as I have. I Imow you beLleve the spaceeraft are controlJ.ed by Lntelllgent belngs fron outer space who nnrEt be

far wlser than the maJortty of doctors on eanth. It mlght Just be posslble the Space PeopLe have access to knowl"edge and, heal* lng nethods far ln advance of any we now have. To belngs of superlor tntelllgence and understandlng, your case woulontt appear at all hopeless. Ehey probably would be abLe to 6et results that to us tnlght even $eem n:lraculous. I dtdntt tell Jlm then that I had been succesgfi.ll 5.n my long-tlme quest--that Le, that for the past year I had been pr*,vlleged to make actual contact with two qf the mosb wondnous and noble belngs I have evsn seen*-Lon-7.ara and Shelana, of Venus. These advanced human beings, for such they were, had long ago r'graduated'f frcm Earth to the planet Venus, and ara aetively engaged ln two flelds of servlce. One: they hold lmportant positlons ln the LLfetronlc Heai.lng eenter on Yenus, Lon-Zara belng a master healer and hls most valuable asslstant ln the great wo::k. Tlrro: they ha*le a ll.mttecr, number of NEW A-GE etudente ltvlng on our planet 3arth, wlth whcr:: they are 1n f.r'equeni contact by telepathy a:icl other mearls. ,"rlhus a network of "key J-nolvlduals" eompr.:.sed cf me:: and women ln varloue fleld,s of human servlce on earth, are sec:retly lnstructed by the Venuslans who beeome thelr Cosmi-c Teachers. And, by releasing certaln hlgher phases of i<nowiedge to the Key men and




the l,lastens of Venus asslst greatLy ln leesenlng the sufferlng of Earthts humanlty, and upllftlng all of ue lnto a more pos-




Euch tlmee as




most needed,



ton-Zara, when laot he had cornmunj.cated wlth me telepathlcalIts, had taught me many astoundlng facts regardlng the wonderful healbh and amaztng longevlty of bhe people of Venus. To a true student of the occult on hldden slde of llfe, none of the Yenuslatx $ecret Sclence 1s the least blt "lnpract1ca1'r oIr even fantastlc. You and f latow that all htghen teachJ.ngs of llfe are far more practlcal and tnre than the merely human mlnd, can reaLize at In ttme, as the pensonal vlbratlons become naX.sed lnto hlgher and stlll. hlgher oetavee of betng... all l.lmiiatX"ons vanlsh, and mantE Splrlt control.ts firatter.
Those of you who have etudled 'IVENUSIAN SECRET SCIENCHIT whteh I related my sertes of eontacts wlth Lon-Zsra, ltnow thaf, he gave me speclal suggestlons to obeerve 1n :regar"d to the NEW AGE dlet as we}l as other mattens. By apply1ng those euggestlons and 'rstl.ckJ"ng wlth them" untll they became habl.te ln my dally llfe, I dlseovered to my great Joy that my lrnproved lrnmensely. B.rt thai $as not the only pnactlcal beneflt. I'fy merrtal and splrltual facultles became


ffiuffierandmoreact1vethaneverbefore.Th1shasbeen a great bl.essl-ng to me, for t'oday f em a nore awakened channel for NE1{ AGE TRIIEH than I had er./er drearied was posslble. By sharing what I have recelved wlth those who ar"e hungry for thls lmowLedge, ruy wliole ILfe has blossomed beyond bellef . Now, I feIE I must share Bome of thls health and Joy wlth Jlm Llndy,

and as quickly as posslble. 'You talk as lf you }rnow nore about'the Space People than yourne lettlng orr,rt JLm remarked. "I arn wllIlng to try anythlng that doesnrt confltct wlth reason, and as you well know, I f or one am open-mJ.nded on the subJect of Space People. l4aybe they can help ne, provided you and I are fortunate enough


to contact then. I knor,,l they exlst-*whoever 'they' mlght be, for ltve seen thelr shlps tn the sky. E;t unLess werre lucky, rea]Iy effectlve methods, tt w111 take some tlme to get or use rcall

for helpr through to them.t' What Jlm satd pleased ne, Already hls mentaL attltude posttlve and hopeful, Ivtroreoven, he was slncere ln hls more was deslre to get wel3., and was not at all dlsmayed by the thought *-unlque as lt must hatre seemed to hlm-*that the wise and powerfu] betngs frorn a far dletant world nlght, be able to asslst hlm to recover a very precl.ous possesslon whlch he had somehow loet, namely hle good health. trle arnived at rny apartment dwelllng wlthtn thlrty m1nutes from the tlme i,re left the alrport. It 1s a large apart-


$ent, not neg, but well conetrtrcted and destgned _for human comfort and eonvenLence, The rooms are large and cheerfully decorated. W housekeeper", Lenore, oecuptes another apArtment ln ?he same vl'nlnlty. She 1s a gentle and graclqus $ou], deeply lnterested ln the advaneed teachl.ngs of the Venustans. gy buttfng thelr t,eachLngs Lnto practlce ln her own }lfe, Gnbre hai succeeded [n outwlttlng to a great e)cten?, the effects of, Father Tlme. She ts very youthful 1ook1ng. In hen
estlmatlon, &ere calendar years are of Ilttle lmportP+ge' The ifrfne that matters most ls blo1r:rglea1 age, the flexlblIlty of one,E ceLls F,nd arteries. By true standardg Lenore ls lndeed

tnto the llvlng room and we relaxed Ln cornwe talked. It was app&rent that Jlm was exceedtngly tlred anri in need of a long reet, I{ls health had tndeed broken, and lt would take tlme to mend lt"Can you get a leave of ai:sence for three months?tr I asked hlm. "It wJ.J.L take about that Long for us to sarry out certaln exper:lments I have ln ulnd for contaettng the Venus1ans. You can stay here--as my guest--and enJoy a welI deserved rest In thls pleasant envtroruraent. '/e havenf ? seen each other 1n years, &nd thnee nonths uacatlon he:re w111 gl-v€ us tlme to renew our frlendshtp as well &s contact the Spaee People and geb you 'on your feet' agaln. Itve a spare rocm hene for you and you:r etay w11] cost next to nothJ-ng. We can both bask ln the Ca1lfo:"nla sunshlne untl} we are as brown and heaLthy as a couSlle of llawEl.lan na.tlves I
fortable lounge chalre whlle


ehowed Jlm


Wlth perceptJ.ble emotton, Jlm accepted the invttatlon, and 1t seemed as though a great burden had suddenly llfted frorn hls shoulders. Only a fel.J moments bef ore he had been at h1s wltrs end...&r1d. now a true and natural way wag openlng f,on h1m when almost all hope and personal flnances were gone. I knew how he f,e}-t, for I too had once been ln a s{ml}ar poeltlon and had reeelved help from unexpected sourses. Xt le all part of the worklng out of a great splrltual law, lJhat we glve out comes bagi< to us, ln tncxeased rneasure, bhough not always from the dlrectlon ln whlch we expect Lt to cerne.
The frlend3.y Jlngl-e of a beLl told us that dlnner was now on bhe tabl-e end r,ia1tln6 for us ln the dlnlng roofi. As we took our places at the table, I coul"d not help wonder.lng how Jln would react to the New Age dletary ldeas that we practlced. But when f noted the dellght,ed expression on hls face aften he had tasted the wholesome, aL}-naturar and, dellclous frul-t salad whlch Lenore placed before hlm, r ]rnew J1n wou].d not only elJoy hls focd, but would gneatly benefit; f,or a vJ.tal, natu:ral dlet ts Earthrantg Ilrs_! qtep 1n preparrng hrmself phys1cal1y and sptrltualty to neE-EhE-Siiace ireople.





laxlng conversatton before bedtJ-me. JIm waa looltLng forward eagerly to the great experlence of contactlng the hlgh}y lntellLgent Space People,.He sensed somehow that wlth my a1d he woul.d be ab]e to achleve hls ]tfe*lonE; drearn of actualLy meetlng the ,,rllse 0nes, Not wlshlng to over-tlre hlm, f soon brought the conversaUton to arigood elose and aceonrpanled Jlm to the gudet room whene I bade hlm nl$ht" end. then lretlred to mf own room for rny usual deep and refreshlng sleep. Before golng to *leep, however", I reLaxed as completely as posslble, and eoncentrated my thoughts upon Lon*Zata, the Venuslan master healer, whom I to be my Cosmle Teacher'. ft was entlrely posslble that F"g.* t'L" was alreidy auare of J1m Llndyts problem: The $pace People have thetr own su.rprlstng ways of keeplng well Lnformed, especlally on any mattens relattng to the welfare anil progress of thetn students. However, I thought lt advlsable to notlfy lrl,rr of Jlrls eannest desLre to regitn hls

A.f,ter oun dlnner of deltetous natural foods, I was pleased to hear. JIm eay that he had never lmaglned thls klnd of food could be so satlsfylng and sustalnlng ae well as appetlzlng. l,le thanlced Lenore for havtng served trao hungry men such a dellghtful feast, and, then enJoyed a few moments of re-

I folluwed ny regular procedure of stiLltng my _ - aUlgtly mlnd, ralslng the vlbratory rate of my psyshlc bnaln centere (pltultany and plneal.glands) by placing psychle gerns (tefo* llth and r,apJ.s Lingua)* dtnectly over those senteis and exertlng a mlld pressure wlbh my h*nds. r then vlsuallzed a whtte beam of llght shlnlng from the center. of my forehead toward Venus. 0n thle beam of J.1ght I sent out my call to the trhster Lon-Zara, and patj.ently awatted hts response to the me$sage,
A mlnute passed. Two ml"nutes. Then I suddenly felt the sa$e etrange sensatlon that lnvartably happens whenever & mesqa8e 1p segt, to me from the Space feopLe. I can only partlal}y deecrlbe J.t by saylng that lt ls a phystcal, mental anh splr:* J-tual feelLng of 'ht-one-mentrr wlth another llvlng, thlnklng,



hls dynamlc thoughts a,re conveyed one by one to my mlnd, I feel a sense of unusual peace, harmony, Joyous stlmulatlon and

belng whose vlbratlons are extraordlnariry-harmonlous.

*lirlte to:

The oenr Exehangel Bayfleld, Colorado.

to -


for free Ilst.

Brlefly, thls ls the feellng o.f, that came to me after f had sent out my call to Lon-Zara Wlfh thls feeltng there came al-so lnto my awarenees the speelal muslca] tone (1n Key of D) vrlth whtch Lon-Zara makes hls pr"esence known to me by Eelethot. llls uasterf\,rI thoughts
followeC the mustcal tonel

and I am strongly aware only of hls magnettc presence, hls of hts vl.taI mesgage. "consclousn€gs[ and the llvLng truth rratbunementt'

tlmelessneEs' For a


preclous moments, tlnre ceaBeg to be,

"Greetings, IvilchaeL Xl BleesJ.ngE of Llfe, love and everLlght to you and all our roved ones on planet Barthl Onee agaln It ls our prlvllege and Joy to serve our- Ee,rth Brothers and slsters, and assist them ln theLr upward evolutton. You, beloved. br.other, were rlghi ln reagonlng- that we alneady know of the serlous tllness of your dear frlend, Jlro Llndy. lJe have been a?rare of hls pllglrt for some tlmer but 1t wae n6t unt1I recently that we eould act ln hrE beharf wlthout l,nterferlng wtth hIs own wilI. l'ontunately, Jlm tlnd.y 1e openminded regar"dlng us. That ls nosE tm!6r:tant. uL can ind shau, he3.p hlm. tale sha]l polnt out centaln- IleaLth sesrets whlch shou1d not be rrsecnetstt at all, but, common knowledge to Earth* At the Llfetronlc Heallng centen on venusr w€ grve out ]Lngs.these and other. teachLngs fr.eely so that all Venuitans learn how to work wlth Nature's q$"Pl*l.lq**g measures, from lnfancy on. 'tn Jlm Llndyts ease, he rrust lnbensl-fy hls d,esiI.e to be well. Then he himself must flns? send. forth hLs deslr:e directry to us and.we sharr gLve hLrn a sign of our'*"cognttlon, and tllumlne h1s lnner eonsclousness froil tlme to tlmel Thls we shalL do by a serles of DREAI{ CONTACTS Ln whX,ch fi,rn wilL sense our presence, but not see us. TheEe contacts w111 he by us whj.le Jlrrr ts soundry at nlght* wlLI at those tlmes experlence unusuiffi vlvld &reamsr-each He contarnrng a 1ltalIy lmportant mesoage for hl.m, Later on, aften Jfun has a?ge reai progress in regalnlng hls health, and has ralsed hls vJ.bratLons lnto a fj-ner and hrfiner fregrrency, penr can bhen mlt hlm to see us and work '*ith us coniciousiv,we "you betleve thenr't I sal.d qulckly, "that Jlm L1nd.y can be cured so thab he wl1l once agaln be vlgorous and heaj.thy?'l "?here a{e-no- cure*r' ::eprled Lon-zara. rtJlmrs present state of palnful llr.ness was LreaueE uy-htnrself EnrouEt r,ru own unwlse acttons In the pASt. tJe have no controL oier what has happgned ln. the past, ther"efor* we i*ir"oi-,i;il;,'*its resurts' Those who_ clalm they can cure dlsease are charratans. only foorlng thernslrves and those homest eouls who Th*y are tunn to then: ln mlsgulded trust and confidenoe. Th; ;iruple truth is, hurnar:tty does not have to clBa-dil;il..-"iri'rt, needs to do ls stop causlng 1t. Thls ls the flrst great sec-

ret of regal-nlng vlbrant, Joyoue health. 's,JtrJ.le lt le tnre that Jtm Llndy has no power over hle pas? acts, hG does have the pouer to choose and contro3. hls pr€sent actlons T0DAY. fhle ts hts God-gtven rlght and also responslblllty. The moment Jlm reallzes thXs, he can at once begln to RE\lEfi,SE the fidisease'r

patterrr of that he created Ln the past, by rep]ae1ng pattern of IffiALTH. fn thls wBVr he w111 lt ulbh a vltal new be actlveiy butldl"ng fot the future and ln due tlne the rnarvelous forces of Nature w11L do thetr healing work ln hls ttBrt ls not that a ter:rlbly slow process?tt I lngulred, fon 1t seemed to me that Nature usually nequlres much tlme to. mend, the reeults of rnanls colrmon 111s and lnJu:rles.

"0rdinarlIy, s€ar t' satd lon-Zana. 'rNatural forces do work sl.owly when unalded by the powers resldlng wlthln each llvtng human belng, narnely the mental and soul polrers. The average per.son on eanth, when 1ll or lnJuned, thlnks he has no control over the heallng proeess. He leaves 1t entlrely ln the hands of Natune. Natune, Xf unobstltreted by the unwlee actlons of the lndlvldual or hls d.octor, then does her good uork of restonlng health and harmony ln the body. Tlme 1s eeEentlal ln Naturets plan, because her laws are autornatlc and based upon cause and effeeb, aetlon and neactlon, Plant an apple seed and you do not expeet a ful]-grottm tree to rlse up overnfsht, loaded wlgh beautlflrl apples a1I ready t,o eat' We must al,r.,ays consLder the natural TIIviE FACIOR and aJLow for Lt , when leavtng the heall"ng process entJ.rely ln llaturers hands. t'lrtany thouEande of yearg agor reckonlng accordlng to your earth ttme, the greatest mlnde of Venus found that the TIME F'ACTOR l.n Nature could be so rnlnlmJ.zed and reoueed that we were abLe to aceonrpUsh results ln weelts where f ortnenLy years were requlned. then $re progreseed to a polnt where rre could do aB mueh ln only a few daye as we used to do Ln several weel<s. Flnally, our gneatest trbrealrthrurr ca.rne uthen we dl-seoveroed hcw to COLLAPSE TfilE r^rlthin our offil consciousness so that posltlve results were reaLlzed ln mere seconds and mlnutes that prevlousIy took many hours and days to achleve.
I'At the LLfetronlc Heallng Center on venus, we had long studled the slmple, marvelous Jaws of ihe unlverse and the fornces of Nature, ltnowlng as we dJ.d, that these ttnatural latvs" are destgned by the Cneator for the good of all l1fer w€ dld not attempt to change the unchangeabJ.e, Instead we dld our best to learn those wonderful laws and attune ourselves wlth

them. *FrFo[EETvffit]riEnS we ffiuEE ffipeople to thern how T6-?ff the apply slmp1e methods and showed that brought health and happinesg lnto thelr llves. To study and apply aI] tlrat we ean dlscover of our Creatorts slmple but wondenful pni,nctp}ee, bnings us the greatest of all Joys. Orn


(as youp psalm has

it) ln the Law of the Lorod.


health [s the- plryslcal botlyr s notmA} reactlon to a norfital envlronment. And a normal envlrsnment consJ.sts slmply of:

UOur Peopler

il conttnued Lon-zara,

rrbecame aware


(r) vmAL Arn (2) VITAL SUNLIGHT (:) vrrAl FooD
(4) vrrAl

"these are Lhe FOlJn supre$e essentl'a].s f,oi' human }lfe' l"n a VIfAL form, that tsr I{at}rfe p,roy+.{es these llfe bssentla}s iIuEEE'rEs--rtffinl,EcTnrceachessenEra-t-c6HEa-1nilE-c6ffirE*?fr fbY. ..not the tdentlcal eLect,rictty that power$ your ctty J.lgNtts but a flnen frequeney of the sarne fonce whtch the human body can utlllze for the energlzlng of every }X.vlng cell. lde call thls fonce LII'E$BONIC ENERGY, oF sl"mply 'LE' . "When the four Ilfe essen'bLals are aupp).led to your body ln a VITAI form, your body reacts to the posttlve stlmuLus of tLEt ln lts normal, lntended wBV, by functtoning harmonlousJ.y. ThLs causes you to feeJ" weil., energetlc and at perfect reaser . However, what woul<i happen lf you changed the four essentl-als of your normal envlronmeni tol

U\ (3)





tr'ooD litATER

eavironment wouLd then be abnormal and I would get 111, a6e rapldly, and dle prematur.Blyr " I reasoned, "And. do you also see bhat youn physlcal 11Ls and early death would,, under those condltJ,ons, be perfectly normal neactlons to an abnormal envl-norrmenb?'r asked the VenuEffi
'rYes, " I responded,, "As I und,erstand tt now from what you have sald, both health and dtsease are nonmal reactlons. In slmple tetrns, I"IEALEH * PLEA$ANT BEACTI0NS OR 'EASEri whereag DISEASE = UNPT,EASANT NEACTTONS OR 'DIS-EASE I , .' The most 1mportant factor Ln elther condltlon ls the quallty and quantlty of, IfFBTE0NTC ENBRGY that ls contalned In E-Fffi-n's efr:f1ffi ment. A nortmal envlnonnrent produces HEAttH because lt pnovldes plenty of tLEt through vltal alr, food, sunlight and water. 0n the other hand, an lnsufflelency of tI,Et deprlveo the body of 'lts llfe power--e1ectr"l-clty--and thls affects the body adverseJ.y. " rrcorrect, r' eald Lon-Zara. "Now 1et us see how your frlend Jlm Llndy has unt'llttingly lnterfered rsith f,he four' Llfe essentlal-s and thereby serlously lowered hl.s lntake of tlfir.


f'F1rst, J1m Llndy hae been breathlng DEJID AIR lnstead of llve, fresh, movlng alr. f.nactlve alr Ls lllce a stagnant pooJof water. It eontalns almost no posX.tlve electrtelty. To bu11d he nust harre vltal, fresh out-door alr. Al-sor he nnrst form a hablt of exerclslng reguiar!-y out of doors so that the actlvity w111 force h1m to breathe deeply, thus pumplng the LIFETR0NIC E}IEROY to all parts of h1s body.
tseeond, Jlm has not fully reallzed hovr nueh hls physlcal body--whteh ls eornposed of vlb::atlng AT0[E--13equlr^es the higher vlbratory ATOFiIC STII{IE/US of the sunrs rays. It 1s pooslble to Ilve wlth 11ttle or' no sunllght but the resul.t 1g never a happy one for the body craves the lLE'' radlated to all ll.vlng thlngs from the central sun of thls solar systern.

"Thlnd, Ilke the great maJorlty of humans on planet eartl:, llndy has relled upon cocked food to energl"ze hLs body. fhls 1s a serlous error, for tt ls lmposslbte to get somethlng vlta] out of somethlng Cead. Cooked and proeeesed food 1s nlne-tenths deadr for the tLEr that was orlglnally Ln the food has been forced out of lt lnto the atmospl'rere by the vlb::ator"y actlon of the flre. if one knows how to consclously extract Inere rI,Et oub of the a1r (vla exerclse and eertai.n mentaI technlques) he can tget byt on eooked food longer than one who neglecte to supply hls body wlth rTEf from those other sources. However, no tnre adept or master on any planet eats cooked food,, for lt 1s contrary to natural iar,l and al.ways has a destruetlve effect. trFourth, J1m has drunk freely of the ordlnary rese::volr waten and of water from mlneral sprlngs of the earth. Ai-though thls water contalns a certain a:uount of rlfir derlved through contaet wlth sun and alr, J-t also contaln$ quantltles of ln* OrganlC mlneralg. TheSe mlnerals are too 1ow and coarse ln vibratlon to be used by the human body, and al,though the plant' klngdom nray t,hrlve on them, the human body deposlts them ln varlouE organs, bony Jolnts, etc. A1] these dead mlnerals J.rnltate the nerves, stlffen the body and brlng about the syrnpborns of old age whlch now plague your frlend I real.laed that Llve, organtc water ls obtalned by s1mply eatlng fresh, Jutcy fruits. I,loreover, I knew that the vast maJorlty of Itnormaltt men, women and chlldren on planet Earth do not 1lve envlronment. All of us deprlve out'seJ.ves, 1n a truly 1n one or Hore of the four ways mentloned, of the LIFETRONIC ENEROY we need for posltlve health' I,ucklly, some people are able to get enough extra rtf .E tt from one or ttuo of the four source$, to make up ln part for lts great l-n other sources. dlscovered rnethods of consclcusly The Venuslans undoubtedLy had trtrErr..,posslbly by mlnd and soul lneneaslng thelr lntake of quJ-et1y our rnenLal contact and I {el} power. Lon^Zara ternlnatedasleeP' ooooooooo 14Jlm




I awol(e early next mornlngr' and eagerly ilade my way to guest the room to greet Jlm l,lndy wlth a clreery "Ooocl lnOrillngrr. dnessed and ready and wll}lng to To my dellght, he wae alneady Joln me ln nry regular rtmornlng constl.tutlonal.rf whlch consJ.sts slnply of a brlelc, one-ml,l-e walk before breakfast.
Jlrurs blue eyes had a spanl<le l.n them that I hadntt seen ln years. Although Lt was appar.ent that he had not been healed Ln any way t'hLIe he slept, I sensed that he had been given a slgn of hope and lllumtnatton from the Space Brothers. as we wallted, J1m spoke qutetly. H1s voLce v{as vibrant wlth an unusual, lnner excttentent. He sald thatr durlng hls sleep he had e,q>e::Lenced a most remarrkable dream. THE I'fRST But unltlce ordlnany ntghtJ.y drearns, thls one DREAM-CONTACT was IIiTEI.ISDLY REAL, VIVID and P0lrl$m'Utl,f SOUI AND ITS POSfMOVilqG. In thls extraordlnary d:ream he saw TIIIE EFFECT, htasel"f*, wealr and sentle--standtng on a sandy shore at the edge of, EHBEE OfiEAT RI1ERS whlch ran parallel to each other. Puzzled at flndlng hlmself etandlng at thls stnange spot, he stepped back &vray frorn the edge of the..water. As he dld so, he heand a deepS.y melodlous voLce sayr "The Ellxtr of l.rlfe awalts you beyond the Thtrd Riv€r. Ilave COt HAGE and clalm youn herJ,tage t 'r Reactlng posltlvely to the challenge, Jlm plunged boj"dly lnto the Ffi'st Hlver and began to swlm to the othen sLde. BLrt ,..weakened as he was by llIness, he found lt a severe, hard stnrggle to cno$s the Rlver, Refusing to 'rglve J.n,r to hls troubles, Jlm called forth strength he dld not even know he had, arrd at lasi managed to reach the othen sLde of the FlrEt Elver, And, tnetead of feellng ?rorse for the vlgorous ordeal, he was astonlshed to fLnd that he felt much better. Encouraged by hls suce€ssr he entened the seeond Rtven bnavely, but the strong undereurrent rnad,e hlrn fearful of belng puIled unden and drowned, HLs fear^ l,ncreased untrL he thoughi of the Prlze beyond the thtrd Rtver. )that was the t'Errxir 6f LLfett? irlhat wouLd rt do for hlm 1f he lmblbed that ELxxlr? He must ltnow, desprte all obstacles, suddenly new courage and power flowed lnto hlm and hls fear Left hj.m. He redouuled l:ts efforts and an ease that surprlsed hlrn, crossed the Second
Gneat H1ver,
Now the Thrno lltven confronted hlm. rt was by far the deepest, wldest, muddtest rlver of the three. l^Ihen he entered this rlven great quantltles of mud and dil"t and slirne were so stlrred up that it becanre very dlffrculf to see the opposj"te

- tq

Ehore. At tlnes the s+rimm1n6 beeame actually patnf\rlr so that he aLmost forgot why he was struggllng agalnst such powerful odds 1n hls trconditlorrrr. Hethought, "!,louldntt lt be wlser and eaeier to go back to the place vrhere I etarted fnom and try to f,tnd some OTIIER WAY to ctross thls f,lna1 nlver?'r And...he was to turn back when he heard the Barne rnarvelous volce Just about t'fhere 1s no othen way. thts ls your. flnaL chance to 6ayl clalm the Prlze. Go onward! Go onwardl " And onfia.rd Jlm went, 1o splte of t'he}l and hlgh water'r, unt11 at, last he had overeome Ehe thlr'd and flnaI rlver and stood trl-umphant on the gleaming whtte shore at 1ts opposlte elde, B,lt where was the El1x1r of Ll"fe? He eould not see anythlng by t,hat narne :taltlng for h1m. However, he notleed that he was now ln a beautlful frutt orchard. In fact lt looked very rnuch as he had lmaglned the Elbllcal "Garden of
Edenrr must have laden trees aLl around him. Ifungry from hls recent physlcal exertlons, Jlm gratefully sanrpled some of the treerlpened frult and found tt alnazl.ngly dellclous and whol-esome. In a f,elr monents he had satlsfied hle natunal" hunge:: by eatlng hls fl"l} of the wonderful frult, and then he recelved a most and exceedlrrgl.y pleasant eurprlse. In some strange uray--beyond hts ablIlty to account fotr belng had undergone a rnost' arnaelng transformatlon. enttre --h1s Looklng at h1s body, he noted wlbh a thrtLl of utter amazement that Lt had become youttrful, strong and handsome. Every cel] of htE betng now radlated health whe:reaE before tt seemed to hlrn that the "Grlm Reaper" uas very close by and wae only waltlng fon a ehance to make one last swlng wlth h1s deadly slckle. a thrlll to reallze that he had outwltted that "old boy", and ",ltritthat health, youth and Joy wer:e once more l[vlng real.lties to hlm. Then the ciream--for 1t }IAS a dream--faded, and Jlm awakened from hle sleep. t'maglc " EagenLy he rrished to a mlrnon to see tf by some mearls the wonderful drearn had. come tnre. So real hacl the expenlence been to Jim, |t seemed that surely lt must have halpened. EIt, as he gaued lnto the mpror he sail at once that no"-maglc had baken place...&t leaet none that was evldent lmrnedlately to the eybe. llls body was etl}l stckl.y looking, prematurlly o1d and lacklng ln vltal strength: 41t unuslially vl,brant sparkie, however, shone strongJ.y 1n h1s blue e;ir)s, at easily--Lf tf he had- contaitea llving forces that could quttehappy, lnd1they so willed--'ftransform" h1m lnto the healthsr vldua] he longed to be. Thls, brlefly, was the insplrlng flrst DHEAM-CONTACT as Jlm related tt to me whlle we walked. t' I remarked. "No doubt "A truly wond.erflrl experl€rtcg. lt has an lnnbr meanlng thal w111 shed much ltght on yout6 health problem. Let us gradually try to comprehend ti to the fullest.'l

looked. IArsclous troplcal fnrlts

hung from


ny the tlare rre had reached the apartnent we had ulorked up qulte an appetlte for br"eakfagt, Already Jlm seemed to be feellng be?ten, and 1t deLlghted my Eoul to eee hlm slt down at the breakfast table wtth re and eat hle share of the Paradlstcal foods Lenore placed before us. These consLsted of fresh, deLlclous organlc fnrlts sllced into a generou$ Etzed bowl, and topped wtth sunflower seeds, almond-nut creaa and a spntg of mtnt-leaf . All J.tems 1n our dlet are always entX.rely uncooked, unprocesged and conpletely wl:o1esome. Lenone Is trery eaneftrl about thls. Aften one Ilves on naturraJ-, uncooked foods for a tl,nre, the aEe-old cultlvated taste for ur&atural, cooked foods fades away. Tou ean tell at once that the "L1fe Vlbratlon" Ls mlsEtng in the foods that, have been subJected

to flre. After breakfast Jim busled hhnseLf by wrltlng some important letters to h1s fanlly and frl.ends tn ltlaehlngton State. For. thts task, r let htm use rny "derrt' where he courl type the letters on my typewrlter wlthout belng dlsturbed by anyone,
!,llrlLe he was occupled eonstructLveJ.y, I went 1nto my room to catch up on some eertous i'eadlng. W l.lbiar.y 1s somewhat unl.gue ln that lt contalns several EfrousenO hoolsi ehlefly of an occul.t or mystJ-ea} nature. Irly corlectlon of "Ffylng Saucer"r "$pace F1lght", and "Inter{lar,e{aryI-books 1s amazlngry complete and of course, hlghrytreasurld.


flnd an o-*pec* lally enlLghtenlng book r flrn. Howevei, r 1ra1 dlrsappol.nted to flnd that the booits, trhlle excerlent, iontalned nothlng r.ea1ly new or revolutlonar)' tn bhem. The- general concluslons aeened to be that the why and wherefore of vlgorous health le still a deep mystery tL selence, l,Jhen hurrr,rattacked,, by feroc.tous 31, bgrngs get, they are betng ilttle germs who Jus! canrt stand to see anyboey sEay healthy and happy. - The usual treatment suggested by-mosl or irr" wel1lntentLoned (?) authorltles Lncludei vltamli Suppleroentg, Ivhdtclnes, raxatLves and other nostnlrns too numerouiand, corrplex to mentlon' sunely the Bpace Br"others had a slmpter ano- more certaln approach to health. Surely they had better sorutlons. suddenly r fett lhat peculla:r Eense of peace, harmony _ tj.melessness. and Agaln Lon-zara was contacting mi terepaltrleaIly, or rathen-, by relethot communtcatlon. f coura ninary walt to ask htm ebout the THBEE Br\Ens thaE Jrur-r1ndy r,"a "crossed" 1n hrE dream last nrghi, lnrai d.ld thoiu -riv"rs slgnl"fy?

the subJeet of "healthn,


began searchlng through

ths.nt< that rr:Lght cou].d iecommend t6

the shelvee for somethlng



false tradltlonaL or "race thlnklag", and the error of reasonlng from false or wrong premises. As long as Jinr Ltndy cllngs -17

baslc, prlmary



R1v€x, rr r-on-Eara explalned, ,rr"epnesents the IIEED to OLEANSE the mrno of- negati"e trroughts,

metirods of heallng humal 111e on your planet a::e so lneffectlva Itrany of thern are rld,lculous. Some are actually DESTnucrf-\[8. tdhy? Because they lgnore the dlvlne lnte1llgence on G0D-P0IdER $lthln the lndlvldual and lnt,erfere wlth 1ts natural actlvlty whlch ls al.ways worklng toward G00D,

to the useless mental hablt of worshlpplng FALSE GoDs he w-111 renaln eonfused and slck. False gods are those L{e4lr bgtlefs and pracll-ces baseC upon human lgnorance, wltful-ffirt or n3'stlfylng eonrplexlty. They lnvarj-ably BLOCIi the constructlve heallng powep of the natural IIIE FO}ICES. thls ls why most

'To cieanse-the m1nd, tet Jlm mal<e a senlous effort to east out all forrner. worshlp of, false authorlty, and io anchon hle Ltfe ro the COD CEhITER (Ltfe, Love & lntelllgence) wlrhln htaself. Nev, Ileht and understandlng wtl} then flow lnto h1s rulnd for he wli.} then be fcentered' rlghtly. rrlorklng from that true center, he w111 then be able to get lnto harmony ALt NATUBAI LAWS.. .&r1d he w111 flnd them to be simp3.e, reLlable and

posltlve. Itslmpllclty ln d.1 ti:.5-ngs, 1s the kelmote of Nabure, and therefore lt 1s also the l<eynote of the l4se 0nes. On Venus we have a saying; lTRilTH IS SII4PLE, FALSItY IS EVEft COMPI,EX8. A thl"ng ls not true merely because lt has a great superstmctur*e of eomple:ctiy. Rather, a thlng Ls tnre lf lt ls based upon a prlnctpl.e or Lavr that aciually exlsts 1n Nature, Jln belleves that because disease appears so nyste:r1ous to hlrn, Lts remedy nnust aiso be mysterl-ous. Th1.s ts not so. He must awaken to the tnrth that HEALTH IS !4AN'S NORIVAL AND NATIJfiAI, CONDItI0N. It ls slmply tl"re natural nesult of llvlng ln a nornal envLronment of alr, sun, food and uater. However, even a normal envlroruoenl wL).I not f\r1Iy restore Jf,mrs heaLth lf hle mlnd 1s not worklng la !ul!e !Li!h Nature. only oonfuse, eonfound and destroy manrg health and harmony. Fon a healthyr s&r!e, strople and satlsfylng 11fe--Jlm must CASI TI{EI,{ O1IT by seelng them for what they real).y are. Then, nerr and posltlve ldeao based upon tlrre, natural prtnclples, can work for hlm wlthout hlnd:rance frorr the o1d ideas. Shls 1s the meantng of the Flrst Rlver, whlch all humans mret cross,
'rNegatlue, faLse

bellefs are


to bulld. ihey

"The Second Blver '', contlnued my Venuglan Teacher, "repnesents the great NEED to cleanse the emot,lonal or deslre nature of Jtm Lindy. As }ong as hls soul remalns asleep to the vltal lrnportanse of the posltlve L0VE emotlon as the unlversal, harrnonl-zlng, stablltzlng, pnotectl-ng lnfluence, Just so 1ong wt1l hls desLnes be of a negatlve and harnrful klnd. Deslres are based upon the of physlcal sensatlons. Such age-old, raclal hablts as eatlne hlghLy spl.eed, cooked food, partlcularly anlmal flesh, strong drlnlc and other rlestnrctive lnfluences uhlch are not mants natural foods at all, eame aboui

ard ltngered on throueh the centurles, elnrply because of thls -rge to experlence piryslcal sensatJ-orr. The appetltes and sen* satlons nesultlng from the use of Lhese ururaturai foode ha.Je :=eated negatlve ernotlonar deslres 1n the rnaJontty of Ea:rth* lings and novr we see ln Jlm LLndy, a moderrr exanple of thls sad erol3. Negatlve deslreB aet to crovrd out the hlghen t01lE nature ln man, thereby causlng hln: to euffer. all the foollohly negatlve emotJ.ons of fea:r, hate, Jealousy, revente, resentment, etc, These are s.11 BAHRIEH$ to perfect llEALtH. "By developlng a hlgher: LOIIE NATIIRE that des*res the reIl-belng and hapqlness or all llvlng creatures, Jlm wlrt come io see that the lrfe of our- youngen Hl'others, th; anlmaLs, is Just as lmportant to Elilslvl as our ]1fe is to Us. fie wll.L then eease- eatlng them. Itls who]e deslre nature wlrl be upl.tfted and the oLd appetltes ltlLl fal.l away automatlcarLy. i{e wl}l enter lnto a deeper harwrony wtth aIi the fonceJ oi. [rgn. fhts ls the baslc rceaning of the Second R:lver that JJ-m ruust c]ross. "rhe Thtrd Rlver slgnifted the GffiAE NEED T0 cr,EANsE ALt TI{E cEI,ts of the physlear-body, as the AEOl{s of whlch those cells ane conrposed. A Liean foundatlo"-ra-ne"essary rf JUtt 1s to r.e-bul)'d, for htuself a vlrller posltlu* lmW-gOS"BODy.,t
"How may thJ.s

atom*cleanslng be accompllshed?,'



'rA CT,EANSTNG FAST of 1 day. wlll begln the gaod work.,, replled Lon-zara. "A short rait 1s of value as lt alt.he begln ertrntnatlng its-burden of waste. No io*! g! anv ktnd ts to rie-taten;;"il; ir,r, shorr faer. pure {?o9 ilstllled. waterr.however., to wr.rci.-ir=E jur*e of fresh lemon or orange ls added ln the pnopor-tlon of i6'gutce ir-irf,iater, should be tatxen fneely,-a giil;iur-uuiiv onu or two hours as deslred.

"on the-segoird day, dlr.uted fresh fnult Jurce (lemon, ormay be taken ln proportlon ,i-ioil Julce to 5Qfi waber, a glassi\rr lvery hour aJ*irri-trr" day.

or grapefr-rlt)

"0n day, a FEAS' of fresh f,ults ls lndlcated'' dlm Ltnoir-*"y"*lt 'LEANSTN* iuu"ea"llv the f olt owlng fr.esh, Juily frults i -- -v i,rr cirorce-or any of appi3s fresh flgs peaches pluns apricots

PearB pepaya

fiina;j "No other foods are to be eaten durlng thls 3rd day of cleanslng. Fresh rruits are the mosb ellnlnatrng of arl f00d$ and have the ilrghesr elecfrtcal viuriilffi--cfi"y shou]d be eaten i-n thet* nafiJraL, unflred, tree-rlpened state. (NOTE:
10 -


nectarlnes sapotes orrange$ perslnrnons texaf-pink grapefrult


uslng fn.lte sprayed by ehennlcal polsons. Non-spnayed, $ygld fOOfi onganla fresh finrlts are llow eoLd 1n eentaLn heal-th-iood stgrqs, mall from Organtc-Vllle, 420? H. Jrd St.p L.A.5r Callfornla, )
"OnLy one lttnd of frult Ls eaten at a meal. Ho$ever, as of that fnrlt nay be eaten as ls deslred.. Meale may be spaced three houns apa:rt, and a d.lffeaenl klnd of fnrlt eaten at each meal Eo that varlety ls obtalned in thls manne:.'. I'The eleetnlcal energy of Llfe 1s TI{E GnSAt VALUE 0F OBOANIC WAIER transmltted by Nature to aII J.tvlng ptants, IN JUICY FRUITS, and ls very abundant ln Julcy, rlpe frtrLt. AlL frult 1s, 1n l'ts natunal., uncoolced Btate, fLlled wlth vltal, hrghly electnlfted ORGANIC liIAtER. Ltfe a}reays attraets I{ORE llfe. Death attnacts niore death. Earthl1ngs such as Jlm Llndy who pantake freei.y of deltelous, Julcy fru1ts are ln no Hay addlng funther lnpurltles to obstruct the body. Rather they are bathing theln ce]ls lnternalry a CL,EANSING 0RGANIC WATER, 01d age depostts cannot wlthstand thls J.Lvtng lrratet'. rt le far" supenlor to ordlnary drlnktng water, whlch, betng lnorganlc and har"mfrrlr 1s never used by the men and wonen of Venus for drinklng pur?os€s. !'0n the 4t,h day Jlm f,lndy may return bo hle cornplete New Age Dtet of frulte, nuts, sprouts and vegetables. By practlctng thls CLEANSII{G RE0IITE once each month, Jln wlLl be amazed and dellghted, by the rapldlty of hls plrysleal Lmprovement.r' t'Is ther"e a"rry Bpeelflc nalne to Jlmts dlsease?tr I ventured to ask at thls polnt 1n our comrnuntcatLon. t'On tlenus we recognlze onl"y ONE baslc cause of human Dls-Ea$er il reprled Lon-Zara, "and that 1s I.,rFBTRONrC DEPLETT0N. The eJ.eetrLc power 1n the human body ls run down, Thls ls usualJ.y due to man I s foollsh att,empt to ehange his nomal envlroruoent lnto an abnormal one. Irlan does thls by refirslng to exerclse, avoldlng the sunl-lghtr hts food, eat1n6 foods for whlch hl"s allmentary tract ts not adapted, and thlnlclng negatluely. All of these practlees are cornp3.etely coni,rary to Naturers rulee of harmony. Hetlce, they conti"nuall"y CLOG the boay wlth lmpurltles. thls a NORBIAL II{IAI{E of enough lI^Ef to vltallze arid re6enerate the bodlly ce11s. "J1mts allments are I"n no sense mysterlous to us. He has slmp1y CONGE$T D and abused the dlgestlve and ellmlnatlve organs of hls body through negatlve thlnklng, w?ol1g food and harmful emotlons. Hls stcmach, J.iv'er and lntestlnes have suffered greatly, AB a result, his i,rh.ol.e el"ectronlc body is nour unlralaneed. i\lroreover, hle tover-rreatmentst 1n the wrong dlrectlon have not only confused hJ.s mj-nd, but fi11ed h1s system $lth dn:g polsons whlch have to be ellnrlnated fronr Jlmts body before vlbrant heaLth ls possible. *20*

three phases of, belng, Body, tlll,nd and $oul, must be cteansifl of ob-s0ructlng was'tas so that the Sp[rlt of Jlmts It enttre and perfeet self can functlon freeLy and- Joyously' revealed i* ifru" thal hls tnre Hlgher Purpose Ln ]tfe w1]] behls health, presenb deslre to regaln 1n hls succeed To hlm. to in a Power greater than he lt ls lrnportant f,or Jlm to belleve ls. A P-ower' 1n whleh he can plaee lrnpllclt falth. All sl"ck lndlvJ.duals wlll 6et well faeter by recognJ-zing a bastc }aw of G00D and GROWTH that 1s alway"s worklng for thelr ultlmate perfectlon. There Is 0l,lE P0l,litR ln the unlverse and lt ls good. I,lan can elthen USE tt or BL$CK lt; but he cannot change lt. "At the approprlate polnt lre can trnemendously accelerate progress tbward healthr However, he hlmself must take Jlmts these flrst THHEE $TEPS voluntanlLy and wlthout our personal ald. He must rcross the Ehree Rlvergr cqurageously. once he d.oes thls-*and many have crossed befor.e hlm--he shall lrrow the truth fon hlmself,..that It ts nnrch EASIBR to be healthy, strong and youthnrl than to be Elsk, weak arld old! Moreover, he w111 reallze that Eerrns and vl"rtrses are not the prlmery causes of Dls-EaEe aE he has been rnlsled to belleve. Instead, they are mer61y SCAVSI'IOERS whose natural ftrnctLon 1s to reduce dead cel1s baci< ta thei-r. orlglnai chemlcal elements." I remembered havlng Once Seen buzzards arOund WIIY GERI,,IS NEED NOT a dead eow ln a pasture, and asked Lon-Zara lf the BE FEAHED geryns came to cl.ean up an a1l1ng body much as buzzard6 fed on dead tlssue. He agreed lt was go* Germs are a),ways Ieecondary agentst tn Dls-Bage and never the pnlmary cause. 0f course, geun$ do rnake a person feel exceed1ngly mlsenable, E;t even so, they are servlng a good purpose 1n bneaklng down the mueus end phlegm ln the body so that lt can be excreted more eaEl1y. Or:ce you know that buzzands are never attracted to 1J.vlng ce1ls (ttve tlssue) but only to dead earrlon, you lose aTTffir of germs forever. If the body ls kept Sl3sfr lnslde as vreIl as out, by NOT PIJIItING DEAD CEiI,S IIIT0 TIIE BCDY VIA DEAD F00D, the boldest germ w1}I refuse to have the sltghbe<lt thlng to do wlth such a body. The ellmlnatlon reglnre helps clean the body lnslde. Then the EEAL CAUSE of bodlly 111s**f,IIETR0NIC DSPLETION--1s avolded, hecauee bhere ls N0 COI\OEStED WASTE 1n the systern to block the lnflow of the

vltal }lfe force. I

had one more questlon.

"The Prlee, the El"1x1r

of Llfe,


ls lt?'?

Lon*Zara paused a }ong moment befor"e, I genged whab he was about to dlvulge was htgh)-y lr,rpontant.

the nraster ga1d, "the most subtle, and " when skLllfully wlerded, the nrost powerful of arL forces. of thls you w111 1earn more ln a later cornrnuntcation. pneparatlon to be worthy of the Prlze, ls the nost lmmedl,ate concern.r'





Part Four Durlng, lunch, I told J1n Llndy about the contaet,wlth my spaee frlend, ],on*?,ara. I explalned, as best f could from menony, the lraportant Elglrlfleance of Jln I s remarkable dreara about the "Three Rlverst'. tr'an from belng s}<eptlcal concernlng the marvelous and practlcal lnfoffiatlon revealed by the Venustan, Jlrn was lntensely pleased and enthuelastlc.


the health problems that have ber.lllder-ed me for so }ong. As .;,/- you have polnted out, d1s*ease

tr he e:<clalned eannestly. "fhanks to Lon-Zara and you, Iiflchael, I am at last beglnnlng to see my way out of "'inlondert\:Il

gl"nce I Was ls JusE was a Cnalfl. chlld. .l.E It Ls Just i{ *i''" Bln0e rl case of excesslve wagte natter 4 y, ln my bodyttdead due to the eonstant '-"'r'. eatlng of food". I see i!'a' nor+ bhat lt ls unreasonable to expect IIFE to manlfest abund1n my body unless I aban&ntiy ,,,1'tt',e L1f e -Swltch'u' r. t 'n tni tiani s Eraln. don death habltsr of, eatl"ng, thlnl< and, and star? tllfe whlch CIEANSE and vttallee to habltsr acqulne ance at thtE dld souL. symboltcally 1n my dream mlnd and, I body, my three Now I must go a step further the rlvers. by erosstng purlflcatlon measures ln my personal 1lfe these and apply rlght now. You lorow I want io get rld of my llLs..."(at thls polnt Jtm enumerated a long ll-st of affllctlons that he was troubled w1th, Lncludlng llver" disorden, stomach palns, gafl bladder patns, swol]en iolnts, bowel stasls, etc.- etc. ) It eounded pretty hopeless. All those physlcal troublesl l,laybe Jltiots predlcament was more serloUs than I had l.maglned.. He needed help, but lt must be of the nlght klnd. Already the Spaee People had gl.ven us mueh practlcal guldalce, but I senged that the next hurdle would be more challenging. It ls one thlng to dream about doing somethlng, and gulte another thlng to acqo&p}lsi} 1,! rl:, tbe,g, _wel!,l+S- gt,*I,e. I encour:aged JI.rn to keep hls thoughts and feellngs cheerfuL and optlmlstlc regaldlng hLs healt]:. A gentle remlnder that the Space People were "on hl.s slde", and that Lon-zara hlmself wae one of the mast advanced healers ln the Llfetronlc Heallng Center on Venusr $0t hls rnlnd at ease, He str011ed


out to the

wreclt 5.f ever I saw one. help thl,nklng, "fhere ls a physlcal t tmaglc beyond my knowledge to It ful}I certalnl.y talce Bome get htm back on the posltlve slde of, BtsAL ltEAtTH agalnt But in spLte of, hls, he ls a good souL and a. brave

bael< garden for hls usual routtnq rfsun f watched hlrn settle bact< 1n the coinfontable lawn close hls eyes for a brtef nap Ln the wasrn sun, I


chal:: and couldntt


one. I

hope he makes


Suddenly I became aware of Lon-?aratE mental slgna]., and agaln we Here ln telepathls communlcatlon. The cont'act Lasted several mlnutes, the glst of tt belng as fo1J.ows: Jlm Llndy should beg5.n at once on hls Purlfleatlon Progran under the personaL care and lnstructtons of a certaln ttDoctor c" who Ilves In Los Angeles. (Dr.C ls an earth brother whom I harre known for a nunber of years. Not only ls Dr. C a beLlever In the exLstenee of the Space People, h€ ls aLso ln frequent communlcatlon wlth them snd cooperateu wlth thelr requests urhleh are fo:' the upllftment of humanlty. )

I wag advlsed by Ion-Zara that the wonCerful method of LlfetronJ.c used on Venus, l-s icnown and utiLlzed on al"l. of the hlgher p)-anets beyond the eanth. However, onLy a rare few mortal-s on earth have l-ncreased thelr. soul-awareness to the polnt where they are consslous of, the pntnelple wl:ereby the nrethcd works. Dr. C ts held 1n hlghest esteern by the Space People. He ls, I belleve, the only human on earth who has developed hlmself to that hlgh degi'ee of prof,iclency whereby he ls able to consclously proJect LIIETHONIC ENERGY lnto other humzur, wlth the same renarkable effectlvenesg as the Hea1ers, f was al"so glyen to understand that my good frlend Dr. C rvas ln h1s past tlfe lncar.nated on the planet venus. There he learned the 0od-prrncip).e of LfFETRONTO !EALIItrG, and dedicated hlmseLf to the avowed task of lrelptng Ea:rthts sufferlng humanlty, By hls own conscj.ous cholcer Dr. C was retncar.nated on earth, Durlng h1s present earth-]ifer Dp. C. recognlzed (r.e.membered or knew ag;.fn) the L1f,etronli Heallng prJ.nclpIe.
Lcn-Zara exp).a1ned to nre that, whlle l_t, was entlrely posslble for Jin: Llndy bo apply many of the health lnstructlons at my honne, lt was w1ser. for us to do so under the guidance of an earth bnother" such as t'Dr, c't. rnasrcuch as Dr. c rs a quar* lfled practJ.clng D.C,1 hl.e servlces ln Jlm Llndyrs case woutA prove most vaLuable' I was assured that D:r. C i,rouLd brlng great blesslngs to J1rn. That eventng, I took Jim to see the Dr, C. Hls happlly, was J.ocated uot far. dlstant from fry own, and a lroT"r brlef auto rLde soCIn brought us to hrs door. Befbre r could rl"ng bhe doorbell. to announce our ary1vaI, the door slrung open

?nd trltb^ ! pleasant smtle the doctor hlsreelf stood trance; h1s hands outstretched to greet us.
'fcome 1:1rtr

ln the en-

he said preasantly, "rrve been expectlna you." He dlrected J1m l,tndy and me lnto the adJustlng room, where we talked for" a few monerrts about Jlmrs iondltfon, tire recent contacts,.by Telethot wlth the space people, and trrerr lnstrrretlons- "Dr., ctt l.ooked calm).y tirto my eyes whlle he spoke, and r reallzed that he was already airari of the events whlch had transplred slnee r,y f,r,lend Jlm Llndy had .made h1s
The d,octor 1s a tal], well pr^oportloned man ln hls sevenHe has large blue eyes that sirarkte at blmes ry1th a sudden brtlllance and depth a].mos? as rr they were biue dlamonds. Thls seems to be.a poslttve charactei.tsttc of aLL sp1rltually advanced bel.ngsl for theln soul ls charged wlth powenf\rl 1lfe splrtt whlch nadiatee out through the-eyes. rn appearance, Dr. c 18 nobre ln beanlng. HLs every gesture 1s confldence-rnsplrtng, but Lt 1s not the kma or uee]ese confldenee based on man-made concocttons end poj-son drnrgs. Jnr steadr lt ts a confl.tience bu11t upon the rbck of Godlprlnclpte whlch ls eternally tr"ue and eentaln ln lte uorkl-ngs. -


The flrst.thlng Dr. C dld was to cheek the physlcal allgnment of Jlmts body. I'Iost peopre, the docton iral found, are very rmrch out of allEnnnent physleally. cne slde of thel.r borly ls usually ehonter or Longei ilran the othen srde. That ls why, when you look ab photog:raphs of some people you wlrr notlce that one eye ls often nrueh lower thai:- thl other, or one shouider 1s hlgher than the other. l.Il:rat le the reason for thl.s? Erectrleal lrnbalance, exp}ains Dr, c. The human body dtrects lts Llfetronle Enengy from a centr,al swltch tn the biaJ-n, krrown as the "Ltfe swttchn. (see page ?2.) Thls swltch ls actually the Pltulta:ry Grand located Ln the approxlmate center of the head about ? lncl:es baek of, the eyes.- It has J lobes, known as left, eenter, and nlght lobes.

Negatlve thlnkJ.ngr ox any emotlonal feeltng whlch 1s of a destructlve or negatr-ve nature, cramps the LLfe swltch by contractlng 1t so that lt 1s Low and twtsttng. rf lt should become conEracted ln the left J-obe, the entlie Left slde of the body at once coniracts or short€rle...sometlmes by several lnches. Thts would rnake the 3.eft arrn and leg noclceably shorter than the rtght, arm or leg. The saffe effect occur"s lf you cramp the rlght }obe of the Pltuttary Gland., the contractlng effect belng on the rrglrt stde of the body lnstead of the left. As Dr. c polnted out, Jlm Ltndy wag eLectrleally "shorte1r:cultedrt on the rLght slde of hls body. llhen the f,1fe-Sr^ritch Ls hlgh, or the lndlvldual le "on cent€r", then the rrght and. the left sldes of the booy are perfectly even.


'tshort-elrcultrr, as you lrrolu, ts used when deallng wlth electrlcal circulte. ff a current of el.ectrlclty 1s unable to get through a etncul.t or 'rpath" due to Bome obstructton, the cunnent 18 sald to be trshorted out". fn Jlmts case, there vras deflnl.tely not enough !IJ'E'IR0NIC. ENERGY gettlng through the rlght lobe of hls Llfe Switch. Wlthout sufflcLenb electrtea} powen to vltallze and animate tlre rlght s:Lde of hls body, all of, the organs and glands Located on that, slde--Ilver, 8a1}-bladdet', etc.--wBFB belng deprlved of heal-tir and well*bejng, Bo conflrm thls fact, Jf,mrs body proved to be much shorter on the rlght side...the rlght leg and arm belng two fulL tnches shorter than the lefb. llls rlght eye IraB notl"ceably lower bhan the ]eft 'eye. "I eha].l notd proJest an .lfipulse of Llfetnonic Power from own,.bnatn tnto the rlght slde of Jlmis Ll.fe swltchrt'sald IV Dr. C, "and you can observe the change lmmedlately. rl
The term

wal} of the room, f,aclng outward fnorn the- warl. .r-kept my eye on hLm so tlrat, r could detect anir perlcepttble trcprovlment. - r dld not have to walt long. Dr. c srrnply closed h1s eyes for a second. and the"mil'aclet' happened. Jlmrs body, right and Left sldes, lnstantaneousry came into perfect biiance and allgnment. Both eyes were perfeetly rever and Llrnbs equar.
observers llke J5.m and r, yes I Brt !o the -Arnazlng? To - doctor good and the venuslans lt 1s an everyoi,y occurrence and, ln comprete harinony wlth Godrs raw of, healrng. Accordl:rg to Dr. c, the strong electrle impurse from hls ovrn braln ceilter had flashed lnstantl.V through space and lnto the r,lfe swltch of Jlm tr1ndy whei.e lt BArsEo tnht swlteh physlcally--or. shalL I-e-say magnetlearly--eo that lt no longerwls cnamled. when thls was done, Llfetrotrle Errergy automltfcatry ffoitea into anC through the swlteh, puttlng the-body lnto true baiance. Jlm Lrndy was deep3.y lrnpressed, for he had looked lnt,o a mlrror Just before Dn. b ratsba hts itre swltch, and- he had geen for hl-nself, that one eye was rcuch lowen than the other. Novr they nere absol-utely lever ar:d the doctor had,nrt so nn_rch as Iald a hand on hrs head to "adjust" it tn any-wuv. He'e lndeed wg,s rnaglc' yet i-b wag higi] maglc, vrhite-rn".ei", dlrected by the healer in a wlse raanner to-ov6rffi-mffii1s-EASE.




thJ.e rnoment, up


agaJ.nst the

1lls?'r Jin: asked excltedly. il sald the doctor, ,,rr__ "youn Llfe-Swltch ls now ral.sed hLgh, '.vJe've Eurned on the Llfetronle eurren? for you, Just 1lke we would l;unn on.the Llght swltch l_n our houee so the electsr,rc lights can shlne. rlirs 1s the most impor.tant-titins-to do ln *rl heallng. some healens d,o rt accieEntaLry gets well; but they do not under"stand what fi:eai,a [rre patlent frrncrpr" ls

f healed of


that,caused the heallng to take plaee. !,le have found, out how to uge the pr1nc1ple consclously, and dlrect 1t anywhere 1n the un1verse by our thought and rltl. fhls 1s the sa$e prlnelple that Jesus used when he ralsed Lazarus f,rom the ?omb.,. he proJected Life Electrlelty lnto ttle braln or' I,azams and t'burned on" hts l,lfe SwJ.tcht E:t now you asked lf you are fully healed of your 11Ls?

"I have helped your body rastor,e tte strength and welLbelng by openlng the channels for Llfe to pour lnto Xour " contLnued Dr. C, "end you wI.ll now get well and str*ong. 3ut you should know that health 1s not only a rnatter of gettlng your physleal body allgned and balaneed. The mlnd must aleo be rnade to work fon your health and upbulJ-dlng. If you fall to heeo thls suggestlon, and contlnue to thtnk about all the affllctlons that you have suffered from, the l"lfe Swltch wLlL agal.n contraet and reduce your supply of vltaL power.
"Th1rrklng " hoplng for somethJ"ng or somebody to brlng DONrf BACK OUT. you health, 1s l1ke trylne to back out toward health. You keep oeelng Efid-aTfl'fctlon Eo clearly that al,l you catl pos$lbly reallze le more of that, affLlctJ.on. You are glvlrrg the lnnate mlnd wtbhln you a perfect pleture of dJ.sease and that is what i-t produees for you. hlhat to do? Eeverse atteniionl Head out toward the IfrAI,fH Igg want, dontt t:-y to back gu| !_6EfdE.reiltrour ffi6ilehts ?lTeEffi ffiTtrFx ffi?'ffirstrtEe-affi 1Hages. itiat wt11-g1ve your Subeoneclous mlnd a new dlreet5"ve to work on, and you w111 be surprlsed al the results. Just :remenber not to "re*




hbout youn dlsease and yet

sclnd't the or"der. You want health and NOT dl.s-easet'l t'You tnean I am to glve up my l1Ls mentalJ.y?,,J1m lnqulr'ed. He was beglnnlng to grasp the funportanee of the tdea. trExactly. Let go of your 1IIs f1rat. l,Ilnd alwaya tends to nove matter. Ivlake your mlnd notlvate you lnto healthful actlvJ.tlee, thoughts and posttt_ve feelings, Otherwlee the heallng we have done f,or' p-ou wl.ll not be permanent, and Nature w111 again penalize you wlth paln. Health really B€ans L,IFE ln harmonlous BALANCE. Anythlng that, cute off Llfetronlc power fnom your body, mlnd or soul, 1s IiEGATI1IS fcr ]ou. Uhy? Becauee lt turns off your Llfe Swltch l1ttle by ll.ttle. i.Jhen the Swlteh turns too far LIFE cantt get lnto your body v1a the braln. Ihe body then dles.
"ALL dlEeases man 1s helr to w111 stop and automatlcalIy heal themselves the rnoment he stops causlng those 111s by negatlve hablts, and beglns to get l"t0fiB of bhe electrlcal cr LIFE Energy 3.nto the rnlnC, boCy ancl soul. 'r'ihen th:.s ls done,

then the slck lndtvtdffi1-beffis-w-e1f,-Eappy anc strong.




Part Flve A ruonth had passed slnce I flrst lntrodused Jlm Llndy the remarltabLe Dr. C. Durtng thle tlme we kept Ln cLose to touch wl,th the healer as weil aE wlth the Space People. 0nce or twlee a week I toolc Jlm over to the doctonrs house for a physlcal, uenta). and splrl.tual rrrechargtng", and the good effects !{ere beconlng apparent. He wae rap:.dIy growlng out of, hl"s weak and slckly condttlon. I too, llas peylng nore attentlon to LIIE than I ever dld bef,ore, wlth the hapBy result that &y own body was generatlng a new health and strength far
beyond my elcpectatlons.

Any student who has foIlowed our adventure thts far must, be gettlng lupatlent to know more about the wonderfirl ruan L call Dr, C. Thls man ls not, as sone &tght suppoae, a &ere flgrnent of lmag1natl,on. He ls

nan beJ-ng the sane es you and I. But there ls one dlfference. He necognlzes the mlghty fact that eleetrl-e and magJ:etlc currents flow through and J,nter-

a realr llvl,ng, breathlngr hu-


baslc unlte called LIFETRONS, A LIFETRON, aceordtng to Dr. C., 1s a Llfe El,ectron...a unlt of electrlcal for'ce, energy and power that ls akln to sPrRrr ltself, for tt has an extrenely hlgh vlbratl.on and ls the generator of r.,lfe ln al-I }lvrng creatur"es, Most wonderful to lcnow, these Llfetrons flII au. space. you and r rlve ln a ,sea of Llfetrons'r. They are aLl aiound us as wetl. as wrthin uB. The venuslang have learned thls countless centuries ago. Bhat ls why they say that man cannot dLe--te lmmortal--for LJ.fe r.s everywhene ln space, ever suetalnlng the Eoul of man. 0f course, 1t, ls true that the physlcal body of nan does decay and dl.e, for we see the fact oflffiTEtata'bh in every nevrspaper we happen to glance threugh. Thls sad state of aff,alre ls not due to any deslre on t[e part of Qod bhat hurnan belngs ehourd Iose. thelr physLcal foymi Just when ought tl Pq -expresslng themserves most creattvEly 1n thethJy prr_me veiy of Ilfe. lian hlnself shortens hls Il-fe. ilor*? Slrap1y-by eetblng 1. &e ltlth Death rather than Life. you see, f,ife'ts never-EtE[IE Er-TtrIr- rnsteac, 1t Ls dynamlc and-fioving,

all spaee. These potent fcrces conslst of siruple,

Instead, 1t 1s aynahfc and movlng becauee lt ls electrleal ln essenee, and Ltke tlre eut'rent ln any, ls constantly "on the Eo". P:roof of thls le found 1n the fact that 1f you grab hold of an electrlc wtre from that dynamo you get a
ehock, and lnst&ntIy.

Llfe eleetrlclby ls ]tke that' However, as Dr. C potnte out, man*made electr"lclty bears LtttLe resemhla11ee to the ilfa E3"ectrlclty (Llfetronle Power) that God in Hls lnflnlte wlsdom creAted,, The vlbratory rate Of man-made electrlctty tS too coarse and erude to glve l.lfe f,o a llvlrg creatune. It kLtls lnst,ead of enllvening, Hrt Llfetronte Power flows lnbo and through alL ltvlng belngse ln a h€v€f-€Ddlng, stream of revlvlfylng porrer. whlch-protects and regenerates all that ls aHve' You, no rnatten how poor or slclt on ulgerabLe you may b€, a:re llvlng ln the mldst of Dlvtne Forees whlch ean generate a new health and strength ln YOUB BODY, weave PROSPERITY and ma]<e youn whole Llfe dlvlne and suecess lnto your destlnyt'Llfetrong and harmonloUs. The magleai " all around you are overflowlng wlth vltallty and health, and the nore you study them the closer your mlnd w111 get to the Fountaln 9-! I"1fe,
whlch w111 r:enew youn physlcal bodu bey6Ed-'nT-d-o-ubE How thenr does humanlty get out of tune wlth Llfe and ln tune w!.th Death? For the answer to tirls guestlon I went agaln to see my dear frlend Dr. C. JX"m aecompagled me as usual and, we both seated ounselveg ln hls comfortable ltvlng room. We knew that what he was about to say would be of prtcel-ess value not only to us but to the world' As he spoker ln reply to my query, there wgs a tremendous Stmp}lclty, a quletness and dlgnfty about the man, Hls words seemed to sprLng from hls soul and not from hts lnteJ.lect, and there was complete lack of rnere personal ego 1n hlg words, "Manklnd thlnks, but does not recognlze L,II'E as a posltlve reallty. " He saLd. "AlI of uS are pretty much aware of the power of thought. The marvelous psychology movernents we have seen ln ree.ent years have Been to that. But we as yet are bllssfulLy asleep to the real-lty of LII'ETRONIC POifER whleh 1s the aetual bplr^1tua1-fr6iE$--e}ectrlclty J.f you w1ll' -*that makes the humair body 1lve and move and breathe.. "

"Is that

why people

look fo:r health ln a bottle?" I asked.

"YeB. People are looklng for cures 1n every dlrectLon. Mediclne ln bottleg 1s only one of thousands of dlfferent ways by whlch slck men and wornen hope to reeover thelr lost health. The reason they usually get worse lnstead of better, is because they have not become aware oi a basic truth of L1fe, whlch ls: (to- expr.ess 1t qulte simply)



uthe reaSon thls 18 true ls because a lower vlbfatlon An ls unable to stlmulate' on 'rqulcken" a hlgher vtbratlon' 1t ln FElrl }tfetrons S0 HAS inorganfc mlneral fon example, frOm that-nelther antmals non humans can obEaln vltal energy lg abLe sfga*te. sucfr roaterlaL. Only that ls llvtng and " to nourlsh and revltaitze l'1vlng creatures!
I'Can yorr e)cpLaln more

fillIy what you $ean by that? "

slnrp1y. LIFE and 0NtY LIFE can heal a of the narae of 1ts DIS-EASE. And what essenttally? Godts untversal SPIXIf or ?01{EH- Thls ls LlferLs vrhat the arrctent-Hermetlsts (students of Helmee Trlsmeglstus ln Egypt) terzned the OI,'IE P0idER that runs the unlverse. I

slck bodyr regardlesg

rrYes, and, very

]l.Ite to thlnk of lt as SPIRITUAL


get slclr, they call for a docto:r. do? Usually velry }[t't}e that ls of real value, for hls real Job ts to atd Natune When necessary, tn remov'lng waste obstruetlons frorn the physlcal body. ThoseobsLructtoils conelst slmply of, the bodvtir Le}l excretlonEf In*tfi*s SEwEJF, EF-e lcGE-s'lE-iffi r r ffi -effi inE-ffi'dffi -?rETof rompbly, they polson the e::t1re system. A wtse doetor, therefore, Bees that these polsons are ellmtnated natunally frorn the body so that IIFE or SPIRITUAL EI.,ECTEiCITY can flou lnto and through the organlsm more abundantly. The body ls then able io P€stor.e l"ts electronle balance and return to a natur.aL condltl"on of health or harmony or EASE. " "Then Lt ls LIIE and not the docto:r, who does the heal"hlhen human belrrgs And uhat does the <ioctor"

I lnquired, He pauoed for a second, then replled;

t'L1fe, on the anlraattng PCIIER I-n nature, heale. That le why the tnre and anslent of the rtordtdoctorrLg actualJ.y tteachert. A wlse and honest doctor can help hls patlents most by teachlng thern how to contact mor:e of the LIFEtRoi,irc P01rJER that fl1Is the unlverse, and permeates alL space, Llfetrons nrake peopl"e welI. Llfetrona regenerate and vl.t"al,tze broken-down bodles' Get more Llfetrons lnto your body and you autonatj.cally become vibrantly werl. You'1r neven be sLct{ as long as yourre wellJ Stckness Ls somethlng you DOl.irT have. IErs the IACK of HEALTIII So the ldea J.s to becoilEffi f111ed wlth radiant LIF,E thab you manlfest posttlve, IIEALtH.


After all, that is your natural condJ.t,lon. At:d the only way to know for sure that you are ItsALfHy and ln tune wlth I,IFE ls to know that you i{AlIE these Llfetrons f,lowing thnough you abundant).y and wltlrout obst'ructlon, for t'hen you feel nost vltal and aIlve. You shouLd,, then, know all you can about thefi.rt Jlm and I had both been 3lstenlng very caref\rIly to every thlng Dr. C had tol.d us so far. Now we sensed that the 'EEAT SECREI we had been uatchlng for wae about to be revea)"ed, and we dldnlt want to mlsg a slngle word,
"The more advanced Space People such as the Venuslans,'f eald Dr. C, know all about the Llfetrons and how to use theru ln the most dlrect and posttlve wa,y. They understand clear"Iy that these potent electrlc forees of Llfe.anlmafe all the llve, vltal creatlons of nature on aII planets. $lost ltuportant, they reallze that theee dlvlne forces of SPISIE ar:e obedlent to the mlnd of man, rea<iy io op€rate powerful]y everythlng for mants good. . .IF he wlll buE r.eeognlze hls God*glven doralnlon and dlrect Llfe Electr"lelty ln harmony wlth the orlglnal pur?oee and plan of tlre Creator of ALl". " "Then lt ls posslble and practleal for a Select Few of Earthts hu$anltl to learn how to dlrect and control the unlversa1 Life"Erons by lntelllgent thoughi*force?'l Jl"m questloned. t'TruLy. " The doetorts expresston wa$ most earnest. "F$ own body and the a*tuaL demonstratlons I make of thls heallng prlnclple, are 11vlng evldence of the truth of 1t. I use lt delly to overeome the effects of Dis-Eaee ln ry patlents. When you krrow how to work lt--and you carl galn thJ.e KNOilI,EDCE If you deslre lt--you wlll e,*,perience one seemlng }IIEACLE after anotl:er each tlme you apply J.t. People are brought lnto rny house bIlnd, deaf, eufferlng from strokes, heart dlsordens, and countless' other symptoms of Ltfetronlc Dep1etlon. The bllnd are rnade to see, the deaf to hear', and eo forth. But do not rnlsunderstand. Not eveqyone Is lntended by the Wise CneaEor to be a of others, OnJy, as you sag, a $elect FeH lndl.vldua1s are evolved enough tn mlnd, body and soul to be entrusted euch potent

"Those splrltually advaneed pensons on earth who have a strong desJ"re to he3.p thelr suffer.lng fellowmen by means of the heallng Llfetrons, are gradually enllghtened by the Space Peop1e as to the proper uee and developrnent of LIFETRONIC IfiALII{O POWEB. At the rlght time, when they are capable of dlrectlng thJ.s power rightly, they are sho'/rn how io mentally proJec"u IIFE SiECIRICITY from thelr orrrt hlgher bral.n centers lnto the bodJ"es of sJ-ck ald despalning lnd1vlduale who desperately need that lnfluX of DYNAMIC LIFE. In thls manner, 3 $elect !'etl on thls eanth wlL} beeorne heaters. That ls, channels for the dfiAtIN0 P0l{Efi. It i.tae l"n thlo very $ame way that I flrst ac*


qulred the heal.lng powerl and through the conetant use of ltI I have found that lt has lnsrJased ln-potency a thougandfoldl ofAt thte polnt a number of patlents entered El, ctsp*tlents other rdlth these of sonsent theflce for tneatinent, and Ln actlon. AS he i'" w*n* perxoltted [o wateh the hea]lng power the Llf,e Swttsh :ralsed Dr. C f{:rst had done- wlth Jil and rnyself, he poured controlr by tnental. 1n each al}lng lndlvlduil". Then, rebodtes, thelr lnto powerful streams or waves of Llfetrons posltlve go uore a that lnmedlate}y Lffgnfng them elesirlcall"y degree of, vlta11ty mantfested physlcally.

After the treatments had been glven, and the patLentE had departed thoroughly .flLled wlth new zesb for }lving, we contlnued our lmportant convergatlon wlth Dr. C. Agaln tha LISEIRONfC POI'IER that dld the doetor nemlnded us that J.t was trpoeltlve thought't. Behlnd our, and not rnerely hls thoughls 1s tnte11lgence. the nole of lnte}llgence ls that of a DIfi3CtOR. It can of ltself, accompllsh nothlng. Brt the &onent lt ll"nks up with P0}{ER then anythlng ls posslbJ-e. We had
of, thab beyond any questlon o.f doubt. fhe remalnd,er" of out' conversatlon dealt spectfl.cally wlth the magl.eai ltfetrons and thelr eontrol by man. Here,


brlefly, ts the glst of our fasclnatlng


trLfettons, under the menta] directlon of a sl,ncere and dedtcated soul*-man or woman--can relieve all mannen of human lLls and lnJurles. The gr.eater your altrareness of llfetrons 1s, the uore of, thenr you wtlI be abl-e to control andrrchannel" through your or^rn i,lfetronlc Braln $rvltch. (pttufta:ry Gland). tow voltage of heallng power ls due to a sna1l voLume of ll.fetrons belng uttLlzed by the heaLer'. voltage of heaLlng power means that a very lange voLurne of llfetroflg a]e belng dlrected by the healen. Q"rtte naturaily, a Llfetronlc Healen 1s neven content to merel"y manlfest trlow voJ.tage'! heaLlng pow€]r, for the hlgher the voltaSe the more dynarr:J.c and instantaneous ls the heallng.

to sustal.n an abLe, because of faJ.thful, d11lgent praetice, extremely hlgh potency and quantity of trlErr ln thelr physlcaL and etheric bodles, Because they have a knowledge of thls g,reat livlng force and how to apply lt, they are abl.e to perforn great narvels of healLng as well as other feats too numenous to mentlon Lest we go far afleld of our subJect. the $l.mple fact ls, LIF'EIRONIC ENERGY 1n all lts vanl.ous rates of vlbr:atlon or "frequencj-estr, guJ.ded by lnteLi{gent thought, ls the one basle porrer that runs the whoLe unrveise. rt Js thru the braln vla the ttllfe Swltch'r that the rLfe force enters the physlcal body, and 1s thence dlstrlbuted to al] the ce1Ls, fn fact, that life Switch--the Pltultary Giand--Is the orl"ginal

Venusian healersr a'rrd thet' earth brother

Dr. C, are


basls fron rhlch oun ph1re1cal bodlee started (tt fs here that the tteeed-patt,enn{ of a human embnyo beglns t,6 unfoLd flrst), and i.t ls the pr.Lrnary or central "control swltch" for the Vltal Fonoe or.Ituman EleclrlcJ.ty that gLves tltrlEr VLTALITYT POWEB to
each one

of us.



pends upon how well we keep the Ltfe Current movLng through ?he body, If we keep the Current actlve and poslttve our health Lncreases and we have the awareness of mone posltlve Llfe ln us.
inlhab cauaes DfS-EASE? fhe blockage of thXs 1I.fe current boElesffilth blockage we always at any polnt ln our electroni.c t'hacks uprr ab that polnt. Blockhave FAIN for the electrlclty age can be, menta) or emottonal ln natun-e. LettEE-EE'nildrEii ffi pilyslcEI--T ffioffffiEf;ampJ.e, that has been eubJected to the heat of FIHE (or altered chemlcal}y by commerclaL processtng methode) has lost about 91fr ot tts afflnlty for

cuRRsNr *tx?"-tl,x3lli.ot Dynarnlc physlcal health de-


The power through the Llfe*$wltch the bodyr $ro salL the



Wlthout Llfetnons abund.antl.y supplled. by qatunal, unflre{ !ee_{q, the human body flnrls great dtfflculty nauTf,alEurffiH-ffiIr ffint Llf'e Cur"rent fon POSITIVE I{EALTH. Moreover, the resldues from unwholesome foods do not harre enough Llfetronlc energy ln
them to s?lmu1ate natural perlstalsls of the lntestlneg. Result--constlpatl.on. Focd wastes oo not move out.of the body ra.pld1y enough ana thJ.s form of BLOGIffiGE not only poLsons the booy, hut crainps and depres$es the Plttrltany Gland,ffilt-a consfderably I'IBAIGR I,IFE CLRR31{TI

need not mention 1n great ctetall the negatlve effect of destxuctlve thoughts and feel"ings, They also gtrlckly de,press the Llfe Swltch, and as we have seen, thls causea ILI.S.




bod.y make


Aeeordltrg to Dr. C and the Spaee Masters of Venus, eleclrlc force of the rtght fre-

'HE"f;$;,1'oll;,"HI-[i?],'if ls out of balance or "slck", electrlelty caffi-alance 1t and lt welL agaln. Instant hea]lng-*as ln the mtnaculous cures that occun regularly at the nellglous ehrLne of Lourdes, ln Franee--ls of that nature, EI-ECTRIC. For electnl.clty ls a GodPower, When God-Intelligence guidee 1t, lt, J-s omni.potent. Thls elect::ie force comes from the SUN of our Solar System, and each one of us j-s a SUN. We generate electrte1t,y and powe::ful atomic energy wi"thln our human bodLes much llke the great sun 1n the heavens does, \le recelve an lnfIux of unlversal MACNETISM from that sun, convert 1t lnto EtrECTRICITY by 8ESISTIiJG lt wlth our body cel]s, then we step

lrl]i" ?F-if,:-.



up to a f,reqrrency we can uge best, and send X.t out Lnto the unLverse eg&In for the beneflt of every belng. golng to ehow you how to CONTACT the llfetrons ln a veny elmple way, Eo that you can hegtn to derl've neal. and practlcal beneflts f,rom them JuEt as Dr. C and the Spaee Peop1e do. Bear ln mlnd, thls te onl-y the flnst step fon you ln the lmportant actlvlty of controLLlng llfetrons' Bhelr appllcat1-ons ln heall"ng work are weLl" nlgh J.J.mLtless. But let us begln at tlre begl"nnlng so that real underetatrdlng wllI be ours'



I'irst, we f 11 talce a brlef Look at the ttny but nl8hty electron--the sma],leet b16 of electrlclty known. These tlny partl.cles exlet everlywhere. The alr you breathe, the food you eat, the pages -vou are read'lng--sverythlng 5.s permeated wlth electrone. All of, them are allker &rrd each one J.s onJ.y one etghteen-hundneths (rrlf848) au blg as the atom. Eleetnons are aetually mtnut,e I' b3.ocks" of ENERGY whlch Nature uses ln the eonstructlon of atoms.
Eecause they are neg,atlve, eJ.ectrons FEPEL one another. And, quJ.te a number of them are "f,ree". Thls treans that they ane not attached to any aiom of matten at all" They slnply move a:ound 1n space as free as blrds, As long as these free electnonB are nerely novlng around I"n spaee, they ane of no specLal use or lnterest to uE. But...charule} them lnto the human body by conoclouE mental dj.rec'r,1on, and they at once become agents of LIIE wlth themost marvelous power. Shetr performance ther: becomes $heer magJ.c, The $pace people call these partlcles 'rI,lfetrone" for once they enten the body they


LIIE to 1t.

ls the baste method you should uEe for yourseif or for otfrers, to develop youxa awareneos of the llfetrone and dlnect then J.nto the phystcal body. Thla method does two thlngs, (a) It brlngs a great volume of Ltfetrons lnto your body for the purlpose of CL,EANfNG OUt.a11 the o1d, tlred, spent or, feeble atorns now tn your body. (b) It recharges the i,rorn-out {feebly elestrlfled) atoms wtth a new, fresh eupp3.y of Llfetrong froro the ocean of spaee all. around you. Ehese new LJ.fetnong cartry lnto the physlcal body a strong dlrectlve to heal, for they are f,u1L of the electr'lclty of LrsE and thls LrFE deslres perfectlon, (f. ) Belax youreeJ-f ln a comfontable cha5.n and cloee your eyes. Ir{enta}ly ptcture younself nestlng at the bottom of a great Gcean of Llfetrons. rmaglne that your body ls ponous a Bponge, through whLeh vast of sparkJ_1ng lf!* bnlght electrons can pags, like water. through a 1lvlng sponge. Feel the LOIE o-uallty J.n those Llfetrons, realLze how beauttfu11y they GIlm and HE-G.II,IE of themseLves to vltallze your wondrous physical body and all livlng bodles. KNOld that these

Llfetrons are eagerly ar+altlng your onder to stneam lnto your body, to clean out the old and bulld ln the IiEW body ceL1s. In thJ.s exerclse, lmage the Llfetrons as belng of a radlant llght plnk, alnost whlte co1or" See them move ln a brlIIlant swlrl bf cofffi56nflffig1ve them the command. Use a RALAIGD l,t&L. Inaglng a pink color wlil step up your vltallty. Use l1ght yef-

low to step up mental activlty...lleht blue lf you are overwei-ght (e. ) Center your attentlon on your Ll.fe-Swltch--the Pltu.ltary gland--whlch ls located about 1-| lnclres behlnd the root of the nose, bebween the eyes. Relax a moment and breathe qutet* ly arrd eas:.Iy. Novr llft the of your forehead, so that your eyebrows are nalsed as hlgh as posslbLe, wlth e.yes remal.nlng shut. AS you do thts, rnentally l.nv{!e the L,1f,etrons to porrr tnto your Llfe-switch 1n a greaEffi. Dlrect thert mentalLy to CTEAN OUT all the o1d, sJ.ckly celts and depJ.eted electr:ons from head to toes. InstantJ.y, tnllllons of fresh obedlent soldlers*-wllL iush lnto your braln center and down to your* toes and then back up and out thnouBh the Llfe t'as $wttch tnto space again. Let ttrls CLEAIISINO COMIiIAND stand lst' for flve mLnutes' AlL the whlLe you relax and image the good work that ls belng done'

(3.) After flve rnlnutes of Ltfetrronlc Cleanelng, you wlll flnd the body has become smaller ln size and helght due to the elLrntnatlon of, countlesg numbers of o1d electrons from the body. {I{easure before an<i after, and note dLfference. ) Now, after your physlcal "houee" has been Blfept clean by the new Llfetrons, lnvlte them once aggln lnto your body vta the Llfe Swltch. thls t,Lnoe dj.rect then mentaily to FILL the entlre body and BEPtrACE the old ones that have been ellminated. Instantfy they w111 pour lnto the body agaln. If, you wLlI checlt your helght now you should, flnd J.t has Lnct'eased notlceably...showlng that much
wonderf\rI work has been itone.
You wlL1 also flnd that when you have completed your Llfet:ron1c CleanLng exercise lf has lnrparted a marvelous new feellng of freedom, ease and polse.

not l.maglnary, unlts of unlto buLld the healthy, glo::lous new you--the YOU the world now need.s and ls cnying fonl Thts apecial exerclse does not correct your wrong hablts of thought on feellng, fon only your dally, deterrnlned watchfulness can do that; but lt can be used effecllvely to rld the body of accumulatlons of past thoug,ht errors as they are affecilng t'he body electronlc clrno!{. It a}s6"IE-nables you to BE*BALANCE your cuJ.ts, thus putttng your physlcal body in tune wlth the Dlvlne Spar"Ic wlthln you--your lllgher' SeIf. For your hlgher good I now urge you to use thl.s Eechnique as Jlm and I do, once each day. Seelr to know and LOI/S the Ll.,fetrons. Become tncneaslngly aware that they exlst all about you and your own power to dlrect them
versal" energy. You can uee them

Llfetrons are enttnely


fon heallng punpoBes tliL1 grorl raptdly.






conthe weeks were fl}led wlth healthfuL andhtn str.rctlve actlvltlEa for: both Jim and myself, for I Put io-very good u"e fn the garden whl]e I kept- [usy ln-lny "delt". 111e v"iy-*arvelous new krrcwledge we. had recelved so far vfas now shaplng ltself lnto a most vital lnetruction cour$e, and even ae I ilaAe.motes of, what werd learned, I Eensed that rnuch more health wLsdorn Was soon to be transmttted to us. Real.tzlng, however, that the Space People nevBr advance new Im,owledge untll the student

has maetered that has ah'eadY been gl.ven htrn, both Jln and I

practlced the Llfetronlc C1eanslag exerclse regularLY each daY-


(Yrtnd, MotJ.on, BreathrFood) lmpor.tant servlces,

At flrst, our "aw&renese" of the Llf,etrons Ln r.vhlah wa all lLve and move and have our be1ng, was not as keen ag lt should be' No unusuaL sensatj.ons were felt durl-ng our practJ-ce. But soon, due to our enthuslasm and perslstence, r"esults were notLceabl.e by both of us ln the form of a pJ.eaeant blngle as trl}Llons of-t-rffiashed lnto our bodles to perform thelr

posltlve awareness of, the BEALIIY of the maglcal the n'raln nequlrernent on the part of the slncere utudent. Merely knowlng 'rlnte1}ectualiy'r about the extstence of Lif,etrone'1s not enough. Tl:at w1]1 not accompllsh bhe results. A pengon can know "ail about" the art of swlrdTllng and stll.I not be able to ewlm. Butr t+hen one &ctua1Ly enters the wa.ter., contacts lt phystoaLly and flnds tt wllL keep him afloat ...?!IEN he or she 1s AHAIE of the water and ls abl.e to swlm!
A keen,
My S.mpressl-on that addltlonal valuabl"e lnstnretlon was to be forthcomlng, proved to be eoruect. It cal?te ln the form of a serles of telepathic contacte from Lon-Zara, my beJoved Teacher and Master of Lifetnonic Heal1ng. These mental conbacts or co&munlcatl-ons occumed wlth cl-ock-}lke negular.lEy once every other day and contLnued for two weeks, On each alter"nate day, at precisely 6:00 A.M. I was awakened by the key


nobe or sound which

I have through experlence cgroe to


aesoclate wlth fiy wondrously wlge Venuglsn mentor, Lon-Za,ra. Immedlately after hls pneclous slgnal brought my mind eagenly to attentlon, a beam otr ray of 3.tght energy was f,ocuased upon ny hlgher braln centers--the Pltultary and PLneal--by the Wlse Onee, ard lngtantly thought communlcatlon between the Venuslan and myself beca"me possible. Comnnrnlcatlons by Belethot Lasted for appnoxlmately a half hour each tlme, after which the ray uas wlthdravrn and ouro contact termlnated.
Duntng each of, these thrllLlng sesstons, when I was "ln the llghtri and mentalLy attuned to Lon*Zara of Venus, ny mlnd was l]Luml"ned wlth a vagt and wonderful weaLth of, HEALTH KNOI-ITEDGE whJ-ch, lf rlghtly used by the people of Earth, could be the means of banlehlng Dls-Ease fo:rever on thls trllanet. For. Venuslan secretg of health ar"e sI.mple, but dynamlo. fhey neveaL a ttl&w of Hea].th[ that le absolirte and univerga]". That eueh a Lar extsta, hao always exlsted, Ls a tnre and undylng fact. Your 11 aII humanlty can uee lt not only to ashleve a freedom fr"on palnr. but to bulld better, luore penfect bodles. Tenuslans have long lmown of thle basle "Law of Health'l and wouLd have glven lt to Eartlr}tngs ago i.f man on thts planet had been eufflclently AIfAKE I.n mlnd, body and soul to nake wlse use of lt. Unhapplly, ue were not neady then to of recetve 1t as long aB we--as a race**we?€ tgl--leylng tle P4t-h * t4q gI lnFlead-g{ h+ql9r spTFrFwrSoamr* *gr,+allen 333L today, hoffever, the penduium ls swlnglng the othen way, from darkness to llght, and a gneat many wonderful men and wo* men are voluntar'lIy searchlng to know CAUSOS instead of Btrt'ECTS. A great NATIIfiAL HEALTH MOi/EliENT ls beglnnlng bo ta}<e hold, and noble, o1ncene, altrulstlc souls Llke youreeJ.ves, dean frlends, are ln bhe f,orefr.ont of thlg tulghty rnovement. You are dernandlng eternal KN0WLEDO$ baeed on trrre CAUSES...rot mere "lnformatlon'r and, useless "pap" based on EFFECIS, symptome, Ban-Ifla.d€ theorles, chemlcal drug concoctLons and a greed for moneyl T}IE VEMJSIAI.I "What 5.s the Venuslan rLau of Healthr?'r oF }MALTHI' of, Lon-Zara telepathteally. I lnqulned 'II,AW

'rln one word--BAI,ANCET " answered my instr:uctor". t'If you requlrre two r,vords to better understand thls Law, I uould Bay!*I-,IFETEONIC BALANCE. ff three words are neeced we can state lt as--LIIETR0IfiC EATANCED BEING. If four worcis w1L1 help to furbher expand your undergtandlng of, lt, they are--TOTAt LIFETRONIC BAIANoED EEING. Thts Iaw of health ls estabLlshed by che Cosmle Creator. and le dlvlnel"y ordalned to apply to all anlr,rate or 1.1(/1ng creatures, regar"dlese of what wonld they nay happen to llve 1n. Man ls powen3.ess to change lt, but he can reap great beneflts fronr the law once he KNOI{S what tt 1s all about so that he .nay use lt for hts physleal bettermeat.


"AI1 llvlng creatures--lncludlng those ln the E€B--€X* press.thenselvee-1n foun natural ways. Namely, by (f) thlnk1ng, (2) movl.ngp (3) breathlng, and (4) eatlng. these lt.fe eetlvltles can be calred the rrouR vrrAl FUNcTrONs: TH0UGIf,rr M0TION, BREA?HINO and NIJIRITION 1n all llvlng creatures. "IrlfeErons--the vltal" sparke of Llfe 1tse1f--enter lnto the phys1cal, mental and splrltuaL belng of uan and anJ.nals by treans of the HIND, MOTIOi{, BREATH and FOOD. Although the an1nale ha're all of the four vltal functJ.ons, the flrst flrnctlon, tlflfD, ls lacklng Ln Con*clous direetlon and cannot reaeh the hetghts of the development of I{IND 1n man.
"Lo4g a.go the wLse uen of Venus dlscovered that the one of for man (and anlmals) conslsta ln a BAraNcED, NAruRAt ExlHEssroN of the foun vltaL functlons. rf any one of theee naturaL l.lfe expresslong 1e negrected by any J.ndtvlduaL, Naturers LrFEtR0l{rc BAT,ANCB ln that-belng J.s upeet and the physlcal body wlrL react wlth D1s-Ease--]ac}<-of aaLe-untll. the aatural BALANCE ls once Blore restored. l{e calL thls the HBALTH PynAli{ID PRINCIPTE, 1n the Bsnge that healthy bodles have four vlta} ftnctlons Just as a pynaeJ.d has f,our oidea. Let me e;eand thle ldea for you. r'.

Great Prlnctple

OVER-DE\IEtOrED the ercpense of the other three._ t'he dj.agram r wtl"I now ahowat you (pagE-jEI -l]l.ue?rate cl.earJ.y r+hat happeno to the lndrvldiar rilJ-rrai not beeome consclously AWAffE oi- trre impontance of an BVBRr e$ral, baranced deveropruent of arL four sides. (rni + vrtir'n ictr6ns.) "flre flrst d,r.agram (l) showg a person who ts oven-d.eve}gped tn IirrND functlon. tgdtice how ttrl upper- portion of the -rnHrieflne HEALTH PYfiAIUTD r.l gre?ti.y expanded and that thts typ" of tndlvldual-1oves to thrnk "niareEd, but does not reallze the nesesslty for ActrdN. Ina'tfieorize, Hence, ih; nental.lty ls devel-oped by conetant Ltuay of books, xow6u"r, thou6ht alone, even though Etlmulated by ieaalng Ehe flnest of books not enough ro-lurie a hapfiy, hea]rhy riie. The ?*-lglltl.,.lp "nealfn rh1nke!" -&ypt expand the lrloTroN ftrnctLon Ly more phys*?*1 actLvlty and thereby belance thrnkrng wlth D0rHG. conEtnlo-

BY II{ICHAEL Xr At thls polnt, I,on-zara energtzed - (IqIEof, faculty cLaLrvoyance or "nental televtEton't. He Ehen proceeded to tll"uetnate hls ldea by ueans of slx unusually lntorestfng and lllunlnattng dlagrams. slnce these dlagrams explaln how the }{EAITH PYRAMID PAINCIPL,E worke, I have tnclude<i then fon you on the next page of this ciur"se, they w111 be nentLoned by number, and- you may refer to thera as often as requlred 1n order to flx them iteanry in mlnd. ) "Llfetronlc balance le upset when any of the four3 erdes my

of the IffiALTH PYBAMID becomee


new ldeas shouLd be acbed upon p"ompffr.

-37 '


Iloalth Pyramiil Prinriille /+ c a,/

:r\ ,%. Yt



ol ol



t\ o


t h.
rll al m

I )* (
I d





{ llt

f l-

d, m





"fhe second dlagram (a) represents the penson who neLles alruost excluslvely upon MOEION or exerclse to keep hlu healt'hy. He ls the typleal athlete who takes gneat prlde J.n aeqelr:lng large bulgtng muscles. Beeause he feels that alone ls the maLn key to good health, he neglects the developnent of hls mIl{D functlon, ?hle attltude swlnge hls attentlon too far away from the mental slde of }lfe' He thereby shuts hlnEelf off from the healthfiil lnflow of, Splrltual Inslght and l.deaa whlch he neede 1n order to wlsely control hls physlcal power' "the thlnd dlagran (3) sX.gnlflee the t llreatharlant , He ts the lndlv1dual who ls convlnced that BHS,ATH ts the most lmportarit vltal functLon for healih. Yogl breathlng practlces lntrI$;e htm gneatly. Deep breathlng ts more lmportant to htm than eatlng, and so he over*devel.ops the BREATH flnctlon and negJ.ects the questl.on of rlght food. As a natural consequense, the ascetLc breather has very llttle knowledge of vltal food, proper coublnatlons, etc. By neglectlng the I'OOD sl,de of the health pyramld, he deprives hle body of needed cheml.ca3, elements whlch the physlcal body regutres Ln o:rden to earny the vlta1 eLeetrlc cunrent throughout the body most efflclently. LlvlnB cel,ls ln the body need two klnds of sttmulatlon for ltfe and ercpanslonl Vlta} and Chemical. Ehe vltal (electrlcal or Llfetronlc) comes fron the al'r vla the BfiEATH f\inctlon. the chemlcal stlmu]atlon ls derlved from the food we eat and the llquld we drtnk. The tBreatharianil should seek to BALANCE these two functlons for better health. "The fou:'th dlagranr (4) shows a person who 1s very defover-balanced 1n the FOOD f\rnctlon. He breathes very fnftgly llttle as he ls usualLy too busy eatlng. rn thle cLasslficatgourmandst, tglubtonst, and the tFood tlon we flnd the Faddlsts t. These persons hord the false bellef that HEALTH may be found v1a the F00D path aloner or that food is the most lmportant conslderatlon fon wel.l-belng. uhlle lt ls tr:r,re that good food ls es6entla1 to good hearth, Lt ls also bnre that eatlng ts but one of the !'OIJH vj.tal functions ln al-r llvlng creature$. To enphaslze any one and lgnore or mlnlmlze thC others J"e & serlous erron. rt Ls natural- and good for us to eat and enJoy dellctous tast,ing foods, and to make aure that our food Ls as vltar and wholesome ae posslble. Brt to fall Lnto the hablt of overeating4. evel! € g-ood food, Ls wrong because we the reby- offiffiffiti:e-FrgAEstfaffi.*trori anrdTay the foundatlon for Dis-Ease, To correet the habl-t of overi:atln8, gradually glve up the o3.d dlet of cooked foods and begLn eaElng natural, unflned frults, nuts arrd tender vegetab).esl The body wLl.l demand less of these foods because t[ey are $ctF er ln vltal eLenents since they have not been subJecf,ed to destnrcELve actl0n of fLre. the FooDIsT wtlI flnd ietter health by_swltchlng to the use of 1rve, vltal food, and, takl,ns 1n mora
ArH througtr exercise. I'Je suggested a grqqugr 'iswitJuH,lut---goodl 1l ,!u prefe-rsa eonplete anci sudden Llve F,oo6,



an even, progresslvely eqrral development of ail four sldes of the Health Fl'ramtd. Thls represents the person who has not over-deveLoped any slde of the Pyramld, but has wLsely bu1lt up all four sldes s5n'ometnlca]1y. He on ghe has exercJ-sed each 0f the four vltal functlons--MlNDT MoTIoN, EHEArH and F00D--1n a eenolble, harmonlous and natural manner'. The happy and Joyoue result te BATANCH and not DISTORtI0N of the HEaIth Py::amld. A g:reat tnflow of ltealth-gj.utng Llfetrons 1s reallzed by thls person, fron all four vltal funetlons. As you w111 at once pencetve, thls dlagram reall"y ,syrnboLlaee the New Age Student.

"l,low we come

to the flfth


(5) whlch l"ndleates

Last dlagram (5) is now before you, It d.oes not, "fhe however, u5.gnlfy the fl-nat heaLth attal.rument of man. No such flnaLlty exlsts ln ai-I the cosmos. One can extend the four sldes of the !{ealth Pyramld equally ln the deslred dlrectlon of ever" greater and more abundant health. Venuslan master healers have done thJ"s, A llmtt,ed number of, your fellow Earthllngs have also achleved thle goal. It 1s open to all rnanklnd. As you can eee Xn thls dlagram, the four vl,tal functlons of MIND, MOtION, BI{EATI{ AND F'00D l:ave been g:reatly enhanced, equally. LLfetronlc Balance has been maLntalned all durlng the greater development of the lndXvldualts natura] functlone.'r t'Hhat you have revealed thus far has brought new llght of undenstandlng to my mlnd regardlng Jlmrs physlcal breakdownr'r r sal-d as Lon*Zara brouglrt our Telethot communlcatlon to a close, "ile has slmply gotLen out of LIS'ETP.ONIC BALANCE. Ert te1l me, please, what 1o the meanlng of the CAPSI0NE on the Heelth Pynamtd?ir (l'iote: lndlcaled by Letter "C"otl dlagrams. ) " replled "I shall reveal" that at our next mental meetlngr great, you ser* can be of the ruasterfrrl Tenusian, "Untl} then, vlce to Jtm ttndy by tel.llng hLn a1I tlrat you have Learned dunlng thle meeting. Teach hlm the truth of the ll,nse Ones.rl
Wl?h those lnsptr.lng words vlbratlng In my rulnd, oul' menbal contaet was termlnated, for the tlme belng.
l,]hCN I tO}d JlM AbOUt ThE HEATTH ?YNAI4ID PRINCIPIE Of equal and harmonLous development of the four vJ-ta1 functlons, he grasped the ldea at once. Moreover, he qulckly reall-zed ln wtrtetr functl-ons he was 0\IER-BALANCED (ft was ln MIND and F00D functlons) and he Lost no blme In everythtng he could to restore a more complete LIFETRONIC BALANCE.

By steadl-ly lncreaslng hls capaclty for I,IOTION by enJoyable outdoor exercj-se , il! deber"mlned frlend .riln bhereby ln* creased hLs EREATH capaclty. Eire result was truly amazlng. Not only d.I-d he begln to look better and feel better, but our backyard gar:den, whtch never before had had such wonde::fu} care, was heeofillng a beauttful slght to behold.






tihen ton-Zara next aontacted rne telepathlcally, nU pyz,zlemen! as to the meanlng of the Capstone at the apex of the the CapI{EA1JTH Fy3AMID s""n vani[freO. Acco-rdlng to Lon-Z&PBr the gffiODIED, each to ch the apex wht gtor.e fndloates iniftff '[fre-"ivramfA -of bulld *1}} ]lan Age .re i'felrrg' -Ner! four sldes of frolu aLl foui sldes--MIND, f,ii*onious}y ana stinuLta11eously -ralq$g hte auareness IJPWARD to gOtiON; gnEAfH and X'OgD, ever, SEUr' tn uan. the DrVINE tfre SrlnIT OF tRtIIH whlch le Thls CaPstone ls also



or t'Awarenegg of HarrnonJ.oug Per* fectlonrt. It 1s a reallzatLon of the th:ree pr'lnclp).es of Power, Love and Wiedom (frffe, Love and Llght) as they elqlress themeelveg ln perfeet BALANCE.
il.I" heaLbh
eomes Yrhen man

as the brnrst


bullds Lnharnronlous3.y, 1n an unbalanced, Banner. fhe four sldes of the Health Pyra.rald are then tNEQUef,. If any slde donlnatee or falls any other of the sldes, T}IE FOTJR ESSEI.ITIAI, STSPS the apex (C) cannot be reached. LEADING T0 TIIE CAPST0I\[E. The PyrarnLd Itself, Lon*Zara polnted out to me, oI-gnlflee gnander, more pertranently endurlng physlcal body each one lhe to bull.d out of, vltal tlEW AGE tr'OoDS, To attempt to of us ls heal, repalr, or butld a NEW AOE BODY out of, OLD AGE F00DS ts Lseless. It slrrpJ.y oannot be done. If, your "butldlng mater"laIg" are fl::st c)-ass, your-trhousei'wlIL not on3.y }oolt so much nlcer to w11] aLso laet longer by uany year'eBy NEI,I AGE F00D,S the Venuslang nean LMNG S00DS from the p3.ant klngdom, sueh as frults, nuts, seed eprouts and tender vegetableo. For physlcaf bcdy heallng, repair, and "new cofl-

stnrctl-onrr theee foods are to be eaten Just as they come to us 1n nature, uncooketi, The momenE we appf$TiE Eo offie-doF frErE-fi'ffirerE-ffiIffiy lnto so ouch dead, clogglng bulk. It ls clearly lmposslble bo buLLd LMNG BODIES OUT OF DEAD I'00DS.
Hg{ Tq CHAI{ffi O\[EB I'ROM


Thls requlres senslble, and good Judgment. the Un-Flrect Food Dletary should not be taken up before eleanslng the body. Castlng out o1d matter ls the flrst stop'


In the drawlng on page 41 I have lLlustrated for you the four essentla1 steps leadtng to perfect HEALTH. Just ae my f,rtend Jlm Llndy was tnstrtrcted tb do, so each one of, us mu$t boldly and eourageously CI,EANEE thq physlcal- body of lts old-age matter, lrrrpurtttes and wastes. {See page 19, center of page). D.rrlng thls cleanslng pentod, tvhLle the body J-e gettlng r1d. of old polsons that have formed i.n the bloodetrearn from tfie wrong foodi eaten ln the pasE, some unp]easant 'fe5.deeffects" may be feLt. llhese lnclude headaches, possibly nause& and a tenporary recurrence of old synpboms. l]Iten tlle body has rld ttsel.f of its wastes, such symptoms dlsappear' ?hls t,akes tilne, however, and lf thls natural eLlnrlnatlve EEACfION le not unde:rstood, one mlght lose faith and slnk baclc to ol-d ways. For this rreason I conEider lt most unw*Ee for the average beglnner to glve up all the o1d foods a.t once. Unless the be* glruaer. l.e a person stnong ln w111 and self-dlsctpltne and wll"ttng to undengo a few peniods of unpleasant ellmlnatlve reactlons, he or she should GRADUALLY chzutge over to the vltal, I,ffiE S0OD program. Do lt by degnees, llttle by lltt}e. Then threre wll't be fewet notlceable phystcal dlsturbs$c€S. In tns,lqlng your tranel-tLon ftolu cooked to NATUBAL foooe lt ts best to begln ttLth euCh foods as ane noi eommonly cooked. Thlg would lnclude a varlety of deltclous f,resh frults**app1es, oransesl perstmmons, aprleots, cherrLes, melone, Qnd Inany others, Frults are best at the peak of, thelr season (whlch you wlll ooon get to recogntse as you watch for tl:em on the market) and your own taste nuds &re the mogt perfect gr.tLdes for you to follow tuhenever. you are hungry. (gtter ttre Sody hae unBergone lts cj.eansing. ) Eegln to add vltal, IIN-FIRED foods lJ.tt1e by llttle to your present d.1eta.ny. As you do thl.s, the natural foods, the
deLleloue t,astlng, nuts, sprouted seede and rnLxed green .Bal"ads wtth tender vegetables--all uncooked.-*wlLL become niore and more attractlve and. desll"eabLe f,o your taete. That 15 a ep1end,Ld slgn. You w111 Boon ftnd that you are automatlealfy

substttutlng more unflred, natural f,oads for the cooked ones. At tlmeE, lCt a eomplete meal conslst of one or two fresh f?ttlts. I,et another meal be a saLad of green leafy lettuce, cucumbers, bomatoes and avocado, Wlth an o}lve-oL} and lemon dnesslng. Lncldenta1ty, you may thlnk you enioy eooked food, but-a.B many New Age lndlv1duale, lncludlng Jlm and nryself have dlssOvened*-a person doesntt know fiEAL food enJoyrnent untll he or ehe gets to enJOylng sun-energlzed food Just as Nature prepares lb, entlrely wlthout a "eookgtoverr. Not only le J.t most 6atlsfying and pleaslng to the palate, but lt also adds bhose vltal elen:ents tb our bodles that the well meanlng cook wlth her, or hle, destructive FIBE has been deprlvlng us of for 1EAHS.

eubstltutlng tasty natural. foods forn cooked.foods--you
{iC *

Aftef Several mOnthgj poss:-bly sooner, of thls procedure*w1}L

of not wantlng any more cooked foods of arty They w111 no longer tagte allve and vltal to you. then you wllJ, natural]y destre to eat only natur"al, un-flred foods excluslve1X, for you wII} be Eure you are on the rlght track at last. l,lhen thts day arrl.ves, you wj.ll J.ndeed reJolce.
reach the stage


In the rratten of FOOD, lalance 1s vltally trapontant, Do on vegetables- alone. You not try to ]lve on frults aloffffi need both to bulld your I{Eld AGE BODY. }'rults alone provlde too ltttle of tlssue-bulLdlng matertal. Vegetablee are the beEt bullders beeause they get the nost mX.nerale from the solI. The FRUITS 0IEANSE, and VEGETABLES BUILD. A eplendld plan, then, wou3.d be to eat f, ln the mornlng, sprouts and leafy glreena at noon, and a emall salad of root vegetables 1n the evenlng. Llve for one year on these foods and you w111 flnd your vltal.lty greatly lncreased. Aften two years you w111 be amaeed at the extraordlnary keennesg of your mental facuLtles, In thnee years tlme you wl.l.I be surpr1.sed to note thab most of your wr,lnk1es have "gone forevertt and that you possess unusual otrength. And aften flve years you wJ.J.l reallze that you have stopped "lathen Ttmerr ln his tracks. You are fiEOENEBATED. Remember, bulld your "house" upon a "rock" of prlnclple and lt wtJ,l stand fLm. fn thls case, prtnctple le found ln tfVINS FO0DS. Llve food from the .p).ant klngdom glves you FIfiST. CLASS matenl"al wlth whtch to bulld your house (physlcal body), So I can only eoho the practlcaL advlce of dur marvelous SPACE BROTHEBS AND SISIEHS by, Bu1Ld your neyr house out of the EEST, not lnfertor grade matenlaLt Thts brlngs us to the questlon of I,IEAT-EATIN0, 0n thlg, Lon-Zara was qulte deflnlte. "Our Ilfe coires fron the Sun, vLa lts L,lfetronlc actlulty ln the atmosphene of each planet. solar enerBy Ls the source, medlate and lrimedtate, of all plant and antmal- tlfe. the sun severs the canbon from lts oxtr'gen and bulLds the vegetable. The anlnaL consuf/les the vegetabLe, a BE-UNION of th6 severed elements takes praee, produclng arlrual vitaltty. The process of, bul"ldlng ? vegetabtg_ 1s one of tfrNDrNc lrP ltfetrontl energy from the sunts rayg, The process of bulldlng a:e anlmal. rs oni of fluNNrNG DOI{N or the uslng of that wound-ufi so]ar energy. As you know, the g3een J"eAves of plants tr^ap solar rays and-itore up the energy for the purpose of bulldtirg and vlta]LzLng the plant. 'rcenturtes ago, the greatest mlnds of venus had taught our people that mants natural food ls that wlrlch conea from t[e p)ant ktngdom, and No? from the anlmal !<3.ngdorn, I,/e knew bhat lt was better to obtaln our vlta1 }1fe ener[y from FrRsl-HAND souncEs such as plants, than to eat anlmal-s ihat secured thelr vltallty by-eatlns plants, Remember, the process of bulldr.nfi-*p un anlmal 1s one of BITNNIN0 ,oHN of solar Energy. wlren tfre i'tesh of,

arry anlma.l I.e cooked,

ll.fetrons are dlspelled lnto the a1r and of the orlglnal llfe eleetrlclty l"e left for the healthf\r}, vltal lnvtgoratlon of a human belng,
very llttle Earthllngs eatlng rueat a$d eooked food and gettlrrg ulth nany dlseases, the cause of whlch baffles you and your scJ.entLsts, l^Ie can teIl you authorltatlvely that the reason for your mysterlou.$ dlseases lE your raclal. custom of eatlng the dead oorpses of anl.roa1s. The moment an anlmal ls kI}led, the eLectrLc vltallty that sustal.ned lts tLesues when lt wae aLlve, rapldl.y dlsslpates lnto the atmosphere. In orden to decompose the dead f,Iesh, and reduce It to llE chemlcal e]-e* ments, putrefactlva germs enter the meat and a process you call
ttHe obsertre you

Irottlng" occure. At a certaln polnt ln the dlslntegratlos proce$s, arr almost lnvLslbLe agent of deetructlon, the '$cavenger Vln:sr takes over and oompietes the deconposltlon. "Nature neyer lteeps anythlng ghe 16ntt uslng. Thls 1s the unl.versal Law of use. Hence, dead anLmale are speedlly decomposed by the Berfis and seavenger vlrrrs, no that the orlglnal chemtca}" elements that butLt the anJ.malrs body wlII be avallable agaln for more constructlve wo:rk, If you wlIJ. always thlnk of the seavenger vlrus (and a}I. germs) *s Naturets fcLean-up ag* entsI, the necessity f,on thelr belng beeomeg evident, When eanthllnge break the natural 1aw of dlet by the dead fleeh of anlnale, blrds and ft"shes lnstead of thelr food from the plant kJ.ngdoa, what happens? Flrst, the flesh SoeB lnto the human stomach. ?he gastrlc Julces paralyze the acllon of numerous germo whlch the meat contaJ-ng. The neat then passes J-nto the lnteatlnes whlch, conbrary to cqumon be15.ef, do not abEorb the flesh ab al.1 but merely absorb-lts Julces. In the r'rarcn lnterLor of the human body, the putnefacElve germs begLn to rnuLtlply by the bllllons to decompose the meat. If maf,rts LntestlnaL tract were shortr &$ ls that of a dog, th1.s putrefactlrre on rottlng activlty wouLd not be so harmful. Manrs lntegtlnes, however, are several ilmes longer than the canlners. They were deslgned anEffiidFflffi th*E-E-flnI.te Creator for the pur?ose of dlgestlns frults, nuts, seeds

and vegetabLes whlch DO NOT C0F[E UNDER ThE LAW 0F flm SCAIENGER VIRUS. Because the putrefyi*tg meat eannot be excneted r"apld1y enough from the human lntesilnes, the Bcaventer vints has no alternatlve than to flnleh the decomposlng of the meat lnslde the body of man. Ihls lt does, theneby releaslng lnto ffi-lfrrman bloodstream poisons of a most vlrtrlent and destnrctlve ktnd. It ls no wonder tFrat the cel"l"s of a human body becon,e dlseased under that polsonous onslau$ht whlch goes on day aften day. "
These health reasonB, not commonly known by Hanthllngs, should be compe].llng enough to make many souls of good lntent turn away forever from bhe dangerous habl? of flesh-eatlng. &rt the Yenr;slans go further and appeal to l4,ants higher nature (i,ffe Love and Ulsdom)'r,o no-u betray our younger brothers (anlmals) Uy kl[lng and eatlng them, buE to protect them wlth CHHIST -L01,El



Part Elght
Jtm Llndy was ua}<lng splendld progreBs. In the f,ew short mopthE that had passed 8o aCventurousLy for ray guest, deflntte slgns of trrrprovement $ere notlceabl.e. Hls utnd, body and soul l,rere manLfeethg a great'er harmony, balance and a Joyous "pos1tlvlty". It-was outwardly apparent to me now bhat Jlm haC succeeded ln hls tmPortant obJecttve: nameLy, to "crogg the ?hree Rlvers

pllshed. We reallaed that fiItreh remaLned to be done ln order for JLm to keep Bhe health galns he had n:ade go far. ALso, Xt wae ltupontarrt to contlnue furthen ercpanslon lnto by learnlng
At ever"y opportunJ.ty I made lt a polnt to corripJ.lment J5.m on hls wonder'f,ul J.raprovement 1n health..ond, I rneant everXr word. He no longer looked }tke a 'rwalklng dead man". Llfe now radlared fnom hls sparkllng eyes as never befor.e. Of couree, true to JJ.m Llndyts natune (aE I frad always known h1m) he t,oolt 11tt1e or no personal credlt f,or the marveloue physXcal transformatI-on. The Space People, Dr. Ct Lenone and myself, were responsLble, he c1almed. Yet I lrrrew that lf lt were not for Jlmrs ol{n unconqrerab).e deslre to be wel-l agaLn, end hls loyalty to the Space Peoplets lnsErructlon he $lght never have made lt. That ls Jlmrs way. Somehow, subeonsclously, Jl.m knew that God and Nature never lntended for. him or any human belng to be tn the plttful condltlon he was when he flrst came to see me. The bad experlences he had gone through ln searehlng for a cure had hurt and confused h1m. Yet even when he was at hls I'rlltst end.rt he stlLL belLeved help would some. And so 5.t dl.d. the HJ.gher Br"other"e take care of thelr o$fil. that 18 thelr w&trl.
IW next cqmmunleatlon fnon Lon*Zara opened up the nrost deltghtfuL new "health vlstas" for both JIm and nyself. So unusual and valuab3'e was the knowledge he tnrparbed to ne, f sha]I present lt here for you as elearly as r caA. rt 5,.ives us all the key to LrFE MORE ABL'IiDAN?. And that means koowlng the SECBET that can change your whole body chemlstry, release

Not t'hat the Job was accom-

whatever else our Hlgher Brotherg -*the Venusla.ns--trrould reveaL to ug'

of 'rdragglng through lj.fe', half aLlve. Practlcing the secret glves-1'ou a pATT$RN or upi,.r.fll so powerfrl and posltilre 1t carurot fail to help you manlfest much greater health, strength and youthrlriness. It 1s thtsr TiiE LAw oF EErNo rs vrBHjtrroN. As the i'Ilee ones say-"Everything vlbrates". The worid le not etatl-c and, lnactlve. rt ls aIlve, dynarnlc and very, very ACtruE. The venuelans have Learned that it Is easler to }lve 1n AcTIvrry than to exlst rn iazlness. From the tinlest pantlcle of matter-, the eLectron, up to the greatest galaetlc unlverse ln spaee...aIr re rn llorrci't' And everythlng ln the ur:lverse has lts own ldentlfylng vlbratlon, Especlally Llvlng }gpgg .b.ql.r.rgu. .Po"g any lar,r control vlbratron? yes. Accordtng to tronzara the law of vlbratLon Ls MODtrr,AfroN. A s1mp1e exanrpt e of rnoduratton l.s had uhen you va.rr the f,one of youi" volce. you have then 'rmoduiated't the lntensJ.ty or power-of your vorce, and pgrhape even chaaged 1ts freguency or rlte of vlLratlon from hlgh to low, lor,r to-medlum, etc. rt is all very slmpl.e. you do lt every day, and wlth the gr"eatest of ease. lrotr the l.mporuant thlng the venuslans want us to know ls H01,1 r0 tvloDtILAtE or "changet' oul' lndlvldual personal vlbrations --physleal, mental and spir.ltual.-*from lowr- to medlum, to hlgh. The secret of dolng thls 1s to reallze that every other .*r161ff tlon outsldeI'rnodulatlon" of us tends to moduLate us elthefrUpWRnn on DOi.lNHARD. Thts of our. personal vtbratlons [oes on contlntralIyr_ af,fectlnt uE negatlvely or posltlveLy dipendlng on whether the lnfluencing vlbratlon ts irtgir, rnedlunr -or towl The range of vlbratlons ln the universe ls-conslderable. Hence we needntt try to ltst thenr all hene, exeept to say that vlbratlons come ln "OetaveB" (varlatlons of erght) rn the unlversaL gcheme of thlngs. l*n-zara refens to them as 'rhldden octaves of Porertr. sone vlbratlons, hovrever, have much hlgher frequenay (raie of vj.bratlon) than others, For ltsALTH mgcrc, the most trnp+rtant 0ctaves for you to reroember ane:
58th Octave: Thought ?Javes Sqth Octavel Llfetronts, I,lve Food Eneymes 48th Octave: tlve cetli of human bodyWhy are these so tmportant? Because If you eat a rneal that vlbrates below the ABttr 0ctave, lt 1s "deader" than you are' Therefone, lt nodulates you DOI{NWARDI (cooked food rs far beLow the 48th octave, ) thts aff,ects yorir health adversely because lower vibratlons $LOtrrI DOWIi Ti{E I'IOEION of your lrhole beand souL. For example, J1m Llndy had prevLousl*g-, ?9dy, -mind that a dletary of welL-cooked foods wrtn plenty of 1y belleved neat was benefltlrrg hls heaith. I! errag not unbll serlous physxcal lus began to troubLe htm that he opened h1s mtnd to the slraple truth, whlch wa$; ol'&Y LIVTNG F00Ds ADD LrFE t0 A trvrNc BODY. Dead foods prevent the ]1fe force from hearlng the body,

you fron: the unhappy bu:rden


Jlm Llndy Itcrossed the Elrst Rlvern by g:radua]ly ]earn* 1ng how to elear h1s mlnd of a huge a^oount of menta] rubblsh thst was ht"nderlng hlm from thlrdrlng clearly, B5r cotulrtg lnto persona). contact wlth posltlve NE1^, VlBBATIONS--those of th.Venuslans, Dr. C, Leno::e trny wonCe:rful hou.qekeeper) and myaelf --Jlmrs mJ.nd wae moclulated UPWARD. IhsteaC of constant] y thldclng of negattve Etr'ISCTS, he reversed hls attentlon to a

posltlr'e new realm, that of CAUSES. Vlbratlons should always LIFB us. ?hey shorrl.d not be allowed to puII us dovrnward, or to l'eduee our VITAL P0$l:R. You can rnodulate your Ilfe lnto whal.:ever you want l.t to be, Just as Jlm dld. For you are the $electo:'of the Octave that you wlsh to affect you, I have no control of that, i;or do the Space People have any lnfluence 5.n that r.espect, ft Is up to you alone to declde whether. you I{Ish to 1lr'e X,n a vaLLey or upon a g3.orlous M0UN[AiN IOFI ModulatLcn ls the secret key to ]'oux' suscess and i{ow doT6f tffit-Tn*Heffiffi SE?ctrcil ltvlng? Like tht.,r: Be aware of the fact that coLors affect you, sour:rir: affect ycu, rnuslc aff,ects you, your. frlencs, r"elatives and conop:nlons a-ffect you. That ls not aLi. Books, magaalnes, newspaper+ affect you; groups and meeilngs, t:ro\.lesr trTV" sircws, Qhe foocl you eat, your househoid sur-round,1ngs, J-our cirurch.,.ts].i of these vlbratlons modulate you--eliher uFllABD or. D0t,INWaiD.
Take a*.*ay that modulates YOU dounrwardr rlnd aGd that lrhleh modulates you upl'JAnD. rt Ls as simpie as tl:at, But in 1ts very stnrptLclty J.ies lte POHER. "ErlId a Pattertr of Upllft", sald Lon-Zara, ',tf ycu t'lou]-d truly meve cnwar"d, upruard anc Godward. you react to ev-ely.tll1g. th?t tog-qii_es. qu. Nothtng you contffib- l€Eir-es-y.ou uncnanged. rEs vlhratlons modulace you el.ther up or down. .s? y9g must pelsonally dlrect thls modulatlon process tn the pos* ttlve dlrection of greater physical heal.thr- stneirgtl: and vitalJ.ty, E\rery thought you thlnk, every rneal. you eat, every cornpanl.on

and experlence shouLd be UPLIFTING. " tdlren Jlm Lj.ndy became aware of Ehis unlque hearth sec::et, he-put lt lnto-actuar -oraetl-ce at once by seei<1ng anri. aLr whoresorne lnfluences whj-ch had btre pbwer to [pllft. Disfiructlvely negatLve televrslon plays and moirles dearlirg wlth horror and sudden death, JJ.a llstecl as ,,taboo". AiA, ln cr1me, the rcatter of dlet he wllllngIy gave up the o1d. irablt of eating meat whLch, he realized, only modulated hlm downwaril. rn iak1ng thLs step--glving up meat--he t'crossed the secoad r,lverii an<i purlfytni his destres with a true clfrrsr LolE, !v rrrting To surprlse lt was not as cLffj-cuLt to up nieai as he -hls had lmag;ined. 0nce the l"ow vlbratlon oi' thd antuii rtesrr that hao been saturatlng h1s blcodstream for years, was rcplaecd by
l-o c(

the hlgher ylbratlon from fresh frnrLte, nuis, vegetablee and eprouted 6eeds, hl.s cravlng for anillai neat, dlsappeaned- Afbe:r a few months awal' from meat entlrely, hte bloodstnea:r vlbratlon ?ras Bo pure and hlgh that the very slgfut or thought. of eatlng dead anlmal, flesh dlsgusted hll!. Jlm was fast becoming a 'rNeil Age Earth11n6". IIe reallzed that Vegetarlanlem, whJ-le of gneat hnportance, 1s oniy the ftrst upwand step .ln the complete New Age Dleta:ry Program. It ls aLso hlghLy lnportant -Every to gradually dlscontlnue the use of ALL qpPl(ED EO_qDs. cookFa 6f,mffit-oT Tffi-f:ffiIffir:erl1ents-*llfetr.ons, enz Jrme s, vllamlns, and organJ.c

mlneraIs. Hence, cooked foods modulate us DOI'INWARD.

Unfortunately, nost slneere Vegetarl*rrluo not !mor* of MODULATION and so tirey eat nurnereus cooked foods such ae bneads, cookles, potatpes (balied, bo5.led, mashed, etc) "meat subetl-tutes" "gravy subsbl-tuteorr, soya beane, and as a result are often very poor examllies of, health, The Yenuslans bell us that wha'u ue should all do ls to see that EVERYIHI,NG we adil to our dlet RAISES TIIEI LII'E VIEHATIOI{: t I "Yery good, r' you Bay, 'rbut I can I t alr+aye get the klnd or 1006 LTIE, VITAL I'IEAI,S ]rou and Lon-Zara recorumeird. I to eat what ls serveo to me, ani l.t ls mostly coolced food. Ie there any way of Lncreeslng the LitrE vlbratlon ln my dLet?" Ilappl1y, there ls. It is not as good as belng able to eat you:r trrue natural food ln the raw, unf,lred st,ate, but lt wllL Bee you through untll you ca,n S.mprove lrour sltuatl"on. Here ls my suggestlon. If you DO eat somethlng of a pwer vlbnatlon at, iny time, see tlrat you BAI,ANCE j"t wlth aT5ffier amount of a hlgher vlbratlon food. A splendlo way of dolng thle Ls to 6:.-'a'fiIaT1y 1.rrcrease your lntalie of fresh, raq, vegetable Julces, Car.rot Julce (a Iar..;e glassftrl) can be tal<en a half-hour before eactr moal. Thls wil-l- Hlve you extra erzymes and'rl-lfetrons'''"o step up t}:e vlbratlons of f,he other foods, Letrs look l.n brlefly once agaln on Jlrn I,fndyrs prognegs. By the cell- pro€trall each month as Lon-Zana had suggesteo, (lst day on Frlre water orty. Znd day on dlluted fresh frult julces, 3rd day a chu-ice of any deslred fresh, uncooked Julcy frult in season) Jlrn had g:"adualIy ei.ea.:rsad pnd pur* {fJed his body and thereb}' 'rcrossed the Thlrd Rlver" to hLg own great Joy. He knew noiv that there would be no "turnlng back. " If you, l1ke Jl"m Lindy, slncerely seek to ITAISH your vl-* bratlons by taktng alrey that r^ri:le-r pu1ls you downv+ard and add* 1ng thai vihlel: LIF"iS YOt.i UPi,J;IlD..-'i.f yott I'tOFilLA"E ;f0l..,lH$IJLF UPWARp by contlnu:a}3.y maliing rl.ght ciroi-cr-f;l l"n ii:is llspee.f,...your I{EALTH progress wili $ooli ainaie Xc'rlr and all who i<noru youl

thls larr of






dlseontlnue the eatlng of anlmal meat, ftsh, and pou]-try, where shall I get ny req;lred pnoteln? pnoteln lncrude A. FIRST nArE Eourees of natural CLEAN -+ prbtetn (contaln than wheat) up to LSOIE YIORE AlfaLfa sprouiJ Fenugreelc- sproutd, Irfung bean sprouts, Sunflower seeds, and nuts such-as A1m-ond, Ft1bert, Fecan, Walnut. Nuts should be eaten fresh and raw, never roasted or sa],ted. !{e eat then flaked.

Q, If I


A1l. anJ.mal foods and by-products of saroe, lncludlng eggs EE"adualLy d.l-scont'lnued frorn the New Age Dlet' We replace thoee Ltems (whlch are not mantg tr-ue foods) wlth ALMOND NUT I.UU( and CHEAlvl. Thls Ls so oeLlelous and eatl-efylng, you wl]1

Q, A.

Are Dalry ProductE--m5.1k, cream, and cheqse ueed?

flnd no dlffLculby l.n substltutlng the NEW fon the OLD. Her"e ls the recJ"pe for ALMOfiD i\nn MILI( or CEEAI;
1 ptnt dlsttlled uater"

$ teaspoon whol.e An1-se seed Dlreetl.ons: Put the above lngredlents Ln your blender or J.lquef1-er and let whlrl at high epeed for ?$ mlnutes. Thls makes a nost delLcious rlch rnll"k. To nrake a rlch cr,€EIIlr slmp1y use ]ess wa'ter, or add a llitLe more Almond butter. It J.s quibe palatable wlthoui but lf used for" lnfants lt should be stralned. !1111 keep about 4 Cays lf refrlgerated. Use ln smalL amountE as beverd3e, add to carrot Julce for a smooth flavor. Thls tnllk or cream fs hlghly nutrlElous and tasty on slJ-ced apples, peaches, penslrnmono, berrles, other. fresh frutt ln season, or on drled frults. Good ln flg Julce.

t heaplng tbsp. fresh, raw Almond button I scant tbep. natu:ral u eated honey

Q. Is bread necessary tn thls t,lew Age Dl"et? A, No! Aeeordlng to Lon-Zara, bread 1s an unwhoLeeorne food Eince lt has been subJected to the hleh temperature of the bak1ng oven. Venuslan people eat no b:read of any lc1nd, fhe ocqaslonal uoe of hard, dry whole-graln erackers 1a a good way to g:radually br.eak away from the bread-eattng hablt. A natural food far suglerlor to bread 1s tei:der young corn. ft can be funmersed 2 mlnutes 1n hot water, or eaten raw, Never cook lb. a, tr'lhere can I obtaln the flnest natural, organlc foods? A. For raw ALmond Nut Buiten, wrlte to T0NTZ HONEY FAfiM, Old Hlghway 71, E].slnone, Ca1Lfor,nj"a. for- thelr brochune. Fon fneeh fruits and vegetabLes srlie to: OROANIC-VILLE, 42A7 West 3rd St,, los Angelee !, ca].lr. Ask for prtce tlst, You rnay also wrlte for lnforraatlon from Health Magazlne "ad$."



Q. lihy l.s l.t that, although food, le abundant ln thLe countny, surveys lnd:leate that from one-half to tryo-thLrds of our ls

A. One car eat food eaolced or proeepse* l.s




day long, but L Lf that food haE been Ln BeaI n nourlshment.


Are fats needed

ln the I'lew Age



A. If you mearr natura]. fat,g, yes. Natural fatg are those whlch are uncookedr-sffiH*[s ane In avocadoes, seeds arrd nuts of all. kl.nds. The fat 1n these foods 1s unsatunated and easlly emulsLfl,ed by the llver. Unsaturated fa'"Hffi-aE-found 1n aII cold*pneseed natural oLl-s, such as safflower seed o11, segalne seed, o11, soya bean oI"1, ollve o1l, peanut o1I, corn oll-, ete. All these natural fats are wholesome and beneflclal ln t,he d1et. (We recommend ustng thea on nlth l-emon and, honey, but Fo.t as emulstf led or. mayonnalse tlpe dresslngs. ) 0n the other hand, ALL COOiffiD !'ATS are always unwholesome and have a danger* oue tendency to clog the human arte::les wlth cholesterol, The cgokgjl oE_FaturatqA I-alE l*eluf,e buF.!9.r, pea.! fa!, ess y_elte_, chegse and commercta] shorteniflgs. irlost Anrerlcans eat one to Ereffi- every day tn thelr foods. They flll up on ham or bacon and eggs for breakfaut, buttered toast; they eat heavlly of cheese, gravy, whlpped srrer,nrl and meats (even lean meat has ZOfi fab) and of course lce crearn, Qtelte naturally, alL this aclds up. in a yearts tlme the average person consurues 30O or'more cups of eholest,erol-formlng saturated PAt. ThJ.nic of the resulb ln flve, ten or flfteen years of such a dletl Coolced fats cannot be used, by the human body, and l.n oun oplnlon, do untold harm to the lJ-ver and gal}bladder as well as the arterles. None of the Venuslans eat eooked fais and consequently never suffer fr.orn strokes, ll'ler dlsease, nor treart attacks Q. Do you uee salt or other eondLments on your salads? A. Baw foods have thelr ovr"n de]lcate natural flavor and so the uee of ealt or pepper Ls never requlred. By cooklng hls food, man makes 1t flat and lnsJ-ptd to the taet,e, and ln orden to remedy thls mlstake he resorts to the uee of sal.t and other trrJ.tattng condlments. Or.dlnany table salt (sodlum chlortde) Le an lnorganle substence and so cannot be asslmLlated by the human body. It can only lrrltate. It ls }lke sand ln the gears of a pneclslon machlne; 1t gr.lnde ln the gears (Uony Jolnts) and slowly but surely darnages the rnachlne. The body needs sodlun, but I-n OROANIC form onIy, R:Lchest sources of organlc godlum are ran spl5ra-ch, *41:EE, celery and beet gregns. Include the se ltems 1ffiour ffiffilentyTTrra-wffietable Jutces, and all cra',rlng for sal"t v;11i. dlsappear. For salads mlx eqlral amqunte oli-ve olt and lemon ,iuJ.ce. Add small cJova of garllc and sw€eten ulth srnall anount of nalura] honey' *+* 50 ,lr**


Pant Nlne

folLow thetn lnstruettons as perf,ectLy as poselble, to regaln hJ.s phyelcal health and then raLse hl"s vJ.bratlons J.nto a htgher frequency. By maklng the f,ew posltlve changes thai had already been suggested, Jlm had mad,e real "headwayt' ln body, m1nd end soul. As a result, h€ wae perrnltted to once agaln
sense the presence

Even stnee hx.e flnet Dream Contact firom the llpnuslans, Jlu Llndyts pur?ose was three-iol-d. He LntenEeiy ddslred to

of the

Wlee Onee

ln a second

Dream Contact.



In thls

An exquJ,sltely beaqtlf\rL GOLDEN SPI{Ens Dream Contact was the vJ'etcn whleh JIut relatad to me aE foll.ows I

ItFlrst of, all T beearne aware of, a most unusual vLbratlon around me. It was l1ke warrn, heaIlng sunshlne....Eio harmonlous and peacef,ul I wanted to bask ln lt forever.. Ehen I saw a tlny polnt of llght. It gradualS,y Lncleased ln $lze untll- 1t had aEsumed the f,o:rm of a GOrDsN SPHERE, lE J.nches ln dlameter. ft glowed and radlated wl'th a goiden LuruLnescence as lt floated through space ln my directlon. "I heard a clear, bell*l.lke volce speak as the G0LIIEN SPIEBE moved torcard me. That spoken word was susfAr$l AutomatLcaLly f reaehed out my hands and caught the GoLDEN SPI{ERE. As soon as r dJ.d so, rny entire body began to radrate a gold,en glow. rn that g].orlous moment r feLt Godllke, eoneclous of the most wonderful Llfe and Intel.L1gence and ?erfect protectLon. fhen the vlslon faded and I awode. r,Thls whole, lnner experlence, though occurrlng ln a deep eLeep state jusE ae bef,ore, waE not at ait rLke ordlnary arearr adventures. There was a posl-tl-ve BenBe of HEALTFJ and vrvrpIrgss about lt that drea$s usually laclr. Most lmportant, no mere dream carrles the HrGH vrBnABroNS that Jtm l,lndy felt 1n evbry atom and ftbre of hls belng Long after he awaklned. At my next oppontunlty r eagerly lnqulred of r,on-zara rega:rdlng the practlcal slgnlflcance of .rlm r s Eeconcl vlslon. Hhag r Learned wae as astonlshrng as lt wae thrlI1ing. "When an Earthllng whom we have embrased wlthin our ctrele of protectlon, beeomes 11J. tn bod.y, mtnd or splrlt, aurLc the flrst thlng ure do f,or that lnctivl-dual ls i;o EArsE xrb on imn Lrr'B slllffcH. fhat opens the channel. through wht"ch a great abundance of llfetrols can pour' lnto the human-body. .e,s lou lanow, our devoted Barth Erother, Dr. c, is one of the prlncipal channels through whlch thts vltally lnrportant healing service is


nethod of croselng the fiI.vers I. By this we mean, of course, the CI,EANSINC of one t o though?s, the tnansmutl^ng of onetg deelres fnom low vlbratlons to hlgh vlbratlons, and the purlfylng of tlre l,lvlng cel1s of the phyatcal body.

perfoilned. By reoldlng on Eanth as rone of your he ts enabled to carrry on thls r+ork of brlnglng Ql.seased and b:roken bodles back lnto l,lfetronlc Balance. On$ then can those sLncere lndlvtduaLs be of real servlce to thet CoEmlc PIan and theln feLlowmen. Llfetrontc Ealanoe ls baslc. ttlde next lnstrlret the health eeeker ae to the propen r?hree

"Not long after the slncer.e Ea^:rthHng has aecompllshed these necessary procedures, and 1e beglrurlng to e:cperlence a rnarkea lnprovement 1n hls health, re proJect to hLm a cOLDtsN SPIIERE. fhl.e sphere 1s moet often sent to the tnd1-vlduaL during hls normal uleep state at nlght. Lt 1s pereelved at once by the subltmlnal awarenega of the one to whom yre dlrect lt. thle perceptlon ls not lnaglnary but verry real. "
"i,ltrat are the vl:rtues of the GOLDEN Spl{ERE? " I asked. 'tlfs prj"oary puryo8e ls bo IIODIJLAIE the vlbr.atlons of the one who recelves lt. llhe tnodulatLon ls powenfully UPl,lAnD. Ehat ls becauEe cur oorDEI[ sPtmHE carnrlee a HrGH CHARGE of the heal-lng Llfetnong. fts dlreetlt'e ls to vI.ta}lee, proteet and enltghten. (Power, Love an<I l,Ifsdorn). Therefore ifrb effeet of the GOI,DEN SPIIERE 1s always hlghly posltlve and lnvlgoratlng. "fhe sphere has another stgnlflcance. Its go).den eolor lndloates splrJ.'uual lnflnence. lJhen the BubLlminal mlnd or Soul eontacts THE GOLDEN S?IIEBE, durlng the Drearn-Contact, tts awareness of the great lmpontance of the trl.n1.ty powera--I",1fe, Love and fnteJ"Llgence--1s vastly Lnci'eased. For l't ls by vlrtue of BAIJAI,ICED USE of those thr*ee prlnclples that each one of us becones a radlantly healthtrz, Joyous belng, able to expand our personal SPIE8E OF SPIRITUAL INFLUENCE. Wlthtn the sphere, the trlnlty poh,ers of Llfe, Love and Llght are ln colors of 1lght blue, rose plnk and Ilght yeL1ow, respectlveJ-y.rt 'Sudden1y I reealled that Jtm had been lrnpressed durlng hts Dream-Contact, by a dlrectlve to'SUSTAII{!'r

" sald Lon-Zara, "the physLcal-, ruental and soul that Jlrn has achleved must now be SUSTAfI\IED. The sl.tghtest deflectlon dorrirward from the IIBALTH PRINCIPLES that have caused hlrn to regaln h1s vlgon and strength, fiIust not be permltted. There ls I'i0 TURNING BACK from the HIGH FATH once a certaln degree of progress has been attained. There 5-s only

of back, froin tlre HIGH PATH (rleht thoughts, actLonsp breathr ond iood) are most SElmRE, Not only would Jlmrs o1d diseases return, but hls Ilfe problems'wou1d rniltlply.t'

onttard, upla::d and Oodr"ra::d.. The conse-


I couLd eee how thls would be tnte' Lotls wlfe, tn bhe B;lble story, had made conslderable progress on the HIGH PATH. Then one day Ehe "looked back" (Seturned to wrong hablts of 11v1r:8) and for her foollsh erroi was turned Lnto a pJ.llar of salt. (Became cnystallLzed 1n wrong thoughts, deslres and actlons, ) The 'reEuLt was comp3.exlty, corrfuslon and caLamlty.
Jtm,s reaetlon from the GOtDEN SPflEAE expenlense was a gradual, lncrease Ln physlcal sta$lna and, "pept'. He slept.mueh Eetter and dld not tlre eo easll.y. The "paradtsl.ea] Dletrr of unsooked natural foodE--frults, nuto, sprouted seeds and green Leaf vegetabLes--that Lenore prepared fon Jl,mts breakfast, lunch and supper, we?e perforrulng thel:: LIVINS IIIAOIC.

thts strnple prog;r,a.ur of naturaL eatlng, whLsh lncLuded of dell.clous tasting fresh on drled (soalred overnlght) frultsl gr'een leaf,y saLadE wtth young carrots, celery, beebs,, spr.outed seeda, ets., Stm Ltndy began to enSoy natural ellmlnatl.on whlch he had not }arown for yeare. Wlth Eore natu* ral eIlmlnat,lon of, alL food waetee, hls body conttnued to re*


and grow stronger,

tant, onf,y stlmul"atee the IIflIERNAL IvITJSCLES of the dlgestlve and ellmlnatlve sys?em. Ey exerclslng our $CIERNAL MUSCLES also, through brlsk waiklng and hlIi. cSimbl"ng 1n fresh atr and aun, we bobh derlved IEALTH BENEFITS beyond prlce. you have bullt a new body, tt concluded my Venuslan "After t'you
thlnkl-ngr or feertng. strlve to modurale your rr.fe uplIARDg from nou, on, and neven go back to the ord ways that brought on youlr troubres orlglnally. }{e know you and Jlm wlir srlp-back occaslonally. Even thoueh you belleved at once that mante food should not be perverted by and chernJ.eal pnocesslng, lt may take many months of contlnued expenLmenting anO testtng Uefor"eyou are thoroughly convlnced of thls tnith. g:t keep In balance aE you pnoeeed. strlve to control your food and doilt aLlow the f,ood to control you. _You are seeklng hlgher. thrlil,sr gr€Eter satlsfactLon than merely the deLlghts-of palatiufe food. r have ohserved, your delrght 5nd *eeneatlng appr6ciatlon ae you blt xnto a Jutey- apple at peak of Lts iiaeon. your. ap-the pneclatJ.on was for" the work of Nature and the sun, Thls very dellght and Sratefulness to Nature adds to the benefit wfrrcfrthe natural- food gLves :,'ou. Let your food, llke aj.i -etee you contact, modulate you ever 0NWABD and upl,IABD tn vrERArI0Nlil
Er< /J

0f counse, both Jlm and I were eareful to bulLd the Health Pyramtd (IUna, Motlon, I'ood and Bneath) as symnet:rloa}Iy as posslbLe, We lcrrew that natural food, whLle mlghtl-}y lrnpor-

whoresorne, healthf,ril actlvlttes. Cease cauglng your body tenple to $uffer fnom unnaturaL, hablts of-eittng, o!




tt by wlge cholce of

foods and




ls an ancleat and honor,abJ.e saylng to the effect "The best wlne le always served l"ast". I'lhlle we do not personal}y lmblbe fertoented d:rl.nks (pr.efer"r1ng the rvholesome and de1lcl"ous taste of fresh grape Julce), for Jln llndy and that,
llhrene me

the "best wlne'r dld

f,rom Ehe wonderful planet


last. It


ln the form of



I had Just neJ.ayed to Jlm the slgnl'f,l'oance of htE second Drean Contact tn whlch lre had expenlenced the pewer and maglc of the GOLDEN SPHERE. He wae veny p).eased to hear that Lon-Zana and the Llfetronlc healens of Venug werte reapon8lble for havlng proJected the SPi{EffE to hln. H1s awareneg$ of the presence of the Venuslans had now become nuch keener. Although the Onee had not revealed thenrsel,ves to Jlm ln the vlslbl"e, obJectlve f,orm as yet, he kneu fu}l ue}l that they D0 EXIST. the convlctlon that soon--when hls pensonal vlbratlons were hlgher--he too, would be glven the glorlous prlvtlege of belng a 'r0ontactee". That 1s, he would be aLLowed to conrnunlcate consclously wlth the Space PeopJ.e, flnst by TeIethot, then later on by actual "Contacts'r phys1cal1y. Wtren that Joyoug tLme came, he would see them ae they appear, radlant, vlbrant Gorillke betngs of Ltfe, Love and Llght, Wlth a happy smlle, J!.m Jolned me fon a hlke.
freqrently Jotndd me, 1t ras our custom (suggested by Dr. C) to go for a mlle hlke In the afternoon twlce a week. The most ldeal place ion thle ?ras IEy favorlta hlklng 6rounds--the Hollywood HlLls. UsuaIJ.y we made no attempt to cilmb &ib.Ho1lywood (15OO ft. el.ev.) uut satlsfled ourselves wlth pleasant stroll.s
near Grtfftth ?ark obBenratorxr. E[rt today was most unusual. t'Lette clLab Mt.Hollywood, lillchael!'r he sald. 'rfieach the aulmlt togethen. I feel up to 1t today, and somehow I feeL that thls clLmb nay prove very lmportant ?o us.'l l,Ie began. the cllmb, reetlng wheneve:l Jlm or I felt the need of a "brneather", then contlnuLng upward at a moderate pace. It was very dJ"fflcult to be]-leve that my cl1rnbln8 partner: was the sa$e man who a few ehort months back had been "at
Besldes my regular. before-b:reakfast on whlch Jtm had


the end of his roperr phyulca1J.y, the vet':r fact that he now trao movlng wlth me up the mountaln path was ltvlng proof of the dynamlc effectj.venese of IIENUSIAN llEtHODS. No X.onger was JJ*r Llndy conte,rt to rematn on the lower pathe of, Llfe, for wtth new powetrs etlrrlng wlthln hlm he felt tmpelled to venture onward, upward to the HIGH PI,ACES, to the uountaln tops of tlfe, t s lrupulse to cltrnb Mt. Ho).Lyt+ood and reach Love ana LJ.ght. Jlm I'outward actLonl' that otgnlfted cLearly hls the sUmmlt was the prove hlmseLf tnrly wonthy of the New Age Jdnow* determlnatlon to
Ledge he had already recel"ved,

reached the haI.f,-way potnt ln about arr houn. Our breathlng gradua3.Ly became nore ]abored wlth eaeh upward etep. l,Jhenever we notlced thls, we nested a few moments to sort of catch oun breath, 0nee, as iln paused a long wh1le to enJoy the beauty of the wooded landscape below, I Eeneed a weakenlng of hls wLL\zAo go hlgher, The c1l.mb was begLnnlng bo teLl. "Youtve never seen the rnagnlflcent vl.ew fr:om bhe top of thLs mountainrtr I sa1d. 'rllords dontt do lt justtce, but J.f we keep cllmblng steadlly you wl"l). soorl reach the sumnrit. ttire vlew up there puts th5.s one to shamellr
These few words of encourageuent wonked vronders. J1m pushed forward agaln wlth nevr strength, and ln splte of the strr:ggle, Boon got hlr t'second windrl, Ide noved hlgher and htgher on the rnountaLn tnail, maltlng steady progresE.

Less than one hour laten we made the fJ.nal. windXng turn tral] and as we dI"d so, both of us smJ.led broadly. The surnmlt was there before us, only a hundred yards ahead! From our posttlon on the trall we could see that another cllncben besLdes our'selves, had amlved at the summlt ahead of us. No doubt thj.s stranger had started earller. than we had, althoueh we had not notlced hlm anywi:ere on the tnall, He was a_ta_1,1, quLet-mannered lndtvlduar. As we $tepped to the cr"eEt of the rnountaln to feast our eyes upon the vait panoraaa bel-ow us--the great metnoporltan ctby of tos Angeles, surnounded by nur.]erous outlyLng, GLendale, pasadena, Altadena, l,Ihlttler, etc.--he greeted us lrlth a irlendty nbo of hls head and the cheery remarkr ,Eeautlful elght Lsnrt lb?"

on the

Lt 1s!" excJal-med Jln. ',!r[eri. worth the struggle Lt talree to-get up here. rf my yltaltty onry ereateil-i mlglt conslder rnaklng mountaLn clirnblng I were r{egular- h6buy. Euc te}l me, do you cllmb bhls mountatn frlguentiy;lnet


" the good*natured stranger conElnued: ,,And r have tlrls veiy summlt. ro me, Mu. foothllL rather than a mountaln; for r have met the ehallenge of greater peaks {n yJars pa,st.
some wonderful people on Hol-Lt"wood le fust a pleasant



all of then geeue0 alrnoet Lnrposslble to eonqr:er at finst, Iearl{ but after ny filrgt few trlumphe ln neachlng fire top of each uountaln oueeesallrlly, f began to neallze that most of ue lLye f,er below oun tnre capaclty. we imaglne ?re are unahle to cLlmb e certatn mountaln and so-*lmagtnatlon ovenshadows the wll"I" and we flnd ourgelves powerless. 85r the stnple proeess of *'revetr81ng the ltraglnatlon t one oan learn how to tur.n fallune lnto succe8E, defeat l,nto vlctory, and weal<r,rese lnEo j.tmltlees nelt
The gtrangen paused, smtled, and hl's large eye6 sparkled l.llce brlght dtamondE Ln the sun1lght. HIB featuree werl clean, aven and harmonlous. Phystcal vlta}lty was hdlcated by hLs deep, full chest, broad ehourders and narrolrr, tnr,n walet. He qrore orrdlnary }rlklng clothes very elelLar to our own, end ex.cept f,on the fact th,at hls eyes eparkled ffJ'th unusual brl.lllance, he looked nuch 1lke any other Eenthrlng. B.rt he tal.ked w{th a deep Eenge of, lnner polee, bal,anoe and pouren bhat ls narely found 1n nen and women of our planet.

ulth JLn, tooked me ts1reei3,y ln the eyes ana ealdr 'rYeg, Mlchael, " spealclng my na"noe as 1f he had known ue for some tlme. "I aro a epeclal agent of ton-Zara youtr Venuglan lngtnrstor, I,ly ovrn nq$e at the moment le unlurportant. I see
that both you and your companlon are astonlshed,, Do not be. Fon thoee the HrGH PAEH bhe rune:qpectedt soon becomes the rule, wlth each new event uore unusuaL .ano trrrtlllng than the prevJ.oug orle. EI(PECT THE UI{EXPECTED, Accredtted agents fnom Venug are elose:r to Earthllngn than you rea1J,ze I t,

to myself, could thte be a ptanned Contaet? Hardly had the thought entered ry qlnd when the stranger stopped h1.s ehattlng

Ae JI.m engaged the st:ranger

tn converoatlon, I


Tire stranger then told are eentaln detalle ebout Lon-Zara and the planet Venus whlch convlnced rne beyond a doubt that he was lndeed a messenger. of the Wl,se One I never"ed so dearly. He explalned that the purpose of meettng us here on the sursclt of I'ft.Hol1yruooil, ln bhe fuII ].lght of day, was to demonstrate a 1IENUSIAN HEAIIH PRAC$ICE of great lryortance to JI'u. I too, would beneflt fron lt, and 1n tunn could teach lt to others. Irr thle ffay, the valuable pnactlce would $oon beneflt trany who ane Ln greab need of lt and who u111 beneflt the worl.d by uslng it.

of at last eomtng lnto pensonal. contact wlth euch a betng as thts, we).I nlgh ilfloored" hlm. He had hoped and prayed that the Venuslans would rnake thelr physleal. presence lonown to trtm ln
some ?ray. Stl.ll, a aeetlng l"lke thle, ln broad dayllght, far beyond hls wlldest expectatlonsl
Thre Venuslan agent extended

Jlm llndy was speechless. fhe emotlonal lmpaet

handg remalned open, the


both hands chest hlgh, }I,ls hand wlth palm faelng upward and


the rtlght hand wlth paln factng downward, rtlf you wlsh, Sou nay thlnk of t'hls speclal. practlce as rA & B Technlctr'r he sald,
'tlXth my hands ln thls poeltlon, I am consctously AgffiACtfNG a large supply of ll.fetrons dlrectly from the atuosphere. They are entenlng my body thnough my opened ]eft hand, ancl no arental effort on my part ie needed to cauae them to do eo. If you wJ"lI extend your Left hand outwa:rd wlth palm upward, you w1il Boon feel a tlng1e from the Ltfetronlc s:ovement. "
We dld Eo at onoe and fel-t the tlngla lmmedlately. It elgnlfled that trll.llons of tlny Llfetrong were pourlng lnto our bodles through the opened left hand, lle were told that the unlverse 1s flUed wlth vftat, I,IRtsTR0NIC ENER0Y (''IJE") to such en abundant that there 1g more of thls pov{er at aLl tlnes than you on f eould ever poEslbly ufi€. lle l1ve tn an ocean of LIFE ELBCTRICIBY. Each one of ue 1s a spon6e ln thl.s ocean, contlnuaily absorbX.nB a]I pg need of 'rI.Et' for the energJ.zlng and nepal,r of our physl"cal Ubdtes. Mry then, do


glcken, becone f,eeble, oLd and DIE $0 SOON? She amazlng stranger read my thought.

"Beeause the maJorltfof maukind on have E&OCKED thls wonderfl.rL Li.fetronLc Energy, prevented J.ts g:reater INFLOW, rlot becomlng AI,IABE OF IT mentally, phyelcalLy B.rrd splrttually. !y Arthough 1t Ls true that Llfetrons entbr your body even wlthout your beln6 aware of thelr aetlvLty, J.t ls al,so tnre that you may t step-up I your lntake of ti:em consclously by MEI'IIAL DrnEcfIoN, Fon oun }IEALTH practlce, (tA & I Techntct) we fl"rst become auare of Llfetrons aa they enter the lef,t hand, rnetantl.y a clrcult all thr"ough the body and out agaln lley comp}ete through the rlght harrd. Now Let us go a stip fi.rrther.- Letfs



by-vlrtue of Llfetrons that the seed germlnates ln the ground and grows up to become a tree r+1th leives, frults and flowers. Poun streams of Llfetrons on a seed, and you guLcken ln a ml.nute what would otherwlse, wlth less of th6 llfe-f,orce, occupy weeke to grow. A.Irnowledge of thls great livlng rorcl (ir)'lna how to apply lt, le the secret of the VenuelansT radlant nilaftfr and ever-Jo)-ous youthf'ulness. our power is tn AltIAREliEss. fhls

''Th1NK Of YOUr lcft hANd AS A MAGNET T'OR LIFE ENERGY. It itas the power to ABTsAcr Llfetrons tn abundenee, accordtog to your w11]. tAt 1n our practlce, Blgnlfles AryXRACT. Thlnk of, youra physlcar body aa €u1 0PEN crRcurr fed by the untverae. Now Llfetnonle energy fl"ows lnto vour ts stepped up lnto a hl.gher ulbratlon, and then sent baek to the unlvense as youn RT,,ESSIN0 to other llfe forms. Thlnk of your. rtght hand, tiren as a posltlve lnstrurnent by whlch you BtEss the unlverse, llhat lsl you send out etreams of Llfetrone to enrlven aLL that grows. it"ls

ls nolv lncreaslng

EagJrlflcent,ly 1n meny souts

of Earth,


nrA & B Sechnlct has great HEALtH value you, ahd for you all New Age Earth}tngs. Iti appllcatlons are fon Lnflirfti. can use thls method to congclouely lnerease your lntake of tlfetrort* from the atmosphere, and pour then through your right hand lqto-yolr datly food, _for" greate:r NtJTRrrr0NAt BENE:Frrs, -(?artlculanly necessary tf one eats cooked. food. ) fhe LLquldi you drlnk can be supercharged wlth Eore ltfetnoni, the cidtrres you ?rea? can be rnagnetLzed wlth f,hem, €te., etc.

nalntaln eontLnual C0NSCIOUS IANEAL CoNTACT wlth the Ltfitrontc Pouer of thE unlverse. Faj.lure to make thLe eontact by rack of aHareness and lyrong 1lv1ng hablts, deprlves the body oi the r,lfetronlc energy lt needs to functloir properly. wL tiren tecome 111| untl] thg t,tfetronlc balance ts reetored.
lnB l.deas tlme to sink lnto our mlnde. B[r now Jlm Llndy had found hJ.s volce and managed, to ask a qrrestlon: "w1l-1 tlrls wo\aernrl praeilce overcome phyaleal Bylnpuoi?s

"Thls stmpte practlce--AlrnAcT

AI{D BlES$--enab}es

you to

oun qulet-nannered spaee s'rlend paused

to al1ow these


01d age and SentJ.1t3'9't

"O1d Age and Senillty are nothlng mone than conttrnred ehronlc allments due to s{rB-oxrDATroN (lact< of alr} of the bloodstro&fii. Alr earrleg }1fe electrlclty or llfetrons. hlhen the oxldatlon capaclty of the body celLs ls decreased due to wronB food and lnsuffLclent actlvlty, the entlre body ages prenaturely. By meane of rA & B'Technlet appLled to the fooai and Llqutds ln youn dally mealsr 6r! toverlger--that 1sr a larger than normal guantlty--of proper electronl-c L:.fetrons ean be suppued to your body. No coropllcated man-made nachlne on devlee 1o reryrlred to acconrplleh thls. your own BODY and IvlIllD are all the equlpment you reed. your ovm F0RCE cENrEBs of the body can be stlrmrLated by LIFETRONIC EI{EBcY and speeded to throw off lnrpurltles anri waste polsone that lmpede- the !p flow of Llf,e forces. BJt negular da1ly practlce ls bssentl-aI. set a eertaln tlme of the day f,or your practlce and heep lt up no matter how llttle the results appear to be. contlnuld pratblse wll.L Lncrease your ab1llty. it ie even the HALF-IffiARTED who falLJ'f Our Space Frlend looked earnestly at each of us. - "Igr say Hrong foods aff,eet the bodyts oxldatlon process? lrlhy

ts that?f' Jlrn lnqrired.

'rMogt Earthltnge, while able to enJoy a great varlety of f,oods, overeat of foods uhlch co not ate oxldatton of the t,oay cerls. The one food eubgtance whlch acts most powerfulry as tn oxt"datlon catalyst (booster) J.s usual).y neg!.ected." 'rAnd


substance J.g?"

tt$reen maglc Chlorophyl frorn llvlpE pLants. fAken lnto the body negUlaily each day, 1tt tts naturaL form a,s Ereen leaves brlnge or raw gapen vegetable Julces freshl.y pressed, chlo:rophyl I{QRE Alfi--hence more llf,etrons--to every cell. ' ghlE dynardtc naturaL &ctlon beneflts humans by vJ.tallzlng tbe body cells and a}l"owlng better" el.J.mtnatLon of theJ.n poleott$. "

Jlm and f nade a menta]. note to lnclude e large glassfttl those of gyeen f,nesh, vegetable JuX.ce ln our dally' For to vLaj.t who-are not too fatt1tan wltfr raw uegetable Julces, a pay_blg-dlvldends your local health food, store or Julce ban wl}l lrealthwlse. lrlost Julce bars supply f r.esh Julees of cel,ery, preeplnach, a}fal-f,ar..parsley, watercre$s, etc. Beglrmers may fLr a comblnablon of all gneen Julcee wlth a 1l.ttle cgrrot o:r fresh tomato Jutce added for mtidnesg and extra flavor, "Potaselum l,flx" thls bevenage Ls called..

vltaltty of the Venuslan

"Do any other speclal f,oods eontr"lbute SreatLy peopS.e?tr I asked.



'rl1.f,etnons, when concentrated ln 1lv1ng, growj.nE plants the earll.est atage of thelr growth, pnoduee a force known at yRILr'f repLled our lnstnrctor. "$prtouted seeds are the uoet as LIVING F00DS Nature has provlded. Dally use of sprouts J-s relatlvely new to your planet, but the Venuslans have used them f,or rnany hundreds of years and conslder them qulte an &nclent custom. fhey use the 'A & B Technle on theLr Eprouts before and after, sproutlng the seeds. Although youn8 gnowlng geeds attract an abundant supply of Llfetrorts, we accelerate the pnocese by our mlnds ancl lncrease the VBILLIC content. I'

"Is URIL also stoned wlthln anlmals and ual?rI \E'IL ls latent wLthtn all llvtng creatup€s, It la gtoned"Yes. aB a ml.girty posJ.tlve force at the base of every cxeaturers splne before blrth. In noet beings \eIIr remaLns dormant, unused. In essence lt ie A$0I'EC POl,lER, ,.ab1e to destroy J,lke a flaeit of llghtnlr:8. Yet, ln awakened llew Age l4an, lmIl ls cap* ahle of betng ralsed, dlsclpLlnecl J.nto a IIEAIING FORCE that can lnstantly tnvlgorate, heaL and perfect humanlty. On thls nLght* lest of agencLes Lon-Zata, Dr. C, and alL of our wlsest and noblest ones chlefly nely, ft 1s lnvlncLble. It perraeabes al} the subtler forces of Nature and 1e often consldered to be that one OrlglnaL Fonce on Energy under whlch the vartous forms of matter are made manlfest" The Brahmlns cal,l lt rFohat,.'r
safeLy awaken such trernendous fo' ce?tl "Fl.rst, Jearn and pract,l.ce the paramount sclence of obaervlng EALANCE X,n your every thought, feellng and actlon. !'orm a posltlve dal1y hablt of BALANCING the Power prtnctple (Energy, Strength) wtlln the Love PrtncLpte (Uarmony). !,laice a vlgorous use'of the ldlsdon Prlnclple to iceep your physlcal, men"How may we


and ernotlonal enengles ln better. BAIANCE at all tlmes. 1[hla brtnge greaten polse and control. Lacklng thtE coniro]. you can never achleve other than fuuperfect and feebl.e power over the glumberlng VBIL withtn you. Next, pnactLce falthf\rIly the tlfetronlc Atom C1eanetng exe:rclse prevlously revealed to you. INCfiEASE YOilR AffABEIIESS Of IJItr{ETBONS. Be dlLlgent ln your use of the rA & B [ec]rnlcl I have shovrn you. Seei< to extend you" comrnand ove! the Llfetrons day hy day. Eat l"lve I'oods only. Seek an Upwa,rd rather than a dovrnward I'I0DULATION of al,L your cr" ener"gles. At ?he proper tlme, the IILgher BrothelB wlLl unf,old the next Lnportant tstep.'l


Jtu and I aeeuned the wlse and mysterlous meEsenger that we would apply ounseJ.ves whole-heanted^Iy to our New Age Pnactl.cee. I,,luch that had been a nysteny to uts-*the how and why of lDls-Ease, the locatlon and pouers of the tlfe*Swttch 1n ldan, the utter firtl,t1ty of I'man-uade cures'r, the llealth Pynarnld Pr1nc1p1e, the scavenBer vtrtrs ln meat, the frue Capstone of ChrLst tove, the
aecret of l{odulatlon Upwarf,, the maglcal Llfetrons---alL thle and nore had heen taught to us c}early and slmply, Indeed, ?Ie owed a Clebt of everlastlng gratltude to our Beloved Venuslan tr'rlends. How could we repay them? By re-gi.vlng to others. StlL1, oulr lmmedlate Joyeus feetlng could not be contalned, and we thanked the messenger profuseJ.trr 1'oo the ma:rvelous asslstance he and the VenusLan Lon-Z*ra, and Dr. Ct had glven at a tlme of gneat need.. The qrrlet one smlled and turntng to Jlm Llndy, satd l tt.flm, you have made eplendld progress ln, Iu pleases us to know that your planeb has euch stnong and determJ"ned I'IEW AGE SOIJI*S as you ano }Ilchae1. trllthout youn posltlve cooperatlon our own actlviiles ln your behalf would have been htndered. We bless you. We bless a]I of you who choose to IOOK UP to a better, grandeir ffay of LIFE, LOVE and LIGI{I. Youl Jiln, have rebull"b your broken bocly, galned a keener mlnd, and lncreased you:: hlgher sensltlvlty. You are now a IIEW AGE EARIIILINO. 81nd a New Age actlvlty that appeals most to the I{EW Y0U, and put heart and soul j,nto Lt. Do thts, and to you lt w111 never be work. It w111 be PLAYI And the harder you p1ay, the IIEALT!{IER you w111 becomet'l
trlo]-lywood upon

The tl:ree of us agaln gazed out from the surnnlt of Mt. the metropolLtan world below. S't'on up here, the great clty 3.ooked so peaceful, so qulet and l"nactlve. Yet, we knew that under thls dlstant, 6entle-seemlng exterlor there wao plenty of bustllng, e,eethlng actlvlty, not all of lt gentle or peacefuli for the tor4es of Negatlve were always pregent. they had to be wtsely eontrolled, transmuted by the forces of Poslttve tf a happier, healthler level of lIfe was bo be shared by man on thls planet--thls "schoolroon" planet--Earth.

could now aee anothen party of cllmbers and several 1ndtvlduals uenClng thelr t,tay up the mountaln traL7, fn a moment

*.60 -

oli two the eum$tt would be crowded. Aware of thlg, our Veuuelan vlsltor bade us f,are?rell, The shocic of pantln6 Y{ss numblng, lntense' H:Ls Large eyes looked deep lnto burE fon a }ong moment. No worde were spoHen, fon these b-elngs coamunj.cate mrch morr, by thelr f,ee1lngs anO thoughts tharr by mere wonds. Ehe Bowsr' love and wtsdon that flaehed-fnom those wondnous eyee..'rro words of mtne are adeg*ete to express, rtseek Ltf,e, IGIow Ll,fe, Effi LItiE'r wae the thought he Brol.wted' Jected to ue 1n tbat stlent moment. ThJ,s waE fo}Lowed t' a Then tately by another: Love, I$row trove, BE LO\IEI 'r$eek thlrd and f,Lnal: I'BAI,ANCS tllE [Wot Keep thls up unseaexnsly and lt w111. make you Bo posltlvely I/ITAL that health and happlness wd.}1 relgn throughout your whole belng.rr We began to retnaoe our atepa leadlng back down the ilountalnstde. He accohpanled us only a few yardg, then bade us go on wlthout hlm. AE we dld so, he tool< a side trail In the d1rectlon of, a Eotre heavlly uooded area, and wag soon lost to oun slght, I glanced at tist. He was fll.}ed wlth lrrepreeelble €r0ottons. I{ls lntulttve feellng had been correct. It had led hl.rn onward and upwand to make thts conta,ct, and now he too was a Contaotee. fi,I}. hJ.s fondest dreame, hopea and ambltions had been reallzed Hlth a suddenness that eeemed almoEt dazzllng. Yet lt was alL due s1fipl.y to the efflotent way 1n l& the
Slace People go about


humanltanJ,an taBlrE.

North' Ills frlendE thene would eurel.y hb astontshed to see the HEll JIfi LJ.ndy. Now sun-bronzed, 11the of, f,Lgure, he bore no reeemblance to the deplorable belng tlrat had graeted rne so palnfrrlly at the L,A. Internatlonal Alrport. Jlmts moigt oyeg net rnJ,ne. $uddenly he caught ny hand 1n a warm, f,rtendLy handcJ.asp. It wae the stnong, earnest grtp of a NEW AGE II-IDMDUAL
who knew

Jlrntg leave of, abeence was now up, and he wae needed up

that the Ones had bleEeed


beyond prLce.


't0oBe on Jlmr" f euggegted, whoLe human race lfr

trletts flnd a way to








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