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Willard Grade Center Visits the Library
Photo from Willard Grade Center’s website.

In mid-September, the Willard Grade library welcomed 180 Center Students The students spent Willard students through two days exploring our doors. Using the Instruction Linscheid Library. On the first Room, the CETL lab, an army of day, the students were given student assistants, librarian know walking tours of the library and a -how, and staff enthusiasm, the brief demonstration of how to library survived without a single search the catalog. On the sectimeout. ond day, the students searched Chelsea Baker, Instructional Services Librarian, was contacted by Celena Galbreaith, a sixthgrade teacher at Willard Grade Center here in Ada. She wanted the catalog for their own topics, and a cadre of student assistants helped them find their books in the stacks. The students selected over 100 materials, which were

to offer the students in her sixth-grade English classes the opportunity to use an academic library, as well as learning more about their areas of study.

delivered to their classroom. The librarians enjoyed the opportunity to work with younger students. Theda Schwing and Chelsea Baker came up with two novel ways of keeping students engaged while touring. Both the library and the Willard Grade Center feedback had been overwhelmingly positive. The librarians are already looking into refining the juvenile collections to better fit the student’s topics. Ms. Galbreaith has expressed interest in making this visit every year. And several Willard students were so impressed that they asked librarians how they could attend ECU in the future.

Halloween Spooktacular
What better way to spend a crisp October evening than a haunted party at the Linscheid Library? Okay, there may be better ways. However, they don’t involve seeing the library employees & patrons dressed up in their Halloween costumes, or watching awesome spooky movies in the library. Join us on Oct. 29 for a creepy night of fun. You’ll be treated to The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, a silent horror movie, with live musical accompaniment. Take pictures in a real coffin with a selection of our frame decorating set up especially for them. Make sure to stay to the end of the night to enter the costume contest, complete with fabulous prizes for the best student, staff, and child costumes.

Scare yourself silly with a screening of The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, one of the first horror films scariest books, and find out your future with amazing fortune-telling. Younger children are welcome, with fun Halloween mask and

The Halloween party will take place on Oct. 29th from 4pm— 7pm.



Resources for: Nursing
The Nursing Department at ECU has an extensive collection ready to help them. Many of our nursing resources are online, which makes studying at a distance, or at night, much easier. Databases for nursing include MEDLINE and CINAHL, which are full of the latest medical research, journals, legal cases, clinical innovations, critical paths, drug records, research instruments and clinical trials. Even though they’re constantly updated, they have archives going back to the 1940s.

No need to go old-school. Get the latest resources from the library.
Photo by State Library of Victoria Collections. Used under CC BY-NC license.

There are also e-books available 24/7 through the library catalog. These range from general handbooks & encyclopedias to in-depth treatments of medial care’s social aspects. You can check out some cool things at the library in-person, as well. Everything from medical dictionaries and dosage

calculations to biographies and personal accounts of nurses in the profession, share the shelves. Just look for call numbers starting with RT when you’re in the book stacks. Check out all sorts of cool resources on your library page, or visit the library and get a tour for yourself. If you can’t get to the library, be sure to use document delivery to get items sent to you.

Digital Resource: CQ Researcher
If you’ve ever wanted to know the scoop on a lot of controversial issues, look no further than CQ Researcher. Designed to provide information to the top levels of the country’s government, CQ (or Congressional Quarterly) delivers indepth views on hot topics. Find out about the most recent news—the latest articles are about the future of the arctic, government surveillance, and preparing for disasters—or look through topics to find one that speaks to you, on Find this and more at the e-resources anything from funding the arts to page on the library website. doping in sports. This is an essential if you’d like something citable for introductory papers, or if you’d just like to Get the scoop on the hot topics with CQ Resarcher know what people in the government are reading to stay current.

Service: Electronic Reserves
Reserves are a service that the library offers to make materials more accessible to students. They walk into the library, tell the student assistant behind the Circulation Desk their course number & professor, and they can check out materials for a set amount of time. There’s an even easier option

for reserves, though. We can put items on online reserves, so they can be accessed even when the library isn’t open. The process is simple. An instructor gives us the item they want on reserve. We scan a portion of the item—either one chapter’s worth or 10% of the work, whichever is small-

est—if the item is currently copyrighted. If it is out of copyright, we can put up the whole item in its entirety. If you are interested in putting items on electronic reserves, contact the Circulation Department.

Connect With Your Librarian
Did you know that all departments have a librarian assigned to them? Liaisons can help faculty and students find information best suited to their area of study. Find yours below or at facultyandstaff.

 Theda Schwing, Technical Services
Librarian  Education  Kinesiology  Music  Psychology

 Katherine Sleyko, Public Services

Librarian  Art  Biology  Communication  History  Political Science & Legal Studies
Photo courtesy of Providence Public Library. Used under Creative Commons AttributionNon Commercial-No Derivatives license.

 Dana Belcher, Assistant Director &
Collection Services Librarian  Accounting  Business Administration  Computer Science  Mathematics  Nursing  Chelsea Baker, Instructional Services Librarian  Chemistry  English & Languages  Physics  Sociology  Patrick Baumann, Media Services Librarian  Cartography/Geography  Environmental Health Science  Family & Consumer Sciences  Human Resources

Contact your liaison librarian for one-on-one help if you’re a student. If you’re faculty, talk to your liaison librarian about classes and materials you’d like. The librarians are your guide to the best resources, so make sure that you use them.

Though libraries have classic style, we’re more than just books—check out all our digital resources and research strategies

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