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Board of Governors SUMMARY DOCUMENT INFORMATION SUBJECT: ROUTE: Progress Deliberative Body Board of Governors Meeting Date October

18, 2013 Information X Student Service Fee Revenue and Expenditure Report - Update


The Board of Governors requested additional information about the Student Service Fee revenue and expenditure report presented at the June 26, 2013 meeting. Attached as requested is an update to the report. Included are detailed descriptions of the services provided and the number of users or program participants. Also included is an itemized list of student services expenses not included in the original costing. For the year ended March 31, 2013, the cost of providing those student services included in the original costing exceeded the fee revenue generated by $5.2 million. This deficit is forecast to decrease to $321k for the year ended March 31, 2014. Also shown in this report is the cost of the total basket of student services provided by the University of Calgary. For the year ended March 31, 2013, total expenses exceeded total revenue by $7.1 million. This deficit is forecast to be $6.7 million by March 31, 2014.

Student Services Revenue and Expenditure Report and Forecast

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Student Services Revenue and Expenditure Report and Forecast

2012-13 Actual Revenue Expenditures Net Revenue Over Expense (Original) Revenue Expenditures Net Revenue Over Expense (Revised) $8,333,074 $13,539,901 ($5,206,827) $8,333,074 $15,459,901 ($7,126,827) 2013-14 Budget $13,320,750 $13,641,379 ($320,629) $13,320,750 $19,986,379 ($6,665,629)

EXPENDITURES ENHANCED REGISTRATION SERVICES Enrolment Services The University of Calgary's one-stop contact point for questions about, and assistance with, a students class schedule such as; initial course registration, adds, drops, course conflicts, course overloads, appeals and final exams. In addition this office takes questions and provides support for students on their admission status, change of program approval, student loans, merit and needs based financial awards, and other administrative components of their studies. The office also takes payment for tuition and other program fees. Registrar's Office A portion of the Registrar's Office responsible for adjudicating and allocating internal and external student awards and bursaries, organizing convocation and processing graduation applications, administering special exams, issuing official transcripts, and processing letters of permission and international exchange transcripts. 29,649 transcripts, 74,732 phone calls at 210-Rock, 30,962 students at front counter Sub-total STUDENT SERVICES Student Services Administration Comprehensive supports for students from admission to graduation that support students, promote student development and learning, and enhance the student experience. Implements reviews and action teams when relevant e.g. 2013 Advising Review and 2013/14 NSSE action team. Leadership & Student Engagement (LSE) Programs that contribute to overall success during student transitions from high school to university, during the first year, the duration of studies, and during the transition from final year on-campus to the work world or further schooling. Leadership exchange conference, 420 students, Emerging Leaders program, 320 students Sophomore Leaders Program, 88 students Peer Helper Program, 200 students across 9 offices Leadership certificates in Personal ( 615 students) , Team ( 558 students) , Community (219 students) and Organizational (547 students) Total 1939 students. Leadership Camp Lead, 100 participants. Leadership on demand workshops, 500 students. Participated in Frostbite, 15 teams, 150 participants. Co-curricular record 11,320 students with a CCR Summer Orientation 1300 students Parent Orientation 600 Fall orientation 3541 students Common reading program, approximately 6,000 students Centre for Community Engaged Learning The Centre works in partnership with university faculty members and the non-profit and voluntary sector to provide students with opportunities to work with community organizations throughout their academic career through course-based and cocurricular service-learning programs. Core-program ucalgarycares a series of immersion experiences e.g. homelessness and mental health, food security, community-based rural development and ethical international engagement. Ucalgarycares Day of Service during Orientation Week, 200 students Ucalgarycares immersion program Costa Rica and New Orleans, 70 students. 4th annual Trick or Eat campaign on Halloween in 2012 collecting over $4,000 in

2012-13 Actual 1,425,156

2013-14 Budget* 1,596,976



$2,891,845 403,142

$3,067,532 401,617





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donations, and over 4,000 pounds of food for the Campus Food Bank and the Calgary Interfaith Food Bank ( 400 students) 50 Students participated in the first Day of Service in conjunction with Bermuda Shorts Day in 2013 Student Peer Helpers expanded the Kids Grow childrens gardening initiative in the summer of 2013 to include two communities Hillhurst-Sunnyside and Silver Springs The CCEL supports 2-3 faculty members/term in delivering service-learning courses, and works closely with the Service-Learning Program for Pre-Service Teachers in the Faculty of Education Student Success Centre The Centre supports and enables students to create success through the provision of integrated programs and services including: program advising, academic advising, career coaching and learning and writing support. Writing Support Services Individual appointments and drop-ins; 2985 consultations Writing Workshops: Graduate & Undergraduate, 1056 participants 65 grad sessions and 89 undergrad sessions Online Writing at the Graduate Level Series 81 participants (winter only) In class writing workshops 4440 participants Launching this Fall: University of Calgary Assignment Tracker. Academic Support Individual appointments and drop-ins 1496 consultations Success Seminars 1142 participants My First Six Weeks including Skills for Success Day 188 enrolled Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS): 1859 participants. Academically at-risk student support Turnaround Workshops offered with the Faculties of Arts and Science 932 participants Successful Turnaround Program (STEPS): New: The Getting a Successful Start Workshop 456 registered High Achieving student support New: First Year Scholars: 170 participants New: Considering Grad School online resources Arts and Science Program Advising Individual appointments and drop-ins & Telephone advising 9741 appointments Student Accessibility Services (formerly Disability Resource Centre)facilitates an accessible learning environment for students with disabilities including temporary impairments and permanent disabilities. Students are supported in order to identify reasonable academic accommodations for their academic pursuits. Registering of Students with disabilities. 1326 registered. Accommodated Exams arranged and supervised 9005 Exam Centre has 2 computer labs and 18 private rooms. The Exam Centre can accommodate up to 100 students at any one time, making it one of the largest Exam Centres for Students with Disabilities in Canada. Students with perceptual disabilities receive textbooks / course reading packages in alternate formats (i.e. Braille, electronic format, etc. 658 books Students with disabilities receive 1-1 weekly support from Learning Strategists to develop/improve time mgmt and study skills 166 students Students receive individualized training and support to use assistive technologies 156 students Parents and students with disabilities half-day information workshop on transition from high school to post-secondary study 120 parents Nat Christie Adaptive Technology Lab and Adaptive Technology Workroom in the Taylor Family Digital Library) available to support students with studies. 319,086 771,521 1,577,026 788,646 2,206,930 2,191,818

Assistive Services in class e.g. sign language interpretation and note taking Career Services The recruitment hub at the university that facilitates meaningful connections between University of Calgary students and employers of choice. One to one advising & drop-in advising 2042 undergrad 623 graduates Optimal Resume (online resume builder) 8837 users Weekly walk-up Resume Rescue table 625 reviews Online (by email) resume review 24 reviews per month Interest inventories Strong and MBTI assessments conducted by Career Career Development workshops

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4 Career Fairs per academic year 325 exhibitors 7516 attendees Annual Grad School & Prof Studies Fair held 41 exhibitors 400 attendees 2 Networking Galas per academic year (events are capped at 50 professionals and 100 students to maintain 2:1 student to professional ratio) Support/collaboration with Student Clubs and SU on career related events Career Week Networking Series Comprehensive online resources libguides 2200 views since Feb 2013 2 Career LIVEbrary events per academic year Career Development Certificate) CareerLink 327316 logins Aboriginal Relations Leadership Certificate program Events/Information Sessions 496 Onsite employer interviews 321 Degree Profiles NEW in 2013/14 1,326,949 1,337,585 Assistance with navigating the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) website to find information on immigration programs and immigration application forms, including study permit, work permit and visa paper and online application forms Info on obtaining Social insurance numbers (SIN) Info on banking, the Canadian financial system, and Canadian taxes & refunds Health insurance and the Canadian medical system Services and resources at the University of Calgary and in the city of Calgary Personal and cultural transition to Canada Resources to apply for US visitor visas Any other non-academic questions or concerns International student programs Global Friendship Program 2,000 participants/year International Mentorship Program 400 participants/year Spouse, partner & family support program 50/year (2012) (program being evaluated and revamped in 2013-2014 to increase participation) International Student Orientation 550 attendees/year CISSAs Volunteer Resource Assistants & Program Assistants for Student Services (PASS) 50 Approximately 3100 international students registered in Fall/Winter 2012-2013 International Student Advising statistics: 150 emails a day, 25 in person student appointments/day, 20 phone advising calls day. 5-10 requests daily for EVN.s electronic verification numbers for off-campus employment.

International Student Services

Workshops and information sessions offered throughout the year (statistics unavailable Study Abroad Student Services Students participating in International Exchanges through CISSA 192 Students participating in Group Study Programs through CISSA 568. Advisor statistics: o Appointments: 20-25/day; Emails: 150/day Workshops and information sessions offered throughout the year Native Centre The Native Centre provides a culturally appropriate environment that encourages and supports the success of Aboriginal students at the University of Calgary in their pursuit of knowledge and higher education. One on one advising to current and prospective students. 369 advising one-on-one. Cultural support, gatherings, special events to assist students in connecting to traditional knowledge and ways of knowing e.g. pipe ceremony, sage picking, orientation, circle of welcome, native awareness week, Annual graduation banquet and Pow-Wow. 330 at banquet at 600 at Pow Wow LYNX-Aboriginal Career and employment program for Aboriginal Post-Secondary students and employers. 2328 students 1447 job postings. -



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Aboriginal Student Access Program The Native Centre offers a transition year access program for Aboriginal students through Open Studies. The program offers two levels of study and includes a combination of upgrading classes, post-secondary classes, as well as support such as advising, cultural support, peer support and tutorials. 77 participants. Women's Resource Centre The Centre provides a wide range of programs including: health and wellness, skills development, peer support, diversity awareness, gender inclusivity, women guiding women mentorship, leadership training and community service-learning. Coordinates many peer helpers and organizes leadership conference and many workshops and events around pillars of wellness, diversity and leadership. 73 volunteers, 10,105 volunteer hours, 69 peer support, 68 events and workshops. Participants 15-700. Faculty of Graduate Studies Programs including graduate professional development, the scholarship office support, direct student service and support, and graduate fees. My GradSkills professional development programming Scholarship office: support for students applying for competitive graduate scholarships(internal and external), adjudication of scholarship competitions, and administration of scholarship payments to students (approximately $30 million each year, held by FGS, paid to students according to the rules of the funder) Student support: front counter and telephone/email advice on application, registration issues, program-related issues (supervision etc.) Communications to students regarding deadlines, scholarship opportunities, progress through program Programming for graduate orientation Letters confirming enrolment, fees, completion of degree requirements for external bodies where self-service will not suffice. Graduate Orientation twice a year: 600-700 participants. Letters of completion approx. 10-15 week. Scholarship Statistics: Scholarship applications: 1568, Workshop attendance: 480 In person inquiries: 1500, Emails: 14,000 (includes requests for transcripts) Phone: 1600 Deans Signature: 75 Certified copies of transcripts to students: 800 Scholarship processing: $21M to 1700+ grad students plus 40 External awards. Wellness Centre A collaboration of Student Health, Counseling Services and Chaplaincy to provide wellness in body, mind, and spirit to support academic and personal success. Services include: Health Services in family medicine, chiropractic, psychiatry, nutrition, massage therapy and dental services. Counseling Services for personal, academic and career development. Chaplaincy Services for multi-faith spiritual support and guidance. Health Services - Attended Appointments Physician 18,848 Psychiatry 1,476 Massage 2,454 Chiropractor 3,441 Nutrition 44 Grand Total 26,263.00 Counselling appointments: 4330 individuals served Faith and Spirituality Events: 44650 participants (includes use of space by student groups as well as FSC events and one-on-one support) Total Number of incoming calls to Wellness call centre: 34,278 Wellness / Outreach Workshops: 500 (approximately) Community Helpers Training: 75 trained participants Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training & Mental Health First Aid Training: 125 participants Service Fairs/Booths/Open Houses: 1000 (approximately) Student Led Outreach: 500 (approximately Sub-total Environmental Health / Safety / Compliance** A diverse range of services including support for the Safe Walk and Working Alone programs, security for student events, risk assessments, WCB coverage for distance education students, international travel registration, various types of liability, vehicle and accident insurance required for students to complete academic programs and research, health and safety and environmental programs, and international and domestic emergency response. Safewalk: 1492 escorts. (approximately half of the Safewalk escorts are completed by the Student Safewalk volunteers, the other half are completed by Campus Security during off hours and Spring and Summer semesters)









$9,348,750 $1,299,306

$9,071,404 $1,502,443

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International Travel 2012 - 3,765 trips were registered - this includes 2,783 students. Please note that, where a trip was multiple countries, each country registers as an individual. 2013 - 1,956 trips were registered including 1,441 students. Over 100 countries were visited in the last 2 years. Health and Safety Training for Undergrad/Grad Students/Faculty/Staff Biosafety 1 - 589 WHMIS and Safety for Laboratories 871 Radioisotope Safety Training - 32 (all students) Security for Special Events 4 Summer Den Friday Nights, May through August 2 Officers per event*** 2 Pro-Life Events (spring & fall) 1 Officer per event 5 VIP visits (Premier / Prime Minister etc.) - 1 Officer per visit on average. 2 Controversial speakers per year. 2 Officers on average per event. 6 Protests (distributing controversial literature on campus) 1 Officer per event World Cup Speed skating 5 Officers over a 2 day period. Short Track Speed skating - 2 Officers Long Track Speed skating 2 Officers 6 major Concert Hall Events 2 Officers per event.*** Bermuda Shorts Day as a special event 15 extra overtime Campus Security Officers and 16 Calgary Police Officers***. 14 Thursday Den nights each fall and winter semester 1 overtime Officer to supplement the team, with SU paying for half the cost of 8 hour shift.*** *** N.B Student Union makes a financial contribution for these costs. Total Expenses Net Revenue Over Expense (Original) $13,539,901 ($5,206,827) $13,641,379 ($320,629)

Supplementary Student Service Expenses



Total Expenses Net Revenue Over Expense (Revised)

$17,459,901 ($9,126,827)

$19,386,379 ($6,065,629)

Supplementary Student Service Fee Expenses Downtown Campus Librarian(s) Advising Staff Wireless Upgrades Eyes High International Excellence Awards Eyes High Research & Leadership Awards Eyes High Recruitment Awards Desire 2 Learn Student Service Facility Upgrades TopHat Monocle Sub-total Supplementary Student Service Expenses Total Expenditures Net Revenue Over Expense
* Includes overhead costs (20%) ** Includes 15% of the total cost of providing these services

1,620,000 300,000 1,920,000 $15,459,901 ($7,126,827)

125,000 1,820,000 300,000 500,000 500,000 250,000 100,000 2,600,000 150,000 6,345,000 $19,986,379 ($6,665,629)

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