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Stars & Stories of the Vi Community

Volume 8

UKs First 5-Star Ambassadors: John and TrishA Kavanagh

Challenge Transformation

Ruby Guardia: From Post Surgery to Post Victory

#ViCRUNCH Social Contest

See How the World Chewed Their Challenge

Get Ready for Vi Model Finals at NST Atlanta

Find Out About Opportunities of a Lifetime

Unleash Your Inner Entrepreneur at the Most Powerful Training Event of the Year!
The ViSalus Founders, Top Promoters and World-Renowned Keynote Speakers
NEW viral training platform NEW Vi innovations NEW launches to fuel your Challenge

The Vi Opportunity of a Lifetime

A Note From ViSalus Co-Founder and Global Ambassador Nick Sarnicola

We know youre just as excited as we are about all the opportunities on the Vi horizon. In August and September, everyone worked hard to become a Vi International Icon for our new edition of The Challenge Magazine coming in January 2014. Find out which Promoters made the ranks at With four International Editions, this magazine will make a splash throughout North America and the UK, and will introduce thousands of people to The Challenge. Its been incredible to see the reaction to our Lifetime Challenge Bonus promotion, which can help you earn more for life when you focus on helping new personallyenrolled Promoters go Rising Star. So, make sure you get to RD or above, and enroll and enroll and enroll and enroll!

Last National Event of the Year! Register at Vi-Net Mobile Connect with Nick and tell him how far along you are in achieving a Lifetime Challenge Bonus!
/Sarnicola @nicksarnicola powercouple

We also rolled out our new Diamond Ambassador Rank, putting an additional $100,000 portion of the Ambassador Million Dollar Bonus up for grabs for high achievers on the road to Royal. I was thrilled to see Chris & Tara Wilson and Aaron Fortner be the first Promoters to go out and reach this new milestone, and I cant wait to welcome many more Diamonds. Will you be next? I look forward to seeing what you do next. I dont want to hear about it, thoughI want to see you do it! The Vi train is coming. Lets roll, everybody, and lets reach an unbeatable speed!

NOV 1517, 2013


Register now!

Nick Sarnicola

Register and book your rooms at

2013 ViSalus, Inc. All rights reserved.




Ruby Guardia: From Post Surgery to Post Victory



Congratulations Top Produciton


See Vi Model Finalists at NST. Winners will be featured on the cover of The Challenge Magazine



Vi Crunch Social Contest People Show World How They Chew Their Challenge


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Founders' Corner
Opportunities of a Lifetime!

Challenge Transformation Story

Ruby Guardia: From Post Surgery to Post Victory

Promoter How-To
How to Perfect your Backstroke with Pool Knowledge

RST Tour Hits UK for the First Time, Body by Vi Challenge Finalists, & Giving Back to the Community

Table of

Top Production
Congratulations to our August 2013 Top Producers

20 22

Increase Income with Lifetime Challenge Bonus

Vi Latino
Latinos Leverage New Opportunities



Crunch Time Winners

See Who Made it on the Cereal Entrepreneur List in August

See Vi Model Finalists at NST, RST Rocks in Full Swing, and New Diamond Rank Moves Promoters Closer to Royal Ambassador


Vi Canada

Social Media
Vi Crunch Social Contest People Show World How They Chew Their Challenge

Canadian Ambassadors Talk New Diamond Rank, Mia St-Aubin Shares her Vi Model Victory


Vi International
See who qualified for International Icon in August

5-Star Corner
UKs First 5-Star Ambassadors: John & Trisha Kavanagh






Top Producer: New Executive Promoter Systems
1. Kyle Pacetti 2. Tony & Rhonda Lucero 3. Nick & Ashley Sarnicola 4. Rachel & Josh Jackson 5. Mike & Lavon Craig

August 2013 Top Producers

Top Production
Congratulations to our August Top Producers! Theyve earned a spot atop standings by helping New Customers and Promoters join The Challenge, giving back through Vi-Cares, and earning points in the Weekly Bonus Pools. Be the best each month, cycle and year to win big!

Top Producer: Weekly Bonus Pools

1. Kyle Pacetti 2. Rachel & Josh Jackson 3. Tony & Rhonda Lucero 4. Nick & Ashley Sarnicola 5. Mike & Lavon Craig

Top Producer: New Executive Promoter Systems
1. Jordan Schreiber 2. Jessica Campos 3. Matthew & Grace Nestler 4. Tracey Casey-Arnold 5. Nikkia Deane


Earn 1 point for each Promoter you personally enroll, and be among the Top 5 Monthly top Promoters recognized here (open to all Promoters).


Top Producer: New Executive Promoter Systems
1. Freddy & Catherine Melero 2. Tara & Chris Wilson 3. Matt Lehr 4. Neil Bellville 5. Aaron Fortner

Top Producer: Weekly Bonus Pools

1. Jordan Schreiber 2. Tracey Casey-Arnold 3. Matthew & Grace Nestler 4. Nikkia Deane 5. Andrew Price & David Longden

1. Tony & Rhonda Lucero 2. Ernest Ross 3. Tina D (for Diva) Lewis 4. Jessica Campos 5. Glyco


Earn 1 point for each Customer you personally enroll, and be among the Top 5 Monthly top Promoters recognized here (open to all Promoters).

Top Producer:

Top Producer: New Executive Promoter Systems
1. Tina & Dan Partsafas 2. Charlotte Ross 3. Beverly Wise 4. Armando Espinosa 5. Oanya Jennings

Weekly Bonus Pools

1. Matt Lehr 2. Freddy & Catherine Melero 3. Tara & Chris Wilson 4. Neil Bellville 5. Joy & Mike Gehart

1. KS Housewives 2. Stephen Ennis 3. Connie Ennis 4. Michelle Page 5. Laura Rogers


Top Producer: New Executive Promoter Systems
1. Chris Ackerson 2. Ernest Ross 3. Xavier & Brianna Ortiz 4. Angel Cardona & Xiomara Cardona 5. Al Fletcher & Ginger Jonas

Top Producer: Weekly Bonus Pools

1. Yvonne Keller 2. Monica Silcott 3. Tina & Dan Partsafas 4. Suzanne Soulsby 5. Michelle Page

Top Vi-Cares Donations

Earn points for meals donated through your Promoter Giving Page, and be among the Top 5 Monthly top Promoters recognized here (open to all Promoters).

Top Producer:

Top Producer: New Executive Promoter Systems
1. Kelvin & Laurie OBannon 2. Jason Davis 3. Angela Rey 4. Stephanie & Patrick Hassett 5. Tunisia Scott

Weekly Bonus Pools

1. Chris Ackerson 2. Xavier & Brianna Ortiz 3. Ernest Ross 4. Richard Paganelli 5. Claribel & Maribel Rios

1. Mark & Cheryl Fregin 2. Vicki Golda 3. Christian Homeier 4. New Berlin Food Pantry 5. Dave Golda

Cycle i CRUSHED it. Top Producer t-shirt, and more at the Rewards: next national event! The #1 in each contest/category also
receives a Top Producer Trophy and on-stage recognition.

Top 5 in each contest/category earn priority access,

Top Producer: New Executive Promoter Systems

Earn 1 point for each Promoter you personally enroll on an Executive or Star Promoter System, and be among the Top 5 Monthly top Promoters recognized here.

Top Producer:
Weekly Bonus Pools
1. Kelvin & Laurie OBannon 2. Katrina Annandale 3. Jason Davis 4. Charzetta Spencer 5. Jonathan & Kendra Camp

Annual The top 20 Annual Top Producers (plus 5 drawing Top Rewards: Producers) at the end of Cycles 3, 1 and 2 will become our
Vi 25 and earn a spot in the luxurious Vi 25 Vacation.

Top Producer: Weekly Bonus Pools

Earn points as you earn in the 3 For FREE and Rising Star Weekly Bonus Pools, and be among the Top 5 Monthly top Promoters recognized here. Earn 10 points for every new Rising Star qualifier, and up to 7 points for each 3 For FREE qualifier following the 3 For FREE Weekly Bonus Pool scale.



New Diamond Rank: One Step Closer to Royal

With the new Diamond Ambassador rank, Promoters have another milestone on the road to Royal Ambassador. Any 5-Star Ambassador who helps one person achieve 3-Star Ambassador, one person achieve 2-Star Ambassador, and one person achieve 1-Star Ambassador in three separate lines will earn the prestigious rank of Diamond Ambassador, and may earn up to an additional $100,000 portion of our Ambassador Million Dollar Bonus.*


Get the full details at

Model Finalists
at NST Atlanta!
Be there at National Success Training in Atlanta, November 15th17th, where finalists will be revealed and compete for the prized title of Vi Model 2014. Winners are not only featured on the cover of The Challenge Magazine, but theyll also win a professional photo shoot with celebrity photographer Mike Ruiz, and a modeling contract with Silver Model Management!

See the

* Vi Independent Promoters achieve incomes and lifestyles across a wide spectrum. Examples featured in marketing materials are not necessarily typical or average, nor do they represent a guarantee of your personal results. Some examples are those of persons within the top 1% of all Promoters. As with any lifestyle opportunity, financial success with Vi depends largely on individual skills, motivation and effort.

Powerful Events Packed with Inspiration and Training

The Regional Success Tour made 13 stops across North America and the UKfrom Montreal, Quebec to Glasgow, Scotland to Orlando, Florida. The month-long tour, September 6thOctober 5th, brought the power of The Challenge from one country to another. ViSalus Co-Founder Blake Mallen and Global Ambassador Jason OToole kicked things off in Toronto, Ontario. Each event featured top success stories, inspiring speakers including the Founders, as well as vital training tips.

Jason OToole Global Ambassador

Register for NST Atlanta at, and learn more at


Learn more at


5-STAR Corner

45 Days to 5-Star
John and Trisha Kavanagh are a shining example of what can be done when you lose yourself in the success of others.

Home: London, England Family: 13-year-old son, Joshua Key to Success: Keep personally enrolling new Promoters and set an example for your team.

companys expansion to the UK. After teaming up with several hardworking individuals who shared their hopes and dreams of living a better life, John and Trisha became 5-Star Ambassadors in only 45 days, tying a company record. They say their triumph is a product of Vis commitment to rewarding success early instead of later. Our goals are to build a lasting financial legacy for our family, and to be in a position in which we can make a real difference in helping people live healthier, more fulfilling lives, John says. Having found a company that rewards the manynot just the few superstarswe now know that we have found that vehicle to make our dream a reality. In their own team, John and Trisha have seen success come in many formsfrom improved health, to more free time and healthier incomes. They say watching their friends reach their goals is, by far, the best reward Vi offers. For many, it offers hope, and that is worth gold, John says. We have watched so many people achieve more in a few months than they did in years previously, and that is truly satisfying.

Even as they break new ground across the UK, the Kavanaghs have set their sights on helping even more people in years to come. Their goal is a simple one: Share The Challenge with as many people as possible. We know that we have a truly unique proposition, John says. We can make a real and lasting difference to those who are ready to improve their lives.

20% OFF

Winston Churchill once said, Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm. According to John and Trisha Kavanagh, nobody embodies this quote more than they do. For 25 years, we were those successful failures because everything we have done in this industry we did it with enthusiasm, John says. We just never had the right vehicle. However, that was until they were introduced to Vi and the Body by Vi Challenge. The Kavanaghs, who live in London, England with their 13-year-old son Joshua, were so impressed with Vi that they accepted the challenge of building the groundwork for the

We have watched many people achieve more in a few months than they did in years previously, and that is truly satisfying.
John Kavanagh

Offer does not include print items. Only in USA and Canada. Expires 12/31/13.

All statements or implications of income earned through the Vi Incentives programme are for illustration purposes only, and are not a guarantee nor are they a projection of the typical Promoters earnings or profits. The financial achievement or failure of a Promoter depends upon sales, his or her skill set, commitment, and desire to succeed. The opportunity to earn more is always available to each and every Vi Promoter.



Ruby Guardia: From Post Surgery to Post Victory

Body by Vi Challenge Female Fitness Champion

Challenge Transformation
Competing in a fitness competition after having knee surgery probably wouldnt cross many peoples minds. Not for Ruby Guardia, however. Eight weeks after her surgery, she made the decision to compete in her very first NPC Bikini competitionsomething she had always wanted to do but never committed to doing.
She took on the Body by Vi Challenge and picked a contest that coincided with her 90 days. I knew it wasnt going to be easy, but it was definitely doable, she said. Ruby proved it was more than just doable. She lost 13 lbs. and won 8th place at the NPC Gold Coast. I have accomplished a huge goal of mine and I am now in the best shape of my life, she said. I have been eating healthy and lifting weights for over 5 years now, but I have never seen such an improvement in my physique as I have within the last 90 days! I have never seen such an improvement in my physique as I have within the last 90 days! She used the Shape Kit for most of her Challenge, and started noticing a difference within two weeks. I think the shake mix is by far the best tasting protein powder and meal replacement that I have ever had. I would find myself craving my shakes! I think having a tasty meal replacement plays a key role in helping people achieve their goals, she explained.



I would find myself craving my shakes!

Ruby credits The Challenge for helping people stay focused and offering great support, adding, The Challenge Timeline helped hold me accountable and it was a great place for me to look back and see my results. Her advice to others on The Challenge? Ruby says, The important thing is to look at it overallyoure changing your life and youre going to be healthier regardless. So dont get overwhelmed if one week, you step on the scale and youre 2 lbs. heavier because thats just the way your body works. Dont let the small things discourage you. And whether or not you consider knee surgery a small thing, Ruby showed that she certainly didnt let it get in the way of her Challenge goal.

before after

Ruby Guardia
90-Day Challenge Goal: Compete in her first NPC Gold Coast bikini competition Challenge Result: Lost 13 lbs. and placed 8th at NPC Gold Coast bikini competition Favorite Kit: Shape Kit - Vi-Shape Shake (60 servings) - Shape-Up Health Flavor Mix-Ins (10 servings)
Her other go-to Vi Products: - ViSalus Neuro Smart Energy - Nutra-Cookie - Vi-pak





Your Lifetime Challenge Bonus is based on a percentage match of each qualified personal-enrollees monthly Team Commissions and Leadership Depth Bonus. The higher your Paid Rank each month, the higher percentage match you can earn! Up to 50%. Every month. For life!

In August, Vi launched an exciting opportunity that could dramatically increase Promoters income for years and years to come. Its called the Lifetime Challenge Bonus. Heres what you need to know:



Achieve Regional Director by the National Success Training Nov 15-17th.

Below Regional Director Regional Director National Director Presidential Director

10% 10% 10% 15% 20% 25% 25% 30% 30% 35% 40% 45% 50%

Personally enroll new Promoters August 1st through Atlanta NST.

New Enrollees Since August 1st Help them achieve Rising Star Previous Enrollees Prior to August 1st Help them achieve Rising Star AND advance 1 rank by the March 2014 NST!

Ambassador 1-Star Ambassador 2-Star Ambassador 3. GET TO RDEARN FOR LIFE!

Already an RD? Help your personal enrollees get to Rising Star and beyond! Not yet an RD? Dont miss the chance of a lifetime! Get to RD by Atlanta NST.

Find out more! Get full details at to see how you can take advantage of an opportunity of a lifetime.

3-Star Ambassador 4-Star Ambassador 5-Star Ambassador Diamond Ambassador Royal Ambassador

What it is:
The Lifetime Challenge Bonus gives you the opportunity to earn more for life when you achieve Regional Director (RD) or above, and personally enroll new Rising Stars by NST Atlanta. Breaking a Rising Star means more rewards (for YOU!) than ever before. Every paid RD and above is now eligible for a Lifetime Challenge Bonus paid on a percentage each residual commission check paid to personally-enrolled NEW Rising Starsfor as long as they maintain a paid rank of Director or above!

How it works:
Your Lifetime Challenge Bonus is based on a percentage match of each qualified personal-enrollees monthly Team Commissions and Leadership Depth Bonus. The higher your Paid Rank each month, the higher percentage match you can earn! Up to 50%. Every month.

Crown Ambassador Global Ambassador






Youll Always Remember Your FirstCrunch!

Posts with #vicrunch were entered into weekly drawings for a chance to win cool prizes.

People experienced the delicious goodness of Vi Crunch Protein Super Cereal as it arrived in homes throughout North America. To commemorate this special moment in Vi history, we asked them to share pictures and videos that showed how much they loved their first Crunch. Posts with #vicrunch were entered into weekly drawings for a chance to win cool prizes. The Grand Prize Winner

could Crunch & Cruise with a FREE Royal Caribbean Cruise for 2. Also, throughout September 100 winners received a Limited Edition Vi Crunch Spoon Keychain. The following pages are just a few posts showing how people worldwide are chewing their Challenge.






/visalus @visalus /visalus @ViSalus


Follow Vi on social media and visit to see all the winners and their fun photo/video shares!


Perfecting Your Backstroke

The 3 For FREE and Rising Star Weekly Bonus Pools give Promoters a chance to earn from 2% of Vis bonus volume every week. To help you make that happen, heres a refresher course on how to qualify, earn points and get paid. Remember: Earning points in pools is also a great way to become a Vi Top Producer and rise the ranks in monthly Promotions.

with Pool Knowledge



Get your Challenge Kit for Free or become a Rising Star in your first 30 days.


1 1
Getting Paid




Earn Points Weekly.


2. 3.

Get Paid!

r FREE qualification to You must maintain your 3 Fo termine if youve qualified earn in the pool. You can de in Vi- Net. if you received your badge nally-enrolled Customer You can only earn on a perso or she qualifies for a or Promoter the first time he Challenge Kit. a personally-enrolled If you already earned on es a Promoter, you Customer who then becom again. cannot earn on him or her

First, know the difference:

Qualifying vs. Earning points and getting paid

Qualify for 3 For FREE Pool
by getting your Challenge Kit for free within the first 30 days of your enrollment.


Earn points from the 3 For FREE pool

by helping personally-enrolled Customers and Promoters qualify for their Free Challenge Kit for the first time. (Refer to the Compensation Manual at for the point breakdown.)

Determine the day (or Weekly Pay Cycle) that you earned points in the pools. If you earned your points by midnight PST on a Thursday, then you will see your payment the following Monday. If you earned points after midnight PST on a Friday, you will see your payment two Mondays from then.

mer or Promoter If a personally-enrolled Custo later, you cannot qualifies for a different Kit d time. earn on him or her a secon

Qualify for Rising Star Pool

by achieving the rank of Director (or a rank higher than Director) in your first 30 days.


Earn 1 point from the Rising Star pool

just by qualifying, and earn additional points for each personally-enrolled Promoter you help become a Rising Star.

Learn more about the pools at or in the Resource Library at



Vi-LIFE Latino

Vi Latinos Leverage New Opportunities

Vi Latinos Aprovechan Nuevas Oportunidades

Tras la reciente gira del Latino Challenge Party Tour en agosto, los Promotores de Vi Latino estn revitalizados y tienen ms impulso que antes. Ahora que el nuevo nivel de Embajador Diamante est moviendo a los Promotores un paso ms cerca al nivel Real, aparte de eso y el Vi International Icon y el Bono del Challenge de Trayectoria estn echando lea al fuego, el mercado est listo para alcanzar nuevas alturas.
Challenge. Como una publicacin internacional que todo el mundo lee y que muestra la iniciativa Latina, ha despertado mucha curiosidad en los Latinos de todas partes. Reflexiones sobre hacia dnde se dirige el mercado Vi Latino: Estar a la vanguardia con Freddy Melero e Ibrahim Silwany, yo veo que el Mercado Vi Latino crecer exponencialmente dentro los prximos 12 a 16 meses. Hemos tenido un crecimiento constante desde el lanzamiento Latino. Tenemos la materia principal asegurada, ahora solo es cuestin de ajustar algunos detalles, lo cual es exactamente lo que est haciendo Vi.

left: Ibrahim Silwany 2-Star Ambassador right: Freddy Melero 5-Star Ambassador

Aqu, los lderes del mercado Latino reflejan sobre las amplias oportunidades disponibles para ellos mismos y sus equipos.

Fresh off the Latino Challenge Party Tour in August, Vi Latino Promoters are revitalized with more momentum than ever before. And now with the new Diamond Ambassador rank bringing Promoters one step closer to Royal, plus Vi International Icon and the Lifetime Challenge Bonus having added fuel to their fire, the market is set to soar to new heights. Here, the Latino markets top leaders reflect on the vast opportunities available to them and their teams.

1-Star Ambassador Jerry Lopez

On Lifetime Challenge Bonus: The Lifetime Challenge Bonus is extremely important for the Latino initiative. It simplifies the fact that Vi serves others. Being able to match 50% of someone elses check is amazingnot just for the Vi Latino market but for the whole company in general. This bonus really allows Promoters to reap the benefits of helping others. On Vi International Icon: Its really important for Latino Promoters to be in the Latino Challenge Magazine. As an international publication that will be viewed worldwide and shows the Latino initiative, it stirred up a lot of curiosity from Latinos everywhere. Thoughts on where the Vi Latino market is headed: Being on the forefront with Freddy Melero and Ibrahim Silwany, I see the Vi Latino market growing exponentially within the next 1216 months. Weve had compounded growth since the Latino Launch. We got the major stuff down, its just a matter of tweaking a few things, which is exactly what Vi is doing.

5-Star Ambassador Freddy Melero

On Lifetime Challenge Bonus: It means more money for what were doing anyway. Even if it may not be seen as an immediate return, it ends up being a long-term return on investment. Its an incentive financially, and an incentive for others to recruit. It brings more focus on enrolling, which will allow Promoters to share The Challenge with their communities. Vi helps people gain financial freedom, and this is just another step in that direction. On Vi International Icon: This promotion went hand in hand with 3 For FREE and Rising Star. If you ran the play, you would get in our premier Challenge Magazine, featured on newsstands worldwide. This is so important because its a Promoters main tool for the whole year. If featured, you can direct people on your team to your pictures and story, or to their own pictures and stories. Its a powerful tool that will help you build your business.*

Embajador de 5-Estrellas Freddy Melero

Sobre el Bono del Challenge de Trayectoria: Significa ms dinero para lo que estamos haciendo de todos modos. A pesar de que no parezca ser un retorno inmediato, termina siendo un retorno de inversin a largo plazo. Es un incentivo financiero, y un incentivo para que otros recluten. Pone ms enfoque en reclutar, esto permitir que los Promotores compartan con las comunidades del Challenge. Vi ayuda a la gente a conseguir libertad financiera, y esto es solo otro paso en esa direccin. Sobre Vi International Icon: Esta promocin se acopla con 3 por Gratis y Estrella en Ascenso. Si se enfoca en el plan, usted saldr en nuestra revista principal conocida como Challenge Magazine, que parece en quioscos alrededor del mundo. Esto es muy importante porque es la herramienta principal de un Promotor para todo el ao. Si usted aparece en la revista, puede dirigir a la gente de su equipo a las fotografas y la historia de usted, o a las fotografas e historias de los miembros de su equipo. Es una poderosa herramienta que le ayudar a construir su negocio.*

Embajador 2-Estrellas Ibrahim Silwany

El nivel de Embajador Diamante le da a cada Embajador Latino la oportunidad de mirar ms all de 5-Estrellas. Este nuevo nivel provee un increble trampoln, una meta alcanzable, y gran enfoque en ayudar a los Embajadores de diferentes equipos. Les da una excelente manera de acercarse a l..

Embajador 1-Estrella Jerry Lpez

Sobre el Bono del Challenge de Trayectoria: El Bono del Challenge de Trayectoria es sumamente importante para la iniciativa Latina. Simplifica el hecho de que Vi sirve a a los dems. El poder igualar 50% del cheque de otra persona es increble no solo para el mercado Vi Latino pero generalmente para la compaa entera. Este bono realmente permite que los Promotores aprovechen los beneficios de ayudar a los dems. Sobre Vi International Icon: Es muy importante que los Promotores Latinos salgan en la revista Latino

2-Star Ambassador Ibrahim Silwany

The Diamond Ambassador rank gives every Latino Ambassador the chance to look beyond 5-Star. This new rank gives an incredible stepping-stone, an achievable goal, and great focus on helping Ambassadors on different teams. It gives them a great way to approach it.

Jerry Lpez 1-Star Ambassador

* Vi Independent Promoters achieve incomes and lifestyles across a wide spectrum. Examples featured in marketing materials are not necessarily typical or average, nor do they represent a guarantee of your personal results. Some examples are those of persons within the top 1% of all Promoters. As with any lifestyle opportunity, financial success with ViSalus depends largely on individual skills, motivation and effort.

* Los ingresos y estilos de vida que logran los Promotores Independientes de Vi varan dentro de una amplia gama. Los ejemplos que aparecen en los materiales de mercadeo no son necesariamente tpicos o lo promedio, ni representan una garanta de sus resultados personales. Algunos ejemplos son los de las personas dentro del 1% de todos los Promotores. Como con cualquier oportunidad de vida, el xito financiero con ViSalus depende en gran parte a las habilidades, la motivacin y el esfuerzo de uno.





Vi-Life Canada

Vi Canada Thrilled about Launch of Diamond Rank and Promotions

Excitement is High for the New Diamond Ambassador Rank
Lori Petrilli
RANK: Royal Ambassador PROVINCE: Qubec
The new Diamond Ambassador rank is just another example of why Vi is such an amazing company. Vi is always enhancing the tools for Promoters to continue to help people on the road to better health.

La Vi Famille du Qubec stimule par les nouvelles opportunits

Lexcitation est grande face au nouveau rang d'Ambassadeur Diamant
Lori Petrilli
RANG : Ambassadeur Royal VILLE : Montral
Le nouveau rang dAmbassadeur Diamant est un autre exemple de ce qui fait de ViSalus une compagnie extraordinaire. Vi amliore constamment les outils pour les promoteurs continuer aider les gens sur la route dune meilleure sant.

Matt Britt

The Value of the Lifetime Challenge Bonus, Plus Tips on Hitting RD

Kristin Hazzard
RANK: Presidential Director PROVINCE: British Columbia
3 Reasons Why the Lifetime Challenge Bonus is So Important: 1. It is an amazing bonus (on top of the Compensation Plan) that has the potential to affect your income in a positive manner. 2. It rewards you for doing what you should be doing anyway enrolling new Promoters and helping them go Rising Star immediately! 3. It generates excitement and momentum within your team! Tips to Hit RD: 1. Be excited about your Challenge and go public right away! 2. Make a huge list (dont prejudge anyone) and be excited to share The Challenge with them. It is a gift! 3. Use your Upline to help with support calls!

La valeur du Boni Challenge Vie, plus des trucs pour atteindre DR

Natasha Wagner
RANG : Ambassadeur 1-toile VILLE : St-Jrme
3 raisons pourquoi devenir admissible au Boni Challenge Vie est si important : 1. Cest une chance qui n'arrivera qu'une seule fois. 2. Vous serez pay considrablement plus cher pour le mme travail. 3. Cela changera votre avenir financier jamais. Pensez long terme!! Trucs pour atteindre DR : 1. Suivre le systme et se servir de sa ligne de parrainage. 2. Faire votre liste de noms appeler et prparer les gens ce quils viennent voir lors de votre challenge party (prparty). 3. Challenge Party, excitation, constance.

2. Avoir un Challenge 90 jours personnel avec dautres tout en vous amusant. 3. Formation GST : pour faire tout de suite les bonnes actions 3 trucs pour devenir admissible au Boni Challenge Vie : 1. Crer des Directeurs Rising Star. 2. Crer des Directeurs Rising Star. 3. Crer des Directeurs Rising Star!

RANK: 5-Star Ambassador PROVINCE: Ontario

This is another example of how much Vi cares. I am so excited to have this new rank and opportunity to advance in the company. I am focused on helping all of my teammates achieve this rank and beyond. This rank, just like every other, will be attained by helping everyone go Rising Star and 3 For FREE. Build with the key drivers in mind and you will achieve everything you want and more! Thank you, Vi.

La Canadienne, Mia St-Aubin, partage son exprience en tant que Vi-Model.

La Vi Model rgnante et Ambassadeur 5-toiles, Mia St-Aubin de lOntario, partage avec nous ses expriences et ce quelle conserve davoir t choisie. Faire la page couverture du magazine The Challenge et devenir le Vi Model a littralement chang la direction et le rythme de ma vie! Lexprience dans son ensemble ma permis dapprendre faire preuve de persvrance et de dtermination, et il fallait que je mengage sans relche. Jai appris que peu importe ce que tu veux raliser, si tu es bien prpar, que tu travailles fort et que tu nabandonnes jamais tes rves vont finir par se raliser. Lorsque le magazine a t lanc, jai eu le sentiment de devenir une clbrit du jour au lendemain. Ma ville natale en entier, tous mes amis, ma famille et des milliers de personnes que je navais jamais rencontres savent maintenant ce que je fais dans la vie et connaissent la mission que jai jointe. Jai fait figure de Vi Model au cours de la dernire anne avec beaucoup de respect et de reconnaissance. Devenir une personne vers qui les gens peuvent se tourner avec leurs objectifs sant et de mise en forme est le meilleur sentiment qui soit. Je crois rellement en la mission de ViSalus et je suis vraiment heureuse de pouvoir en faire partie. Il est impossible de savoir o cette exprience va me mener, cest ce qui est le plus extraordinaire dans tout a! a ma ouvert tellement de portes, et je ne fais que commencer!

Canadas Own Mia St-Aubin Reflects on Her Vi Model Experience

Reigning Vi Model and 5-Star Ambassador, Mia St-Aubin of Ontario, shares what she gained from the experience after winning. Gracing the cover of The Challenge Magazine and becoming the Vi Model has literally changed the direction and pace of my entire life! The entire experience taught me perseverance, dedication and determination. It showed me that no matter what you want to achieve, if you prepare, work hard and never give up, it will all come together eventually. As soon as the magazine came out, I felt like I had become a celebrity over night. My entire hometownall of my friends, family and thousands of people Ive never metnow know what I do for a living and the mission I have joined. I held this title of Vi Model over the past year with a very high regardbeing a person others can turn to with their health and fitness goals is the greatest feeling in the world. I believe very much in the Vi mission, and I am so happy that I can be a part of it. There is no telling where this experience will take me next; thats the best part about it! Its opened so many doors and Im just getting started!

Sylvain Laplante

RANG : Ambassadeur 5-toiles VILLE : Longueuil

Je suis trs heureux que ViSalus ait ajout un rang. a donne une motivation additionnelle!

Carl Fleury

Matthew Jamieson and Shelley McGilvery

RANK: 2-Star Ambassadors PROVINCE: New Brunswick
3 Reasons Why the Lifetime Challenge Bonus is So Important: 1. This limited time promotion could add substantial residual income for life for you and your family. 2. Taking advantage of this promotion will build momentum in your business moving into the new year. 3. You have to lead by example. Be the pace setter; get in early and help your new people get in so all can benefit together. Tips to Hit RD: 1. Live, breathe and sleep The Challenge. That means shooting your PROJECT 10 videos, actively using the timeline and entering to winboth for yourself and your Customers! 2. Dont stop at a list of 25 people. Perform the Getting Started Training times 3!!

RANG : Ambassadeur VILLE : Qubec

3 raisons pourquoi devenir admissible au Boni Challenge Vie est si important : 1. a va vous donner le temps de construire des Leaders et une quipe forte. 2. Vous allez recevoir des commissions vie sur chaque Rising Star et plus. 3. Nouvelle faon dtre pay en plus du plan de rmunration et qui ne reviendra probablement jamais!! Trucs pour atteindre DR : Cest un de ces moments o tu conois que cest possible; cest la confirmation qui te dit que tu PEUX le faire et ta conviction sera solide et te propulsera vers les prochains rangs!

Francine et Pier Grenier

RANG : Ambassadeurs VILLE : Boucherville
3 trucs pour atteindre DR : 1. Challenge party : faites dguster un shake et couter un vido.

Mia St-Aubin Female Vi Model 2013

3. You need to be registered for the next event. Events elevate yourself and your business.

Lori Petrilli Ambassadeur Royal





Vi-Life UK

The Latest News from Vi UK

Local Success Training
Promoters, Customers and guests flocked to 13 cities throughout the UK as 5-Star Ambassadors from North America joined UKs top Ambassadors to present inspiring weight-loss testimonials, combined with the hottest training programme available. With the groundbreaking new Lifetime Challenge Bonus announced during the LSTs, many of those guests are now part of the Vi family. Today, Leigh is a Presidential Director and Darren is a Regional Director. As proud owners of a brand new BMW 120D Sports Coupe, they love the difference Vi has brought to their lives in four short months.

RST Tour Hits UK for the First Time

Vi UK saw its first Regional Success Training as the tour made stops in Glasgow on the 21st September, and London on the 28th. ViSalus Co-Founder and CMO Blake Mallen spoke at the Glasgow event in the Radisson Blu Hotel, while Co-Founder and CEO Ryan Blair was the special guest at the Hilton London Metropole. Each event featured incredible speakers from North America and the UK, exciting new initiatives, well-deserved recognition, plus training on how to grow your team during one of the most lucrative times of the year.

Submit your PROJECT 10 or 90-DAY Challenge results at for your chance to win 600 or become a Body by Vi Challenge Champion

Local Success Training UK

Giving Back to the Community

Vi UK now works with various food banks across the UK to help ensure that as many people as possible receive the nutrients, vitamins and minerals they need to lead a healthy life. When you submit your PROJECT 10 results, Vi will donate 30 Vi-Shape Shake meals or a box of Nutra-Cookies to those in need through PROJECT 10 Charity. Thats a whole month of nutritious breakfast, lunch or snack options that will help many individuals or families get on the path to better health. Submit your i LOST it. or i BUILT it. videos at Through the Vi UK matched giving programme, you can donate Vi-Shape Shakes or Nutra-Cookies to one of Vis partner charities, and Vi will match your donationshake for shake, cookie for cookie. You can help raise meals using your Promoter Giving page at www.(YourUsername)

Vi UK Charity Partners

Local Success Training UK

Body by Vi Challenge Finalists

With over 40,000 people having taken on The Challenge in the UK, its an exciting time for the UK market as they congratulate their first-ever finalists in the Active and Fitness categoriesLeigh Willis and her partner Darren Noad from the Isle of Wight, England. After gaining nearly 14 lbs. since starting a desk job a year ago, Leighs weight piled on and her energy level plummeted. Darren had always liked to stay fit, but after the long, cold UK winter, they had both slipped into a carb and chocolate coma! Leighs Challenge goal was to train for a 5K Race for Life, and Darrens was to get fit, build lean muscle and swim a mile. By the end of Leighs 90 days, she had lost 12 lbs., 10% body fat and a total of 12 inches off her body. She also ran her first 5K in 28 minutes. Darren reduced his body fat by 6.8 lbs. and built 16.39 lbs. of lean muscle in just 90 days!

AMURT Into the Community Food Bank New Market Open Door Food Bank

North London Action for the Homeless

Oxford Food Bank Porch Boxes Stowmarket Food Bank Southampton City Mission World at Your Feet Crawley Open House
Leigh Willis



While Vi UK no longer works with Kids Company, its partnered with the above charities.

For more details email

Darren Noad


after ViLIFE | VOLUME 8 25



Special Congratulations to Augusts Cereal Entrepreneurs !

The following names are listed in the order in which they qualified as a Cereal Entrepreneur. Not only were these Promoters among the first in the world to pre-order a Vi Crunch Combo Pack, they got theirs for FREE by referring 3 others. Cereal Entrepreneurs also won: A limited-edition Im a Cereal Entrepreneur! t-shirt Priority seating at NST Atlanta (
Angela Kavalov Blake Usilton Amber Monroe Annsrun, Llc Delilah Agostini Johnna Baca Carolyn Plesa Chris Watt Stanley Block Sandi Thomas Kelly Dillard Brenda Bradshaw Csonka Vince & Diane Filippone Holly Hudig Kim Wikoff David Dobbin Rudolph Russell Stacey Cutler Andre Houde Michel Dorais Derek & Rachel Smith Darick Washington Jennifer Johnson Kimberly Fanfan Accamma Kallel Barbara Stubbs Kathryn Flippen Blake & Angela Aguillard Victoria Adams Suzanne Weatherman Ricky Gomez & Arelis Segarra Cheryl Hamilton Chad Nuckowski Sabrina Wetzel Brian Kallam Connie & Rob Schmidt Brandon Ortiz Danielle Cochran Doug Hemsley Vanessa Dirani Pamela Pigott Lori Chabot Spring Luedeman Lisa Stelly Zachary Nethercutt John & Bonnie Bourke Kala Penny Yvette Garrison Leanne Gall Tisha Annis Jessica Roberts Vanessa Bamback Mariah Garza Bonnielee Hutchinson Natalia Lima Christy Queitsch Esteban Carbajal Maria Elena Aleman Heather Amodo Larry Logston Ryan Pritchard Cheri Devries Natalie Martin Pamela Lucka Veronique Coulombe Jeff Ouellette Raquel Moya Carlos Gonzalez Klinton & Stephanie Keller Jerome Davis Bonnie & Jeremy Tatton Jacki Borton Loren And Bridget Miller Emanuel Lopez Tara Basan Brian Smeltzer Mark Clemens Amber Desrochers Kimberly Stewart Yvonne Beck Caroline Schmid Kent Johnson Kevin & Susan Sergent Earl Taylor Linda Sunseri Tina Caton Nicole Peake Joy Brown Groupe Sante Optimed, Inc. Eric & Sandy Delamielleure Michael Dubois Heart Driven Marketing, Inc. Ann Marie Zepponi Nothing to Lose, Llc Lisa Westlake Darwin Good Bear Kei-Kei & Dustin Dunkin Tina Stewart Derek Soro Natalie Garcia Wendy A Chadwick Andrew Backus Leeanne Lane Evelyn Kephart Mike & Lisa Kerner Audra Ely Michael Nelson Jose Ariel Valentin Eva Neuharth Darin Mckee Steven R Martin Mindy Clayton Jermaine White Joann Ireland Jill Tatum Diane Leblond & Gille Vachon George Stephens Dayna C Martin Jordan Held Nathalie Jolivet Pam Spencer Robin & Roy Lillpop Patricia Bader Selena Capitano Patrick & Kirsten Jenkins Amy Reimann Bronwyn Jones Jessica Ramirez Kelvin Obannon Theresa Brown Belinda Small Jason Haas Kyle Parker Mark & Amy Fredrickson Jessica Bishop Robert Tanon Ashley King Angela Ethelston Lena Eberling Daniel Candelaria James Morrow Noe Alvarez Chery Lucero Rashad Furqan Chad & Joni Robbins Cv Distributors Nicolas Roy Nikki Strackeljahn Laurie Harris Jordan Schreiber People Savings Network, Llc Rita Billington John & Melisa Davenport Casey Tanon David T. Nguyen Laura Dombroski Jodie & Trevor Gompf Toddy Sylvestre-Dallow Josephine & Nathan Shepard Rocio Berny Jonathan Pelletier Athena Haro Joe Busch Lisa Reed Tim Byrd Evan & Jenna Barnett Jennifer Helgen Louise Magnan Carmen Davis Shelley Kaplar Anthony & Erin Harper Charmaine Varela Jim & Betty Weisberg Louise Robert et Yvan Roy Sea To Sky Communications Ltd Daniel K. Horn Pa Pamela Polonet-Slobin Jackie Sheets Sylvie Renaud Debbie Corkery Courtney & Nicolas Sanford Janelle Gertsch Priscilla Mccall Stephanie Nchege Pamela Patruno Tshura Green Jean Laflamme Michael Schaefer Richard Miller Team Stutz Allison Haughton Green Md Eve Reed Santiago Lopez Sharon Fritzsche Sylvia Santos Lesli Diamond Becky Casey Julian Alejos Agence Star X Martin McDowell Jay Riggs Helene Wolters Christina Lamothe Christopher Kinkle Laura Muckey Laurie Waite Britney Coyle Virginia Gwaltney Sonya Frye M&M Reali Mandy Lorton Angie Dalley Sherry Prince Elijah Fairweather Janice Barry Kristina Thompson Allison Rold Bud Mccully Tina Partsafas Kimberly Lynch Christina Kealey Andreia Stephen Alexa Ponushis Warren & Jean Lavadan Heidi Hall Stephen Nash Debra Bradford Jesse Kvaska Lorena Villarruel Leonel Martinez Cheryl Johnson Victoria Sanchez Kyle Cipres Martin Steele Yvonne Keller Tawny Decker Denise & Donny Tapia Debbie & Dante Garcia Lise Tremblay Nikki Garrison Jeannie Aylsworth Sylvie Michaud Beth Ferman Shelley Myers Moe & Stu Gibbons Dany Godbout Heather & Darryl Daniels Renee Sheppard Keith Schmidt Alisa & David Muller Joane Tremblay Ken Odle Michael Sellers Glenda Lee Rodriguez Pacheco Ashley York Dave Golda Don Coner Ryan Pohlman Catherine Van Dyke Dequaine Jason Lytle Julie Pelletier Tiffani Garcia Ashley Ciolek Brandon Spencer Marlee Bilbrey Cheri Patterson Teresa Reynoso Maggie Anderson Debra Keller Team Torres Carmen Pabon Jerome Herbert Kristen Dickerson Gaetan Fontaine Sylvie Pombert Paul Hyder Pete & Ashley Lumpkins Eve-line Belanger Kelly Council Tara Dewolfe James Lusby Natalie Bowden Patrick Miller George S Huff Carolyn Mallory Mary Tarokic Lynda Trimble Daniel Morris Jill Goote Chris Urban Murielle & Gerard Roach Kelvin Santana Curtis & Angie Hamilton Tamra Staab Steve Vogt Kayla Hanington Jose O Fernandez Jason Petrunik Adam Stewart Peter Kopka Rebecca Denton Faith James Michael Ask Katie Myers Theresa Martinez Jamie Vawter Jermellody Christian Xavier Ortiz Keri Villar Jennifer & Greg Villalobos-Schmidt Jamie Ambler Colette Costello Mike Pulley Tyressa Henderson Norma Darby Joan T Turner Debbra Hooks Natalie Florance Josee Moisan Jacques Goudreault Rita De Serre Moisan Julio Colon Kenn Kibby Patricia Lamontagne James Lewis Ii Christine Dimattia Jay Fritzsche Tomara Mackay Pam & Charles Sherritt Shannon Sterling Barbi Smith Edrice Johnson Julie Day Jennifer Mckinley Mary Virginia Alford Kim Chaney Josh & Sarah Rogers Susan Marotz Lennys Perez De La Cruz Gerry Nault Mandy Alexander Marie-Josee Fiset Carlos Onofre Scott Drees Michelle Allen Pat Goldstein Wanda Beckett Jackie Sierra Tim Hamilton Cori Stanley Diane Cote Robert Kemp Meredith Pope Kathy Urban Jacalyn Sartin Julie Larose Brian Summers Alicia Mccarty Stephanie Ramos Phil Taneda & Russ Field Colby Young Connie Briscoe Tracey Doyle Yves Bouffard & Caroline Schmid Joanne Atkinson Monica Joiner Tammy Pritchard Mabel Ocasio Chris Homeier Monica Silcott Natalie Allison Nelson Vazquez Robert Marques Grant Miller Karen Dubose Chris Marrapodi Karol Thacker Todd & Leah Cannon Anne Cosey Troy Stoneking Lesley Machan Melissa Wilkes Wanda York Brandi Cannell Susan Menches Krista Marie Haanen Brad & Amber Homewood Cheryl Phillips Kevin Sanchez Lori Rodgers Ben & Priscilla Joly Judith Simmons Ramonita Perez Phil & Pinky Mongelluzzo Laurie Dickson Sommer Molina Ruth-Ann Mahder Cheri Thaller Jacques Hall Jr. Christopher Sandate Fred Smith Jennifer Bregar Ryan Blackport Fred & Alena Callejo Irene Abbott Daniel Scott Karine Levasseur Dr Roland Phillips Richard Stumpf 9274-9258 Quebec, Inc. Eileen Sanchez Towanda Hunt Guillermo Reyes Ewan Roberts The Laboski Family Jerry Mullin Jr Leticia Luna Robyn Bailey Michelle Fortune Cayce Brasel Pete Luedtke Andrew Bentley Dawn Hilton Jackie Patterson Randy Mccormick Marilyn Ostash Ian Sheppard Thomas Pinard Ashley Goodroe Sandy Pinard Angie Peitz Natalie Ambroise Barbara Schade Gregg Andler Marilyn Hegert Shelby Camargo Chrystal Gilliam Kaye Hyde Bryan Vignery Debbie Wright Kevin & Gena Trujillo Tonikya Lockett Dale Peake Natalie Durocher Rhonda Austin Steve Lankfer Ashley Reed Dean Richards April Annis Brian Baez Jodi Wiese Veronica Jennings Loretta Elmore Iman Nasr & Mo Elkholi Chris Gulley Jack Dufresne Austins Rockin Realtor Matthew Layman Randy Spath Kim & Chris Coghlan Liz Barba Matthew Harris Robert D Malloy Shannon Dixon Pamela Basore Jackie Fust Maria Scanlan William Nunes Carrie Pongratz Anna-Kate Miller Amanda Hastings Fernando Ruiz Shalene Boyd Brandie & Zach Wood Nina Hardwick Angel Trimble Andrea Hardwick Gilles Matte Dj Jordan Patrick Hayden Tim West Tyrone Johnson Willie Lee Wallace-Jackson Suong Phan Sandhya Sadasivan Patrick Chukwurah Dequacha Fields Jacqueline Tejeda Marianne Fredriksson Team Hanscom Willy & Stacy Nelson Debra Phillips Emily & Peter Bartosek Michelle & John Erdkamp Roderick Elliott Kay Cordes Tina Bertrand Brian Williams Cedric & Tamara Donaldson Tonya & Terry Gardner Jr Carrie Hewitt Maylee Vang Michele Tapia Bridget Nibert Richard L Berryman Charlie & Carrie Neal Tiffany Haney Elizabeth Christmas April Rowland Amber Homewood Darlene Patricia Root Erika Harp Rhonda Hampton Allison Schnurr Hugo Parra Madelene Zamora Dallas Hale Sarah Phillips Sarah Preston Linda Goodman Kenneth Triplett Jr Yvonne Kuehnow Lori & Billy Cannon Brad & Brooke Piper Lacey Maley Dr Chris & Missie Crawford Maud Liljekvist Steven & Carmen Gilchrist Yolanda Foote Julie Snowbarger Delphine Lallemand Lissette Elias Joe Galaxy William S. Stanfield Elena Sinnemaki Jenifer Klein Sherry Bixler Sherri Hubstenberger Trudy Pontbriand Angel Luis Torres Iii Garnet Lewis Clif Brooks Mike Corkery Tom J. Caron Gale Fulton Tommy & Teresa Robbins Joseph Porretta Marci Breitbach Kristin Mcgonnell Alica Cotter Kristine Passalacqua Serena Ashcroft Laurel Jacobs Tina King Megan Baker Gaetan Saindon Coi Lewis Carlos Davila Mary Hammersley Robyn Gunn Jennifer King Heather Mclaughlin Tammy Stradal Brent Rodgers Jim Hefner Christy Lopez Breanna Bradford Audrey Berube Mary Lee Grounds Angie Heiman Rex Go Thomas Kavanaugh Dianne Krager-Godel Cynthia Blount Joel Pastor Cami Kemp Pat Ryan Ty Hanson Gerardo Gonzalez Kelvin Mangum Terrie Odegaard Jason Qualls Cynthia Perez Leanna Toben Paula Anderson William York Danita Lloyd Luis Betancourt Amber Jordan Laura Altman Gord Kindrachuk Ana V Martinez Jordan Heersink Danice Heidt Barbara Asbell Al Billings Earl & Lori Himes Richard & Gwen Hutchings Earl Himes Stockton Roberts Don Shrewsbury Sharon Deane Mallory Adams Elena Clark & Scott Paterson Cathy Henbest Melanie Rodgers Kathi Bufalini Teresa Gaspar Clifford Willis Iii Bobby Nance Dave & Esther Bengel David Jacques Antonio Floyd Sami Myers Debbie Smith Megan Laflamme Magda Gonzalez Deborah Benson Amber Cline Sam Hayes Jr Lynanne Rosenthal Jimmylynne Corcino Melinda Pekofske Starla Angle Brian Luyt Dan Johnson Carlos Camacho Jean Spencer Elena Yeager Randy Barnhill Ginger Little Elias Hanono Kyla & Stan Miller Libby Followell Aaron Blair Christopher Diaz Karen Cassette Devang Shah Jennifer Mudler Josh & Kayla Sharp Dee Dee Kingsolver Matthew Jamieson & Shelley Mcgilvery Kevin Porterfield Carrie Goodwin Steve Clay Sherry Swanson Misty Solomon Melissa Vater Diane Shipp Reagan Tesar Ryan Hirt Michael Mcmullen Luz E Morales Leisa Hendricks Russell Evans Victoria Woods Erika Hanaway Heidi Beal Deana Akers Jennifer A. Wright Anthony Botros Jennifer Goodwin Leigha Oatman Kari Fust Brenda Benquez Rivera Stephen Todd Holloway Bennett Webb David Norman Sample Matthew Caskey Janice Gibbs Jennifer Matters Jules Sarran Martha Clark Tiffany Alford Christine Gutierrez Chase Papke Derek Seifried Clint & Tamara Downs D Chapman Lee Dickie Andrene Heron Bob Lee Allison & Bob Staple Maria Valadez Joanna Johnson Jennifer & Jeff Webster Phil Sears Jenn Ricard Deborah Anne Woods Hunt Management, Inc. Ronoda Taylor Natalie Watters Alex Balazsy & Tracey Stewart Torey Thorpe Marcella Rachell Paige & Elijah Paugh Teresa Mcvicker Dawn Ashby Rafaela Vera Jeffery Bruce Evans Thomas Garner Scott & Shannon Harnack Kathy Wolfe-Reynolds Kara Coffey Ryan & Kristen Johnson Stephanie Turner Alain Desrochers Keith Chapman Leonel Miranda Irma Rosiles Constance Dewhirst Tracey Casey-Arnold Bobby Chance Geri Terry Sally Stoneking Lisa Moreland Colleen Dooley Tami Bixby Karla Hunter Brant & Denise Hoalt Kathrine Ferrie Sara Sue Mclain Diane Gilbert Carney Vickie Hoffman Caroline Murphy Deyanira Martinez Louise Adrian Dianna Young-Smith Ana Peguero Mike And Colleen Rendon Emily Taverna Kim Lovedahl Kathy Guerrero Casey Anderson Javier Santiago Jeffery K. Davis Kendrick Hudson Lynella Rosa Connie Kuc Adam W Brasel Michael Sanchez Derek Simmons Dodie Paxson Georgios Kapaclis Gary Logan Rachel & Matt Smith Bryan Wallace Amaris De La Chica Dan & Margie Lane Richard Morin Pam Wright Traci Gamel Francine De Serre Betty Arboleda Ryan Gaffney & Sheri Gaffney Shelley Singer Balbeer Deol Bill Johnson Charles Bray Davena & Jason Benton Willis Mccoy Chad Maybin






These individuals earned a spot in The Challenge Magazine 2014!

3-Star AMB 5-Star AMB



International Icon
Congratulations to our superstars who focused on the two key things of being a successful Challenge Promoter: helping people go 3 For FREE and Rising Star.

1 2 3 4 5


Matt Lehr Freddy & Catherine Melero Ernest Ross Neil Bellville Lorne Humenny & Tanis MacDonald 6 Joy & Mike Gehart 7 Dave Ives 8 Jordan Delacruz & Michelle Ching 9 Ryan & Tammy Vanderpool 10 Tito & Irene Aleman 1 Jordan Schreiber Xavier & Brianna Ortiz Claribel & Maribel Rios Charlotte Ross Xiomara & Angel Cardona Al Fletcher & Ginger Jonas Nitsa Nakos & Priska King Ryan & Karyn Millar Kim Sheppard


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Danelle Delgado Kelvin & Laurie OBannon Willians Vazquez Rico & Maricar Gutierrez Luis & Cary Machado Tina D. Lewis Melessa Hollis Beverly Jonas Sarina Gelvan Stephanie Hassett Ivys Morales Neil Turner Kanisha Rodriguez Jon Hurley Jeff & Gena Smith Deltrin Harris Kevin Whisler Mooney Westerlund Patrick Ashby Bobby Smith Chris Gulley Chery Lucero Elena Morenos Robbie & Deana West Joe Kuskie Diana Sysouvanh John Young Tammy Degenhart Dr. Gregory L. Clarke Shalonda Pettis



August Top Achievers

AMB 2-Star AMB
These individuals led the way in August as they advanced to the September Final Round.


2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

3-Star AMB 5-Star AMB

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Matt Lehr Freddy & Catherine Melero Tara & Chris Wilson Neil Bellville Joy & Mike Gehart Residual Marketing Inc Jordan Delacruz & Michelle Ching Dave Ives Jenny Lynn & Scott Travis


Michelle Paganelli Tina & Dan Partsafas Yvonne Keller Willians Vazquez Guadalupe Pineda Lori Hicks Monica Silcott Travis Germany Charlotte Ross




2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Jessica Campos Nikkia Deane Tracey Casey-arnold Ricky Gomez & Arelis Segarra Andrew Price & David Longden Cory & Delilah Chapman Elicia Bennett Donald Crawford Erika Hanaway


10 Ryan & Tammy Vanderpool 1 Amy Wright Richard Paganelli Chris Ackerson Claribel & Maribel Rios Xavier & Brianna Ortiz Ernest Ross Nitsa Nakos & Priska King Al Fletcher & Ginger Jonas Eric Wright

Presidential Director

10 Suzanne Soulsby 1 Amanda Kuhns Kelvin & Laurie OBannon Ivys Morales Cynthia Skalenda Taimi Felipe Jason Davis Raul Quesada Randy Ortega Tina D Lewis


2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


AMB 2-Star AMB

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9




2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


10 Gonz & Ashley Guerra


AMB : Ambassador

10 Lisa Panton

Learn more at

10 Ruth Ann Lau 1 Elena Morenos Ignacio Perez Sheila Shreve Michael Hicks Victor Calderon Pia Senda Macarena Basco John J Bartos James Roach

10 Ryan & Desiray Miller 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Jordan Schreiber Laura Wright Matthew & Grace Nestler Tracey Casey-arnold Nikkia Deane Jessica Campos Ricardo Gomez Andrew Price Donald Crawford



Presidential Director


These are the Top Promoters in each rank category at the end of September. Theyve also earned a spot in The Challenge Magazine 2014!


3 4 5 6 7 8 9


3-Star AMB 5-Star AMB


Dave Ives


3-Star AMB 5-Star AMB AMB 2-Star AMB

Freddy & Catherine Melero Claribel & Maribel Rios

Presidential Director


AMB 2-Star AMB

Ben & Priscilla Joly

AMB 2-Star AMB

Carol Ives

Presidential Director National Director

Andrew Price & David Longden Garry Lish

Jessica Campos

National Director

Willians Vazquez Ivys Morales

Rising Star

10 Brian Todd

Regional Director

10 Gary Knight

Neil Turner

Regional Director

Rising Star

Evelyn Mullen 28 VOLUME 8

Saldana Ortiz ViLIFE | VOLUME 8 29



Get your Vi-Gear now at

1 Vi Crunch Protein Super Cereal $49 N1010 (US)/ N2010 (CA) 1 pouch = 14 meals 2 WOMENS S/S BIKING SHIRT $89 8499-201-020 100% polyester S - 2XL 3 MIAMI STYLE TANK $18.50 8499-103-001 100% cotton S - 2XL 4 REVERSIBLE BASKETBALL JERSEY $38 8499-103-004 100% polyester. Reverses to white S - 3XL 5 WOMENS Vi BLING TANK $25.99 8499-203-009 95% cotton, 5% lycra S - 2XL 6 BLING WATER BOTTLE $18.99 8499-700-066 7 WOMENS L/S BIKING SHIRT $99 8499-202-001 100% polyester S - 2XL 8 WOMENS BIKING SHORTS $89 8499-209-005 100% polyester S - 2XL

INSPIRED BY THE SUCCESS STORIES ON THE PAGES OF Vi-LIFE? Flip over this magazine and get on the path to SUCCESS

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