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, Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Going Home Again, Really?

by Clydene Overbey I decided about seven or so years ago that I again wanted to see the house where I grew up. My Daddy died in 1985 and Mama moved into an apartment a few years later. I had not been back. The house no longer belonged to my family, so I just didnt go. After Mama died, I felt I just had to go there again to reconnect with my childhood. The feeling grew so strong that I could resist no longer. One day I took my camera and decided that I must do this no matter how hurtful it may be. Everything looked so different on the way that I began to wonder if I was even on the right road. These just couldnt be the roads I walked and played on all my life. I missed the turn because I didnt recognize it. How in the world could I get lost in an area that I knew every inch of? I knew for a fact that the house was still there and surely they hadnt moved the roads! I drove back and forth for what seemed like hours. I was too stubborn to turn around. Besides I was so lost by then I didnt even know how to turn around and leave. I didnt see a thing that I was familiar with. I came to a house that looked familiar, but the road sure didnt. There should be deep ditches. Wasnt this where we used to wade in the ditches? Well, my goodness, there is Hall Parks Store. Why in the world would they move that old store? How stupid! Hey, wait a minute, they didnt move because theres his ol house beside it. Surely they didnt move em both. This must be the road. If it is then I know where I am. I drove on up the road and turned on to the road that would go all the way down to the end. A dead-end road right by the railroad tracks. I was getting excited now. I was thinking, Im going home. I drove on down and there it was. Oh Lord, where is the neat yard? And that porch my daddy built with his own hands, that couldnt be it. Where are the crape myrtles and the walnut trees? I knew that was the house, but what had happened to it? Oh Lord, what have they done to my home? They have destroyed my home. Oh please let me wake up from a bad dream. There was a woman standing in the yard. I asked if I could look around and take some pictures of this place where I grew up. She said, Sure, it would be okay. I walked to the back and took a picture. Where was that chinaberry tree we used to sit under? What is wrong with this place? This is not my home. Where is Daddys garden? The railroad tracks are not even here. They moved them too. I finally found the tracks. They were still there but the weeds had grown up so they were almost hidden. The RR Company or whatever it is called, used to keep the grass down because of fires. The big field where we had our fort was overgrown, the persimmon tree and the blackberry patch were also gone. I walked back around to the front, took another picture, got in my car and left. About halfway up the road the tears forced their way out and I started crying. I cried and cried for lost youth, I guess. I had tried to go home again and it wasnt there. I hadnt even asked to go inside because I knew Id never be able to do it. I can remember the inside of that house just like it was, warm and fuzzy memories, loving memories. Oh how I was wishing I hadnt gone down there. You can never go back. That was not my wonderful home at all. Nothing was the same. I finally realized that it wasnt things, and stuff, that

Hill's Chapel & Other Places

By Audine Walker Hello, everyone. The weatherman has forecast colder weather and some rain this week. My sincere sympathy to all those who have lost loved ones, Frances Morris, Delmer Dickerson and James Boen. May God comfort you in your sorrow. Happy belated birthday to April Walker on Wednesday, Oct. 16. She turned 23. Happy seventh wedding anniversary to Jon and Crystal Yoder of Clarksville Monday, Oct. 21. Congratulations to Hoyt and June Cloos. They celebrated their 73rd wedding anniversary Saturday, Oct. 19. I joined family and friends at the Ozark Nursing Home Saturday to enjoy cake and coffee with them. Their daughter, Pat, also served cookies and soft drinks to the guests. Happy belated birthday to my nephew, Ron Blackwell, of Springdale Sunday, Oct. 20. I have been following the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team. They made it to the 2013 World Series. They will play the Boston Red Sox who beat out the Detroit Tigers in the playoffs. Bobby Don knows Tori Hunter who plays for the Tigers. Hunters half-brother is Shanikas cousin. He had lunch with Hunter one time in Pine Bluff. Crystal, Jon and Jacquelyn came Thursday night to get some stuff to help with their decorations for Halloween. I went to Jonetta and Roys Friday night to attend the Lamar and Charleston football game at Lamar with them. Charleston won. Seth had a good game. He knocked down the ball and prevented a touchdown; had some tackles and racked up 30 yards. Others there to see the game were Crystal, Jon, Jacquelyn and Joshua. Lance and Ava were there from Bentonville. They spent the weekend with Crystal, Jon and family. I spent the night with Jonetta and Roy and came home Saturday morning. Jon and Crystal entered the chili cook-off contest at their church, which was held Saturday, Oct. 19. They won the trophy. Jonetta and Roy, along with Lance and Ava, joined them Saturday night at their home to watch the Razorback game and eat chili for supper. Lance and Ava went home Sunday morning to attend church. I was able to attend church Sunday morning. I went by and got Trennie. Olema Willson was able to be there. Everyone welcomed her back after her surgery. It was our business meeting at Mt. Zion Regular Baptist Church. Our pastor, Elder Mark Sherrell, brought the message. His son, Luke, and wife were there. We enjoyed them. Karen sang a special. Joshua Gearhart was among the academic students who got to run out onto the football field during half-time between Lamar and Charleston. He is a sixth grade student at Lamar.

BOOK FAIR Pictured is Sally Acord assisting a student in the book fair held at the Ozark Elementary last week. THANK YOU Thank you Ozark Elementary students, student families, private donators, teachers and local businesses for your help with and support of the Scholastics Reading Oasis Book Fair held in the Milton Elementary School library last week. Special thanks to our volunteers who assisted our students during their classroom shopping times, Carla Dickerson, Sheila Hopper, Roxana was missing. No, what was missing was us, Mama, Daddy, Norman, Me, Grandmas, Grandpas, Brenda, Paul and Auntie. We were the home, not the house. I cant get that back physically, but I can go there anytime I want to. I just have to turn my thoughts back to that ol house and all the people who made a house a home. Thats what home is all about. Ill never go back. Those two pictures are still here and I do treasure them, but I have others taken when my family was all there. My home is in my memories. So Ive been home again this evening. Ive wandered down that lane in my memories and gone in that house. Ive reflected and remembered. Ive smiled, laughed, and Ive even cried, but I went home again and I am refreshed and very thankful. I wrote this poem years ago when I was away from home and couldnt come back. Asbeck, Sally Acord, Teresa Day, Kristy Miner, Crissy Griffith, Brenda Kuykendall, Amber Wilbanks, Latisha Wickizer, Candy Bonds, Pam Minshew, Nikki Finney and Debra Post. Profits from book sales make it possible for new titles to be added to our library collection and for the addition of student computers or other technology needs to the library. Your generosity and support is what makes our Ozark School District strong. Your support is what helps our students be so successful! Jennifer Peters, Media Specialist

Create features recipes for autumn

AETN (Conway) The weekend marathon on AETN2 Create presents Autumn Harvest Saturday, Oct. 26, at 6 a.m. and Sunday, Oct. 27, at 11 a.m. As the weather gets cooler, we look ahead to harvest time. Enjoy apple, pumpkin, squash and sweet potato recipes by Katie Brown, P. Allen Smith, Joanne Weir and many more. These versatile fruits and vegetables will keep your family wanting more! It looks as though this years harvest will be plentiful. Daddy is gone to Heaven, Mama no longer lives here. My brother, hes gone too, with a family of his own. But their beautiful memories are here and here we all still roam! Joshua 24:15 - And if it seem evil unto you to serve the Lord, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that [were] on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

Be Amazing recalls growing toy spiders

Be Amazing! Toys is recalling Monster Science Growing Spiders sold August 2011 to November 2012. The soft and colorful product can be mistaken by a child for candy. When the marble-sized toy is ingested, it can expand inside a childs body and cause intestinal obstructions, resulting in severe discomfort, vomiting, dehydration and could be life threatening. This recall involves Monster Science Growing Spider toy sets sold at Cracker Barrel Old Country Stores. Consumers should contact Be Amazing! Toys at (877) 798-9795, or online at www.b for a refund.

Mexican Restaurant

Old Patch Out Back

I walked along a path this morn that I had walked before. It ends up in the woods, it starts at my back door. My Dad walked here many times, Mama and brother too. I played here as a child, Now Im alone and blue. There was where my Daddy sat on a fallen log. Here my brother and I played with our family dog. My Mama came here many times just to be alone, So did I, I loved it here and played the whole day long. Now this path is silent, no one is around. But if I listen carefully, God sends to me the sounds. Sweet voices of my family, though none of them are near.

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