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zl ju fk u ak bs gy dn h
w jl fu l au bk gs dy wm
zm z fl p al bu gk hn hy
wy jm j m ap bl ds dk wn
zn zy fm f am gu gl hs hk
wk jn jy n a bm du dl ws
zs zk fn y an b gm hu hl
wl js fy s ay bn g dm wu
zu jk fs k as by gn d hm


Intelligence Spirit of Spirits

To the Moon is this grade especially referred to. Its Kamea or magical square is
shown in the east with the seal's name appropriate thereto. It is also shown and
inscribed upon the Tree of Life: Its increase in its crescent represents the side of
Mercy, whereas the Moon in its decrease represents the side of Severity. In its full it
represents the Sun of trapt. (The Theoricus Ritual of the Golden Dawn, Volume II,
book II). It is here that you will notice the picture and the Kamea of the Moon. Notice
that the numbers all add up to 3321 no matter which direction this is drawn. This
becomes an appropriate sigil that is very powerful for later workings in the Inner Order
for when you will be invoking the energies of Luna. It should be studied in this grade.
Drawing of this diagram from memory will not be necessary. However, an
understanding of this is imperative in the Theoricus grade, for this grade relates to the
sephira of dwsy and the planet of the Moon.