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Find the professional teacher in your neighborhood or a school. Conduct an interview with the teacher by asking the following questions:

1. Where did you graduate your degree? When? Saint Paul University Philippines (2004) 2. How did your university prepare you to become a good teacher? In campus Teaching good strategies Out campus Inculcating good values taught by the university 3. When did you pass the Licensure examination for teachers? What
was your passing rate? 2005 with a passing rate of 75.6 %

4. When did you start teaching in the public school? 2006 as a PSB teacher 5. What makes you happy as a teacher? It makes me happy seeing students apply the subjects and the essence of
the subject I teach in real life.

6. What disappointments you as a teacher? What disappoints me is when my students cannot apply what they have
learned from me.

7. What professional development activities/trainings have you

participated in?

In service training Strategic Intervention Material Seminar Yes-0 (Youth for Environment School Organization) Summer Camp DepEd Computerization Program

8. Are you a member of a professional organization? What is the

name of the organization? No.


As a professional teacher, what Code of Conduct do you strictly follow? Can you name the specific behavior that should be followed to the utmost?

Code of Ethics Moral Aspect

10. What kind of teacher would you dream to become before you

retire? Do you have a career path? Describe what kind of professional teacher you are along the timeline presented below: describe the point as; beginning Teacher/ Inductee; Developing Teacher/Young Professional; Mentor Teacher, Expert teacher/ Sterling

1-3 years in service

Permanent Teacher
4-5 years in service Teacher 2/ Teacher 3 11-15 years in service Master Teacher 15 years and above year in service Head Teacher MY OBERVATIONS From the answers given by the teacher interviewed, is the teacher a professional teacher?

Based from the answers of the teacher we interviewed, we can say that she is a professional teacher because she has a very high regard for education. We believe that a professional teacher strives to look at all aspects of a situation and remains highly fair and objective under most difficult circumstances. He/she believes that problems can be resolved if enough input and attention is given by people who are affected. Can you find other teachers who are professional teachers among the teachers whom you know? What characteristics or qualities distinguish a professional teacher from a non-professional teacher? A professional teacher Can set aside her personal problems when he/she is in school. Can do his job with competence and is committed to work. Must also be flexible in a way that he/she is willing to alter plans and directions in a manner which assists people in moving toward their goals. Strives to look at all aspects of a situation and remains highly fair and objective under most difficult circumstances. Believes that problems can be resolved if enough input and attention is given by people who are affected. Creative - Versatile, innovative, and open to new ideas. Strives to

1. Why do you think so?

incorporates techniques and activities that enable students to have unique and meaningful new growth experiences.

Considering that you will be a fut re professional teacher, what standards of behavior should you uphold based on the Co s e of Ethics for Professional Teachers? A teacher shall recognize that the interest and welfare of learners are of first and foremost concern, and shall deal justifiably and impartially with each of them. This is one of the standards of behavior that I will uphold based on the Code of Ethics for Professional Teachers. A teacher shall maintain at all times a dignified personality which could serve as model worthy of emulation by learners, peers, and others. Also be imbued with the spirit of professional loyalty, mutual confidence and self-sacrifice for the common good.

Based on the learning I gained in my previous courses on the professional teacher, this experiential learning episode has affirmed my concepts that:

1. Professional teachers promote effective teaching and learning. 2. Professional teachers demonstrate respect and professionalism in all their
interactions with students, colleagues, parents/guardians and the community. They are sensitive to the needs of parents/guardians and can communicate effectively with them about their children's learning. 3. Professional teachers are able to make learning engaging and valued. They are able to create and maintain safe, inclusive and challenging learning environments and implement fair and equitable behavior management plans 4. Professional teachers regularly evaluate all aspects of their teaching practice to ensure they are meeting the learning needs of their students. 5. Professional teachers value opportunities to engage with their school communities within and beyond the classroom to enrich the educational context for students.

When I become a professional teacher, I should:

Know students and how they learn Know the content and how to teach it Plan for and implement effective teaching and learning Create and maintain supportive and safe learning environments Assess, provide feedback and report on student learning Engage in professional learning Engage professionally with colleagues, parents/guardian