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Mold Filling and Solidification Modeling

Instructions for Magmasoft software - Feb. 2007 IMPORTANT NOTES: ever close a window by using the X corner. Close window only from drop-down menu. After entering data in a window ALWAYS type Enter to store the data.

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Starting a project
Open Programs - Network - Exceed open Programs - Engineering&Design - Magmasoft project/create project (opens in new window) project mode - iron casting (if you have iron project) or shape casting (if you have aluminum project) 5. name project (no spaces in name) - press Enter after typing title - OK 6. >> - >> - OK (leave all defaults)

To create new version of same project: top bar project - create version - OK - copy required files - >> - OK


Generate part to model

There are two options: a) Draw part on Magmasoft 1. Preprocessor/type set unit inch - Enter or set units from Control Panel 2. material on right bar - cast: create part geometry; use Help/general/section 3.8 3. to delete part: select part - Edit - Del - Sel (or type del sel) b) Import part from CAD software 1. the stl. file must be in the Magmasoft version folder (C:\MAGMAsoft) 2. all stl files must be created in the same Ironcad scene 3. file name must NOT have empty spaces 4. File - Material - Load SLA -on drop-down window Clck OK


Generate mold and inlet

1. to zoom view on Right bar - zoom*2 (more details in Instr. p4) 2. on right bar material - sand m Clk right tool on top of right bar - create box around part (Clk 2 corners of rectangle in top view, then 2 corners in bottom view) - RClk (box turns purple) 3. if gating is not part of stl file: material - gating design gating 4. material - inlet place inlet on top of sprue (it can be above the sand mold; recommended dimensions for small castings 20x80mm) 5. select volume/click on sand mold volume (it will turn purple)/select first box in window/click on Volume #1/click second box/click move before (Volume #1 is now your sand mold which should ALWAYS be first) 6. file - save all as 1 (this will keep your geometry) - exit 7. (you can now check your geometry on postprocessor; play with rotating, slice, etc.) - exit


To set thermocouple
file on Top bar - load sheet control point - cooling - set - LClk in 2 planes

save - numbers appear C1, C2, ... Save all as 1 - Exit


To retrieve thermocouples results

results - geometry cooling points (will show position of thermocouples to see the curves) curves pick one out of pressure, temp, velocity to save go to -options - write file

1. input no. of elements (e.g. 500000) - generate (grid consistency verified = good mesh; if problems, increase no. of elements) - dismiss 2. check mesh on postprocessor

1. on Calculations check sand mold, calc. filling, calc. solidification - uncheck prepare fast postprocessing - OK - material definitions pops up 2. materials definition - click cast alloy - select data (GJV-450: compacted graphite iron; AlSi7Mg: aluminum 7% Si; GJL-350: gray iron; GJS-500: ductile iron) - click sand mold select data (green sand) - OK 3. heat transfer definitions pops up/select cast alloy/select data (C1000)/OK/OK 4. options pops up (leave defaults)/OK 5. filling definitions pops up; you can chose one of the followings: input filling time (it is the pouring time from your calculation); leave others as default OK input pressure: P = g h = 7000 kg 9.81 m 0.08m = 5493 Pa 55mbar - build m3 s2 pressure diagram (enter pair of data: 0 0, 0.3 110, 0.6 110, 0.9 55, 5 55) 6. storing data definitions - automatic - percent - type 2 100 2 (2 to 100 is the range, 2 is the step) -OK 7. solidification definitions pops up - feeding efficiency:30% - stop simulation (use some temp. under solidus) - storing data - OK 8. iron casting pops up if you have the iron casting module/from top to bottom: fair, 80%,weak mold, 8, yes, yes - OK 9. online job simulation control - start/

1. postprocessor - ACIS(R) covert - Enter 3 times - control panel - results 2. To save a picture: use Print Screen or: deactivate (if necessary) Print - Save to file - File name: name file - Apply picture is saved in C:/Magmasoft/project name/images/v01/@imports 3. To make a movie: deactivate Control Panel - Images - Format: avi Results: select as needed - Name: select as needed -Add Results Save: name file - Save - Generate - generate movie is saved in C:/Magmasoft/project name/images/v01/results