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URGENT! We need your support!

DEADLINE: Mail letter by Tuesday, Oct. 29, 2013
Cranford Development Associates (S. Hekemian Group), which owns the property
at 215 and 235 Birchwood Avenue, has filed a revised flood hazard permit
application with the NJ Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) to build
360 apartments, a parking garage, and elevate a portion of Birchwood Avenue.
• Residents should send their objections to the NJDEP by Tuesday, Oct. 29th!
• Attached is a sample letter with a copy of the developer's application cover
• Feel free to make changes to the letter or to send it as is.
• Make copies for other family members/friends/neighbors.
1. Put your name and address up top.
2. Sign the bottom of the letter.
3. Mail the letter along with the developer's cover sheet to:
Andy Clark, Supervisor NJDEP
Division of Land Use
PO Box420
Mail Code 501-03F
Trenton, NJ 08625
If you have any questions or comments please email us at:
Thank you!
Concerned Citizens of Cranford, LLC
Name ________ _
Address ____ - - -
Cranford, NJ 07016
October 25, 2013
Andy Clark
Supervisor NJDEP
Division of Land Use Regulation
New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
PO Box420
Mail Code 501-03F Trenton, NJ 08625
Subject: DEP Program ID #2003-08-0006.1
Dear Mr. Clark:
I am writing to express my objection to the program ID number referenced
above. Cranford Development Associates, LLC (The S. Hekemian Group) has recently filed a
revision to their application seeking permits from your department to
build 360 apartments, a parking garage and approval to elevate a portion
of Birchwood Avenue. The convenient omission of the need to raise the road until the site
plan hearing conducted before a special hearing officer, and not during the trial avoided
this serious site suitability issue until after the case was decided. The elevation of the road
will not only cause flooding in Cranford, but also in nearby Kenilworth. It is outrageous
that the elevation of the road is even being considered in a flood hazard area.
This monstrous project will be adjacent to Rahway River branch 10-24, also known as
Casino Brook, which frequently overflows and backs up through storm drains and sanitary
sewers, flooding surrounding areas. Some pictures of this flooding are posted on this
website: . Past devastation to the town from events
such as Hurricanes Floyd, Irene and the "Tax Day Storm" of 2007 are bitter reminders of
Cranford's vulnerability to flooding. Allowing this project only heightens residents' peril.
I ask you to hold the public hearings in Cranford, so that Cranford residents may speak to
you directly about the negative impact this overly dense development will have on our
families and our homes.
St'ate of New Jersey
Departmet1t .of. EnviroomeotaiProtection
Division of Land Use Regulation Application Form (LURP,2).
Division of Land Use Regulation
501 E. State Street Mall Code 501.:02A P.O. BoJC420
Trenton, NJ 08625,0420

PlEASE PRINT OR TYPE THE FOLLOWING: (Complete a/! sections unless otherwise noted)
1. Applicant Name: Cranford Development Associates, LLC Email:
Address: c/o The S. Hekemian Group. 45 Eisenhower Drive City: Paramus
. .
State: !!!..__ Zip.:.::::0.:..76:::;5:...::2;........ __ _ Daytime Phone: 201-587-0800
Ext.: ___ _
Cell Phone: 415-7!7-5100
2. Agent Name: Michael E. Dipple, PE Firm: L2A Land Design, LLC Email:
Address: 60 Grand Avenue City: Englewood
State: !Q__Zip:..::0.:..:76::::.3.:..1
Ext.:...._ ___ Cell Phone: 201-906-3336
3. Property Owner Name: Cranford Development Associates, LLC Emaif:
Address : c/o The S. flekemian Groug, 45 Eisenhower City: Paramus
State: 1Q_ Daytime
4. PrOI$Ct Name: Cranford ResidentialDevelopment Site Location{SireerAddren): 215 & 235 Birchwood Avenue
Zip: 07016 Municipality: Cranford Township
______________ _
Bfock(s}: 291.292 Lot(s): IS.DI, 2
NAD. 1983 State Plane C<>ordinates (feet) 6 digits only: E (x).: 549483 N (y): 668224
Nearest Waterway: Rahway River Branch 10-24 · Watershed:.:...A::;.rt· =hur;:..;::K::;il:.::.l..:.-____ Svbwatershed: Rahway River
5. Fees: Total Fee: $20.586.00
Project Cost:---------------'------
Check No: _____ _
6. ProJect Description: PropoSed 360-unit muHi-famHy residenriaJ development in two (2) buildings.
7. Appllcatlon(s) for: Check all that apply (Please follow directions on page 5)
Application Type FeeAmt AmtPald AppUcaUon Type FeeAmt AmtPald
Flood Hazard Area FI<>Od Hazard Area
FHA Verification d FHAGP4 I StOITTlwater Maintenance
FHA Individual Penni! $17.100 0 FHAGPS I Budcf!OO Relocation
FHAGPt IChanCieanwloSed.Removal No Fee No Fee 0 FHAGPS I Rebuild Oamaoed Horne No Fee No Fee
FHAGP1 I Chan Cfeanw/Sed Removal No Fee No Fee
FHAGP2A I Ag · Bank Restoration
0 FHAGP7 I Residential in Tidal. FHA
FHAGP8 1 Crossing <5oacres
n FHAGP2S 1 Ao · Channel Cleanino
FHAGP9 I Road Crossino <503cres
FHAGP2C I Ag · Roao CroSSinG
FHAGP t 0 I Storm.water Outfall <50acres
FHAGP2D I Ao · Wetlailds .Restoration Revision Of a G?, IP or Venticali$n
FHAGP2E I Ag • livestock Ford 0 rraosler of an APoroval
FHAGP2F I Ao · LivestOCk Fence 0 .FHA lnd Permit EouivaJencviCERCLA
FHAGP2G I Ag , LNestOCk Water Intake Stormwater Revtew F'ees
FHAGP3 I Blidge/Cvlvert Soov; PrQteciion

t><:J Fee tor an Stormwater Reviews $3.000
Revised 06/3012011