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Technological advanced in our society are increasing, everything in the field of technology seems to be smaller,faster and easier to access. As result many changes have taken place in our daily activities. This webquest has been created to give you an opportunity to explore the technology and some advances, and you should be ready to begin your journey in the field of technologies, using many devices or updating your knowledge about it.

The technological advances are changing our life, whit the advent of new technologies we are modifying many activities. Our society is entering a phase of the technology in our lives. Your task is to research: 1)How the technology is important in the society,bussines,travel,medicine,communication,education ,in the last ten years.2)You might to create your point of view about the technological advances.3) How do you feel using technologies, or you reflect if the technological advance will affect the society, both positively and negatively

1) Read the article about the technology (in couple)2)Watch the video and take note the most important for yours.4)should do a round table  and asking about the topic 

1) how well did you do?2)Did you choose 2 areas in  which technology has change your life?3)Did you and your partner created and shared the information with your friend?4)Did you and your partner a little discussion?5)Follow the rubric bellow to see how well you score

Category and Score


Total Score

well , you have to conclude, take a moment to reflect upon your finding. You have become aware of many different ways that

technology influences in your life ,that you had never before considered. have you ever used any technology to development activities, your life is different using technologies in your personal environment learning, henceforth you decide which technology is better for you

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