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Foreword 1. The Sovereignty Of God 2. When You Touch God

3. Fa ing !nder The "ower

#. The Gift$ Of The S%irit &. The Nec' Thing (. The "e vic Thing ). E ectrica *nd Che+ica Fre,uencie$ -. Car%a Tunne Syndro+e .. /igraine 0eadache$ *nd Tic 1ou oureu2 13. The 4Nucca4 11. When /ini$tering 0ea ing 12. The S%ine 13. The 4*%%e$tat4 1#. Eye 0ea ing$ 1&. The 1ifference 5etween * /irac e *nd * 0ea ing 1(. S%are "art$ 1e%art+ent 1). 6t Wor'$ 6n Every Nation 1-. *$ You *re Going 1.. 1on7t Forget 23. 1i$ea$e$ Fro+ * To 8

Thi$ 9oo' wa$ 9irthed out of a need for additiona infor+ation to he % %eo% e +ini$ter hea ing +ore $ucce$$fu y after they had read the 9oo': 0ow to 0ea the Sic': and $tudied the video and audio ta%e$ 9y the $a+e na+e. When %eo% e got out in the 4fie d4 to %ractice: it wa$ difficu t to re+e+9er a the thing$ they had earned in a $hort %eriod of ti+e: $o they needed a ,uic' refre$her cour$e. *n urging of the S%irit in$%ired u$ to write a 9oo' ree+%ha$i;ing $o+e of the thing$ we had $aid a$ we a$ adding new infor+ation. We 'new it $hou d 9e in the for+ of a hand9oo': with di$ea$e$ i$ted a %ha9etica y for ,uic' reference: rather than another 9oo' on hea ing. To a of you who read thi$ and %ut it into effect: our $incere than'$ with a gratefu heart 9ecau$e you have caught the vi$ion of what <e$u$ i$ $aying to the 9ody of Chri$t today. =C0*>?ES *N1 F>*NCES 0!NTE> Note@ Thi$ 9oo' i$ $u9Aect to change a$ God give$ u$ new under$tanding and new 'now edge. Thi$ i$ not a 9oo' of %roven $cience: 9ut +ere y a $ugge$tion of how to define and +ini$ter to variou$ hea th %ro9 e+$ 9oth +enta and %hy$ica .

Than' You To The /edica "rofe$$ion

The fo owing doctor$ have contri9uted through their attendance and +edica 'now edge at our doctor$7 %ane $. /uch of what we have earned ha$ co+e fro+ what they $o un$e fi$h y $hared. Other doctor$ have 9een on %ane $ or with u$ at 0ea ing E2% o$ion$ who+ we +ay have +i$$ed: and other$ wi 9e with u$ in the future. We $incere y a%%reciate the credi9i ity they add and the i++en$e he % to u$ and the hea ing tea+$.
1r. Char e$ ". *da+o: 5.*.: 1octor of Chiro%ractic 1r. >o9ert *i'+an: /.1.: C/.: Gyneco ogy 1r. * e2ander: 1octor of Chiro%ractic 1r. "eter * der$on: 1octor of Chiro%ractic 1r. ?arry 5arge: /.1. 1r. >aA 5e ira+: /.Sc. ".0.1.: "atho ogy 1r. 1avid 5ig9y: /.1.: "$ychiatry 1r. "au 5oege : 1.1.S.: "eridonti$t 1r. 1a e C. C ar': 1octor of Chiro%ractic 1r. Tho+a$ 1avi$: /.1.: "$ychiatry 1r. /ichae 1unn: /.1.: Surgeon 1r. 5urton 1u%uy: O%to+etri$t 1r. Nor+an ?. 1y'e$: /.1.: 6nterna /edicine 1r. 0. 5ruce Ewart: "h.1.: Coun$e or 1r. W. 1oug a$ Fow er: <r.: /.1.: Surgeon 1r. >a %h Gardner: 1octor of Chiro%ractic 1r. Tho+a$ Gor+an: /.1.: O%htha+o ogy 1r. Wayne Grave$: 1octor of O$teo%athy 1r. Char e$ Gue$$ner: 1.1.S.

1r. Steve Gy and: /.1.: "ediatric$ 1r. Gera d 0a : 1octor of Chiro%ractic 1r. 1avid 0art;: /.1.: Genera "ractice 1r. >ichard 0ender$on: /.1.: "$ychiatri$t 1r. E.T. 0e$$e: <r.: 1octor of Chiro%ractor 1r. >oger 0i : O%to+etri$t 1r. >andy 0orton: 1octor of O$teo%athy 1r. <eff 0oward: 1octor of Chiro%ractic 1r. Caro 0unt: /.1.: *ne$the$ia 1r. "au <aco9$: 1.1.S. 1r. >ichard <an$on: /.1.: O%htha+o ogy 1r. >ichard <ant;en: /.1. 1r. <oy /. <ohn$on: /.1.: >adio ogy 1r. Fran' Be er: /.1.: "reventative /edicine 1r. 5en Bitching$: /.1. 1r. * ice ?ane: 0o+eo%athyCNutrition 1r. >oy ?e>oy: 1octor of Chiro%ractic 1r. <onathan ?ewi$: /.1.: F.*.C.S.: Ortho%edic Surgeon 1r. Caro ine ?ove: /.1.: 6nterna /edicine 1r. 1ona d ?ove eth: /.1. 1r. <o$e%h C. /anthei$: 1octor of Chiro%ractic 1r. /ari yn /a2we : /.1.: 6nterni$t 1r. <ohn 0. /c1ona d: /.1.: 1octor of Chiro%ractic 1r. * e2 /i hou$e: 1octor of Chiro%ractic 1r. "atric' E. /urray: 1octor of Chiro%ractic 1r. 5eu ah Nicho $: "h.1. 1r. 1oran ?. Nicho $on: 1octor of Chiro%ractic 1r. ?arry Norvi e: /.1.: "odiatri$t 1r. ?arry Noru%: /.1.: "odiatri$t 1r. Tho+a$ *. Owen: 1octor of Chiro%ractic 1r. Su;anne /. "eo% e$: /.1. 1r. /ade yn "er+utt: 1octor of Chiro%ractic 1r. >o9ert C. "fei er: /.1.: "$ychiatri$t 1r. 0arri$on "rater: 1octor of Chiro%ractic 1r. Curt "rie$t: /.1.: E+ergency /edicine

1r. <a+e$ "rice: 1.1.S. 1r. Fran' "u$htarina: 1octor of Chiro%ratic 1r. 1anie >eier$on: 1octor of Chiro%ractic 1r. Benneth >o+anoff: 1.1.S. 1r. >.<. >o;ich: 1octor of Chiro%ractic 1r. O;;ie Sai or: /.1.: Surgeon 1r. Steven G. Seifert: 1octor of Chiro%ractic 1r. >o9ert Shiff+an: 1octor of Chiro%ractic 1r. <eff Sitron: 1octor of Chiro%ractic 1r. fa+e$ >. S u$her: 1octor of Chiro%ractic 1r. Gera d W. S%encer: 1.1.S.: Orthodontic$ 1r. Char e$ Stan9ac': /.1.: Fa+i y "ractice 1r. Tho+a$ Stan ey: /.1.: "ediatrician 1r. 1an Strader: Nutritioni$t 1r. *nthony Sun$eri: 1.1.S. 1r. /ary >uth Swo%e: Nutritioni$t 1r. Terry Terre : 1.1.S.: "eriodondi$t 1r. 1avid Tho+%$on: 1octor of Chiro%ractic 1r. /ichae Danaria: 1octor of Chiro%ractic 1r. ?arry White: 1octor of Chiro%ractic 1r. foe Wi$e: 1octor of Chiro%ractic 1r. <a+e$ Wy ie: 1octor of Chiro%ractic Gene C ar': >.N. Georgia Cohen: >.N. /ari yn 0owe: >.N. E a<an$en: >.N. 5etty /i $: >.N. Yvonne /offit: >.N. 5o99y S+ith: >.N. Ouida Wa $h: >.N.

Cha%ter One The Sovereignty Of God

by Frances 0a e uAahE 6 want to e2%re$$ %u9 ic y 9efore hi$ %eo% e +y heartfe t than'$ to God for hi$ +ighty +irac e$. * who are than'fu $hou d %onder the+ with +e. For hi$ +irac e$ de+on$trate hi$ honor: +aAe$ty: and eterna goodne$$. ="$a + 111@ 1=3 T?5 "rai$e God: we $erve a God of +irac e$=a God who want$ u$ to wa ' in the $u%ernatura and to $ee +irac e$ ha%%en Au$t i'e they did when <e$u$ wa 'ed on thi$ earth=Au$t i'e 0i$ di$ci% e$ did. 4<e$u$ Chri$t i$ the $a+e ye$terday: today: and forever4 F0e9rew$ 13@- T?5G. "rai$e God: we $erve an unchanging God. 6f we tru y 9e ieve with our entire 9eing that <e$u$ i$ the $a+e ye$terday: today: and forever: then we wi have to 9e ieve that 0e i$ going to 9e doing the $a+e +irac e$ today that 0e did ye$terday and that 0e i$ going to 9e doing to+orrow. On y thi$ ti+e: 0e i$ going to 9e doing the+ 9y u$ing the %eo% e 0e ive$ in and through.

<e$u$ $aid: 6n $o e+n truth 6 te you: anyone 9e ieving in +e $ha do the $a+e +irac e$ 6 have done: and even greater one$: 9ecau$e 6 a+ going to 9e with the Father. You can a$' hi+ for anything: u$ing +y na+e: and 6 wi do it: for thi$ wi 9ring %rai$e to the Father 9ecau$e of what 6: the Son: wi do for you. Ye$: a$' anything: u$ing +y na+e: and 6 wi do itE F<ohn 1#@12H1# T?5G 6f <e$u$ $aid it: it ha$ to 9e trueE The 9e iever$ are going to do e2act y the $a+e thing$ 0e did: and even greater thing$E Not 9ecau$e of our own righteou$ne$$ or %ower: 9ut Au$t 9ecau$e <e$u$ $aid we wou d. We often u$e the atter %art of that Scri%ture a$ a regu ar %rayer Scri%ture: 9ut we need to rea i;e the condition$ under which we can a$' 0i+ for anything@ we +u$t 9e out doing the +irac e$ that 0e $aid we wou d doE We %rai$e God for every +irac e we $ee: whether it i$ acco+% i$hed in an air%ort: a te evi$ion $tation: a grocery $tore: an office: a $ervice $tation: or a church. We ove to te %eo% e a9out the +irac e$ that ha%%en: 9ecau$e their faith i$ ignited for +irac e$ to ha%%en to the+ and through the+E God not on y want$ u$ to 9e on the receiving end of +irac e$: 9ut 0e a $o want$ u$ to 9e on the %erfor+ing end.

6n 0o$ea #@(: it $ay$: 4/y %eo% e are de$troyed for ac' of 'now edge4 FNB<DG. 5ut today: %eo% e are hungry for 'now edge and are aggre$$ive y $ee'ing it $o that they can actua y do the +irac e$ and wa ' in the $u%ernatura Au$t i'e <e$u$ $aid we wou d. *t our 0ea ing E2% o$ion$: we $aw evidence over and over again of how %eo% e who are trained to hea the $ic' are $hoc'ed that they: too: can o%erate in the $u%ernatura . They oo' at their hand$ and $ay: 46 didn7t 9e ieve God cou d u$e +e thi$ wayE4 Today i$ the hour of the 9e iever: when God i$ ca ing a 9e iever$ to 9egin to do the thing$ 0e want$ u$ to do. Chri$tianity i$ not a re igion of going to church on Sunday +orning: getting %u+%ed fu of Scri%ture and in$%iring $er+on$: and then $itting on the+ for a wee' unti we go 9ac' to church and i$ten again. Chri$tianity i$ a way of ifeE 6t i$ $aying and doing the $a+e thing$ <e$u$ did: and wa 'ing in the $a+e $te%$ 0e didE "au %reached $o %owerfu y: 6 have 9een crucified with Chri$tI it i$ no onger 6 who ive: 9ut Chri$t ive$ in +eI and the ife which 6 now ive in the f e$h 6 ive 9y faith in the Son of God: who oved +e and gave 0i+$e f for +e. FGa atian$ 2@23 NB<DG

We need to under$tand with our heart$ and not with our +ind$ that <e$u$ Chri$t i$ actua y iving in$ide of u$: wanting to +anife$t 0i+$e f to the wor d through u$E Thi$ i$ tru y the hour of the 9e iever: when God i$ $%ea'ing to our heart$ and te ing u$ to get off of the %added: co+forta9 e %ew$ and get into the arena where we can 9egin to do the wor' 0e ha$ ca ed u$ to do. The fiveHfo d +ini$try i$ 4for the e,ui%%ing of the $aint$ for the wor' of +ini$try: for the edifying of the 9ody of Chri$t4 FE%he$ian$ #@12 NB<DG. The fiveHfo d +ini$try of the a%o$t e: the %ro%het: the evange i$t: the %a$tor: and the teacher i$ for teaching: training: +aturing: and educating: the 9ody of Chri$t in how to %erfor+ the wor' <e$u$ $aid we wou d do. Too ong we have fe t that the fiveHfo d +ini$try wa$ to do a the wor' and et the $aint$ re$t. No +oreI thi$ i$ the hour of %ower: and thi$ i$ the hour of action when the $ ee%ing giant i$ co+ing into it$ own. No onger are we to 9e a wea': $%ine e$$ church without %ower and +irac e$: 9ut a %owerfu church wa 'ing in the $u%ernatura at every $ervice and every hour of every day. Char e$ and 6 have Au$t gone through our 5i9 e$ and circ ed everything in the 9oo' of *ct$ that ha$ to do with the $u%ernatura . * +o$t everything i$ circ edE WhyJ 5ecau$e that ear y church i$ the %rototy%e of

what the church $hou d 9e today. 5e iever$ $hou d 9e Fand +any areG going out and doing +irac e$ in their everyday ive$. 1uring a %hotogra%hy $e$$ion the other day: we were a$'ed to %o$e. We 9oth an$wered the $a+e way at the $a+e ti+e@ 4?et u$ ta ' and te you what we do: and then when you get the right e2%re$$ion: ta'e the %ictureE4 5ecau$e we ove to ta ' a9out <e$u$ and what 0e i$ doing in the wor d today: we 9egan to $hare $o+e of the +irac e$ that ha%%ened during our 0ea ing E2% o$ion$ and ha%%en in our dai y ive$ a$ we wa ' a+ong the %eo% eE Ti+e ca+e to change the fi +. One of the %hotogra%her$ $te%%ed out and $aid: 46 have a %ro9 e+ with +y nec'. 6t hurt$ a the ti+e: and 6 a+ in con$tant agony.4 G oryE 0ere wa$ an o%%ortunity for <e$u$E We $aid: 4No %ro9 e+:4 aid hand$ on her: did 4the nec' thing:4 and $he wa$ in$tant y hea edE The fi + wa$ 9ac' in the ca+era: $o we continued to $hare +ore +irac e$ te ing what God i$ doing today. Then ca+e ti+e for another fi + change. *nother %er$on wa 'ed u% and $aid a$ $he whee;ed: 46 have terri9 e a$th+a. Can you do anything a9out

thatJ4 We $aid: 4No %ro9 e+:4 and we 9ound the devi in the na+e of <e$u$: ca$t out the $%irit of a$th+a: co++anded new ung$ to for+: and co++anded the 9ronchia tu9e$ to 9e o%ened a ong with the air $ac$. Sudden y: the whee;ing $to%%ed: and $he wa$ ta'ing dee% 9reath$. They were ready to $hoot again. Then once again ca+e ti+e to change fi +. *nother individua Au+%ed out fro+ the 9ac' of the $tudio and $aid: 46 wa$ in an auto+o9i e accident year$ ago and got a whi% a$h. Can you do anything a9out thatJ4 We did 4the tota thing:4 and thi$ <ewi$h +an wa$ in$tant y hea ed 9y the %ower of God and the authority we have in the na+e of <e$u$E When we eft to return to the office: Char e$ oo'ed at +e and $aid: 4That wa$ a day Au$t i'e the di$ci% e$ had when they were here: wa$n7t itJ4 That7$ the way every day $hou d 9e in the ife of a Chri$tianE The ne2t day we went to C eve and: Ohio: to 9e on a te evi$ion %rogra+. When we returned ho+e: we $aw a friend in the air%ort who+ we had not $een for $evera year$. 0e wa$ +eeting hi$ +other who ha%%ened to 9e on the $a+e % ane we ca+e in on: $o he introduced u$: and $he $aid: 46 have a horri9 e fungu$ in +y throat: and 6 can hard y $wa ow. Can you he % +eJ4

What 9etter % ace to do a +irac e than in a 9u$y air%ortJ 6 aid hand$ on her: and her throat wa$ in$tant y hea ed. Then $he to d u$ that $he had Au$t had a 9 adder o%eration and wa$ in %ain. Char e$ i++ediate y did 4the %e vic thing4 Fye$: right on the 9u$y concour$e of the air%ortG and 4the eg thing:4 and $he cou d not 9e ieve what had ha%%ened right in front of her eye$. Even her arthritic 'nee wa$ hea ed. 0er hu$9and received the 9a%ti$+ with the 0o y S%irit a few +inute$ ater=a $o in the air%ort. *$ we went to get our car: we were 9oth %rai$ing God and than'ing 0i+ for de+on$trating 0i$ honor: +aAe$ty: and eterna goodne$$ through the +irac e$ we had Au$t $een and that 0e had done through two %eo% e who ha%%en to 9e ieve the Word of God i$ true and a%% ica9 e to todayE Through the 0ea ing E2% o$ion$: we have $een +any %eo% e who+ we have trained $te% out in faith and 9e ieve that God want$ to u$e the+. Through the doctor$7 %ane $: we have earned +any thing$ that have 9een of tre+endou$ he % to u$. We are now $eeing a $ignificant increa$e in the %ercentage of %eo% e hea ed 9y the %ower of God through the na+e of <e$u$E One of the +o$t i+%ortant thing$ we need to re+e+9er at a ti+e$ i$ that +irac e$ can on y 9e acco+% i$hed 9y the %ower of God7$ 0o y S%irit and the na+e of <e$u$. <e$u$ $aid: 4* authority ha$ 9een

given to /e in heaven and on earth4 F/atthew 2-@1NB<DG. Every 9it of God7$ authority had 9een given to 0i+: 9ut oo' what 0e $aid in ?u'e 13@1.@ 5eho d: 6 give you the authority to tra+% e on $er%ent$ and $cor%ion$: and over a the %ower of the ene+y: and nothing $ha 9y any +ean$ hurt you. FNB<DG 0e turned right around and tru$ted u$ with the %ower that had 9een given to 0i+E WhyJ So we wou d not 9e %ower e$$: 9ut wou d have the $a+e authority 0e had and wou d %erfor+ the $a+e +irac e$ 0e didE We cannot acce%t %art of the 5i9 e and then throw the re$t outE 6f we 9e ieve 0e ca+e to $ave u$ fro+ $in and to 9ring u$ into eterna ife: then we +u$t 9e ieve the re$t=even where 0e te $ u$ to go out and do the $a+e thing$ 0e didE <e$u$ $aid it wa$ not 9y 0i$ %ower that 0e did +irac e$: 9ut 9y the %ower of 0i$ Father. That $a+e 0o y S%irit ha$ 9een given to u$ with the $a+e un i+ited %ower $o that we can acco+% i$h what need$ to 9e acco+% i$hed on the earth today. ?et7$ u$e it and enAoy itE There i$ a very fine ine in teaching %eo% e that the authority and %ower ha$ 9een given to u$ to u$e. We

+u$t +a'e $ure that we ta'e no credit for our$e ve$: 9ut that we than' God and give 0i+ a the %rai$e and the g ory for everything that i$ acco+% i$hed: even though we are the ve$$e $ 0e u$e$. We can get caught u% in fa $e hu+i ity and 9e ieve that we have no a9i ity: and yet 9y the $a+e to'en: we can get caught u% in ego and %ride and ta'e a the credit for our$e ve$. We need to re+e+9er that the g ory for every +irac e that ha%%en$ 9e ong$ to GodE 0e ha$ %ro+i$ed u$ that 4a the earth $ha 9e fi ed with the g ory of the ?O>14 FNu+9er$ 1#@21G. <e$u$ to d u$ in the $eventeenth cha%ter of <ohn that we are 0i$ g ory. Why are we 0i$ g oryJ 5ecau$e we are doing the thing$ 0e to d u$ to do. We cannot ever ho%e to 9e 0i$ g ory un e$$ we are fu fi ing 0i$ co++and+ent$: $o that the earth wi 9e fi ed with %eo% e who are ca$ting out devi $: %reaching the Go$%e : $%ea'ing in tongue$: +ini$tering the 9a%ti$+: and hea ing the $ic'E We %rai$e God for the +any doctor$ 0e ha$ $ent to 9e on our doctor$7 %ane $ in the variou$ 0ea ing E2% o$ion$ we he d. We never 'new who wa$ co+ing: 9ut 0e a way$ 9rought new e2%ert$ fro+ +any fie d$ of +edicine. 0ow we %rai$e God that we have 9een Aoined 9y +edica doctor$: ortho%edic $urgeon$: %ediatrician$: o9$tetrician$: %odiatri$t$: chiro%ractor$: o%htha +o ogi$t$: o%tician$: o%to+etri$t$: denti$t$: orthodonti$t$: nutritioni$t$:

gyneco ogi$t$: o$teo%ath$: %atho ogi$t$: $urgeon$: and %eo% e fro+ other fie d$ of +edicine. Their great +edica 'now edge: co+9ined with the $%iritua 'now edge God give$: ha$ 9rought a9out +any hea ing$ that +ight not have otherwi$e 9een acco+% i$hed. Of cour$e: re+e+9er at a ti+e$ that God i$ $overeign: and 0e can %erfor+ +irac e$ any way 0e choo$e$. /any of the$e doctor$ have to d u$ that their ive$ have 9een co+% ete y revo utioni;ed 9y what they have earned 9y 9eing a %art of a doctor$7 %ane and a 0ea ing E2% o$ion. 0ow we than' God for thatE >e+e+9er that we are not doctor$ our$e ve$ and therefore cannot te $o+eone to either $to% or $tart ta'ing +edicine. 6f you te $o+eone to ta'e +edicine: you are %racticing +edicine and that i$ i ega un e$$ you actua y are a icen$ed %hy$ician. *fter $%ea'ing hea ing to a %er$on: te the+ to return to hi$ or her doctor: 9ecau$e hea ing wi $tand u% under an e2a+ination: an 2Hray: or a 9 ood te$tE * the hea ing$ God ha$ given u$ have $tood the te$t of +edica e2a+ination$. "eo% e have a$'ed: 4Why don7t you go and e+%ty the ho$%ita $J4 "ro9a9 y the 9e$t rea$on we can give you i$ thi$@ it7$ not ega . When you are invited 9y $o+eone in a ho$%ita or 9y hi$ fa+i y or friend: it i$ acce%ta9 e to +ini$ter in a ho$%ita I 9ut even then: you need to

o9ey ho$%ita regu ation$. 1on7t 9e overH;ea ou$ and te that %er$on to re+ove hi$ tu9e$ or to get u% and wa '=then you wou d 9e %racticing +edicine. That deter+ination +u$t 9e +ade 9y hi$ %hy$ician. Even a S%iritHfi ed doctor who +ini$ter$ to $o+eone who i$ i cou d not nece$$ari y i$$ue $uch an order. On y the %atient7$ %hy$ician can give direction$ regarding hi$ %atient and that %atient7$ treat+ent. * icen$ed %hy$ician +u$t have $%ecia %er+i$$ion fro+ the ho$%ita 9oard to %ractice at that faci ity. To 9e a con$u tant or to 4%ractice4 in another ho$%ita : $%ecia %er+i$$ion +u$t a $o 9e o9tained. Though a doctor +ay 9e icen$ed in one $tate: he doe$ not have the right to %ractice +edicine in another $tate. <u$t a$ %hy$ician$ +u$t wor' within ru e$ and regu ation$ in hea ing the $ic': $o +u$t we a$ +ini$ter$ of God7$ hea ing %ower o%erate within $%ecific guide ine$. God wi honor a faithfu and a $incere heart: 9ut we a way$ need to re+e+9er that God a $o give$ u$ co++on $en$e and te $ u$ to o9ey the aw at a ti+e$. We need to confine our hea ing techni,ue$ to tho$e who want to 9e hea ed 9y God. <e$u$ hea ed a who ca+e to 0i+I 0e did not hea a who were in 6$rae . Thi$ 9oo' i$ a co+9ination of he % fro+ +any doctor$: infor+ation ta'en fro+ the doctor$7 %ane ta%e$: and thing$ we have earned 9y trying +ore than one thing if the fir$t one doe$n7t wor'. 6t i$ a+a;ing how +uch we have earned 9y Au$t outHandH

out %er$i$tence. Char e$ a$ a C"* Fcertified %u9 ic accountantG and 6 a$ the owner of a %rinting co+%any had to +a'e thing$ wor'. We carried thi$ $a+e tenacity into the hea ing +ini$try=we continue unti we find out how God want$ $o+ething done. We haven7t reached 133 %ercent effectivene$$ yetI however: we wi 9ecau$e <e$u$ $aid $oE We have done our 9e$t to %ut into $i+% e ter+$ $o+e of the $ucce$$fu way$ we have earned and uti i;ed to +ini$ter hea ing to the $ic'. 0owever: we want to re+ind you again that God i$ $overeignI and regard e$$ of a the thing$ you earn: 0e can $ti do it 0i$ wayE <u$t when we thin' we have $o+ething a figured out: God +ove$ in an entire y different way. 5ut whichever way 0e doe$ it: we give 0i+ a the %rai$e and a the g oryE We %rai$e God for a the hea ing$ we have $een acco+% i$hed in the na+e of <e$u$ and 9y the %ower of God7$ 0o y S%irit: whether 0e doe$ it our way or notE * of the$e are not foo %roof: 9ecau$e if they were: then we wou d 9e GodE <e$u$ hea ed a who ca+e to 0i+: and 0e $aid we wou d do the $a+e thing$ 0e did. So the day i$ co+ing when the 9e iever$ Fthat +ean$ you and +eG wi hea the+ a . The +otto of a of our teaching i$: 46f Char e$ and France$ can do it: you can do it: tooE4 We7re wor'ing toward that day

when every %er$on we touch i$ tota y hea ed 9y the %ower of God wor'ing through u$E The$e $ugge$tion$ for hea ing the $ic' have wor'ed re+ar'a9 y we for u$ and +any other %eo% e: and we 'now they wi a $o wor' for you. 0owever: if you forget $o+e of the thing$: Au$t re+e+9er that with God: a thing$ are %o$$i9 e whether you reca a the itt e detai $ or notE FSee /atthew 1.@2(.G Thi$ 9oo' i$ %rovided on y a$ a guide and not a$ a ru e 9oo'. We: no dou9t: wi di$cover 9etter: +ore effective way$ to +ini$ter hea ing: and $o wi you. We readi y acce%t the$e change$ $o that we can increa$e our effectivene$$ in +ini$tering hea ing. " ea$e don7t +e+ori;e: 9ut rather re y on a genera under$tanding and the eading of the 0o y S%irit. The$e are on y guide ine$. The$e are thing$ we have done: or rea i;ed fro+ doctor$7 %ane $: and 9ecau$e they have re$u ted in hea ing$: we %a$$ the+ on to you. Thi$ 0and9oo' for 0ea ing i$ intended a$ a ,uic' review of the 9oo' 0ow to 0ea the Sic': the video and audio ta%e$ 9y the $a+e na+e: and the %reH e2% o$ion teaching $e$$ion$. We do not reco++end that you atte+%t to u$e what we have written in thi$ 9oo' unti you have read the 9oo' 0ow to 0ea the Sic' or $tudied the video and audio ta%e$ 9y the $a+e tit e. Thi$: then: i$ a $u%% e+ent to what you have earned and can 9e u$ed a$ a ,uic' reference or refre$her cour$e.

1on7t get di$couraged if you try everything: and nothing $ee+$ to wor'. *$ "au $aid: 40aving done a : to $tand4 FE%he$ian$ (@13 NB<DG. >e+e+9er: you have aid hand$ on the+: and the %ower of God ha$ gone into the+. ?et God7$ 0o y S%irit 4%enici in %ower4 have ti+e to wor'. <u$t the other day a +an a%%roached +e a$'ing if 6 re+e+9ered %raying for a itt e 9a9y fourteen year$ ago who had no $'u . On y the $ide$ of the $'u were %re$entI the to% wa$ a9$ent: revea ing Au$t a $oft +a$$. The %arent$ had a he +etH i'e contra%tion on the 9a9y7$ head for %rotection. 6 re+e+9ered +ini$tering to the 9a9y. When 6 aid hand$ on hi+: 6 4$aw4 nothing: and $ince then 6 had heard nothing fro+ the %arent$. 6 wou d ove to have $een an in$tant +irac e where the $'u 9one$ for+ed i++ediate y: 9ut God cho$e not to do it that way. 0aving done a 6 'new to do: 6 $toodE *$ 6 reca ed the incident: the +an re%orted that within two +onth$ after 6 aid hand$ on that inco+% ete head: the 9a9y had a %erfect $'u . Today: fourteen year$ ater: he i$ a hea thy: nor+a hu+an 9eingE >e+e+9er: you don7t a way$ get to $ee your +irac e$: 9ut God record$ the+ a in heaven. G oryE 6 didn7t earn to wa ' unti 6 tried. 6 didn7t earn to ta ' unti 6 tried.

6 didn7t earn to drive a car unti 6 tried. 6 didn7t earn to ty%e unti 6 tried and 'e%t on tryingE 6 didn7t earn to hea the $ic' the fir$t ti+e 6 tried: either. 6 haven7t earned how to hea a the $ic': 9ut 67+ trying: and 67+ going to 'ee% on trying unti we $ee 133 %ercent of the %eo% e we ay hand$ on tota y hea ed. The de$ire of +y heart i$ to $ee tho$e itt e chi dren who have 9een attac'ed in their +other7$ wo+9 9y the devi hi+$e f=who have e%i e%$y: +enta retardation: 9 indne$$: deafne$$: i+%erfect 9odie$: and other defor+itie$=tota y and co+% ete y hea ed 9y the %ower of God when 6 hand the+ 9ac' to their %arent$. 6 haven7t $een +any $uch in$tant hea ing$ of aff icted chi dren a$ yet: 9ut 67+ going to 'ee% trying and earning a 6 can unti +anife$tation$ of tota hea ing 9eco+e a rea ity not on y in our ive$: 9ut in your$ a$ we . <e$u$ ca+e to $ee' and to $ave the o$t: and 0e u$ed hea ing a$ a too . 0e want$ u$ to do e2act y the $a+e thing. There i$ nothing that wi convince a $inner of the rea ity of <e$u$ fa$ter than witne$$ing a +irac e. One of our hea ing $choo $ in 6$rae wa$ contacted 9y

a <ewi$h fa+i y who needed a hea ing +irac e. They re$i$ted the u$e of <e$u$7 na+e: 9ut fina y $aid it cou d 9e u$ed if the hea ing tea+ fe t it wa$ a9$o ute y nece$$ary. The +an had a 9ac' %ro9 e+ a$ a re$u t of an accident. *$ the hea ing tea+ +ini$tered to hi+ in the na+e of <e$u$: he wa$ co+% ete y hea ed. The wife had to d the+ $he had a %ro9 e+ with her ung$. When the hea ing tea+ a$'ed her if they cou d ay hand$ on her: $he $aid: 4When you grew out +y hu$9and7$ eg$ and hi$ 9ac' wa$ hea ed: that 9 ue f a+e that ca+e out of your hand$ ca+e right acro$$ the roo+ into +y ung$. 67+ hea edE4 Then the hu$9and $aid: 46f that i$ <e$u$: we want to acce%t 0i+ a$ our /e$$iahE4 They 9oth were $aved that dayE * +irac e i$ worth a +i ion word$E For that wo+an to 9e a owed to $ee 9 ue f a+e$ $hoot acro$$ a roo+ and into her ung$ wa$ a $overeign act of God and a $ign to a <ewi$h cou% e. So regard e$$ of how +uch we earn a9out hea ing the $ic' Fand we $hou d earn a$ +uch a$ %o$$i9 eG: et u$ never undere$ti+ate the $overeignty of God. 0e can %erfor+ +irac e$ and hea ing$ any way 0e want$ toE One of the +o$t thri ing thing$ in our +ini$try i$ to $ee how the 9e iever$ are atching on to the idea

that God actua y doe$ want a of u$ to ay hand$ on the $ic': and that <e$u$ $ent the 0o y S%irit $o we wou d a have the $a+e %ower: authority: and re$%on$i9i ity that 0e had to hea the $ic'. <e$u$ ive$ in u$ and doe$ 0i$ wor' through u$. You and 6 are iving in the +o$t e2citing day$ in which a Chri$tian ha$ ever had the o%%ortunity to ive. You and 6 are $eeing the de+on$tration$ of the 0o y S%irit that have not 9een $een even in the day$ of the di$ci% e$. >ecent y we were +ini$tering on 4The 0o y Gho$t and Fire:4 when $udden y the %a$tor $tood u% and $aid: 467+ a9out to frea' outE4 6 wa$ $o $hoc'ed when he $aid thi$ 9ecau$e 6 wondered what 6 had $aid that cau$ed hi$ reaction. 5ut he continued: 46 hear the wind of the S%irit 9 owingE 6t7$ $o awe$o+e: 67+ $caredE4 Seven hundred and fifty %eo% e who were at that +eeting in$tant y $tood u% and $crea+ed: 46 hear the wind: tooE4 We a want to go u% on a higher eve where the 0o y S%irit i$ concerned. God want$ u$ to 9e ieve that 0e i$ who 0e $ay$ 0e i$: that 0e can do anything: and that a9$o ute y nothing i$ i+%o$$i9 e with 0i+. We a $ay it with our +outh$. We a $ay it with our head$ =4Nothing i$ i+%o$$i9 e with God.4 5ut we need to get it way down dee% into our heart$. When we $ay: 4Nothing i$ i+%o$$i9 e with God:4 we need to 9e ieve it with a of our +ind$: our heart$: our 9odie$: and our $ou $: and 9e ieve that <e$u$ can do a thing$

through u$. 0ead 'now edge i$ no good. ?i% $ervice i$ no good. 6t ha$ to 9e $o dee% in your heart that you don7t ever i+it God. We7re $o foo i$h when we i+it God: 9ecau$e if God created the univer$e: 0e can do anything. 0e can do anything and everythingE *nd 0e wi do it for you: through <e$u$ F0e9rew$ 1@2 and Co o$$ian$ 1@1( N?TG and through youE

THINK ON THESE THINGS by Madeline Permutt, D.C. 4* +erry heart doeth i'e a +edicine@ 9ut a 9ro'en $%irit drieth the 9one$4 F"rover9$ 1)@22G. When we augh: when we are ha%%y: when we %rai$e God: when we e2erci$e: endor%hin$ are re ea$ed in our 9odie$. Endor%hin$ re ieve %ain and are hea ing Fact a$ 4+edicine4G to the ti$$ue$ of our 9ody. Synthetic +or%hine wa$ %atterned after endor%hin$. God i$ $o goodE *+enE *nd: of cour$e: the contrary i$ true. 6f we are not Aoyfu : if we do not %rai$e God: if we don7t e2erci$e: the endor%hin$ do not f ow: and we e2%erience %ain and $ic'ne$$ Fand 4a 9ro'en $%irit drieth the 9one$4G.

Cha%ter Two When You Touch God

by Charles 6n 1.(.: after 6 tota y co++itted +y ife to God: 0e too' +y $%irit and $ou out of +y 9ody: ;oo+ed +e into $%ace: he d +e in 0i$ g oriou$ go den ight: and then returned +e to +y earth y 9ody. The co+% ete $tory i$ in our 9oo'$: Fo ow /e and 5orn *gain: What 1o You /eanJ *$ 6 oo'ed at +y $%irit out of +y 9ody 9efore +y $ou went into the $%irit: +y 9ody oo'ed identica to +e=$i;e: $ha%e: and even the face wa$ the $a+e. The on y difference wa$ that you cou d $ee through thi$ $%irit 9ody a$ if it wa$ carved out of a thin c oud or fog. When God +ade the 5i9 e co+e a ive to +e: it wa$ c ear that when we are 9orn again and 9a%ti;ed with the 0o y S%irit: our $%irit$ are fi ed with God7$ 0o y S%irit. 6 rea i;ed then that +y $%irit: the $i;e of +e: wa$ actua y and itera y fi ed fu of the S%irit of God. 6 a $o rea i;ed that when <e$u$ ca+e into +y ife: 0e ived in +e and fi ed +y $%irit and $ou with 0i$ S%irit. "au $%o'e of 4Chri$t in you: the ho%e of g ory4 FCo o$$ian$ 1@2)G: and if the S%irit of Chri$t i$ not in you: you are not a Chri$tian. FSee >o+an$ -@..G

6 ove the way <e$u$ %ut it: and ove it +o$t in The ?iving 5i9 e@ /y %rayer for a of the+ i$ that they wi 9e of one heart and +ind: Au$t a$ you and 6 are: Father=that Au$t a$ you are in +e and 6 a+ in you: $o they wi 9e in u$: and the wor d wi 9e ieve you $ent +e. F<ohn 1)@21 T?5G When 6 touch your finger: 6 a+ touching God and <e$u$. When 6 touch the to% of your head or the 9otto+ of your feet: 6 a+ touching God and <e$u$ in you. 5y 'nowing thi$: 6 'now that the %ower of God7$ 0o y S%irit fro+ within +e i$ what hea $ the $ic' and $et$ the ca%tive$ free. <e$u$ $aid: 46 fe t hea ing virtue go out of +e.4 FSee ?u'e -@#(.G That7$ the %ower that hea $ the $ic'. 6f 6 went to a doctor with an infection in +y 9ody: after diagno$ing it: he wou d %o$$i9 y $ay: 4Nur$e: give hi+ two cc$ of %enici in: and that wi 'i the infectiou$ ger+$.4 Su%%o$e the nur$e ca+e 9ac' to the doctor ho ding a 9ott e of %enici in and the $yringe need e and $aid: 41octor: 6 don7t 'now how to get thi$ out of the 9ott e and into hi$ 9ody.4 Su%%o$e the doctor an$wered: 46 don7t either.4 Wou d the %enici in hea +y $ic'ne$$J Of cour$e notE When our $%irit$ are tota y and co+% ete y fi ed

with God7$ 0o y S%irit: we $ti +u$t 'now how to di$%en$e thi$ 0o y S%irit 4%enici in4 into the 9odie$ of the $ic' %eo% e to hea the+. 6t i$ God7$ 0o y S%irit %ower that hea $: and the $i+% e %rinci% e of hea ing i$ to di$%en$e thi$ %ower fro+ the S%irit of God within our $%irit$ into the 9odie$ of the $ic' %eo% e. ?et7$ e2a+ine the way a doctor 4hea $4 the $ic'. We wi a$$u+e that we have caught a ger+ of $o+e 'ind and have +ade an a%%oint+ent to $ee our doctor. 0e e2a+ine$ u$ and give$ u$ hi$ diagno$i$. Then he %re$cri9e$ a certain a+ount of %enici in or other +edication and $ay$: 4That $hou d cau$e you to get over thi$ in two or three day$.4 You go ho+e: and what ha%%en$J 6n two or three day$ you are we . 1id the doctor hea youJ No: he u$ed hi$ $'i and 'now edge and under$tanding to di$cover what wa$ wrong: and he %re$cri9ed the %ro%er +edication for the %ro9 e+. 1id the nur$e who inAected the +edicine hea youJ No. What hea ed you: thenJ The %enici in or other %re$cri9ed +edication did. 1ivine hea ing i$ $i+i ar in %rinci% e. The %ower i$ inAected 9y the aying on of hand$ for hea ing: 9ut it i$ the Giver of %ower who get$ a the credit. When we receive the 9a%ti$+ 4with4 or 4in4 the 0o y S%irit: we have the +o$t dyna+ic hea ing %ower of

a within u$. We are endued with the %ower of the 0o y S%irit of the a +ighty GodE FSee ?u'e 2#@#..G What an honorE What a %rivi egeE What a re$%on$i9i ityE When thi$ divine %ower i$ di$%en$ed into a $ic' 9ody: the %ower doe$ the hea ing. We a way$ give g ory to God and Chri$t <e$u$. * way$: when +ini$tering hea ing: do it in the na+e of <e$u$. YOU ARE A "LIGHT SWITCH" 6f you have ever turned a ight $witch on or off: you7re $+art enough to hea the $ic'E So+ewhere: not too far fro+ where you are: i$ a generator Fa %ower % antG that %roduce$ e ectricity. * wire 9ring$ thi$ e ectricity: thi$ %ower: fro+ the $ource to your hou$e and u% to your e ectric 9u 9. The energy f owing fro+ the %ower % ant to the ight 9u 9 cau$e$ the fi a+ent of the 9u 9 to i u+inate. When thi$ ha%%en$: we $ay the ight i$ on. 5etween the %ower % ant and the ight 9u 9 i$ a $witch or 9rea'er. The $witch i$ de$igned to 9rea' the f ow of energy: the %ower: fro+ it$ $ource to the de$tination in the ight 9u 9. 6f you turn on the $witch: the two end$ of the wire are connected and the energy wi f ow through. 6f it i$ turned off: the wire$ are $e%arated: and the energy cannot continue 9ecau$e of the ga% 9etween the %ower $ource and the ight 9u 9. 6n the $a+e way: the 0o y S%irit in you i$ the

generator or the %ower % ant=the $ource of the %ower. Your hand$ are the on and off $witch: and the %er$on needing hea ing i$ the ight 9u 9. Now it i$ entire y u% to you whether you turn the ight $witch on or off. 6t i$ entire y your choice in hea ing to ay hand$ on the $ic'. *ctua y: the on y choice you have i$ whether or not you wi 9e o9edient to the co++and of <e$u$. The %ower of God wi do the hea ing: Au$t a$ the e ectric current wi ight the 9u 9. 6f you want a dar' roo+ to ight u%: you can turn on the ight $witch. 6f you don7t f i% the $witch: the roo+ wi $tay dar'. 6f you have an o%%ortunity to +ini$ter hea ing to $o+eone: it i$ the $a+e 'ind of choice. You can ay hand$ on that %er$on and $ee hi+ recover: or you can et hi+ re+ain $ic'. 6f you have not yet received your 4generator:4 do $o right now. *$' <e$u$ to 9a%ti;e you with the 0o y S%irit. ?ift your hand$ u% to God and 9egin to %rai$e 0i+: 9ut not in any anguage you 'now. Start e2%re$$ing $ound$ of ove $o the 0o y S%irit can ta'e whatever $ound$ you give 0i+ and give you the anguage that wi turn any ordinary individua into an e2traordinary %er$onE ?et your $%irit $oar a$ it ta '$ to God for the very fir$t ti+e. FSee 1 Corinthian$ 1#@2.G 5e a ight $witch for <e$u$: 9ut 9e $ure you are 4turned on4 for 0i+. <e$u$ $aid: 4You are the ight of

the wor d4 F/atthew &@1# NB<DG. ?et thi$ 9e %art of your 9eing the ight of the wor d. ?aying hand$ on the $ic' and hea ing the+ i$ one +ean$ that <e$u$ u$ed to 9e the ight of the wor d: to i u+inate the way for the o$t to find 0i+. 0e %a$$ed thi$ earth y Ao9 on to u$ and gave u$ thi$ hea ing virtue: thi$ dyna+ic %ower: $o that we cou d effective y carry on a of 0i$ wor' whi e we are on earth. *$ you $tudy the 9oo' 0ow to 0ea the Sic': you wi $ee the e2% anation$ given a$ to how to di$%en$e thi$ %ower through aying on of hand$: co++anding: %utting faith into action: ca$ting out de+on$: and other way$ <e$u$ and the di$ci% e$ u$ed to +ini$ter hea ing to the $ic'. <e$u$ $aid that you are to ay your hand$ on the $ic' and hea the+ F/ar' 1(@1- T?5G. The New Bing <a+e$ Der$ion of the $a+e ver$e $ay$ that 4they wi recover.4 Ten$ of thou$and$ of 9e iever$ who have earned through our 9oo' and video and audio ta%e$ how to di$%en$e the %ower of God7$ 0o y S%irit in <e$u$7 na+e are $eeing +irac e$ ha%%en dai y Au$t i'e "eter: <a+e$: <ohn: "au : and the other$ did in the ear y church. HEALING: A LIFESTYLE

0ea ing i$ $i+% e: ea$y: and unco+% icated 9ecau$e it i$ a done with God7$ %ower in the na+e of <e$u$E 0ea ing wa$ a ife$ty e for <e$u$ and for the ear y di$ci% e$: and it $hou d 9e e2act y the $a+e today for every 9ornHagain: S%iritHfi ed Chri$tian on earth. 0owever: $ince the ti+e when the di$ci% e$ ived on earth: on y a few %eo% e=+o$t y +ini$ter$= have 9een gifted with what i$ ca ed a hea ing +ini$try or gift$ of hea ing. 1uring thi$ generation: ordinary Chri$tian$ have di$covered that they: too: can do what <e$u$ to d a of u$ to do. There i$ a 9ig difference 9etween the gift$ of hea ing and $i+% y 9eing o9edient to the co++and$ <e$u$ gave u$. The gift$ of hea ing are $ti %re$ent in a nu+9er of Chri$tian$: 9ut a Chri$tian$ have a re$%on$i9i ity to o9ey everything <e$u$ to d u$ to do. 6n /ar' 1(@1-: 0e $aid that tho$e who 9e ieve 4wi ay hand$ on the $ic': and they wi recover4 FNB<DG. Thi$ i$ a ife$ty e <e$u$ wa$ ta 'ing a9out=not a $%ecia gift: 9ut a nor+a $ign and wonder that wou d fo ow a 9e iever$ to confir+ the fact that they were te ing the truth when they $%o'e a9out 0i$ +irac eHwor'ing %ower. 0ea ing i$ not an end unto it$e f: 9ut it i$ a GodHgiven too for u$ to u$e: Au$t a$ <e$u$ and the di$ci% e$ did: $o that %eo% e wi 9e ieve in <e$u$ Chri$t a$ their Savior and ?ord and 9e 9orn again. 6t i$ +o$t certain y a too that i$ vita y needed 9y Chri$tian$ today. 5ut even +ore i+%ortant: it i$ %ro9a9 y the

9e$t too we have 9een given to aid in the evange i;ation of $ou $. When individua $ are hea ed 9y the %ower of God: it i$ e2tre+e y difficu t for the+ not to 9e ieve in <e$u$ a$ their SaviorE *$ fanatica a$ we were a9out wanting to earn how to hea the $ic': we never o$t $ight of the %ur%o$e of hea ing@ <e$u$7 di$ci% e$ $aw hi+ do +any other +irac e$ 9e$ide$ the one$ to d a9out in thi$ 9oo': 9ut the$e are recorded $o that you wi 9e ieve that he i$ the /e$$iah: the Son of God: and that 9e ieving in hi+ you wi have ife. F<ohn 23@33H31 T?5G <e$u$ aid hand$ on the $ic': and they recovered. <e$u$ co++anded fever to eave: and it o9eyed. <e$u$ $%o'e to di$ea$e$ and evi $%irit$: and they eft. 5ut: $trange y: <e$u$ never 4%rayed4 for the $ic'. 0e hea ed the+E "au 4hea ed4 the $ic': too. FSee *ct$ 2-@-.G * ight 9egan to $hine in our heart$: and a 'ey of under$tanding o%ened a door of hea ing for u$.

Cha%ter Three Fading !nder The "ower

by Charles We 'now fro+ ten$ or hundred$ of thou$and$ on who+ we have aid hand$ that the 0o y S%irit doe$ dee% hea ing of $%irit$: $ic'ne$$: inAurie$: de%re$$ion: attitude$: ha9it$: hurt$: a9u$e$: and other need$ when they fa under the %ower of God. Thi$ i$ often referred to a$ 9eing $ ain in the S%irit: re$ting in the S%irit: dor+i$$ion: or fa ing under the %ower. Thi$ ha%%ened to "au on the road to 1a+a$cu$ when <e$u$ a%%eared to hi+I it ha%%ened to the $,uadron of $o dier$ and <uda$ when they ca+e to ca%ture <e$u$I it ha%%ened to <ohn on the 6$ e of "at+o$ F$ee >eve ationG: and +any other %eo% e in the 5i9 e. We 9e ieve that the %ower of the 0o y S%irit that 9ring$ forth thi$ %heno+enon i$ the $a+e %ower that hea $ the $ic'. God7$ %ower wi reach into the inner rece$$e$ of our very $ou $ to do a wor' +uch greater than cou d 9e done 9y a the +ini$try in the wor d. That i$ why we ay hand$ on %eo% e even after their hea ing ha$ 9een co+% eted. We want the+ to receive +ini$try of the 0o y S%irit for a their inner need$ a$ we a$ %hy$ica hea ing$.

6n our own ive$: France$ had every hangHu% in the 9oo' concerning the 9a%ti$+ with the 0o y S%irit: when Bathryn Buh +an ca ed her out of an audience and aid hand$ on her to go under the %ower. God 'new the need of her ife and +ine: and when $he ca+e u% fro+ the f oor: $he did not have a $ing e o9Aection to the 9a%ti$+ with the 0o y S%irit. Short y after that: we 9oth received the 9a%ti$+. God had +et the needE *fter you have +ini$tered hea ing: $i+% y ay hand$ on the %er$on7$ forehead or te+% e$ and $ay: 4<e$u$: 9 e$$ hi+E4 /a'e $ure you have a catcher 9ehind hi+ a$ you a ow the %ower of God to touch hi+ and +ini$ter to hi+. 0owever: if he doe$ not fa under the %ower: do not 9e concerned. We do not reco++end anyone touching or ta 'ing with $o+eone whi e he i$ under the %ower: 9ecau$e God i$ doing a wor': and 0e doe$n7t need your he %E

Cha%ter Four The Gift$ Of The S%irit

by Charles 4<e$u$ $aid a 9e iever$ wou d ay hand$ on the $ic' and they wou d recover. 0e $aid a 9e iever$ wou d ca$t out devi $: $%ea' in tongue$: and hand e the o d $er%ent: the devi : and a hi$ %oi$on$. 0e $aid a 9e iever$ wou d +ini$ter hea ing to the $ic'. * 9e iever$: if o9edient to <e$u$: wi do a of the a9ove thing$ in their dai y wa ' with God and <e$u$. 0owever: "au $aid $o+ething very %o$itive a9out the gift$ of the S%irit@ Now concerning $%iritua gift$: 9rethren: 6 do not want you to 9e ignorant There are diver$itie$ of gift$: 9ut the $a+e S%irit. There are difference$ of +ini$trie$: 9ut the $a+e ?ord. *nd there are diver$itie$ of activitie$: 9ut it i$ the $a+e God who wor'$ a in a . 5ut the +anife$tation of the S%irit i$ given to each one for the %rofit of a @ for to one i$ given the word of wi$do+ through the S%irit: to another the word of 'now edge through the $a+e S%irit: to another faith 9y the $a+e S%irit: to another gift$ of hea ing$ 9y the $a+e S%irit: to another the wor'ing of +irac e$: to another %ro%hecy: to another di$cerning of $%irit$: to another different 'ind$ of tongue$: to another the inter%retation of

tongue$. 5ut one and the $a+e S%irit wor'$ a the$e thing$: di$tri9uting to each one individua y a$ 0e wi $. F1 Corinthian$ 12@1: #H11 NB<DG * of u$ need to ay hand$ on the $ic' a$ <e$u$ $aid: 9ut not a are nece$$ari y ,ua ified to o%erate in the gift$ of the S%irit. The gift$ of hea ing are entire y different fro+ aying hand$ on the $ic'. 6t i$ a $u%ernatura endow+ent of the %ower of God that i$ nor+a y +anife$ted in $ervice$ where there are arge audience$: and not genera y a$ hand$ are 9eing aid on %eo% e individua y: a though it can 9e. >ecent y a young 9oy wa$ $ ee%ing through one of our $ervice$ 9ecau$e he wa$ .& %ercent deaf and cou d hear nothing that wa$ 9eing $aid. 0i$ +other had 9rought hi+ to have hand$ aid on hi+ at the end of the $ervice: 9ut a $u%ernatura gift of hea ing wa$ %re$ent: and $udden y the 9oy wo'e u%: $tood u%: % aced hi$ hand$ over hi$ ear$ and $aid: 4?et7$ get out of here: /otherI it7$ too noi$y. 6t7$ hurting +y ear$E4 0e had 9een $u%ernatura y hea ed 9y the %ower of God without any hu+an 9eing +ini$tering to hi+. 6 te$ted hi$ ear$ at the end of the $ervice: and even though 6 $tood $evera feet 9ehind hi+ and whi$%ered: he cou d hear every word 6 $aidE That %articu ar gift doe$ not o%erate at a ti+e$: 9ut it i$ a $ign and wonder and an indication of a rea +ove of God in a $ervice.

Two of the$e gift$ that are +entioned and a9out which we want to give you a itt e in%ut are two gift$ that can 9e inva ua9 e in hea ing the $ic': 9ut can a $o 9e a dangerou$ too in the hand$ of an un$ea$oned Chri$tian. They are the word of wi$do+ and the word of 'now edge. Our daughter <oan o%erate$ +ighti y in the$e gift$: having +atured great y in thi$ area 9y o%ening u% her $%irit to hear the voice of God. * +o$t a of the$e gift$ are +ere y the re$u t of 9eing a9 e to hear God and then re aying what 0e $aid: and they are %owerfu if u$ed correct y. 0owever: not a have the$e gift$. "au $aid to 4one4 i$ given thi$ gift and 4to another4 i$ given another gift: $o we wi not a o%erate in the$e gift$. Wonderfu thing$ can ha%%en if we are o%erating in the S%irit and not in the f e$h: 9ut terri9 e thing$ can ha%%en if we o%erate in the f e$hE 6++ature Chri$tian$ have a tendency to thin' in ter+$ of what they want to ha%%en and not what God i$ actua y $aying: and they can $te% in front of God7$ % an$. So+eti+e$ we don7t even oo' for what we actua y want to ha%%en: 9ut $o+ething that wi 9ring g ory or %rai$e to u$. We have heard un$ea$oned Chri$tian$: in their atte+%t$ to o%erate in the word of 'now edge: $ay: 4God Au$t to d +e that you have cancer and are dying.4 The %er$on to who+ thi$ word ha$ 9een given wi 9e %anic $tric'en at the thought of having

cancer. /uch har+ and da+age can 9e 9rought a9out 9y an i++ature: care e$$: $e fH$ee'ing %er$on: even though he i$ $incere: when he atte+%t$ to o%erate in the gift$ of the S%irit. * wo+an fancied her$e f in ove with one of the $inger$ in a grou% who %reviou$ y trave ed with u$: and $he to d hi+ thi$ intere$ting $tory. 46 $ee a $%irit of death hovering over you. God to d +e the on y way to re+ove it wa$ for you to divorce your wife and +arry +eE4 We 'now thi$ i$ an i$o ated ca$e: 9ut thi$ ha%%en$ often to other %eo% e. Thi$ young +an wa$ frightened and a$'ed u$ if we $aw a $%irit of death over hi+. We a$$ured hi+ we did not: and we to d hi+ to forget what he had heard. By Frances The word of 'now edge i$ inva ua9 e in hea ing: 9ecau$e +any ti+e$ %eo% e do not te or even 'now the truth a9out what i$ actua y wrong with the+. /any year$ ago a wo+an ca+e to our $ervice who had not $%o'en in year$. She had 9een nor+a u% unti twenty year$ %rior to her attending one of our $ervice$. 6 ,ue$tioned her a$ to whether or not there had 9een a $ic'ne$$ of $o+e 'ind: a high fever: or

$o+e other %hy$ica %ro9 e+: and a$ we $tood there: God $aid: 4Twenty year$ ago $he $aw her hu$9and +urder another +an. She did not want to te$tify again$t hi+: $o $he vo untari y o$t her a9i ity to $%ea'.4 That wa$ a $ituation that re,uired the word of wi$do+ a ong with the word of 'now edge. 6 did not $%ea' out and $ay: 4God Au$t to d +e you $aw your hu$9and +urder another +an. That7$ your %ro9 e+E4 That wou d have 9een foo i$hne$$. When the $ervice wa$ over: 6 wa$ ta 'ing to the %a$tor and ca$ua y a$'ed hi+ if he 'new anything a9out thi$ %articu ar wo+an7$ %a$t. 0e $aid: 4Oh: ye$: her hu$9and wa$ tried for +urder year$ ago: and that i$ when thi$ ha%%enedE4 6 did not revea to the %a$tor what God had $aid to +e: 9ut he certain y confir+ed what 6 had heard. The wo+an wa$ $ti there: $o 6 went over: aid hand$ on her: and a$'ed God to re+ove fro+ her +ind anything that $hou dn7t 9e there: and in$tant y her $%eech returned. The word of 'now edge had 9een given to +e %er$ona y. 6t had not 9een given $o that 6 wou d 9 a9 to the wor d: 9ecau$e a ong with it God gave +e wi$do+ to 'now how to u$e that word of 'now edge. The word of 'now edge can 9e inva ua9 e in a +o$t any $ituation where you are dea ing with another

%er$on: 9ut it $hou d 9e e2erci$ed fir$t in your church under the eader$hi% of your %a$tor who 'now$ you and your $%iritua +aturity. Thi$ way you can 9e corrected: if nece$$ary: to he % you +ature in thi$ area. 6f you receive a word of 'now edge $uch a$ 6 did: a$' God what to do with it: and a $o +a'e $ure that it i$ God who $aid it in the fir$t % ace. Year$ ago when 6 wa$ fir$t $aved: 6 wa$ +ini$tering in Sara$ota: F orida: at a nonH"enteco$ta church. 6 'new nothing a9out the gift$ of the S%irit: tongue$: or anything e $e in that rea +. 6 wa$ %raying for %eo% e at an a tar: and a +an wa 'ed u% to +e and $aid: 4You have the gift of hea ingI why don7t you u$e itJ4 6 didn7t $ay a word: 9ecau$e 6 had no idea what he wa$ ta 'ing a9out. 0e i++ediate y turned: wa 'ed toward the door: and di$a%%eared. 67ve often wondered if it wa$ an ange : 9ut neverthe e$$: 6 didn7t te anyone or do anything a9out it a though 6 continued doing the thing$ 6 had 9een doing u% to that ti+e. O9viou$ y it wa$ a word of 'now edge that wa$ genuine: 9ecau$e 6 have $een it co+e true: whether it ca+e through +an or ange E "ro%hecie$ given in the f e$h 9ut received a$ if fro+ God have ed +any good Chri$tian$ a$tray. We are to fo ow after the 0o y S%irit rather than a %ro%hecy. When $o+eone %ro%he$ie$ Over u$: we ay it on the $he f unti it co+e$ true: and then we 'now that %er$on i$ a genuine %ro%het: 9ut we never run after the %ro%hecy in an atte+%t to +a'e it ha%%en. 6f it7$

of God: it wi ha%%enI if it7$ not: it won7t. 6t7$ a$ $i+% e a$ that. 1on7t 9e $o eager that you ruin $o+eone7$ ife with your f e$h y word$ of 'now edge or %ro%hecy. 1e$ire to o%erate in the gift$: 9ut on y under contro ed $ituation$ F$uch a$ your own churchG: unti you have +atured $ufficient y to 9e a9 e to o%erate in %u9 ic +eeting$. Gift$ or a9i itie$ of the S%irit are to 9e u$ed to acco+% i$h what you are to do for God at that ti+e. The$e gift$ are not given to a : 9ut a 9e iever$ are to +ini$ter hea ing. Tho$e o%erating in the variou$ a9i itie$ or gift$ of the S%irit $hou d 9e +ature: $ea$oned: S%iritHfi ed Chri$tian$ who ove God and Chri$t <e$u$ with a their heart$: who %ut God7$ de$ire$ 9efore their own de$ire$: and who $%end +uch ti+e +editating in the Word of God. 6f 6 were a 9a9y Chri$tian: 6 wou d $%end hour$ and hour$ +editating in the Word of God: not $ee'ing reve ation 'now edge: 9ut $ee'ing to 'now God and <e$u$ and earning to % ea$e the+. 6 wou dn7t tru$t +y fourHyearHo d granddaughter to drive a car: 9ut a$ $he continue$ to grow in the $i+% e %roce$$ of iving: $he wi eventua y 9eco+e ,ua ified to earn to drive. !nti then: we7re going to teach her the thing$ that are $uita9 e for her age. The $a+e thing i$ true of a new Chri$tian. *n o d $aying: 9ut neverthe e$$ a good one: i$: 41on7t

try to run 9efore you can wa '.4 ?itt e chi dren do thi$: and they ,uic' y fa and get their 'nee$ $'innedE Ta'e a the gift$ of God according to your a9i ity and +aturity to o%erate in the+. God wi give you % enty of o%%ortunitie$ to u$e the+ to fu fi what 0e ha$ ca ed you to do. *nd %a$tor$: we7d rather have a itt e wi dfire than no fire: 9ecau$e it7$ ea$ier to %ut out wi dfire than it i$ to 'ind e dead a$he$E

Cha%ter Five The Nec' Thing

by Charles We decided in the 9eginning of our +ini$try that God had +ade everything $i+% e: and therefore we $hou d: too. So we have entit ed a the thing$ we do in hea ing in a $i+% e +anner: ea$y to identify and ea$y to re+e+9er. So+eti+e$ it7$ difficu t to re+e+9er where you got the fir$t g i++er fro+ God concerning a +ethod of hea ing: and in 4the nec' thing4 we had to go 9ac' into our +e+ory to reca where it 9egan and why we $tarted doing what we7re doing. We had a gue$t in our ho+e who had a %ain in hi$ toe. 6 4grew out4 the ar+$ and the eg$: and the %ain did not eave. Then 6 a$'ed hi+ what the doctor $aid cau$ed the %ain. We 9e ieve in doctor$: and we 9e ieve if you don7t get hea ed 9y divine %ower: you need to go to a doctor to find out what the %ro9 e+ i$. Then we can 'now where and how to +ini$ter hea ing 9y God7$ %ower: and it wi 9e ea$y to get hea ed $u%ernatura y. 0e $aid the chiro%ractor had advi$ed hi+ that he had a thin di$c in hi$ 9ac'I and even though it wa$ in the ower 9ac': the chiro%ractor adAu$ted hi$ nec' The

%ain had eft: 9ut it $u9$e,uent y returned. 6 %ut +y two hand$ on hi$ nec': % acing +y finger$ on hi$ u%%er $%ina co u+n. 4Tho$e who 9e ieve.. . wi ay hand$ on the $ic'4 F/ar' 1(@1- NB<DG. *t the $a+e ti+e: 6 did not rea i;e where the other %art$ of +y hand$ actua y were re$ting. ?ater 6 di$covered that the %a +$ of +y hand$ were on the carotid artery: which i$ the +ain artery on 9oth $ide$ of the nec': through which 9 ood i$ %u+%ed into the 9rain. Therefore: thi$ i$ a $o a%% ying the %ower of God to any %art of the 9rain that +ight need attention. The %a +$ were a $o on the nerve$ that go fro+ the 9rain down the front of the 9ody. Thi$ auto+atica y +a'e$ your thu+9$ fa right on the te+%oro+andi9u ar Aoint: which i$ where we have %ro9 e+$ with what i$ 9etter 'now$ a$ 4T/<.4 You are aying hand$ Fthu+9$G on the $tronge$t +u$c e of the 9ody. Wa$ it accidenta that God +ade our hand$ $o that when we % aced the+ in the right %o$ition we wou d 9e 4 aying hand$4 on three vita %art$ of the 9ody at one ti+eJ Or did 0e % an it $o that when we $tarted %ro9ing into how to hea the $ic' the $u%ernatura way: we wou d di$cover what 0e 'new a a ongJ Then: with +y hand$ gent y in % ace a$ de$cri9ed a9ove: 6 a$'ed the +an to $ ow y turn hi$ head to the eft and then the right: then 9ac'ward and forward. Whi e 6 wa$ doing what we ater ca ed 4the nec' thing4 FTNTG: 6 co++anded a the +u$c e$:

iga+ent$: tendon$: and verte9rae to go into % ace and the thin di$c to 9e hea ed in the na+e of <e$u$. Then he hi+$e f rotated hi$ head and $houted: 4The %ain i$ goneE4 We did thi$ for four year$ and a $o di$covered the re$u t$ were %heno+ena for headache$ a$ we . Then one day 1r. >oy <. ?e>oy: a we H'nown chiro%ractor: to d u$ what we were actua y doing and why the re$u t$ were $o tre+endou$. We have $een out$tanding hea ing$ through 4the nec' thing:4 not on y in our +ini$try: 9ut through the ten$ or hundred$ of thou$and$ who+ we have taught thi$ natura =$u%ernatura a%% ication of God7$ hea ing %ower. * +o$t 133 %ercent of nec' %ro9 e+$: headache$: nerve deafne$$: arthriti$ in the nec': fractured verte9rae: deteriorated: herniated: or di$integrated di$c$: even 9ro'en nec'$: and T/< have 9een hea ed 9y thi$ a%% ication of God7$ hea ing %ower. You wi di$cover that arge %ercentage$ of hea th %ro9 e+$ wi 9e hea ed through the 9a$ic hea ing a%% ication of 4the tota thing4 FTTTG: growing out ar+$ and eg$: 4the nec' thing4 FTNTG: and 4the %e vic thing4 FT"TG. Thi$ not on y affect$ the $%ina $y$te+: 9ut it a $o affect$ interna %art$ 9ecau$e nerve$ +a'e +u$c e$ wor' %ro%er y.

Cha%ter Si2 The "e vic Thing

by Frances God wi give you 4witty invention$4 and idea$ 9eyond your a9i ity and ca%a9i ity if you wi 9e $en$itive to the 0o y S%irit and +ove when 0e +ove$E *t a $ervice in <ac'$onvi e: F orida: a +an ca+e u% who had 4duc'4 feet. 6 certain y didn7t 'now what to %ray: e2ce%t to co++and hi$ feet to turn inward in$tead of outward: when a thought fi tered into +y +ind. 6t wa$ a rea 4f a$h4 thought: 9ut 6 'new that God had $aid $o+ething to +e: and it $ee+ed to +e that 0e wa$ indicating it had $o+ething to do with the $%ine. * chiro%ractor wa$ with u$: $o 6 a$'ed hi+ if there wa$ a %ro9 e+ in the $%ine that cau$ed thi$ to ha%%en and +a'e the +an7$ feet turn out. 0e re% ied: 40i$ %e vic 9one$ are turned out and need to 9e turned inward.4 6n the natura or chiro%ractic wor d: thi$ wou d 9e difficu t or i+%o$$i9 e to doI 9ut in God7$ 'ingdo+ and in the $u%ernatura wor d: thi$ i$ ea$y to do. 6 % aced +y hand$ on the to% of hi$ %e vic 9one$ and

co++anded the %e vi$ to rotate in unti the feet were nor+a . 6 wa$ %ro9a9 y the +o$t $ur%ri$ed %er$on there when 6 noticed the entire %e vic area 9egan to turn fro+ $ide to $ide. 6 wa$n7t doing itE 0e wa$n7t doing itE 6t had to 9e the %ower of GodE <u$t a$ ,uic' y a$ the rotating had $tarted: it $to%%ed: and the +an fe under the %ower of God. When he $tood u% again: hi$ feet were no onger in a 4duc'4 %o$ition: 9ut were %erfect y $traightE Once again: God had o%ened a natura H$u%ernatura channe for u$ to earn +ore a9out hea ing. 6t didn7t ta'e u$ ong to figure out that if rotating in with the %ower of God wou d correct 4duc'4 feet: then $ure y rotating out wou d correct %eo% e with %igeon toe$E We tried it: and it wor'ed. We have $een +any %eo% e $ince that ti+e hea ed of feet that turn inE We di$cu$$ed thi$ with +any doctor$ on our doctor$7 %ane $: and they a agreed it cou d 9e inva ua9 e in +any other di$ea$e$ a$ we . 5ecau$e of the invo ve+ent of the entire %e vic area: +any fe+a e %ro9 e+$ are hea ed through thi$ $i+% e aying on of hand$. We have had hundred$ of wo+en hea ed of

"/S F%re+en$trua $yndro+eG 9y thi$ $i+% e act of co++anding the fe+a e organ$ to go into % ace whi e the %e vi$ i$ rotating. /any %ro9 e+$ in the ower u+9ar area Fthe ower five verte9raeG and the $acru+ are hea ed through thi$ +ethod. Co++and the verte9rae to 9e adAu$ted %ro%er y. Often a fro;en or di$ ocated $acru+ i$ re$tored to it$ right %o$ition 9y doing 4the %e vic thing.4 "ro$tate %ro9 e+$ can 9e hea ed thi$ way 9y co++anding the %ro$tate to 9eco+e nor+a . Co on %ro9 e+$ are hea ed 9y co++anding nerve$ contro ing the co on to 9eco+e nor+a . *ctua y: +any ti+e$: any organ or %art of the 9ody that ie$ 9etween the wai$t ine and the hi%$ can 9e hea ed 9y thi$ $i+% e act. 6t never hurt$ to oo' at a %icture of the hu+an 9ody $o you wi 'now where certain %art$ are ocated. The %e vic 9one$ are $o+eti+e$ ca ed the hi% 9one$. They are the f at 9one$ that +a'e u% your $'e eta $tructure for the hi% and %e vi$ area. 6f you wi run your hand$ down your $ide in the area of your wai$t: you wi di$cover the to%$ of the 9one$ ie right in that area: and that i$ where you % ace your finger$. When you 9egin to +a'e co++and$: if that %ortion of the 9ody need$ adAu$ting: the %e vi$ wi rotate or

+ove in one direction or the other. 6f nothing i$ needed: nothing wi ha%%en and it wi not +ove. /any ti+e$ one $ide wi 9e higher than the other: $o co++and the high $ide to ower and the ow $ide to co+e u%. 6t7$ fa9u ou$ what the %ower of God can and wi doE 1on7t undere$ti+ate the va ue of thi$ $i+% e hea ing %roce$$. 6t i$ incredi9 e what ha%%en$E THE SCIATICA OR THE SCIATIC NERVE 1id you ever have a %ain $hoot down your entire eg: and you fe t a$ if your eg wa$ going to 9uc' e under youJ You were %ro9a9 y a victi+ of $ciatica: a %ainfu $ituation genera y cau$ed 9y a %inched nerve. Thi$ i$ u$ua y cau$ed when a di$c wear$ thin on one $ide. When that ha%%en$: the $%ine ti%$ on the $ide where the thinning di$c ha$ occurred: and thi$ cau$e$ the 9ody to %ut %re$$ure on the $ciatic nerve. Thi$ %re$$ure then cau$e$ %ain to $hoot down the eg. Nor+a y thi$ ha%%en$ on y on one $ide or the other: de%ending on where the thinning ha$ occurred. 6t can a $o 9e cau$ed 9y a $trained 9ac': 9ut nor+a y it co+e$ fro+ a nerve that ha$ 9een %inched. Thi$ i$ one of the +o$t %ainfu of 9ac' %ro9 e+$: 9ut one of the ea$ie$t to hea . 6t i$ very ea$y to find the e2act $%ot once you earn where to % ace two finger$: 9ecau$e the area i$ a way$ very %ainfu and

$en$itive to touch. Once you di$cover how to ocate the Aunction of the %e vic 9one and the $acru+: ay two finger$ on the area of the 9ac' Fon the $ide where the %ro9 e+ i$G and co++and the $%irit of $ciatica to co+e out in the na+e of <e$u$. 0ave the %er$on 9end over. 6t i$ when the %er$on 9end$ over and %ut$ hi$ or her faith into action that the hea ing actua y occur$. 6n a +o$t a ca$e$: the +inute he 9end$ over and %ut hi$ faith into action after you touched that $acroi iac Aoint: the %re$$ure wi 9e re ieved and the %er$on wi 9e hea ed. 6f you wi oo' at the diagra+ on %age (3: you wi $ee e2act y where the $acroi iac Aoint i$ ocated: and it7$ very ea$y to earn e2act y where to %ut your finger$ on one $ide or the other. 6f you can i+agine one of the di$c$ 9eing thin and the $%ine 9ending one way or the other: you wi $ee why there wi 9e a 4%inch4 in that area. >ecent y an ad+ini$trator of a church ca+e to +e when a $ervice wa$ over and $aid: 46 can hard y wa '. Thi$ %ain $hoot$ down +y eg to +y toe: and it7$ 'i ing +eE4 6 % aced +y finger$ on her $ciatic nerve. 5efore 6 $aid a word: the %ower of God had hea ed her. ?aughing: $he $aid: 46t7$ goneE4

Cha%ter Seven E ectrica *nd Che+ica Fre,uencie$

By Charles Your 9ody i$ co+% ete y +ade u% of ce $= 9 ood ce $: $'in ce $: 9rain ce $: and $o on=and around a of the$e ce $ there are e ectrica and che+ica fre,uencie$ that f ow and 'ee% the+ o%erating. France$ and 6 i$ten and earn a the ti+e fro+ other %eo% e. Scienti$t$ have di$covered that when the e ectrica and che+ica fre,uencie$ in a %er$on7$ 9ody are in har+ony and in 9a ance: no di$ea$e can ive in that 9ody. Thi$ rea y got our attentionE <e$u$ hea ed a who ca+e to 0i+. The $tate+ent a9out di$ea$e not 9eing a9 e to ive when the fre,uencie$ are in har+ony and 9a ance intrigued u$. One of the thing$ that we 9e ieve with our heart and $ou i$ that if the doctor$ can do it with +edicine and $'i $: we can do it with the %ower of God. We 9e iever$ 9eco+e 4%racticing4 evange i$t$. 1octor$ are ca ed %racticing %hy$ician$ 9ecau$e they con$tant y %ractice: $o 6 gue$$ we can do the $a+e thing.

France$ and 6 were in a +eeting: and a ady ca+e to u$ who $tated: 46 have an environ+enta di$ea$e. 6 a+ in %ain twentyHfour hour$ a day: and 6 have o$t the $ight in one eye. Thi$ %ain i$ nonH$to%I it never cea$e$.4 She $aid that $he had for+er y 9een an e2ecutive $ecretary: 9ut at thi$ %articu ar %oint: the function of her +ind had $o deteriorated fro+ thi$ environ+enta di$ea$e that $he had difficu ty addre$$ing twe ve Chri$t+a$ card$ that year. We thought thi$ wa$ an e2ce ent thing to try out on her 9ecau$e you cannot o$e whenever you ay hand$ on $o+e9ody. We $aid: 46n the na+e of <e$u$ we co++and the e ectrica and che+ica fre,uencie$ in every ce in your 9ody to 9e in har+ony and in 9a ance and to dige$t the 9ad ce $.4 6n che+othera%y: which i$ often u$ed on cancer %atient$: the che+othera%y de$troy$ or dige$t$ the good ce $ a$ we a$ the 9ad ce $. 5ut with the e ectrica and che+ica fre,uencie$ in 9a ance: the good ce $ are not har+ed what$oever. *fter we +ade thi$ co++and on thi$ ady: $he fe under the %ower of God. When $he got u% $he a +o$t $crea+ed 9ecau$e $he had no %ain eft. She wa$ itera y Au+%ing with Aoy and went dancing 9ac' to her $eat: when a9out three or four +inute$ ater $he ca+e u% $crea+ing and $aying: 46 can $eeE 6 can $eeE 6 can $eeE4 God had in$tant y hea ed her eye and ta'en a the %ain out. We a$'ed her to rea y te$t thi$ for u$ and to contact u$ in two or three wee'$.

Where her +ind had 9 an'ed out and $he cou dn7t even addre$$ twe ve Chri$t+a$ card$ three wee'$ %reviou$ y: $he wrote u$ a fourH%age etter on a co+%uter: a9$o ute y %erfect: with %erfect $entence $tructure and every word $%e ed correct y. 6n that etter $he to d u$ what the effect$ of the hea ing were@ that her +ind wa$ 9rought 9ac' to nor+a : her eye$ight wa$ nor+a : and there ha$ not 9een any %ain in her 9ody fro+ that day to thi$E Thi$ i$ the $a+e co++and we +ade on a ady who wa$ hea ed of "ar'in$on7$ di$ea$e. We have $een +any $i+i ar ca$e$ hea ed 9y thi$ very $i+% e itt e co++and. >ecent y a +an around $i2ty year$ of age attended a $ervice: $uffering horri9 y fro+ environ+enta di$ea$e that had % agued hi+ for eighteen year$. 0e $aid for a of the eighteen year$: he had had nothing 9ut e2cruciating: continuou$ %ain in hi$ 9ody. We aid hand$ on hi+ and +ade the very $i+% e e ectrica and che+ica fre,uency co++and: and he in$tant y fe under the %ower of God. 0e wa$ there for ,uite a ong ti+e. When he got u% he $aid: 46 have no %ain: 9ut 6 don7t want to give a te$ti+ony 9ecau$e 6 too' %ain +edicine 9efore 6 ca+e.4 0e ca+e 9ac' twentyHfour hour$ ater with an awe$o+e te$ti+ony of no %ain +edication of any 'ind: and he $aid he had a9$o ute y no %ain what$oever in hi$ 9ody for the fir$t ti+e in eighteen

year$E We u$e thi$ %articu ar co++and on +any different di$ea$e$. One with which we have 9een $eeing $o+e good re$u t$ i$ Chronic Fatigue Syndro+e: and another i$ fi9ro+ya gia. Chronic Fatigue Syndro+e i$ $o+ething a%%arent y new that ha$ cro%%ed u% in the +edica fie d: and yet it $ee+$ i'e a tre+endou$ nu+9er of %eo% e have the $a+e co++ent@ 467+ tired a the ti+e. 67+ e2hau$ted. 6 can7t $ee+ to get re$ted.4 We +a'e e2act y the $a+e co++and for that a$ we do the environ+enta di$ea$e or +u ti% e $c ero$i$: cancer: +u$cu ar dy$tro%hy: or any incura9 e di$ea$e. When we a$' for %eo% e who have 9een diagno$ed with fi9ro+ya gia: or who have 9ad continuou$ %ain: not in Aoint$ or 9one$: 9ut in their f e$h and in a area$ of their 9odie$ to co+e u% for hea ing: they co+e ,uic' y: $o+eti+e$ five or ten at a ti+e. When we +a'e the e ectrica and che+ica fre,uency co++and: near y 133 %ercent are hea ed: and a %ain eave$ i++ediate y. What an awe$o+e in$tant +irac e i$ ha%%ening with thi$ $i+% e co++andE >e+e+9er that it i$ not a %rayer: 9ecau$e <e$u$ never %rayed for the $ic'. 6t i$ a co++and: $o fir+ y get it fi2ed in your +ind to $ay: 46n the na+e of <e$u$: we co++and the e ectrica and che+ica fre,uencie$ in every ce in your 9ody to 9e in har+ony and in 9a ance and to dige$t the 9ad ce $. Than' You: <e$u$.4 We our$e ve$ +a'e thi$ co++and 9y aying

our finger$ on our forehead$ every +orning at our 9rea'fa$t ta9 e to $tart the day off right: and we $ugge$t you do the $a+e. One of the +o$t i+%ortant thing$ that we have earned in hea ing i$ for %eo% e to $ay 4than' You4 a$ $oon a$ the %rayer or the co++and i$ co+% eted. /any ti+e$ %eo% e are $o aware of the %re$ence of God a$ they are 9eing hea ed that they $i+% y forget to $ay anything. 5ut encourage %eo% e to con$tant y $ay: 4Than' You: <e$u$I than' You: <e$u$I than' You: <e$u$.4 When you $ay that: what you are rea y $aying to God i$: 467ve got itE 67ve got itE 67ve got itE4 No one can $ay tho$e three word$: 4Than' You: <e$u$:4 too often. WHAT GOES WRONG IN PARKINSON'S DISEASE? The %rogre$$ive death of nerve ce $ in the $u9$tantia nigra: dee% within the 9rain: eave$ the nerve fi9er$ in the +ove+ent contro center$ with too itt e do%a+ine: a che+ica +e$$enger. "atient$ deve o% tre+or$ and rigidity. Why the neuron$ die i$n7t 'nown. There are +any co++and$ that we u$e over and over again on +any %eo% e: and the e ectrica and che+ica fre,uencie$ i$ one of the+. Two night$ in a row: +en ca+e u% to u$ with "ar'in$on7$ di$ea$e who were $ha'ing vio ent y: a$ thi$ di$ea$e often +a'e$ one do. They $aid the doctor$ had 9een una9 e

to do anything for it. France$ +ade the co++and in 9oth in$tance$ and co++anded a the e ectrica and che+ica fre,uencie$ in every ce in their 9odie$ to 9e in har+ony and in 9a ance. There i$ nothing +ore dra+atic than to $ee $o+e9ody $tanding there with a 9ody that i$ $ha'ing a over and hand$ that are vio ent y vi9rating $udden y $to% 9ecau$e the %ower of God ha$ hea ed hi+. 5ut that7$ e2act y what ha%%ened. * young +an 9rought hi$ +other to one of our $ervice$ 9ecau$e $he wa$ $uffering fro+ $evere headache$. The %ain in her head wa$ $o $evere that they $haved her head two and three ti+e$ a wee'. Whether it wa$ the growing or the weight of the hair we do not 'now: 9ut France$ aid hand$ on her and not 'nowing what e $e to do: $he $aid: 46n the na+e of <e$u$: 6 co++and a of the e ectrica and che+ica fre,uencie$ in every ce in your 9ody to 9e in har+ony and in 9a ance and to dige$t the 9ad ce $.4 France$ aid hand$ on her: and whi e $he wa$ going down under the %ower: $he $crea+ed: 467+ hea edE No +ore %ainE4 6t wa$ an awe$o+e and in$tant +irac e. When $he got u% off of the f oor: $he cou d not 9e ieve what had ha%%ened to her in the twin' ing of an eye. *nd that7$ a it ta'e$ with the %ower of God. One of the +o$t dra+atic hea ing$ that we have ever $een occurred during a Saturday +orning teaching $e$$ion. 6 wa$ +ini$tering hea ing: and France$ wa$ $itting on the $tage when the %a$tor ca+e u% and

whi$%ered: 4There7$ a gir here today who wa$ acciH dent y hit on the head with a arge 9 oc' of wood three year$ ago. 6t de$troyed her e,ui i9riu+: and $he ha$ difficu ty $tanding: wa 'ing: or doing anything.4 0e $aid $he had 9een in con$tant %ain for three year$ and had 9een to every doctor: every chiro%ractor: and every c inic in the area: 9ut they a to d her e2act y the $a+e thing=that there wa$ a9$o ute y nothing that cou d 9e done for her. She $uffered %ain twentyHfour hour$ a day and wa$ actua y una9 e to do anything. She wa$ one of the dancer$ in the 9a et grou% in the church: 9ut $he had 9een una9 e to dance for three year$. There are ti+e$ when you need to do +ore than one thing: $o in her ca$e the 0o y S%irit $%o'e and to d u$ to do two thing$. The fir$t thing we did wa$ to co++and the e ectrica and che+ica fre,uencie$ in every ce in her 9ody to 9e in har+ony and in 9a ance and to dige$t the 9ad ce $. Then we did the 4Nucca4 on her. She wa$ in$tant y: tota y hea ed 9y the %ower of God. She $tood there and: in the +o$t 9eautifu : $i+% e way: oo'ed u% and $aid: 467+ hea ed. 6 don7t have any +ore %ain.4 France$ $aid: 46f you are hea ed: then you wi 9e a9 e to dance.4 The +u$ician$ ca+e u%: and thi$ wo+an who had 9een una9 e to do anything: even wa 'ing $traight: for three year$ did the +o$t 9eautifu 9a et dance anyone cou d have ever $een. Thi$ wa$ in her ho+e church: and the church 'new what her

condition had 9een. The e ectricity of the 0o y S%irit 9ur$t $o u%on the entire audience that they gave her an in$tant $tanding ovation: and every %er$on in the hou$e 9ur$t into tear$. Than' You: <e$u$: for that wonderfu hea ing %ower. 1on7t forget to co++and the e ectrica and che+ica fre,uencie$ in every ce in your 9ody to 9e in har+ony and in 9a ance and to dige$t the $ic' ce $: in <e$u$7 na+e. 1o thi$ co++and with any incura9 e di$ea$e: inc uding 9 indne$$ and deafne$$E We u$e thi$ co++and a ong with other $ugge$ted co++and$ in a incura9 e di$ea$e$: and in any co++and where we fee it i$ needed. 6t7$ very: very i+%ortantE

Cha%ter Eight Car%a Tunne Syndro+e

by Charles /ini$tering hea ing i$ a con$tant y changing and i+%roving o%%ortunity. The +ore we +ini$ter hea ing: the +ore new way$ we earn. We i$ten to +edica doctor$ and chiro%ractor$ and have di$covered innu+era9 e $ucce$$fu way$ to he % %eo% e 9ecau$e new di$ea$e$ and new 4cure$4 cro% u% a the ti+e. We often wonder if it i$ 9ecau$e %eo% e are iving onger=which they are=or if it i$ 9ecau$e we have gone into +ore co+% icated Ao9$. Car%a tunne $yndro+e i$ not one that i$ re egated to o d age 9ecau$e it nor+a y affect$ younger %eo% e: e$%ecia y %eo% e who are co+%uter o%erator$: 9utcher$: car%enter$: hairdre$$er$: or who wor' at any 'ind of a Ao9 that re,uire$ a tre+endou$ a+ount of action in the wri$t area. /any ti+e$ o%erator$ in the$e variou$ Ao9$ ho d their hand$ or their finger$ in the wrong %o$ition. /any co+%uter o%erator$ ho d their wri$t$ down and their hand$ u% and thi$ often cau$e$ inf a++ation and $we ing in that %art of the wri$t. /any of the f ight attendant$ on air% ane$ who %u$h cart$: or tho$e who do heavy wor' and heavy ifting with their wri$t$: di$cover that they have what the +edica wor d ca $ car%a tunne $yndro+e.

>ecent y a chiro%ractor to d u$ a9out thi$ co++on %ro9 e+ today a+ong %eo% e who u$e their wri$t$ a ot. 6t can cau$e $uch %ain in the hand and wri$t area that $o+e individua $ are una9 e to $ ee% or %erfor+ their wor'. 6n the hinge of the wri$t there e2i$t$ a 4tunne 4 that hou$e$ iga+ent$ and tendon$. When the tunne 9eco+e$ inf a+ed or $wo en through e2ce$$ive u$e or +i$u$e of the wri$t: the %a$$age i$ c o$ed to varying degree$. "ain: wea'ne$$: or other di$co+fort$ in the wri$t area ari$e. The iga+ent$ or tendon$ +ay 9e $tretched or Aa++ed. To hea car%a tunne $yndro+e: % ace your thu+9 on one $ide of the $oft $%ot in the wri$t Aoint and a finger on the o%%o$ite $ide. Co++and the tunne to o%en: 9oth the inf a++ation and the $we ing to 9e hea ed: and the tendon$ and iga+ent$ to go 9ac' to nor+a ength: %o$ition: and $trength. Co++and the+ to 9e hea ed in the na+e of <e$u$. There i$ an e2tre+e y $i+% e way to te$t for car%a tunne $yndro+e. 0ave the %er$on %ut hi$ or her thu+9 and itt e finger together to for+ an O. Then %ut your forefinger in the circ e and %u through the O. 6f the %er$on ha$ car%a tunne $yndro+e: you can %u your finger through ea$i y. Once it i$ hea ed: you won7t 9e a9 e to %u through the thu+9 and itt e finger. /irac e$ for car%a tunne $yndro+e ha%%en

regu ar y. >ecent y France$ had her hair done at a 9eauty %ar or in %re%aration for having our %icture$ ta'en. 0er hair $ty i$t wor'ed feveri$h y yet carefu y to acco+% i$h a %erfect hairdo. 6 noticed $he wore a $tee 9race on her eft wri$t: e2tending a9out eight inche$ u% her ar+. When 6 a$'ed her if $he had car%a tunne $yndro+e: $he an$wered: 4Ye$.4 She added that $he had ta'en care of $i2tyHtwo wig$ that day. 5ecau$e of the $train thi$ had %ut on her eft hand: $he cou d hard y +ove her wri$t. 6 a$'ed her if $he wou d i'e for God to hea it. The +inute $he got a 9rea': 6 did what we had earned and gave the co++and$. We had te$ted the wo+an7$ $trength: and there wa$ no re$i$tance when 6 +oved +y finger through the oo% $he had +ade 9y ho ding her thu+9 and itt e finger in %o$ition. *fter we gave the co++and$: we i++ediate y te$ted her $trength again. She wa$ utter y a+a;edE She $hoo' her wri$t and in a few +inute$ had re+oved the 9race. She wa$ wor'ing free of %ain. When we ta 'ed to her a9out two wee'$ ater: $he wa$ e2u9erant with %rai$e to God for co+% eting thi$ +uchHneeded +irac e. * +edica doctor recent y ca ed France$ to te her hi$ e2cite+ent a9out divine hea ing $ucce$$ after he watched our fifteenHhour video $erie$ and read the

9oo' 0ow to 0ea the Sic'. She to d hi+ a9out car%a tunne $yndro+e hea ing$: e2% ained to hi+ how to te$t thi$ 9efore and after +ini$tering: and how to do it. *9out two wee'$ ater thi$ $a+e %hy$ician ca ed her again: 9ut with even +ore e2cite+ent. 0e $aid +any %atient$ with car%a tunne $yndro+e had co+e to hi+. Every $ing e one wa$ hea ed when he did what God had $hown u$. Then he a$'ed with a augh: 4What $hou d 6 do with the thou$and$ of f yer$ 6 9ought: te ing how $urgery cou d he % hea the %ro9 e+J4 WHAT ABOUT FEET? * corre$%onding $oft $%ot i$ ocated in the an' e area. <u$t in the 9end of your an' e: 9eneath your an' e 9one: you can have the $a+e condition. Thi$ i$ ca ed tar$a tunne $yndro+e. Thi$ i$ hea ed e2act y the $a+e way a$ the wri$t: a though not near y a$ +any %eo% e have thi$ %ro9 e+ a$ have car%a tunne $yndro+e. THE TARSAL TUNNEL The tar$a tunne contain$ the %o$terior ti9ia nerve and $evera 9 ood ve$$e $ and tendon$. 6t 9egin$ 9ehind and a9ove the an' e: +oving around the in$ide of the an' e and into the 9otto+ of the foot. 6f the nerve i$ da+aged or co+%re$$ed 9y trau+a: $we ing or growth$ $urrounding tendon$: 9 ood

ve$$e $ or 9one$: a %ainfu condition ca ed tar$a tunne $yndro+e can re$u t. Each foot ha$ twentyH$i2 9one$. Thi$ +ean$ that you have a great o%%ortunity for a ot of tho$e to get out of adAu$t+ent or out of % ace or turned 9ecau$e you7re wearing the wrong $hoe$: or +ay9e 9ecau$e you have a wea' an' e. You co++and the tunne to o%en u% and a the iga+ent$ to 9e +ade who e in the na+e of <e$u$. On thi$ one you cou d add: 46n the na+e of <e$u$: 6 co++and every 9one in 9oth feet to go into % ace and $tay there.4 TENDONITIS *nother ai +ent: tendoniti$ or 4tenni$ e 9ow:4 i$ hea ed 9y the 4car%a tunne thing.4 6f you wi 9e a ert to the nudging$ of the 0o y S%irit: you wi di$cover +any new way$ to $ee $o+eone hea ed. "utting your thu+9 on one $ide of the wri$t and your forefinger on the other: $ay: 46n <e$u$7 na+e 6 co++and the car%a tunne For tar$a tunne G to o%en and a iga+ent$ and tendon$ to return to nor+a ength and $trength: and 6 co++and a %ain and $car ti$$ue to 9e hea ed.4

Cha%ter Nine /igraine 0eadache$ *nd Tic 1outoureu2 FT>6GE/6N*? Neura giaG
by Charles and Frances >ecent y we vi$ited with 0i ton Sutton: %re$ident of /i$$ion to *+erica and a great 5i9 e %ro%hecy teacher. 0e $hared with u$ for the fir$t ti+e that he had a %ro9 e+ ca ed tic dou oureu2: or trige+ina neura gia. We had $een on y a few %eo% e hea ed of thi$ %ainfu aff iction and did not 'now of any +edica %rocedure that wou d he % the %ro9 e+. The *+erican /edica *$$ociation Fa+i y /edica Guide: %u9 i$hed 9y >ando+ 0ou$e FNew Yor': 1..1G: de$cri9e$ thi$ aff iction a$ %ain fro+ a da+aged nerve. Thi$ 'ind of neura gia rare y affect$ anyone under fifty e2ce%t in ca$e$ of +u ti% e $c ero$i$. The trige+ina nerve i$ a +aAor nerve in the face. 6f it i$ da+aged: the re$u t i$ $evere %ain that i$ u$ua y fe t on on y one $ide of the face. * though it i$ not ifeH threatening: trige+ina neura gia can 9e di$tre$$ing and di$a9 ing. We have ta 'ed to %eo% e who $ay it i$ one of the

+o$t %ainfu aff iction$ there i$. 6n fact: it i$ $o+eti+e$ ca ed the $uicide di$ea$e. Thi$ $a+e +edica guide re%ort$ that the %ain of trige+ina neura gia $hoot$ through one $ide of the face a ong the ength of the nerve. 6t +ay a$t for a few $econd$ or a$ ong a$ a +inute or +ore. Whi e it a$t$ it can 9e e2cruciating. So+eti+e$ attac'$ occur every few +inute$ for $evera day$ or wee'$ for no a%%arent rea$on. They +ay then fade: 9ut $ta99ing %ain$ u$ua y return with decrea$ing interva $ 9etween the+. *ttac'$ +ay eventua y 9eco+e a +o$t continuou$. 6n $o+e ca$e$: occa$iona +u$cu ar $%a$+$ acco+%any the %ain and cau$e a facia tic FtwitchingG or %ara y$i$. 0i ton to d u$ that for eight ong and %ainfu year$ he had $uffered with tic dou oureu2. 6t wa$ getting $o 9ad that he wa$ con$idering cance ing $o+e of hi$ $%ea'ing engage+ent$. Then he $aid: 4The +edica wor d ha$ di$covered a $urgery that can $to% thi$ e2cruciating %ain.4 We i$tened intent y: 9ecau$e when a cau$e and a cure are di$covered: we often find c ue$ to a hea ing that God ha$ in $tore for u$. 0e e2% ained the ty%e of $urgery %erfor+ed. They dri a ho e through the $'u into a % ace where a 9 ood ve$$e or artery i$ too c o$e to a nerve. Then they % ace a +edica wedge 9etween the two: which $to%$ the %ain. Our re$%on$e wa$ 4Than' You: <e$u$E4 6++ediate y

we aid hand$ on 0i ton7$ head and co++anded divine wedge$ to $e%arate the ve$$e $ or arterie$ and the nerve. We gave than'$ to <e$u$. When 0i ton ca ed a +onth ater: he $aid the on y %ain he had e2%erienced $ince that day wa$ a headache re$u ting fro+ a $tre$$fu $ituation. *nother +onth went 9y: and we ta 'ed again on the day we were writing thi$ $tory. 0i ton $aid he ha$ had no +ore %ain. G ory to God for hea ing hi+E *nd than' You: <e$u$: for $howing u$ how to hea tic dou oureu2. 0owever: 0i ton Sutton wa$ $o far 9ehind on hi$ wor' and hi$ $%ea'ing engage+ent$ 9ecau$e of the e2cruciating %ain of tic dou oureu2: when God hea ed hi+: he i++ediate y $tarted re9oo'ing and over9oo'ed hi+$e f inc uding a ong tri% to Singa%ore and /a ay$ia. When he ca+e 9ac' he wa$ in the $a+e condition he wa$ in 9efore God hea ed hi+. 0i ton went to the ho$%ita and had the o%eration done. The doctor$ wor'ed for a9out four hour$ and $aid they7d never $een $o +any tang ed nerve$ and 9 ood ve$$e $ in their entire ive$. 0i ton ca ed u$ and $aid: 46 'now 6 wa$ hea ed 9y God: 9ut 6 9rought it 9ac' on +y$e f through overwor' and through $tre$$.4 Stre$$ i$ one of the wor$t thing$ in the wor d to which any of u$ can $u9Aect our$e ve$ 9ecau$e it 9ring$ on

innu+era9 e di$ea$e$. 0i ton $ti +aintain$ to thi$ day that God hea ed hi+ 9ut he o$t it through care e$$ne$$ on hi$ %art. The 5i9 e $ay$: 4Ca$t a your care$ on 0i+: and 0e wi give you re$tE4 FSee /atthew 11@2-I 1 "eter &@).G MIGRAINE HEADACHES * +an ca+e to a threeHday +eeting. On the fir$t day he $aid he had $uffered +o$t of hi$ ife with $evere continua +igraine headache$. ?ed 9y God7$ 0o y S%irit: we decided to do the $a+e thing we had earned a9out tic dou oureu2. 6t wor'edE 0i$ headache i++ediate y eft and did not return the three day$ we were with hi+. 6n a fo owH u% ca to hi+: he $aid how wonderfu it wa$ to ive free of %ain. We have +ade the $a+e co++and not on y for +igraine headache$: 9ut a $o for other headache$. !$e thi$ co++and@ 46n <e$u$7 na+e we co++and divine wedge$ to 9e driven 9etween every ve$$e and nerve. "ain we re9u'e youE4

Cha%ter Ten The 4N!CC*4

by Charles and Frances We earn new thing$ a the ti+e that rea y e2cite u$. We 9e ieve if +edica doctor$ and chiro%ractor$ can do it: we can do it with the %ower of God. Fo owing i$ an artic e that a%%eared in a +aga;ine recent y that ha$ rea y taught u$ a ot a9out doing what we ca 4The Nucca Thing.4 IS YOUR HEAD ON STRAIGHT? By Glenn Cripe, D.C. <u$t when you thought you have tried everything: have you chec'ed to $ee if your head i$ on $traightJ /o$t %eo% e have e2%erienced 9ac' %ain or $%ina H re ated %ro9 e+$ $o+eti+e in their ife. There are nu+erou$ a%%roache$ to achieving re ief fro+ thi$ oftenti+e$ di$a9 ing %ain. There are %rocedure$ that vary a$ wide y a$ 9ed re$t to +edication$: acu%uncture: acu%re$$ure: and then the e2tre+e@ $urgery. * of the$e and other $y$te+$ have had their degree$ of $ucce$$e$ and fai ure$. "erha%$ the one thing that can 9e $aid for certain i$ that there i$

no cureHa : no 133H%ercent $o ution for a 9ac' %ro9 e+$. 6t i$: after a : a very co+% icated %ro9 e+. The $%ina co u+n: variou$ ayer$ of +u$c e$: and the nervou$ $y$te+ arge y +a'e u% the $tructure that not on y a ow$ u$ to re+ain u%right under gravity: 9ut a $o a ow$ u$ to 9end: twi$t: and ti t. 6n $ee'ing out he %: +o$t %eo% e wi u$e the +ore con$ervative a%%roache$ fir$t: i'e 9ed re$t: and then 'ee% +oving toward the +ore e2tre+e: i'e $urgery: if they have not o9tained the re ief they need. 6n thi$ arena of 9ac' %ain %rocedure$: there i$ a $y$te+ that offer$ $ti another a%%roach. 6t7$ con$ervative: co$t efficient: 9ut: +ore i+%ortant y: e2tre+e y %reci$e and %ain e$$. Thi$ %rocedure i$ na+ed N!CC* after the Nationa !%%er Cervica Chiro%ractic *$$ociation. The N!CC* %rinci% e$ were deve o%ed in /ichigan 9y 1r$. >a %h Gregory and <ohn Gro$tic in the 1.#3$. N!CC* wa$ for+ed in 1.(& a$ a nationa organi;ation recogni;ed 9y the federa govern+ent. N!CC* i$ a $%ecia ty within the chiro%ractic %rofe$$ion that concentrate$ $%ecifica y on returning the head and nec' to nor+a . /o$t condition$ that can 9enefit fro+ chiro%ractic care u$ua y 9egin and can end in the nec'. Fa $: a whi% a$h ty%e of accident: or a twi$t of the nec' can a re$u t in the re ation$hi% of the head and nec' going off center. 5y adAu$ting the head and nec': the entire $%ine: inc uding the %e vi$: can return 9ac' toward nor+a . Thi$ +u$t 9e done 9efore $%ina

9a ance can 9e attained. The %e vi$ i$ the foundation for the $%ineI hence it $u%%ort$ the $%ine. *$ the head $hift$ off center: the %e vi$ +u$t a $o $hift. Thi$ i$ to 'ee% the 9ody a$ u%right a$ %o$$i9 e. 6f the head i$ in it$ nor+a %o$ition: the %e vi$ wi 9e direct y under it. 5ut if the head and nec' +i$a ign: the +u$c e$ of the 9ac' wi auto+atica y tighten to $hift the %e vi$ $o it wi 9e a$ direct y under the head a$ %o$$i9 e. Thi$ $hifting of the $tructure of $%ine and %e vi$ can 9e the cau$e of +any 9ac' %ro9 e+$: $uch a$ ow 9ac' $%a$+$: headache$: %oor %o$ture: or ting ing %ain in the e2tre+itie$: etc. !n e$$ the head and nec' are returned 9ac' to their nor+a %o$ition: you +ay never rea y have a ongHter+ correction with ongH ter+ re$u t$. 5ecau$e the %e vi$ i$ the $u%%orting $tructure of the $%ine: N!CC*: through %reci$e in$tru+entation: +ea$ure$ it$ di$% ace+ent and u$e$ it a$ a gauge in deter+ining if the %atient i$ in adAu$t+ent. Three very e2acting K ray$ are ta'en and ana y;ed 9efore any ty%e of treat+ent i$ rendered. Each %er$on ha$ hi$ or her uni,ue ty%e of +i$a ign+ent %attern that +u$t 9e %reci$e y deter+ined. Once the ty%e and degree of +i$a ign+ent have 9een e$ta9 i$hed: the doctor i$ a9 e to direct a $ ight and contro ed %re$$ure into the nec' at a %articu ar $%ot: which wi then 9ring the head and nec' 9ac' toward nor+a . The c o$er the doctor can re$tore the head and nec' to nor+a : the +ore $ta9 e and ong a$ting the

adAu$t+ent wi 9e. *$ the 9ody return$ to nor+a : the +u$c e$ wi %u even y: re ieving +u$c e $%a$+$. Swe ing around the nerve$ can $u9$ide: re ieving the %inched nerve fee ing. "o$tura change$ can occur a ong with the re+ova of $tre$$ on the weightH9earing Aoint$ Fhi%$: ow 9ac'G. *fter the correction ha$ ta'en % ace: 9oth the doctor and %atient $hou d $ee $ignificant re$u t$ in %o$tura change$. Within a threeH to $i2Hwee' %eriod: $y+%to+atic re ief $hou d occur. Each ca$e i$ uni,ue: 9ut genera y $y+%to+$ can 9egin to a ter fro+ a$ $oon a$ a few hour$ u% to four to $i2 wee'$ fro+ the adAu$t+ent. *fter a : it u$ua y ha$ ta'en ti+e to get out of $ha%e. 6t wi a $o ta'e ti+e for the ti$$ue and nerve$ to hea . *$ an a ternative to correcting 9ac' %ro9 e+$: N!CC* ha$ had wonderfu re$u t$ and re$earch docu+ented over the %a$t fortyHfive year$. So when you get to the %oint where you thought you7ve tried everything: you +ay want to find out if your head i$ on $traight. 1r. G enn Cri%e of New%ort 5each i$ a 1octor of Chiro%ractic$ $%ecia i;ing in N!CC*. The daughter of a friend of our$ had twin 9a9ie$ a cou% e of year$ ago: and fro+ the ti+e of the de ivery $he had never 9een a9 e to do any of her hou$ewor' or the nor+a ta$'$ a$$ociated with 9eing a wife and

a +other. She had 9een to +any +edica doctor$ and chiro%ractor$ and had received no re ief what$oever: unti $he found out a9out thi$ N!CC* treat+ent. She went and had three treat+ent$. *fter the third treat+ent: $he wa$ a9 e to do nor+a hou$ewor': and $he ha$ re+ained hea ed ever $ince then. We 9e ieve whatever can 9e done 9y a +edica doctor or chiro%ractor can 9e done 9y u$ing the %ower of GodE The fir$t ti+e we ever tried thi$ wa$ when a young +an who had 9een in an auto+o9i e accident and wa$ in e2cruciating %ain in hi$ 9ac' ca+e to one of our $ervice$. We $at hi+ down and +ea$ured hi$ eg$ a$ we do when we do 4The ?eg Thing.4 0e had one eg over four inche$ $horter than the other fro+ thi$ accident to hi$ 9ac'. We did not do the u$ua 4?eg Thing:4 9ut in$tead we aid our finger a ong hi$ Aaw9one and +ade the co++and for the N!CC*. We $aid: 46n the na+e of <e$u$: we co++and the 9rain $te+ to 9e centered over the $%ine to re ieve a %ro9 e+$ in the 9ac': and we co++and the 9rain $te+ and the head to ine u% %erfect y with the $%ina co u+n.4 *fter we had +ade thi$ $i+% e co++and in <e$u$7 na+e: we $at hi+ down. 0i$ eg had grown out to a9$o ute nor+a ength with the other one: and he had no %ain what$oeverE 0e $%ent the re$t of the night reAoicing and %rai$ing God. What a thri to $ee thi$ wor' the fir$t ti+e we tried it.

We have done thi$ +any ti+e$ $ince then with re+ar'a9 e $ucce$$. 6f you wi oo' at the diagra+$ on %age$ .2=.3: you wi $ee what ha%%en$ 9efore and after an accident: and it doe$n7t have to 9e an auto+o9i e accident. 6t can 9e any 'ind where the 9ody i$ $tretched a9nor+a y. "ut your finger on the to% verte9ra Ffir$t 9one of the $%ineG. Then $%ea' thi$ co++and@ 46n <e$u$7 na+e 6 co++and the head and nec' to +ove into the %o$ition $o that every verte9ra and di$c go into %erfect a ign+ent and 9e hea ed fro+ to% to 9otto+E4 6f thi$ doe$ not co+% ete y a eviate the %ain: then do 4TTT.4 "rior to a $%ina trau+a: the twe veH%ound head i$ even y centered over the nec'. *fter the trau+a: the head ha$ $hifted away fro+ center. To co+%en$ate: the nec' 9uc' e$ fro+ it$ intended %o$ition: %utting undue $tre$$ on +u$c e$ and iga+ent$. The $%ina co u+n re+ain$ $traight and 9a anced a$ ong a$ the head i$ centered over the nec'. Fo owing an accident: the head i$ $hifted away fro+ center. To co+%en$ate for the change and to 'ee% the 9ody in 9a ance: the entire $%ina co u+n 9egin$ to 9uc' e. Over ti+e: an inAury to the head and nec' can cau$e ow 9ac' %ain.

Cha%ter E even When /ini$tering 0eating !%

by Charles and Frances Thi$ 0and9oo' for 0ea ing: a ong with the 9oo' and video and audio ta%e$ ca ed 0ow to 0ea the Sic': can on y 9rief y and $i+% y teach 9a$ic %rinci% e$ of hea ing. 6n no $en$e i$ thi$ to 9e con$idered a H inc u$ive or to indicate any a%% ication of +edica or $cientific %rocedure$ or %ractice$. The$e are on y $ugge$ted guide ine$. We urge everyone who %o$$i9 y can to $tudy our video ta%e$ and 9oo'$: % u$ the doctor$7 %ane $ video$. /uch can 9e earned fro+ the+. The %rinci% e$ of a%% ying the hea ing +ethod$ out ined in the 5i9 e and in our teaching$ wi 9e i+%rinted on your +ind. *udio ta%e$ of the variou$ 0ea ing E2% o$ion doctor$7 %ane $ are avai a9 e through our office and are very va ua9 e teaching$. 6f you de$ire further infor+ation a9out variou$ di$ea$e$: +any good +edica dictionarie$ and hand9oo'$ are avai a9 e through 9oo'$tore$. 6f in dou9t: a$' your doctor to he % you. * $o do a $earch on the 6nternet. We can never re%eat often enough that you fo ow

the advice of your doctor. We are not doctor$: and we urge a 9e iever$ to never try to fo ow +edica %rocedure$: 9ut $i+% y to do the chi d i'e a%% ication of God7$ %ower in <e$u$7 na+e. AIDS: ACQUIRED IMMUNE DEFICIENCY SYNDROME We want to inc ude a word a9out *61S: or *c,uired 6++une 1eficiency Syndro+e. Thi$ %articu ar di$ea$e i$ %re$ented in detai $ince it i$ $uch a deva$tating %ro9 e+: and 9ecau$e the incidence i$ ra%id y on the ri$e in our day and ti+e. 6n *%ri 1.-): we were to d that there wa$ no +edica cure for *61S: no %ro$%ective cure: and itt e ho%e for an effective vaccine. Since then: there i$ $ti no cure= on y +edication$ that he % %eo% e with the di$ea$e to ive onger. The Chri$tian co++unity ha$ $een +ore and +ore %eo% e re,ue$ting +ini$tering of hea ing for thi$ di$ea$e. What i$ *61SJ Thi$ i$ a di$ea$e cau$ed 9y a viru$ ca ed 0T?DH666: or the *61S viru$. What doe$ it doJ The *61S viru$ cau$e$ a $evere reduction and de% etion of the i++une $y$te+ of a %er$on unti hi$ or her 9ody can no onger effective y fight off infection. 0ow i$ the viru$ tran$+ittedJ The %ri+ary way in which the *61S viru$ i$ %a$$ed fro+ one %er$on to another i$ through $e2ua intercour$e. 6t wa$ fir$t

thought that on y ho+o$e2ua contact wa$ tran$+itting the di$ea$e: 9ut now it i$ c ear that %eo% e with +u ti% e hetero$e2ua contact$ are a $o at ri$'. Thi$ o9viou$ y +ean$ that the %er$on +arried to $o+eone with *61S i$ at ri$' of deve o%ing the di$ea$e a$ we . *61S can a $o 9e %a$$ed through 9 ood tran$fu$ion$: and through the u$e of dirty hy%oder+ic need e$. 6t cou d %o$$i9 y a $o 9e %a$$ed fro+ an o%en $ore or 9 eeding cut into an o%en cut or +ucou$ +e+9rane of another %er$on. There i$ $u$%icion: 9ut no evidence: that inten$e 'i$$ing +ay tran$fer the viru$. There i$ a $o no evidence that any ca$ua contact: i'e $ha'ing hand$: a 'i$$ on the chee': or $nee;ing or coughing can infect other$. 0ow do 6 +ini$ter to $o+eone with *61SJ 6f the %er$on contracted the di$ea$e through either ho+o$e2ua or %ro+i$cuou$ activity: the fir$t thing he need$ to do i$ re%ent and 9e 9orn again. We fir+ y 9e ieve there wi never 9e a hea ing of *61S without co+% ete and genuine re%entance and a turning away fro+ the ife$ty e in which one ha$ %reviou$ y 9een engaged. The % an of $a vation i$ e2tre+e y i+%ortant in the hea ing of thi$ %articu ar di$ea$e: $o don7t ru$h over thi$ %art of the hea ing. Then re9u'e and ta'e authority over the infection in the na+e of <e$u$: and ca$t out the $%irit of *61S in

<e$u$7 na+e. Co++and hea ing or re$toration to the entire i++une $y$te+ in the na+e of <e$u$. Co++and the entire 9ody to 9e hea ed and re$tored to nor+a in the na+e of <e$u$. * $o do the 4e ectrica and che+ica fre,uencie$ thing.4 The root cau$e of *61S $ti $te+$ fro+ $in$ that are a9o+ination$ to God. *n innocent $%ou$e or individua +ay get *61S and not 9e gui ty of $in hi+$e f: 9ut the $ource $ti $ee+$ to de$cend fro+ the $in. 0ere are a few Scri%ture$ that c ear y te what God thin'$ a9out thi$ $in again$t the 9ody: which i$ intended to 9e 0i$ te+% e@ * of ?eviticu$ 1- dea $ with the aw$ of $e2ua +ora ity. S%ecifica y: ver$e$ 22: 2#: and 2. in the New Bing <a+e$ Der$ion $ay: You $ha not he with a +a e a$ with a wo+an. 6t i$ an a9o+ination 1o not defi e your$e ve$ with any of the$e thing$ For whoever co++it$ any of the$e a9o+ination$: the %er$on$ who co++it the+ $ha 9e cut off fro+ a+ong their %eo% e. We a $o find the fo owing %a$$age$ in ?eviticu$ and 1 Corinthian$: re$%ective y@ 6f a +an ie$ with a +a e a$ he ie$ with a wo+an: 9oth of the+ have co++itted an a9o+ination. They $ha $ure y 9e %ut to death. Their 9 ood $ha 9e

u%on the+. F?eviticu$ 23@13 NB<DG 1o you not 'now that the unrighteou$ wi not inherit the 'ingdo+ of GodJ 1o not 9e deceived. Neither fornicator$: nor ido ater$: nor adu terer$: nor ho+o$e2ua $: nor $odo+ite$: nor thieve$: nor covetou$: nor drun'ard$: nor revi er$: nor e2tortioner$ wi inherit the 'ingdo+ of God. *nd $uch were $o+e of you. 5ut you were wa$hed: 9ut you were $anctified: 9ut you were Au$tified in the na+e of the ?ord <e$u$ and 9y the S%irit of our God. F1 Corinthian$ (@.H11 NB<DG. "rai$e God for the rede+%tion % an of <e$u$E 6$ there ho%e for hea ing %eo% e with *61SJ Ye$=in <e$u$E DRINK PLENTY OF WATER We i$tened to a Trinity 5roadca$ting Networ' FT5NG %rogra+ recent y where there were eight doctor$ and two nutritioni$t$: and they a $aid that the %ro9 e+ with the $ic' 9ody of Chri$t i$ that none of u$ are drin'ing enough water. We con$tant y get infor+ation a9out what water doe$: 9ut recent y we received an eH+ai that contained $o+e intere$ting fact$. We7re going to %a$$ the infor+ation on to you and ho%e that you wi $tart drin'ing +ore water. SeventyHfive %ercent of *+erican$ are chronica y

dehydrated F i'e y a%% ie$ to ha f the wor d %o%u ationG. 6n 3) %ercent of *+erican$: the thir$t +echani$+ i$ $o wea' that it i$ often +i$ta'en for hunger. Even +i d dehydration wi $ ow down one7$ +eta9o i$+ a$ +uch a$ 3 %ercent. One g a$$ of water $hut down +idnight hunger %ang$ for a +o$t 133 %ercent of the dieter$ $tudied in a !niver$ity of Wa$hington $tudy. ?ac' of water i$ the nu+9er one trigger of dayti+e fatigue. "re i+inary re$earch indicate$ that eight to ten g a$$e$ of water a day cou d $ignificant y ea$e 9ac' and Aoint %ain for u% to -3 %ercent of $ufferer$. * +ere 2 %ercent dro% in 9ody water can trigger fu;;y $hortHter+ +e+ory: trou9 e with 9a$ic +ath: and difficu ty focu$ing on the co+%uter $creen or on a %rinted %age. 1rin'ing five g a$$e$ of water dai y decrea$e$ the ri$' of co on cancer 9y #& %ercent: % u$ it can $ a$h the ri$' of 9rea$t cancer 9y ). %ercent: and one i$ &3 %ercent e$$ i'e y to deve o% 9 adder cancer. *re you drin'ing the a+ount of water you $hou d every dayJ

MINISTERING TO CHILDREN When +ini$tering to chi dren: re+e+9er that you are +uch 9igger than they are: and if you are not carefu : you +ay frighten the+ and o$e their confidence. Thi$ %rinci% e a $o a%% ie$ to adu t$: e$%ecia y to tho$e who have never 9een e2%o$ed to divine hea ing or de iverance. 5e carefu to a%%roach the+ in gent ene$$ and ove. You +ay 9e 4fu grown4 in the $u%ernatura : whi e they +ay 9e a$ itt e chi dren: and there i$ a $o a ri$' of frightening the+ and o$ing their confidence. One of the 9e$t way$ to a%%roach a chi d i$ to co+e down to their eve 9y 'nee ing. 6t he %$ a great dea to a way$ $+i e and ta ' to the+ ,uiet y and confident y. One good way to gain contact with a young$ter i$ to e2tend your hand$ to the+: %a +$ u%ward and o%en: $o they can % ace their hand$ in your$. Whi e +ini$tering to the+: do not rai$e your voice. 6t i$ %o$$i9 e to continue $+i ing at the young$ter at the $a+e ti+e you are ta'ing authority over an evi $%irit and ca$ting it out in <e$u$7 na+e. S%ea' with authority: and that $%irit wi recogni;e that you +ean 9u$ine$$: and it wi o9ey. * chi d wi a way$ recogni;e when $o+eone i$ +ini$tering in ove: and he wi re$%ond. Therefore: %roAect to hi+ fro+ the

in$ide of you that you ove hi+ and you are there to he % hi+. MENTAL ILLNESS 0ow an individua thin'$ i$ a re$u t of what he or $he ha$ a owed into the +ind. Therefore: when the wrong thought$ and thought %attern$ co+e acro$$ the +ind: regard e$$ of their origin: it i$ u% to each individua to either receive: reAect: or re% ace the+ with the right thin'ing and thought %attern. 6t ha$ 9een $aid that %ractica y a +enta i ne$$ i$ the re$u t of gui t. 6f $o: that $i+% y +ean$ there i$ $in in the ife. To gain contro and +a$tery of that area re,uire$ an ac'now edg+ent 9y that %er$on of the %ro9 e+ $ource: a genuine re%entance: with a turning away fro+ $in: and an acce%tance of <e$u$ Chri$t a$ ?ord and Savior. 6n$anity i$ c a$$ified a$ +enta i ne$$ a$ we di$cu$$ it here. To +ini$ter hea ing: fir$t 9ind and ca$t out the $%irit of whatever the %ro9 e+ i$@ de%re$$ion: o%%re$$ion: $chi;o%hrenia: +ania: and $o on: 9y the %ower of the 0o y S%irit: in <e$u$7 na+e. Ne2t $%ea' the %eace of God into that +ind and heart in the na+e of <e$u$. Since a +aAor %art of the %ro9 e+ originated in wrong thin'ing: then the +o$t i+%ortant $te% i$ to

change the thin'ing 9y renewing the +ind F$ee >o+an$ 12@1H2G 9y fi ing the +ind and the ife with the Word of God. The Word $ay$: 4?et thi$ +ind 9e in you which wa$ a $o in Chri$t <e$u$4 F"hi i%%ian$ 2@& NB<DG. Notice that it i$ a choice that we +u$t +a'eI God wi not do it for u$. We are to renew our +ind$ with God7$ Word 9y reading it: +editating on it: confe$$ing it: occu%ying our +ind$ with it: and iving it: unti we 9egin to thin' the $a+e way God thin'$. "eo% e need to 9e de ivered: $aved: and 9a%ti;ed in the 0o y S%irit: and then they need to get into the Word of God. Then: the on y way for the+ to re+ain free of thi$ 9ondage i$ to o9ey <e$u$ and 9e doer$ of the Word. That +ean$ they +u$t %ut the de$ire$ and %ur%o$e$ of God and <e$u$ a9ove their own. Tho$e who oo' inward wi %eri$h in dar'ne$$: 9ut tho$e who$e ight $hine$ outward to revea <e$u$ wi re+ain free. Therefore if the Son +a'e$ you free: you $ha 9e free indeed. F<ohn -@3( NB<DG SUICIDE "eo% e who have a tendency toward $uicide rea y need he %: and it i$ 9e$t to rea i;e that whi e $o+e of the+ need de iverance fro+ de+onic %ower$: other$ are caught in dee% fee ing$ of defeat and de%re$$ion.

Te the+ that God ove$ the+ and 0e ha$ %rovided a way for the+ to 9e free: if they wi Au$t a$' <e$u$ to forgive the+ and to co+e into their heart. 6n a fir+ 9ut ,uiet voice: with %ower and authority: oo' into their eye$ and ca$t out the $%irit@ 41evi : 6 9ind you in the na+e of <e$u$ and 9y the %ower of the 0o y S%irit: and 6 co++and you: $%irit of $uicide: to co+e out of thi$ %er$on now in <e$u$7 na+e.4 /ini$ter $a vation and the 9a%ti$+ with the 0o y S%irit to give the+ %ower to ive victoriou$ y. !rge the+ to get into a good church under the +ini$try of S%iritHfi ed %a$tor$. They need to earn how to oo' outward and he % other$: for on y a$ we give can we receive.

Cha%ter Twe ve The S%ine

1r. >oy <. ?e>oy ha$ 9een at a of our 0ea ing E2% o$ion$. 0e i$ an out$tanding chiro%ractor who active y %racticed in hi$ fie d for forty year$ 9efore he retired. 0e $hared hi$ va ua9 e 'now edge and e2%erience with u$ on the doctor$7 %ane $ at 0ea ing E2% o$ion$. We $ugge$t that you view our video ta%e$ of the %ane $. Nor+a <ean Dan 1e : a9out who+ we wrote the 9oo': 6+%o$$i9 e /irac e$: wa$ widowed: 9ut God $ent a widower to $wee% her off her feet: and $he 9eca+e /r$. ?e>oy in 1.-#. Their Aoint +ini$try to the $ic' i$ entit ed 6+%o$$i9 e /irac e$ /ini$try and i$ a %owerfu : uni,ue +ini$try. >ecent y $o+ething 1oc $aid triggered a great re$%on$e in u$. We fee it wi 9e a rea 9 e$$ing to you. * 9itterne$$ and re$ent+ent $tart fir$t with anger. So+e9ody doe$ $o+ething to you that +a'e$ you angry. Thi$ cau$e$ an overa9undance of adrena in to 9e $u%% ied into your 9ody. The 9ody cannot a9$or9 the e2ce$$ a+ount of adrena in that $hoot$ out: and a$ a re$u t it goe$ into the 'idney$: 9ut they are una9 e to carry off thi$ e2ce$$. 6t ha$ to go $o+e% ace: $o it $ett e$ in the Aoint$ of the 9ody: which cau$e$

arthriti$. We wou d who ehearted y reco++end to any9ody who ha$ arthriti$ that you oo' dee% y in your ife and $ee if you have 9itterne$$ and unforgivene$$ toward another %er$on. 6f $o: get it out of your $y$te+. Thi$ i$ not the on y cau$e of arthriti$ according to $tati$tic$: 9ut i$ one of the +o$t $ignificant. 1r. ?e>oy ha$ 9 e$$ed our hea ing tea+$ +ighti y in hi$ 'now edge of the $%ine: and he ha$ %rovided the fo owing for your 9enefit.

THE SPINE by Dr. Roy J. LeRoy 6t i$ e$ti+ated that c o$e to -& %ercent of adu t$ wi have 9ac' andCor nec' %ro9 e+$ of $o+e $ort during their ifeti+e. /o$t of the$e %ro9 e+$ are a re$u t of $o+e 'ind of inAury. !$ua y the condition that occur$ i$ a co+9ination of +i$a igned verte9rae: +u$c e $train: iga+ent and tendon $train or tearing. 6n addition: the di$c that $it$ 9etween the verte9rae +ay a $o 9e da+aged. With thi$ high incidence of $%ina %ro9 e+$: a arge %ercentage of %eo% e who co+e for hea ing wi have

thi$ a$ their co+% aint. Char e$ and France$ have given nic'na+e$ to the$e way$ of +ini$tering hea ing. * +o$t a of the$e %ro9 e+$ are +ini$tered to 9y@ L L L L 4Growing out ar+$4 Fthe ar+ thingG 4Growing out eg$4 Fthe eg thingG The nec' thing FTNTG: andCor The %e vic thing FT"TG

They ca the co+9ination of a of the$e 4The tota thing4 FTTTG. Therefore: we wi 9rief y review the $%ine and it$ %ro9 e+$. The verte9rae are the 9one$ that +a'e u% the $%ina co u+n: $itting one on to% of the other. 6n 9etween the$e verte9rae are the di$c$: or %ad$: that a ow a certain a+ount of +otion in 9ending and twi$ting the 9ac' and nec'. * of the$e 9one$ are he d in % ace 9y $et$ of iga+ent$: tendon$: and +u$c e$. 6n the 9ac' the verte9ra co u+n i$ a channe +ade u% of the circu ar ring$ of 9one on the 9ac' of the verte9rae that hou$e and %rotect the $%ina cord: the +ain 9und e of nerve$ running fro+ the 9rain to a the %art$ of the 9ody. * $evere fracture or di$ ocation can cau$e da+age to the cord it$e f: or to any of the thirtyHone %air$ of nerve root$ that co+e out fro+ 9etween the individua verte9rae. 1a+age to a di$c: the %ad

9etween the verte9rae: can cau$e it to 9u ge out and %ut %re$$ure on a nerve root: cau$ing %ain and at ti+e$ wea'ne$$ on either one $ide or 9oth $ide$ of the 9ody. The $%ine $tart$ Au$t under the 9a$e of the $'u with what i$ ca ed the cervica $%ine. Thi$ i$ the $erie$ of the fir$t $even verte9rae: the to%+o$t 9eing the *t a$ and the $econd one the *2i$. The head rotate$ fro+ $ide to $ide on the *t a$: and forward and 9ac'ward on the *2i$. The nerve$ fro+ the cervica $%ine $u%% y the face and head: the nec': $hou der$: and %artway down the ar+$. *ny %re$$ure on the$e nerve$ wi cau$e %ain and interference with nor+a function in the$e area$. For hea ing in thi$ area we do 4the nec' thing.4 The thoracic For dor$a G $%ine con$i$t$ of the ne2t twe ve verte9rae: each of which ha$ a %air of ri9$ co+ing off the $ide$: for+ing the ri9 cage. The nerve$ that co+e out fro+ the $%ina cord at thi$ eve $u%% y the ower ar+$: the hand$: and the che$t. For hea ing in thi$ area: we do what i$ ca ed 4growing out ar+$.4 The u+9ar $%ine con$i$t$ of the 9otto+ five verte9rae: where the nerve$ $u%% ying the eg$ and feet co+e fro+ 9etween the verte9rae. For hea ing in thi$ area we do what i$ ca ed 4growing out eg$.4 The ne2t 9one: rather arger than the verte9rae: i$ ca ed the $acru+: and $u%% ie$ $u%%ort for the

entire $%ina co u+n. Thi$ 9one i$ a $o Aoined to the two hi%: or i iac: 9one$ Fa %art of the %e vi$G through a $erie$ of iga+ent$: tendon$: and the $acroi iac Aoint$. For +ini$tering hea ing to the entire %e vic area: we do what i$ ca ed 4the %e vic thing.4 The thigh 9one$: or fe+ur$: are Aoined to the hi% 9one$. <u$t 9e ow the $acru+ i$ the coccy2 9one: a $hort 9one that co+e$ c o$e to the rectu+: a $o 'nown a$ the tai 9one. Whi e +ini$tering to $o+eone with a nec' or 9ac' inAury: it i$ not unco++on to find that they have 9een to a doctor and +ay 9e wearing an ortho%edic co ar or 9race. 1o not re+ove or readAu$t the a%%aratu$ when +ini$tering: $ince thi$ cou d 9e con$idered %racticing +edicine. *fter the %er$on ha$ 9een +ini$tered to: we $ugge$t that you a$' hi+ if the %ain i$ gone. Nor+a y he can te whether there ha$ 9een i+%rove+ent whi e the co ar or 9race i$ $ti in % ace. 6f he re%ort that$ the %ro9 e+ ha$ i+%roved: you +ay a$' hi+ if he want$ to re+ove the a%%aratu$ to $ee what God ha$ done. ?et it 9e hi$ choice. Encourage the %er$on to return to hi$ doctor for eva uation: ,ua ification: or verification a$ a%%ro%riate. 4

Cha%ter Thirteen The 4*""EST*T4

by Mary Ruth S ope 1r. /ary >uth Swo%e received her 5.S. degree fro+ Winthro% Co ege in >oc'vi e: South Caro ina. She then went on to receive her /a$ter of Science degree: inc uding nutrition: fro+ the !niver$ity of North Caro ina at Green$9oro. 0er doctorate i$ fro+ the Co u+9ia !niver$ity in New Yor' City. She taught high $choo for $even year$: then wor'ed a$ a nutritioni$t for the Ohio 0ea th 1e%art+ent for three year$. 1r. Swo%e then entered the co ege arena: where $he wa$ a +e+9er of the Food$ and Nutrition Facu ty at "urdue !niver$ity: and ater $erved a$ 0ead of Food$ and Nutrition at the !niver$ity of Nevada. For eighteen year$ %rior to her retire+ent in 1ece+9er 1.-3: 1r. Swo%e wa$ 1ean of the Schoo of 0o+e Econo+ic$: Ea$tern 6 inoi$ !niver$ity: Char e$ton: 6 inoi$. We ,ua ified in the fie d of nutrition: 1r. /ary >uth Swo%e ha$ +ade e2ce ent contri9ution$ to the 0ea ing E2% o$ion$ Fa$ you can $ee on our video$G. She attended a +o$t every 0ea ing E2% o$ion: and her advice i$ e2ce ent and u%HtoHdate.

She i$ a $%ecia i$t in the area of the 4a%%e$tat:4 a$ $he ca $ it: and $hare$ $o+e of her wea th of 'now edge in thi$ area on the fo owing %age$. DEFINITION OF APPESTAT The a%%e$tat i$ the a%%etite contro center in the hy%otha +u$ g and in the 9rain. 6t i$ regu ated 9y the 9 ood $ugar eve . Co+%are it to the ther+o$tat in your hou$e. When the air coo $ off: the furnace co+e$ on unti the te+%erature cut$ off the ther+o$tat. That7$ the way the a%%e$tat wor'$: e2ce%t that our Aun'Hfood and highH$ugar diet ha$ 49ro'en4 the a%%e$tat. God need$ to re%air it 9y readAu$ting the $etH%oint. God u$e$ you to do that 9y the aying on of hand$ and 9y your co++and. SPIRITUAL ASPECTS OF THE OBESITY PROBLEM Overweight %eo% e are often hara$$ed 9y the fo owing@ 1. *ddiction to $ugar: fat$: $a t: Aun' food$: etc. 2. G uttony 3. Caffeine #. Craving for unwho e$o+e drin'$ Fa e: 9eer: 9our9on: 9randy: cha+%agne: $oft drin'$: wine: etc.G

&. Craving for unwho e$o+e food$ F%or': $hri+%: catfi$h: etc.G (. /or9id hunger=hunger e2%erience$ $hort y after a +ea : which re$u t$ in 9u i+ia ). 6nheritance 9ond$ -. 1ece%tion of overeating F u$t for foodG .. *n2iety or in$ecurity 13. Fear of not getting enough to eat in the %re$ence of % enty God ha$ %ro+i$ed to guide you: even in the detai $ of $ituation$. 0e 'now$ what you need to do and $ay. You +ay notE Tru$t 0i+ to act on your 9eha f and that of the %eo% e who are to receive de iverance and hea ing. When %raying for %eo% e: %ut one hand on their forehead. God wi 9eco+e their nutrition teacher and wi $how the+ what to eat and not to eat. ?ay your other hand on their a%%e$tat at the 9a$e of their 9rain. God wi re$et their 4outHofHcontro 4 a%%e$tat$. They wi g orify God through contro ed 9ody weight: if they o9ey 0i+. /irac e after +irac e wi ta'e % ace 9efore your

eye$. God7$ S%irit wi 9e wor'ing in +arve ou$ and +iracu ou$ way$. "ray +uch for o9e$e %eo% e. 6 wi $how you that i$ what they need. 0ea ing of the a%%etite i$ no different than hea ing a 'neeca% or $o+e other dy$H functioning %art of the 9ody. 6 ne$$ to any %art: no +atter how $+a or incon$e,uentia it $ee+$: can de$troy the who e 9eing. *%%etite i$ no e2ce%tion. 1ivine hea ing of the a%%e$tat wi 9ring nor+a cy to the dietary %attern: and when eating ha9it$ return to nor+a : 9odie$ hea the+$e ve$ to a great e2tent. Overnutrition of the 9ody i$ often acco+%anied 9y undernutrition of the $%irit and $ou . "eo% e get fat: 9 oated: and often forget their God a$ the 6$rae ite$ didE Science cannot $o ve thi$ %ro9 e+. That7$ o9viou$. 5ut God canE <e$u$ wi $et the ca%tive$ free through the aying on of hand$. * +o$t no9ody in Chri$tendo+ ha$ had the vi$ion of the devi 7$ $nea'y % an to de$troy hea th: wea th: and ha%%ine$$ through diet +ani%u ation. That i$ why Chri$tian$ are overeating: overfed: and overweight. /i ion$ are headed for 9ed$ of aff iction acco+%anied 9y high +edica 9i $. They have not $to%%ed to thin' how thi$ affect$ God7$ +arching ar+y: 0i$ $u%% y of $o dier$: in the$e a$t day$. See o9e$ity a$ a de$troyer: a 'i er. G uttony +ai+$E /i ion$ wi atte$t to thi$ fact. *9nor+a e2ce$$e$

re$u t in $%ecific di$ea$e$ that de$troy the 9ody: the $ou : and the $%irit. See your$e f a$ a %artia an$wer to thi$ %ro9 e+. S%ea' to the %er$on to who+ you are +ini$tering: without conde+nation: and a$' hi+ to %ray with you. SUGGESTED PRAYER In the name of Jesus, I speak to my body and command my thoughts about food to line up with good nutrition. I bind any spirit of lust for sugar, fat, pork, blood, too much meat, junk foods, and all other unhealthful foods. I speak to my body and command my metabolism to become perfectly normal. Digestive organs, I command you to work as they were meant to work, in the name of Jesus. I speak to my "appestat" and command it to be healed at the upper limits, in the name of Jesus. I will no longer experience a ferocious appetite or be tempted to go on eating binges. I say, appetite, that you will learn to love pleasant bread, and you will eat it willingly, without murmuring for the glory of !od and the sake of the kingdom, in the name of Jesus. "men.

4For God i$ at wor' within you: he %ing you want to o9ey hi+: and then he %ing you do what he want$4 F"hi i%%ian$ 2@13 T?5G. SUGAR: THE INFLICTOR OF GREAT PUNISHMENT * noted doctor $aid: 4Sugar i$ the greate$t $courge Fa whi% that inf ict$ great %uni$h+entG that ha$ ever 9een vi$ited on +an in the na+e of food.4 0e 9e ieve$ that it $hou d 9e out awed a$ a %oi$on: 9ecau$e that7$ what it i$. 6t ha$ %erverted our a%%etite$ and ruined our interna organ$. 6t i$ $u%% ying the %erfect food for our cancer: heart trou9 e: dia9ete$: $oft 9one$: %ancreatiti$: 'idney di$ea$e: iver di$ea$e: $tic'y 9 ood % ate et$: and denta carie$I and it increa$e$ our de$ire for coffee and a coho . 0e $ugge$t$ that when you $u9$titute de2tro$e and any other 'ind of $ugar for white ta9 e $ugar: it i$ co+%ara9 e to e2changing a ratt e$na'e for a co9ra a$ a 9ed %artnerE Endocrino ogi$t$ agree that $ugar de$troy$ God7$ re ative 9a ance of the g and$ and nervou$ $y$te+. The$e are the g and$ that %roduce and $ecrete hor+one$ into the 9 ood or y+%h: to a %art$ of the 9ody. Sugar u%$et$ the 9a ance and %roduce$ a hy%er$ecretion of hor+one$ co+%ara9 e to what you

get with ta'ing drug$ and artificia hor+one$. 6n addition: it i$ addictive. One of the +o$t da+aging thing$ i$ that it cau$e$ the a%%etite contro center to go he terH$'e ter. Sugar i$ devoid of any nutritiona va ue Fe2ce%t ca orie$G: $o the ce $ do not get the vita+in$: +inera $: en;y+e$: %rotein: and $o on: that they need. When you inge$t $ugar: the 4$ugar g and$4 go to wor': te ing you to eat +ore food $o that your ce $ +ight have a chance to get the +i$$ing nutrient$ for which they are oo'ing. Your %ancrea$ wor'$ harder to %rovide +ore in$u in. 6t te $ your 9rain to eat +ore $ugar 9ecau$e it cannot $ ow down fa$t enough to 'ee% fro+ throwing you into a co+a. So: you receive dou9 e da+age=you eat +ore Aun': and your g and$ 'ee% wor'ing to te you to give the+ +ore nutrient$E * recent $tudy: in which %eo% e ate eighteen hundred ca orie$ %er day of $weet food$: re%orted u% to a #3 %ercent increa$e in cho e$tero in two wee'$. The +o$t frightening finding wa$ that ta9 e $ugar wa$ found in the urine of a %artici%ant$. *$ one doctor $aid: 46t re+ain$ to 9e $een what the twentyHfir$t century %eo% e wi 9e i'eI their endocrine g and$ are going to 9e da+aged fro+ 9irth. 0eart di$ea$e wi 9e u%: even fro+ 9irthI we are $eeing chi dren 9orn now with % ugged 9 ood ve$$e $: e$%ecia y 9oy 9a9ie$.

WHO WILL PROTECT US FROM THIS DESTRUCTION? Wi dietician$J No: they give you <e o: which ha$ (3 %ercent $ugar in it: right after you7ve 9een a$$au ted 9y a $urgeon$7 'nifeE Wi ho+e econo+ic$ teacher$J No: they are $ti teaching young %eo% e to 9a'e the riche$t: $weete$t coo'ie$: ca'e$: %udding$: and $o on: that you can i+agine. Wi food +anufacturer$J No: $ugar i$ chea%: and $ugar $e $ %roduct$. So they wi find new way$ to foi$t +ore $ugar on u$. Fi ed: iced: and fried doughnut$ wi atte$t to thatE * noted doctor $ay$ that we are headed for nutritiona o9 iteration. The devi ove$ itE God hate$ itE 6t wa$ never 0i$ % an for +an to de$troy hi+$e f through %oor nutrition. GOD'S ANSWER VERSUS SATAN'S COUNTERFEIT GOD'S ANSWER: HONEY 4/y $on: eat honey 9ecau$e it i$ good: and the honeyco+9 which i$ $weet to your ta$te4 F"rover9$ 2#@13 NB<DG.

46t i$ not good to eat +uch honeyI $o to $ee' one7$ own g ory i$ not g ory4 F"rover9$ 2&@2) NB<DG. 1. Contain$ at ea$t fifteen nutrient$I an e2ce ent food. 2. 6n a raw $tate: i$ an aid to dige$tion 9ecau$e of en;y+e content. 3. 6n +oderation: doe$ not adver$e y affect i++une $y$te+. #. * natura anti9iotic. &. Sati$ifie$ a%%etiteI doe$ not interfere with de$ire for nouri$hing food. (. 6n +oderation: doe$ not contri9ute to weight gain. ). Enter$ 9 ood$trea+ $ ow y and %erfect y Ftwo ca orie$ %er +inuteG. -. 6n +oderation: i$ not har+fu to the Aoint$. .. !$efu to a coho ic$ when recovering. 13. 6$ %$ycho ogica y and e+otiona y $ati$fying.

SATAN'S COUNTERFEIT: SUGAR 4For what %ur%o$e to /e co+e$.. .$weet cane fro+ a <ar countryJ4 F<ere+iah (@23 N'AvG. 1. No nutrient$. * %oi$on. Not a food. 2. Sugar in the $to+ach cau$e$ fer+entation and %utrefication and interference with dige$tion. 3. Co+% ete y 9rea'$ down i++une $y$te+: cau$ing +any di$ea$e condition$ to f ouri$h. #. Cau$e$ fer+entation: eading to 9acteria growth and +any di$ea$e$. &. Cau$e$ g uttony and craving for +ore $weet$. (. One of the +ain cau$e$ of e2ce$$ weight. ). "roduce$ a yoHyo effect. -. Contri9ute$ to arthriti$. .. E2ce$$ $ugar contri9ute$ to a coho i$+. 13. Cau$e$ +enta di$tur9ance$: nervou$ di$order$: and $tre$$. 11. 1oe$ not de$troy 9one $tructure.

12. 1oe$ not contri9ute to heart di$ea$e: heart attac'$: $tro'e$: or high 9 ood %re$$ure. 13. 1oe$ not cau$e di$tortion of vi$ion. 11. Cau$e$ ca ciu+ ea'age fro+ 9one$: re$u ting in o$teo%oro$i$. 12. Cau$e$ heart di$ea$e and high 9 ood %re$$ure. 13. 1i+$ and 9 ur$ vi$ion and can cau$e dou9 e vi$ion Fyour eye$ are what you eatG.

THE BOTTOM LINE Sugar contri9ute$ to a di$ea$ed $tate of hea th and often re$u t$ in a $hortened ife$%an.

Cha%ter Fourteen Eye 0ea ing$

by Dr. Burton J. Dupuy, Jr. 1r. 5urton <. 1u%uy: <r.: an o%to+etri$t fro+ Natchitoche$: ?oui$iana: attended the New Or ean$ hea ing $e+inar: and the infor+ation he $hared with u$ re$u ted in +ore eye hea ing$ than in a of our other 0ea ing E2% o$ion$ %ut together. The re$u t$ continue: $o we %a$$ thi$ infor+ation on to you. There are two eye %ro9 e+$ that you wi %ro9a9 y run into +o$t often. They are g auco+a and cataract$. So+e %eo% e $ay the$e eye %ro9 e+$ are inherited. You +ight a$' the %er$on if anyone in hi$ fa+i y ha$ one of the$e di$ea$e$ or $ituation$. They are not nece$$ari y inherited. Cataract$ are due to %oor circu ation: 6 9e ieve: +ore than anything e $e. We7re not rea y $ure what cau$e$ it: 9ut we do 'now that a ac' of o2ygen $u%% y to the en$ in the eye wi cau$e cataract$. So+e are $%ot$: $o+e are $trea'$: $o+e are i'e du$t on the cornea: $o+e are Au$t +i 'y=there are a ty%e$. "ray that the $%ot in the eye wi 9e re+oved. Co++and the $%irit of inheritance to co+e out.

* cataract i$ not a growth. The en$ in the eye where the cataract i$ for+ed i$ $ha%ed i'e a +agnifying en$. 6t i$ thic' in the +idd e and thin on the edge$. 6t i$ co+%o$ed of ayer after ayer of $'in: $i+i ar to an onion. What ha%%en$ i$ the$e ayer$ $tart drying out in different area$: and thi$ cau$e$ a $%ot. So when the ight co+e$ through: when we oo' into the eye: we $ee a 9 ac' $%ot in there. 6t i$ not a growthI it i$ not cancerou$. 6t i$ Au$t a change or drying out of the ti$$ue. M"ray that the ti$$ue wi 9e re$tored to nor+a and the 9 ood $u%% y to the eye wi 9e re% eni$hed. G auco+a i$ an increa$e of %re$$ure in the eye. The f uid$ in the eye are con$tant y 9eing re% aced and drained out. The cana $ are $ i+ around the outer area of the iri$ where the f uid$ drain out of the eye: and if the$e cana $ 9eco+e c ogged: then the drainage $ ow$ down and the %re$$ure 9ui d$ u%. 6t7$ i'e 9 owing air into a 9a oon. Co++and the cana $ to 9e o%ened: co++and the $%irit of inheritance to co+e out: and co++and the %re$$ure to 9e re ieved and go down to nor+a : in <e$u$7 na+e.

Cha%ter Fifteen The 1ifference 5etween * /irac e *nd * 0ea ing

by Frances We a wi$h that we cou d ay hand$ on the $ic' and $ee the+ in$tant y recover. We ove it when we ay hand$ on a %er$on who ha$ %a $y: +a'e a co++and in the na+e of <e$u$: and then $ee the+ $to% $ha'ing i++ediate y. Thi$ awe$o+e +irac e recent y ha%%ened to u$. * ady got in the wrong ine: and Char e$ aid hand$ on her for dia9ete$. When $he fe under the %ower 6 $aid: 4Char e$: no: that7$ not dia9ete$I that7$ "ar'in$on7$ di$ea$e.4 So whi e $he wa$ on the f oor: we +ade the e ectrica and che+ica fre,uency co++and that we ta 'ed a9out in cha%ter $even. She oo'ed right u% at u$ and $aid: 467+ hea ed 9ecau$e 6 $to%%ed $ha'ing.4 She got u% off of the f oor and he d her ar+$ u% in the air. Where $he had 9een vio ent y $ha'ing 9efore: there wa$ not even a $ ight tre+orE Thi$ 9rought the who e audience to their feet in a $tanding ovation to <e$u$ 9ecau$e it wa$ the fir$t hea ing of the evening. 6t wa$ a $%ecia ti+eE 0ow we a wi$h they cou d a 9e i'e thi$E

* ady ca+e to a recent +eeting of our$ and $aid $he had 9een in an auto+o9i e accident thirtyH$i2 year$ ago. For thirtyH$i2 year$ $he had $uffered e2cruciating %ain day and night with no re ief. She $aid $he had $ e%t very itt e in the thirtyH$i2 year$ 9ecau$e the %ain wa$ $o inten$e. She had 9een to +edica doctor$: $he had 9een to chiro%ractor$: $he had 9een to every $ource you cou d thin' of: and $he $aid: 46 have not ived in thirtyH$i2 year$. 6 have Au$t e2i$ted.4 0er face $howed the %ain that $he had 9een through. * $i+% e co++and wa$ +ade: and how we wi$h there had 9een a ca+era to catch the e2%re$$ion on her faceE She wa$ tota y $hoc'ed to di$cover that $udden y Fand that7$ how ,uic' y it ha%%enedG the %ain di$a%%eared 133 %ercent. She 9ent overI $he ranI $he wa 'ed u% and down $tair$I $he did everything you cou d thin' of: and there wa$ not one $ign of %ain eft in her 9odyE The$e are the 'ind$ of hea ing$ we wi$h ha%%ened a the ti+e. 1on7t get di$couraged when they don7t ha%%en: 9ut 9e e2cited when they do. * itt e 9oy ca+e to our $ervice with rheu+atoid arthriti$. 0e wa$ nine year$ o d: and hi$ %arent$ to d u$ he had never had a day without %ain. Thi$ i$ rea y difficu t on a chi d 9ecau$e it +ade it i+%o$$i9 e for hi+ to % ay or %artici%ate in any ga+e$ with other chi dren. 5ut their great faith

9rought hi+ hundred$ of +i e$ to co+e to the $ervice. 0i$ hea ing wa$ ,uic': 9ecau$e chi dren are ea$i y hea ed $ince their faith i$ $o $i+% e. We +ade the u$ua co++and for rheu+atoid arthriti$: and $udden y he oo'ed u% with $i+% e chi d i'e faith and $aid: 41o you 'now 6 don7t have any %ain in +y 9ody at a J4 0e i++ediate y 9egan fee ing hi$ 'nee$ and fee ing hi$ feet and fee ing hi$ hand$. 0e oo'ed at +e and $aid: 46 don7t have anything. 6 don7t have a 9it of %ain anywhereE4 Then he too' off and ran down the ai$ e of the church to te hi$ +other that the %ain wa$ a gone. Thi$ i$ the 'ind that: of cour$e: e2cite$ the %er$on %rayed for: the %er$on who did the %raying: and an entire congregationE 0ow we wi$h a hea ing$ wou d 9e that way: and we 9e ieve $o+eday they wi E The in$tant one i$ the +irac e hea ingE 5ut there i$ another wonderfu 'ind of hea ing that ta'e$ % ace over ti+e. /any %eo% e: when they co+e forward: are %raying and ho%ing and e2%ecting their hea ing to 9e an in$tant hea ing. 5ut what ha%%en$ if they don7t get hea ed i++ediate yJ 1on7t et the devi $tea your hea ing fro+ youE The %ower of God ha$ gone into the %er$on %rayed for: and the %ower of God wi continue to wor' in hi+E /any %eo% e: if they do not get an in$tant hea ing: +a'e the +i$ta'e of going 9ac' to their $eat and

$aying i++ediate y: 46 didn7t get +y hea ing.4 Thi$ i$ a owing the devi to $tea what ha%%ened to you: $o don7t ever i$ten when the devi te $ you that. When we7re aying hand$ on the $ic': we need to encourage %eo% e to continue to 9e ieve for their hea ing. There ha$ 9een a ot of co++ent$: 9oth %ro and con: 9y $o+e %eo% e in the Word Faith +ove+ent: which taught that a you have to $ay i$: 45y 0i$ $tri%e$ 6 a+ hea ed:4 and you wi 9e hea ed. Thi$ ha$ wor'ed for +any %eo% e: and we don7t want to di$courage you fro+ $tanding on the Word of God. Our %a$tor: <ohn O$teen: taught hi$ congregation an incredi9 e truth that we thin' he %$ a ot in thi$ $ituation. >o+an$ #@1) $ay$ that we can ca into 9eing tho$e thing$ which do not e2i$t a$ though they did: 9ut "a$tor <ohn $aid: 4You cannot ca the thing$ that are a$ though they are not.4 6n other word$: if you have cancer: you cannot $tand u% and $ay: 46 do not have cancer in +y 9ody.4 The %rovi$ion for your hea ing i$ there: 9ut you are not hea ed unti you are hea ed. You cannot deny that you have cancer. *t thi$ %oint: we rea y want to $hare $o+ething right fro+ our heart$. Once in a whi e you wi %ray for hea ing: 9ut you don7t get hea ed: and the condition wor$en$ and wor$en$ unti $o+ething ha$ to 9e done. 1on7t get u%$et. Severa year$ ago 6 had to have an artificia 'nee re% ace+ent in +y right eg. 6 9e ieved u% to the very

a$t +inute that God wa$ going to give +e a new 'neeca%: and 6 even in$i$ted 9efore 6 went to $urgery that the doctor ta'e a a$tH+inute K ray. 5ut God did not %ut in a new one. Now what $hou d 6 have doneJ 6 had 9e ieved for +y hea ing: 9ut 6 didn7t get it. 6 have +ore new %art$ than 6 have origina %art$: 9ut the 'nee wa$ not one of the+. 6 didn7t intend to ho99 e around cri%% ed the re$t of +y ife: $o 6 Au$t $aid: 4Than' You: <e$u$:4 and we a$'ed God to guide the $urgeon7$ hand. 6 did not $ay: 46 have received a new 'nee.4 6 $u%%o$e 6 cou d have $aid that: 9ecau$e u% unti that ti+e 6 had 9een wa 'ing 9one on 9one: and it rea y hurt. 5ut when 6 had the 'nee re% ace+ent %ut in: the %ain tota y di$a%%eared. 6 did have a new 'nee: 9ut not the 'ind 6 had e2%ected. We : France$: aren7t you a$ha+ed to te %eo% e that you had to have a 'nee re% ace+entJ NoE God can ta'e any +e$$ and +a'e a +irac e out of it. The doctor who did the $urgery acce%ted <e$u$ a$ 0i$ Savior and ?ord. When %eo% e heard 6 wa$ in the ho$%ita : they ca+e into +y roo+: and we were a9 e to +ini$ter hea ing to the+. We a $o were a9 e to %ut our video ta%e$ on 0ow to 0ea the Sic' in the doctor7$ waiting roo+. 0a e uAahE So you $ee: if you have to $u9+it to an o%eration: you7 get your hea ing one way or another. You +ight $ay: 4We : you didn7t get hea ed 9ecau$e you ac'ed faith.4

6 don7t 'now why God wor'$ the way 0e doe$I a$' 0i+. 6 don7t under$tand why 6 didn7t get a new 'nee. 6 don7t under$tand why 6 did get a new heart $u%ernatura y. ?et +e e2% ain hea ing in thi$ way. /o$t of u$ have a ther+o$tat in our hou$e. So+eti+e$ we need our hou$e to 9e coo er: and $o+eti+e$ we need it to 9e a itt e war+er. When you co+e in fro+ the co d and it7$ $nowing out$ide: your ther+o$tat +ight 9e $et at $i2ty degree$: and it fee $ a$ co d a$ can 9e in your hou$e. What i$ the fir$t thing you doJ You go to the ther+o$tat and turn it u%. Now: what i$ the $econd thing you doJ 6f it doe$n7t i++ediate y Au+% to $eventyHtwo degree$: do you 'ic' the ther+o$tat and $ay: 4We : it doe$n7t wor'. 67 Au$t 9rea' that thing 9ecau$e it doe$n7t wor'4J No: that7$ not what you do at a . You are %erfect y content to wait unti the te+%erature goe$ u%: and we a 'now that it ta'e$ a itt e ti+e to get a ther+o$tat fro+ $i2ty u% to $eventyHtwo degree$. So a we do i$ %atient y wait. The $a+e thing i$ true of hea ing$. So+eti+e$ you get an in$tant hea ing: 9ut $o+eti+e$ you have to wait. So+eti+e$ hea ing$ can ta'e % ace over a twentyHfourHhour %eriod. So+eti+e$ it +ight even ta'e a +onth or two 9efore the hea ing i$ co+% ete. 5ut we a way$ reco++end to %eo% e that they 'ee% than'ing <e$u$ for the hea ing whi e it i$ going on.

1on7t et the devi co+e in and ro9 you with dou9t and un9e ief a9out your hea ing. >ather: 'ee% than'ing God and $aying: 4Than' You: <e$u$I 6 'now +y hea ing i$ on the way.4 6f 6 were you: right now 6 wou d $et +y ther+o$tat at $eventyHtwo degree$ for whatever i$ wrong with your 9ody. 6f you7re down to fifty or forty degree$: it +ight ta'e you a itt e whi e to get u% to $eventyHtwo: 9ut re+e+9er that you are on the way. 1odie O$teen7$ 9oo': 0ea ed of Cancer: i$ a +u$t for everyone who i$ 9att ing cancer. 0ere i$ an e2cer%t@ Dodie was diagnosed on #hursday, December $%, $&'$. John (steen was told the following devastating news. #he doctor said, ")astor, your wife has metastatic cancer of the liver. *ith or without chemotherapy, she has only a few weeks to live. *e can treat her, but it will only slightly prolong her life. "+owever, we cannot find the primary tumor," he said. "*e don,t know where it is. In fact, it has really baffled us. -sually a primary tumor signifies the beginning of cancer and then it spreads to the liver or kidneys or some place else. .ut we cannot find one. *ith your consent, we would like to do exploratory surgery or a colonoscopy to try to locate the tumor." John couldn,t believe it. +e said, "Doctor, I am going to take my wife home. *e are going to pray and seek

!od, and then we will decide what to do. *e believe in miracles, and we believe in the /iracle *orker." #he doctor said, "*ell, )astor, you,re going to have to have a miracle this time." Dodie went home on December $%, $&'$, and never went back to the hospital. John anointed her with oil the day after she got home from the hospital. "s they were both on the floor in their bedroom, face down before !od, he took authority over any disease and over all cancerous cells in her body. Dodie said, ""s far as I,m concerned, that,s the day my healing began." Dodie fought the symptoms and the attacks of the devil for five years five long years, but her faith never wavered. 0ven though it was not an instant miracle, it started on the day when she and John made a covenant that her healing had begun. #oday, many years later, she is a beautiful woman, a picture of health. One of +y favorite $torie$ a9out 1odie O$teen7$ hea ing i$ thi$@ *hen I was sick, I would look at two pictures of me in radiant health one in my wedding dress and one riding a horse on a ranch. #hey bolstered my faith and helped me keep a positive attitude especially when I was feeling so sick. I kept looking at those pictures and saying, "#hank

1ou, 2ather, that 1ou will restore health to me and heal me of my wounds. I thank 1ou that I,ll feel like I did when I married at twenty3one. I,ll feel like I did when I was twenty3five, riding that horse. I thank 1ou that 1ou will restore me to health, 2ather." *hen I started feeling good again, I said, "2ather, thank 1ou that 1ou have restored health to me." I repeat this often even now4

6t wa$ a +irac e of God regard e$$ of how you oo' at itE 1on7t get di$couraged if you don7t $ee an in$tant +irac e. So+e +irac e$ ha%%en the +o+ent you ay hand$ on the $ic': 9ut other hea ing$ ta'e ti+e. Te the %er$on to who+ you are +ini$tering that the hea ing %ower went into hi+ once you have aid hand$ on hi+. 1o everything you can to 'ee% %eo% e fro+ 9eco+ing di$couraged. 5ui d their faith=and your$=with every $entence you $%ea'. We do not ay hand$ on the $ic' when we fee i'e it. We ay hand$ on the $ic' at every o%%ortunityE So+e of the greate$t hea ing$ we have ever $een have ta'en % ace when we were $ic' or co+% ete y e2hau$ted. 1on7t wait for a fee ing=do it nowE When God o%en$ a door for you: go through it. 0e a way$ ha$ $o+ething $%ecia for you on the other

$ide. Free y you have receivedI now free y giveE 6f an o%%ortunity to ay hand$ on $o+eone occur$: go for it=regard e$$ of whether you fee anything or not. You7 9e in the +irac e +ini$try: tooE

Cha%ter Si2teen S%are "art$ 1e%art+ent

by Frances God ha$ a warehou$e of $%are %art$E God +ade you: and 0e i$ $+arter than Genera /otor$. Genera /otor$ ha$ $%are %art$ for a of their auto+o9i e$. God ha$ new %art$ for you: too. * gir heard +e $ay one ti+e that God ha$ a warehou$e of $%are %art$ and $he thought: 467+ not $ure 6 9e ieve that.4 She had rheu+atic fever when $he wa$ a young gir : and it eft her with a 9ad heart. That wa$ twentyHtwo year$ ago: and $o $he $aid: 4God: wou d You Au$t et +e $ee a heaven y warehou$e $o 6 'now that You rea y have got $%are %art$J4 6f each of u$ were to figure in our own +ind$ what the warehou$e oo'ed i'e: we wou d a thin' of $o+ething different a$ to what the $%are %art$ de%art+ent in heaven oo'$ i'e. /ay9e if you7re a +echanic you wou d $ee $he ve$ i'e you do in an auto %art$ $tore. ?itt e %art$ wou d 9e in a the$e itt e different % ace$. 6 a way$ thought a9out the $%are %art$ de%art+ent in heaven a$ 9eing i'e a free;er of a +eat coo er in a grocery $tore: where they have the$e 9ig hoo'$ hanging u% with 9eef carca$$e$ hanging on the+. 6 cou d $ee heart$ hanging u% there and a 'ind$ of $%are %art$. 5ut

thi$ gir $aid: 4God: et +e $ee what a warehou$e of $%are %art$ i$.4 ?ater: in a+a;e+ent: $he $aid: 46 $ti don7t 'now if it wa$ a drea+ or a vi$ion or what it wa$: 9ut $udden y 6 $aw a river of water: c ear a$ cry$ta : f owing out of the throne roo+ of God. 6t wa$ $o co d and it wa$ $o c ear and there were $o+e thing$ Au$t 9ouncing u% and down a over. 6 oo'ed a itt e c o$er: and they were heart$E * heart$: and they were in thi$ co d: c ear waterE4 She wa$ fa$cinated watching a the$e heart$ go 9y: and $udden y one a%%eared that had the na+e Su$an on it. She $aid: 467 ta'e itE4 *nd a$ $he gra99ed for the heart with the na+e Su$an on it: $he wa$ in$tant y hea ed 9y the %ower of GodE 6t7$ i'e a retread on a car tire. You $ee the+ a over the highway$. Get a new %art=not a retread. Char e$ and 6 never a$' for a re%air Ao9 on %eo% e. 6f you7ve got $o+ething that7$ worn out: we a way$ a$' for a new one. 6 got an intere$ting fa2 when 6 wa$ down in /e2ico on +y 9irthday. 6t wa$ fro+ the %re$ident of Channe #3 TD $tation in "itt$9urgh. 0e $aid: 4France$: $ince your heart i$ e$$ than twentyHfive year$ o d: your thyroid i$ thirty year$ o d: your %ancrea$ i$ twe ve year$ o d: and your 9 ood $y$te+ i$ eight: how +uch of the origina France$ 0unter i$ there eft to wi$h ha%%y 9irthdayJ4 0a e uAahE * of the new %art$ God ha$ given to +e have 9een confir+ed 9y doctor$ 9efore and after the new %art$ have 9een given to +e.

6 $aid to Char e$: 467d have a difficu t ti+e dying: 9ecau$e a +y %art$ are different age$.4 So+e are very young: $o+e are $ ight y o d: and $o+e are the origina one$. 1on7t he$itate to a$' God for a new %art: 9ecau$e 0e ha$ a $ufficient $u%% y for everyoneE The Word of God te $ u$ that we can ca into 9eing tho$e thing$ that are not a$ though they were: and we have $een $o+e incredi9 e thing$ ha%%en a$ we have ca ed into 9eing new heart$: new iver$: new $to+ach$: and +any other %art$. >e+e+9er when you7re %raying for the $ic' that you have a9$o ute y nothing to o$e: 9ecau$e you can7t do anything to +a'e the+ wor$e. * you can do i$ eave the+ in an i+%roved or hea ed condition. Over the year$ +any: +any %eo% e have co+e u% to u$ and have $aid $o+ething $i+i ar to thi$@ 4You aid hand$ on +e fifteen year$ ago for a new heart. 6 received a new heart and have never had a %ro9 e+ fro+ that day to thi$E4 The$e are not the ty%e$ of hea ing$ that you can te a9out in$tant y: 9ecau$e there7$ no way we can oo' on the in$ide of you to $ee whether or not you have received a new heart: a new iver: or any other organ. 5ut ti+e wi te : and it7$ $uch a de ight to u$ to have %eo% e co+e u% and $ay: a$ $o+eone recent y did: 4You aid hand$ on +e twentyH$i2 year$ ago for a new iver. 6 wa$ dying of cancer: and +y iver wa$

$wo en and di$tended: 9ut you aid hand$ on +e. Within two +onth$ the cancer had tota y di$a%%eared: and the iver wa$ a9$o ute y nor+a .4 What reAoicing there wa$ in +y heart 9ecau$e thi$ a $o %rove$ that God7$ hea ing$ a$t. /any %eo% e are inc ined to 9e ieve that %eo% e Au$t get 4hy%ed u%4 in $ervice$ and that the hea ing$ wi di$a%%ear a$ $oon a$ they get ho+e. Thi$ i$ tota y untrue 9ecau$e God7$ hea ing$ wi a$t un e$$ we et dou9t or un9e ief 9ring the $a+e thing 9ac' on u$. They wi $tand u% under an K ray or 9 ood te$tE Try ca ing into 9eing $o+e new %art$ that you +ay need and $ee what ha%%en$. You wi 9e de ighted: e$%ecia y with the fir$t doctor7$ diagno$i$ that $ay$: 46 don7t under$tand what ha%%ened: 9ut you have a new heartE4 >e+e+9er: if Char e$ and France$ can do it: you can do it tooE That +ean$ ca ing into 9eing new %art$ in the na+e of <e$u$. !$e the co++and@ 46n <e$u$7 na+e: 6 co++and a creative +irac eI 6 ca into 9eing the thing$ Fna+e the %art you needG that are not a$ though they are.4 FSee >o+an$ #@1).G

Cha%ter Seventeen 6t Wor'$ 6n Every Nation

by Frances 6t doe$n7t +atter what anguage you $%ea': whether it7$ Eng i$h: S%ani$h: >u$$ian: Borean: or any other anguage in the wor dI the Word of God wor'$ wherever you are. 6t doe$n7t Au$t wor' in $ection$I it wor'$ a the way: whether you7re ta 'ing a9out hea ing and hea th: %ro$%erity: or %eace of +ind and heart. The Word of God wor'$ through any anguage in the wor dE On <anuary 1: 1..(: 6 received a %hone ca fro+ *ca%u co: /e2ico. The ca er $aid: 4France$: how wou d you i'e to ce e9rate your eightieth 9irthday with a 0ea ing E2% o$ion in *ca%u coJ4 The 0o y S%irit ,uic'ened +e: and +y an$wer i++ediate y ca+e 9ac': 4Ye$: 6 wou d ove to ce e9rate +y 9irthday that wayE4 That wa$ the $tart of one of the +o$t incredi9 e 0ea ing E2% o$ion$ we have ever had in our entire ive$. The fir$t training $e$$ion wa$ a great $ur%ri$e: 9ecau$e they had to ta'e it outdoor$ to an a+%hitheater to acco++odate the arge crowd. 6n$tead of a crowd 9etween -33 and .33: they had over 2:#33 at the fir$t training $e$$ion. That7$ a ot of earningE When the night ca+e for the actua 0ea ing

E2% o$ion: the faith of the %eo% e had ri$en $o high 9ecau$e of the +irac e$ they had $een ha%%en during the training $e$$ion$. 5e ieving what we $aid wa$ true=46f Char e$ and France$ can do it: you can do it too4=they attac'ed the $ic'ne$$e$ with an aggre$$ivene$$ that we had never $een u% unti that ti+e. Often %eo% e a$' u$: 40ow do you $tay $o e2cited a the ti+e a9out <e$u$J4 There i$ on y one rea$on@ Chri$tianity i$ not a re igionI it i$ a way of ife that you ive twentyHfour hour$ of every day. The a$t word$ of <e$u$ on earth were: 4"reach the Go$%e to every creature.4 FSee /ar' 1(@1&H1-: the Great Co++i$$ion.G That7$ the rea$on <e$u$ ca+e to earth=to $ave the o$tE Then <e$u$ gave u$ the re$t of our wor' a$$ign+ent= to do +irac e$: inc uding hea ing the $ic'. >e+e+9er a way$ that Chri$t in you i$ the on y ho%e of g oryE Start 9e ieving that 0e i$ actua y iving in$ide of you and that when you $tretch forth your hand: it7$ the hand of <e$u$ 9eing aid on the $ic'. The +ore thi$ 9eco+e$ a iving rea ity in our ive$: the +ore we can acco+% i$h for the 'ingdo+ of God: regard e$$ of where we ive or what anguage we $%ea'. We don7t 9e ieve the %eo% e in *ca%u co wi ever 9e the $a+e againE

Cha%ter Eighteen *$ You *re Going...

by Frances When <e$u$ to d u$ to go: 0e +eant 4a$ you are going4=going a9out your dai y 9u$ine$$: at wor': in $choo : at the %ar': at the $ho%%ing center: 9efore and after church: in the re$taurant: at the hea th c u9: at %rayer +eeting$: at coffee or unch 9rea'$: or wherever your dai y ife ta'e$ you. We $hou d 9e fu fi ing the Great Co++i$$ion on a continua dai y 9a$i$. Wa ': run: or f y with u$ through a few of the event$ of our nor+a dai y wa ' with <e$u$E F ying to a +eeting one day: the +an $itting ne2t to u$ $tood u%. We noticed a $%ecia 9ac' %i ow in hi$ $eat. To u$ that wa$ a $igna for a +irac e. When he returned: we ,ue$tioned hi+ a9out hi$ 9ac'. 0e wa$ a $a e$+an who trave ed over$ea$ a$ we a$ in the !nited State$. 0e $aid the %ain wa$ $o e2cruciating that he didn7t 9e ieve he wou d 9e a9 e to +a'e it to Borea the ne2t wee'. *$ we were getting off the % ane in the ne2t city: we a$'ed hi+: 4Wou d you i'e to go to the o99y and et u$ %ray for your 9ac' to 9e hea edJ4 When you7re

hurting 9ad y enough: you wi never re$i$t $uch an offer. We to d hi+ he had nothing to o$e. 0e wa$ in $uch $evere %ain a$ he ho99 ed to the o99y that he wa$ a +o$t in tear$. 0e didn7t want to $it down in %u9 ic: $o we %ut hi+ 9ehind the tic'et counter wa . 0i$ 9ac' wa$ $o out of ine: we di$covered: that one eg wa$ two inche$ $horter than the other. When it grew out: he Au+%ed u%: 9ent over: twi$ted hi$ 9ac': and then heard: 4Fina 9oarding ca E4 0e ran down the ra+% a$ fa$t a$ he cou d: ye ing: 46 have no +ore %ainE4 *nother hea ing occurred on a recent tri% when we $to%%ed at the on y re$taurant o%en at that hour of the night. *fter $eating u$ at a dirty: oi Hc othHcovered ta9 e: the waitre$$ gave u$ the +enu$. Char e$ noticed $o+ething. 0e $aid to the waitre$$: 4/y wife ha$ a wonderfu +ini$try for %regnant wo+en. Wou d you i'e for her to %ray for youJ4 The young wo+an 9ur$t into aughter and $aid: 4"rayJ4 and continued aughing. 6 i++ediate y $en$ed a wonderfu 4a$ we were going4 o%%ortunity. So: gra99ing her eft hand: 6 aid +y hand on her tu++y and $aid: 4Father: 6 than' You for thi$ 9eautifu 9a9y. Than' You that we don7t 9e ieve in a9ortion.4 5efore 6 $aid another word: $he 9ur$t into tear$. 6 'new $he had con$idered a9ortion.

6 a$'ed her whether $he wa$ +arried 9ecau$e there wa$ no ring on her finger. She $tu+9 ed for word$ and fina y ca+e out with a very wea': 4Ye$.4 6 $aid: 4You need <e$u$: honey. "ray thi$ %rayer after +e.4 She %rayed: and when we fini$hed: 6 a$'ed her: 4Where i$ <e$u$ right nowJ4 She $aid: 46n +y heartE4 The gir we eft 9ehind wa$ not the $a+e gir we +et when we ca+e in. She wa$ a new creatureE !$e every o%%ortunity for God to do +irac e$ through <e$u$ in you=a$ you are goingE

Cha%ter Nineteen 1on7t Forget

by Charles and Frances 1. *$' the %er$on to who+ you are +ini$tering what hi$ %ro9 e+ i$. What doe$ hi$ doctor $ay i$ wrongJ 2. 6t i$ not i+%ortant to 'now a the +edica detai $ of an i ne$$ to 9e a9 e to +ini$ter hea ing. 6t i$ i+%ortant to 'now what the %ro9 e+ i$: and to addre$$ the %ro9 e+ it$e f: rather than the $y+%to+$. *9ove a : re+e+9er to 9e %ractica : which +ean$ to i$ten carefu y to what the %er$on i$ $aying $o that you +ini$ter hea ing to the $%ecific %ro9 e+. 3. When you a$' $o+eone what hi$ di$ea$e i$: $ay: 4That7$ ea$y4 after hi$ an$wer: regard e$$ of how difficu t hi$ condition +ay $ound. >e+e+9er the +o$t fata di$ea$e i$ 4ea$y4 when God $te%$ in. We have di$covered that thi$ re% y give$ ho%e to the one to who+ you are +ini$tering: and a $o increa$e$ your faith to hear your$e f te $o+eone that hi$ %ro9 e+ i$ 4ea$y.4 #. Once you have +ini$tered hea ing: have the %er$on %ut hi$ faith into action. 6f hi$ 9ac' wa$ hurting: have hi+ 9end hi$ 9ac'. 6f the %ro9 e+ wa$ in hi$ e 9ow: have hi+ 9end the e 9ow. 6f the %ro9 e+ wa$ arthriti$ in the $hou der or 'nee$: have

hi+ either $wing the ar+ or +ove the eg and 'nee area. &. /a'e $ure the %er$on $ay$: 4Than' You: <e$u$E4 Than'$giving to 0i+ can co+% ete an inco+% ete hea ing. (. ?earn to oo' for the one$ who are hea ed. 6f you oo' for the one$ who are not hea ed: your faith wi tend to waverI $o continue oo'ing on y for the one$ who are hea ed: and watch the %ercentage growE ). "eo% e wi often $ay: 46t $ti hurt$:4 and when you a$' the+ how +uch of the %ain i$ gone: they wi $ay: 4NinetyHfive %ercent: 9ut there7$ $ti a itt e 9it eft.4 Encourage the+ to than' God for the .& %ercent that7$ gone: 9ecau$e when they do: often the a$t & %ercent wi 9e +anife$ted. We have a $o di$covered that if they e+%ha$i;e the negative: the .& %ercent wi dro% to .3 %ercent and wi continue to go down. Than'ing <e$u$ i$ one of the 9e$t way$ to get a hea ing co+% etedE *nd 9y the $a+e to'en: 9eing negative can cau$e the & %ercent of the %ain to increa$e to 13 %ercent and then to 1& %ercent: and $o on: unti an individua ha$ a the %ain 9ac' and ha$ tota y o$t hi$ hea ing. -. ?oo' for the a9$ence of %ain: not the %ainE ?oo' for the hea ing: not the $ic'ne$$E .. You are not a doctor: $o don7t try to %ractice +edicine. 1o not %re$cri9e +edication or

reco++end that %eo% e go off of their +edication. 13. 1o not +a'e a diagno$i$. ?et the individua to who+ you are +ini$tering te you what hi$ %ro9 e+ and $y+%to+$ are. 11. Whenever you ca$t out a $%irit: do it 4in the na+e of <e$u$ and 9y the %ower of God7$ 0o y S%irit.4 12. >e+e+9er: there are two thing$ nece$$ary for hea ing$ to 9e acco+% i$hed@ the na+e of <e$u$ F$ay it over and over againI you can7t $ay it too +uchEG and the %ower of God7$ 0o y S%irit. 13. 6f one thing doe$n7t wor': a$' God what to do. Bee% trying different thing$ and 9e %er$i$tent. 1#. 6f after +ini$tering to the individua the 9e$t you 'now how: there are $ti no vi$i9 e re$u t$: then encourage that %er$on to 9e ieve the hea ing ha$ $tarted 9ecau$e the hea ing %ower of God ha$ gone into hi+. 6t7$ a+a;ing how +any di$cover ater that they were hea ed. 1&. Never do anything ha fHhearted y for the ?ord. 1(. When in dou9t: ca$t it outE 1). When in dou9t: grow it outE 1-. *fter you have +ini$tered hea ing to +ore than one thing: you wi find it he %fu to go through 4the

ar+ thing4 and 4the eg thing4 again after +ini$tering in other area$. 1.. 5efore you ay hand$ on a %er$on: 9e %articu ar y cautiou$ that you have $o+eone $tanding 9ehind hi+ to catch hi+ if he goe$ under the %ower. 0o d hi+ 9y the $hou der$ if there i$ no catcher avai a9 e. 6f a %er$on doe$ not fa under the %ower: don7t 9e concerned. So+e do: and $o+e do notE 5ut %eo% e get hea ed either wayE 23. >e+e+9er: you are not a %hy$ician: a chiro%ractor: or an o$teo%ath: and are not +a'ing adAu$t+ent$: 9ut a%% ying the $u%ernatura %ower of God. 21. Wa ' in 9o dne$$. 1on7t et fear $to% you. S%ea' with authority. That doe$n7t +ean $%ea' oud y: 9ut when you +ean what you $ay: $ay it i'e you +ean it. 22. * force fie d of %ower co+e$ out of you. The c o$er you are to the %er$on: the +ore %ower he wi fee and receive. Stand c o$e 9ut in good ta$te. 23. Concentrate on one of hi$ %ro9 e+$ at a ti+e when you +ini$ter hea ingI don7t +ini$ter to a the %hy$ica %ro9 e+$ in the $a+e $entence. 1o one at a ti+e. Chec' to $ee how the fir$t condition i$ %rogre$$ing 9efore going on with the ne2t. Start with $o+ething he can ,uic' y 'now it i$ hea ed: if %o$$i9 e: $uch a$ a %ain or di$co+fort that can 9e ea$i y identified. 4Growing out ar+$ or eg$:4 4the

%e vic thing:4 or 4the nec' thing4 i$ a +o$t a way$ a good way to $tart. 2#. 0ea ing the $ic' ta'e$ %er$i$tence and %ractice. Everyone to who+ you +ini$ter at fir$t +ay not nece$$ari y 9e hea ed: 9ut <e$u$ %ro+i$ed that we wou d do the $a+e thing$ 0e did: and even greater thing$. 0e hea ed a who ca+e to 0i+ for hea ing. We 9e ieve that eventua y a who co+e to the S%iritH fi ed 9e ieving 9ody of Chri$t for hea ing wi 9e hea ed. The 'ey i$ to never $to% o9eying the Great Co++i$$ion <e$u$ gave u$ in /ar' 1(@1&=1-. 2&. We can ca into 9eing tho$e thing$ which are not a$ though they are. FSee >o+an$ #@1).G God ha$ a who e warehou$e of $%are %art$. * new tire i$ 9etter than a retread. 1id you ever notice the retread$ that 49 ow4 on the highway and have %iece$ $cattered a over the % aceJ Go for a new %art. Char e$ $ay$ that 6 have +ore new %art$ than 6 have origina $E 2(. 1on7t et %eo% e o$e their hea ing through dou9t and un9e ief. Stay with the+ unti they actua y 'now that they are hea ed. The devi co+e$ to $tea their hea ing: $o don7t et hi+. /a'e $ure they continue to %rai$e God. 2). 1on7t $it on the 9ac' 9urner waiting for God to ca you. 0e ha$ a ready ca ed you according to /ar' 1(@1&=1-: and 0e to d you what to do. 0e $aid: 4The$e $ign$ wi fo ow tho$e who 9e ieve@.. .they wi ay hand$ on the $ic': and they wi recover4

Fver$e$ 1)=1-G. 5e oved: God i$ doing a new thing. God7$ +e$$age for the hour i$ for u$: a of u$: a$ 9e iever$: to go out and ay hand$ on the $ic'. Then God wi do 0i$ %art: and they wi recover. 2-. When <e$u$ wa$ +ini$tering here on earth: 0e did not wor' u% e+otion$ or give ong co+% icated %rayer$. 0e $i+% y $%o'e hea ing into the %er$on. 6f you are 9a%ti;ed with the 0o y S%irit: then that $a+e %ower that rai$ed <e$u$ fro+ the dead f ow$ out of you. 6t i$ God7$ %ower that touche$ a %er$on7$ 9ody: and it i$ 0i$ %ower that doe$ the hea ing. When you ay hand$ on %eo% e in <e$u$7 na+e: the hea ing virtue of God f ow$ fro+ the S%irit of God within you to tho$e to who+ you are +ini$tering. 2.. Since you are fi ed with the 0o y S%irit: and 0e i$ the *nointed One: then 0i$ anointing %ower i$ a way$ in you. So 'ee% in +ind that the anointing i$ not $o+ething that co+e$ and goe$ %eriodica y: 9ut 0e re+ain$ within you. 33. *t ti+e$ the ,ue$tion co+e$ u%: Can you get %eo% e hea ed if they have dou9t and un9e iefJ The 5i9 e $ay$ that $ign$ wi fo ow tho$e who 9e ieve. We a $o 'now that <e$u$ hea ed $o that %eo% e wou d 9e ieve. 6t i$ true that un9e ief can $to% hea ing: yet often tho$e who are watching when $o+eone get$ hea ed are the fir$t to re%ent and receive <e$u$ a$ Savior. 31. Never forget to u$e wi$do+: co++on $en$e: good

Audg+ent: and di$cretion. 6n other word$: don7t 9e a 4f a'e.4 32. 5e carefu not to +ini$ter on a ongHter+ 9a$i$ together with $o+eone of the o%%o$ite $e2: un e$$ it i$ your wife or hu$9and. *$ $oon a$ %o$$i9 e find a %artner who i$ the $a+e $e2 a$ you are: e$%ecia y when you are going out to +ini$ter in the co++unity. 33. 6f $o+eone need$ hea ing in a %rivate %art of hi$ 9ody: have hi+ %ut hi$ hand over or near the area: then % ace your hand on to% of hi$. 5e di$creet in a you do: for you re%re$ent <e$u$. 3#. 1on7t a ow your$e f to 9eco+e di$couraged. The devi ove$ to co+e in on the $ituation and try to cau$e your faith to go right out your feet. You +ay find your$e f facing a difficu t di$ea$e the fir$t ti+e you $te% out. 1on7t et it throw you. <u$t re+e+9er thi$@ if you are dead to $e f: then you won7t worry a9out what %eo% e $ay. <u$t do your 9e$t: a$'ing the 0o y S%irit to ead you and to $%ea' to you. 3&. When +ini$tering to $o+eone who ha$ a $ore or an o%en cut or a di$charge: do not % ace your hand direct y on the affected area. 6n$tead: have the %er$on % ace hi$ hand near or over the areaI then % ace your hand on to% of hi$ to +ini$ter. Of cour$e God7$ %ower can %revent $%reading di$ea$e: 9ut we are in the wor d and are $u9Aect to natura aw$ of God. *fter +ini$tering: 9e $ure to wa$h your hand$

thorough y. Thi$ i$ Au$t good co++on hygiene. 3(. When +ini$tering to anyone: % ea$e find out if he i$ $aved. 6f he i$ not: +ini$ter $a vation. 3). * way$ deter+ine if the %er$on to who+ you are +ini$tering ha$ received the 9a%ti$+ with the 0o y S%irit and $%ea'$ in tongue$. 6f not: then +ini$ter to hi+. 3-. 5e 9o dE 3.. 0aving done a : $tandE FSee E%he$ian$ (@13.G

Cha%ter Twenty 1i$ea$e$ fro+ * to 8

?i$ted in thi$ cha%ter: in a %ha9etica order: are +any co++on di$ea$e$ for which you wi 9e +ini$tering hea ing and de iverance. So+e of the$e wi re,uire the $a+e a%%roach a$ other$: $o in our i$ting: we wi $i+% y $tate what to do. The 4how to do it4 i$ covered either in the 9oo' 0ow to 0ea the Sic': in thi$ 9oo': or in the video and audio ta%e$ entit ed 0ow to 0ea the Sic'. THE NAME OF JESUS The na+e of <e$u$ i$ a9ove every other na+e. You cannot re%eat thi$ too +uch or too often. <e$u$ gave u$ the authority to ca$t out devi $ and to +ini$ter hea ing to whatever di$ea$e %eo% e have. When you $%ea' 4in the na+e of <e$u$4 or 4in <e$u$7 na+e:4 that +ean$ you are +ini$tering 9y the authority <e$u$ ha$ given to you: a 9e iever. <e$u$ gave u$ the re$%on$i9i ity to u$e that %ower and authority to do 0i$ wor'$ on earth and to de$troy the wor'$ of the devi . >e+e+9er: whatever we 9ind on earth i$ 9ound in heaven: and whatever we oo$e on earth i$ oo$ed in heaven. Co++on $en$e and 9a$ic 'now edge +ay ead you to

+ini$ter in greater detai than $hown herein. 5e a ert to co++ent$ and an$wer$ given 9y the one to who+ you are +ini$tering. The 0o y S%irit wi ead you +ore $%ecifica y a$ you +ini$ter to a %er$on: earning hi$ need$. ?et your very $ou reach out in co+%a$$ion to +eet hi$ need$: whatever the di$ea$e. SUGGESTED SALVATION PRAYER 2ather, in the name of Jesus, I ask 1ou to forgive all of my sins. Jesus, come into my heart and live in me. #hank 1ou, Jesus, for coming into my heart. #hank 1ou that all my sins are forgiven and that I have been born again.

TO CAST OUT A SPIRIT Say: 41evi For SatanG: 6 9ind you in the na+e of <e$u$: and 9y the %ower of God7$ 0o y S%irit. You fou $%irit ofNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN: co+e out in the na+e of <e$u$E For incura9 e di$ea$e$: don7t forget to to co++and the e ectrica and che+ica fre,uencie$ in every ce to 9e in har+ony and in 9a ance: in <e$u$7 na+eE

IMMUNE SYSTEM /o$t di$ea$e$ $tart when the i++une $y$te+ i$ de$troyed or ow. The i++une $y$te+ i$ the gate'ee%er: the $y$te+ that ad+it$ $ic'ne$$: or the deficiency that o%en$ the door for $ic'ne$$: into the 9ody. 6t i$ good to add thi$ co++and wherever a%% ica9 e@ 4We co++and your i++une $y$te+ to 9e hea ed and a ert to ha t di$ea$e$ and ger+$ fro+ inf icting thi$ 9ody: in <e$u$7 na+e.4


ABUSE >e+e+9er: it i$ not the chi d7$ fau t that the a9u$e occurred: nor i$ a9u$e i+ited to chi dren. 0ow to /ini$ter@ 1. ?ay hand$ on their head$: a$'ing God to era$e the +e+orie$. 2. S%ea' the %eace of God u%on the+.

ACNE" SEVERE /u ti% e $'in infection$ F%i+% e$: $ore$G: u$ua y cau$ed 9y overactivity of the $e9aceou$ Foi G g and$ of the $'in. H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. >e9u'e For cur$eG the infection and co++and it to go. 2. Ca$t out the $%irit of inheritance. 3. ?ay hand$ on the head: co++anding the $'in %ore$ to o%en and the $e9aceou$ g and$ to drain nor+a y. #. Co++and the 9u 9$ that +anufacture $'in ce $ to +anufacture nor+a functioning $'in.

ADDICTION (ALCOHOL" CIGARETTE" OR DRUG) "hy$ica and %$ycho ogica de%endence on a $u9$tance: e.g.: a coho : nicotine in cigarette$: or drug$ Fe.g.: tran,ui i;er$: cocaine: +ariAuana: heroin: etc.G. H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. *$' the %er$on if he want$ to 9e $et free.

2. *$' hi+ if he i$ $aved. 3. ?ead the %er$on in the %rayer of $a vation. #. 5ind and ca$t out the $%irit of a coho : drug: andCor to9acco addiction. &. Co++and the 9ody to 9e hea ed and the de$ire for the drug$: to9acco: andCor a coho to 9e gone.

ADDISON'S DISEASE Fai ure of the adrena g and$ to %roduce nece$$ary adrena hor+one$. See a $o Cu$hing7$ Syndro+e. H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. Co++and a creative +irac e=a new %air of adrena g and$. 2. Co++and the hor+one eve $ to 9e nor+a .

ADENOIDS" SWOLLEN H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. " ace hand on the no$eCthroat area: co++anding the adenoid$ to $hrin' and 9eco+e nor+a .

2. 1o 4TNT.4

ADHESIONS See Scar Ti$$ue.

ADRENAL GLAND *n endocrine g and ocated adAacent to the 'idney$. "roduce$ hor+one$ and 4f ight4 or 4fight4 energy nece$$ary to the 9ody. See a $o cha%ter 12: 4The S%ine.4 H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. 4Grow out the ar+$4 and ay hand$ over the 'idney$: co++anding the adrena g and$ to function %ro%er y. 2. *$' if the %er$on ha$ any unforgivene$$: e2% aining that anger or other negative e+otion$ cau$e the adrena g and$ to overH$ecrete adrena in: which can contri9ute to arthriti$: 9 ood %re$$ure: or other %ro9 e+$.

AGORAPHOBIA (PANIC ATTACKS) Severe an2iety cau$ing a fear of going into o%en % ace$ or %u9 ic area$. H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. Ca$t out the $%irit$ of fear and an2iety. 2. S%ea' the %eace of God into the %er$on7$ heart. 3. >eco++end that he fi hi$ +ind with the Word of God. #. /ini$ter $a vation and the 9a%ti$+ with the 0o y S%irit if a%% ica9 e.

AIDS See cha%ter 11: 4When /ini$tering 0ea ing.4

ALLERGIES 5ody7$ negative reaction to a foreign $u9$tance. 6nc ude$ hay fever: drug reaction$: food a ergie$: etc. See a $o *$th+a. H ! # M$%$s#&':

1. Ca$t out the $%irit$ of inheritance and a ergy. 2. ?ay hand$ on the head: co++anding the i++une $y$te+ to return to nor+a : and a the ti$$ue$ and organ$ to 9e hea ed and function nor+a y. 3. 1o 4TTT.4

AL*HEIMER'S DISEASE * di$ea$e of un'nown cau$e that re$u t$ in deterioration of the 9rain with +e+ory and rea$oning o$$. H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. Ca$t out the $%irit$ of * ;hei+er7$ di$ea$e and inheritance. 2. S%ea' a creative +irac e and co++and a new 9rain.


AMYOTROPIC LATERAL SCLEROSIS" ALS * $o 'nown a$ ?ou Gehrig7$ di$ea$e. * degeneration of the nerve$ of the $%ina cord with %rogre$$ive wea'ne$$. /edica y irrever$i9 e. H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. 5ind and ca$t out the $%irit of *?S. 2. 1o 4TTT:4 co++anding a creative +irac e for a new nerve$ in the $%ina cord and 9ody.

ANEMIA * reduction 9e ow nor+a of red 9 ood ce $. 0ow to /ini$ter@ 1. Co++and the 9one +arrow to 9e hea ed and to +anufacture nor+a a+ount$ of hea thy red 9 ood ce $. ANEMIA" PERNICIOUS ?ow 9 ood count cau$ed 9y a fai ure to a9$or9 vita+in 5H12fro+ the G.6. Fga$trointe$tina G tract. H ! # M$%$s#&':

1. Co++and the inte$tina tract to 9e hea ed and to %ro%er y a9$or9 and uti i;e vita+in 5H12. 2. Co++and the 9one +arrow to %roduce rich: hea thy red 9 ood ce $.

ANEURYSM * condition where the artery wa i$ thinned and $tretched outI %o$$i9i ity of ru%ture e2i$t$. Can occur anywhere in the 9ody. H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. ?ay hand$ on the affected area: co++anding a creative +irac e=new arterie$ with good $trong wa $. 2. Co++and re$toration of nor+a 9 ood f ow.

ANORE-IA NERVOSA *n eating di$order where the %er$on i$ %ractica y $tarving hi+$e f u$ua y e+otiona y 9a$ed. H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. 5ind and ca$t out the $%irit$ of reAection and

anore2ia. 2. S%ea' %eace and $e fHconfidence to the %er$on. 3. *$' if he i$ $aved=have hi+ re%eat the %rayer of $a vation. #. E2% ain that our 9odie$ are God7$ ho y te+% e and we +u$t not do anything to inAure our$e ve$: e.g.: not eating: $e fHinduced vo+iting: etc. &. Co++and the 4a%%e$tat4 Fthe a%%etite contro center in the 9rainG to 9e re$et for a nor+a a%%etite. "APPESTAT" The 9rain7$ contro center for the a%%etite For de$ire for foodG. See cha%ter 13: 4The 7*%%e$tat.74 H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. ?ay hand$ on the front and 9ac' of the head: co++anding the 4a%%e$tat4 to 9e hea ed. 2. Co++and the +eta9o i$+ to function nor+a y and the %er$on7$ weight to 9e within hea thy 9oundarie$.

ARCHES S&& F&&#, ARMS AND HANDS Nu+9ne$$: ting ing: and %ain u$ua y cau$ed 9y a nec' %ro9 e+. H ! # M$%$s#&': 1.4 Grow out the ar+$.4 2. 1o 4TNT:4 co++anding the verte9rae and di$c$ to a ign and the nerve$ to 9e re$tored to nor+a $tructure and function. 3. /ini$ter hea ing to other cau$e$.

ARTERIOSCLEROSIS 0ardening of the arterie$ cau$ed 9y de%o$it$ of cho e$tero in$ide the arterie$ F9 ood ve$$e $G. H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. 1o4TNT.4 2. S%ea' a divine 4rotoHrooter4 of God7$ %ower to co+% ete y c ean out a the arterie$ of a cho e$tero

% a,ue$.

ARTHRITIS * %ainfu inf a++ation of the Aoint$. See the cha%ter 12: 4The S%ine.4 H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. 5ind and ca$t out the $%irit of arthriti$. 2. Co++and the inf a++ation to 9e hea ed and %ain to go. 3. 1o 4TNT4 and 4T"T.4 #. /ention that +o$t arthriti$ $te+$ fro+ har9ored anger and re$ent+ent or unforgivene$$. "ray a %rayer of forgivene$$.

ASTHMA Condition in the ung$ cau$ing whee;ing and $hortne$$ of 9reath. Often run$ in fa+i ie$ and i$ often a$$ociated with a ergie$. H ! # M$%$s#&':

1. Ca$t out the $%irit of a$th+a. 2. 1o 4TNT.4 3. OGrow out the ar+$.4 #. S%ea' the %eace of God into the %er$on7$ ife.


AUTISM OR ATTENTION DEFICIT DISORDER (A,D,D,) Us./00+ 1/.s&2 3+ / 3'/$% 4' 30&5, See cha%ter 11: 4When /ini$tering 0ea ing.4 0ow to /ini$ter@ 1. !$e e2tre+e gent ene$$ and a ,uiet attitudeI ho d the %er$on if %o$$i9 e. 2. S%ea'ing $oft y 9ut fir+ y: 9ind and ca$t out the $%irit of auti$+. 3. Whi e touching the %er$on: co++and a new 9rain and the tota re$toration of nervou$ $y$te+.

#. S%ea' the %eace of God into the heart and $ou .

BACK PROBLEMS H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. 1eter+ine what to do 9y finding out what i$ wrong Fe.g.: what i$ the doctor7$ diagno$i$J What do you 'now i$ wrong $%ecifica yJ 1o you have %ainJ Were you in an accidentJ 0ave you had $urgeryJG. 2. 1o 4TNT.4 For hea ing a9ove the wai$t: 4Grow out the ar+$.4 For hea ing 9e ow the wai$t: 4Grow out eg$4 and do 4T"T 4 3. 1o any or a of the$e a$ needed and re%eat if nece$$ary. #. Co++and the di$c$: verte9rae: +u$c e$: iga+ent$: and tendon$ to 9e hea ed and adAu$ted. 5e $%ecific in +a'ing the co++and to the e2tent you 'now what i$ wrong. DISC PROBLEMS

Co++on y ca ed 4$ i%%ed di$c.4 1i$c For cu$hionG 9etween two verte9rae F9one$ in your 9ac'G ha$ either deteriorated or i$ 9u ging out: %re$$ing on a nerve and cau$ing di$co+fort and %ain. H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. 1o 4TTT4 For +ini$ter a$ e2% ained a9oveG: co++anding the di$c to 9e re$tored and 9e hea ed: recreated if nece$$aryI a %re$$ure on the nerve$ to 9e re ea$ed. 2. Co++and the verte9rae to 9e hea ed: rotated 9ac' into % ace: 9one$ to co+e together if fractured: ri9$ 9e hea ed and go 9ac' into % ace. 1ea with each $%ecific 9ac' %ro9 e+ one at a ti+e if you have enough infor+ation. !$e co++on $en$e. Te$t the %er$on7$ hea ing. 0ave hi+ %ut hi$ faith into action. BALANCE" LOSS OF H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. *$' what the %er$on7$ doctor $ay$ ha$ cau$ed the %ro9 e+. 2. >e9u'e the cau$e Fe.g.: infection: di$ea$e: etc.G of the o$$ of 9a ance. 3. 1o 4TNT4 and 4grow out the ar+$:4 co++anding

the 9a ance center in the inner ear to 9e hea ed and the te+%ora 9one$ to rotate 9ac' into %o$ition. DI**INESS OR VERTIGO 1i;;ine$$ i$ one of the +o$t co++on neuro ogica $y+%to+$ encountered in +edica %ractice. The +o$t co++on for+ of di;;ine$$ i$ 'nown a$ vertigo. Thi$ ter+ de$cri9e$ a $en$ation of +otion when there i$ no +otion: or an e2aggerated $en$e of +otion in re$%on$e to certain 9ody +ove+ent$. Dertigo and di;;ine$$ are $y+%to+$ in'ed to a variety of inner ear di$tur9ance$ and other $y$te+ic i ne$$. The $en$ation of di;;ine$$ i$ fre,uent y acco+%anied 9y other $y+%to+$: $uch a$ un$teadine$$: ightheadedne$$: an2iety: etc. 0ow to /ini$ter@ 1. Co++and the e ectrica and che+ica fre,uencie$ in every ce of the inner ear and 9rain to 9e in har+ony and in 9a ance and to dige$t a i+%aired ce $I co++and nor+a 9a ance to return. 2. Co++and the nor+a f ow of o2ygen to f ow to the 9rain. BALDNESS 6na9i ity to grow nor+a a+ount$ of hair on the

head. H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. Co++and hea ing to the hair fo ic e$. 2. Co++and the hair to 9e re$tored to nor+a growth. BARRENNESS S&& I%6&'#$0$#+, BED7WETTING * +o$t a way$ wi have a $hort eg. H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. 4Grow out the eg$4 and do 4T"T:4 co++anding the verte9rae in the ower 9ac' to 9e adAu$ted: the nerve$ to the 9 adder to 9e re ea$ed: the 9 adder to 9e hea ed and function %ro%er y. 2. S%ea' 9 e$$ing$ on the chi d. We nor+a y a $o whi$%er a %rayer in hi$ ear: a$'ing God to $tation an ange with hi+ to awa'en hi+ if he need$ to go to the 9athroo+ at night: $o he need not 9e afraid.

BELL'S PALSY, 1a+age to the nerve on the $ide of the faceI +ay 9e due to a viru$ infectionI nor+a y cau$e$ $evere %ain and %ara y$i$ of the facia +u$c e$ with a droo%ing a%%earance. H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. Ca$t out the $%irit cau$ing 5e 7$ %a $y. 2. Co++and the %ain to go. 3. ?ay hand$ gent y on the face: co++anding the nerve$ to 9e regenerated and re$tored to %erfect function.

BIRTH (PRAYER FOR EASY DELIVERY) H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. *$' <e$u$ to 9 e$$ the 9a9y in the wo+9 with the %ower of the 0o y S%irit and dedicate the chi d to God. 2. *$' God to oi the 9irth cana with the oi of the 0o y S%irit and et the 9a9y $ ide %ain e$$ y out within three hour$ after the +other reache$ the ho$%ita .

BLADDER PROBLEMS L/18 6 C %#' 0 !$ua y cau$ed 9y da+age to $tructure$ or nerve$. H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. Co++and the 9 adder and nerve ti$$ue$ to 9e hea ed and re$tored to nor+a function. 2. 4Grow out the eg$.4 3. 1o 4T"T.4 I%6&1#$ %s /ay 9e cau$ed 9y a9nor+a anato+y: e$%ecia y if fre,uent infection$ are occuring. H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. >e9u'e the infection. 2. 1o 4T"T4 and 4grow out the eg$:4 co++anding the 9 adder and a the ti$$ue$ and nerve$ to 9e re$tored to nor+a $tructure and function. BLINDNESS S&& E+&s,

BLOOD PRESSURE PROBLEMS Cau$ed 9y nu+erou$ dy$function$ of the 9ody organ$. *$' if the doctor ha$ diagno$ed any %o$$i9 e under ying cau$e$ Fe.g.: dia9ete$: arterio$c ero$i$: 'idney %ro9 e+$: heart di$ea$e: etc.G. H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. Co++and the heart to 9e hea ed: the arterie$ and ve$$e $ to 9e o%ened and function nor+a y with %ro%er e a$ticity. 6nc ude other organ$ if a diagno$i$ wa$ +ade invo ving the+ a $o. 2. 1o 4TNT4 and 4grow out the ar+$:4 co++anding the +u$c e$ and nerve$ to 9e nor+a and a ow 9 ood to f ow %ro%er y. BOWED LEGS Bnee$ $wing outward: giving %er$on a 4cow9oy4 oo'. H ! # M$%$s#&': 1o 4T"T4 and 4grow out the eg$:4 co++anding the eg$ to $traighten. BRAIN DAMAGE

H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. 6f cau$ed 9y a $tro'e: co++and the $%irit of death of the 9rain ce $ to co+e out. 2. ?ay hand$ on the head: co++anding a creative +irac e=a new 9rain F9rain ti$$ue i$ not regenerated 9y the 9odyG. 3. Co++and a the nerve$ to function nor+a y and any +e+ory o$$ to 9e re$tored. BROKEN BONES H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. ?ay hand$ on the affected area: co++anding the affected 9one$ to co+e together in nor+a a ign+ent and $trength and 9e hea ed. 2. Co++and a +u$c e$: tendon$: nerve$: and iga+ent$ to ine u% with the hea ed 9one$ and $trengthen the area %reviou$ y da+aged. BRONCHITIS 6rritation and inf a++ation of the 9ronchia tu9e$ Fconnecting the no$e to the ung$G. H ! # M$%$s#&':

1. >e9u'e the infection. 2. ?ay hand$ on the u%%er che$t and throat: co++anding the ti$$ue$ in the 9ronchia tu9e$ and ung$ to 9e hea ed and function nor+a y. BULIMIA * con$tant: e2ce$$ive: in$atia9 e a%%etite: and often induced vo+iting and eating in a re%eated cyc e. See cha%ter 13: 4The 7*%%e$tat.74 H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. Ca$t out the $%irit$ of 9u i+ia: reAection and an2iety. 2. 1o 4TNT:4 co++anding the 4a%%e$tat4 to 9e readAu$ted to nor+a . 3. S%ea' %eace: $e fHconfidence: and ove to the %er$on7$ $%irit and $ou . BUNION S&& F&&#, BURSITIS

6nf a++ation of F uidHfi ed $ac$ F9ur$a$G that faci itate tendonC+u$c e +ove+ent over 9one$. H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. Ca$t out the $%irit of 9ur$iti$. 2. Touch the affected area and co++and a inf a++ation and %ain to go: a ti$$ue$ to 9e hea ed: and nor+a f uid 9e %roduced for %ain e$$ +ove+ent of the Aoint$.

CANCER * tu+or that grow$ %rogre$$ive y through the 9ody. 6nc ude$ eu'e+ia: y+%ho+a: and other +a ignant tu+or$. See Cha%ter ): 4E ectrica and Che+ica Fre,uencie$.4 H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. 5ind and ca$t out the $%irit of cancer. 2. Cur$e the $eed: root: and ce $ of the cancer. 3. ?ay hand$ on the affected area: co++anding every cancer ce in the 9ody to die.

#. Co++and the 9one +arrow to %roduce %ure: hea thy 9 ood. &. Co++and hea ing to a organ$ and ti$$ue$ affected and re$toration of %art$ where nece$$ary. (. Co++and the 9ody7$ defen$ive 4'i er4 ce $ to +u ti% y and attac' a cancer ce $. CANDIDA * funga Fyea$tG infection that affect$ the +ucou$ +e+9rane$ of the 9odyI genera y cau$e of vagina infection$I aggravated 9y $ugar inta'eI cau$e of thru$h Fa for+ of CandidaG in chi dren. H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. >e9u'e the infection. 2 Co++and the 9ody7$ $y$te+$ to 9e re$tored to nor+a function. 3. 4Grow out the eg$4 and do 4T"T:4 co++anding nerve$ and +u$c e$ to 9e re a2ed and nor+a . CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME * nerve i$ co+%re$$ed in$ide the wri$t Fcar%a

tunne G: eading to %ain and wea'ne$$ in the hand. H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. ?ay hand$ on the wri$t area and co++and the ti$$ue$: tendon$: and iga+ent$ in the wri$t to 9e hea ed and re a2ed. 2. Co++and the 4tunne 4 to o%en u% and %re$$ure on the nerve to 9e re ea$ed: to 9e hea ed and to function nor+a y. 3. 4Grow out the ar+$4 and do 4TNT:4 co++anding nor+a circu ation and $trength to 9e re$tored. CATARACTS S&& 19/4#&' "E+& H&/0$%:s," CEREBRAL PALSY H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. Ca$t out the $%irit of cere9ra %a $y. 2. S%ea' a new 9rain into 9ody. 3. 1o 4TTT:4 activating the co++unication fro+ the 9rain to the other 9ody %art$: co++anding the +u$c e$: tendon$: and nerve$ to function %ro%er y.

CHOLESTEROL" HIGH T 5.19 6/# $% 2$&#, H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. Co++and the cho e$tero eve to return to nor+a and the 9ody to retain on y the nece$$ary a+ount$. 2. ?ay hand$ on the %er$on7$ head: co++anding a %otentia y da+aged %art$ of the 9ody Fe.g.: arterie$: heart: etc.G to 9eco+e nor+a . CIGARETTES S&& A22$1#$ %s, CLEFT PALATE A% .%2&;&0 4&2 ' H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. Ca$t out the $%irit of inheritance. 2. ?ay hand$ on the +outh: co++anding a creative +irac eI a the ti$$ue$ and $tructure$ to 9e nor+a . COLD SORES S&& H&'4&s,

6 6 #9& 5 .#9,

COLDS S&& I%60.&%</, COLITIS 0ow to /ini$ter@ 1. 1o 4T"T4 and 4grow out eg$:4 co++anding the nerve$ contro ing the co on to 9e oo$ed. 2. Co++and the co on to 9e hea ed. COMA !ncon$ciou$ne$$ cau$ed 9y di$ea$e or $evere trau+a. H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. Ca$t out the $%irit of death of 9rain ce $. 2. ?ay hand$ on the head: co++anding the 9rain to 9e hea edI co++and a creative +irac e to any da+aged 9rain ti$$ue F9rain ti$$ue wi not regenerate on it$ ownG. 3. Co++and the 9ody and a it$ organ$ to o%erate nor+a y and con$ciou$ne$$ to return. #. S%ea' to the %er$on7$ $ou =hi$ $ou i$ not in a co+a. ?ead hi+ to <e$u$ if he i$ not $aved. Even

though he cannot $ay the %rayer: hi$ $ou can re$%ond. CONSTIPATION Us./00+ 1/.s&2 3+ 2$&#/'+ 4' 30&5s, H ! # M$%$s#&': 1o 4T"T4 and 4grow out the eg$:4 co++anding the co on to function nor+a y. CORNS S&& F&&#, CROHN'S DISEASE Chronic inf a++ation of the +ucou$ +e+9rane$ of the inte$tina tract. H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. Ca$t out the $%irit of Crohn7$ di$ea$e. 2. >e9u'e the infection. 3. 4Grow out the eg$4 and do 4T"T:4 co++anding the 9owe ti$$ue to 9e hea ed and function nor+a y. CUSHING'S SYNDROME

O;&'/1#$;$#+ 6 #9& /2'&%/0 :0/%2s, H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. Ca$t out the Cu$hing7$ Syndro+e $%irit. 2. ?ay hand$ on the 'idney area of the 9ac': co++anding the adrena g and$ to function %ro%er y. CYSTIC DISEASE Condition affecting wo+en: u$ua y near or at +eno%au$eI characteri;ed 9y ra%id deve o%+ent of cy$t$ in a 9rea$t. * $o ca ed fi9rocy$tic di$ea$e or cy$tic +a$titi$. H ! T M$%$s#&': 1. Ca$t out the $%irit of fi9rocy$tic di$ea$e. 2. ?ay hand$ on che$t: co++anding a the cy$t$ to di$$o ve and di$a%%ear: a the ce $ and ti$$ue$ of the 9rea$t to 9e hea ed and nor+a : and a creative +irac e for any da+aged %art$. CYSTIC FIBROSIS *n inherited di$ea$e eading to chronic ung di$ea$eI +o$t co++on y found on y in chi dren 9ecau$e

u$ua ife$%an of the$e %eo% e i$ very $hortI a $o affect$ the %ancrea$ and iver. H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. 5ind and ca$t out the $%irit$ of inheritance and cy$tic fi9ro$i$. 2. ?ay hand$ on the area of the %ancrea$ and iver: co++anding the g and$ of the 9ody to $ecrete nor+a y. 3. Co++and the ung$: %ancrea$: and iver to 9e hea ed and function nor+a y.

DEAF7MOTE P&'s % !9 1/% %&$#9&' 9&/' % ' s4&/8, H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. Ca$t out the deaf and du+9 $%irit. 2. Continue in$truction$ a$ for 1eafne$$. 3. Te$t 9oth hearing and $%ea'ing. DEAFNESS

/ay 9e cau$ed 9y a deaf $%irit attaching it$e f to the 9ody: an inherited $%irit: nerve fai ure: %unctured or da+aged eardru+. 1eter+ine 9y in,uiry: if %o$$i9 e: the cau$e of the deafne$$ and the %ercent of hearing o$$. See Cha%ter ): 4E ectrica and Che+ica Fre,uencie$.4 H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. Ca$t out the $%irit of deafne$$. 2. "ut your finger$ gent y in the %er$on7$ ear$ and co++and the deafne$$ to go and hearing to 9e re$tored. 3. Grow out their ar+$. #. Co++and a new eardru+ and 9one $tructure$: if needed. &. 1o 4TNT:4 co++anding the nerve$ and +u$c e$ to re a2: re ea$ing the nerve$ to the ear$: and a owing the 9 ood to f ow into the ear$: and co++anding the hair i'e nerve$ to the inner ear to grow. (. " ace the hand$ on the $ide$ of the $'u and co++and the te+%ora 9one$ to rotate 9ac' into %o$ition. Te$t the %er$on7$ hearing and re%eat the a9ove if nece$$ary. DEPRESSION

S&& M&%#/0 I00%&ss, DERMATITIS I%60/55/#$ % 6 #9& s8$%, H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. >e9u'e the infection and itching. 2. Co++and ce $ that +anufacture $'in to create new and hea thy ti$$ue. DETATCHED RETINA S&& E+&s, DIABETES ?ac' of in$u in %roduction 9y %ancrea$. See a $o 0y%og yce+ia. H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. Ca$t out the $%irit$ of inheritance and dia9ete$. 2. Co++and a new %ancrea$ into the 9ody. 3. Co++and any da+aged 9ody %art$ Ffro+ e2ce$$ $ugarG to 9e hea ed and +ade who e.

DIARRHEA 1. 1o 4TTT.4 2. Co++and dige$tive $y$te+ to 9e hea ed: and re9u'e infection. DISC DISEASE S&& B/18 P' 30&5s, DIVERTICULOSIS = DIVERTICULISIS Out%ouching$ F$+a herniated $ac$G of the +ucou$ +e+9rane of the 9owe through the +u$cu ar wa . S&& /0s C' 9%'s D$s&/s&, H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. 1o 4T"T:4 co++anding the $ac$ to di$a%%ear and the 9owe wa to return to nor+a $trength and function. 2. Co++and infection to go and ti$$ue$ to 9e tota y hea ed. DOWAGER'S HUMP S&& Os#& 4 ' s$s,

DOWN'S SYNDROME H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. 5ind and ca$t out the $%irit of 1own7$ Syndro+e. 2. ?ay hand$ on the %er$on7$ head: and co++and a new 9rain. 3. Co++and the ce $ to revert to the correct nu+9er of chro+o$o+e$: and for the e2tra chro+o$o+e to go. #. Co++and the 9ody to 9e hea ed and function nor+a y. &. Co++and the facia feature$ to 9e nor+a . DROWNING E>1&ss$;& 60.$2 $%# #9& 0.%:s, H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. 5ind and ca$t out the $%irit of death. 2. Co++and the water to co+e out of the ung$. 3. Co++and ife to reenter the 9ody.

#. Co++and the 9rain and 9ody to function nor+a y and 9e tota y hea ed. DYSLE-IA I54/$'5&%# 6 #9& /3$0$#+ # '&/2, H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. Co++and the nerve$ of the eye$ to function nor+a y and to $end %ro%er +e$$age$ to the 9rain. 2. Co++and the 9rain to inter%ret $igna $ received and i+%art under$tanding to the %er$on.

EARS T$%%$#.s *9nor+a ringing: roaring: or hi$$ing in the ear$. H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. Ca$t out the $%irit of tinnitu$. 2. 1o 4TNT.4 3. Co++and the 9 ood to f ow through the ear cana . F.%:.s ' I%6&1#$ %

H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. >e9u'e the fungu$ or infection. 2. 1o 4TNT4 and co++and the 9 ood to f ow into the ear$ and re+ove i+%uritie$. M&%$&'&'s D$s&/s& H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. Ca$t out $%irit of /eniere7$ 1i$ea$e. 2. Co++and ear$ to 9e hea ed and 9a ance re$tored.

EC*EMA D$s&/s& 6 #9& s8$%, H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. Ca$t out the $%irit of ec;e+a. 2. Co++and the inf a++ation to go. Cur$e the infir+ity. 3. Co++and the ce $ that +anufacture $'in to re% ace the da+aged ti$$ue$: and the $'in to return to nor+a $tructure: function: and te2ture.

EDEMA A3% '5/0 1 00&1#$ % 6 60.$2 $% #9& 3 2+, A0s 1/00&2 2' 4s+, H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. Co++and hea ing for any under ying di$ea$e. 2. Co++and that the invo ved organ$ or ti$$ue$ 9e hea ed and function nor+a y. 3. Co++and a divine diuretic Fcau$e the f uid to %a$$ through the 9odyG. EMPHYSEMA L.%: 2$s&/s&? #9& $%/3$0$#+ # 3'&/#9& 4' 4&'0+, H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. /ini$ter de iverance fro+ $+o'ing: if nece$$ary. 2. /ini$ter $a vation and 9a%ti$+ of the 0o y S%irit: if needed. 3. 4Grow out the ar+$:4 co++anding a creative +irac e=a new $et of ung$ with hea thy ung ti$$ue to function %ro%er y.

#. Co++and other da+aged 9ody ti$$ue to 9eco+e nor+a . ENCEPHALITIS I%60/55/#$ % 6 #9& 3'/$%, Us./00+ 1/.s&2 3+ / ;$'/0 $%6&1#$ %, H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. >e9u'e the infection. 2. Co++and the $we ing to go and the 9rain to 9e hea ed: re$tored: and function nor+a y. 3. 1o 4TNT:4 co++anding the 9 ood to f ow nor+a y into the 9rain. ENDOMETRIOSIS T.5 '=#$ss.& $% 6&5/0& ':/%s, V/$% !$#9 #9& 5&%s#'./0 4&'$ 2, H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. 1o 4T"T:4 co++anding the fe+a e organ$ to function nor+a y. 2. 4Grow out the eg$.4

3. Co++and the e2tra ti$$ue to di$$o ve and di$a%%ear. EPILEPSY B'/$% 4' 30&5? s&$<.'&s, H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. Ca$t out the $%irit of e%i e%$y. F<e$u$ didEG 2. 1o 4TNT.4 EYES S&& 19/4#&' @A" "E+& H&/0$%:s," As#$:5/#$s5 A3% '5/0 s9/4& 6 #9& &+&, H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. Co++and a %art$ of the eye to 9e hea ed and return to nor+a $ha%e. 2. 1o 4TNT.4 B0$%2%&ss Di$ion da+age. 1eter+ine: if you can: how +uch the

%er$on can $ee 9efore and after +ini$tering. H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. 6f the cau$e i$ 'nown: addre$$ it $%ecifica y Fe.g.: g auco+a: cataract$: infection: detached retina: etc.G. 2. 5ind and ca$t out the $%irit of 9 indne$$. 3. Co++and hea ing to the eye$ and %erfect $ight to 9e re$tored. #. 1o 4TNT.4 &. Co++and a creative +irac e to the nerve$: eye $tructure$: and 9rain. C/#/'/1# A 10 .2$%: 6 #9& 0&%s 6 #9& &+&, H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. ?ay hand$ on eye$. 2. Co++and the 9 ood and f uid to f ow through the 4onion4 ayer$. C' ss7&+&2 ' W/00&+&2 E+&s 6 1.s $%!/'2 ' &+&s 6 1.s .#!/'2" '&s4&1#$;&0+, H ! # M$%$s#&':

1. " ace your hand$ over the eye$ and co++and the +u$c e$: iga+ent$: and ti$$ue$ to 9e hea ed and return to nor+a $trength and ength. 2. Co++and any $car ti$$ue to 9e re+oved. D&#/19&2 R&#$%/ H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. ?ay hand$ on the eyeF$G and co++and the retina and it$ nerve ending$ to reconnect to the eye and 9e hea ed. 2. Co++and the eye to function nor+a y and eye$ight to 9e re$tored to nor+a . D'+ E+&s H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. Co++and any 9 oc'age or a9nor+a ity to 9e gone and hea ing to ta'e % ace. 2. Co++and the g and$ to %roduce nor+a a+ount$ of f uid to 'ee% the eye$ hea thy. F/'s$:9#&2%&ss I%/3$0$#+ # s&& $#&5s .4 10 s&, H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. ?ay hand$ on the eye$: co++anding the en$: nerve$: iga+ent$: and +u$c e$ to 9e adAu$ted and

wor' %ro%er y. 2. Co++and %erfect $ight to 9e re$tored. F0 /#&'s ' "W&33$%:" H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. ?ay hand$ on the eye$: co++anding the 9 ood and f uid in the eye$ to 9e re$tored to nor+a function and a foreign $u9$tance$ to di$$o ve and go. 2. Co++and any $car ti$$ue to 9e hea ed. G0/.1 5/ I%1'&/s&2 4'&ss.'& !$#9$% #9& &+&3/00, H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. Co++and the cana $ of the eye$ to o%en: and the %re$$ure to nor+a i;e and a ow f uid to f ow nor+a y. 2. Co++and any di$ea$e %roce$$ or $car ti$$ue to 9e hea ed: and eye$ to return to nor+a . L/<+ E+& H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. Co++and eye +u$c e$ to 9e of e,ua ength and $trength and the nerve$ to function nor+a y.

2. Co++and the eye to 9e hea ed and vi$ion to 9e nor+a . M/1.0/' D&:&%&'/#$ % R&#$%/0 2&#&'$ '/#$ %, H ! # M$%$s#&': ?ay hand$ over the eye$. S%ea' a creative +irac e and co++and a new retina. N&/'s$:9#&2%&ss I%/3$0$#+ # s&& J/' 66, A0s 8% !% /s 5+ 4$/, H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. ?ay hand$ on the eye$: co++anding the en$: nerve$: iga+ent$: and +u$c e$ to 9e adAu$ted and wor' %ro%er y. 2. Co++and %erfect $ight to 9e re$tored. R&#$%$#$s P$:5&%# s/ S9'$%8$%: 6 #9& '&#$%/, H ! # M$%$s#&': ?ay hand$ on the eye$: co++anding a creative +irac e to the eye for a new retina and %erfect vi$ion.

FEAR A3% '5/0 6&/' 6 % '5/0 s$#./#$ %s" 4& 40&" /%2= ' #9$%:s, As8 !9/# #9& 4&'s % 6&/'s, H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. Te the %er$on that fear i$ of the devi and %erfect ove ca$t$ out fear. 2. Ca$t out the $%irit of fear. 3. S%ea' the %eace of God into the %er$on: and a$' God to $%iritua y era$e the fear and any re+e+9rance of %reviou$ e%i$ode$. #. Sugge$t that the individua read a +odern ver$ion of the 5i9 e at ea$t one hour a dayI +e+ori;e 2 Ti+othy 1@). &. *$' God to $tation a $%ecia ange with hi+. FEET M s# 6

# 4' 30&5s /'& $%9&'$#&2,

H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. 1o 4TTT4 2. Co++and the twentyH$i2 9one$ in each foot to go

into %ro%er %o$ition and 9e hea ed and $trong. B.%$ %s A s!&00$%: $% #9& B $%# 6 #9& 3$: # &, H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. Ca$t out the $%irit of inheritance. 2. >e9u'e the inf a++ation. 3. 1o 4T"T4 andCor 4grow out the eg$:4 co++anding the toe and 9one$ to go 9ac' into % ace and the iga+ent$ to $trengthen: the foot to 9e nor+a . C/00 .s&s /%2 C '%s H ! # M$%$s#&': ?ay hand$ on the affected area: co++anding the corn$ and ca ou$e$ to fa off and 9e re% aced 9y hea thy ti$$ue. D.18 F&&# F&&# #.'% &>1&ss$;&0+ .#!/'2, H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. Ca$t out the $%irit of inheritance.

2. 1o 4T"T4 and co++and the %e vic 9one$ to rotate inwardI hi%$: eg$: and feet to return to nor+a %o$ition and 9e tota y hea ed. P$:& % T &s F&&# #.'%&2 $%!/'2, H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. Ca$t out the $%irit of inheritance 2. 1o 4T"T4 and co++and the %e vic 9one$ to rotate outward and into nor+a %o$ition. FEMALE PROBLEMS A%+ 4' 30&5s !$#9 #9& 6&5/0& '&4' 2.1#$;& ':/%s 6 #9& 3 2+, I%10.2&s 4/$%6.0 5&%s#'./0 4&'$ 2s" PMS (P'&5&%s#'./0 S+%2' 5&) /%2 4' 0/4s&2 .#&'.s, H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. 4Grow out the eg$4 andCor do 4T"T4 co++anding a the ti$$ue$: nerve$ and ve$$e $ to function nor+a y and $acru+ to rotate into correct %o$ition. 2. Co++and any infection or irritation to go. 3. Co++and a $car ti$$ue: da+aged or de$troyed

%art$ to 9e re$tored and function %ro%er y. #. Co++and a hor+one$ to 9e re ea$ed within the 9ody in nor+a a+ount$ and a divine diuretic to rid the 9ody of any e2ce$$ f uid. F$3' $2 T.5 's B&%$:% (% # 1/%1&' .s) #.5 's 6 #9& .#&'.s, S&& C9/4#&' C" "E0&1#'$1/0 /%2 C9&5$1/0 F'&D.&%1$&s," H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. Ca$t out the $%irit cau$ing the tu+or. 2. Co++and the tu+or ce $ to die and di$$o ve. 3. 4Grow out the eg$4 andCor do 4T"T4 co++anding the ti$$ue$ of the re%roductive organ$ 9e re$tored to nor+a function and 9e tota y hea ed. FIBROMYALGIA * +y$teriou$ y de9i itating $yndro+e. 6t i$ not %hy$ica y da+aging to the 9ody in any way: 9ut i$ characteri;ed 9y the con$tant %re$ence of wide$%read %ain $o $evere that it i$ often inca%acitating. Other $y+%to+$ inc ude: 9ut are not i+ited to: chronic +u$c e %ain: aching: $tiffne$$: di$tur9ed $ ee%: de%re$$ion: and fatigue.

See Cha%ter ): 4E ectrica and Che+ica Fre,uencie$.4 FISSURE" RECTAL C'/18 ' #&/' $% #9& '&1#.5, H ! # M$%$s#&': Ta% the chee'$ on the face Fref e2 %ointG and co++and the ti$$ue$ to 9e hea ed and fi$$ure to c o$e. FLU S&& I%60.&%</, FUNGUS S&& I%6&1#$ %s,

GALLSTONES H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. ?ay your hand over the area of the ga 9 adder: co++anding the $tone$ to di$$o ve. 2. Co++and the ga 9 adder to 9e hea ed and function nor+a y.

GANGLION CYST 0ard: tu+orH i'e $we ing fi ed with f uidI found u$ua y on the wri$t around a tendon or Aoint. H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. ?ay hand$ on the affected area: co++anding the cy$t to di$$o ve and f uid to rea9$or9 into the 9ody. 2. Co++and the wri$t $tructure$: 9one$: +u$c e$: and tendon$ to go 9ac' into nor+a %o$ition. 3. Co++and the Aoint ining to %roduce %ro%er Aoint f uid and 9 ood $u%% y to 9e nor+a . #. Co++and a %re$$ure on the nerve$ to go 9ac' to nor+a . GLAUCOMA S&& E+&s, GLUTTONY S&& 19/4#&' @E" "T9& 'A44&s#/#,'" GOITER S!&00$%: 6 #9& #9+' $2 :0/%2,

H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. ?ay hand$ on the goiter: and co++and it to di$$o ve. 2. Co++and a new thyroid g and. GOUT D&4 s$#s 6 1'+s#/0s $% B $%#s /%2 #9&' ':/%s" .s./00+ 6 #9& 3$: # &, H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. ?ay hand$ on the affected foot and co++and the cry$ta $ to di$$o ve and ti$$ue$ and 9one$ to 9e hea ed. 2. Co++and the 9ody to +eta9o i;e nor+a y. G!6??6*NH5*>>P SYN1>O/E N&';& 2&#&'$ '/#$ % 1/.s$%: 4/'/0+s$s 6 #9& 3 2+? #9 .:9# # 3& 1/.s&2 3+ ;$'/0 $%6&1#$ %, H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. >e9u'e the infection. 2. ?ay hand$ on the %er$on and co++and the nervou$ $y$te+ to 9e re$tored and function %erfect y.

3. Co++and any other $tructure$ that have 9een da+aged 9y the %ara y$i$ to 9eco+e who e. GUM DISEASE D$s&/s&s 6 #9& #$ss.&s /' .%2 #9& #&&#9, H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. >e9u'e the infection. 2. ?ay hand$ on the Aaw9one: co++anding the ti$$ue$ of the +outh to 9e hea ed.

HAIR LOSS S&& B/02%&ss, HAMMER TOES S&& F&&#, HANDS S&& A'5s /%2 H/%2s, HAY FEVER S&& A00&':$&s,

HEADACHE Co++on y cau$ed 9y ten$ion: a$ we a$ +any di$ea$e %roce$$e$ Fe.g co d$: T/<: infection: tu+or$: high 9 ood %re$$ure: etc.G. See Cha%ter .: 4/igraine 0eadache$ and Tic 1ou oureu2.4 H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. 1o 4TNT:4 co++anding the 9 ood to f ow nor+a y and $%a$+$ of the ve$$e $ to re ea$e. 2. Ca$t out the $%irit of +igraine Fif nece$$aryG. 3. 6n$truct the %er$on to +ove hi$ head and $tretch the nec' area. Then a$': 4What ha%%ened to the %ainJ4 HEART A%+ 4' 30&5 $%; 0;$%: #9& 9&/'#, H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. 2. 3. S%ea' a new heart into the 9ody. 4Grow out the ar+$4 and do 4TNT.4 Co++and other 9ody %art$ that have 9een

affected 9y the heart di$ea$e to 9e hea ed. HEMORRHOIDS E%0/':&2 30 #9& '&1#.5, 2 ;&ss&0s $% #9& #$ss.&s s.'' .%2$%:

H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. Ta% the %er$on7$ chee'$ Fthe co on ref e2 areaG and co++and the he+orrhoid$ to 9e hea ed in <e$u$7 na+e. 2. Co++and the 9 ood ve$$e $ to $hrin' to nor+a $i;e and function. 3. >e9u'e %ain. #. 4Grow out the eg$4 and do 4T"T:4 co++anding nerve$ and +u$c e$ to 9e re a2ed and nor+a . HEPATITIS C 0e%atiti$ C +a'e$ Your iver $we and $to%$ it fro+ wor'ing right. You need a hea thy iver. The iver doe$ +any thing$ to 'ee% you a ive. The iver fight$ infection$ and $to%$ 9 eeding. 6t re+ove$ drug$ and other %oi$on$ fro+ your 9 ood. The iver a $o $tore$ energy for when you need it. The 6nternet ha$ +uch detai a9out 0e%atiti$ C.

H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. Co++and a creative +irac e of a new iver. FSee >o+an$ #@1).G 2. 6n addition to thi$: co++and the e ectrica and che+ica fre,uencie$ to 9e in har+ony and in 9a ance and to dige$t the 9ad ce $. HERNIA A% .#4 .19$%: 6 #$ss.& #9' .:9 /% /'&/ 6 !&/8&%&2 5.s10&, H$/#.s H&'%$/ "rotruding of $to+ach a9ove the dia%hrag+ eading to %ain: indige$tion: and $wa owing difficu tie$. H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. 4Grow out the ar+$:4 co++anding a the 9one$: +u$c e$: nerve$: and iga+ent$ to 9e in %ro%er a ign+ent: $trength: and function. 2. ?ay hand$ on the hernia: co++anding it to 9e hea ed. I%:.$%/0 U53$0$1/0 ' A32 5$%/0 H&'%$/ Out%ouching of the inte$tina tract in the a9do+en: inguina area Fwhere u%%er thigh +eet$ the ower

a9do+enG: or u+9i icu$ F9e y 9uttonG. H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. 4Grow out the eg$.4 2. 1o 4T"T:4 co++anding the hernia to di$a%%earI +u$c e$: tendon$: and ti$$ue$ to 9e hea ed and re$tored to nor+a $trength. HERPES A ;$'/0 $%6&1#$ % /66&1#$%: ;/'$ .s 4/'#s 6 #9& 3 2+, H&'4&s S$540&>, C 55 %0+ 1/00&2 / "1 02 s '&," H&'4&s * s#&', C 55 %0+ 1/00&2 "s9$%:0&s," H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. Co++and the infection to go. 2. Co++and the ti$$ue$ to 9e hea ed and re$tored to nor+a . H&'4&s S$540&> (G&%$#/0) "S '&s" /44&/' % #9& &>#&'%/0 '&4' 2.1#$;& #$ss.&s 6 #9& 3 2+, S&& /0s V&%&'&/0 D$s&/s&,

HOMOSE-UALS=LESBIANS 6ndividua $ who %refer inti+ate re ation$hi%$ with other$ of the $a+e $e2I ho+o$e2ua refer$ to +a e$: e$9ian refer$ to fe+a e$. The individua +u$t want to 9e free fro+ the de$ire 9efore he can 9e de ivered and hea ed fro+ thi$ condition. See cha%ter 11: 4When /ini$tering 0ea ing.4 H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. ?ead the %er$on in the %rayer of $a vation and tota co++it+ent. Say: 4Father: 6 wi % ea$e You and not +y$e f with +y ife$ty e.4 2. /ini$ter the 9a%ti$+ with the 0o y S%irit. 3. 5ind and ca$t out the $%irit of ho+o$e2ua ity or e$9iani$+. #. Co++and the de$ire$ to 9e hetero$e2ua y Fde$ire for the o%%o$ite $e2G oriented. HUNTINGTON'F CHOREA H&'&2$#/'+ 2$s&/s& 19/'/1#&'$<&2 3+ $%; 0.%#/'+ #!$s#$%: /%2 !'$#9$%: 5 ;&5&%#s 6 #9& &>#'&5&#$&s /%2 6/1&" 2$s#.'3&2 s4&&19" /%2 $54/$'5&%# 6 #9& #9 .:9#s,

H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. Ca$t out the $%irit$ of inheritance and 0untington7$ di$ea$e. 2. Co++and a new 9rain to for+. HYPERTENSION (HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE) B0 2 4'&ss.'& #9/# $s /3% '5/00+ 9$:9, As8 $6 1/.s& $s 8% !%, S&& /0s F&/', H ! T M$%$s#&': 1. Co++and a divine 4rotoHrooter4 treat+ent throughout entire va$cu ar $y$te+. 2. Co++and the 9 ood %re$$ure to return to nor+a and to re+ain nor+a . 3. Sugge$t ti+e in the Word of God every day and to re a2 in <e$u$: e i+inating unnece$$ary ten$ion: an2iety: and fear. HYPOGLYCEMIA A3% '5/00+ 0 ! 30 2 s.:/'? s 5&#$5&s #9& 6$'s# $%2$1/#$ % 6 &/'0+ 2$/3&#&s, H ! # M$%$s#&':

1. Ca$t out the $%irit$ of inheritance and hy%og yce+ia. 2. Co++and a new %ancrea$ to %roduce nor+a 9 ood $ugar eve $.

IMMUNE SYSTEM S&& 4/:& @G@, H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. Co++and the i++une $y$te+ to 9e hea ed and a ert to ha t di$ea$e and ger+$ fro+ infecting the 9ody in <e$u$7 na+e. 2. Co++and the e ectrica and che+ica fre,uencie$ to 9e in har+ony and 9a ance and to dige$t the $ic' ce $ in <e$u$7 na+e. INCURABLE DISEASES *ny di$ea$e for which doctor$ cannot find the cure. See Cha%ter ): 4E ectrica and Che+ica Fre,uencie$.4 H ! # M$%$s#&':

1. Ca$t out the $%irit of whatever di$ea$e i$ invo ved. 2. S%ea' hea ing to the 9ody. INFECTION C/.s&2 6' 5 %.5&' .s ':/%$s5s (&,:," 3/1#&'$/" ;$'.s" 6.%:.s" ' 4/'/s$#&), H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. >e9u'e the infection. 2. Co++and the 9ody to 9e hea ed and re$tored to nor+a condition and function. 3. 1o 4TTT.4 INFERTILITY I%/3$0$#+ # 1 %1&$;& 19$02'&%, H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. Say: 4Father: Your Word $ay$ the wo+9 of Your chi dren $ha not 9e 9arren: and You wi +a'e the 9arren wo+an the Aoyfu +other of +any chi dren. 6 $%ea' the fir$t one in here: %erfect: who e and de ivered within one year.4 2. 1o 4T"T4

3. Co++and any a9nor+a for+ation$ to 9eco+e nor+a . INFLUEN*A" FLU" COLDS H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. >e9u'e the infection. 2. 4Grow out the ar+$4 and do 4TNT:4 co++anding the 9 ood ve$$e $ to o%en and a ow the 9 ood to f ow free y to free the affected areaF$G of ger+$. 3. Te the %er$on to drin' eight g a$$e$ of water %er day to f u$h ger+$ fro+ $y$te+. #. Co++and the inte$tina $y+%to+$ to go in <e$u$7 na+e and the 9ody to acce%t and uti i;e food nor+a y. INNER HEALING 0ea ing of +e+orie$ Fe.g.: hurt$: in$u t$: crue treat+entG u$ua y cau$ed 9y another %er$on. See Cha%ter 3: 4Fa ing under the "ower.4 H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. *$' God to ta'e 0i$ divine $%iritua era$er and

re+ove the hurt$ of the %a$t. 2. *$' the %er$on to forgive anyone who ha$ hurt hi+. 3. ?ay hand$ on hi$ head and a$' <e$u$ to 9 e$$ hi+. Genera y: he wi go under the %ower for the 0o y S%irit to +ini$ter to hi+. INSOMNIA I%/3$0$#+ # s0&&4, H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. S%ea' the %eace and ove of God into the individua . >eco++end that the %er$on $%end ti+e in the Word of God and %o$$i9 y i$ten to a 5i9 e ca$$ette a$ he goe$ to $ ee%. 2. Co++and the $ ee% center of the 9rain to o%erate nor+a y.

JAW S&& TMJ, JOINTS (FRO*EN OR DISLOCATED) S&& C9/4#&' @H" "T9& S4$%&,"

H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. Ca$t out the $%irit$ of arthriti$ and 9ur$iti$. 2. 1o any %art of or a of 4TTT:4 a$ a%%ro%riate. 3. Co++and the Aoint with it$ carti age: iga+ent$: tendon$: and ti$$ue$ to 9e hea ed and oo$ed a$ you ta% the Aoint ight y with your hand. Te the %er$on to 9egin to +ove the e2tre+ity. #. 6f a 9one i$ out of Aoint: co++and it to go 9ac' into the $oc'et and $tay there.

KIDNEYS The organ$ of the 9ody that re+ove unnece$$ary $u9$tance$ fro+ the 9 ood Fe.g.: f uid: che+ica $: etc.G and %a$$ the+ out of the 9ody in the for+ of urine. K$2%&+ D/5/:& ' K$2%&+ F/$0.'& 1oe$ not %a$$ the e2ce$$ f uid andCor che+ica $ out of the 9ody: cau$ing condition that %oi$on$ the 9odyI +any under ying cau$e$ for da+age or fai ure. H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. 1o 4T"T4 andCor 4grow out the eg$:4 co++anding a new %air of 'idney$ to o%erate and function

nor+a y. 2. Co++and hea ing for under ying cau$e$ Fe.g.: di$ea$e: high 9 ood %re$$ure: infection: etc.G. K$2%&+ S# %&s H ! # M$%$s#&': 1.Co++and the $tone$ to di$$o ve. 2. Co++and the %ain to go. 3. Co++and the 'idney$ and a da+aged ti$$ue$ to 9e hea ed and re$tored to nor+a function.

LEGS K%&&1/4 P' 30&5s C/% 3& 1/.s&2 3+ 2$s&/s& ' #'/.5/, H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. 6f arthriti$: ca$t out the $%irit. 2. ?ay hand$ on the affected area: co++anding a the tendon$: iga+ent$: +u$c e$: carti age and ti$$ue$: to 9e hea edI the 9 ood and f uid to u9ricate the area to 9e re$tored.

3. Co++and a new 'neeca%: if needed. #. 4Grow out the eg$.4 K% 187K%&&s H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. 1o 4T"T:4 co++anding the %e vic 9one to rotate outward. 2. 4Grow out the eg$:4 co++anding the eg$ and 'nee$ to $traighten. L$:/5&%#s" T '% O' D/5/:&2 Us./00+ 1/.s&2 3+ #!$s#$%: ' &>1&ss$;& s#'&#19$%:, H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. >e9u'e any infection. 2. 4Grow out the ar+$ or eg$:4 a$ a%%ro%riate. 3. 1o 4TNT4 and 4T"T:4 a$ a%%ro%riate. #. Co++and the iga+ent$ to 9e hea ed and re$tored to nor+a function. S9 '# L&: Genera y cau$ed 9y a ower 9ac' %ro9 e+ that

draw$ u% the iga+ent$: +u$c e$: and 9one$: +a'ing the eg a%%ear to 9e 4$hort4I eg 9one: etc.: can actua y 9e %er+anent y $horter 9ecau$e of a9nor+a deve o%+ent. H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. 4Grow out eg$:4 co++anding the 9ac' to 9e hea ed and +u$c e$ and iga+ent$ to go into right %o$ition. 2. 1o 4T"T.4 3. 6f eg i$ actua y $horter or $+a er: co++and a creative +irac e=for it to grow to nor+a ength and $i;e. LEUKEMIA S&& C/%1&', LOU GEHRIG'S DISEASE A0s 8% !% /s A5+ #' 49$1 L/#&'/0 S10&' s$s, LUMPS A%+ /3% '5/0 :' !#9 $% #9& 3 2+, H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. Cur$e the core: root: and cau$e of the u+%.

2. ?ay hand$ on the affected area For on to% of the %er$on7$ hand$ a$ he touche$ the areaG: co++anding the u+% to di$$o ve and di$a%%ear. 3. Co++and a ti$$ue$ to 9e hea ed. LUNGS (RESPIRATORY RESTRICTIONS) H ! # M$%$s#&': Co++and new ung$: air $ac$ to o%en: e2ce$$ f uid to dry u%: or whatever i$ needed. LUPUS 1i$ea$e when the 9ody attac'$ it$e fI can affect +any organ$ in the 9ody inc uding the $'in: 'idney$: and Aoint$. H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. Ca$t out the $%irit of u%u$. 2. Co++and the i++une $y$te+ and a affected organ$ to 9e hea ed and to function nor+a y.


MARRIAGE PROBLEMS H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. >e+ind the cou% e that what they do to each other: they do to <e$u$ who ive$ within each of the+. * $o te the+ that their +arriage i$ a %ractice ground for their +arriage to <e$u$. Sugge$t that they go 9ac' to the 9eginning of their ove for each other. 2. *$' if they are 9oth $aved and S%iritHfi ed. 6f not: +ini$ter $a vation and the 9a%ti$+ with the S%irit to the+. 3. ?ay hand$ on each of the+=9oth at the $a+e ti+e Fif %re$entG=and $%ea' the %eace of God on the+. *$' God7$ 9 e$$ing$ on their +arriage. #. 6f on y one i$ %re$ent or $aved: a$' God to $tation ange $ around the un$aved +e+9er. MEASLES S&& I%6&1#$ %, MENIERE'S DISEASE D$s#.'3/%1& $% #9& $%%&' &/', A0s s&& E/'s, H ! # M$%$s#&':

1. Ca$t out the $%irit of /eniere7$ di$ea$e. 2. Co++and the inner ear to 9e hea ed: the nerve$ and 9 ood f ow to the inner ear to 9e nor+a : and a di;;ine$$ to $to%. MENTAL ILLNESS S&& C9/4#&' @@" "W9&% M$%$s#&'$%: H&/0$%:," H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. Co++and $%irit to co+e out. 2. 6f in$anity: ca$t out the in$ane $%irit. 3. 6f cau$ed 9y an accident: co++and a new 9rain. #. 6f a che+ica di$order: co++and the %roduction of %ro%er che+ica $ in nor+a a+ount$. &. ?ay hand$ for the 0o y S%irit to +ini$ter to the individua 7$ need$. MENSTRUAL PAIN S&& F&5/0& P' 30&5s, MIGRAINE S&& H&/2/19&,

MONGOLISM S&& D !%'s S+%2' 5&, MOTION SICKNESS H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. Co++and the inner ear to adAu$t to +ove+ent$. 2. ?ay hand$ on the head: co++anding %eace to the 9rain. MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS (MS) S&& /0s C9/4#&' C" "E0&1#'$1/0 /%2 C9&5$1/0 F'&D.&%1$&s," H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. 5ind and ca$t out the $%irit of /S. 2. 1o 4KTT:4 co++anding the nerve$ to 9e hea ed and re$tored to nor+a $tructure and function. 3. Co++and hea ing and nor+a function to a %art$ of the 9ody that have 9een affected 9y the di$ea$e. MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY (MD) P' :'&ss$;& 2&:&%&'/#$ % 6 5.s10&s,

S&& /0s C9/4#&' C" "E0&1#'$1/0 /%2 C9&5$1/0 F'&D.&%1$&s," H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. Ca$t out the $%irit of +u$cu ar dy$tro%hy. 2. 1o 4KTT:4 co++anding the +u$c e$ to 9e hea ed: re$tored: and to function nor+a y. MYASTHENIA GRAVIS D$s&/s& 19/'/1#&'$<&2 3+ !&/8%&ss /%2 '/4$2 #$'$%: 6 ; 0.%#/'+ s8&0&#/0 5.s10&s, H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. Ca$t out the $%irit of +ya$thenia gravi$. 2. 1o 4TTT:4 co++anding the nerve rece%tor$ on the +u$c e$ to 9e hea ed and function nor+a y.

NARCOLEPSY U%1 %#' 00/30& &4$s 2&s 6 s0&&4 2.'$%: % '5/0 !/8$%: 9 .'s, H ! # M$%$s#&':

1. Ca$t out the $%irit of narco e%$y. 2. ?ay hand$ on the head: co++anding the $ ee% center of the 9rain to 9e hea ed and to function nor+a y. NECK I%10.2$%: 5.s10& s#'/$%" 4/$%" /%2= ' 1'/18&2 ;&'#&3'/&, H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. 1o 4TNT.4 2. Co++and verte9rae: di$c$: +u$c e$: iga+ent$: nerve$: and tendon$ to 9e hea ed and to go 9ac' into nor+a %o$ition. NERVOUSNESS S&& /0s F&/'" A%>$&#+, H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. Ca$t out the $%irit$ of fear and an2iety. 2. ?ay hand$ on the %er$on7$ head and $%ea' the %eace of God into the +ind.

NOSE D&6 '5&2 ' 3' 8&%, H ! # M$%$s#&': ?ay your finger on the no$e and run it down the cre$t: co++anding it to 9e $traight: $tructure$ to 9e regenerated: and to function nor+a y. NUMBNESS C/.s&2 3+ 2$s&/s& ' 4$%19$%: 6 #9& %&';&s, H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. Co++and any di$ea$e %roce$$ to go. 2. 1o 4TTT:4 co++anding di$c$ and verte9rae of the 9ac' to return to nor+a %o$ition: %re$$ure on the nerve$ to 9e re ea$ed: and nerve$ to function nor+a y.

OBESITY C %2$#$ % 6 3&$%: &>1&ss$;&0+ ;&'!&$:9#, S&& C9/4#&' @E" "T9& A44&s#/#," H ! # M$%$s#&':

?ay hand$ on the head and co++and the 4a%%e$tat4 Fa%%etite contro centerG to 9e readAu$ted to the nor+a eve and weight to return to correct and hea thy range. OSTEOARTHRITIS S&& A'#9'$#$s, OSTEOPOROSIS (DOWAGER'S HUMP) D&#&'$ '/#$ % 6 3 %&s, H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. Ca$t out the $%irit of o$teo%oro$i$. 2. 1o 4TTT:4 co++anding the 9one$ to u$e the ca ciu+ and other nece$$ary +inera $ in the 9ody to regenerate new: $trong 9one$. 3. Co++and the 9ac' and $acru+ to $traighten.

PALSY S&& P/'8$%s %'s D$s&/s&,

PARKINSON'S DISEASE 1egeneration of ce $ in the 9a$e of the 9rain acco+%anied 9y $ha'ing. See Cha%ter ): 4E ectrica and Che+ica Fre,uencie$.4 H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. Ca$t out the $%irit of "ar'in$on7$ di$ea$e. 2. 1o 4TNT:4 co++anding a new 9rain and nerve ti$$ue that wi function nor+a y. 3. Co++and hea ing to a other affected %art$ of the 9ody. PHLEBITIS I''$#/#$ % 6 30 H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. Co++and 9 ood c ot to di$$o ve. 2. Co++and infection to eave. PITUITARY GLAND E%2 1'$%& :0/%2 0 1/#&2 /# 3/s& 6 #9& 3'/$%, S&& C9/4#&' @E" "T9& A44&s#/#," H ! # M$%$s#&':

2 ;&ss&0s,

1. 6f cau$e i$ 'nown: +ini$ter to cau$e. 2. ?ay hand$ on the %er$on7$ head andCor do 4TNT:4 co++anding the %ituitary g and to function %ro%er y and %roduce nor+a a+ount$ of a it$ hor+one$. 3. Co++and a other affected 9ody %art$ to 9eco+e nor+a . POLIO" POLIOMYELITIS I%6&1#$ .s ;$'.s, S&& C9/4#&' C" "E0&1#'$1/0 /%2 C9&5$1/0 F'&D.&%1$&s," H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. Ca$t out the $%irit of %o io. 2. 1o 4TTT4 co++anding creative +irac e$ to the $%ina cord and it$ da+aged nerve$: +u$c e$: iga+ent$: ti$$ue$: and tendon$ to 9e hea ed: $trengthen: and function nor+a y. PMS (PREMENSTRUAL FYNDROMEJ S&& F&5/0& P' 30&5s, PREGNANCY S&& B$'#9" I%6&'#$0$#+, PROLAPSED UTERUS

S&& F&5/0& P' 30&5s, PROSTATE TROUBLE E%0/':&5&%# 6 5/0& '&4' 2.1#$;& :0/%2, S&& C9/4#&' C" "E0&1#'$1/0 /%2 C9&5$1/0 F'&D.&%1$&s," H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. 4Grow out the eg$4 and do 4T"T:4 co++anding the %ro$tate g and to $hrin' to nor+a $i;e and to function nor+a y. 2. Co++and nerve$ and 9 ood to wor' nor+a y. PSORIASIS S8$% 2$s&/s&, H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. Ca$t out the $%irit of %$oria$i$. 2. >e9u'e the inf a++ation: itching: and $ca ing. 3. ?ay hand$ near Fnot onG the affected area$: co++anding hea thy new $'in ce $ to re% ace the affected ti$$ue$.

RESPIRATORY DISEASE S&& L.%:s, RETARDATION I%/3$0$#+ # 2&;&0 4 ' 0&/'% % '5/00+? 5/+ 3& 1/.s&2 3+ 3'/$% 2/5/:& 2$s&/s&, H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. Ca$t out $%irit of inheritance. 2. ?ay hand$ on the head: co++anding a new 9rain with nor+a inte igence. RETINITIS PIGMENTOSA S&& E+&s, RHEUMATIC FEVER H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. >e9u'e the infection. 2. 1o 4TTT:4 co++anding the Aoint$: heart: and other ti$$ue$ of the 9ody to 9e hea ed and react nor+a y.

3. Co++and any da+aged organ$ to 9e hea ed and function %ro%er y. RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS S&& A'#9'$#$s, H ! # M$%$s#&': 6n addition to the +ini$tering +entioned under *rthriti$: co++and the i++une $y$te+ to 9e hea ed. RINGING IN THE EARS S&& E/'s,

SCARS" KELOIDS" ADHESIONS K&0 $2s: /3% '5/0 s1/'s % s8$%, *dhe$ion$@ a9nor+a growing together of ti$$ue$ andCor organ$ in$ide the 9odyI u$ua y fo owing $urgery. H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. 1o whichever of 4TTT4 that re ate$ to the affected

area: co++anding the $car ti$$ue to 9e di$$o ved. 2. Co++and a organ$ and $tructure$ to 9e hea ed and to function nor+a y. SCHI*OPHRENIA S&& M&%#/0 I00%&ss, SCIATICA P/$% '.%%$%: /0 %: 0/':& %&';&s 6' 5 s4$%& $%# #9$:9, H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. 4Grow out the eg$4 and do 4T"T:4 co++anding the u+9ar verte9ra and $acru+ to 9e %ro%er y a igned. 2. Co++and a the di$c$ to go 9ac' into % ace and re ieve a %re$$ure on the nerve$. 3. " ace your finger$ on either $ide of the $%ine a9ove the $acru+ and co++and the $ciatica $%irit to co+e out. SCLERODERMA S8$% 6&&0s 0$8& $# $s #.'%$%: # s# %&, H ! # M$%$s#&':

1. Ca$t out the $%irit of $c eroder+a. 2. 1o 4TTT:4 co++anding the i++une $y$te+ to 9e hea ed and return to nor+a function. 3. Co++and new ti$$ue to re% ace the da+aged area$ of the $'in and a affected interna organ$. SCOLIOSIS A3% '5/0 1.';/#.'& 6 #9& s4$%&, H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. Ca$t out the $%irit of $co io$i$. 2. 1o 4TTT:4 co++anding the 9one$ in the 9ac': the ri9$: and $u%%ortive $tructure$ of the 9ody to co+e into a ign+ent. SICKLE7CELL ANEMIA H&'&2$#/'+ 2$s&/s&? '&2 30 2 1&00s 3&1 5& "s$180&" s9/4&2 /%2 10 : 30 2 ;&ss&0s, H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. Ca$t out the $%irit of inheritance. 2. Co++and the defective gene$ to 9e re$tored to nor+a and +arrow to %roduce nor+a 9 ood ce $: and the affected organ$ and ti$$ue$ of the 9ody to 9e hea ed.

SINUS PROBLEMS H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. >e9u'e the infection and cur$e the a ergy. 2. ?ay hand$ on the face and co++and the $inu$e$ to drain: o%en u%: and 9e hea ed. 3. 4Grow out the ar+$:4 co++anding 9 ood ve$$e $ to o%en and reduce $we ing of the area$. #. Sugge$t that the %er$on avoid irritating factor$ F$ugar: caffeine: and nicotine aggravate $inu$ infectionG. &. 1rin'ing eight g a$$e$ of water Fand AuiceG dai y wi a eviate the %ro9 e+ a $o.

SPINA BIFIDA B$'#9 2&6&1# $% #9& s4$%&, H ! # M$%$s#&': S%ea' a creative +irac e into the 9ody. Co++and $%ine to c o$e.

STOMACH A0s s&& U01&'s, H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. 1eter+ine $%ecific defect and co++and it to 9e hea ed or new %art created. 2. 1o 4T"T4 and 4grow out the eg$.4 STROKE B0 18/:& 6 / 30 H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. Ca$t out the $%irit of death of 9rain ce $. 2. ?ay hand$ on the head: co++anding the 9 oc'age to di$$o ve and 9e re+ovedI a da+aged ti$$ue 9e re$toredI a creative +irac e=a new 9rain: if nece$$ary. 3. 1o 4TTT:4 co++anding the co++unication fro+ the 9rain to the 9ody and a affected %art$ of the 9ody 9e re$tored to nor+a function. #. See detai $ in 0ow to 0ea the Sic'. SUICIDE T/8$%: + .' !% 0$6&,

2 ;&ss&0 0&/2$%: # #9& 3'/$%,

See Cha%ter 11: 4When /ini$tering 0ea ing.4 H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. 5ind and ca$t out the $%irit of $uicide. 2. ?ead the %er$on in the %rayer of $a vation and +ini$ter the 9a%ti$+ with the 0o y S%irit. 3. !rge the individua to attend a good church with a S%iritHfi ed %a$tor. 6f %o$$i9 e: +a'e thi$ connection for hi+. #. >eco++end that he $%end a ot of ti+e reading a +odern ver$ion of the 5i9 e: and other good 9oo'$: $uch a$ Q?et Thi$ /ind 5e in YouO 9y France$.

TAILBONE (COCCY-) ?owe$t 9one of the $%ina co u+n. H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. Ca$t out the $%irit of death of 9rain ce $. 2. ?ay hand$ on the head: co++anding the 9 oc'age to di$$o ve and 9e re+ovedI a da+aged ti$$ue 9e re$toredI a creative +irac e=a new 9rain: if nece$$ary.

3. 1o 4TTT:4 co++anding the co++unication fro+ the 9rain to the 9ody and a affected %art$ of the 9ody 9e re$tored to nor+a function. #. See detai $ in 0ow to 0ea the Sic'. TEETH C' 8&2 H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. Ca$t out the $%irit of inheritance. 2. ?ay hand$ on the Aaw: co++anding the Aaw$ to 9e adAu$ted to a ow enough $%ace for the teeth to 9e in %ro%er a ign+ent. 3. Co++and the teeth to ine u% %ro%er y. D&1/+ H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. Cur$e the decay. 2. ?ay hand$ on the Aaw: co++anding a creative +irac e= teeth to 9e re$tored and covered with a %erfect ayer of ena+e . G'$%2$%:

Us./00+ 11.'s /# %$:9# !9$0& /s0&&4, S&& /0s TMJ, H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. 1o 4TNT4 and 4grow out the ar+$:4 co++anding nerve$ to 9e re ea$ed. 2. S%ea' the +ind of Chri$t into the %er$on and $ugge$t that he $%end ti+e in the 5i9 e. 3. 6f nece$$ary: dea with unforgivene$$. O;&'3$#& ' U%2&'3$#& C/.s&2 3+ B/! 3&$%: .# 6 40/1&, S&& /0s TMJ, H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. Ca$t out the $%irit of inheritance. 2. ?ay hand$ on the Aaw: co++anding the Aaw to 9e adAu$ted to a ow enough $%ace for the teeth to 9e in %ro%er a ign+ent. 3. Co++and the teeth to ine u% %ro%er y. TMJ SYNDROME I%60/55/#$ % 6 #9& "9$%:&7B $%#" 6 #9& B/!,

H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. 1o 4TTT:4 co++anding the Aaw to go 9ac' into % ace. 2. Co++and the ti$$ue$: iga+ent$: and carti age to 9e hea ed and adAu$ted to the right a ign+ent.

TENDONITIS I%60/55/#$ % /%2= ' $''$#/#$ % 6 #9& #&%2 %s, H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. >e9u'e the inf a++ation. 2. 1o the a%%ro%riate %ortion of 4TTT4 Fe.g.: 4grow out the ar+$4 for the e 9ow and $hou der: 4grow out the eg$4 for the 'nee or hi%G: co++anding the tendon and it$ $urrounding ti$$ue$ to 9e hea ed. 3. Co++and the %ain: a $we ing: and irritation to go. THYROID DISEASE H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. 1o 4TNT.4

2. S%ea' a creative +irac e=a new thyroid g and. T$1 DOULOUREUS&;&'& 4/$% $% #9& s$2& 6 #9& 6/1&, S&& C9/4#&' I" "M$:'/$%& H&/2/19&s /%2 T$1 D .0 .'&.>," H ! # M$%$s#&': 1o 4TNT:4 co++anding the %ain to go and the nerve to 9e hea ed. TINNITUS S&& E/'s, TONSIIITIS H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. >e9u'e the infection. 2. 1o 4TNT:4 co++anding the ton$i $ to $hrin' to nor+a $i;e and to function nor+a y. TWITCHING H ! # M$%$s#&':

?ay hand$ on the affected area: co++anding a %re$$ure to 9e re ieved: a irritation 9e gone: and the nerve$ to 9e hea ed.

ULCERS O4&% s '&s $% #9& s# 5/19 ' s5/00 $%#&s#$%&? 1/% /0s 3& % s8$%, H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. Co++and ti$$ue$ in the affected area to 9e hea ed =a new ining: if nece$$ary. 2. 1o 4TTT:4 co++anding the $to+ach to %roduce acid in nor+a eve $. 3. S%ea' the %eace of God into the %er$on7$ +ind and heart. UTERUS S&& F&5/0& P' 30&5s,

VARICOSE VEINS V&$%s (.s./00+ 6 #9& 0&:s) #9/# 9/;& 3&1 5& /3% '5/00+ 2$0/#&2, H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. Ca$t out the $%irit of inheritance. 2. 4Grow out the eg$:4 co++anding the ve$$e wa $ to $trengthen and function nor+a y: any 9 oc'age to 9e re+oved: and the 9 ood to f ow nor+a y 9ac' to the heart. VENEREAL DISEASE D$s&/s& 4/ss&2 #9' .:9 s&>./0 '&0/#$ %s, I%10.2&s : % ''9&/" s+49$00$s" AIDS" s 5& 6 '5s 6 9&'4&s, H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. 6f the di$ea$e wa$ %a$$ed during a $infu act: 9e $ure the %er$on ha$ re%ented and %ro+i$ed God he or $he wou d not re%eat the $e2ua $in again. 2. /ini$ter $a vation and the 9a%ti$+ with the S%irit. 3. >e9u'e the infection.

#. Ca$t out the $%irit of u$t: if a%%ro%riate. &. ?ay hand$ on the %er$on: co++anding hea ing to a affected 9ody %art$: creative +irac e$ a$ nece$$ary: and the 9 ood to 9e c ean and c ear. (. Co++and the i++une $y$te+ to 9e re$tored to nor+a for tho$e with *61S. VERTIGO S&& E/'s,

WARTS H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. Cur$e the $eed and the root of the wart. 2. Co++and the wart to dry u% and fa off. 3. Te the %er$on to $ay: 4Than' You: <e$u$:4 unti the wart$ fa off. WATER ON THE KNEE OR ELBOW S&& E2&5/,

WEIGHT LOSS H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. *$' what the doctor con$ider$ to 9e the cau$e. 2. /ini$ter to the cau$e. 3. Co++and the 4a%%e$tat4 to 9e readAu$ted to nor+a and the 9ody to adAu$t to a %ro%er weight.

WHIPLASH Us./00+ #9& '&s.0# 6 / 1/' /11$2&%#, H ! # M$%$s#&': 1. 1o4TTT.4 2. Co++and any da+aged di$c: verte9rae: nerve: iga+ent: tendon: or +u$c e to 9e hea ed.

*** L/18 6 $%s 5%$/,