SAP Note 1070064 Comparison of Web SAP Console with SAP ITSmobile

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Valid Since 15.09.2010

As announced with SAP note 1046184, the Web SAP Console will no longer be supported for SAP systems based on SAP Netweaver 7.01 and higher (please note that SAP Console as a technology to link character based devices to SAP systems is still supported). SAP instead recommends to use ITSmobile a technology based on ITS (ITS is SAPs standard technology to bring applications based on ABAP dynpros to the web). This note should give customers information about the capabilities of both technologies.

Other terms Reason and Prerequisites Solution Support & further development:
ITS as a integrated part of SAP Netweaver Application Server ABAP is longterm supported. With new releases of SAP Netweaver, ITS is continuously improved. Web SAP Console is in maintainance mode and can only be used with SAP Systems up to SAP Netweaver 7.0. No further improvements are planned.

ITS as an integrated functionality of SAP Netweaver Application Server does not require a separate installation. Having a SAP system based on Netweaver you already have the ITS service avaiable. ITS supports all hardware and operating system platforms supported by SAP Netweaver. Web SAP Console require a separate installation and hardware. It is limited to Windows Server 32Bit.

By using a template technology ITS supports the full customizing of the HTML representation of each screen (function key mapping, colors, fonts,...). Using a generator which is part of the ABAP development workbench (SE80) the templates have to be generated once. This allows customers to work with any kind of mobile device that comes with a web browser. It is not required that SAP supports the device. Web SAP Console is delivered with a set of predefined displayer DLLs which cannot be modified.

Administration & monitoring:


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09.10.6C and R/3 enterprise Web SAP console provides Microsoft management console for administration but does not provide specific tools for monitoring. Conclusion SAP recommends customers to make use of ITSmobile to replace Web SAP Console. Web SAP Console does not support SNC.7 (basis 6. For securing Web SAP Console a separate security infrastructure is required. connection encryption (SSL.2013 Page 2 of 3 .SAP Note 1070064 Comparison of Web SAP Console with SAP ITSmobile Due to the integration of ITS into the Netweaver application Server the well known SAP tools like CCMS can also be used for administrating and monitoring of the ITS. The documentation for ITS mobile is available on the SAP help portal: http://help.htm Header Data Release Status: Released on: Master Language: Priority: Category: Primary Component: Secondary Components: BC-FES-ITS SAP Internet Transaction Server Released for Customer 15. SSO2 or external authentication. ITSmobile is not only available for newer release based on SAP Netweaver but also for the releases R/3 4. Features like Single Sign On (SSO2). Security: Due to the integration of ITS into the Netweaver application Server no separate Security infrastructure is 3f6/frameset.20) in conjunction with ITS 6.20 standalone.2010 12:26:18 English Recommendations/additional info Consulting BC-FES-CON SAP Console The Note is release-independent Related Notes 24. SNC) and external authentication (JAS) are provided by the application server.

10.SAP Note 1070064 Comparison of Web SAP Console with SAP ITSmobile Number 1093513 1043241 Short Text ITSmobile: Supported browsers and mobile devices System requirements: SAPConsole and Web SAPConsole 24.2013 Page 3 of 3 .

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