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Days, Months, Weather, Time and Seasons Scroll down to Free Printables on left hand side to find flashcards. I print in colour, paste onto thin black cardboard/paper and laminate. I use Summer Learning Friends-Days of Week

However Scroll down and look at, in colour. Hearts Days of the Week Pocket Chart Hearts Months of the Year Pocket Chart Egg Days of the Week Pocket Chart Tulips Days of the Week Pocket Chart Summer Learning Friends Days of the Week Pumpkin Days of the Week Bunny and Egg Days of the Week Bunny and Egg Months of the Year

While you are here, print off Feelings and Faces Cut out, paste onto black thin A4 cardboard/paper-(2 per page) Laminate

While you are here, check out Big and Small Shapes. Alphabet Train Summer Learning Friends Alphabet Floor Games The Apple and the Worm emergent reader for The Hungry Caterpillar Click on Activities Scroll down alphabetical list to Months of the year bulletin board Days of the week They are a bit tizzy In Search, type in classroom daily calendar, print off in colour and laminate. Also print off Additional calendar weather pictures. Check out others in list.

Try this site for worksheets You have to join but it is only your email address and a password. Click on Members and log in. Then Worksheets Select Calendar from choices across top of page. Scroll down to All Calendar and print off all sheets or scroll down and only print those you want. Go back and select Time from choices across top of page. Do the same as above. Also go back to Home Page and click on Themes. You can look through Zoo Animals, Dinosaurs, Reptiles/Amphibians, Insects and Spiders and Space. In Basics you will find Calendar, Alphabet, Senses, Time, Measure and Numbers. It is worth looking through them all. There are heaps of worksheets for grades and subjects if you are covering these topics but you do have to print off the Fact Files if you are going to use the worksheets. Also look through Ewe Reading books.

Days of the Week Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

Assessment Task : Students cut out the days and paste

them onto the assessment page in correct order.

Wednesday: Its Wednesday. Thursday: Its Thursday. Tuesday: Its Tuesday. Monday: Its Monday. Saturday: Its Saturday. Sunday: Its Sunday. Friday: Its Friday.

Morning, Noon and Night




My Week.
Monday Tuesday






My favourite day

Morning, Afteroon and Night

What do you do in the morning?

What do you do in the afternoon?

What do you do at night?

yesterday 1



Ask the students to draw something they ate/did/saw yesterday, something they ate/did/saw today and what they think they could see/do/eat tomorrow. (at school or at home)

Yesterday was Today is Tomorrow will be On Home page Click on Teacher Extras. Click on Clip Art Print in colour Spring Summer Fall-change text to Autumn Winter. On Home page Click on Teacher Extras Click on Clip Art Print off Holidays and Seasons Click on Topics Click on Numbers Click on Special Days and print. You will have to cut pictures off and paste against our seasons. Click on Clock Match

Weather Go to Home page Click on Flashcards On LHS select Weather Print off Handout to get all on one page. Each picture can be printed to A4. On Home page Select Flashcards Click on Seasons and Days *Check out the worksheets which are in blue where you make your choice of what to print. Click on Seasons and Weather. Click on Activities Find Calendars Have a look On Home page Click on Flashcards Make a choice and print. Cut out and laminate. Go back to Worksheets and look at the many choices.