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Pfizer UK Industrial Trainee Scheme 2014/2015

WW Research and Development Clinical Research Pharmatherapeutics Precision Medicine

Human Genetics Industrial Trainee

DEPARTMENT OVERVIEW Pfizer is committed to discovering and developing new medicines based on compelling evidence from human biology, and using this evidence to match the right treatment to the right patient this is the basis of Precision Medicine. As part of this commitment, an integrated and multi-disciplinary Human Genetics strategy has been developed to ensure optimal contribution of relevant human genetic data to decision making in the discovery and development of new medicines. This strategy focuses on identifying, generating, integrating and applying such data from several sources including from genetic, genomic, biochemical, clinical, real-world, molecular, cellular and other studies to inform research and development of new medicines in PharmaTherapeutics. ROLE PURPOSE The student will assist in research within the Human Genetics Group of PharmaTherapeutics Precision Medicine. Genes and gene variants robustly associated with the diseases we want to treat are a rational, human biology-based starting point to discover and develop disease-modifying medicines. A thorough review of genetic evidence is essential to determine the confidence in rationale for a target of interest. The student will primarily work in the area of pain genetics, but may have opportunities to work in other therapeutic areas including cardiovascular, metabolic, neurological, neurodegenerative and immunological diseases. MAJOR DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Review of both literature and internal and external databases to collate and interpret genetic data to support both clinical and exploratory programs Communicate the findings with scientists at team meetings Literature reviews of diseases of interest to the research units Complete own project (one long term project or several shorter length projects)

PERSON SPECIFICATION Type of person we are looking for, in relation to Skills, Knowledge and Motivation: Studying for a degree with a significant Human Genetics component A passion for the potential of applying human genetics in drug development The ability to read, understand and review scientific literature The confidence to work independently, and the willingness to work as part of a team Good written and verbal communication skills Good quantitative skills Quick to learn, and a flexible approach to assigned activities