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1.1. The establishment and development of the VUF.
The Viet Nam Urban Forum (VUF) was established in 2003 based on a
consensus of government authorities, and international and domestic
organizations regarding to urban development and planning via a MOU and an
agreement by the Viet Nam Government (Legal Document No.514/VPCP-QHQT
on 29th Jan 2003 of the Government Office). The VUF has an Executive Board in
which the Ministry of Construction is a standing coordinator of the Board. The
main objective of VUF is to promote dialogue for sharing of experience and
knowledge among government agencies, science/ professional, social/political
and non-government organizations, entities and individuals of all economic
sectors and the donors, with the aim of actively contributing to the formulation and
implementation of policies on urban development and management, and
improving the effectiveness of urban development and management activities.
The focal points of VUFs activities are urban development, management and
planning, urban investment, economy and finance, urban settlement and
environment, sustainable development and response to climate change, etc.
Besides numerous discussions, activities and collaborations on important
fields such as land use management, urban construction planning, urban
development and management, climate change etc., the forum has been
cooperating with international and domestic institutions to set up a platform for
policy dialogue on issues such as migration, urbanization and transformation in
rural areas of Viet Nam, urbanization policy, regional planning assistance in Viet
Nam, housing for low-income households in Ho Chi Minh city, city development
strategies, urban finance in sub-regions and infrastructure bonds of Ho Chi Minh
city, Ha Noi regional planning etc.; and conducted capacity training on issues of
land management and urban poverty, direct and distance training on urban
management and development, etc.
To improve the performance of the VUF, Ministry of Construction has established
an Executive Board in the Decision No.482/QD-BXD on May 20th, 2011. The
Executive Board comprises of: the Chairman Mr. Trinh Dinh DUNG - the Minister of
Construction, 02 Vice Chairmen, 01 General Secretary and 14 members from different
branches of ministries and representatives of international organizations that have
signed the MOU on VUF.
The grant assistance supported by Cities Alliance for strengthening the VUF
has been signed and is now active for the period 2012-2013. Viet Nam Urban
Forum has an office, an Executive Secretary and consulting assistance for
operating the VUF daily works and strategies sustainably.
1.2. The responsibilities of the VUF Executive Board.
- To organize activities with international and domestic institutions for sharing
knowledge and experiences in urban management and development;
- To promote assistance of donors for the Government and ministries, urban
local authorities, especially in large and medium-sized cities;
- To promote the exchange of urban development studies and set up an urban
network of related parties;
- To consult partners on issues of urban development and planning, the priority
of urban development programs by the GoV and ODA funds as well as other
specific issues;
- To strengthen activities of the VUF effectively;
- To synthesize recommendations to report to the Ministry of Construction and
the Prime Minister for decision making.
- To renew operation methods of the VUF, (organization of events, information
and media campaigns etc.);
- To develop a long term strategy and annual action plans for the VUF;
- To expand membership and access to communities of the VUF (minimize
procedures, pushing promotion and contact to donors, professional
organizations, training and research institutions, local governments, private
corporations and NGOs) and to identify and expand potential partnerships
with local and global urban networks;
- To establish an online information platform (website, data management
system, news), issuing publications, newsletters and annual reports, to
maintain and regularly update electronic information, to establish networks
and linkages on specific fields;
- To organize and conduct forums, workshops and conferences focusing on
strategic key issues as well as practical experiences in urban management
and development.
3.1. Recent activities
- Collaboration with Cities Alliance and UN HABITAT for their support to
strengthen the VUF. The grant assisstance including a comprehensive
roadmap for VUFs future operation and activities and a functional Forum
Secretariat has been approved and is now operational.
- VUF is preparing activities to operationalize the National Urban
Upgrading Program (NUUP) and promote investment in urban upgrading
of low-income areas.
- Detailed TOR have been drafted and agreed upon for the positions of a
coordinator and selected staff in the Forum Secretariat at UDA-MOC.
- A decision on the future operation and responsibilities of the VUF and
the Executive Board has been drafted and submitted to the MOC
- The outline and essentials for building the Electronic Information Portal
(website) of the VUF have been drafted.
- A re-launching ceremony for the VUF was organized on the occation of
the Vietnam Urban Day in November 2011 and the VUF was presented
to a broad audience of national and international stakeholders.
- With 23 national and international organizations enrolling in 2011, the
VUF membership base was expanded significantly, to current total
number of 48 VUF member organizations.
- In December 2011 VUF convened relevant stakeholders from local and
international organizations to form a first Community of Practice for the
pressing issue of Urban Climate Resilience (climate change
- Depending on the demand and active participation of VUF members,
further thematic platforms are planed for the future. A workshop on
International Consultantion for Vietnam Urban Law is currently under
preparation for 22nd March 2012.
3.2. Focal points for 2012 and further
The VUF will strive to organize thematic networks and forums for the
following key topics:
- Issues regarding to the National Urban Development Program in
- Urban Law and institutions to manage and control urban development.
- Integration of climate change issues (mitigation/adaptation) into urban
development planning and management.
- National Urban Upgrading Program implementation (focus of low-income
- Urban environmental infrastructure (National Sanitation Agenda);
- Urban finance and investment promotion (including PPP);
- Research/survey on urbanlization in Vietnam (urban indicator system,
National Urban Database);
- Model of green urban development, ECO2 City, SMART City etc.
- Development of the real estate market and urban housing policies;
- Methodologies and innovative approaches of urban planning;
- Planning and development of urban regions.
International: VUF will maintain and develop coorperation with the
currently 21 international organizations, multi- and bilateral donor
agencies, embassies, research isstitutes, consultant companies and
NGO participating in the Forum and continue promoting the enrollment
of new members for a even broader stakeholder network.
National: VUF will attract attention and strengthen the coorperation
of currently 27 national organizations, central agencies and ministries
such as MOHA, MPI, MOF, MONRE, professional associations and
academia (VUPDA, ACVN, VFCEA, AMC, etc.), NGOs and major
private sector corporations from the field of urban development and
construction. With 14 cities being VUF members as of today, more local
governments will be particularly encouraged to join the VUF and engage
in future consultations and dialogue regarding to urban investment,
development and management in Vietnam.
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