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March News

^ll j\ tk\ /j%/ y^i


|V\ ^



Volume 1


Number 3

Dear Christian Friends,

We are sorry to be tardy with the March news but this month has been
filled with

unfortunate mishaps.
broken bone in

The first

came when Grace fell U the


back steps on the night of March 12th as she was carrying a pail of water,
received a
" " and ' . to . . her left foot had be

to the army hospi.talc After the X-ray the doctors put on a cast and gave instructions that she was not to walk on
it for 48 hours. Molded into the cast was a metal brace "with a rubber foot piece so she could hobble around after \ the cast had dried thoroughly. She has worn the cast

three weeks and hopes to

have it removed by "Wie time anot

she has

her week passes. Although somewhat handicapped done well in caring for Monica and keeping house,
>{' "K" ^ ^{*

Next, during the night of March 26th Nagatoshi Higa, our interpreter
became extremely ill# The doctor was called and he thought
Lat-e Lnax. aiuemoon i-ne op'-id-uxun waa jj'-i

j was also appendicitis,

to* recovery, I witnessed my first major operation as another Okinawan young

formed. It proved successful and Nagatoshi is now on thR road

man and I held Nagatoshi's hands during the operation. Native hospital fa cilities are far from being satisfactory and there is much danger of infec tion and complications, even in minor operations because of the unsanitary

conditions prevailing# Back in the U.S. v/e would not give a second thought to an appendectomy, but as I watched this one I could not help thinking how
some of our Christian doctors in the

wonderful it would be if


would come, set up a hospital and show th'jse people tho value of proper
care and cleanliness in such placesi
preter vdll help us in the work.
4:^ r -i'c

V/hile Nagatoshi is convalescing, Yur


ika Shimada, a former student of Tokyo Bible Seminary and a former inter

For the past four months Yurika

the Okinawan School for the Blind,

Each Thursday afternoon she teaches

, IS Deaf -1

Shimada has been teaching in

and Mute near

to Naha,

the Word of God to l+O


They readily grasp the truth V7,/



beginning of
Seven are

the class there

have been S who have been obedient to


young men of high school age and older. Shimadas^ loves this class and
we know why. Their singing, praying and eagerness
heart of all who visit this class.

to know God touches the

Those who are Christian attend the Sui>-

day night communion and preaching services in the Naha church.

to attend the

Many plan

Japanese language) have beoi purchased fi?om the Japan Bible Society for this class. These purchases have been made possible by the gracious gifts
of our friends to this work.
blind to see.

bring a special number in song. Twentythree Braille Bibles (Tengi in the

Thank you for making it possible for

Resurrection Day services at Nago next month where they will


A visitor to the

island of Okinawa

and the

Ryukyu Islands vdll find

These are called

strange looking structures such as the one pictured here.

toriis (pronounced tor-ee') and are found before Shinto and Buddhist shrines. In oriental religious customs, the torii is believed to be the gateway to purification. In ancient times the archway r V origin
ated as a cock-perch and was proverbially associated with the


During early religious rites roosters were


and heart through which worshippers passed before approa^ing the sun god.
a -Ji- -K^541^

ceremonies, the torii remained as a symbol of purity

god. ^rfhen sacrifices were no longer a part of reli-

on perch to await daybreak before being sacrificed to


the sun

Q of mind



February, 1953
General Receipts:

Mri- and Mrs. Leonard Wilfong, Minneapolis, Minn, . , , - , $ 25,00 Pilgrim Christian Tabernacle, Buffalo, N.Y,, . 15,00 First Christian Church, Long Beach, Calif, . . . . . 7,15 Kala Church of Christ, Back Bay, Va 25.00 Mr, Richard Lash, Asheville, N,C, 5,00

Mr, and Mrs. Cloyd Christman, Gering, Nebr,, Women's Miss, Soc, Berea Church of Christ,
Hertford, N, C
Special and Living~Link;

$ 97.15

Roanoke Living-Link Fellowship, N, 0.

(Living-Link for Grace)


, , , $ 70,00

Gas, Oil and Grease Truck Tire Postage ". . . Flats Repaired , Living-Link for Grace Interpreter's wages Native Pastor's wages *
TOTAL . . , . . .

19*43 27,75 12.25 2,0Q 70.00 25,00 10,00 $ 97,15 70,00

General Receipts Special and Living-Link

Total. , , , Jan. Bal, lrought Fwd, Total. Disbursements Balance in Mission Fund
Balance in Nagatoshi Higa Fund

167.15 2?^,07 455.22 166.51 138,71




Love in Christ,
Carl, Grace and Monica Fish





Volime 1

T * fr' h 'IV&
people filled the

Wimber L

Dear Christian Friends, J Ho O U4 H \Bt ^Y] ^

(>A , e e Two hundred eighty- U

Miyasato church building April 5th to remember the anniver-<^(^ sary of the Lord's Resurrection. Christians from several points on Okinawa and from outlying islands gathered for this
occasion. The Lord^s table was spread and those partaking of the emblems testified of His death, burial, resurrection and coming again and of the ever-living Christ, The afternoon

Oganaku re-echoed the message of the angels "He is Risen" as they sang four resurrection numbers# Sakimotobu church brought a solo as did a
Christian student from the Okinawan School for the Blind, Koiki Hanashire

service began at 2 P.M in the beautifully lily and fern deco rated building in NagOj This service was conducted entirely by the native Christians, The Nago chorus under the leadership of Yoshiko

from the southern Ryukyuan island of Miyako was scheduled to bring the af

ternoon message but was unable to leave the Christian group there at that time. Chozo Ishiraine^ Huckin's interpreter and also a native from Miyako brou^t the resurrection message, Mel Huckins and Yurika Shimada showed
colored slides of "The Resurrection Story" for the evening service.
stronger. He Livesl He Livesl"
-X* - "ir "'

It was

a day of wonderful Christian fellowship and spiritual blessings. The mes sage of "The Living Hope" was continually emphasized and our faith was made
April 20th Bro. Kiyonura, the native pastor


from the northern Ryukyu island of. Oki Erabu came to Okinawa for a week's visit. He attended


many of our Bible


bringing heart-stir

ring messages. kr,ong the classes visited was the

School for the Blind, Deaf, and Dumb,taught by Here 35 blind students eagerly listen to the GosBrother Kiyomura was thrilled at the work there . . .

Yurika Shimada.

pel each week.

and was touches by the smiles and zeal of these Christians. After the class
three confessed their faith in Christ and asked to be baptized.

Oki Erabu, the native island of Bro Kiyomura is just one of the many
islands to the north of us with swelling populations hungry to hear the

Gospel of Christ. The island of Tokuno Shima, just north of Oki Erabu has a population of 40,000, double that of Erabu. There are 6 islands to the north with an approximate total population of 260,000 jiist waiting for the coining of missionaries with the pure Gospel of Christ. Won't you come and bring the Good News to these people? These islands have no Gospel, no sav ing message, unless taken to them from the Godfavored land of America and
other lands of the West. Nagatoshi and I plan &)two week evangelistic tour
Our April plans
Sc ^

to Oki Erabu and Tokuno Shima in October.

because of Nagatoshi^s appendectomy.

were cancelled

Namio Kamada, a Christian young man from Oki Erabu will leave Okinawa

May 2nd to enter Tokyo Bible Saninary. He is the third to enter a Bible college for preacher training from the Ryukyus, Yoshijnitsu Higa and Fumiko

Matayoshi now travelling with the Woodruffs will enter San Jose Bible Col
lege this fall.

Illness has struck again^ Takendtsu Nakatchi,c??.e of the Sunday School teachers from Nago was stricken with TaB# on April 17th. He had planned to take the entrance exam for Nago English Language School on the 19th and had
planned to be Marian's interpreter beginning next year. With proper medi cines and foods he must stay in bed for a year, Takemitsu just finished

high school this March Okinawan people. More hospitals are very few Christian doctors are

and his story is the story of more than l/6th of the than 10,000 out of 600,000 on Okinawa have T,B, T.B. here and all far from being satisfactory, American needed to set up hospitals and to teach present-day
be helpful to these
-s;-J'- ^ -If

methods of T, B, patient care. . Such a service would people both physically and spiritually.
day cards and greetings
sion Services.
5:- -X-Ji- Vc rc

We express thanks to all the churches and friends vftio have sent birth

to us.

Many of these have come as a result of the

"Prayer Calendar" published by Mission Services.

Thanks to ysu and to Mis

General Receipts;-

Mr, and Mrs. Henry Hergetj Buffalo, N.Y, Pilgrim Christian Tabernacle, Buffalo, N,Y Mr. & Mrs. L,A, Jackson, Elizabethton, Tenn. Kala Church of Christ, Back Bay, Va. . Mr, & Mrs, Cloyd Christman, Gering, Nebr. Mr, Arthur-Guy,-Minneapolis, Minn First Christian Church, Long Beach, Calif, TOTAL
Special and Living-Link:

$ 10.00 15#00 15.00 . , ... , , 25.00 14,00 5.00 . . 3,85 ,J. 87.85
70.00 25,85 2,84 .75 2.70 2.11 25,00

Roanoke L, L, Fellowship for Grace


Gas, Oil & Grease Flats Repaired Wiper blade Kodachrome Film . , , , Postage Interpreter's Wage- - # * , t -

Native pastor's wage r , . . . . # * * , , , , , , , , , , .

Living-Link for Grace


General Receipts 87,85 Special and Living-Link 7 0 , 0 0 Total 157^85 Feb, Bal, Brought Forward 288.71 Total , . . 446,56

Disbursements f . r . Balance in Mission Fund

Balance in Nagatoshi Higa Fund

139,25 182,31


Love in Christ,


Carl, Grace and Monica Fish



Volume 1

a s S3 is ii

Dear Christian Friends, The monthly news letters are now coming your way through the efforts of the Christian young people of the Austin, Min
nesota Church of Christ, These yoking people have shown their

desire to help others, not only by assisting their minister, Herm?ji Kooy, but also by helping us, their living-link mission
aries, We deeply appreciate this service and thank for his part in printing "Fish Lines*"
is* -M- * * *

each one

On Lord's Day May 3rd two high school students from the mountain vil
lage of Asahigawa were baptized
^ which flows from the

in the clear, swift

running stream

^^^^^Yabu, These were led to Christ through the combined teaching of

Chosin Higa, native pastor at Yabu and Yasuo Gibu, a Christian young '/.u - man from Yabu now teaching several Bible classes each week. On May 7th one young man and two young ladies ages 18-20 from the Okinawan School for

springs of the mountains

to the China Sea near

the Blind were buried with Christ in an outdoor swimming pool in the capital city of Naha. May 21st saw two young men from ttie Naha church obey Christ in
the same waters as the blind students.
* -K-K- ^5-

Two fine young Christian men from

Yabu have entered

into the work with us

and now teach a total of nine Bible classes weekly;

ior High), 2 Christian groups, and 2 Sunday Schools, One is Magayuki Higa,

5 schools (Primary and Jun

brother to our interpreter and to the native pastor at Yabu and the third member

of his famly to give himself to spreading the Gospel message. The other is Yasuo Gibu, an active and alert Christian from the day of his conversion. Both these young men graduated from Nago English Language School in March of this year and will make fine interpreters for new missionary families coming to the
field. Both have winning personalities and are consecrated to the work of the Lord, Such qualities give promise to the future of Christ's church on Okinawa.
* -)$ -55re -Ji-

This bit of heart-warning ^'*0^ news came to us this month; the Cloyd
Christman family plan an '

of the Okinawa Christian

"tT'-" J Mission, This is wonderful news!

,f\xi help in
-St- ^5- -55- re -a^5-

early Sept, sailing date to Join the woric

Thank you for your prayermost urgent time,

Miss Grace Famham of


them at


God-speed, Cloyd, Helen, Kay and KathyJ

Mabashi Christian Mission enroute to the states for

furlou^ spent a day and a half with us on Okinawa,

ped here briefly affording us the
-K4\-Ji- -sj?;-

Her ship "Tradewinds" stop

privilege of having this wonderfxil Christian

fellowship with this veteran missionary from Tokyo, Japan,

On May 15th a terriVle fire was started in Awa village just 2 miles out the Motobu Peninsula from Yabu, A yo\ing man 24 years old had tampered with an ar

tillery shell left over from the war and it

fire to three houses. The homes burned

exploded, killing him and setting

and the mnn

with a matter of minutes

died in Nago

hospital less than

three hours

after this preventable


Just after it occurred I was cabled upon to rush the injured man to the hospital in the pickup truck. As I arrived in Awa the man was lying on a sliding door
from one of the houses all burned and covered vdth blood. The Yabu clocfcor went

2 -

to the scene of the fire

with us

and accompanied the

dying man as we sped to

After two hours of

wards Nago hospital, giving him two hypo injections enroute.

surgery, during which the man's left am was amputated above the elbow, he diedp Again, the pickup truck was requested to transport him back to Awa. Our pickup has served in many capacities now; bus, construction work, hauling r',-;! -

Okinawan pigs, ^d now, ambulance and hearse.

Two families lost everything they had in way of possessions in the fire for they had concentrated on getting the injured man out Both were large families and we did what we could by giving them clothes. As these clothes were given the story of the motivating love of Christ in the hearts of American Christians
was told.

OKINAWA CHRISTIj^.N rUSoION FINANCIAL REPORT for Carl and Grace Fish April 1953
General Receipts:

University Church of Christ, Minneapolis, Minn. . . * . , Mr, and Mrs, Harold Hills, Berea, Ohio. Church of Christ, Austin, Minn.. Pilgrim Christian Tabernacle, Buffalo, N.Y. First Christian Church, Long Beach, Calif Kala Church of Christ, Back Bay, Va., Concord Church of Christ, West Concord, Minn, , lomens Miss, Soc. Follansbee, W, Va Mr. & Mrs. Cloyd ChrLstman, Richland Center, Wis. . I^. & Mrs, Harold Hills, Berea, Ohio
Special and Living-Link:

^ 5,07 12,00 25.00 18,36 2,70 25.00 . . 6.50 18.00 . * . 10.50


ftoanoke Living-Link Fellowship, N . C , . . . . , , . , . . . . , , . . : ^ 70.00 (Living-Link for Grace)

Special gift to Monica from M. J. Siemens, Goldfiele, Iowa. . . . . . . 5.00 TOTkL $ 75.00

Rubber Stamp Gas, Oil and Grease Truck Repair

Visual Aid Materials Kodachrome Film Postage

2.11 22.84 13.00

. 1 5 . 0 0 *,. 2.70 8.92

Interpreter's wages (two months), Native pastor's wages (two months).

Living-Link for Grace . . . . Special gift to Monica TOTAL

50i00 20.00
70.00 5.00 ;^209.57

General Receipts . . . .
Special and Living-Link. . . . Total

75.00 219.13 307.31 526.44 209.57 241.87 75.00

Balance March 31st Total Disbursements . * . . Balance in Mission Fund . . Balance in Nagatoshi Higa Fund

TOTAL BALAIMCE April 30th, 1953

Love in Christ,




June & July





TClume r

WUmbei^s 6 ik' 7

"And Jesus said unto them, Come ye after me and

I will make you to become fishers of men." Mark 1:17

Dear Christian Frioids,

The week of July 23rd to 30th brought one of the greatest spirf-tual bless ings ever experienced by the missionaries and Christians since the beginninfj of the woiic here. This was the week of the first Christian camp ever to be held in the^^Jo^story of the OGMa The need for such a camp has long been felt among us


X if

ynd it was not until last November that the mission was able to locatc lease the ideal spot# There are approxijaately 5 acres covered young evergreen trees and stretching along the China Sea in
^^ost a full crescent. Its beach is wide and runs the full

of the camp grounds with "tiie v^ite, sun-bleached sands

typical of the western Okinawan shores glistening brightly,

Thursday morning 23rd found a crew of young men hard at work putting up the
three thirty-man tents loaned to us through the assistance of Sgte J, D. Snider of the Air Force* None of us were very apt at such a task and we prided our

of two boys) during the operation. No one was hurt. These three tents provided
boy's dorm, girl's dorm, and kitchen for our camp of high school through adult
ages. Next year's need will be more permanent buildings, Vfe had the hottest weather of the summer during these 7 days and need I tell you how hot our tents were during the afternoon hours? However, they served the purpose and we were
grateful for their provision.

selves in the fact that only one of the three tents collapsed (and that on top

The first meal was served by our two cooks Thursday evening. Two two-burner
kerosene stoves and two outside fire places were the means used"to cook our food.

always be a highlight in future camps and we hope a standing camp tradition. This year to

God's under-sea world. There was the volleyball contest between students and faculty which shall

quito nets brought them and shared them with others who had none, Friday at 6 A, M. everyone got up and washed in a nearby stream. 6:45 each dorm had 15 minutes of morning devotions before going to breakfast at 7, From 6:30 to 11:15 three 45 minute classes were taught by Mel Huckins, Carl Fish, and John Muto, The subjects were "What Must I Do To'Be Saved?", "-^fhat It Means To Be A Chris tian", and "Personal Evangelism," After the noon meal each day the hour of rest began at 1 P. M, From 2 to 5 camp recreation. During this period some played volleyball on the newly made court, others swam in ^cean and others went fishing. Some of tho boys made a raft from six . ^("^-^tire tubes and spent one afternoon exploring the beauties of ^ V.A {' I O /i

The food was very good and Mel and I managed even if it was prepared Okinawan style. We suffered no ill effects. Before retiring that first night all met in a fellowship circle, sang hyms ^nd choruses and had prayer. Those v^o had mos

^ VC'

denfs. With a larger camp next year no doubt our

victory, but we'll be in there playing to win,

start thi^s off right the faculty trimmed the stu^^/"^/^;


V - y' - V

chances will be smaller for such an overwhelming


2 -

Another contest was the "watermelon tussle" \ each dorm divided into two teams. The object was to retrieve a watermelon from the ocean waters and the

team bringing it safely to shore first got to eat it. The boy*s melon was broken

in the underwater scramble, but the girls managed to bring theirs back entirely whole. What funj At 5*30 Yurika Shimada taught a class in "Visual Aid for Children," When the supper bell rang at 6:30 all came hurrying to sit crossleg:Ted on the straw mats with a bowl of rice and seaweed before each one^ After

the supper chores were done the chapel service began at 8:30. The first night Keiki Hanashiro from the southern island of I-ilyako brought the message. The en thusiasm of this Christian Junior High School teacher did much to malce our camp
a success. At tho close of each chapel service all went to the spot chosen for the camp-fire vespers. This closing service was always a wonderful climax to

the day's activities and prepared everyone for peaceful nights of rest.

On the Lord^s Day the afternoon was given over to a song-fest and testimony
meeting. Other varied periods throughout the week included informal dj-scussions

on S,S, and church problems, a special chart study on the baptisms of NaT, and a

special prayer service for a number of Christians strickon down with T,3- Also,
special requests were made for the ten day evangelistic tour of Bro, John Muto
the churches in Asia

in I^iyako island, Bro, Muto's coming to Okinawa for the second year had the same
significance as did the Apostle Paul's return visits to

confirming and edifying the manbers of Christ's body. To the Lord Mabashi Church of Christ in Tokyo wc are indeed grateful.

and to the

There were 39 campers during this week, 30 having a perfect attendance. The
results were far-reaching and exceeded our every hope. Five confessions of faith

were made at the close of the Wednesday night chapel service and these were bap tized into Christ "the same hour of the night." The following evening 12 Chris tians reconsecrated themselves to tho work of winning others to Christ among their ovm people; 3 young men and 4 young ladies of this number signified their desire to go to Bible college, the Lord willing. The other 5 women and young ladies dedicated themselves to house to house evangelism, children's work and
one to bringing Christ to the hospitalized (an untouched field).

Although we had driven a pump for water it was fit for washing purposes only and drinking water had to be hauled from nearby Nakama village. This proved to be a means of contact in bringing others to hear the message of salvation. Each night at the chapel service twenty to thirty young people from this village
were present.

Christian camp on Okinawa accomplished the same objectives as do the camps

in America and now that the camp spirit has been kindled we can look forward to

here. There are many improvements we c?Ji and will make over our first camp, but
we pray that the same wonderful Christian spirit will always camp of this year. To the Lord be all the glory and honor,
i'r ^5-

greater Christian

experiences and

greater spiritual

strength in the


prevail as in our

John Muto, pastor of Mabashi Church of Christ in Tokj^ made a return visit to the Okinawa Christian Mission this year, arranging his visit in tine to teach in our first Christian summer c.;imp before continuing on to the southern island

of Miyako to conduct evangelistic meetings. Brother John won the respect and the hearts of our people on his first visit last year and brought solid-meat gospel
messages. Our people were challenged by his deep spiritual life and his passion

to preach that others might be saved. His contribution to the camp and the work of the OCM is immeasurable, A union sen'"icc has been planned at Yabu on August
I6th when Bro, John returns to Japan via Okinawa,

);- * 4J-

3 -

In July typhoon "Kit" with 150 M.P.H, winds just brushed Okinawa with 45 M. PH. winds and did no damage here. However, it did hit Yaeyaim, southemnost group of Islands in the Ryukyu chain and did extensive damage. All crops and thousands of houses were destroyed by the destructive winds, salt spray and a tidal wave. We've not had a strong typhoon this year as yet. Notice, I said,
"as yet," We shall no doubt have one before
-JC- -X^5-

this month is
-i'f ??

out because of the

blistering hot, humid weather we*re now experiencing,

Recent visitors to the mission have been Navy man Dan Kukrofka of the U.S,S. Pine Island and Sgt, J, D, Snider of the Amy Air Force, Both are members of
Christian churches and come from Missouri,
if "Si" "W" *)<


May 1953
General Receipts?

Mr, & Mrs, Leonard Wilfong, Minneapolis, Minn, ,^>10,00 Mr, Richard Lash, Asheville, N,C , 500 Loyal Gleaners Class, fleadville, Pa, 20,00 Kala Church of Christ, Back Bay, Va ; , . * * 2500 Miss, Soc, First Christian, Mcadville, Pa; 14,00 Mr, & Mrs. W. W, Wilkins, Jr,, Turboville, Va , 1,00 E ustis Church of Christ, Eustis, Fla, 10,00 Women's Council First Christian Church, Dewcy, Okla, , . , , 500 Pilgrim Christian Tabernacle, Buffalo, N, Y , , , , 15>05
Living-Link and Special:


Roanoke Living-Link Fellowship, N,C, (Grace's L,L,), '# 70,00

Austin Church of Christ, Austin, Minn,

for Carl's L,L, June thru Dec. 1953 # * * . ^0,00



Living-Link to Carl and Grace Postage for news letters Christian worker's wage Nagatoshi's wage for 2 mos, Gas & Oil

, . , 3670,00 5,00 15,00 50,00 1652

Postage Visual Aids License Plates , , .

Car repair parts

7.17 12,50 1,00

3,20 f7S0,39


General Receipts Special and L,L.

$105,05 670.00

Balance April 30th Total Disbursements Balance in Mission Fund Balance in Nagatoshi Higa fund


TOTaL BALANCE May 31st 1953

316.87 1091.92 780,39 261.53 50,00



Vc ^s- -js-

BAPTISMS during the month of June were 12 and 4 in the msnth of July,
-k-;? -jt- -jj-

^Mrs, Marvin R, Rose, !^Okinawa Christian Mission, Wenona, N. C, is our for

warding and financial secretary. Please send all funds to her.

- 4 -

June 1953

Pilgrim Christian Tabernacle^ Buffalo, N, Y, f Ch^st^ Iowa Rochester, , , c . Minn c DVBS Marion Church liw.^ of Christ,

Kala Church of Christ, Baik Bay, Va.

Mr. W^ter Work Sagorstown, Pa

Mr, Ronald F, Keeler.. Minneapolis, Minn^ Women's ^ass. Aux. Chur::h of Christ, Eustis, Fla, .

Vtaen's >'Iiss, Soc^ Church of Christ, Clarion, Iowa

General Receipts:

10*00 * * lo'oo

7 00

! isioo
, 25 00


* 15^25 5^88 20.00


R,G. &Margaret Miller, Moyersville, Pa. (Spl. Gift) . . . . . . i * I 1

Total . , , .

Roancke Liring-Link Fellowship, N^Cp for Grace

Special and Living-Link:

S 70 00



Living-Link for Grace

Christian worker wage Native pastor wage

Nagatoshi Higa wage

Special Gift from Millers .8,.e..o*

S 70 on

Postage on News letters


15 GO lo'oo







General Receipts .


* . . .

Balance May 31st

] II I

lAA ^
' ' AQV AA
133 00 339*66

7? no

Disbursements .. Balance in Mission Fund Balance in Nagatoshi Higa Fund

total BAL.d^CE June 30th 1953

!!!!!!!!!* $36^66
Yours in Christ Jesus,



Volume 1

. I N E S"
"And Jeftus said unto them. Come ye after me, and I will make you to become fishers of men."Mk 1:17

Number 8

OCM'a first Christian Service camp July 23rd to 31st 1953. A total of 39 campers registered. Located 14 miles south of Nago
on the shore of the China Sea.

Five confessed their faith

in the


Jesus and were baptized "the same hour of the night."

Camp faculty: back row, Nagatoshi Higa, nAei IHucklns, Choz'o Ishimine. Center, Yur* ika Shimada. Front, Keiki Hanashiro, John
Muto and Cari Fish.


workers and

S. 8.



tending camp. Twelve dedicated themselves to specialized Christian work. 'Seven wish to enter Bible College and five hito specific church work.

John Muto, young minister of MabashI Church of Christ In Tokyo was the out standing camp leader and greatly streng
thened the work on Okinawa. This was

Camp meals were cooked over two out door fireplaces and two amali kerosene

stoves. Two cooks were enployed for the


John's second missionary trip to Okinawa.

D.V.B.S. was held in Nago (left) and Yabu (right) this year. The MIyasato church in Nago had an attendance of 80 students for the two week period August 2nd to 16th and Yabu 67. The students presented two fine programs on the evening of the closing day of school. Besides the large displays of handwork there were Bible drills, Scripture reading, recitation of memory verses and reading of essays.

The essays were entitled "What I Liked About Daily Vacation Bible School/' This was MIyasato's fifth DVB8 and Yabu's second.

Namio Kamada, a young Christian from

the island of Oki Erabu has entered his

second term of his first year In Tokyo

Our little pride and joy, Monica Grace, was one year old August 2nd. She Is say ing "Thank you for all those nice birth
day cards and remembrances." She also wants you to know she has six bright and shining teeth. She Is tiny but can bow so gracefully when you enter or leave the

Bible Seminary. One of his present am*

bitlons is to translate the book "Church

of Christ" Into tenjl for the blind. He hat adopted the Bible name "Andrew."






Volume 1

Number 9

"And Jesus said unto them, Come ye after me, and

I vdll make you to become fishers of men," Mk, 1:17.

Dear Christian Friends, September 17th was a day i/ ' --.of rejoicing for your mission

aries as they and three Okinawan Christian workers met Mr^ and Mrs, Done.ld Rickerson

debarking from the plane which brought them to the Ryukyu Islands to open the Miyako Christian Mission, They crossed the Pacific via ship to J^i^an and from thence to

Okinawa via plane.

It will be a joy to work in

55- r? -K-K-

close cooperation with this


of years of ministerial experience and senior age,

Our sincere thanks

to the


people and

churches for sending


school materials^

Mrs, Henry Herget, Buffalo, N,Y.;

Our Bible Schools here need

Christian Church, Alton, 111,;

such materials. There are 8

Christian Church, Cabool, Mo,

Vacation Bible School?

Does your church have left-over materials from

Bible schools and 11 classes taught each Lord's Day vrfiich need teaching aids. Every assistance will better acquaint Okinawan children,with God's Word, SEND THEM NOWi
K-;i- -jc-

/ //

Grace and I owe a debt of gratitude to Mrs, Marvin R, Itose of We-

^ nona, N,C, for the splendid work she is doing for the cause
" iL, ' Christ on Okinawa,


She is our forwarding secretary and an able one

Besides the mailing and correspondence work for us she is the

/' -Senior Class teacher in the Wenona Church of Christ, The Rose home is blessed with two children, Wanda Elaine,*age *12 and Charles Edward, age 11, Mrs,

Rose, or Dorothy as we call her, is a woman of seemingly unlimited strength and con
tinual enthusiasn in the Lor^^.^s work. In addition to her home, church, and secre tarial responsibilities, she attends the district church rallies and promotes the cause of missions and especially the OCl-I We are sincerely grateful for her willing
and efficient work & look forward to many many years of Christian service together.

Thank you,

Dorothy, and we

feel assured

that this

is the same

expression of all

those interested in Christ's work on Okinawa,

-Ji- -i'f -J'r -Tt


45- * * *


The Fish family now live in the house vacated by the Huckins family in Nago, The Huckins have moved to their new center of work on the end

of the Motobu Peninsula,

It might be noted that our home is nearer the


waters of the China Sea (fish must live in or near the water, you know),

High tide brings the rhythmic rolling waves to within 14 feet of our bed-/^///
mountain range as it fades off to the south.

room, ^We have a splendid view of Nago Bay and the rising and falling

We like our new home v^ich

^ f

has the advantage of gravity-fall running water and an inside toilet and wash-bowl. The Christman family who are scheduled to arrive October 19th will- occupy the rear rooms in the Yabu church.
j'r * ^5^



colored 33mm slides of Okinawa and cur

work will be sent to Mrs,

Marvin R, Rose of Wenona, N,C, to send

them for missionary programs. These after October 25yh, The free will off ing of these pictures will be used to gation of the momtain village of Izumi

to churches requesting
slides vdll be available

erings taken at the show aid the Christian congrebuild a moderately sized us via picture travelog,

church house-

Plan an evening to visit


OKINAWA CHRISTIAN MISSION FINANCIAL "Ti^JFUHT Tor Carl and Grace' nsh July and August 1953
General Receipts;

Mr, & Mrs, L. A. Jackson, V/atauga, Tenn, Mr Mrs. John H. Cachiaras, Minneapolis, Minn. . LaCrosse Church of Christ, La Crosse, Wis,
First Church of Christ, Phoenix, Ariz

10,00 10^00 11.50


Mrs* Forrest Chapin St Mrs, John T, Jones, Dodge Center, Minn,

Kala Church of Christ, Back Bay, Va


Pilgrim Chm, Tabernacle, Buffalo, N, Y

First Christian Church, Long Beach, Calif,
Contribution from the Spurrier Estate


Mrs, Leonard Wilfong, Minneapolis, Minn, 10,00 Mrs, Fannie Barnes, Dodge Center, Minn, 1,00 Pilgrim Chm, Tabn,, Buffalo, 11.35 Mr, and Mrs, Arthur Guy, Warren, Ohio, 5tOO Mrs, John Richard, Adrian, Michigan 9 , , 5 . 0 0

Watauga Christian Church, Watauga, Tenn, 5*00 Kala Church of Christ, Back Bay, Va, 2500 Mrs, L, A, Parrisher, Roper, N . C , . 1 . 0 0 Church of Christ Miss, Society, Rushylvania, Ohio 25.00
Special and Livin.^-Link;


Roanoke Living-Link Fellowship, N, C, (Living-Link for Grace for 2 months) , $140,00


MayGas, Oil and Grease
Postage , , Flats Repaired Muffler and Oil cap

3*95 ,50 378

JuneGas, Oil and Grease Flats Repaired ,

Truck tire Bulbs . , .

1^.76 1,66
t 1.03
27*75 ,-30~


July~Gas, Oil and Grease

Oil filter and oil change Truck repair Postage . , Native workers wages Interpreter's wage Carpenters' wages-July

7olO 7^90 1*40 30,00 25*00 50,00

Carpenters' wages-Aug,
Christian Camp expend, .,,***.


Christian Herald (from Japan)



August-Gas, Oil and Grease

Flats Repaired


Lumber , , . * Brakes relined

10.00 35*30




JULY - General Receipts , June 30th Bal brought forward


1597792 ^175*80
70.00 245*^0

Special and Living-Link . , Total . , , c * o . * * * * *





Total Balance in Mission Fund

Total Balance in Interpreter Fund


AUGUST - General Recei^s


TOTAL BALANCE JULY 31st 1953 Special and Living-Link ,,,,*


^ 77*35


July 31st Bal, brought forward Total Disbursements

Total Balance in Mission Fund Total Balance in Interpreter Fund

437<90 585,25 425.36

159,89 None


* *
Love in Christ,



December News
Volume 1




Numbers 11-12

"And Jesus said unto them, Come ye after me, and I will make you to become fishers of men" Mk, 1:17 Dear Christian Friends, Nov. 2nd m-3ant much to the progress of the work of Christ here for on that day the Christian Service Camp t^rounds were leason this 5 acre tract of land which proved one of the .^reat-

"^ed for tho second year, A one week camp was held this year
-est spiritual hi^hlif^hts of 1953. We praise God for His , u,, goodness and for another step towards winning and strength
ening souls.

The story of the Birth drama, and preaching by

tions on Okinawa this

of Christ was presented in song,

six of the' Christian conf^rej^achil-


Here in Nago two programs

were held on Dec. 25th;

dren and another in the

one in the afternoon for treats and Christmas

evenin^-^ for adults .On the Sunday

cards were

preceding Christmas candy given out to the children ducted by the native made possible through the

^/7 of the 10 Sunday schools con-*

i/ Christians. These treats were

mission thank this brother

.gracious gift of Hay Retallock of nearly SCO S.S, children. We wish it were
smiles of thanks from the faces of these happy

iiJillamina, Oregon.

All from

in Christ for p^laddening the hear

possible to project the beaming

boys and skirls across the miles to you. Each eveninf^ for one hour during Christ
mas week carols were beamed out from the church via loudspeaker. On the evening

of the 24th this system was placed on the pickup truck and bec^yne mobile, tour-? ing most of Nago and-outlying districts playing the message of Christ*s birth in

son^ Last year the Christians went caroling, but this year it rained contin-i uousiy throughout the evening. Despite the rainy weather there were an estim
ated 450 children for gram on the 25th, the afternoon program and 280 adults for the evening pro
{c-it- -s;- -Jt- -/r -K- -n-


willing, 1

Word has been reco'ived'that


the Woodruffs will fly from

'Seattle, Wash, on February 3rd and will arrive in Okinawa February 6th, the Lor^
BAPTISMS for the months of November and December totalled 13 Of this nuirt^

ber one is a widow lady, Mrs. Shiohama, age 41 and mother of four children who has, since her step into Christ, undergone much ridicule and persecution by her relatives and neighbors. Pray for her. TOSAL JIUMBER OF BAPTISES FROM OUR IN
Let us re ed slides

This is the same as last year.

5;-j;- -Jr -ii-

mind the churches again that a set of 35inin color-r


of Okinawa are now available and wj.ll be sent to

those requesting them for missionary programs^

These 49 slides will greatly assist any preacher,

teacher, or mission group in missionary emphasis^




CHALLENGE OF CHRIST'S WORK IN OKINaWKi Send requests to Mrs, Marvin R. Rose, ^enona, N,C,

OCM financial report for CrtRL AND GHaCE FISH OCTOBER kND NOVEMBER 1953
General Receipts:

Mr, and Mrs, "arold Hills, Berea, Ohio Mrs, John J, Jones and Mrs,. Forrest Chapin, Dodge Center, Minn, Pilgrim Christian Tabernacle, Buffalo, N,Y, Watauga Christian Church, Watauga, Tenn, , Mrs, Fannie Barnes, West Concord, I-linn, Kala Church of Christ, Back Bay, Va, Mrs, L, A, Parrisher, Roper, N,C, , , Mrs, Joe Nooney, Plyriouth, N>Ce rcj swell N,C. Washington-Tyrill County Piblo School Conv,

0 15.00

19,00 500 1,00
9,00 1,00 2,00

17.00 5,00 20,00

Pilf^rim Christian Taberriacle, Buffalo, N,y, Watauga Christian Church, Wabauga, Tenn, , Tonawanda Church of Christ, Tonawsinda, N, Y Missionary Soc, First Christi.?ji Church, Meadville, Pa Miss Julia BonDurant, Washington, D, C, , , , Mr, and Mrs, Leonard Wilfong, Minneapolis, Minn, , , Harlan and Emeline Woodruff, Okinawa Christian ^^ission

10.00 10.00 200,00


Spooittl and Living-Link;

Roanoke L,L, Fellowship, N,C, for Grace (two months living-link) Mr, and Mrs, Leonard Wilfong, Minneapolis, Minn,


(personal gift)
Primary S,S, class-Wilkinson Memorial Church, Pantege, N, C,


(Christmas gift to Monica)


10,00 70,41 47,73 25.00 25.00 25.00

Living-Link for Grace Gift from Wilfongs

September Disbursements - Gas, Oil and Truck Repair , , October Disbursements - Gas, Oil, Tire and Rim Repair .
November Native December Native salaries: Interpreter's wage worker^s wage ^,,,*,4 salaries: Interpreter's-wage ,., , , , , , , .

worker's wages

, ;3^,,oq

General Receipts , , , Oct, and Nov. Special and Living-Link Oct, and Nov,
Total ,

152.00 504,50

Sept, Balance Brought Forward

Total Disbursements , , , Balance in Mission Fund ^v

950,89 378.14 347.75 225,00

. ,

Balance in Interpreter Fund , , TOTAL BALANCE November 30th 1953


Yours in Christ Jesus,