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In groups of three make a list of everything you would associate with


Foundation Portfolio
Brief for production


Explain in a sentence what we understand by the word 'genre' when applied to lm? Use the word representation in a sentence about women in Vampire lms. What is the meaning of the word iconography as applied to the vampire sub-genre? Explain in your own words the relationship between a media text and the audience.


To develop understanding of the vampire sub-genre through viewing, analysis and evaluation of vampire texts. To complete edits and evaluations of prelim activities, upload to YouTube and embed on blogs.


Research, develop, prepare, produce, post-produce an opening sequence for a new Vampire movie In your research and development you will be aiming to demonstrate a detailed understanding of the genre through analysis of media texts and a sophisticated approach to narrative development draw from your study.

Nosferatu Viewing and note taking: camera, mise en scene, editing

Vampire History
10 minute paired research task

History of vampire lms - research Origins of story Why vampires are important How vampires reect their era

Use the links on the blog NOT WIKIPEDIA

Vampire lms contain a broad range of iconography Brainstorm these now Fangs, blood, crucixes, garlic, bite marks, red eyes, bats

Vampire texts

Let The Right One In Dracula The Hunger Being Human Interview with a Vampire Byzantium any other that you care to nd

HW1 for Half Term

Watch a selection of vampire lms and comment through your blogs on how each used iconography and mise en scene in developing narratives and representations.


re-write your synopsis and consider how you are going to use the iconography of the vampire genre in the opening sequence write a pitch for your lm and be prepared to present your ideas in class on Thursday the 7th of November There is a benet in making this as innovative in the way you present as possible. You should want to win this pitching exercise so that your lm gets chosen.


Suggestions Write a synopsis (brief short story) for a new vampire lm Explain the theme, the narrative structure How will you use binary opposition? What iconography will be predominate? 25 words pitch - images, sounds, issues and concepts.

Developing your story

rening the ideas

read the synopses on the blogs

comment explaining what works for you and any ideas of how they might develop it

Deconstruct the image using media terminology including denotation, connotations, representation.