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Your first name: last innitial Identification Mineral


Misty (Rock crystal quartz)

Do you think the steps below of the scientific method must be followed in order? _____, because _________________________________________________________________________. 1. State the problem (the objective in the form of a question). 2. Gather information. 3. Form a hypothesis. 4. Experiment! 5. Record and analyze data. 6. Form a conclusion. 7. Communicate results.

Now that you are done researching and identifying your mineral fill-in the information for each step of the scientific method below. Then, number which step was first, second, etc. Objective: Use the steps of the scientific method to identify a mystery mineral. Materials: -Mineral -Streak Plate -Minerals for Hardness Test -Internet 1. Mr. Finan gave me a mineral. 2. You made some observations. 3. You did some research to find the Most similar mineral 4. Experiment on your mineral -Microsoft Word 5. Present Hypothesizes 6. Presented them to the class 7. Get feedback 8.


1. State the problem. (Hint: Just write the objective above in the form of a question.) How can I use the scientific method to identify a mystery mineral? 2. Gather information. (Look it up and/or ask an expert) *see the attached Mineral Identification Data Sheet 3. Form a hypothesis. Write a statement that tells what mineral you think yours is (your two guesses). I think my mineral will be Rock Crystal Quartz or Chalcedony. 4. Start the experiment! (Follow the procedure.) 5. Record and analyze data. *see the attached Mineral Identification Data Sheet 6. Form a conclusion. This must be a paragraph that includes:
An answer to the problem (question 1). How your hypothesis compares with the actual results. (Was your hypothesis correct? If not, how close were you?) A description of your mineral and what helped you find the identification of your mineral the most.

Type your paragraph here Mineral Identification Project In science, I used the scientific method to identify a mystery mineral. You can do this by stating the problem to find out what youll be researching, collecting data to form a hypothesis, experimenting on your mineral, researching your mineral, concluding your research and experimentation results, and sharing it with the world. My hypothesis was rock crystal, and I was correct. First, my mineral has a glassy luster, is clear, and has a white streak. It also has a hardness of about seven, about 20% of it will be cleavage, and 80% will be fracture. It crystalizes to points and does not have any special properties. One of the main things that helped me identify my mineral was the way it crystalizes; its crystallization pattern is unique making it easy to identify. In conclusion, the sources that helped me the most were the A to Z mineral list and the Quartz Page.
WCS 6th Grade Science

7. Communicate your results. Post this report and your Data Sheet where people can see it!

WCS 6th Grade Science