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INTRODUCTION TO ELECTRONICS SECURITY INDUSTRY The security industry has definitely seen a lift in the market with the recent surge in the criminal activities & terrorist attacks in many parts of the nation. With a range of products now available in the market, only few have found a place in their segment. Industry experts find that CCTVs are now highly popular, when it comes to public & premise security. Camera surveillance is now playing a deeper role in guarding & maintaining law & order all over. It is seen that CCTV market has left other security devices far behind, in terms of demand & popularity. From the industry point of view, the Indian electronics security market valued around Rs. 1600 crores in 2008 and CCTV accounted for more than a third of this market. Moreover, the government/public sector demand remains high for overall security systems followed by industrial and commercial sector. Although the market is looking green, competition from foreign players has set the alarms rising among the Indian think tanks. Indian electronic security market still remains largely unorganized and is being constantly flooded with inferior security products from Taiwan, China and other Southeast Asian countries. Low range pricing of these products in a price sensitive market gives them a clear edge when compared to the products sold by Indian players.

Importance of CCTV
People often take their security for granted. They lock their doors, they close the blinds, and then they are safe. Unfortunately, that is just not the case. As the crime rates soar, it is becoming more obvious than ever that safety is something that must be protected. Many people look into purchasing a CCTV camera to keep their families safe. There are many things that go into selecting the right kind of equipment. Since safety is the goal, the purchase cannot be taken lightly. When purchasing a product for safety, consumers must know what kind of technology is used for the CCTV camera. A piece of equipment that is cheaply made with poor technology will not be good for protection. It is important that a product uses the best technology that the industry has to offer so it can offer the best protection available. While quality is important, technical support is as well. Unless the buyer is a genius when it comes to electronics, he may want to look into the kind of support a company offers before paying for a product. After all, someone needs to install it and set it up. While it may seem easy, having someone to help install a CCTV camera would be helpful. If anything, it would give the customer someone to fall back on if it ended up being more difficult than expected.

Lastly, consumers need to consider the inventory of a company. If the company only has a few products to choose from, customers might not actually get what they want. They may settle just in order to complete the purchase. In matters of security, customers should never settle. Instead, they should browse through an extensive inventory and find the product that suits their needs the best. It should be a choice. A customer should have many options to go through before making a decision.

Dynamics of the Indian security equipment industry

Estimated at USD 350 million, the security systems sector in India can broadly be divided into five categories. The largest amongst these is the CCTV segment, commanding some 55 % of the entire market. With the high-success rate of CCTV surveillance devices worldwide, security conscious organizations (both government and non-government) in India are setting aside budgets for implementing CCTV surveillance, reflecting an annual expected growth rate of around 45 percent. The market of fixed Dome type cameras is nearly 4 times that of Box type cameras. Acceptance of Speed Dome cameras is fast increasing as costs get reduced. The security industry needs to ensure growth by strictly following some quality certifications. Formulation of standards for devices, & due certification of suppliers and installers as per their performance and professionalism can stabilize the condition in future.

Incorporated in 1994, Zicom is a pioneer and leader in the field of Electronic Security in India. With over 450 crores in annual sales, operations in over 5 countries, 400 cities in India and over 1 million customers, Zicom is today synonymous with Electronic Security in India. In less than two decades Zicom has established itself as a leader in the security domain, introducing distinct innovations that the rest of the industry has followed. Zicom has been the first Indian Electronic Security Systems company to:

Be listed on the Indian Bourses in 1995. Pioneered the category of Electronic Security In India. Introduce 24 x 7 Zicom Command Centre (ZCC) in 1995. Introduce wireless security equipments in the home and retail segment. Introduce Security Services called e-SaaS (Electronic Security as a Service).

Our clientele is a proof of our unparalleled operation excellence. From quality products to professional after sales services, Zicom has driven the markets with customer centric focus. Zicoms Aim: To be a world class, Indian MNC, one-stop-shop for high quality security products and services.


Box Camera

When mounting to a wall or any vertical area When viewing long distances where a long lens is required, which would not fit inside a dome or bullet camera When extreme low light conditions are not a consideration

Dome Camera

When the camera is within someones reach domes cannot be easily manipulated or vandalized Domes Installs easy in drop ceilings usually 2 screws Since a dome has a covered lens the direction the camera is pointing is hidden Domes can accommodate infra-red for Night Vision

IR Dome Camera

IR dome camera contains Infrared LEDs for day & night surveillance. The metal ball style camera housing is vandal resistant. This infrared dome has a weatherproof rating of IP65 For outdoor applications, this camera can be mounted under the eave of a roof in mild to medium climates.

Vari - Focal Dome Camera

Varifocal dome security cameras are cameras that have the ability to change the zoom, field-of-view and focus. The way to adjust these settings for dome security cameras are inside the dome. These are best used if you are feeling that the activity you are watching may shift or change from time to time.

Vandal - Proof Dome Camera

Vandal domes are also weatherproof. It can be used for indoor our outdoor video surveillance. Vandal-proof dome cameras generally have a solid metal base and vandal resistant polycarbonate plastic cover. These cameras are typically used in areas that may be prone to vandalism or tampering. Once these cameras are properly installed, they are very difficult to be tampered with because they are completely enclosed and typically require a special tool that is included to open the dome cover.

Outdoor Speed Dome Camera

This speed dome camera has an 18x optical zoom lens a 1/4" Progressive CCD (chargecoupled decive) image sensor and an advanced pan / tilt mechanism allows the camera to precisely pan a full 360 and tilt 90at a high rate of speed. This is an IP66 (Ingress Protection Rating) rated housing to protect it from harsh weather conditions, including extreme cold of -40F. The Outdoor Speed Dome Camera is capable of recording at 60 frames per second in 720 x 480 video resolution.

Apart from the partial customer list mentioned above the company has more options to cater to. The other opportunities are as follows:
















CORPORATES: The company can also opt for corporate offices where high surveillance is required.

RETAIL OUTLETS: There is huge requirement of CCTV Cameras in retail outlets to keep a check on customers.

BANKS: The company has a huge potential in this industry as everywhere there is involvement of money which is required to be kept under constant watch especially in the locker rooms . INSTITUTES: There is an increasing demand for cameras in institutes with reference to examinations.

HOSPITALITY: This refers to any service provider:

Hotels and Restaurants, etc


Railway Platform. Traffic Signals. Government Offices.


SOCIETIES: Now a days with the growing number of towers, sky scrapers and complexes it has become difficult for societies to solely depend on the traditional watch keeper i.e. the Watchman of the society and so the need for cameras is growing on a rapid speed.

Feel Safe

To be the Company you Trust the most To Protect what you Value the most

Zicom is committed to provide safety to customers by continuously developing and delivering / offering new technologies, innovative products, solutions and delightful services, by abiding all its commitments to customers. They should nurture their channel partners by providing profitable avenues of growth and fulfil their responsibilities towards shareholders by achieving consistent growth in shareholders value and adhering to fair practices in all its dealings with employees and business partners.

Using push strategy by having a sales team that tracks new clients in the market and also tracking the competitors clients.

PROMOTION: With reality shows gaining more TRPs it can be clearly noted that there is a wide scope for such more shows in the longrun. As the demand for such shows increase an automatic demand for cameras also increase, as such promoting the product in such shows can get a good deal.

For Instance: Reality shows like Big Boss can be of great help as their main focus is around crisp footage. Roadies, DID, KBC are other such reality shows to name a few.

TRADE JOURNALS: A technical or trade journal is a publication that is targeted to people in a very specific industry. For people outside the industry, such a journal can seem boring or incomprehensible, while people in the industry use it to keep up on developments in the industry, connect with potential employers, and network with suppliers. Most industries have trade journals, with publications that cover huge industries like biotechnology to much smaller and specialized industries such as landscape architecture. some industries also publish peer reviewed journals, which are collections of original research that has been evaluated by an independent panel of experts. The sciences boast a huge number of peer reviewed journals, allowing researchers to share their work with other people in the community and to solicit criticism. Sometimes the line between a trade and a peer reviewed journal may be slim, with some peer reviewed publications having a high percentage of advertising.

When researching a trade or industry, a trade journal can sometimes be a useful starting point, especially if the researcher has a glossary of trade terms handy. People who keep an eye on various industries often subscribe to these journals so that they are alerted to developments in the field; for example, researchers who study food politics and the food supply are often interested to learn about new preservation methods, food hybrids, or innovative approaches to marketing campaigns. Because a trade journal is so specialized, such journals are usually not readily available at bookstores, newsstands, and other places that the average person might turn to for printed media. The best source is often the publisher or a professional association that caters to members of the industry. Some publishers will send out issues for free to people in the industry, or journalists who request them, and a subscription is often included with membership in a professional organization. Trade journals such as auotocar are restricted to the automobile industry similarly trade journals like electronics for you confines itself only to the electronics industry which can be a good medium for promotions.


Warranty Period: 1year

Mode Of Payment

Cash Cheque DD/Pay order Online (Credit card / Debit card / Net banking) 50% Payment on Order & 50% Payment after installation.