Lesson 15 Buying a Business Always start class with Mo-Zone Music

Do the Warm-up Review The assigned homework Dialogues: In this activity you will along with your classmates Listen read a dialogue about “Franchise buying” Task 1. Substitution Drills Task #2 “How do I get a promotion” Dialog # 2 In this activity you will along with your classmates Listen read a dialog about “Getting a mentor” Task 1. Where do I find the information? It’s not on the internet! Task 2. “Should I open a second Shop?” Dialog 3 In this activity you will along with your classmates Listen read a dialog “It doesn’t work!” Task 1. Short Conversations Task 2. Role Play “The Copier Broke” Practice Practice 1 Task 1 “I don’t speak the language” Task 2 “Do I eat the food?”

This is how day and night happen.Practice 2 Task 1. • • • • You have 1 minute to choose one. Look at it. Instructions: Below is a list of 12 topics. I have several suggestions. 2 . You have 3 minutes If you have problems. Do I need Internet? Learning more Business in Malaysia Additional Materials: Ace Reader Pro & Digital Dialogue Additional Activities: 3 Minute Topic Discussion in Round Robin Format: This may be done with partners or groups. I enjoy sleeping in. This is how the world began. I’ve got an idea! Task 2. your partner will ask you questions to help you continue speaking: Who Where How What When Why The 12 Topics: • • • • • • Treat others the way you would like to be treated. Begin talking about that topic. Ways in which our class could be improved.

Questions: 1. Try to describe how you feel about the topic being discussed. Happy. Think for a moment. What do you see? What kind of story do you see? Are there people in the scene? What are they doing? 3 . Tell a story using the 3 words. Use phrases like: I think……….. Remember you have only 3 minutes to talk about the topic. 2. • • • • • Ask questions. Life. Try to persuade your listener to agree with your ideas about the topic. I feel………… Do you think that…………. • My favorite Foods. Try to paint word pictures of the topic. • All People are not the same. Describe what you see. • People should make an effort to get along. • Health is important. Use either Pro (for it) or Con (against it) if it there could be two sides to the topic. • The things without which I simply couldn’t live. 4.• All people are the same. Who..? Warm-up: Three Word Story. 3. Create a story using the following 3 words. The teacher will walk around the room listening to you.

What feeling do you get from this Story? 4 .

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