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BRAIN DRAIN Brain drain is the migration of intellectual persons from under developed or developing countries to well developed countries. Brain-drain can also be named as “human capital flight” because it resembles the case of capital flight, in which mass migration of financial capital is involved. Brain drain has actually become a problem and a subject of worry for the under developed and developing countries. Now India also endures with brain drain. Now a day’s many Indians are migrating to developed countries. This can have many reasons such as political instability of a nation, lack of opportunities, health risks, personal conflicts moreover they want to earn more money and want to live in comfort zone and also no one Indian institution grabs top position in the world. Around 5,000 Indians join U.S universities every year for doctoral studies in various fields. Due to corruption valuable brains are not recognised in India. Developed countries like United States, Australia etc, are recognising able Indian brains and rendering opportunities. Many Indians are holding top position in the top companies of the world for example, In Google ,many Indians are holding the top positions, In NASA, nearly 36% scientists are Indians and Indian origins. India loses nearly 2 billion dollars every year due to brain drain .The receiving countries are the winners while the sending countries are the losers. The receiving countries are United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Germany. Brain drain has negative impact on the sending countries economic prospects and competitiveness. It reduces the number of dynamic and creative people who can contribute to the development of their

This cannot be achieved without qualified academics.S. In 2012 India decided to cut down brain drain on medical sector and implemented a rule that U. Conclusion: Brain drain has become a problem for the development of our country hence it has to be stopped. and will start believing that their future is secure. he won’t be allowed to practice there. If a student does not come back from the US. According to the study.Page | country. researchers. to earn a doctorate degree return home.S. and will ensure that India's potential is fully utilized in the most efficient manner.7 crore to produce a single MBBS doctor but over 53% of AIIMS students leave India to work abroad hence.bound doctors for higher medical studies will have to sign a bond with the ministry and honour the document by returning home after finishing their courses and also US is insisting on a government no objection certificate for every student enrolling with an American institute. This has also negative consequences on tax revenue and employment. and scientists but only 5 percent of Indians who go to the U. This is the only way to stop Brain Drain. This will automatically develop our country .1. India's youth will slowly regain faith in the Country. AIIMS spends Rs. Sometimes people who settles in abroad are coming back and establishing their business in India and giving employment opportunities India’s new science policy aims to position the nation among the top five global scientific powers by 2020.