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{Empowerment of the black flame}

I quote:{The darkness is a mirror of the depths of the soul. All that is hidden inside us, our desires and our fears, is projected on the darkness of our will} This ritual should be done for {Six} consecutive nights during the waxing moon, with the full moon being on the sixth night. However, as with most rituals this can be performed whenever you are feeling the need for extra {empowerment} prior to doing a major spell, to replenish your magical energies after having done a major spell, or after recovering from an illness or medical procedure. * Dragon's blood oil. *Dragons blood Incense, lite 15-20 minutes prior to begining of ritual. *Dress for ritual {Black Cloak} *Pentagram necklace. * 1 {full size black candle}, to represent yourself {something that can burn for at least 3 hours} * 5 black candles; one candle each of the following according to the nights you are working on: * Now the candle representing yourself, should be carved with your name and the following sigils that are included below in the attachment. *Arrange the black candles in a inverted pentagram pattern, with your identifier candle in the center upon your alter. *Lite your personal candle in the center, now. * Stand before your altar while concentrating on your desire for increased personal power and your reasons for wanting it. When you are ready say facing west: I call upon your name, O Satan, God of this Earth, the Lord of the Infernal Abyss! I call upon Satan to be here in this sacred space tonight with me to empower my black flame within evermore, strengthened and evermore powerful. O mighty Satan, I stand before you and give You honor you on this night. As Your priest/ess, I ask a boon: I am a wo/man with great potential and power residing with, which but awaits to be unlocked. I ask that You join Your power with mine that my personal infernal powers and abilities may reach their fullest potential that I may better serve You, O you Demons who dwell upon and are mighty governors of the earth, who execute the judgment Of Satan! To you it is said: Behold the face of Satan, The beginning of comfort, whose eyes are The brightness of the stars; who provided You for the government of the Earth, and her Variety, Furnishing you with a power of Understanding, to dispose all things according To the providence of he who reighneth on the Throne from Hell and rose up in the beginning, Saying: The Earth, let her be governed by her Parts. The course of her, let it run with pleasure, And as a handmaid let her serve Satan. One Season, let it confound another; and let there be no Creature upon or within her the same. All her members, let them differ in their qualities; And let there be no one creature equal with Another. The reasonable creatures of the Earth, Let them vex and weed out one another; and the Dwelling places. The works of the followers of Jehovah and his pomp, let them be defaced. The buildings of he who sits on the holy throne, Let them become caves for the beasts of the field; Their iniquities shall be known. For why? I regret Their creation. O you sons and daughters of Satan, Arise! Those in the kingdom of heaven, Let them serve you. Govern those that govern; Cast down such as fall; bring forth justice And destroy the rotten. No place let it remain in One number; Add and diminish, until the stars Be numbered. Arise, move! Appear before Satan! He has sworn unto us his justice; Open the Mysteries of your creation, And make us partakers of undefiled truth. * Anoint your personal candle with the Dragons blood oil, and feel the power being fed into the candle from all sides, while chanting: Ils daemons ds praf od chis micaolz Artabas de caosgo, ds fifis balzizras De Satan! Nonca gohvlim: Micam adoian de Satan, acroodzi

Bliorb, soba ooaona chis luciftias Aoiveae; das abraasa noncf Netaaib caosgi, od tilb damploz, Tooat noncf g micalz oma, lrasd tolglo Marb yarry de tox bogpa oxiayal londoh babage od torzulp acroodzi, gohol: Caosga, tabaord saanir. Elzap tilb, Parm gi qvasahi, od ta qvrlst Booapis Satan. L nimb, ovcho symp; Od christeos ag toltorn mirc q tiobl lel. Ton paombd, dilzmo aspian; od christeos Ag l toltorn parach a symp. Cordziz dodpal od fifalz l smnad; od fargt, a va de fafen de Jehova od avavox, tonvg. Orsca de idigo, Noasmi tabges levithmong; madrid trian oman. Bagle? Moooah qaan. Nore od pasbs De Satan, torzu! Priaz adohi de madriax, Aboapri. Tabaori Priaz ar tabas; Adrpan cors ta dobix; yolcam balit od qvasb Qting. Ripir paaoxt saga cor; vml od prdzar, Cacrg aoiveae cormpt. Torzu, zacar! Zamran aspt Satan! Surzas tia baltan; Odo cicle qaa, od ozazma plapli vooan. *This is my flame of power and strength within its infernal flame is thy soul. Through it shall my potential be realized by the strength of my desire, and by the infernal blessing of Satan and the Great Dragon. * Light the black candle #1 {light candles 1 and, 2 on the second night, and so fourth till the sixth night, going left to right counterclockwise} and say: The power within me burns as brightly as thy infernal black flame, increasing in strength night after night. It is ever present, and ever may it be used in thy service Satan, for no matter how much is expended, it is always replenished three fold. * Sit comfortably and meditate on yourself. Feel your power and abilities growing stronger and more potent. In your mind, see yourself surrounded by a black mist that grows ever deeper and more rich. Feel it being absorbed into your body, visualise it seeping into you, making you more energized and vital...powerful and stronger. No sooner is it absorbed when more develops and is absorbed in turn. Keep this meditation going until you feel you just can't take in any more without bursting, then relax. Clear you mind. Re-ground and center if necessary. When you are ready say: So grows my infernal power within, ever increasing and ever replenished. As each night is followed by the next, so shall my power grow, from now till the end of time. The more it is used, the more it grows in strength. O mighty Satan and by the power of the Great Dragon, I thank you for your infernal assistance. May You ever guide me as I walk the infernal pathways of my existance. {So shall it be} {Hail Satan]! Extinguish the candles and put them in a safe place if you are unable to leave them out. {On the sixth night, let the black candles burn out completely. If there is enough of your personal candle left, you may put it away in a safe place to be reused should you feel the need to repeat this ritual, or it may also be allowed to burn out completely of its own accord}.

{End of ritual} {Hail Satan} {Hail The Great Dragon} {Hail The Order of The Dragon} {Hail The Black Flame} {De Ortu Populi Satanae} {Concordia Cum Veritate Capax Infiniti}

By: {Selene Flavius Nazgul}