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With the e-mobility conference and expo the city of Graz succesfully established a reputation as competence center for e-mobility. The success of previous years has proven us right in following the path we already took. On the 30th and 31st of January 2013 Graz will again be the international center of e-mobility and alternative engines. The most important people working in this fields will meet and discuss the important topics of the new technologies. E-mobility and alternative engines have become important topics on an international scale. That makes the possibility to exchange ideas and network between scientist, politicians and business women and men even more important and we are happy to give a stage to the people working on this area again. The two days of the conference will be started off by keynote speakers, giving an insight on the big topics of the conference, while later in the day there will be different sessions, that bring together smaller groups of experts on different topics, to discuss them and exchange ideas. Registration and further information:

Werner Rom 17:30 Closing adress . 2013 8:00–8:50 Registration & Breakfast 9:00–9:05 Introduction 9:05–9:30 Keynote 1: Jim Saber (Vice-President Next Energy. 2013 8:00–8:50 9:00–9:10 9:10–9:30 9:30–9:40 9:40–10:00 10:00–10:30 10:30–11:00 11:00–11:30 Registration & Breakfast Introduction Interviews with the politicians Statement from federal minister Berlakovich Award ceremony by the klima:aktiv project partners Keynote 1: CEO Mag.-Ing. Monika Kircher (Infineon Technologies Austria AG) Keynote 2: Jean-François Decaux (CEO JCDecaux) Coffee break at Foyer North Room 1 SESSION 1 „Eyes on alternative engines“ 11:30–13:00 13:05–13:15 Summary of the sessions at the assembly hall 13:15–14:15 Lunchbreak – networking Room 1 SESSION 1 „Range Extender Concepts for EVs – Results oft he EU Project FUEREX““ Coffee break at Foyer North Summary of the sessions by the chairmen Chill-out Room 2 SESSION 2 „The cells of the future in applications“ Room 3 SESSION 3 „Smart Public Transportation – Best Practices“ Room 2 SESSION 2 „The route to implementation of e-mobility“ Room 3 SESSION 3 „Environmentally friendly engines in urban logistics for trucks and busses“ 14:15–16:00 16:00–16:30 16:30–17:15 17:15 Day 2.h.c. Singapur) 17:05–17:30 Summary of the conference. January 30th. January 31st. Thursday. Harry E. Dr.Programm e-mobility 2013 Day 1. Dr. Detroit) 9:30–10:00 Keynote 2: Lars Thomsen (future matters) 10:00–10:30 Coffee break at Foyer North Room 1 SESSION 1 „Mobility & Emotion .how can reasonable cars create excitement?“ Room 2 SESSION 2 „Smart City – en route to intelligent cities“ Room 3 SESSION 3 „How much green energy is available for e-mobility?“ 10:30–12:30 12:30–12:45 Summary of the sessions at the assembly hall 12:45–14:00 Lunchbreak – networking Room 1 SESSION 1 „Fleets and Carsharingmodells in practice“ Room 2 SESSION 2 „How much design does an electric vehicle need?“ 14:00–16:00 16:00–16:30 Coffee break at Foyer North 16:30–16:45 Summary of the sessions by the chairmen 16:45–17:05 Keynote 3 : Prof. Dr. Hoster (TUM CREATE. Wednesday. „E-Declaration“ by Mag.