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UU100 Assignment 2
Laucala Campus; Semester 2, 2013

Name: Versoni, Grace Student ID: S11100093

S11100093 USP 10/24/2013

Japan’s largest daily newspaper. In this assignment. . the relevance of the article will be determined according to the audience for which it is intended. the author has sufficient authority to speak on such matters. “Digital Islands: How Pacific's ICT revolution is Transforming the Region” will be critically evaluated using the START evaluation criteria in relation to the research topic. Prior to that. There five steps in the START criteria all of which will be executed in this evaluation essay to determine the credibility of the given article. specifically the impact they have on the lives of Pacific Islanders. she worked for two years as the Editorial Coordinator for the Sydney bureau of the Yomiuri Shimbun. She also was on an 18-month secondment to AusAID working across the research. Following this is the second step called treatment that defines the views or arguments of the author that are presented. The author simply describes the early implications of the Pacific’s ICT revolution nevertheless the author believes greater potential lies in the use of ICT technologies for development. In relation to this. and surveys. and the potential for its use in development in the region. case study results. the article is grammatically correct and error free and is coherently developed and organized. the given article. As a whole. social media in the Pacific Islands. 2013)With her credentials and expertise. there is an ever widening ocean of information around us readily available in all formats due to technological advances. It then observes the implication of this revolution in particular the two areas of democracy. Throughout the whole article the author takes an objective stance and has verified the information presented with in-text citations. the timeliness of the article will be validated. reliable and appropriate for use in academic research. and emerging Asian donors. “Impact of Mobile phone and social media tools on the lives of Pacific Islanders”. Fourthly. whether it is covers the research topic. Her research area of expertise includes Australia-Pacific relations. and a bibliography. The author arguments and conclusion on the impact of this digital revolution are general and unbiased. not all information that is available is credible. Danielle Cave was a research assistant at the Lowy Institute for International Policy. Lastly. The arguments stated are well reasoned and are supported with statistics. (Cave.Evaluating Information Living in the` Information Age’. Therefore information must be critically evaluated before it is being used. The author. The article examines this digital revolution specifically the increasing use of mobile phones and internet and the ways this has impacted Pacific Islanders. The first step that will be implemented in this essay will be to determine the scope of the article given. (Lowy Institute for International Policy. communications and Asia strategy sections. The proceeding step is the authentication of the author’s authority on the topic. footnotes. Lowy Institute is an independent policy think tank that endeavors to produce distinctive research and fresh policies contributing to international debates. the scope of the given article covers the transformation of the Pacific Island Countries due to the ICT revolution that the islands are currently going through. 2012) Therefore with its content the given article sufficiently covers the topic. However. The research topic given focuses on mobile phones and social tools.

the article is suitable for the given research topic. It is relevant for the given topic as the research topic focuses on the impact of this digital revolution exclusively in the Pacific. It also describes the implication of this transformation on the region. this article can be relied upon as an appropriate and credible information source for the research topic. .The article is intended for the general public which is appropriate for the research topic. The article was written in 2012 therefore it is timely and relevant. In conclusion. The article addresses this as it is an analysis on the pacific islands and the ICT revolution they are currently undergoing. With the perspectives and the timeliness of the information presented. with the use of the START evaluation criteria.

Digital Islands: How the Pacific’s ICT Revolution is Transforming the. D. October 24). (2012). Lowy Institute for International Policy.Bibliography . Retrieved from http://lowyinstitute. (2013. Lowy Institute for International Policy. Sydney: Lowy Institute for International Policy.