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October 25, 2013

De la Señora:
These last two weeks were all about fall. Last week we focused on owls and bats. To finalize our week we made painted owls. This week it was pumpkins. Perhaps the highlight was experimenting with pumpkins today. We did pumpkin explorations to count seeds and lines on the pumpkin, and also guess whether the pumpkin would float or not. For Math patterns we made Indian corn and created a fall-themed bulletin board. You can see pictures of all of these projects on our Facebook page. We also had a wonderful Race for Education. Thanks for your support and encouragement. It was a cold and tiring day, but the class had a lot of fun. Upcoming Events: No school Early Dismissal, 12:30 Parent Conferences Grandparents Day

Bible: We are almost finished with our
discussion of the Circle of Grace. Our last lesson will be on identifying a trusted adult. Please talk with your child about a good choice.

Bible Memory: Isaiah 40:31  
Due: 11/27

* Patterns * Using number lines * Exploring number patterns and shapes * Number grid patterns

Language Arts:
The class is beginning to put together the phonetics to sound out words. We have been reviewing sounds and identifying initial sounds and ending patterns. We also have been focusing on nouns with their accompanying masculine or feminine articles. Finally we have focused on two verbs – tener and ir. The class is enjoying chanting the different conjugations. Oct. 28 Nov. 7 Nov. 7-8 Nov. 14

REMINDERS: * Conferences are in two weeks. Please remember your time and come with any questions or concerns.

This coming week we will begin our Language Arts curriculum, Tesoros. Spelling words come from the letter and syllable combinations we are studying for the week as well as sight words. This coming week will be “m” and “p” combinations. When children learn to read Spanish they focus on syllable chunks rather than separate letters. ma (mah) pa (pah) me (may) pe (pay) mi (me) pi (pee) mo (moe) po (poh) mu (moo) pu (poo)

Spelling Words: sube (soo - bay) – VERB: [he/she/it] goes up, climbs salta (sahl - tah) – VERB: [he/she/it] jumps baja (bah - hah) – VERB: [he/she/it] goes down ama (ah - mah) – VERB: [he/she/it] loves, cares for mapa (mah - pah) – NOUN: map

Sight Words: sube (soo - bay) – VERB: [he/she/it] goes up, climbs salta (sahl - tah) – VERB: [he/she/it] jumps baja (bah - hah) – VERB: [he/she/it] goes down