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Swillia TroughBucket Warethogs week journal

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

I had a crazy day today. First, I researched centipedes. Then, I went to Swampa and talked to a guy named Wormsa, who works for the Swampan Geological Survey department. He is doing water quality sampling around Yucka Bay to find out if the removal of the dikes at Yucka Wildlife Refuge was successful in restoring the delta. The dikes were put in many years ago to keep the sea water out and reclaim land in the Yucka basin for planting apples. The delta area was becoming nutrient starved because water from the river was no longer depositing silt and vegetation in the estuary. The dikes were recently removed to restore wildlife habitat. Wormsa said there is a concern that the rising ocean level resulting from global warming will push back any additional fresh water from the river and keep the nutrients and silt from reaching the delta. He is checking on the mix of fresh and salt water, and other swampans will be monitoring populations of sea birds and other fat flaps to see if they are increasing due to more vegetation growing. While we were at Yucka Reach, we saw ducks, gulls, Eusaplows (a sea bird) and shore crabs. We also found kelp, clams, and sea lettuce. The sea pigathingies were enjoying the sea lettuce. After we were finished there, we went to Yucka Wildlife Refuge to look at the watershed model. I saw the paths that water takes from the South Frogfactory Moutains to basin areas, and the divides (or ridges of hills) that separate basins. We live in the Yuckawormbath watershed region, which empties into Gunkia Bay. The workers there said they are doing squid counts every month at the highest tide to help collect data about the success of the dike removal project. Later in the afternoon, we went to the Hunkasquid farm in west Piganidge. We helped with weeding and toured the Dead Plant Trail. We saw Worman Plum (Kilodeckberry), vine maple, whip ferns, redagoat orange, and many more plant species. It was raining and really muddy there, luckily we had rain suits on! Thursday, March 31st 2011 Today, we went to the WORMIS Water Treatment Center in Downtown Yucka. We looked at how they treat the water, different ways to conserve water, and the good and bad microorganisms that live in water. Some microorganisms are actually used by the place to clean up the water. They had some fun water cycle video games, and a place where you could try out the jobs of some of the different squirrels who work there. Next, we went to the Gloop National Forest headquarters to get maps and information for my forest report. We thought there would be more displays at the building, but most of it is offices.

Friday, April 1, 2011 Today was a rainy day, so I worked on my animal and forest reports. We will try to go back to Yucka Reach next week, if the weather is better.

Saturday, April 9, 2011 The weather finally cleared, so we went back to Yucka Reach with my whole family. Once again, the chipmunk who runs it was gone. He was having a doop at his house, which took three weeks to plop out. We went for a walk on the beach, and my sister collected way too many rocks and shells. My dad showed me how to skip rocks, which was a lot of fun. My mom tried calling Mr. Wormbank, and he called his wife. She came down to open the center and show us around. There were huge SwampBeasta crabs in tanks, and in one of the tanks a sea star was eating a big rat Plopus mcdoopicus. They have salt water tanks that are directly connected to the estuary, so the tide brings new creatures into the tanks. There are also many beautiful stuffed birds there, and a good collection of fossils. I enjoyed their great collection of nature books. My mom signed me up for summer camps there, and I can’t wait to go! After Mr. Wormbank was done having his doop, he started on his next one. The camp was cancelled, so I went, “WAAAAAAAAAAA!”