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Section 5-Rules and Definitions

Fair or Foul Ball Quiz?
1. The ball first bounces in foul territory at point A, hits a pebble, bounces into fair territory at point B and is fielded there. Suppose it isn't fielded at point B, but comes to rest there?

2. The ball hits at point A in fair territory but spins into foul territory and comes to rest, or is touched, at point B.

3. The ball hits at point A in foul territory, spins forward and comes to rest directly on home plate.

4. A batted ball hits the batter's leg while he is in the batter's box, bounces into fair territory and is fielded there.

5. A runner takes his lead off third base in foul territory. A line drive hits him and then bounces fair where it is fielded.

6. A runner is standing on third, one leg on the base and the other in foul territory. Ground ball hits the leg that is on the base.

7. A line drive hits the pitcher's rubber without touching a player, caroms into foul territory between home and third and bounces into the seats.

8. The ball rolls directly along the foul line, touches a corner of the base and then rolls foul, never passing the base.

Level I Certification Manual

12.The ball hits fair at point A. spins foul. reaches out into foul territory and touches a line drive which is definitely on the foul side of the line.The third baseman. hits a pebble at point B. then at point A dips into foul territory before reaching the base. The left fielder goes into foul territory for a fly. While standing in foul territory. settling at point C. Note: Answers to the Fair or Foul quiz are found at the top of the next page. 14. 11. crosses directly over the base and lands in foul territory beyond the base. but after it passes behind the base. The ball bounces in front of the base at point A. At the last second the wind carries it into fair territory. The ball rolls inside the foul line. Level I Certification Manual . 10. 15. The ball hits left field foul pole and bounces into the stands in foul territory.Section 5-Rules and Definitions 9. comes back into the diamond.A line drive zooms over third base in fair territory but lands in foul territory beyond the base. 13. standing in fair territory. he reaches into fair territory to touch the ball. it hits a pebble at point B and goes fair again. crossing directly over the base and comes to rest at point C.

Section 5-Rules and Definitions Answers to Fair/Foul Quiz: 1 Fair 2. Fair 15. Foul 14. Foul 8. Foul 5. Foul 6. Fair 12. Fair 4. Fair . Fair 9. Fair 7. Foul 13. Foul 11. Foul 3. Fair 10.