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Contain pictures and images.

Does not contain pictures and images.

Does not contain words.

Contain words.

There answers.









answers. need to think

Students do not need to think Students critically. critically.

Does not need to construct a Need to construct a simple sentence. Close-ended answers. sentence. Open-ended answers.


It has a graphic.

It does not has a graphic.

Attractive for students.

Less attractive for students.




clear Does not have image

message. No font requires. Large font size.

Remedial teaching in English Language is a teaching and learning process to improve and to help students that have problem in language skills such as listening, speaking, reading and writing. To conduct the remedial activities, teachers are require to identify the students that has problem, diagnose the problems and plan the remedial work. Meanwhile, enrichment activities in English Language is an activity that challenge the students to think critically in answering a question. This activities are able to help to encourage high standards of English among the students. Besides that, enrichment activities also stimulate creativity in the student to think outside of the box while answering the exercises given

enrichment activity is completely the opposite of remedial activity as it contain words and no pictures are used in the activity. Besides that. enrichment activity is an open-ended answer as the students are required to think themselves what they would do if they are in the incident. we can see that the students does not need to think critically whereas students that are doing enrichment have to think critically. the remedial activity is also only require a close-ended answer from the students as an options of answers were given in the question. Meanwhile.From the material that I had collected during School Based Experience. the remedial activity is just a simple activity with pictures or image that does not contain a word at all except the instruction. However. Moreover. . From the type of question in the remedial activity. No options of answers were given in this activity. remedial activity does not require the students to construct a sentence as an answer but the enrichment activity require the students to construct a simple form of sentence as an answer.

Thus. speaking. teacher should put a simple description below the pictures. the exercise only contain pictures or image. reading and writing. The students that are involve in the remedial activities is the students who are experiencing difficulties in specific subject areas or language skills which are listening. This adaptation does not only help students to understand about the pictures without being confused but also help student to practise their reading skill. Therefore. From the pictures.ADAPTATION OF REMEDIAL ACTIVITIES A remedial activity is an activity to improve learning skill or to correct a problem area of the students. For example. students are required to match the pictures on the left to the pictures on the right. . Based on the remedial activity for the first exercise. to make the activity clearer and easy for students to understand. students are require to understand the message of the pictures and this may be a bit hard for the remedial students as one picture can bring many meaning for the student. Some of the student may saw a flooded house while some might just saw a messy house. teacher can add up a description “Your classmate’s house was flooded” below the flooded house pictures. The remedial activity will be an activity that is easy for the students to understand and answer.

Incident 1. Therefore. I will help ___________________________. one example should be given in the exercise to guide them in answering the questions. Your classmate’s house was flooded during a storm. This activities is conducted to enhance the knowledge and skills that have been mastered by the student in the learning unit and t challenge students to answer questions that have higher level of skills. from the activity. Your neighbour’s house is on fire. the activity given is a bit too hard for the students to answer. Based on the enrichment activity. However. To make sure that the students understand what they need to do. What you can do I will help ___________________________. The suitable adaptation in this enrichment activity is by giving the student an fill in the blank answer with the same structure of sentence for every answer. the answers are still an open-ended answers which will challenge the students to think critically what to answer. . even though the sentence already has the same sentence structure.ADAPTATION OF ENRICHMENT ACTIVITIES Enrichment activities is an additional activities for the basic learning activities that usually conducted when students finish their exercise early during class or after school. students were required to fill in the table about what they can do if an incident happened. For your information. 2. this enrichment activity is actually for Year 2.